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REQUIREMENTS Portfolio shall be Soft Bounded

with Table of Contents:

Accomplished and notarized UV-ETEEAP
Yellow - Business Administration
Application Form (5 copies) and attach a clear Blue - Criminology
copy of the following supporting documents Maroon - Engineering
(Soft Bounded): Green - Graduate Program

Note: Please provide a summary and arrange them accordingly

REQUIRED - Please write an essay on the following topic, in the language you are most comfortable with, not to exceed two pages
ESSAY of short size bond paper: If you finish your degree, how will this contribute to your personal development, to the
development of your community, your work place, society and country?
VALIDATION - You are also required to attach an reflection paper on your learning experiences for each document submitted for
OF Sections: E, G, H, I and J
OWNERSHIP - Letter of reference from employer/workmate/subordinate, performance evaluation, and work sample for Section D
- Evidence of work sample could include, but not limited to, notes or reports about workplace activities such as
Completed Client Assessment forms, Client case- management plans, referral lists/guides developed by the candidate,
report, referral lists and other official documentation the candidate has prepared with or about the client for the
agency. Protection of client’s name is a must.
CONTENTS OF PORTFOLIO Checklist Validation Checklist
A - Birth Certificate (NSO authenticated) *
- Comprehensive Resume *
- Barangay Clearance / NBI Clearance / Passport *
- Marriage Certificate (NSO authenticated) * (for
married female only)
B - Certificate of Individual Proficiency in the field of
interest (issued by the PRC / TESDA / Employer /
licensed practitioner in the field / Business
Registration Certificate) *
C - Most Recent Academic Records (Form 137 / post-
secondary degree certificate / transcript of records) /
PEPT Result *
- Diploma *
D - Service Record / Certifications of Employment with - Letter of reference from
employer/ workmate/
Detailed Job Description * subordinate
- Performance Evaluation
- Evidence of Work Sample
E - Evidence of Innovation ** ~ - Reflection Paper
- Evidence of Invention ** ~
F - Evidence of Publication **
a. Journals
b. Training Modules
c. Books/Workbooks/Laboratory Manuals
G - Evidence of Extension Services ** ~ - Reflection Paper
a. Consultancies
b. Lecture/Speaker/Resource Person
c. Community Services
H - Evidence of Professional Development ** ~ - Reflection Paper
a. Completion of Short-Course Program
b. Participation Training Program
c. Participation in Conventions
d. Participation in Seminar-Workshop
e. Membership in Professional Organization
f. Scholarships
I - Recognitions, Awards and Eligibilities ** ~ - Reflection Paper
a. Recognitions/Awards
b. Eligibilities
J - Other documents / evidence of capability and - Reflection Paper
knowledge in the field applied for equivalency and
accreditation ** ~
- Photos of Applicant in Action at the Work Place * ~
- Hard Copy of Projects Presented ** ~
Legend: * Required ** Where Applicable ~ Essay Required for each documents submitted

Note: Please bring the original copy of the documents during the scheduled evaluation/assessment date
Provide a table of contents and arrange the documents accordingly
Provide a summary of attached documents (per segment from A to K)
Documents must be tabbed (A to K)

Original copies to be submitted (separate from portfolio): Checklist

o 6 copies of 2 x 2 original colored ID picture (5 copies attached in the application form, and 1 copy
submitted to the secretariat)
o 2 copies of NSO birth certificate
o 2 copies of NSO marriage contract (for married female only)
o 1 copy of Form 137 / post-secondary degree certificate / transcript of records / PEPT Result for evaluation
o Honorable Dismissal from the school last attended

ETEEAP Center, University of the Visayas, Colon Street, Cebu City, Cebu Philippines 6000
Call +63(32)255.2268 Loc.23