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SOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY – TCH10014 Professional Experience I Lesson Plan Template

Subject: Date: Time: Stage: Class: School:

Science Revision. 05//11/2018 2 hours Stage 1 Year 2 Junior Coolangatta Primary school
APST Focus:
 4.1 Support student participation.
 3.5 Use effective classroom communication.
Curriculum Outcome:

As a result of this lesson students will be able revise on the work they have been doing over the past 3 weeks. They will go over natural resources as well as
how we can conserve them.

Background and / or Prior Knowledge: Students have already been over how we use water, soil and resources from the ground and how we can
conserve them.

Timing Procedure Considerations
Students Teacher
(ORIENTATION) Learning Intentions:
10 - Gain students attention, 1,2,3 eyes on me.
minutes Go over with students what are the 3 natural Understand how we use natural
resources we have been talking about? resources.
Think, Pair, Share.
Success Criteria

Recognise how we use natural


Recognise how we conserve

natural resources.


 Have 4 stations set up in the classroom.
 With the pink sticky notes talking about
conserve and what is means.
 Blue sticky notes talk about water and
how we can conserve it.
 Green talking about soil how we use
and how we conserve.
 Yellow talking about how we use
minerals from the ground and how we
can conserve them.
Play memory or play kahoot

 Talk about the assessment and what in it.
Tell them we will be doing it tomorrow.