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Perfect modals

When i was a little boy i always dreamt about becoming a successful soccer player. I did all I
had to do to get there: I got up early to go training. I met my friends to run up to the fishing
village which had a steep hill. But when I was about to make it to the national team I just gave
up and never went

back to the training sections.

Then I decided that I would be a simultaneous translator but my parents didn’t have the money
to pay for that so I had to change my mind and I entered the Language Faculty where I
discovered that I had what it takes to be a teacher.

Afterwards, when I got my degree in languages and my wife gave birth our first baby , I found a
job in a hotel which I enjoyed for six years and where I could practice English and French 16
hours a day. But eventually the hotel was closed and I was out of business……


1. How things must have been for him/them

He must have loved soccer

He must have trained really hard

He must have got very sad

He must have loved languages

That must have been hard for him

He must have got over easily

They must have got very happy

That must have been really exciting

It must have been tough again

2 . What he should or shouldn’t have done

He should have kept training

He shouldn’t have surrendered

He should have worked to pay for his career

He should have got a job in another hotel

3.What he could have done

He could have run for a scholarship

He could have studied another career

He could have learnt more languages