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Company Name Profile Rounds What were the main questions asked?

Suggestions or tips
Online test - 50% Aptitude question and 50%
technical ( machines & power systems)
Technical interview - Fourier transform and one
Written/online coding question Have a good knowledge of signals and
Test;Technical HR interview - About myself, dreams, projects, systems and machines. Be honest while
Bajaj Automobiles Core electrical Interview;HR Interview about the company answering.
Online Test:
Questions from Control systems, machines,
electronics, special machines and some logical
Technical Interview :
1. Questions about my projects and competitions
from RIG
2. One coding question or finding maxima and
3. Interested subjects and field They would impressed if you have some
Written/online HR Interview: projects in your CV or and have aptitude
Test;Technical Questions about posts handled, failures faced and on fields like robotics, machines, drives
Bajaj Auto Limited Core electrical Interview;HR Interview overcame, achievements and control
shortlisting;Technical 1.Regarding mini project.
Bosch Core electrical Interview 2. About PID control
shortlisting;Technical Principle of induction motor and derive equivalent
Robert Bosch Core electrical Interview block model.
Why induction motors rotate at a speed less than
Ns? Transformer s, induction machines,DC
Bosch Core electrical Technical Interview Construction of three phase transformer? machines,
Learn all the concepts about machines
Resume mainly . Answer them ,you are
shortlisting;Written/online interested in machines applications and
Bosch Core electrical Test;Technical Interview About working of different machines? it's integrating applications.

Technical Interview:
Bosch Core electrical Technical Interview Questions based on topic of interest. (Electrical
Machines for me) Basic equations, magnetics,
losses, motor utility in different applications.

Written test: Questions were mostly based on Logic

Design. Designing circuit(sequential or
combinational) for the given logic based on the Be thorough with the different kinds of
given constraints(like no. of gates used). Solving the logic(combinational and sequential).
given RC circuit. Explain the logic to the interviewer and
Technical Interview: Questions similar to those then proceed with designing the circuit.
Written/online asked in written test. Analytical questions were also Explain him your thought process every
Analog Devices Electronics/embedded Test;Technical Interview asked. time.
Online test: Three sections comprising of
1. Two coding questions
2. Aptitude
3. Theoretical questions based on different areas of
computer science(DSA, Time complexity,etc.) Practice coding questions available in
Technical Interview: After some small warming up various platform(hackerrank,
Written/online questions I was asked a puzzle. Next I had a project codechef,etc). Solve puzzles. There are
Test;Technical discussion. Then he asked questions from a plenty of them available in geeks for
Goldman Sachs IT/coding Interview;HR Interview probability. geeks. Brush up probability.
All basics regarding Electrical machines,control
systems, induction machine working, equivalent
circuit, modelling of DC motor ,basic Electrical
1) tell me about yourself
2) which subject are you interested in
3) how induction motor is working?
4)Draw the equivalent circuit of induction motor
and explain the parameters?
5) of all the parameters which value is higher and
why do you think it is high and what about the
current values flowing through each branch of
equivalent circuit and also what are the range of
values of each of parameters?
6)How to analyse the performance of induction
6) how rotating magnetic field is produced
Robert Bosch Core electrical Technical Interview 7) Is there any rotating magnetic field produced in
transformer? If not why, how?
8)How is your interest in Control systems
9)what are the types of systems we see in control
10)Take a system of your own and model the
11)Take a DC machine and model it, find the
transfer function.
12) How much energy or charge a capacitor can
withstand? How long a capacitor can withstand the
stored charge in it ?
13) what is the charging time of a capacitor?

Given 3 values x1,x2 and x.
If x>x2 output is one.
If x<x1 output is zero.
If x is between x1 and x2 output is previous output.
Output will be zero if the function is called for the
first time.
Write a library function for the above.
NB: In order to reduce redundancy use call by

Engine and Transmission:

What is the purpose of ECU?
How energy is transferred from engine to
Robert Bosch Core electrical Technical Interview transmission unit?
What happens when DC current is passed through
transformer windings?
Why is transformer rated in kVA whereas motor in
Fan regulator components and Working?
What are different DC Motors and explain their
Newton's First Law and it's significance
Reliance Written/online Why induction motor runs at a speed less than Ns? Be thorough in switch gear and all.core
Industries Ltd Core electrical Test;Technical Interview How many substation transformers are there in ur subjects
campus and what are their ratings?
What is a fuse and draw the fuse characteristics?
Can we use a fuse of same rating instead of MCB in
MCB connection?If not why? Does it offer same
protection as MCB?
What is an ELCB?Explain it's working?what is the
rating of ELCB in your house?
What are general ratings of an MCB?
What is an RCCB and explain it's working?
Explain the significance of Bode Plot in Control
How do you explain stability in Control
Systems?What are different techniques in Control
What happens when you directly touch a live
wire?what is humanbody's resistance and Max
current capacity?
Why do we step up voltage before transmission?
Which machine is used in fan?How is it started?
Difference between fan regulator used in oldendays
and present day?
Draw the V-I vector realtion in an
inductive,capacitive and resitive circuits and
Starting methods of 1 phase induction
Working principle of a transformer?
Why do you want to choose Reliance for your
1. Working of ceiling fan.
2. Working of fan regulator.
3. Current ratings of MCB.
4. Phasor diagrams of RL, Rc circuit.
5. Per unit diagram.
Written/online 6. Three point, four point starter
Reliance Core electrical Test;Technical Interview 7. Working of SCR.
8. How MCB and RCCB can protect us from electric

Technical Interview
Resume 1.Explain Buck Converter
shortlisting;Technical 2.How to interface a sensor with Microcontroller?
BOSCH Core electrical Interview 3.What if a square wave is give to a transformer?
1.How does induction machine works? And explain
how emf induced? While attending this company interview
2.what is the difference between induction we should know great knowledge on
machine and transformer? Machines ,Control system and Power
3.Choose any topic from control system what you system subjects. They were asking
Bosch Core electrical Technical Interview have learn and explain. everything practical.
1.What are special machines?(from my list of
2.Explain any one special machine and contrast
with the ordinary machines? Robert BOSCH engineering solution is
3.How does induction motor work? into electric mobility sector. Knowledge
4.How is rmf set up in induction motor? in Machines, control system and power
5.Is there RMF in 3 phase transformer,why? electronics will be well appreciated.
6.What is slip? Matlab knowledge beyond drag and
7.What is synchronous speed? drop of inbuilt units is high skill on their
8.What is your favourite section in control systems list but do not in general expect it from
course? us. Practical application of control
9.List few practical applications of control system system is very important for interview.
principles from your course? Embedded division call for basic
10. What is difference between positive and knowledge in microcontrollers and
Written/online negative feed back processors- block diagram interrupts
Test;Technical 11. What online courses have you done? (from etc. Power electronic questions were
Bosch Core electrical Interview;HR Interview resume) not ask despite being profile offerred.