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Vishnu Kumar Gopi Mobile No: +91-8374013388

M.Tech (IIT-MADRAS) Email :



Qualification Period of University/Institute Specialisation Percentage Grade/

study of marks Class
M. Tech 2004 - 2006 IIT, Madras Ocean Engineering 8.5(CGPA) First
B. E 2000 - 2004 Andhra University Naval Architecture 69 First


B.E. Project:

Design of 30,000 Tonnes Dwt Bulk Carrier with Service Speed of 15.0 knots:
The objective of this project was to fix the preliminary main dimensions from literature survey
and design the hull form using B.S.R.A results. This project includes hydrostatic calculations,
tonnage measurements, free board and powering calculations. General arrangement, propeller
design and scantling calculations were also done.

M.Tech. Projects:

a) Sea Keeping Prediction of a Ship in Irregular Seaway and its System Identification:
In this project hydrostatic calculations were calculated using PC-SHCP software. Hydrodynamic
coefficients, motions, added resistance of a ship were taken from Naval Science Technological

A code was developed using System Identification technique with R-MISO method in MATLAB
to determine the hydrodynamic coefficients for the same ship. The input for this code is
simulated time series of motions and wave forces (NSTL).The results (Hydrodynamic
coefficients) obtained from the code were compared with those Hydrodynamic coefficients
obtained from software.

So, from the model experiments (Towing Tank) we can get time series of motion and wave
forces , by using System Identification Technique HydroDynamic coefficients can find out. This
method will replace the practical experiments carried out with the LHPMM and VPMM which
leads the costly experiments.

By knowing the hydrodynamic coefficients we can estimate the 6 D.O.F and manevouring
characteristics of the marine floating bodies

b) Design Project: Design of High Speed planing craft for the desired speed of 35 Knots.
Lines plan has developed from the parent ship analysis. Hydro static, free board and powering
calculations have been done. Prototype was made and experiments were done at IIT Madras
Towing tank and satisfactory results were obtained and the design has been sold out to the client.


Organisation Period Of Work Experience

DNV GL, INDIA From As a Senior Surveyor in DNV GL Maritime:
to a) Working as a ship in operation surveyor to carrying out
Till date all periodical surveys (Renewal/Intermediate/Annual) of
various types of ships like Tanker, Container, Bulk
carrier and MODU (Drill ships and platforms) etc, as per
the class rule requirements and SOLAS.

b) As a qualified CAP Hull lead surveyor carried out CAP

hull surveys for Tankers.

c) Handling the projects as a project manager for New

construction of 53,000 DWT Bulk Carrier for Good
Earth Maritime Ltd at HSL (3 No’s delivered), Fleet
support vessel for Indian Navy at HSL ,PSV for
Limited. and also worked as a PTM for PSV at Cochin
Shipyard Limited.

The responsibilities are as follows:

 Responsible for conducting all main Class and

Statutory Surveys of vessels to verify the
compliance with rules and requirements of Class,
IMO and issuance of the relevant Certificates.

 Provide assistance to the Ship builders related to

the technical and design related issues as per the
Class rules during construction of new/existing

 Coordinating between the ship owners

and shipyard for smooth progress and
completion of projects in compliance with
rules and regulation.

d) Certification of Machinery and Components related to
all type of pumps and valves (Cryogenic) , Ship building
steel plates (all Grades) and cryogenic steel plates,
welding consumables, Approval of welding procedure
specification, Anchor and anchor chain, Welder’s
qualification tests, offshore containers and portable
offshore units, offshore mobile mooring ropes etc as per
rule requirements and standards.

e) Carrying out the Initial and renewal audits of service


f) Making detailed 3D structural models and Hull form

generation in” Naticus Hull project manager” software
developed by DNV. Data base creation of vessels i.e

g) Carried out the RBI topside piping of offshore platforms

on various systems levels by using ORBIT software.

h) Carrying out Pre-bid inspection of jack up platforms.

Mazagon Dock From As a senior structural design engineer:

Limited, INDIA 31/07/2006
to Preparation of production drawings with the help of Tribon
24/11/2006 software and interface with the production engineers in order
to solve the practical structural issues.


 Under gone Ship in operation training, CAP Hull training at Singapore, MODU
training at Dubai and many relevant class room courses.

 Under gone new building training at various shipyards and many relevant class room

 One month practical training at Naval Science and Technological Laboratory

(NSTL), Visakhapatnam.

Software skill set:

Programming Language : C, Matlab.

Platforms : Windows 7, 95/98/2000/XP/VISTA.

Packages : Autocad, PC-SHCP, Shipmo PC V3,Multisurf, Wamit V6, Ansys 19.2,

SESAM(Genie), Tribon.

Playing shuttle, cricket and chess.

Personal profile

Name : Vishnu Kumar Gopi

Father’s Name : Pampayya Gopi (Late)
Sex : Male
Marital status : Married
Date of Birth : 26/08/1982
Age : 36
Nationality : Indian
Religion : Hindu
Linguistic Skills : English, Hindi and Telugu
Postal address : Sri Matha Sadan
Flat No: T - 2,
MVP Colony,
SBI Colony, Sector-7
Visakhapatnam-530017, India.

The above furnished details are true to the best of my knowledge.

(G. Vishnu Kumar)