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If you access Internet by ADSL, please comply with step 1, 2, 3 and 4 in below diagram in correct order; if you

access Internet by residential broadband, please comply with step 2, 3 and 4 to connect the WAN port of your

Hardware Installation router with the residential broadband directly.

LED Indicators
POWER Light on when router is power on.

Wall Socket CPU Light is on when systems is working.

Quick Installation Guide WIFI

The indicator light is on when Wi-Fi is enabled.
Light on when WAN port connected successfully.

Wireless N Broadband Router Light blinking while transmitting or receiving data.

1/2/3/4LAN Light on when the LAN port successful connected.

Computer Light blinking while transmitting or receiving data.

Suitable for: N150RT, N300RT, N151RT, N301RT, Ports Description

N150RP , N300RH , N302R Plus

Telephone Wire
DC IN Used for connecting the power adapter.

ON/OFF Used for power on or off the router.

Used for connecting the router to local PC.
Used for connecting the router to the Internet.
Reset: Press the button for about 5~8 seconds, the router
Reset/WPS will restore factory settings.
RST WPS WPS: Press the button for about 1~3 seconds, enable the

Router router WPS function.
ADSL Modem

1. Please disconnect the power adapter and all cables during
thunderstorm weather;
V1.1611 2. Keep away from heat source and keep well ventilated;
Telephone Telephone Network
Copyrights TOTOLINK All rights reserved. Website: Wire Wire Cable 3. Please pay attention to the waterproofing and moisture-proof
Information in this document is subject to change without prior notice. Network
when storing, transporting and running.
Cable 4. The power adapter must be original or approved by TOTOLINK.
5. Put the router in flat places.

Set Up PC

Windows Vista/7 For Windows Vista or Windows 7 Operating System, please comply with following steps to set up. Windows 8 For Windows 8 Operating System, please comply with following steps to set up.

Click Start— Control Panel— Network Double-click Internet Protocol Choose Obtain an IP address automatically Click Start—Control Panel—Network and Double-click Internet Protocol Choose Obtain an IP address automatically
and Internet— Network Connection, Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). and Obtain DNS server address automatically, Sharing Center—Change adapter setting, Version 4 (TCP/IPv4). and Obtain DNS server address automatically,
right-click Local Area Connection, click OK; And then click OK. right-click Ethernet, and choose Properties. click OK; And then click OK.
and choose Properties.

Set Up Router 4 FAQ

Please set up the router following below steps. How to reset the router to default settings?

1. Please make sure your router’s power is on regularly, then press the
RST-WPS button for about 5~8s.
Run any Web browser. 7 Wireless Settings, you can change or retain your SSID (wireless network name). 12 Try any website to test the Internet. Here we type in
2. Loosen the button until your router’s LED lights all flashing, then you
have reset your router to default settings.

Forget the password?

Please reset your router to default settings firstly, and set a new password.
The default IP:
Type in the web browser, then press Enter key.
The default User name: admin
The default Password: admin

8 For encryption, WPA2 Mixed type is selected and there is a default Wi-Fi
password. You can choose to change it or not (Please refer to FAQ 3 to
Where could I find the default Wi-Fi password of the
find the default Wi-Fi password).
Enter User Name and Password (the default User Name and Password device?
are admin), then click LOGIN or press Enter key.
Generally, a product label with the Wi-Fi password is stuck on the
front side of the device. Or you could go to Wireless—WPS Settings
—Current Key Info—Key to find the default Wi-Fi password. If your
router is reset to factory default settings, please use the default Wi-Fi
password to connect your router wirelessly.

By default, IPTV is disable, If enable this function, please enter the VLAN
9 ID and choose correct IPTV port. Then click Apply to save the settings.
MAC: 7844769670D0
WiFi Password: 77411266

Now you can see the Easy Setup interface.

10 Wait for a while, Internet connected successfully! Please click finish.
Auto Pop-up Setting page for First Wi-Fi Devices Connection

Select TOTOLINK N300RT, enter the WiFi When connected, the Web page of TOTOLINK
Click Settings → Wi-Fi.
password shown on the product lable. N300RT will pop up automatically.

Now the router’s Status interface turns up, it shows connected type
Choose the WAN Access Type and enter the parameters provided by 11 and IP address & DNS you get.
your Internet Service Provider.

Here we take PPPoE as example. You are required to enter the user After you set the Pre-Shared Key, please remember your SSID and the
name and password. Pre-Shared Key to connect with your wireless LAN.

WPS: press for about 1~3 seconds, the system LED indicator keep solid
light, it means WPS working;
RST: press for about 5~8 seconds, all LEDs blinks quickly, the device will
restore to factory default settings.

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