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Business Plan
Kailey Pisani
The Pisani Plaza: Florals Galore, Wedding Wishes, Tease Hair Salon, and Yum! Bakery
4850 McKnight Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15237
(814) 927- 3146
May 21, 2019
Table of Contents

Executive Summary - 2, 3
Business Description - 3
Product Description- 5
Market & Industry Analysis - 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Sales & Marketing - 21, 22, 23
Management - 23, 24, 25
Financials - 29, 30, 31
Resources - 32, 33

Executive Summary

Imagine you just got engaged. It’s an exciting time! You’ve found the one you can’t wait
to spend the rest of your life with. You’re showing off the ring to family and friends, sharing
pictures of the special moment, and beginning to think about the details: When will the wedding
be? Where will we have it? How many people should we invite? What is the color scheme?
Where will our guests stay? What will feed our guests? Do we need decorations? How much will
this all cost? And on and on. This time of your life can go from exciting to stressful and
overwhelming very quickly. But, it doesn’t have to!
The Pisani Plaza takes that stress away. With four stores located in one strip mall
dedicated to making wedding dreams come true, there is no wedding that can’t be done! We
cater to the most important aspects of a wedding: attire, flowers, desserts, and hair and nails with
our stores, “Wedding Wishes,” “Florals Galore,” “Yum! Bakery,” and “Tease Salon.” Need a
wedding planner too? We have them on staff! Not only am I, the owner and head manager of
“Wedding Wishes,” a certified planner, but we also have three additional planners who can offer
their services as well.
Now of course I’d love to be able to credit for this entire operation. But I can’t run this ​all
by myself. The success of the Pisani Plaza will be in debt to its store managers, marketing team,
employees, loyal customers, those in the wedding industry, such as designers, photographers,
owners of venues, editors of top notch bridal magazines, and so on. Although I am sole
proprietor, I do hope along my journey to come across individuals eager to join my team once we
are well established and take pride in being a part of the company. Financing the Pisani Plaza is
the one task being completed by me alone. Seeing as though this is my vision, I feel it is my
responsibility to assume any and all risks. Loans from the banks will be my main source of
funding. Any personal assets of mine at that point will be used as collateral. Following that will
be my own investments as well as possible personal loans offered by relatives who see the same
end goal I do and believe in it.
The goal of the Pisani Plaza is to ensure that everything needed for a wedding is in one
general location. All employees from all stores work together, keeping each couple’s wishlist on
file. Anything that can’t be found at the Pisani Plaza will either be ordered and brought in, or the
designated wedding planner will travel with the customer to various services and appointments,
such as meeting with caterers, photographers, etc. As long as we keep our customer at our main
focus, helping them look and feel their best each time they meet with us, we are doing our job!
The only piece we’re missing is a(n) investor(s)! With such a big undertaking, our costs
easily match that task. Over $4.0 million in capital will need to be raised to get the Pisani Plaza
up and running. This is more than a usual small business would need to start up, but seeing as
though we would like to own the building we operate from, and we contain four small
businesses, the value is clear. It’s a worthwhile investment. Pittsburgh is an up and coming city,

with millenials flooding to it for work and to raise their families, making it the most fitting place
to open a one-stop shop for weddings and hire the next generation! Many of the salons, florists,
and bakeries make well over $2.1 million in profits annually, so after a few years in business and
connections made, our goal is to infiltrate these markets and become the best at what we do in
the wedding industry, creating our own market to be the first, the best, and long-lasting.

Brief Description of Industry

The Pisani Plaza contributes to the wedding industry. This industry is made up of
multiple smaller enterprises, such as ​caterers, wedding consultants, dresses, various beauty
suppliers (hair, makeup, nails), photographers, favors, music/ entertainment, etc. While the
industry as a whole represents a large sum of money, these smaller enterprises are typically local
and privately owned, meaning they do not have to report their earnings to anyone other than the
IRS. These businesses, just like those in the Pisani Plaza, also provide services and products that
are not necessarily wedding-related. This makes distinguishing figures between wedding-related
and non-wedding-related difficult, if not impossible.
Each year, roughly 2.3 million couples marry a year in the United States. This breaks
down to 6, 200 weddings a day. On average, $72 billion is spent per year on weddings. This
money either comes from the couples themselves paying for the wedding, the parents of the
bride, both sets of parents, or other sources. 30% of the time it is paid by the couple themselves.
The average budget for a wedding is $20,000. The most popular times for these weddings are
May- September, and 80% of them occur in churches or synagogues. More specifically, in
Pittsburgh, about 13,000 couples get married a year, and their average budget is a little over

Business Names

Each store has its own name, even though all shops are technically operating under the
Pisani Plaza​ “brand name.” The bridal store/ tuxedo shop will be named “Wedding Wishes.” I
didn’t want the shop to only tailor to women, and thus ensured that the name didn’t specifically
target women. I also wanted the name to be easily remembered, so I chose to use alliteration,
making both words in the name begin with “w.” As for the bakery, it will have the name, “Yum!
Bakery.” Since the bakery, hair salon, and flower shop cater to customers and events not related
to weddings, I didn’t want their names to limit them to solely weddings. “Yum! Bakery” does
not have a connotation of sophistication or elegance, but instead one that promises good quality
desserts and satisfaction. It is welcoming to all. “Tease Hair Salon” caters specifically to women,
considering it offers hair and nail care services, although it does not exclude men. Our goal is for
the salon to be a place where hardworking 21st century women can come as they are, relax, and
leave feeling their best. Tease will foster networking and connections between women. The

name “Tease” refers to the act of ruffling hair for a playful, airy look. This carefree atmosphere
is what we will strive to achieve. And finally, the flower shop has been gifted the name “Florals
Galore.” Similar to “Wedding Wishes,” “Florals Galore” was given its simple, rhyming name for
customers to remember easily. The choice to use the word “galore” was in hopes of emphasizing
that there is truly no limit to the floral arrangements that can be designed for the client.

Mission Statement

“The Pisani Plaza offers one-of-a-kind personal service for our customers to look and feel
their best on any given day.”
Although we specialize in weddings and special occasions, we have not restricted
ourselves to just that. Our hair salon, bakery, and florist will take orders and provide services for
customers that are not wedding-related on a daily basis.

Type of Business

Each shop in the Pisani Plaza is operated separately, and thus acts as individual
businesses. The bridal store/ tuxedo shop will be a retailer. We receive dresses and tuxedos
directly from the manufacturers as well as from the designers, and then sell them to our
customers. The florist also acts as a retailer, providing arrangements for its customers with
locally grown flowers. The bakery can also be considered a retailer since it will sell finished
goods for consumption to its customers. Three out of the four stores are also understood service
businesses. The bridal store/ tuxedo shop provides personal styling by its trained employees, the
bakers in the bakery are using their knowledge and talents to create the finest baked goods and
cakes, and the hair salon offers hair styling of all kinds to its customers.
Legality-wise, the Pisani Plaza is a sole proprietorship, owned and operated under me. I
am responsible for the success of this business, assuming all financial risk. Since this is my
dream, and I see the goal at the end of the road, I don’t feel as though bringing on another person
will benefit me or what I see for this company. I will have managers, marketers, and other
professionals in the industry who will be brought on board and compensated for their knowledge
and expertise. I don’t believe they should be placed in the position to assume possible loss


Our stores will be located at 4850 McKnight Rd Pittsburgh, PA 15237. This location is
prime since it is not surrounded by other competing businesses. It has five streets that lead you to
it, with a combined traffic volume of about 70,000 cars a day. Competition-wise, there aren’t any
other strip malls dedicated to serving weddings in the area. There are hair salons, flower shops,

bridal stores, tuxedo shops, and bakeries in and around Pittsburgh that the Pisani Plaza will be
competing with, but they are not convenient to get to or stop at. I will be buying the strip mall
from the start. I will own each store, not have other owners leasing out the spaces. There will be
an initial sale price, where I will have to put money down, pay monthly, and also pay taxes,
insurance, and water/sewer. Seasonal costs will include lawn care/ maintenance and snow
plowing for the parking lot. Our space is large to begin with. If our customer base were to grow,
and led to us needing more space for our bakery, flower shop, or hair salon, I would look into
building additions to the back of the strip mall, given that there is enough room and does not take
away from parking space. Another option that would be quite expensive, but necessary if our
client base grows beyond our space completely, is opening a whole other strip mall in another
part of Pittsburgh that could be more convenient location-wise for our customers. The strip mall
is located on a corner next to a traffic light. It has two entrances on either side of it that you must
turn off of the road to pull into the parking lot. The traffic light does not dictate how and when a
customer can access our building. Being right on the road means clear visibility as well. There
are no other buildings or trees in the way, blocking a potential customer’s view. Our clientele
will be from the general Pittsburgh area as well as from surrounding areas in Pennsylvania.
Economically some will be able to afford higher quality dresses than others. As a whole, we are
sticking to the ideal of having affordable pricing for good quality products and services.

Product Description

The Pisani Plaza will be a strip mall acting as a one-stop shop for couples planning their
wedding! It will include four main stores: a bridal store/ tuxedo shop, florist, bakery, and a hair
salon. The bridal store/ tuxedo shop will sell unique, quality dresses and tuxedos, not just the
most popular. No two brides should look the same! The employees will not just be retailers, they
will act as personal stylists as well. It’s main competition will be with online retailers, other
bridal store/ tuxedo shops in the area, and bigger retailers, such as JCPenney, Macy’s, etc. The
florist will make single floral arrangements for the recipient as well as bulk floral arrangements
for events. The bakery will not only bake goods to be sold daily for consumers, but will also
design cakes and bake in bulk for events. The hair salon will offer the usual range of treatments
for hair and nails, but will also staff employees who are trained in special stylings for women
looking for hairstyles for formal events.


My company focuses on the customer. As four stores under one brand name, we will
strive to work together when needed. Since the stores will provide goods and services other than
just for weddings, it will not be easy. But, making sure our staff can give brides, grooms, and
their families personal service by getting to know them through consultations with our wedding

planner and having everything done in one place will keep us differentiated. We keep the couple
on the forefront of our minds, not our profits.
“Wedding Wishes” will sell good quality gowns and tuxedos that range from a bargain to
a luxury. We believe our clientele will range in economic stabilities and would like to cater to
both. No bride should feel she has to turn away the perfect dress for her due to financials. Its
competitors in the general Pittsburgh area are either lower cost or higher cost; There is no
middle. Our store will target the everyday bride, yet treat each like royalty.
“Tease Hair Salon” will also be affordable. We will continue to focus on the consumer,
combining treatments, making specials, and offering discounts throughout the year for various
occasions. Many competing salons in the area charge high amounts for services, which can be
justified with the price of products needed to offer these services. But, “Tease” will do what it
can in order to keep prices to a reasonable amount and not overcharge the consumer. Most will
tip their stylists as well. Even though logically consumers will pay a greater tip on a higher bill,
we feel that with more customers and the atmosphere we provide, keeping costs low will balance
out, and our stylists will receive just as much in tips if not more.
“Florals Galore” maintains the same principles as the other shops by keeping pricing
relatively affordable while also striving to make a profit. We will be upfront with our customers
about bottom line costs, what we offer, specials, how we can meet their needs for less, etc. We
provide a service for the customer, which means keeping the customer at the forefront of all we
do. We will purchase flowers as locally as we can, depending on the season. We support keeping
our business local. Unfortunately for specific flowers at certain times of the year, we will have to
buy in bulk from manufacturers. Our flowers do not have to be of the highest quality, for all
flowers have a “shelf life,” but we can guarantee using products on the flowers to extend their
freshness so that the customer gets the most out of what they paid.
Finally, “Yum! Bakery” provides baked goods on a daily basis for customers. We aren’t a
bakery filing a niche, such as one baking French pastries. We offer comfort foods in an
atmosphere where the customer can come and relax and feel at home. Our bakery will be a
gathering place, much like that of a coffee shop. We want our customers to see us as affordable,
yet love our goods enough to make buying them a necessity! Our biggest competitors specialize
in certain pastries. None focus on creating comfort/ homemade desserts that connect most
customers to their childhood. These bakeries do not offer a sitting area either. Most are
storefronts with room for customers to walk in, order, and leave.

Pricing Strategy

At the bridal store/ tuxedo shop, dresses will range anywhere from $50.00- $1500.00. If a
bride were to need alterations, our alterations specialist will evaluate the additional costs for the
bride. To me, dresses should make the wearer feel her best, but it shouldn't cost her a fortune to
wear once. With that, quality dresses will be sold, meaning on clearance they can be as low as

$50.00, while the dress with the highest quality will be sold at $700.00. Being located in
Pittsburgh means that my targeted market of women may want either lower costing dresses or
expensive one of a kind dresses. I would like to provide both ends of the spectrum to our
customers. Tuxes will range anywhere from $50.00-$500.00 for the same reasoning. This will
depend on style, whether renting or buying, etc. Again, I feel as though men also should not be
ripped off when paying for a tux that will make them look sophisticated/professional. Hair care
services offered will cost between $15.00-$90.00 depending on the cut, coloring/dyeing,
products used, etc. Hair can easily be grown out, manipulated, colored, etc., and it shouldn't cost
the consumer hundreds to do so multiple times a year if they so choose. The baked goods in the
bakery can cost anywhere from a few dollars for singular items, up to $90.00 for complex
designed cakes. The pricing will depend on the tiering, servings, and design. The flower shop
will design single arrangements that can range anywhere from $10.00-$70.00. Depending on the
season of certain flowers, availability, etc., there will be specials and sales. Any bulk orders will
also have possible discounts and can range anywhere from $100.00- $700.00.

Target Market

The bridal store’s target market ranges anywhere from young women (20’s-30’s) to
middle-aged women (40’s-50’s) to older women (60’s-80’s) depending on the need! The tux
shop end of it will also target the same age ranges but for men, also depending on their needs!
Both genders live around Pittsburgh, possibly even an hour to two hours away and spend their
time working jobs that earn them a steady income of around $60,000-$100,000, or even more.
Living in a city environment means my target audience has a habit of being around the hussle
and bussle, going out, shopping, paying for entertainment, dining out, etc. Everywhere you turn
there’s a reason to spend money. Pittsburgh is also a green city for the most part, valuing its
resources, and offering outdoor spaces for its people to go for runs, walk their dogs, and enjoy
the outdoors. There are close to 20 companies similar to the bridal store/ tux shop in and around
Pittsburgh. They are all also in the bridal industry. Some even dip into evening gowns, prom
dresses, or any type of formal wear. Those purchasing dresses and tuxedos can go to any of the
previously mentioned places in Pittsburgh or online. This business will focus on wedding attire
alone, and offer personal styling services that not every other “small shop” can offer. The big
struggle is ensuring customers get that personal experience to keep them from buying online.
Another factor needing to be considered is offering wedding dress rentals as well for brides not
wanting to buy a dress to keep. There are 2.4 million weddings performed per year in the U.S.
There aren’t direct statistics related to Pittsburgh, but I would assume with it being a city, we
would sell a few thousand dresses with tuxedo purchases and rentals in combination with that.

The flower shop and bakery do not have a distinct target audience. Their products and
services don’t have an age or gender range entirely. Anyone can buy flowers and/ or baked

goods for any occasion! We would just focus on marketing more around certain holiday’s rather
than targeting a specific audience since that audience is so vast. The majority of flowers are
bought on Mother’s Day, followed by Valentine’s Day. There are also over 20 flower shops in
and around Pittsburgh that will be in competition with mine. The bakery will have close to 20
competitors in the general area it will be operating. The customers for both the flower shop and
bakery will range anywhere from teenagers to senior citizens. People of all ages and genders
purchase desserts and flower arrangements. The customers currently purchase these goods at the
surrounding shops and at grocery stores such as Giant Eagle. The bakery will stick with selling
comfort desserts on a daily basis. It will be a place that can feel like home. The cakes will be the
only “fancy” desserts offered. The flower shop will make custom arrangements, and only sell
flowers, because of this our customers will know we are focused on just that and not distracted
with trying to sell other things.
According to data from World Population Review, Pittsburgh is home to around 302,500
people, with a metro population of close to 2.36 million. Percentages of ethnicities present in
Pittsburgh include being 64.8% White (203,265), 25.8% African American (72, 073), and 4.4%
Asian (17,153). Although an exact estimation cannot be made to describe the growth in
population, statistics of shown that Pittsburgh’s population decreased by about 3,000 residents
since 2017. The median age of men is 31.9, while the median age of women is 34.2. There are
roughly ​257,919 adults making up the population, 43,395 of whom are seniors. Marital status is
represented by 37, 717 couples, while 74, 848 people are single. There are 50.8% females
inhabiting the city, and 49.2% males. Out of those percentages, 55% of men have never been
married, and 49% of females have never been married. 91.2% of those living in Pittsburgh have
a high school degree or higher, while 41.9% have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Additionally,
the median income for those with a high school diploma receive a yearly salary of $25, 875, the
median income for those with a Bachelor’s degree is $42, 749, and for those with a Graduate
degree or higher, their median income comes to be around $56, 449. In regards to professions in
Pittsburgh, the top 10 include: Retail Salesperson, Registered Nurse, Cashiers, Office Clerks,
Customer Service Representatives, Secretaries and Administrative Assistants, Waiters/
Waitresses, and Laborers and Freight. These are the most common jobs. There is a greater
number of people with jobs paying only up to $40,000 than there are those with annual salaries
between $50,000- $100,000+.

Market Segment

Overall, customers of all shops under the Pisani Plaza will be from the general Pittsburgh
area, making between $40,000- over $100,000 a year, individually. Young couples have between
$60,000- $200,000 in combined salaries. They will only buy our products and services when
they deem it is necessary to, most purchasing from each shop a handful of times per year. They
will come to our business knowing they are receiving good quality, considerately priced goods

and services. They also know they are paying for personal care. Half of our customers will strive
for pricing that fits their budgets since they are conscientious, while the other half will pay
however much to ensure they are receiving the best quality.
Since our customer base consists of both men and women, it is appropriate for our market
segment to be broken down into two parts, considering all shops will be catering to both genders.
The population is roughly split 50-50 (male/female) in Pittsburgh. Wedding Wishes will see an
average of $1000 spent by each female customer while only $600-700 will be spent yearly by
their male counterparts. Florals Galore estimates $400 will be spent by women annually, and
close to $600 will be spent by the average male per year. Tease Hair Salon can expect close to
$1500 spent by the average female receiving treatments. The average male will likely only spend
$200 on hair care in comparison. Yum! Bakery can expect $100 to be spent by both male and
female customers on average per year. Bulk orders were not taken into account to create these
statistics. A couple interested in purchasing flowers for their wedding would spend between
$1000-$2000, and those ordering desserts for their reception will spend anywhere from $500 to
The estimated annual potential customer rate for Wedding Wishes is around 5,000
customers, both male and female, after at least three years of being in business. One the same
timeline, Florals Galore is planning on seeing close to 10,000 customers annually by year three.
Similarly, Yum! Bakery and Tease Hair Salon will be bringing in around the same volume of
customers as the flower shop.

Customer Profile
Our main target for the bridal salon/ tuxedo shop will be young couples looking to have a
unique wedding while also keeping up with current trends. Once the couples are attracted to the
shop, their families and friends will soon follow and also purchase dresses and tuxedos from us
as part of the parties for the wedding and other events in the future if they are pleased. These
young couples will most likely have a combined annual salary between $60,000- $100,000.
Each store will market to this young group of men and women by providing a sense of
belonging and comfort. If we keep them at our core for marketing purposes, teenagers will be
attracted to our stores, since teenagers are known for wanting to be older than they are, and those
older than these young couples will want to look and feel youthful, and that is how they will be
attracted to our stores.
Those residing in Pittsburgh spend their time going out, whether that be shopping, dining,
taking a walk around the city, hanging out in Market Square, going to bars to celebrate
Pittsburgh pride when there’s a game, attending shows at one of the many theatres, going to a
museum or art exhibit, seeing a game, traveling for business or vacation using the airport, riding
the incline, etc. No matter what it is, odds are, people in Pittsburgh are paying for something
every time they’re on a city block. The average commute time for these individuals is 25
minutes, meaning they are not likely to travel a far distance for the Pisani Plaza’s shops.

Convenience is what will drive us to stay in business due to convenience driving our customers
to us.
The bridal store/ tux shop won’t have many returning customers, female wise, at least we
hope not! We expect to see young vibrant women walking in and out of our doors looking and
feeling their best, ready to celebrate one of the best days of their life. We expect our returning
female customers to be looking for bridesmaid dresses for themselves if they are in more than
one bridal party throughout their lifetime. The most impressive source of advertising is by word
of mouth. We hope to have a good portion of our customers be referrals or even previous
customers as bridesmaids now getting married. We assume that our male customers will
purchase from us more than once in their lifetime. Whether they be prom-goers, businessmen,
grooms, lawyers, etc., they will either be renting tuxedos and suits from us for their events or
outright purchasing them.
The flower shop will have to market more towards women even if men statistically buy
more flowers. If men know the women in their life have a preference to a specific shop, odds are
they will do business with them. The rising issue is men statistically buy flowers over the phone
through companies or have subscriptions for convenience. The number of men physically buying
arrangements from shops is declining.
Our hair salon will be gender neutral, offering services to both men and women. It will
target its marking to both. But, we hope to specifically market to men and women in their
20s-30s who are willing to pay for high quality treatments with not a lot of concern for pricing.
They will be returning customers, men having their hair cut at least once every two months,
women having their hair treated every four to six weeks. Since the salon also provides nail care,
women who prefer to have acrylic nails must have them refilled every six to eight weeks. With
this, we assume our female and male customers will be those in professions that require them to
look professional at all times. Our marketing will parallel our customer’s needs. If they believe
they need their hair and nails done every four to eight weeks, our advertising will encourage
them to come in for certain specials, join loyalty programs, etc.
Yum! Bakery is all about comfort and feeling a sense of home. Customers will be buying
into a feeling more than they will be buying into our actual goods. Therefore, we know our
marketing must target their heartstrings and make them feel like they need to be in our shop. We
won’t directly market to individuals as much as our hair salon will. The bakery will put out
general advertisements to the city of Pittsburgh and attract its following from there. We are
aware that our market will most likely not include an older crowd. Many of the bakeries in
Pittsburgh have been kept in families and owned for generations. The older generation likes to
stick to tradition. Thus, they will stay loyal to the bakeries they grew up buying from. The rest of
our customer base will be made up of children coming with their parents, teenagers, young
adults, and middle-aged adults.
The majority of our customers will be residents of Pittsburgh, so their travel time could
range anywhere from 5-30 minutes away from our store. If our reputation is one that is shared by

word of mouth, we predict to have customers from two hours away making the drive to come see
what we’re all about. We do know that the number of people willing to drive that distance is few,
so the bulk of our customer base will be located in and around Pittsburgh itself.


Bridal Flower Shop Hair Salon Bakery


Direct David’s Jim Ludwig’s Twelve27 Oobe Pastry

Competition Bridal, Blumengarten Florist, Salon, Cafe, Jean-Marc
Clarissa The Farmer’s Cardamone’s Chatellier's,
Boutique, Daughter Flowers, Salon, Isle of Paddy Cake
Bridal Harold’s Flower Shop, You Hair Bakery, Butter
Beginning Gidas Flowers Color Studio, Maid Bakery
Veraldi Hair

Indirect JJ’s House, 1800FLOWERS, Customer dyes/ Grocery stores,

Competition Simply, styles their Harry & David,
Bridal,, own hair or has Carousel Cakes
Amazon, grocery stores such as: a stylist come
Rent the Trader Joe’s, Shop N to them to do it
Runway Save, Giant Eagle

Why a customer Convenienc Also convenience of Location of Preference of

would buy from e to buy running in and out of a salon in certain sweets/
them instead…: online: less grocery store for a comparison to tastes
stressful to bouquet of flowers if their home,
go out and needed last minute; if prices, stylists
try on professional/ fancy
multiple bouquets are needed,
dresses at customers may go to
multiple the other stores based
places; other on location or loyalty
stores may
have a
better suited
for that
bride’s taste

The bridal store’s main competitors, whether located in Pittsburgh or online, focus on
dresses for the brides, as well as offering evening gowns/prom dresses for those in the bridal
party and teen girls. Men would have to go to a tuxedo shop for their apparel. The stores do not
offer both in one location.
The flower shops main competitors branch out and offer goods/services besides just
flowers. Companies such as 1800FLOWERS offer chocolate, stuffed bears, and more, which
skews their sales away from flowers. The other shops in the area in Pittsburgh also offer much
more than just floral arrangements alone.
The hair salon will compete with others in the surrounding area that offer the same
services. Customers will choose us over the competitors solely due to their loyalty to our stylists,
convenience of our location to them, the ambiance, etc.
The bakery will also deal with a similar obstacle. Customers will buy from this bakery
over others because of their own preferences. Depending on the tastes of our products, our
packaging, convenience to them, and having the option to sit down and eat. Other bakeries will
be fancier with certain pastries, while ours will offer more of comfort goods. I feel people enjoy
the coffee-shop feel where they can come and relax and meet other people. They don’t want a
bakery where they can only walk in and buy goodies to go. Having the ability to offer them a
space they can stay in will set us apart.
All four stores will have vans representing the Pisani Plaza in order to deliver goods such
as decorations, flowers, dresses and tuxedos if needed, and baked goods to its customers for their
events. The biggest factor that sets us apart from our competition is that we put the customer
first. Our four shops work together on a daily basis, keeping couple’s wishes on file, working
with them to create their dream day, and treating all of our customers with personal service. The
shops work as individual businesses day to day for specific events in order to earn a greater
profit, since their sales cannot be made by solely servicing weddings. But when it comes to
weddings, their full attention and energy is placed into coordination and teamwork. The couple
won’t have to come in to each appointment and reiterate their ideas. They will be known,
contacted, and treated with the utmost personal service. Whenever a customer comes into one of
our shops looking to order flowers for an event, a cake, desserts, a gown, etc., they are given a
personal consultant with whom they will sit down and discuss their ideas. Customers will be able
to see past designs and creations by our team and collaborate on what can be done through
available resources to meet their wishes.
The leaders in providing low prices for these four areas in Pittsburgh are: online
companies for flowers (1800FLOWERS,, hair salons in Pittsburgh
(Dante Salon, Veraldi Hair Beauty Wellness), Boutiques for gowns and online (JJ’s,
The Knot), and bakeries in Pittsburgh (La Gourmandine Bakery). The highest quality businesses
include David’s Bridal for gowns, The Knot for tuxedos (dresses as well), The WhiteHouse hair

salon, Harold’s Florist for flower arrangements, and Cookie Lady LLC and Prantl’s Bakery for
baked goods.

Competitive Analysis for Wedding Wishes

David’s Bridal JJ’s House Clarissa Bridal

Boutique Beginning

Market Share Basically the Leading online Only in the In the top 5 for
Walmart of retailer in headpiece/ Pittsburgh area
wedding dresses wedding gowns jewelry industry;
(efficient and small shop
convenient due
to multiple
-close to 300

Sales Annual revenue $18.2 million a $500,000- $1 $1.7 million a

of $791 million year million a year year
a year

Products Offered Wedding Wedding gowns, Jewelry, veils, Wedding gowns,

dresses, dresses bridesmaid tiaras/ head bridesmaid
for bridesmaids, dresses, prom pieces, hair dresses, mother
flower girls, dresses accessories and of the bride
mother-of-the-br combs, belts/ dresses
ide, prom, etc. sashes

Strengths Many locations, Wide variety of Does custom Must go to the

efficient, sizes, has a lot of design, store; has
convenient, sales/ promo personalization, reviews by
offers a wide codes, consulting, has brides right on
array of styles, affordable, takes promotions and the first page of
colors, sizes, many forms of events, have their website,
good for any payment; won awards for their hours are
formal occasion, service to flexible for
also not super customers working brides,
expensive, takes they hold
many forms of different events
payment (trunk shows),
largest collection
of bridal gowns
in Pittsburgh,
quality customer

service; website
is very

Weaknesses Lacks personal Not easy to Since it is family Can’t just walk
service, bride is return/ get your owned and run, in, you need an
just another money back, it’s not easy to appointment;
customer, had to can’t try on the just walk in and recommend/
file for dress until after look around and encourage only
bankruptcy you pay for it; leave if you bringing up to 4
have to ship the aren’t interested people with you;
dress, can’t walk in their products book all
out of the store appointments by
with it phone


Competitive Analysis for Florals Galore

Jim Ludwig’s Harold’s Flower 1800FLOWERS flowershopping.

Blumengarten Shop com

Market Share One of the In the top 3 in Ranked #2 for Better Business
largest florists in Pittsburgh Shopping/flower Bureau rates
Pittsburgh s globally them an “F” for
a pattern of filed

Sales $15.9 million Unknown $1.2 billion N/A

Products Offered Flower Flower Practically Floral

arrangements, arrangements, everything due arrangements
fruit/ gourmet wind chimes, to their and fruit baskets
baskets statues, candles, numerous
stones, music partnerships (ex:
boxes, lanterns, fruit baskets,
bird baths, popcorn,
anything for cookies, coffee
loved ones who and tea, etc.)
have passed

Strengths Centrally located You can shop by Anything you Online,

on the Strip; 5th holiday and could want to convenient, 20
generation to price on their send to someone years of
own it; buys website; same for any occasion business, has
from flower day delivery; (especially multiple sales/
brokers and you can non-personal) promos/ coupons
wholesalers; customize you can find a year making
does flowers for certain items here; same day buying
weddings and (other than floral delivery; wide arrangements
events as well as arrangements) range of pricing cheap, no sales
individual to meet tax, and the
orders; same day everyone’s customer can
delivery; website needs; has an easily navigate
can easily be easy search bar; the website and
navigated international search by flower
type, flower
color, etc.

Weaknesses Closes at 4:30 Not necessarily They offer so Not accredited

PM on cheap/ much, a by the BBB and
weekdays and affordable customer might has been rated
2:30 PM on be overwhelmed with an “F” due
Saturday’s and not know to continuous
where to start customer


Competitive Analysis for Tease Hair Salon

Twelve27 Salon Cardamone’s Isle of You Hair Veraldi Hair

Salon Color Studio Beauty Wellness

Market Share Being right in Rated as a 4.8 by Rates as a 5 by N/A

the cultural over 150 customer
district of Pitt customers reviews on both
makes this salon Facebook and
very popular and The Knot; most
easy to get to; I popular salon for
can assume they customers
are one of the having their hair

leading salons in colored
the area

Sales N/A $1-2.5 million in N/A (I would Around $56,000

annual revenue assume around in annual
the same as revenue

Services Offered Specializes in Hair extensions, Hair coloring, It is assumed it

hair cutting, hair formal event hair cuts, offers the
color, balayage, styling, hair conditioning general range of
Natural Beaded coloring, treatments, services (since
Row extensions microblading, blowouts, the website is
and body barbering, various texture down and
waxing eyelash services, treatments, & information is
hair cuts, waxing. not available on
waxing, nails, Facebook page)
and skin care.

Strengths An “Aveda” Open for close Professional; Recently listed

Salon, owners to 40 years, puts prices on in Whirl
have been in the located right in website, has Magazine as one
industry for over the heart of social media of Pittsburgh's
10 years, have a downtown pages for 'Top Ten Snips',
blog for Pittsburgh, customers to see around since
customers upbeat what they are 1989, labeled as
interested in atmosphere, offered, serves a premier salon
taking care of claims to have men, women, in upbeat
their hair (so employees and kids of all Oakland,
they can go to a continuously ages (doesn’t
trusted source educated in hair specifically
for information); trends target a certain
reasonably age group);
priced participates in
“Wigs for Kids”

Weaknesses Have only been Only open “late” Expensive Not Better
open since 2017 (‘til 7 PM) on Business Bureau
Wednesday’s accredited, their
and Thursday’s website’s
domain cannot
be found, also
only on
Facebook, which
will attract

women and men,
have to park on
the street ($)


Competitive Analysis for Yum! Bakery

Oobe Pastry Jean-Marc Paddy Cake Butter Maid

Cafe Chatellier's Bakery Bakery

Market Share Unknown Rated as a 4.9 by Rated a 4.7 by Unknown

over 300 people Wedding Wire
users, also rated
very well
through Yelp
and other
various websites

Sales N/A (could not N/A (could not N/A (could not N/A (could not
be found) be found) be found) be found)

Products Offered Cuisine, Macarons Cakes, bake Nut rolls,

international (gluten free), bread daily, such cookies
cuisine, and ice Croissants, as dinner rolls,
cream Brioche, Danish, sandwich buns,
Palmier, Strudel, hot dog buns,
various gourmet etc., donuts,
pastries, cake by danish, pies,
the slice, dessert brownies,
pastries, pies, tiramisu,
nut rolls, and cannolis, eclairs,
other sweets assorted coffee
cakes, and many
types of cookies

Strengths Uses farm fresh On Facebook, Specialize in Has a slogan

ingredients only has multiple cake making/ right on the top
reviews on Yelp, decorating; of their website,
the only French provide pictures coupons are
bakery in of past cakes as available right
Pittsburgh, you examples of upon arrival of
can place orders what is possible their website,

by calling in or to be created, free shipping is
walking in, can prices are listed offered, you can
also set aside by the cake size purchase goods
orders since they and servings in a online, old
go fast in the nice chart, fashioned
mornings contact pictures showing
information is their progression
readily available as a business
for customers to gives it a
schedule personal touch

Weaknesses No website, only Opens at & (by Do not accept They can only
social media that time a good orders through give locally to
pages such as portion of email events
Twitter and people are either surrounding
Facebook, which at work already their
have not been in or on their way), Youngstown,
use since 2011, closed on OH area
only open on Sunday (a day
weekends where families
would probably
like desserts for
after religious
obligations or
for Sunday

Comments They give to They are located They send

local fire next to the West cookies to
departments Penn Hospital soldiers in any
financially to (which is branch, by
help with buying convenient for request of the
equipment relatives of those customer
in the hospital)

Labor Requirements

Pittsburgh’s most common jobs include salespeople, customer service representatives,

laborers and freight, cashiers, and so on and so forth, meaning there is a need to have these jobs
available. I plan to make connections with Mercyhurst University (my alma mater at that point)
to offer internships and possible full-time positions to students earning their degree through the

Walker College of Business, whether that degree is in finance, fashion merchandising,
hospitality management, marketing, etc. My hopes are to have workers that have experience in
customer service. Each shop’s employees will need to meet other requirements.
Those working at the Hair Salon will have had to have graduated from a well-accredited
cosmetology program, as well as attend various conferences to continue gaining knowledge on
treatments, new technology, etc. It will be costly to send all employees to all conferences, so I
will leave it up to my employees as to how they divvy up who attends. I can’t afford to shut
down the salon for a day or more, so as long as one or two different hair stylists go each time,
they can bring back information to share with the rest and better help them work as a cohesive
team, learning from one another and respecting each other’s gifts and specialities.
Employees at the Bridal Store/ Tux Shop will be required to have a strong background in
fashion merchandising and hospitality management, whether that be obtained through a dual
degree, a major in one and minor in the other, etc. Our customers deserve the best service from
employees who have experience in plenty of diverse areas. Even having employees who
graduated with a degree in finance/ management/ another language, etc. will benefit our
company. These men and women will bring knowledge to the table that broadens our customer
base. We will be able to offer more than just dresses. These skills and personal attributes of our
employees is what will set us apart and make our clients more inclined to feel at home while
working with us and thus refer our business to those they come across and know. Our employees
will be trained in customer service and personal styling and sent to conferences often so that they
are up to date on the latest trends/ fashions in the bridal industry. I plan to send our employees in
a similar fashion as the hair salon employees. I will release information about local conferences
that they have the ability to attend if they choose to. They will have to divvy up who goes to
which. They will also receive a full day’s pay as well since they are sharpening their skills and
bringing back experience to the store.
I expect employees at our bakery to have received some type of experience at another
bakery or coffee shop to ensure they have adequate customer service skills. Employees who are
not the main baker will fill out a job application, submit letters written by previous employer(s),
interview with us, and will then undergo a trial shift to see if they are a good fit for the company.
Afterall, they will be the first faces customers see when they walk in! Our main bakers will need
to have graduated from a culinary/bakery program, received certification from the Retail Bakers
of America (RBS), and have past apprenticeships that can be verified. It is also recommended
that at least one of our bakers has graduated from a Certified Doctorate program, which
specifically applies to those making cakes and pastries. We would like our staff to be prepared to
meet our customers’ needs.
At Florals Galore, we would like to have a team of florists with different educational
backgrounds, such as Bachelor’s degrees in the Fine Arts where the individual honed their
design skills, Botany/ Horticulture so that the individual has knowledge of the proper growing
conditions for specific flowers, and another individual with a general degree in Business/

Management to handle the managing and/or marketing of the shop. Our other part-time/ full-time
employees are expected to have experience in customer service, with past employment at either
grocery stores, another florist, a garden center/ nursery, or through a merchant wholesaler. This
will provide a range of skills to meet customer needs.


Wedding Wishes will target young couples in their 20’s- 30’s. This is the age range
where couples tend to get married, so it would only make sense to market to them! Once we have
brought them in, our hopes are that we will gain customers by word of mouth and from those in
the bridal party wanting to stay loyal to our brand. We know that once a couple is attracted to our
store, their families will follow suit, and we will be serving them as well. We will make sure we
have social media pages that can be followed, showcasing new arrivals and sales, a website for
easy access, and we will be present at any wedding convention/ show in the area to get our name
out to the public. Once we grow and have enough profit, hopefully we can look into billboards/
signs. We will stress that we sell both dresses and tuxedos, making the public aware that we are
crazy about weddings and they are our main focus. Having a grand opening with door prizes
would be a great way to kick off our new chapter and get new customers in right off the bat. We
can put advertisements on the radio for this. We could have a fashion show as well to show off
our selection of dresses and give young women a reason to dress up and have a girl’s day with
their friends. We will stick with marketing to those in the Pittsburgh region. I’m not planning on
growing from that area. The apparel will be bought or leased in store, not online, in order to
ensure everything fits.
The flower shop, bakery, and hair salon will also only worry about marketing to
individuals in Pittsburgh. They will have social media pages that can be followed, have their
grand openings on the same day with different offers and giveaways. The flower shop will
market more on certain popular holiday’s, such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. The
bakery will do the same around Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and other holiday’s when themed
baked goods are sold. We will put ads for the bakery, hair salon, and flower shop in the
newspaper to attract the older crowd, who still likes the tradition of buying flowers for others.
Our advertising to the younger crowd will be through social media, signs to attract foot traffic,
etc. The bakery will have tasting days where customers can taste samples or buy “reject”
desserts. The hair salon can hopefully team up with charities such as “Locks of Love” to have
days where the community can come together and donate their hair and celebrate life. Everything
paid for must be done in-store in these three stores as well, not purchased online. Prices will be
put online so that our customers can budget and know what they are being offered prior to
coming in. These stores will also stay in the region of Pittsburgh and not expand.

Method of Sales

Our customers for all four shops must come to us. Nothing can be directly purchased
online. We sell directly to the end user, in person, since our goal is to create a personalized and
tailored experience for couples. Our websites and social media pages will only be used as a way
to ​inform o​ ur customers.
Right from the start, at “Wedding Wishes,” each bride that comes through our doors will
have a personal consultant to guide her through the process of finding a dress. Not only will she
be able to flip through provided look-books and browse through our database of dresses, she will
also be able to try on dresses of her choosing after looking through our options on the floor. The
bride can come in as many times as she would like, either with or without an appointment. She is
only ​guaranteed ​her personal consultant if she were to book an appointment though. The bride
can also meet with our alterations specialist if she would like a dress altered in a way that is more
than just hemming or having a few beads taken off. Dresses and tuxedos cannot be delivered to
the client. To keep in accordance with wanting our customers to have a personal experience, the
customer must try on their dress or tuxedo when they come to pick it up to ensure that it fits
Through “Yum! Bakery” and “Florals Galore,” customers must also book appointments
in order to meet with consultants for their events. They will be given look-books as well to get
ideas from and then go from there with what their options are in regards to what is available and
pricing. There is also the option of flowers and desserts being delivered to the customer, which is
an additional price needing to be considered.
At “Tease,” appointments can either be made online or called in. A customer must come
to the salon in order to be served, unless they would prefer having their and/ or their group’s hair
done at a private residence for an event.

Advertising and Promotion

I’ve always loved being a part of the community. There isn’t a week that goes by where
I’m not volunteering somewhere or attending a town event. For some, this is enough, but I
personally would love nothing more than to be in a financially stable position where I can
monetarily give back as well as give of my time. My employees will be encouraged to live by
similar principals. As people working for the benefit of others, it is important that we are out in
the community, knowing our community, so we can better tailor our business and how we
approach our customers. We can’t serve them if we don’t know them!
The entire Pisani Plaza will partake in the Pittsburgh Marathon/ Half Marathon every
year by creating a team full of our own employees along with their family and friends, and even
our customers. Whoever runs will wear matching shirts with our store names on them as well as

fun visor veils for women and box ties on the shirts for men so that our brand is recognizable.
Each person will run for someone they know who is not able to run.
The Bridal Store/ Tux Shop will specifically advertise through television ads, radio
commercials, website ads on sites brides typically visit (such as The Knot), social media posts,
and through business cards handed out at events. At least twice a year, we will roll out new
arrivals of dresses, having a fashion show where the ladies who participate are deemed discounts
on certain items. Keeping our customers aware that we are staying up to date on the latest trends
and rotating in new designs is a necessity! Announcing new arrivals and our limited stock (of
them) will add a sense of urgency, ultimately bringing more women through our doors!
Depending on our own profitability, we will also help a handful of couples a year who are
struggling financially due to special circumstances. No couple should have to compromise their
dream wedding day in order to financially support something else in their life.
Tease Hair Salon will reap the rewards of the advertising done by the bridal salon.
Everyone chooses when they feel their hair needs cut, so we feel that customers will find us
when they need us. Tease wil get it’s name in the public eye through social media pages that will
be updated on a weekly basis, showcasing the services offered, while also having a few
billboards promoting the business around the city. The website will be informative and strive to
make the customer’s experience more convenient for them by having the option to book
appointments online- an option no hair salon in the general Pittsburgh area has thus far. Being in
the city also means we are right in the hustle and bustle of everyday life for stressed out
employees! Offering a once a week spa treatment for women to come and relax on their lunch
breaks will not only help in making business connections/ network opportunities for them, but
also for our own employees to grow. Sticking with the mindset that everyone is made uniquely
and deserves to feel beautiful in their own skin regardless of economic advantage, there will be
many chances throughout the year for our customers to be rewarded with discounts. For
example, clients who make referrals will receive money towards a service of their choosing
within the price range we have provided, have the ability to join a rewards program if they are
frequent customers, and receive special discounts tailored to them for their birthday! Aside from
that, we do plan to contribute to “Wigs for Kids” and “Locks of Love” for those who would like
to donate their hair. We will host events periodically throughout the year for everyone interested
to share in the camaraderie and “root” for each other.
Yum! Bakery will mainly advertise around specific holidays and seasons when limited
time desserts/ goodies are being sold, such as Fall (Halloween & Thanksgiving), Christmas,
Valentine’s Day, etc. We will also partner with clubs associated with nearby schools for
fundraising purposes to increase our community involvement and keep business local. Their
advertising will be through newspaper ads, radio commercials, and having tasting sample days to
gain customers through foot traffic. The bakery will also host music nights every Friday where
various local artists of all kinds can share in their gifts and talents. We’d like our bakery to be a
place where people can meet and spend their time together.

Florals Galore will also offer a loyalty/rewards program its customers. Since we will be
competing with online flower companies, we plan on sending our brochures and business cards
to corporate offices and hotels in the area for potential customers to see not only what we offer,
but also the convenience of ordering from a local shop that can easily deliver within hours.
During spring and throughout summer, we will also participate in local farmers markets and
make street corner stands to increase profits from those who may not have the time to walk into a
flower shop or call in an arrangement. This will help to regain business commonly taken by
grocery stores that sell pre-made arrangements as soon as you walk in. We would also like to
plan on decorating certain charity events with no charge. We understand that these events are in
order to raise money for good causes. The coordinators should not have to worry about putting
funds towards making the event attractive to its attendees.
Overall, we value our customers in every way. The Pisani Plaza wants its customers to
feel welcome and become a part of our family, join our network, and grow by word of mouth.
Sharing in the happiest day of a couple’s life is bound to create connections and possible lifelong
friendships, especially since most weddings are planned in a year’s time. We want the Pisani
Plaza to be much more than a strip mall of stores. It will be its own world, bringing together
women at the hair salon, fueling the Pittsburgh economy with unique weddings, creating a space
in the bakery where collaboration can happen, and much more. The possibilities are endless, and
we’re ready for them.


As previously stated, the Pisani Plaza is a strip mall consisting of four stores, “Wedding
Wishes,” a bridal boutique and tuxedo shop, “Yum! Bakery,” “Florals Galore,” and “Tease Hair
Salon,” all focused on being a one-stop shop for couples planning their wedding day. The
company is branded under my last name, Pisani. I will be the sole owner of this enterprise, with
all financial risks and decisions as my responsibility. Although I will have graduated with a
business degree in Hospitality Management along with a minor in Fashion Merchandising and
Marketing, I will not know everything needed to start this business from the ground up.
Along with my background, I plan to have a team of professionals in the wedding
industry I will have connected with whom I can reach out to to discuss expandability, marketing,
and possible improvements. There will not be a board of members with stake in the company to
inform of changes or share plans with in the beginning. Down the road there may be co-owners,
but for the time being there is not. If and when investors become involved, they will not only be
paid back the principal they invested, as well as the interest, but they will also be compensated
for their expertise, referrals, etc. At this point, investors will be consulted and made aware of
increases in capital, changes in inventory, and anything significant that would affect the
businesses’ sales. In addition, respecting that my staff will be working more closely with a wider

range of our customers, they will have a say in all decisions being made. I may be the “name”
and “face” of the company, but everyone should have the ability to share their opinions,
suggestions, and observations for our company to grow.

Management Team Description

As the owner, I will be the one to manage the Pisani Plaza overall. Since my main focus
will be acting as one of our Wedding Planners on staff, each store will have its own team of
management to run the daily operations that do not require my involvement. I will be stationed in
the Bridal Store, staying visible and being nearby in case of emergency. The four stores will
share one marketing team.
Wedding Wishes will have a staff consisting of a head manager, being myself, an
assistant manager, who will step into my place when I am consulting customers, three additional
wedding planners, who will work on alternating days of the week since customers schedule by
appointment, six retail workers, who will be labelled as bridal consultants/ sales associates
trained in personal styling and creating displays throughout our store, two customer service
representatives, two cashiers, two inventory managers to track which dresses are selling/ sizes
needed, fill out the forms needed to purchase garments, and then go forward and purchase them
after being finalized by me, and two to three alterations specialists.
The assistant manager must have a strong background in fashion merchandising, worked
in retail previously, and has good customer service skills. This individual will need to be trained
as if they were the head manager in order to step in when I am not around. Our wedding planners
must have received their certification and have earned a degree in Hospitality Management.
Since we would like our store to have a professional yet relaxed atmosphere, it is important to us
that at least four of our six total retail workers have not only had past experience working in any
type of retail prior to being hired with us, but also have expertise in personal styling through past
jobs or by having a degree in fashion merchandising, where they would have been gained that
knowledge through courses and/or internships. Our customer service representatives and cashiers
do not necessarily have to have worked in either of those fields prior to employment. They will
undergo employee training and be made aware of our policies. Alteration specialists must show
proof of experience by showing past projects in a portfolio in order to be verified.
Florals Galore will employ between four to six workers, depending on the season, who
will all have training in the following areas: floral design, consulting, packaging, customer
service, and operating the register. They will rotate and decide amongst themselves who
completes which tasks throughout their shifts depending on the order type, order size, etc. There
will also be drivers/ delivery men hired to bring orders to our customers.
Since having a knack for putting arrangements together cannot be fostered through
training, we expect at least four of our six total workers to have a background in either floral
design, art, and/ or be able to showcase their abilities in a timely fashion upon being interviewed.

It is all in the creativity of the worker and their ability to compromise and work with the
Tease Hair Salon will have roughly only four to five hair stylists on staff, unless the
volume of clients increases, then more stylists will be hired. One of the stylists will be “Senior
Stylist/ Manager.” This individual will receive an inventory list each week to see which
products/capital used need to be replaced and/ or restocked, such as hair dryers, hair products,
smocks/ aprons, etc. Not only will the stylists be the ones taking care of customers, but they will
also be the ones handling customer service by answering the phones and scheduling
appointments. All stylists must have attended cosmetology school. It would also be appreciated
if one of the stylists had a background in finance/ business as well.
Yum! Bakery’s staff will consist of a Head Baker, who will oversee the other bakers and
their projects, as well as manage those working the front part of the shop, and consult clients
ordering for a special occasion. An Assistant Head Baker will also be on staff to assist the Head
Baker on consulting when needed. Their most important job will be to know what ingredients
and tools are needing to be either replenished or replaced by taking weekly inventory. This
individual will be expected to order the finalized list as well. The remaining bakers will fill
orders and make the daily desserts sold in the shop. Each baker must either be certified by Retail
Bakers of America upon hiring or plan to receive their certification once hired. If a baker has not
yet received their certification but has worked in a bakery previously, they must provide the
information of their employer for verification purposes and also have two letters written, one
from their employer and one from a fellow baker with whom they worked alongside.
The Pisani Plaza will have one policy regarding hiring its employees and customer
service, although the policies will slightly differ for each shop in regards to employee
background education and return policies. The four stores will also share one marketing team, as
mentioned earlier. This team will communicate with our workers about upcoming seasons, what
is trending, sales/ offers, etc. Our marketing team will have nine marketers. There will be two
assigned to each store to share responsibility on certain projects depending on the season/need
and one Senior Marketer who will oversee and guide the others. All projects/ ideas must be
pitched to me and given the green light before any can go forward and be brought out to the

Estimated Sales

Since we are just starting up, we don’t expect an overwhelming number of sales. We also
have plenty of competition in the general area and online to keep in mind. Many businesses are
family owned and have been around for years, while online businesses offer a convenience that
our stores cannot. After research, it has been found that the competition for our shops in the
Pittsburgh area have made up to $2 million in sales.

Our bridal salon and tuxedo shop, Wedding Wishes, projects its first year’s sales to be
around $60,000-$100,000 due to the amount of competition we have. Bridal gowns are not the
main selling point for most bridal stores. Many competing stores have incorporated selling prom
and quinceanera dresses as well. Since we are also a tuxedo shop, we believe that will bring in
more consistent sales for us throughout the year along with selling bridesmaid, mother-in-law,
and flower girl dresses. Many average bridal stores sell only three bridal gowns a month, while
close to 50 bridesmaid gowns are sold. In a year, we would like to sell between 20 and 30 bridal
dresses and over 100 bridesmaid dresses. In men’s tuxedos, we know sales will be split between
buying and renting, but we hope to sell at least 40 tuxedos along with renting out 80 in a year. By
our second year, we hope to bring in around $150,000-$200,000 in sales, continuing to sell at
least 100 bridesmaid dresses, hopefully 40-50 wedding gowns, and selling 60-80 tuxedos while
renting out over 120. With the proper marketing, trends, and word of mouth recommendations,
year three will come with sales of at least $300,000, having sold over 110 bridal gowns, 200+
bridesmaid dresses, 150+ tuxedos, and rent out over 200 tuxedos.
We believe Florals Galore will start out small, bringing in $40,000 within the first year.
Competing flower shops in Pittsburgh, similar to the bakeries, have been around for generations
and already have a concrete customer base. But, these flower shops either only offer flowers or
sell traditional items gifted for those who have passed on. None have gone beyond and made
their flower shops into the first place people think of when they need a gift for someone. Flower
shops gain a good portion of their profits by offering more than just flowers. While someone is
waiting for an order to be filled or retrieved, having jewelry, soaps, cards, home decor, and other
homemade items from local artisans available for customers to see will increase the chances of
making a greater sale. They will most likely leave with more than just flowers. To further expand
on our focus of convenience and being a one-stop shop, we’d like to provide items our customers
can purchase for particular occasions. Some flower shops can earn up to $200,000-$300,000 in
profits in a year. In our first year we hope to earn at least $50,000 in revenue. This number is a
very low and rough estimate, considering neighboring flower shops make over $2.1 million in
sales annually. By year two, we hope our profits can exceed $60,000 and continue to grow by
year three reaching at least $100,000.
On average, hair salons bring in about 110 customers per week. Since trims, cuts, styles,
etc. range from $30-$80, and the average woman gets her nails done every two weeks, she will
spend over $1,000 a year. The typical hair salon owner profits $50,000 a year. With Tease Hair
salon being in the city and catering to hair and nails, we hope to earn a revenue of over $175,000
within the first year. By the second year we estimate our sales to pass $200,000, catering to over
150 customers a week. Year three we plan on bringing in over $250,000 in revenue, serving at
least 175 customers a week.
The average bakery in America brings in around $450,000 in revenue a year. But, smaller
bakeries just starting out are more likely to only make $20,000-$30,000 annually. Being in
Pittsburgh, having some competition, yet setting ourselves apart with certain services has led us

to predict that Yum! Bakery will have a revenue of about $50,000-$60,000 by the end of its first
year. Yum! Bakery will have sold roughly 22,000 desserts in its first year. This number can be
split up into multiple cookie flavors, cupcakes, cakes, muffins, cake pops, etc. By the second
year, we are expecting to make close to $75,000 in profits, having sold close to 30,000 products.
Year three we are hoping that our marketing, reputation by word of mouth, and delicious desserts
will have been established and raised our revenue to $100,000. With this, we will have sold
between 38,000-40,0000 desserts.


Wedding Wishes has the possibility of not making its money back on the dresses it has in
stock. Brides may not like the styles we provide and choose to purchase their dress elsewhere, or
even buy into the trend of wanting to keep their wedding attire casual. Beyond this, bridal stores
have a habit of being persuaded to buy more dresses off the designers they support, as well as
buying into trends instead of listening to the demand of their customers. If the business falls into
situations where our competitors drop their prices, the industry’s growth rate falls, a customer
cancels a large order, our sales estimates are not achieved, and/ or an important ad campaign
does not result in predicted sales, Wedding Wishes will be forced to mark dresses down, sell less
bridal gowns, and look towards ways to bring customers back through the doors. If an important
supplier failed to make a delivery, then we would have to find ways to make our money back,
whether that be through offering buy one get one deals or free gifts. The only issue with this is
risking losing more money. If our competitors begin to sell styles of dresses that are selling more
than what our business has in stock, we will be forced to listen to what our market is buying and
cater to those wants, changing our stock. If our reputation were to change and no longer be what
we would like it to be, we will have to fix how we market ourselves and look into improving
customer service.
Since Tease Hair Salon is a service business, our greatest risks are losing sales from a
decrease in customer numbers. This will mainly occur if our stylists are not attending
conventions/ training sessions to keep up with evolving techniques. The best way to keep with
this is by recording the most frequently purchased services, asking clients what they would like
to see, and reading blogs. Customer service is a must in this business. Although we want our
customers to feel comfortable with us and create connections, we cannot lose our sense of
professionalism. Yes, they can keep in contact with us and view our changes through social
media. But, they will also be called and emailed reminders for their appointments. Even if our
competitors were to cut their prices, we would keep ours where they are unless it was a drastic
difference. Our clients are not only receiving top notch care from certified professionals, but they
are also paying for an environment that fosters making connections and networking. Now, if a
competitor were to release a new hair care product or technique, our staff would look into how
beneficial either would be for our customers and either start offering a better alternative or

market why either was not beneficial/ why we are sticking to what we offer. If sales are not
achieved as expected or public opinion changes for us, we will increase our customer
appreciation days, offering discounts, networking days, specials for women having their hair or
nails done during their lunch break, and so on. As a service business, we respect our customers’
opinions and desires, meaning we would seek out possible suggestions.
Florals Galore is similar to Wedding Wishes in the sense that we are not making our
product “in house.” We are not growing our own flowers. We plan to support local farms as
much as we can, but we know that this will be expensive, and in turn cost our customers. In
certain months we will be forced to order flowers internationally. This will be less expensive
than buying flowers locally, but it will also certainly heighten our risk of not receiving fresh
flowers, orders being delayed due to weather patterns, losing orders altogether, etc. Luckily we
do have options if one resource were to become unreliable. If a customer were to cancel a big
order, we have the ability to sell previously made arrangements to hospitals/ nursing homes
nearby or even sell them in store individually. This would most likely result in us breaking even
on the loss or possibly making a profit due to bulk orders being discounted in the first place. If an
ad campaign did not attract the customer volume we were hoping, then we will make note that
something needs to change and focus on marketing in a different way for the next event or
holiday. If there is any loss whatsoever, we have the options to sell more ancillary items for the
time being to make up the loss, create flower stands around Pittsburgh in the warmer months,
sending sample arrangements to restaurants in the area for their table displays, etc.
The market is saturated with bakeries around the country. The best way for a small
bakery, like Yum! Bakery, to compete with some of the larger bakeries is for it to specialize in
baked goods that are not readily available in other bakeries, such as offering gluten-free or vegan
options. With this, there are greater risks. Consumers will be charged more, considering the
processes these goods will have to undergo as well as the alternate ingredients needed to make
them will have higher sale prices. There is also the possibility of contamination from a lack of
proper cleaning, resulting in allergic reactions in our customers. Bakeries suffer from price
fluctuations very often. Many of the ingredients they use are seasonal. In order to combat this,
bakeries have a habit of negotiating contracts to purchase their raw materials in bulk and at
wholesale prices. If competitors raise their prices or begin to sell differentiated goods, our
business will remain producing what it can at the margins it does. We will be specialized and
providing a good others do not. Unless our competitors begin selling what we do and mirroring
our processes, then we will look into offering an even broader range of products that cater to
health needs. There are always ways we can expand, if a customer were to cancel a large order, a
supplier couldn’t deliver, or a campaign ad didn’t give us the results of sales we had predicted it
would. Yum! Bakery can partner with local coffee shops and stores to sell its desserts. A great
option too would be to talk with the colleges and universities in Pittsburgh, like Point Park and
the University of Pittsburgh to discuss possibilities of selling baked goods on their campuses and
in their bookstores. If we notice we are losing business due to a change in public opinion, we will

begin to survey our customers to figure out which goods they would like to see more or less of
and improvements we can make to our customer service and ambiance.
In the case that any or all of the four stores cannot find the trained labor we are searching
for, we will spend our time contacting universities in the Northeast to have their students intern
with us. We will offer full-time positions if we feel they are a good fit for our company. We will
put out job hirings on job websites, which will hopefully grant us applicants. From there we will
contact technical schools, ask professionals in the wedding industry to keep their ear out for any
qualified individuals looking for work in any of our open positions, and also contacting national
organizations that provide certifications for bakers, hair stylists, and wedding planners.

Expenses & Capital Requirements

All four stores have their own independent expenses which will be explored and
​ ill be laid out. The 8,
discussed. Before that is done, the expenses of the Pisani Plaza as a ​whole w
452 square foot retail building on McKnight Road in Pittsburgh, P.A. is being sold for $3.8
million. There is currently one tenant, Anytime Tan Tanning Club, under contract until
December of 2022. This business would be a wonderful addition to the Pisani Plaza and the
needs it will be meeting.
Two delivery vans will be purchased as capital. Only “Florals Galore” and “Yum!
Bakery” will use them, yet they will be labelled as Pisani Plaza vans with all four businesses
placed on the side.

Operating Expenses: Selling Expenses

The Pisani Plaza has one shared marketing team made up of nine marketers, two assigned
per store with one Senior Marketer to oversee the operation. The Senior Marketer will be an in
house employee, paid hourly plus benefits, while the other eight marketers will be consultants
solely paid project-by-project on an agreed upon rate. Many times, marketers who are full-time
employees are doing a lot more than marketing for the company, so not only does the marketing
become less of a priority, but the company is also paying an annual salary for a marketer who is
not necessarily doing their specified job. Our Senior Marketer will handle sharing statistics with
our consultants as well as manage the deadlines of projects and campaigns. He or she will also be
in charge of maintaining our social media presence since they will be in house, and nobody
knows a business better than someone on the inside. This individual will make around $80,000
annually. Between our eight consultants, we will be spending close to $150,000 a year on
advertising. This number can be broken down to roughly $13,000 a month, $1600 per consultant
for 20 hours of work. As a company just starting up, we will have to invest a lot into getting our
name out into the public eye.
These numbers only cover paying for our marketing team, not our actual costs for
advertising. We expect to pay up to $500 on business cards for all four stores, $600 on sample

arrangements by “Florals Galore” sent to funeral parlors, hospitals, the local Chamber of
Commerce meetings, $2,000 spent on a web designer to create comprehensive site for the Plaza
with separate pages for each business within the Plaza, a maximum of $2,500 attending trade
shows (this includes costs for the booth, displays, printing flyers, and other items to promote the
business), and $5,000 in signs for the shops.

Operating Expenses: General and Administrative Expenses

There will be monthly payments to the bank of about $18,000 to cover the loans that
were taken out to purchase the building. Additionally, commercial general liability insurance for
the plaza will cost $1,200 annually, while each individual store will cost $400 at the most for
general liability insurance (since the four stores have around 10 employees). Collectively, $2,800
will be spent on insurance yearly. There will also be legal fees to take into account since we are
starting a business organization. These could cost up to $4,000. All stores will need a POS (point
of sale) system to track inventory and work with customers at the register. Systems such as these
can cost $2,000, and one will be needed for each store.

Capital Requirements

Our three biggest assets are the building we operate out of and our two delivery vans. The
vans will not be purchased new right off the lot. We will be buying two used vehicles for
$15,000 a piece. Our building has a sale price of $3.8 million, which will again equate to roughly
$18,000 a month in payments to the bank including interest. Loans will have to be taken out in
order to buy the vans as well. This will in turn result in monthly payments of a little over $400 a
month for 3 years, then multiply this by 2 to account for both vans.
Some smaller but also important capital includes the chairs in the hair salon, sinks, blow
dryers, and hair products, as well as the ovens and refrigerators needed for the bakery and florist.
These costs can, at most, be $30,000.

Cost of Goods

Wedding Wishes will need to stock wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl
attire, mother-in-law dresses, and tuxedos. Womenswear bought directly from designers or
wholesalers can run anywhere from $100- $1,000, while the tuxedos can range from $70- $250.
At the least our dresses will be sold for $150, and at the most sold for $3,000.
Florals Galore will spend the least out of all four stores on its goods. Flowers purchased
in bulk can cost up to $5,000 at the most to stock inventory for a busy season, but all supplies
needed to arrange bouquets and decorate them can be bought cheaply off of online stores or in

craft stores, only costing $300 to begin with. It will only cost a maximum $10 to put an
arrangement together, depending on the size, and they will be sold anywhere from $10 to $70.
Tease Hair Salon will need to invest in hair and nail products and supplies before
opening. Since this business is a service business, how much we charge our customers is based
on the costs of the space and utilities, salaries of the stylists and nail artists, and products bought
to use on our customers. Hair care services and treatments can range from $20 trims to $70
stylings. Nail designs can cost customers between $10 and $50, depending on the complexity of
the task and time it takes.
Yum! Bakery will charge customers $2-$4 for each baked good sold. On average, it costs
about $0.20 to bake one cookie and $0.40 to bake one cupcake. The initial costs will be higher
than those paid to replace/restock ingredients as the initial costs account for purchasing tins,
pans, paper liners, sprays, oils, and other necessities needed to begin the baking process. Cakes
can cost up to $10 depending on the design elements used or specific ingredients (gluten-free,
flowers as decoration, imported chocolate, etc.). They will be sold anywhere from $30-$90
depending on the design complexity, quality of ingredients, and knowledge/labor executed.