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Samantha Luu

Professor Granillo

English 103

May 28, 2019

Self Reflection

As an artist in my free time, I have learned to apply my hobby into my work in different

subjects. English is no different. I was more than happy to be able to use my skills in computer

editing and expertise in digital artwork software in order to create my multimodal project. By

employing the skills that come naturally to me into a subject that is more difficult for me to

grasp, I could give myself a new edge in order to create a product that not only I could be proud

of, but could ensure was well made to be enjoyed by any who would view it.

My most challenging obstacle was to come up with a new thesis. I had originally done

very poorly on this essay compared to my following works, but being able to revisit an old piece

after a semester of hard work really opened my eyes to how much I have grown in my English

writing ability. Creating this new thesis, along with finding the best mode to present it through in

the multimodal project rather than typing out an essay, was extremely challenging. I felt as if my

thesis were weak, then showcasing it upon a more comprehensible media in the multimodal

project would illuminate the holes in my argument. This ensured that I worked extra hard on

rounding out all of my points and made sure to tie them back into the thesis for a completed


Creating this project while attempting to accomplish the same aspects of a paper in a

different media has shown me how important it is to truly understand the concept I am trying to
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convey. This brought me back to finding good pieces of evidence in order to back up my claims.

In contrast to my original essay about my commercial, the only source cited on my works cited

page was the commercial that I had analyzed. That was a complete tragedy in showing my

mastery in understanding the concepts of rhetoric and logical fallacies. Now, after reviewing

more texts from the original source of the idea in Aristotle’s ​Rhetoric​, ​I can understand the

“Why?” behind the uses of rhetoric, and why it is so important to be able to identify when these

devices are in play through rhetorical analysis.

This class has definitely taught me how to write a good argumentative essay, expanded

my literary analysis skills, and how to write a thesis that makes the reader actually care about

what you are trying to say. I’ve referred back to the many powerpoints and reference sheets that

list the multiple questions I should be asking myself when viewing and digesting a piece of text,

analyzing its components, and how to convey my findings in a coherent matter. Thank you

Professor Granillo!