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CONFIDENTIaE~ PILOT'S HANDBOOK FOR THE XB-35 HEAVY BOMBARDMENT AIRPLANE Serial Number AAF 42-13603 (Northrop Number 1484) NOTE This handbook 1s classified ag Confidential because of infor- mation contained in Appendix I. Prepared by NORTHROP AIRCRAFT, INC. HAWTHORNE, CALIFORNIA CONFIDENTIAL TON PAGE Deseription. .. 22+. Teh Le General. 222222 ra 2) Flight controls 222222 rer ise Slavens tenses cere ea ce 11) 4. Hlevon Eaergeny Controls > > I-1 3. Ruergency Eleven Loed ldiaeteieee a toes tee ts) 6. Rudderss sess e EL TL Rudder Teta Gontrel 2222 T-2 B. frig Pape eee DD Oe 9: Landing Flaps 2 22222 re 10; Landing Flap Exergency Controlvevere toasts Wing Slot Doors | 22! Automatic Pilot <2) 2 Landing Gear. Eanding Gear No Controls. sess se es ‘Bae see bs Landing Gecr’ thai ies puke tea onemeiees fe eer Landing Gear taratag'Horme. 2 1-3 Noge ‘thee! Se +. bs Brae Cont! ra Beergency Sra ia Parking Brace Control.) 11 Ind Hyaraufic syevene ss 22 End Hysreulie Power Boost Systems ces oe ee Ind Byafeutis fo: Steering ani Sreke System «Ing Biectrical Systems, svn ss ied Augiilary Porer Unita 211i AUR0. Frequency and Voltmeter Seigen and Voltegs Seltehess ss. 5 Te5 28. A.Pids Speed Control Stitcher een eee Te6 29, A.Pily dow 012 "tom; Indleator Light sr eces 6 I5 30. AsFuU. Pareilating 2ighta dFarel: mre 1 5B + mes + is 15 15s 1s 18 re By 1-8 ets Bellows Heating Ming Anti-Icing + Main Fuel system. ALP.U, Fuel System, 21. COMPIDENTZAL Report No. HB-18 CONPIDENTIAL Engine and Turbo O11 Systen. sw ws ee Propeller Gear Box'oi1 System. «ss oe oe Fower Plant and Gontrols: Engine Section Fire ‘Extinguisher System . . Blower Throat Fire Extinguisher, vy ss. Auxillary Power Gnit ‘Fire ‘Extinguisher System . Hand Pire Extinguishers Grash Axes. ss + + First aid kttes Alam Bells. Escape Hatenes. Seats. wes Data Cases. . Normsl Operating Instructions. + s+ + + Before Entering the Airplane. ce se we + On Entering the Atrplane. Starting Auxillary Foner Units. ee eee Paralleling A.?.U's . Fuel Syatem Managenent « O11 syaten During Pitgnt Salis. s+ LaBling Tppronin: Stopptig ‘te Baginds Before Leaving the Airplanes ee ee eee Emergency Operating Instructions. «+ + +s Beergenoy Escap Engine Patiure. Bnergency Eleven Operation» «6... + Enorgency Brake Operation Landing With the Wheels Retracted Landing tn (Ditehing PAGE 1-9 ren rn 1-20 1-20 I-20 Tree I-22 Tee T22 122 rea qr24 mr. qI-1 rie 11-3 q1-4 ria qr rie rr-9 I-10 qr qr-12 qr-12 1-14 qr-14 qI-17 1-17 11-17 qI-17 1-18 Tris rr19 1-20 q-21 qII-1 qrr-2 qI-3 qrr4 pecarl qrr4 Tite4 qII-4 qrtc4 qrI-4 III-8