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■ EurofightEr
for KuWAit
The Kuwait aircraft –
The most advanced
Eurofighter ever

hArriEt BALDWiN:
Typhoon is world’s most
powerful swing-role

DuBAi Air ShoW 

EurofightEr World
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NoVEmBEr 2017

03 Editorial the biennial dubai air show is always a memorable from an operational perspective, 2017 has been
Welcome from Volker Paltzo, event. it’s a magnet for the global aerospace industry Eurofighter’s busiest year yet. it’s seen the active
Title: CEo of Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug gmbh. and brings a focus on the middle East and its growing engagement of the royal air force (raf) over iraq and
RSAF Typhoons in formation
significance in the aerospace sector. syria as part of the international activities against
Picture: Jamie Hunter 04 Eurofighter for Kuwait daEsh. during this operation,
the Kuwait aircraft – the most advanced Eurofighter ever. We have established strong links the raf has flown more than
in the gulf, with the Kingdom of 10,000 flying hours in more than
06 Typhoons Hit the Target saudi arabia, oman and Kuwait 900 different missions with an
the spanish air force Eurofighter at red flag. as proud members of the impressive 100 percent mission
Eurofighter family. You might availability.
09 Eurofighter Typhoon: Ready For Poland have spotted that the cover of
industrial collaboration is an inherent part of the typhoon this magazine features a photo Eurofighters have also been
programme. of the royal saudi air force actively involved in several
Eurofighter World is published by typhoons. it’s a fitting testa- Nato air Policing missions,
Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH 10 UK RAF in Syria ment to a long-established and including in the Baltic states,
PR & Communications
Am Söldnermoos 17, 85399 Hallbergmoos
typhoon proves itself in fight against daEsh. highly respected customer. iceland, Bulgaria and romania.
Tel: +49 (0) 811-80 1587 While Eurofighter squadrons 12 An Air Vice-Marshal’s life with Typhoon last year, we announced that have also taken part in major
Editorial Team NEtma’s general manager, air Vice-marshal graham farnell, Kuwait had agreed a contract for exercises – like the spanish air
Theodor Benien retired in July 2017. 28 aircraft and in this edition of force’s typhoon debut at red
Martina Schmidmeir
Adam Morrison EurofightEr World we up- flag.
18 Comprehensive Typhoon proposal for Belgium date you on the progress that’s
uK mod has responded to the Belgian request for government been made since. and, of Elsewhere in this issue, we
Airbus Defence and Space
BAE Systems Proposal to replace its 54 f-16 multi-role fighters. course, earlier this year, the first speak to NEtma’s previous
LEONARDO Eurofighter aircraft was formally general manager graham farnell
Viva PR
19 Live firing of Brimstone missile is success presented to the royal air force about his life with typhoon. i’d
Photography first live firing of mBda’s Brimstone successfully completed. of oman. like to take this opportunity to
Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH
Eurofighter Partner Companies
thank him for his contribution to
Geoffrey Lee, Planefocus Limited, UK 19 Sion Air Show 2017 in september, we had the good news of a formal the programme and to welcome his successor gabriele
Eurofighter wows in switzerland. statement of intent between the governments of the uK salvestroni and wish him all the best during his tenure.
Design & Production Werbeagentur GmbH and Qatar signed in doha on the potential purchase of 20 Life Support 24 typhoon aircraft for the future military and training as ever, i hope you enjoy the magazine.
Printed by tytaN: the support initiative that will have a major impact. requirements of the Qatar armed forces.
ESTA Druck GmbH
22 Italian Typhoons in Iceland through its years in service, Eurofighter typhoon has
six Eurofighter typhoon to iceland in support of Nato's air developed a strong reputation and a track record of
policing and training mission. delivering when needed. as a global fleet, the aircraft
Eurofighter World on the Internet have accumulated more than 440,000 flying hours with
Follow us on: 26 NEWS deliveries in excess of the 500-mark. Volker Paltzo
■ harriet Baldwin, uK defence minister: typhoon is world’s CEo
most powerful and reliable swing-role combat aircraft. Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug gmbh
■ typhoons on Black sea policing role.
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PR & Communications Department:

November 2017

“the first rear fuselage section is going the finalization of all data packages. the

EurofightEr for KuWAit

to start the “stage 2” assembly phase at construction activities have started in
leonardo in early 2018 while the “stage 1” august this year.
assembly phase is already running in BaE

systems for the first 5 aircraft. LogiStiC SErviCES
“the center fuselage section, produced the Eurofighter team is also working
by airbus defence & space in germany, will intensely on the set-up of the logistic ser-
KuWait CoNtraCt
the Kuwait aircraft – the most advanced
start the assembly in the first half of 2018 vices to be ready for the logistic support
having already commenced the “pre-assy” date a few months before the delivery of

Eurofighter ever
phase according to the plan. the first aircraft. spares and ground
“the uK Eurofighter Partner Company support Equipment are being ordered On 5th of April 2016 a contract between the
BaE systems has begun the assembly of according to the Eurofighter procurement Ministry of Defence of the State of Kuwait and
the front fuselage sections and today more route and all logistic functions are working the Leonardo Aircraft Division (acting as Prime
than 10 front fuselages are in production according to the support plan which has Contractor Organisation) was signed to supply
at different stages of progress. the first been established. all logistic services are 28 Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role fighter air-

front fuselage section is now ready to start targeted to assure the full operational craft. The delivery of the aircraft will start in
the equipping phase. availability of the fleet during the in-service 2020 and will be completed in 2023 making
uwait’s Eurofighter typhoons will be “Everything goes on towards the start of phase in Kuwait. Kuwait the aircraft’s eight customer.
the most advanced of the type pro- the final assembly of the first aircraft on With the Kuwaiti contract leonardo and
duced so far, with a package of ca- time thanks to the expertise, the effort and Eurofighter have well initiated a long journey The agreement with the Kuwait MoD also in-
pabilities on top the passion of all teams: EPCs, the Kuwait which will lead to the delivery of the first cludes services to operate the Eurofighter fleet
of the previous integrated Programme team in Eurofighter aircraft in 2020. “the programme is chal- at its best such as the design and construction
enhancement and Prime Contractor organisation (PCo)”. lenging for the state-of-the art capabilities – of the infrastructures at the Al-Salem Air Base
programmes such says mezzanatto - but on our side there are and the initial support services for three years
as the Captor-E E- iNfrAStruCturES for KuWAit MoB motivation and commitment of the teams (with an option for a further five).
scan radar and several the activities to establish infrastructures in through all the supply Chain. this, together
novelties in the weapon Kuwait to operate the aircraft are also pro- with the cooperation of the italian air force This includes the supply of equipment and a
system that will make the ceeding according to the plans. the detail and of the Kuwait customer, will be the key suite of training devices to establish a pilot
Kuwait air force at the front-line design has already been completed with factor for the Eurofighter success”. << Operational Conversion Unit in Kuwait.
of the fighter technology when the
aircraft will enter into service. The contract came a few months after the
the contract is a complex one and re- signature of a Memorandum of Understanding
quires such capabilities to be delivered into between the Kuwait MoD and the Italian MoD.
two subsequent releases, the first to be This memorandum between the two govern-
part of the aircraft at its entry into ments not only defines the scope of the coop-
service and the second 24 months eration between the two countries on the
after. Typhoon project, including training of pilots
giancarlo mezzanatto, its antenna reposi- and ground crew of the Kuwait Air Force, but
Eurofighter Programme tioner.” also establishes the G2G framework of the
unit Vice President the typhoon Captor-E contract.
of the leonardo provides significantly more power
aircraft than most competing systems. As part of this agreement a Joint International
Combined with the fighter's large nose Program Office (JIPO) has been established in
aperture and the unique ability to move the Rome where Italian and Kuwaiti officers are
radar antenna, the typhoon has a field of working together to manage the contract from
view of 200 the customer perspective.
Giancarlo Mezzanatto, Eurofighter Programme Unit
degrees and the flight tests are confirming Above: Kuwait front fuselages in assembly at BAE Systems, United Kingdom
Vice President of the Leonardo Aircraft Division Below: Eurofighter and Leonardo Kuwait Team
the discriminating advan- Immediately after the contract signature, teams
division explains: tages this will bring. “this new radar underpins were mobilised in Leonardo, as Prime
“the capability pack- “this new radar, the typhoon’s current and future Contractor Organization, in Eurofighter and in
ages granted to Kuwait will developed and produced the other Partner Companies and all the supply
include the integration of storm shadow by the Euroradar con- capability evolution” chain has been activated.
and Brimstone and other air-to-surface sortium, which is led by
weapons. these features enrich the multi- leonardo, underpins expectations. long lead time items pro- In particular a multi-national Integrated Product
role characteristics of the aircraft and the typhoon’s current and future capability curement has been immediately activated Team has been established at the Eurofighter
enhance the weapon system in a role in evolution. and the supply Chain has been mobilized. GmbH facilities with all disciplines co-located
which the aircraft is excelling since 2011 “as far as the overall package is con- “since the second half of 2016 the and working together to manage and carry out
with the operations over libya and now cerned, today we are well into the develop- production activities started with details the development and production activities of
syria and iraq. ment phase. the avionic system design manufacturing – says mezzanatto - these the contract involving all the Eurofighter
“moreover this configuration foresees has been completed and we are currently activities are in line with the baseline plan Partner Companies. This integrated approach
the integration of a new advanced laser designing and coding the software”. and in some cases even ahead of schedule. and the passion and commitment of the team is
designator pod (the lockheed martin “the first left hand wing at leonardo and crucial for the success of the programme.
sniper) that will expand Eurofighter portfolio ProDuCtioN of thE EurofightEr right hand wing at airbus defence & space
of cleared laser designator pods, the intro- tyPhooN for KuWAit in spain have already completed the manu-
duction of the drs-Cubic aCmi P5 combat soon after the contract signature, the facturing of the wing skins in composite
training pod, an enhanced navigation aid production activities have begun in order to materials and are going to start the assem-
(Vor) and the E-scan radar CaPtor with comply with the contract and the Customer bly phase before the end of this year. >>

hit thE tArgEt
threats, and make air-to-air kills at the
same time. that’s not something everyone
is able to do. But that’s really thanks to our
training and the aircraft. the Eurofighter
allows you to multi-task like crazy.”
maj Barranco says the unit achieved ev-
erything they’d set out to during the us air
force-hosted event: “in every single re-
spect it was a very successful deployment
because we were able to accomplish nearly
all the scheduled tactical sorties (119) as
well as 26 fam flights. in terms of reliability

When the spanish air force made their Eurofighter

the typhoon’s rate of operation was very
high, just like it was during our Baltic air

debut at red flag this year they went with a

Policing mission in 2015, and that’s thanks
to the efforts made by the maintenance

clear aim in mind – putting their typhoons’ new

team during the exercise and in the prepa-
ration of the fleet pre-deployment.”

air-to-ground capabilities to the test. >>

the Verdict on P1Eb. given the mission
focus, the two weeks of day and night mis-

111 sQN leader major Victor

sions represented a vigorous test for the
P1Eb software and litening Pod. how well
manuel Barranco ferrer

did it perform?
“there’s no doubt it marks a significant
ast year the 11th fighter Wing (fW) at maintenance crew and aircraft from 11th uplift in capability for us. While we could
morón air Base, near seville, became fW and 14th fW – were under the command have deployed
the first spanish air force unit to inte- of group Commander lieutenant Colonel overseas for a real “red flag was the best
grate new capabilities offered by the P1Eb
software enhancement and litening iii laser
(of-4) Enrique fernández ambel from the
11th fW.
bombing mission
even before P1Eb
possible test for P1Eb.”
designator Pod. P1Eb is predominantly an in pure number terms the spanish unit’s we would have
air-to-ground capability upgrade and efforts were impressive – it dropped the had limited capacity – now there are no lim-
provides enhancements to the litening Pod most live ordnance of any of the partici- itations,” says maj Barranco.
with integration to the pilot’s helmet pants of this particular red flag and did so “red flag was the best possible test for
Equipment assembly. under real pressure. maj Barranco says: P1Eb. We knew what the aircraft was capa-
hence the spanish air force’s focus for “We dropped a total of 48 gBu-16s, which ble of before we went because all the pilots
the intense two-week multi-force exercise was a decent number for two weeks of who went to red flag had trained on the
at Nellis air force Base in the united states flying. in fact, we were the only unit drop- new software ahead of the deployment. But
was clear from the outset. give the aircraft, ping live weapons (others were using this was the ideal test – a high threat sce-
pilots, ground crew, P1Eb and litening iii, a inert weapons). nario, with air and ground aggressors. of
thorough workout “it was a very congested environment course, it was very demanding for both
“one of the principle in some of the where we were constantly facing a lot of pilots and the technicians to get ready for

objectives at red flag most testing, con-

gested air space
air-to-air and surface-to-air threats. in the
sorties you were in a sort of ‘funnel’ and
combat, reaching a high degree of prepara-
tion, but the effort was worthwhile. We are
was to show our there is, where by the time you dropped your bomb there proud of the results we achieved and happy
capabilities.” the workload and
intensity never
were aggressor aircraft coming toward you.
But, despite that, most of the sorties we
with new capabilities.”
Capt ducay says the P1Eb enhancement
eases off. flew were right over the bullseye.” is transformative. “it’s like flying a whole
111 sQN leader major Victor manuel Captain (of-2) Joaquín ducay, who different aircraft. air-to-air-wise there are a
Barranco ferrer puts it in very clear terms: helped plan the unit’s tactical approach to number of small improvements that allow
“one of the principle objectives at red flag red flag, says: “the overall picture was you to find information quicker. this in turn
(rf 17-2 which ran between feb 27 and impressive. our standard was a little bit gives you more reaction time and that
march 11) was to show our capabilities fol- higher than conventional aircraft, we sur- means you can move on to another task
lowing the integration of P1Eb and litening vived through most of the bombing sorties quickly.
iii. it wasn’t really about air superiority – we and we had a high air-to-air kill ratio. i can’t “But it’s in air-to-ground operations that
have already demonstrated that during our say the exact numbers but, for example, it enters a whole new level of sophistica-
Baltic air Policing role – but we wanted to i know that on one of my missions there tion. there is a great deal of logic behind it
demonstrate our multi-role capability.” were a total of 32 kills and my wingman and and it’s now much more intuitive for the
the 11th fighter Wing led and formed i had 12 of them between us. pilot. in previous software configurations
the core of a spanish air Expeditionary unit, “But the main objective was not about air-to-ground took quite a while to get used
which was composed of six typhoons and scoring a high kill ratio – it was to carry out to. once you pick up the P1Eb software for
119 people from 11th fighter Wing out of multi-role missions. of course, we were air-to-ground work you can’t go back.”
morón air Base. a further two typhoons involved in air-to-air activity too – but that’s the link 16 was another piece of the
were drawn from 14th fighter Wing in what we do, day in, day out. jigsaw that contributed to the spanish
albacete, along with two C-130 from 31st “it was good to see that on missions typhoon’s success in Nevada.
airlift/aar WiNg and staff from spanish when we were flying with bombs we were Capt ducay says: “With the data ex-
air Combat Command. the unit – pilots, still capable of reacting to air-to-ground change link 16 we were able to see

>> tyPhooNS hit thE tArgEt

everyone all of the time. there is a huge dif- for their first visit to Nellis with their equipment, 51 containers and more than 150

EurofightEr tYPhooN:
ference between looking down into the typhoon aircraft the spanish air force left people. “We had 131 maintenance people –
screen and seeing the track of your Number absolutely nothing to chance. maj Barranco engineers, people working at workshops and

rEADy for PoLAND

2 then figuring out where he is, compared to says: “from a flying, logistics and mainte- people working on the flight line. it was a
having a circle on your helmet mounted nance perspective, the whole deployment huge deployment for us – the biggest for the
was epic. at Nellis we sometimes spanish air force – and it worked.”
had all eight of our aircraft flying
at the same time. Being able to SituAtioNAL AWArENESS
recover the aircraft and have them “red flag is a high workload environment
all available to fly in the next wave but fortunately this aircraft is really easy to
(just a few hours later) without a fly,” says Capt ducay. “But what the pilot
break that was, well … pretty inter- needs to do is learn how to process all
esting. in fact, on some days with the information that comes at you. it’s really
our eight aircraft we were able to about learning to exploit all the potential
complete our planned missions the aircraft has and when you become
and carry out extra flights.” proficient you make far better, more tactical
the detailed planning for the decisions.
operation commenced three “When every single system of the aircraft
months before the trans-atlantic is working – the litening pod, the mids,
trip. the radar, and flare – the Eurofighter gives
display which tells you exactly where he is. “first, we had to select the right aircraft you so much situational awareness. it
that’s what the new link 16 was able to bring. from our fleet – taking those that did not shows you everything that’s going on in the
“it was consistently good. Every day the have any major planned maintenance sched- battle space and that means you can make
tracks worked, we got our messages, every- uled because we wanted to minimise the risk way better decisions. of course it requires
thing was perfectly correlated, as it should of maintenance events during the deploy- a lot of training before you can master
be at all levels. it all worked perfectly.” ment,” explains lieutenant (of-1) Jesús all that.
Jiménez ruiz who heads up the mainte- “seeing exactly what is going on, and
uNSuNg hEroES nance. “We had almost 100 percent reliability taking decisions based on what is actually
fast jet exercises don’t come much bigger throughout the entire exercise. all the air- happening, is especially useful if you have
than red flag. the setting, the Nevada test craft were full mission capable each day to execute something that’s not planned.
and training range is, as the natives might and we were the only group in red flag that the aircraft allows you to be flexible and
put it, ‘awesome’. the base boasts more operated as either full mission capable or that’s all because of the systems and the
squadrons than any other in the us. it partial mission capable. that was only technology.
covers over 11,000 acres, and pilots have a achieved because we prepared for the “at red flag there’s a degree of informa-
training range with around 15,000 square deployment. We had the right aircraft and tion saturation initially because of the high
miles of airspace to get to grips with. red the right equipment.” density airspace compared to what we are
flag features up to 80 aircraft taking to the indeed it was planning and preparation used to but that’s part of the point of going
skies in wave after wave. on a heroic scale. the unit took 90 tonnes of there. You very quickly get used to it.” <<

Members of the 11th Fighter Wing who participated in the 2017 Red Flag deployment

“industrial collaboration is an inherent
he Eurofighter consortium believes to Poland – both from a military part of the typhoon programme.“
that Poland should consider the and economic perspective, with a
Eurofighter typhoon as it looks at its number of possible options in
future combat aircraft requirements. scope, from assembly and manufacturing to quartered in germany, italy and the uK re-
“Eurofighter typhoon augments existing support and maintenance. and, of course, spectively. the consortium already sup-
capabilities and further complements a Poland would play a role in the definition of ports thousands of jobs around Europe, in-
powerful deterrence against any potential any future development of the aircraft, cluding 4,000
threat to Poland’s borders,” raffael which will continue to be in service well be- direct jobs in Poland.
Klaschka, head of marketing at Eurofighter yond 2050.” raffael Klaschka added: “industrial col-
gmbh said at msPo defence exhibition in the Eurofighter consortium is made up laboration is an inherent part of the
Poland. of Europe’s three main defence and typhoon programme. We believe we can
“Joining the Eurofighter programme aerospace companies: airbus defence & deliver an attractive and cost-effective
would bring new and additional opportunities space, leonardo and BaE systems, head- solution for Poland.” <<

tyPhooN ProvES itSELf iN fight

agaiNst daEsh
rAPiD DEPLoyMENt DAiLy SuPPort fuLLy ACtivE
Within 24 hours of the decision to deploy The aircraft has flown in excess of 900 Each mission consists of a pair of
Typhoon, aircraft were striking targets in missions over Iraq and Syria since Typhoons. The operational activity equates
Syria. December 2015, providing daily support to to over 10,000 flying hours, during which
international coalition forces on the RAF’s the aircraft has delivered more than 850
Operation SHADER. Paveway IV weapons.

Eurofighter typhoon has proved itself at the heart of

the international coalition fighting against DAESh. rELiABLE fLExiBLE fuLLy LoADED vErSAtiLE
it has been very active in syria, in particular in the The aircraft has managed 100% mission Eurofighter’s flexibility with Paveway IV, The Typhoon’s weapons load has made it A post-Operational report showed that
isis heartland of raqqa, where its use of the support rate proving its reliability and utili- when combined with the weapon effects, invaluable. The aircraft can operate with Typhoon had employed Paveway IV
ty. Not one mission missed for technical has led to an increased demand from four Paveway IVs without any detrimental effectively in all of its modes, including
Paveway iv gPs precision-guided munition reasons. across the Operation SHADER Area of impact on its Air to Air capability – other GPS, Laser, Desired impact angle or
together with its advanced sensors have enabled Operations with Coalition Joint Terminal aircraft in the Coalition forces usually carry
just two. It’s able to strike four targets

typhoon to be considered almost the platform of

Attack Controllers specifically asking for
Typhoon support. simultaneously, providing greater flexibility
choice for operations against the targets around and opportunity for the controller on the

“it was an excellent

SUNDAy SERVICE: collaborative

aN air ViCE-marshal’s lifE

n a fine sunday morning about 12 the rule of thumb for a combat aircraft is day. it was expensive,
years ago, graham farnell was you need about 25 hours per month.” but not as expensive partnership with
propped up in bed with a laptop in he was wrestling with the problem when as having the assets
BaE systems.”

With tyPhooN
one hand and cup of tea in the other. his he hit upon the idea of the 30-hour just sat there with pi-
wife had given up asking him when he was Challenge – 30 hours being a stretch target. lots unable to fly them.
getting up – by now he was on his fifth cup that sunday morning graham came up with “it was an excellent collaborative part-
and he was utterly absorbed on the task in a graph highlighting a series of initiatives nership with BaE systems.”
hand, devising the typhoon 30-hour that would improve availability levels. at the time, air Vice-marshal farnell was
Challenge, an initiative designed to improve “there was a variety of about 30 or so a group Captain and his role was uK

NEtma’s outgoing general manager, air Vice-marshal Graham

the availability of the royal air force’s then different initiatives and each was allocated Project Engineer and Procurement systems
fledgling fleet. half an hour or an hour in terms of what manager within the defence Procurement

Farnell, retired in July 2017 after a long and distinguished

“at that time there were 19 aircraft at would it give the programme. agency.
raf Coningsby but aircraft availability was “one of the very first was using motor- “that job was the most difficult one i

career that has helped shape the trajectory of the Eurofighter typhoon programme.
poor due to a paucity of spares and test cycle couriers to transport the data bus have ever done. it consumed every hour of
equipment, as well as technicians and pilots analysers from the production line of BaE my life,” he recalls in deadly earnest, hence

here he recalls some of the key moments in the aircraft’s development >>
learning how to operate the weapons sys- systems at Warton down the motorway, the sunday shift. “i had 275 people report-
tem. all of which meant the average flying so we could fix the aeroplanes. ing to me and everybody was constantly
hours for an aircraft were in the region of 12 “these would then be transported back queueing for my time. finding any spare
per month and that’s not a good return. again to the production line for the next time was almost impossible which is why >>

The first Eurofighter Typhoon of the Royal Air Force of Oman. © RAFO

>> SuNDAy SErviCE

we ended up most evenings working on the get with the aircraft, how long would it take than the ministry of defence, we had all of things that brought the capability of this oversight for the international programme. how operationally capable the aircraft is.”
whiteboards because the day was just ab- and whether the organisation at raf these people wanting everything yesterday. aircraft forward. four hours later, at the end in february 2014 he was appointed as from chocks to chocks, the flight lasted
solutely manic.” Coningsby would be fit for purpose.” the drops Programme represented small of that first meeting, all the whiteboards in general manager of NEtma – a role that about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Back down to
Within a few months, the Challenge was his next tour was as the Chief Engineer focused capability changes” says air Vice- the room were full and that became the has allowed him to draw on his wealth of earth air Vice-marshal farnell can’t stop
paying dividends. aircraft were flying on av- at Coningsby. so, by the time he became marshal farnell. drops Programme. that was in 2006 and typhoon experience. purring about the experience – it managed
erage 27 hours per jet. and after 18 months systems manager and Project Engineer, he “i was the guy everyone was turning to it’s still going today. however, despite an air force career that to top all his expectations. “i loved it…it’s
some were even returning 30-40 hours. “at knew the aircraft and the impli- and saying, ‘Now we want the “the beauty of the drops Programme is had been so heavily involved in the aircraft, just an unbelievable aircraft. the thing that
that point, we had to cut back because we cations for all aspects of mili- aircraft to do this or that.’ so i that the joint operator and BaE systems he had never actually flown the jet. until was so amazing to me was that i knew all
hadn’t budgeted for that number of hours!” tary planning very well. that “i decided to decided to team up with BaE team would develop the art of the possi- now... about its capabilities, but i’d saved myself
air Vice-marshal farnell’s links with
typhoon actually date back to the turn of
role meant he held the power
of the pen to clear the aircraft
team up with systems in a more collabora-
tive fashion. first port of call
ble, the operational Evaluation unit would
fly a software patch in its immaturity,
group Captain mike Baulkwill, the cur-
rent station Commander at royal air force
to enjoy them until the end of my military
career. it’s an amazing aircraft, absolutely
the century when he was a Wing for flight and all of the varia- BaE systems was to see Bob smith, the then provide feedback, then the next patch was Coningsby, had previously invited him to fly amazing.”
Commander working for the then air tions to it. it was a job that re- in a more BaE systems Chief Engineer at developed by the joint team and so on with him and so, with retirement looming on “the engines are incredibly powerful.

Commodore steve dalton (who went on to quired someone with attention Warton, to see how we could until we had an outcome that was fit for the horizon, he took up the offer. they are now returning 1,100 hours on av-
become Chief of the air staff) in the royal to detail and who had a good advance the progress of the the warfighter – it’s what’s called spiral “during my career, i have flown the erage on the wing – the average in the
air force headquarters. the royal air force collaborative network. fashion.” weapons system.” development.” hawk and combat air world is 250 hours. from a war-
was just starting to formulate how it was “those qualities allowed us “Bob brought his whole “all the en- tornado but fighting point of view, having such reliable
going to get typhoon into service.
“You could say i was there at typhoon’s
to ensure the 30-hour
Challenge was a success and helped us
team together, though at first
they were all wondering what we were go-
gineers in the
room that day
“all the engineers in the room that never got the
opportunity to
entry into the royal air force, both from a create capacity in the programme to devel- ing to do. then we started white-boarding were on cloud day were on cloud nine because it’s fly in a
planning point of view and then preparing
the first base as well. i was involved in the
op and implement the drops Programme.
drops came about because the uK is a very
and people were getting excited. Everyone
was at the board and you couldn’t get the
nine because
it’s what they
what they love doing.” typhoon so i
was delighted
shaping and organising – how we were impatient nation, the ministry of defence is pens off people. love doing. the to get the
going to train pilots and engineers, when more impatient than the nation itself and “Everyone was eager because there’s important thing chance. in
would we get the aircraft, what would we the royal air force is even more impatient nothing better than getting on with the is that it was all about a collaborative and fact, my flight took place the day before my
trusted relationship which meant we could celebratory retirement lunch. We took off
work together. Bob smith could have told around 5.30 pm on what was a really claggy
me that he had enough on his plate, be- day with low cloud that almost felt like fog,
cause he had, but it was something people and we decided to operate over the Wash,
wanted to get involved in because it felt just off East anglia. the first thing we did
very fast, progressive and it gives that was a performance take-off. When a very
human reward return that you need from experienced pilot does a performance take-
the work.” off in a typhoon, they end up with the
“i have always worked well in rooms with biggest smile in the world every time.” and incredibly powerful engines is crucial.
whiteboards with gangs of people creating “i knew how that felt for the newcomer the speed with which you approach the
what i call a ‘coalition of the willing’ - peo- because i once spoke to the Kuwaiti test enemy is a key factor in who has advan-
ple who want to achieve something that’s pilot who flew out of Warton. i’ll never tage, so the typhoon’s engines give you an
fun and creative and that will make forget what he said to me: ‘it’s the best incredible competitive edge.”
a difference. When you get a combat aircraft in the world. the perfor- “that raw power combined with the pre-
good idea underway you mance take-off… you feel as though you cision of the flight control system is a pilot’s
feed off each other.” would go to heaven.’ those words came dream. the difference from flying hundreds
back to me that evening. the aircraft of miles an hour to an unbelievable acceler-
doesn’t stop, you don’t feel any type of ation was just incredible. You feel the pow-
resistance, it just keeps pushing.” er and this gives you such confidence that
“after that we carried out a series of you can move around the sky. it’s absolute
loops, then we stalled it on purpose to see freedom and when i landed i had that
the full and free movement and recovery as typhoon smile.”
the aeroplane takes control. then we did Back in germany, air Vice-marshal
some supersonic runs and then barrel rolls. farnell highlights that the success of the
We hit two air-to-air targets, and a further weapon system has only been possible as
nine on the ground. finally, we descended a result of the collaboration between the
and did some ocean work. it was incredibly Partner Nations, with particular fond memo-
impressive. the precision of the aircraft in ries of the very heart of the collaborative
a couple of years later, aVm farnell was responding to all the environmental inputs endeavour at NEtma. he and his fellow
promoted and left the typhoon programme, is truly amazing.” directors have together led a dedicated
but not long after that he was appointed “it was nice for me to see some of the team that focuses on delivering what is de-
director general typhoon where he negoti- ideas that were developed during those scribed in NEtma’s mission statement:
ated the outcome for the latest advanced earlier whiteboard discussions in Warton “enhancing and sustaining an affordable
tranche 3 aircraft. then, following a stint as are now actually in place in the cockpit. for Eurofighter and tornado capability.”
f-35 team leader he was further promoted example, the way the air-to-ground pack- as he looks back on his career with the
and became director of Combat air, which age and the dass display presents itself aircraft, air Vice-marshal farnell can do
once again brought typhoon into his remit was very much devised in those early days. so with a certain amount of pride and that
and he carried out that role for two years. seeing those changes operating in the real smile is certain to return. No doubt, air
he was then appointed Chairman of the environment was very satisfying. today, i Vice-marshal farnell has certainly played
Joint steering Committee, where he had feel really privileged and passionate about his part. <<


tyPhooN ProPoSAL for BElgium: BriMStoNE MiSSiLE
is suCCEss
thE EuroPEaN solutioN
series of around 40 flight trials
earlier this year, some of them

conducted alongside pilots
from the royal air force’s
he first live firing of mBda’s 41(r) squadron - the test

the uK mod, on behalf of the governments of uK, spain, italy and

Brimstone air-to-surface and Evaluation
missile from a Eurofighter

germany, with BaE systems on behalf of the Eurofighter consortium,

typhoon was successfully complet-
ed earlier this year as part of ongoing

has responded to the Belgian request for government Proposal to

development work to significantly
upgrade the capability of the aircraft.

replace its 54 f-16 multi-role fighters. >>

the trial was squadron - in a Combined test team ap-
part of work to inte- was designed to test proach.

grate the Phase 3 the separation of the the successful trial follows completion
Enhancement (P3E) low-collateral, high- earlier this year of the flight trials pro-
he offer represents the most com- extend to 2058 would deliver both the low- indeed particularly on air defence , for more package for precision Brimstone gramme for the mBda storm shadow deep
prehensive international equipment est total cost of ownership and guaranteed than 70 years. along with germany, spain typhoon, which will weapon when it is strike air-to-surface weapon and the mBda
partnership ever offered by a capability. and italy we hope to welcome Belgium to be also deliver further released. in total, meteor ‘beyond visual range’ air-to-air
Eurofighter typhoon partner nation. it will industrially, BaE systems and the our next European partner. that would sensor and mission nine firings have missile. operational testing and evaluation
support Belgium’s aspirations for a strong Eurofighter Partner Companies would look mean Belgium joining Europe’s largest col- system upgrades. taken place to ex- of those capabilities is currently ongoing
European defence and technology industrial to offer Belgium long-term and sustainable laborative defence programme, further the uK’s iPa (instrumented Production pand the launch and range capabilities. with the royal air force ahead of entry into
base in which Belgian industry plays a part. opportunities, building on the country's strengthening the security of Europe and aircraft) 6 typhoon conducted the firing. it the initial firing followed completion of a service in 2018. <<
it includes a comprehensive typhoon existing defence and aerospace capabilities. our Nato allies,” said the uK ambassador
proposal underpinned to Belgium, alison rose.

sioN air shoW 2017

by a long-term de- "to put it simply, we believe our security
fence and security this partnership which would extend to and defence proposal to Belgium, through Eurofighter typhoon in the most impressive
2058 would deliver both the lowest total
EurofightEr WoWS iN
partnership between Eurofighter typhoon, is the most complete way and to underline airbus’ interest to

cost of ownership and

the united Kingdom solution to meet Belgium’s aCCaP require- participate in the suisse tender.

and Belgium. the ment. our offer is a combination of out- Eurofighter Chief test pilot geri
typhoon is being of- guaranteed capability standing, proven aircraft capability, to more than 50,000 spectators both in the Krähenbühl from airbus proved to be a

fered in full partner- through-life cost, with the lowest flying display as well as with the full scale favourite of the visitors, not just because
ship with the royal operating cost per hour of planes replica on the ground. switzerland has of his swiss background but mainly be-
air force, including integration with the in its class, and industrial oppor- he Breitling sion air show is the decided to replace its current fleet of cause of the breathtaking flying display he
uK’s proven, world-leading availability and tunities, all underpinned by the largest airshow in switzerland. set f/a-18 and f-5 aircraft. the country will performed in the Eurofighter.
support service. strengthening of political, security and in- against the impressive mountainous now consider a single-type fleet of up to "it was fantastic to see the huge interest
the uK minister for defence dustrial relationships with the uK, but backdrop of the Wallis alps, the flying 70 new combat aircraft. a call for tender is of the visitors", said alexander long-Vinh,
Procurement harriett Baldwin said: "i com- also other European partners – displays were an extraordinary experience assumed to start in 2018 by defining the airbus Campaign director for switzerland.
mend Belgium for what is a comprehensive germany, italy and spain." for all visitors and aviation enthusiasts. selection process. “We made ideal use of the biggest event of
and well-executed competi- air Eurofighter Partner Company, airbus the sion air show 2017 therefore was its kind in switzerland and had a great
tive process. the uK, sup- Commodore ian defence & space presented the aircraft an excellent opportunity to showcase opportunity to showcase our aircraft." <<
ported by spain, italy and duguid, the uK
germany, has offered typhoon force
Belgium a government to Commander, says the
government strategic proposed partnership be-
Partnership, including a long-term tween the raf and BaC, will in-
relationship with the royal air force." clude joint exercises, squadron ex-
a core element of the pro- change, shared airspace, working "side by
posal is the offer of a side" on pilot and ground crew training and
unique and compre- bringing Belgium into the uK's tytaN sup-
hensive partnership port construct.
between the Eurofighter represents a truly European
Belgian air solution; with typhoon forming backbone of
European Nato air power with more than
500 aircraft across Europe
the Eurofighter consortium currently industrially, the offer would seek to es-
contributes around €600m annually to the tablish two national development centres –
Component (BaC) and Belgium economy supporting more than one in the Wallonia region and one in
the raf, building on 70 years of history 200 Belgian companies. flanders – and provide the infrastructure,
and collaboration between the two air "Belgium is a country with which the uK technology and training to accommodate a
forces. this partnership which would has collaborated closely on defence, and Belgian National Network Cyber Centre. <<
Photo by: HG Schröder

lifE SuPPort

support for the Eurofighter fleet covers a

range of activity which is all designed to
ensure the typhoon continues to meet its
operational requirements. support looks at
ensuring engineering capability remains world
beating and also covers things like repairs and the
provision of spares.

like the aircraft itself, the way the fleet is supported continues to evolve.
here we look at a support initiative between the uK royal air force and
uK industry that will have
a major impact:
Available Affordable

Operating as One Enterprise

Increasing Capability
Mission Success Mission Success
Transforming the Enterprise TyTAN:
■ TyTAN stands for Typhoon Total Availability eNterprise (TyTAN) and it’s a partnership between BAE Systems
Improve Smarter Fly the Plan Supply Increase Manage for
and the Royal Air Force to provide support to the UK Typhoon fleet.
Data Engineering Solution Local TyTAN
Integrity Balancing the Decision-
Improving fleet plan to Optimising Optimising our ■ Launched in August 2016, it’s a unique 10-year agreement.
Improving training and focus on the Supply organisations
the quality support, fixing achievement Solution to a Empowering for efficient ■ TyTAN looks at new ways of working to further reduce the costs of operating the fleet at RAF Conningsby and
RAF Lossiemouth by more than a third.
and reliability capability and of the flying more robust management
of approved advancing task and effective of the
diagnostics service programme
■ An estimated £500m of savings will be reinvested to develop new capability enhancements for the aircraft.
a/c data delegation of

■ TyTAN includes a joint avionics solution with Eurofighter Partner Company Leonardo.
Reduced cost per Flying Hour

© BAE Systems TyTAN Service


italiaN tYPhooNs NAto PoLiCiNg iN iCELAND Between march 17th and april 14th italy

as iceland does not maintain an air force, deployed six of its Eurofighter typhoons
the country was left without means to patrol fighter aircraft – two typhoon from each
its airspace when the united states air wing (4th, 36th and 37th) and a detachment
force (usaf) ceased deploying fighter units of approximately 140 personnel to iceland.
to Keflavik air Base in september 2006, and this was the second time since 2013 that
the us iceland defense force was with- the italian air force executed this mission in
drawn. iceland. the deployment underlines Nato’s
resolve, commitment and solidarity as well
Words and photos by Giovanni Colla and as allied interoperability and cohesion.
Remo Guidi “Preparation for the mission started
some months prior to the deployment,”
explained Col. Emanuele spigolon – itaf

in march this year the italian air force deployed six

tfa 'Northern ice' detachment Commander.
“as soon as our presence at the high mil-

Eurofighter typhoon combat aircraft to iceland in

itary strategic level was confirmed, we start-
ed thinking about a tactical survey, and in

support of Nato's air

february we took a team of 15 to iceland,
each one for their own area of expertise to

policing and training

analyze what the host nation could provide
us and what we would have to bring with

mission. >>
after the american withdrawal from us from italy.”
iceland the airspace was not manned and this was a fundamental piece of the
several incursions were observed in the preparation explained Col. spigolon.
following years.
icelandic air Policing is a Nato
operation conducted to patrol
iceland's airspace.
during the riga summit in
“the tactical survey helped us
November 2006 Prime minister geir understand the size of our logistic
haarde in 2006 requested that its
Nato allies periodically deploy
needs to support our activity
fighter aircraft to Keflavik air Base here in iceland.”
to provide protection of its
airspace. the North atlantic
Council agreed to this request at its July “the tactical survey helped us under-
2007 meeting. the other Nato member stand the size of our logistic needs to sup-
states who lack the ability to patrol their port our activity here in iceland.
own airspace have similar arrangements in “all the training and real operations are
place. the first deployment of aircraft took highly standardized and we have a lot of
place in may 2008. experience, therefore we know how many
as of January 2013, Nato had re-desig- spares we would need per flying hour; so
nated the deployments to iceland as being everything was well-defined and well stud-
the "airborne surveillance and interception ied long before we left italy.”
Capabilities to meet iceland's Peacetime the six typhoons arrived in Keflavik on
Preparedness Needs" mission. the empha- thursday march 17th after a six-hour flight
sis was on training rather than air policing. from grosseto air Base that involved three
since 2014 the aircraft deployed to air-to-air refuellings. the typhoons were
iceland have been placed on Quick supported by two KC-767 and a C-130, the
reaction alert status and flown armed pa- last one acting as a 'sweeper' just in case
trols. for technical reasons one of the aircraft had
in contrast with the Baltic air Policing to land at an alternative airport.
mission, which involves the continuous one week before the aircraft arrived in
rotation of fighter aircraft from Nato Keflavik an advance team of about 50 peo-
Countries at Šiauliai international airport in ple arrived in iceland in order to prepare ev-
lithuania and Ämari air Base in Estonia, the erything for the arrival of the jets. at the
icelandic government requested three same time the advanced team prepared
deployments, with each lasting from two to the communications systems and set up a
three weeks. force Protection team - italian air force
16th force Protection Wing - who guaran-
tASK forCE iCE tee protection of italian air force installa-
the italian air force was in charge of the tions and operations in italy and abroad.
first Nato rotation of 2017, under the name With the typhoons, pilots, officers, spe-
of tasK forCE air NorthErN iCE. cialists, logistics and operational personnel

>> itALiAN tyPhooNS iN iCELAND

from 4th, 36th and 37th Wings, as well as a because Nato needs to test it. i am very phase, once we arrive at the back of the in- trAiNiNg MiSSioN complex scenarios day by day,” said Col. WEAthEr WiNDoW
air defence Controller team from Poggio proud of the task force air i lead because tercept aircraft we begin to identify it, what in addition to Qra duties, the italian air spigolon. While the climate didn't interfere with the
renatico air Command operations and they did all this in just five days.” type of aircraft is, and then follow all the in- force typhoons fleet also took part in daily “as iceland is the crossroads of planes maintenance the weather conditions were a
22nd radar group licola (Napoli) ready to structions sent by the CaoC of uedem.” training missions over iceland. that go to the united states there were factor on the training flight activity.
operate from Keflavik, the tf 'Northern ice' QrA DutiES during the interception the pilots can “We carried out the same training mis- some areas of air space reserved for us to “We knew what to expect. obviously
underwent a mini tacEval – tactical “the aircraft on Qra are equipped with the receive the following orders: escorting out, sions that we do at home exclusively in the operate but each time we asked for permis- there were missions that were cancelled
standard conventional load for air defence identifying the aircraft, or take it to landing. air to air role. in iceland we developed a sion to fly higher it was granted. because of the weather, or the sea condi-
duty,” said Col. spigolon. a 4th Wing pilot said: “in practice the training regime that “the air space we were granted was tions, but in most cases we had alternate
in case of a real scramble the typhoon two interceptors always cooperate, for ex- increased in great. there were some limitations regard- internal areas where we could fly. so when
pilot receives the task from CaoC in uedem ample one goes to Vid - Visual identifica- difficulty with ing the lowest altitude we could fly because the sea conditions were very bad we
germany, who are responsible for Nato air tion to report about the type of aircraft, the more and usually in iceland the minimum low speed is rescheduled the mission to fly inland,” ex-
Policing in the north. (the CaoC torrejon in country and then all the classic information more 250 knots. We had a special permission plained Col. spigolo.
spain is responsible for the south area). that must be reported; like if it is armed, if it that allowed us to fly at 450 knots at low
“they have control of this area and they is not armed, just in case we try to identify
decide when and where to give the order of the type of armament and other things.
scramble,” explained for us Col. spigolon. “after the mission, we land and com-
“When they think it’s appropriate they send plete a report that is then sent to uedem
a classified message to our CrC at Keflavik CaoC and then to the Nato Command and
air Base. (CrC 'loki' and its four subordi- Control Center where the various checks “What real-
nate radar sites ensure iceland’s air surveil- and assessments are made.” ly helped us was the
Evaluation by the Nato – supervised by lance), and the team there is made up of the italian air force brought fact that the weather pre-
Colonel thomas leibinger, head of the icelanders and Nato personnel. 11 pilots to iceland, including the dictions were very punctual and
Nato evaluation team from Combined air “the activation of the scramble through detachment Commander, Col. accurate. the job was to find the right
operations Centre at uedem, germany. our radar operators is done in collaboration spigolon. he explained the window at the right time and to be ready to
during this certification process, the unit with the icelanders. the messages are fly, so we needed to be flexible and ready
had to implement standard operating pro- transmitted on secure lines, at the same altitude and to go when the weather permitted.
cedures in real-world air Policing situations. time the alarm siren in the sor room inside below 10,000 feet. sometimes the weather forced us to have
the performance of the whole team “there were large areas alternate open airport up to the north.”
was monitored and assessed, with over the sea that were supersonic, and obviously the weather only had an im-
specific focus on the response of the “at the same time the CrC coordinates over the ground too but we use common pact on the training missions; with real
pilots in these realistic scenarios. with the atC in order to clear the sense – like we do in italy – and tried to scrambles, the situation is reported to the
“on monday we had a massive
CaoC-Combined air operation
airspace from the civilian traffic so we avoid going supersonic where it’s not nec-
essary and therefore minimizing the impact
CaoC in uedem, Command and Control
system who handle them depending on the
Center briefing. then on tuesday can safely take off.” on the local population. severity of the tactical situation.
two tango-scramble. Wednesday “in iceland they’re not use to seeing
one tango-scramble and one CPX military airplanes every day, so if people hear A WiNNiNg forMuLA
scramble and by Wednesday night we were the pilot building starts to ring and the the engines or a sonic-boom they begin to task force ice proved once again what
declared foC-full operational capability,” pilots who are here get into their flight gear call asking what's going on. By keeping with- great capability the italian air force pos-
explained us Col. spigolon. quickly, they don’t dress in the hangar due in the rules, we were able to get the most sesses. the aircraft
“so, within five days of arrival, we car- to climatic conditions.” out of the training simply by restricting and crew had no
ried out a mini Nato tacEval, they gave us the pilots first put on their iPg suit, a supersonic flight to area above the sea.” difficulties setting “the aircraft and
a certificate that we were approved and a thermal sea survival suit, the next layer is throughout deployment typhoon’s up and operating – crew had no
day later we started our main task here in
iceland, protecting their sky,” which was
the anti-g suit, then the jacket, the helmet
in order not to leave stuff inside the shelter.
availability was at high level, thanks to the
work of the maintenance team formed by
even in the most
extreme conditions
difficulties setting up
great. a waiting car takes them to the Qra shel- selection process: “Because the deploy- men and women coming from 4th Wing of away from home and operating”
“the responsiveness of the people was ters. ment is not particularly long, we decided to grosseto, 36th Wing of gioia del Colle, base. in fact, the
outstanding. this was only possible thanks once they are in the cockpit explains focus on the selected guys who came here 37th Wing of trapani plus an attachment aircraft even out-
to the high standardization between the Col. spigolon they get in contact with the on the training. on their return to their from the rmV of Cameri. performed expecations.
wings and squadrons in italy, you can see sor asking for the scramble data, start the home base they were tasked with making a the maintenance team Commander “at the beginning of the detachment we
the people are perfectly trained to work engines and start taxing to the closest detailed briefing about what happened here said: “We worked in a small team – just like expected some delay in the start-up of the
together – it’s not the first time it has hap- runway to take off. and they will have the opportunity to pass the maintenance teams in italy – and pro- aircraft since the shelters are not heated
pened. “at the same time the CrC coordinates on their experience to the rest of the vided a first full level of maintenance and in and the temperature at night drops quite a
“this really was exceptional because with the atC in order to clear the airspace squadron.” case of need also a second level of mainte- bit but the typhoon didn't suffer any type
usually when an air force goes to another from the civilian traffic so we can safely nance. We carried the spare parts that of problems,” said Col. spigolon. <<
base, for example, to lithuania for Baltic air take off.” statistically we knew we might need but
Policing, they are replacing someone, so atC air traffic Control manages the first also we carried out preventive maintenance
the procedures are already in place. But part of the flight, then they are passed on before travelling to iceland.”
here we arrived when there had not been a CrC at Keflavik. Climatic conditions never interfered with
Nato detachment for months. so we had “our guys working at the CrC with the maintenance and the team, who were
to set up all the procedures from scratch icelanders handle the entire interception staffed by a mix of the three wings, worked
well together.

hArriEt tYPhooN is World’s most PoWErful lauNChiNg thE

BALDWiN: aNd rEliaBlE sWiNg-rolE ComBat EurofightEr WorLD huB

Baldwin the
uK defence
Equipment minister
has described
Eurofighter typhoon as
the world’s most power-
ful and reliable swing-role
combat aircraft and praised
its reliability, versatility, capability and
operational track record.

“We know this fabulous fighter will “typhoon will form the spear point of the weapons, Brimstone, meteor and storm
strengthen the uK’s prosperity. in an in- uK’s future combat air defence capability shadow, and most recently the defence
creasingly competitive and demanding in- alongside the f-35 lightning. But what secretary revealed we’re enhancing its
ternational market it’s the only fighter jet on makes it truly special is that, supported by defence aids subsystem (dass), which
the market able to offer such wide-ranging the ground-breaking support contract, provides missile warners, chaff, and flare
capabilities. that’s why five European na- tytaN, it has the capacity to evolve. dispensers to adapt to the changing
tions, alongside three gulf states, have “in the past few years we’ve been threats.” <<
already chosen this aircraft,” she said dur- upgrading typhoon with leading edge
ing the royal international air tatoo at raf
fairford in gloucestershire this July.
“that’s why the uK government and the


governments of our European partners are
fully focused on working with industry to

PoLiCiNg roLE
maximise typhoon’s export potential in the
worldwide combat air jet market.

“the ministry of defence in particular is
pleased now to be supporting and leading
some of those campaigns, whether it’s in urofighter typhoons from
Europe, the middle East, or south East asia, the uK and italy have tak-

where we believe typhoon meets the en lead roles policing the
requirements of our international partners. skies over the Black sea region
“When i was last at Warton i was privi- under the auspices of Nato's 017 has been one of the busiest years
leged to see the first typhoon for the royal southern air Policing mission. ever for Eurofighter with aircraft and
air force of oman and welcome them into a detachment of four air forces taking part in operations
the typhoon family.” typhoon fighter jets from the and exercises across the globe. it’s a clear
she added: “typhoon strengthens uK uK raf’s 3 fighter squadron indication that Eurofighter remains a world
defence and the first quality i would high- was deployed earlier this year class combat aircraft – the aircraft of choice people, background stories on operations for fans of the printed magazine don’t
light is its reliability; it has an engine that to work alongside the romanian for many of the world’s leading air forces. and exercises, as well as images, videos worry. Eurofighter World will still exist but in
goes over 1,000 flying hours without need- air force to police the skies at the same time, significant progress and infographics. it will be regularly updat- the future we intend to introduce more ex-
ing unscheduled maintenance. it’s versatile, over the Black sea. continues to be made on the capability ed, with its content shared through our citing changes along the way to ensure it
simultaneously supporting air-to-air and deployed for four months, front, with work to integrate storm shadow, social media channels – facebook, twitter remains a vital read for anyone interested
air-to surface missions. it gives Britain the aircraft were based in mihail meteor and Brimstone. in short, this has and instagram. in Eurofighter typhoon.
global coverage because, today, we know Kogalniceanu airbase in south been a memorable 12 months for rest assured we will continue to bring But for now, make sure you head to our
that our typhoons are all over the world. east romania. Eurofighter. you all the latest on capability updates, be- website and bookmark the Eurofighter
“they’ve been heavily involved in strik- meanwhile, italian air force and so, in order to reflect this progress, hind the scenes stories at bases, shedding World hub – that way you’ll never miss a
ing at the heart of daEsh in the middle typhoons from the 4° stormo the Eurofighter World team is going to light on life within the squadrons and in- thing that happens in the Eurofighter
East, warding off the russian threat in (Wing) in grosseto were based change how we do things. sights into the working lives of Eurofighter World. <<
Eastern Europe, safeguarding the falkland in Bulgaria at graf ignatievo We’re delighted to say that in recent pilots. But we will do so in a timely manner
islands 35 years after the invasion, and, of airbase, close to the town of weeks we have launched a new Eurofighter and in a way that reflects the pace of
course, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year Plovdiv, for a three-months World hub on our site. change within the Eurofighter community – Please follow us on:
providing our quick reaction alert to defend deployment fulfilling a similar the hub will be the central home for all where the operational tempo has been
British skies.” Nato air Policing role. << our articles, pilot interviews, profiles of key growing in recent months.
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