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:i3i tat;: MA.DRAS t.EGisi.AT1V~ CbUNdL [!.

The PreBident, replying, referred to the Standing Ordera veat1tlg full dllcratlon In
him. If tbe oppOlitloD were diu.Hafted, they might amend the Standing Order••
Madras University BHI.
Tbo Chief Minllter'. motion to refAI tbe University Bill to a seleat oommittee wa.
agreed to In spite of opposition. Defending 'the Bill, Dr. Sobbaroyan pleaded that the
University wu tbe firat of Ita kind, and Ibould be .upPolted 0011 bcca1lSe it propoaed
to foater Tamil literature and culture.
After agreeing to 16wral granw. tbe HOUle adjonrned until October 8.
Seizure of Bbaratbi', 8"ogl.
On the 8TH OCTOBER, after queation time. Mr. SatY8tDUrty moved to arljourn
buaiDe118 of the Bouae for dlaoDBling tbe aituation created by the leizure 01 Bl]aratbi'a
long.. The President pointed out that the matter was aubjudice. Mr. Satyamnrty explained.
that he wanted to diBOIlB' the aotioD. 01 t.he Guvernment 01 Madraa io bavlng given
effect to the order 01 forfeiture tAued by tbe Burma Government. This bad nothing
to do with the main queltioD. of order of forfeiture "bioh alone wal appealable to tbe
Bigh Court. .
The Preaident laid tbat if tbe HouBe was going to diBCUlI wbetber tbe 1I0nga were
leditious or DOt, theln they were olearly precluded from diloussing.
Mr. Satyamurty pointed OUt tbat the Government wIre not bound to oafry out the
orders of the Burma Government and that he ooo.ld diBCu88 the acUon of the Government.
The Law Member opposed tbe motion and laid that be could not Dnderatand bow
they could dilcuse the action of the Government without getting into tbe qae.ttoD. of the
leditiolll natare of the longa.
The Advooate Geaeral allO oppoeed tbe m·ltlon. Tbe Prealdent ruled the motion In
order it Mr. Sat,amurty woul:! not refer to whether tbe songs were seditious or not.
.firest day 2-30 p.m. wal fixed for di.cllaaion of the motion. .
Supplementar, Grant••
Dr. Subbarayan then moved for a supplementary gmnt of Rw. '.000 for tbe grant
af an honorarium to (;be au.tborl of the book, "Tbe birds of Sootb India.1I. Tbe
Director of Po.blio Instruction had recommended that l he aatborl, filr. bglla and Col.
Baker may be given an bonorarlum and the book printed and published by Government.
Mr. Naganna. moved to reduoe the allotment by RS.100. :
The amendment was lupported by tbo Swarajilita on the ground tbat the book wonld
not find sale and would be useleaa to agrioulturists. M.oreover 'he book wal propoaed to
be priced at R'lI. 16, a price far beyond the reach of any agricl1ltari't.
Tbe amendment waa defeated by 42 to 46- votea and the grant wall aauotioned.
The Oouncilsanctioned the lupplemeut.ary grant of n.. 100 moved by Hon Mr. Muthfah
Mudaliar, Minister for Public Health, to provide for a oautributiou towarda esp~nditure
oonoected with tbe appointment of a Oommissloner of medical qaalifioatlons.
Then the Chief MiniateT, in tbt'l absence of tbe Minister for Development, moved
that a 8uppIementary grant of Rs. 14,800 be granted to provide for tbe construotioD 01 a
building for the -Lady Ampthill Government Secondary Sabo!)l [or Girll at M.alulipatam
and it wal alao aanctioned.
Court Fees Act Amend. /
Then Dew.n BabadDr Kriahoan Nair, Law Member, introduced a Bill further to
amend tbe Court Feea Act 1870 and moved tbat tbe Bill be referred to a Select Committ.e
compoaed of fourteen memb('rt. Tbe Swarajistl opposed ie aud aaid tbat tbe people would
lu:lfer if tbe amending BiH was passed. Tbe deba~ was DOt eloled wben tbe CounCil rOle
for tbe day.
OD the' 9TH OCTOBER the house too-k up for conaideration the Bill further to
amend tbe Conlli Feel Act of 1870 moved by Dewan Babadar Kriabnan Nair. Law
Member, ye&terday and aome Swarajilt membefl critioised tbe Bill.
Tbe Law Member, in replying to tbe debate, .aid that aU the utaable luggeationa
made by the membera in courae or tbe debate wou'd be carefully conaidered in tbe deleot
Com::ll.itter, Ind bil motion WaH carried.
Dr. Bubbarayan, Ohief Dllntstor, tben presented tbe report of the Select CommUtee
appointed to oon6ider the BiJl to amend tbe Madras University Aot of 1928 and moved
tbat tbe Bill al amended by tbe Seleot Oommitteel be taken into, oonBideration. It
'wu carried by. majority.
The houae tben con.ldered amendmentB to the Bill given notice of bl membera.
DiloU88ion on amendmenta wal not over wben tbe Council rOle for lunoh.
io oct. '2Sj SOPPREVlssioN OF IMMORAL tRA.FFIC ~jj
Seizure of Bbaflltbi'. 80nga.
After luncb the Houle diaCOIIBed Mr, Sat.yamurtby'. adjoornmeDt motion aD tbtt
aotion of Government to teillng "Sbaratbil8 80nga, The motion wal carried amidlt
loeDeil of great excitement. The minleters remained nentral and only the E.r.ecntive Couo.
011 member. and Government secretaries and two nominated member. Dumbering fo aU
12 stood up again,t the adjoarnment motion. The entire Justice aoJ Ooogresl block,
witb aboot a do. '0 miniaterialiata numbering 76 oarried the motioo amidlt ,houta of
•• Vsndemataram ". Two of the Oongrel. member. began to ainl{ 80me or the 80nga in
the Oonnoll Ohamber anrl a lar'l8 crowd waa at.tracted to the gallerie••
Punctnally at 2~SO p,m. Mr. 8atyamnttby moved htl motion. He 'aid that only lome
time ago tbe Chief Minister had laid that be would Introdoce thele I"me lougl in Ichooll
but now tbe Law Member bad prolcribed tbem nnder the order of the Bo.rma Govern-
ment. He asked-waa it jOlt tbat Government Iboold Itrlke at the lub'isteuce of the
poor W'idow and the daugblier of Bubramania. Bb.rathi who were living on tbe 8ale proce..
edl of the book 1" I wish I had the voice lio ling the loogl here to·day to make G,JverQ_
meut remove the ban on the book 11 he laid. II Born in a free cauotry Bharatbi would
have been honoured 808 a Poet Laureate bot in oor8 hil poems have come to be prosoribed. tI
He Bsted the elected member. not to allow tb" Government to lay Itl band. on tamil
Mr. Motboranga Modaliar In seconding that Bbaratbi was the "national poet or
the Tamils. Mr. Chavedi Bubramania Pillat asked whether the Madra. Government;
were tbe executioner. of tbe Burma Government.
Mr. N. 8ivaraj. nominated member, took objeotion to the reference made by Mr.
Batyamurtby to the elected membe ... and laid that in tbis Inatanoe they were at ODe witb.
'be otber non.offiolall in calhng for an ell:plaaation frOlD Government.
Mellrl. T. O. 8rini9'8l1a Iyengar and Cbidambaranatba Mudaliar, Tamil lobolara.
oIaimed tbat Bbarathi', songs shaDId not be tooched. Many more inoluding the Dominated
members took part aod urged tbat the Law M.ember should acoede to the wisbe. of the
House and wi~hdraw tbe order.
Mr. KriahDao Nair, Law Member, alated that there waa nothing lioiater In Govern_
ment'. Botton. The plain facts were tbat the Burma Government had published a notifica-
tion prolcribing tbe book and the Madras Government, accordioc to the rale of the
Government of India, bad republished it.
ContinUing, Mr. Nair defended the acUon of the police In applying for warraut and
.aid that t.bey could not qoestion the publication in the gaaette. Be .aid tbat the calB was
before tbe High Conrt and if it was decided that the 80ngs were aeditiou8 then the Govern_
ment could not be hll\med, and if it d~cided otherwise, well, order would automatically go.
Mr. T. M. Narayanaswami Pillai pointed ont tbat the Government need not wait
for the Bigb Court to decide but could themselves cancel the order.
Olosure was then applied for and the motion was oarded by 76 to 12 votes.
On the 10TH OCTOBER the Cblef Minister announced that the Government Bill to
amend the Madras Local Boards Act providing for the abolition of Domination and tbe_
leeenation of seats. would be introduced at next Iession.
8uppresetOD of Immoral Traffic.
Mr. Venkalarama 'yer'. motion referring hil Bill for the lopprelsioD of brothel8 to
I Seleot Committee was ruilld out a.t firtt BI the mOver read ont more Damel for tbe Seleot
Committee than be bad nollfied. Later, tbe mover expressed regret for Dot having given
notioe of additional names, whereupon the Ptelident allowed bil moti~Q.
An attempt wae made in t.bis Bill to deal with commeroiaUaed VIce. Power wa. taken
for the aupprelsion of brotbela, for the rescue, proteotion and oustody of young IfrI., for
ponilhing men and WOOleD participating tn tbil vice for gain. Power wa. given to police
omeer8 to enter and search premises and eifeot arreste in certain continge.neiel.
Regarding tbe lcope of the Aot, It wa. (elt tbat " would be-adVIsable to confine ttl
operations prelentiy in Madra' City, authorleing the Government to 8lI:t,end it to the 100(U8811
on the application of tbe 100al bodies concerned. The dtscos.ion wa. not over when tbe
OOUDoil rose tor tbe day. '
Mr .. Mo.thulakabmi'. BiU amending the Hindu Beligioul Endowment Aot lor th.
abolition of tbe Devadasi Iystem waa referred to a. Seleot Oommittee.
. Annamalat Univeralty Bill Presented.
On the 11TH OCTOBER after question time, Dr. SubbaraYRn, Cblel MinUter,
preaented tbe report of the s~eot Oommittee on Annamalat Unitenit7 BUlalld moved