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Wednesday,'zg May 2019

Daily Tribune

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salan's Yofe
Mv colleagues toltl me that
someone offered P60Q00QPer
congressman and then this was
topped by another camP bY
OouUting the offer to Pl million

By Elmer ll' Manuel and Hananeel Boldey

The battle for the thild 'highest ?ost in

gov€mment had just turned vicious as the
inenine oI the 18th Congress nen month
cioses ir atter Davao del Node lst District
n"o, puntrtaon Alvarez revealed yeslerday
twi conienders for Speakership had resorted
io rote buving, otfering as much as Pt million
for each congressman s vote'
In a teleYised intewiew, Alvarez - whO
*r.itt" to*"r sp"aker before being ousted
oo th. duy President R0drigo Duterte
n"u" tflitO State of the Nadon Address
I. revealed he got informal,ion that some
'lawmakers are being offered up tb P 1 million
for their suPPort.
"My colleagues told me thal'someone
and then
offered P600,0b0 per conglessman
irJr *u. topp.a uv unother camp by doubling
ii e otter r,o-pi million.- Alvarez said'
In exchange for the bribe, lawmakers were
to itnil.di" sign a manifestation
""t "d he had
oi tuppott. tt tot^er Speakei said
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fAo ,,N?r>N€t'lr tlwt F/\cr€ PLt-.-)

ry 2019

Mess Speaker tace

President will not intedere with the
I'in also losing my appetite for it if there' are thin$s like House in picking its next leader and Who says I'm e cendidat€?
Mr. Duterte had tdicated tldt he will Meanwhile, the Presidenl's son,
that (bribery), because obviously, they have funders as I not be backing arrybodY.
' incoming Davao CitY lst Disirict
they have huge amounts of moneY ......._- Rep, Paolo Duierte, has quashed
If. for examPle, the President rumors that he will run for SPeaker.
Fon Ne | :
different Hnts that he
He explained the rdce is w&nted you
ha utnted Tlie President also threatened to
today ai Mr. Duterte's remainine ;Sil;k *tn resign if he accedes to seeking the
se€n the manifestation, which already agenda include tax reform partages charige, ",. "*,.ythtog speakership.
has eround 100 signatues. thal will largely affect different . In a spparate inteNiew, Velasco
'I'm a.lso losing my appetite for it sectors. denied the allegations that he is
if there are things like that Oribery), Alvarez added the 2022 elections On the othei hand' Alvarez said buying his way to the SPeakershiP
because obviously, they have funders was aJso a factor,why the dpeakership his ouster was a blessing in disguise and if the rumors are true that I
as they havd huge amounts of race for the 18th CongrPs will be as he was able to visit the 92 million pesos is being offered for
money,' Alvarez said, but he refused tougher. barangays under his constituency. their support, he might as well wait
to.identify the lawrnakers offering "Second, the presidential elections He said that, without visiting for the money himself.
the bribe. of 2022, so even now there is a lot of these barangays, he will not be able "No, I'm not giving awaY a million
Alvarez, who is also gunning for positioning," he said. to win the 2019 national and local pesos. Then I'll be waiting for Pl
Speakership, stressed he is not Yet In a sep arate interview, elections. million for nvself,' s:iid Velasco, who
conceding as he oeects the tide to Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco, Alvarez said whether he wins added that his colleagues cannot
tum in favor of whoever the President who is a strong candidate for the the speakership race or not he will "just be bought thai easilY.'
Ilouse post, was asked about the accept the decision 0f the ma,iority. who said that he is
issue, but he, denied that he was 'Even if
you don't have the
Velasco -
enioying the backing of MaYor Sara
Extrrersive signature drive inYolved in the payoffs. numbers now,., ff, for examPle, the Duterte to trecome Speaker - also
In a televised int e rvi ew, President hints that he wanted You stressed that it was time for a young
Alvarez said he has seen a PaPer the presidertial elections of as Speaker, ever]'thing will change,"
lawmaker to lead the chamber'
with signatures of "hundred" of 2022; so even now there is s lot he explain€d.
He added if he succeeds, he
congressmen who expressed suppoft of positioning. He added the manifestation of
support is not binding and that the
would be the second Youngest
to a c€rtain House aspirant. speaker, after former President
He said the use of money for the Mearwhile, other candidates forthe final verdict on who gets the top
I{ouse post would only be known Sergio 0smefla, who was 29
post was new to him as he did not House's top post have not answered
after the congressmen vole f0r lheir when he 1ed ihe House in 1907
shell out when he launched his first nor issued statements about Alva,rez'
when it was called the National
bid for the SpeakershiP in the 17ih revelation. leader on the floor when Congress
resumes in July, Assembly.
Congress. Malacaflang had insisted the
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