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Guj BOR AN INVESTIGATION OF THE SUFFOLK COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE AND POLICE DEPARTMENT ~ ABAOL ENON A ‘TEMPORARY COMMISSION OF INVESTIGATION or : THE STATE OF WEY YORK AN INVESTIGATION OF THE SUFFOLK Coury DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S OFFICE AND POLICE DEPARTMENT DAVID G. TRAGER L. REVIN SHERIDAN Chairman BEANARD C. SMITH EARL W. BRYDGES, JR. ALTON R, WALDON, JR. THOMAS J, CULHANE Commissioners SUSAN E. SHEPARD THOMAS A, HALLINAN Chief Counsel Chief Investigator RICHARD C, DADDARIO RAFFAELA PRTROCCIONE Seniot Assistant Counsel Executive Assistant Staff for this Investigation: JOHN J, KENNEDY Assistant Counsel ROBERT W. FRANK JOSEPH A. LYONS* Special Agents JOAN MY PLAHERTY JULIA MINA. CAROL L. STRICKLAND RACHEL A, WIENER 270 Broadway New York, New York 10007 APRIL 1989 * Reassigned 9/8/87 \ TABLE OF CONTENTS INTRODUCTION + 64.000 ecse bese eeeeeseeee ccs eecseeseseeeed BACKGROUND TO COMMISSION'S INVESTIGATION..........05-5 A. Prior Criticism of the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office and Police Department .. B. Judge Stuart Namm's Complaint.......s00.0..16 C. Broadened Scope of Investigation...........18 SUMMARY OF FINDINGS... .0.eeeesescceeeeeee I, MISCONDUCT AND DEFICIENCIES IN HOMICIDE INVESTIGATIONS AND -PROSECUTIONS........ Act PeoplelvesDiagdeuc ee icie tse sete teeta B. People Vv. COOLS... seeeeceeeeccsecseeunecee s42 C. The Pius Cases........ 62. cece eee cece eee AD D. Management Failures in Homicide Cases......53 II, MISCONDUCT AND DEFICIENCIES IN NARCOTICS INVESTIGATIONS AND PROSECUTIONS...+eessse200+6470 A. Disorder in the Narcotics Division.........70 B, Kuhn and GutowSki......sseeceeeeceeees see ee TS C.+ Chief of Detectives Gallagher. D. Eason, Savage and Donnelly.....e+seeee0056-83 DEAE Oe Cre eee rte ere te eet ee A, Illegal Eavesdropping by the Suffolk County Police Department Known to the District Attorney's Office...eeeseeeeee eee 99 Aatauauaya