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Applicant Declaration

Skills Assessment for Managers, Administrators,

Professionals and Associate Professionals
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Applicant's Details

Reference number: 331721

Date: 26/05/2019
Application type: Skills Assessment
Applicant's surname or family name: Shanmughavel
Applicant's given names: Venkatesh


I declare that:

The information I have supplied online is complete, correct and up to date

I understand that my application must meet the VETASSESS Eligibility Criteria to be considered for Priority Processing
I understand that VETASSESS will apply its Privacy Policy (as detailed on its website) in assessing my application
I have read and understood the information available on the VETASSESS website regarding this application
I have uploaded the high quality colour scans of the required documents
I understand that VETASSESS will contact me by e-mail if extra information or documents are required
I acknowledge that if my application is affected by Australian Government visa reforms at any time and without notice,
including changes to the Short-term Skilled Occupation List(STSOL) or the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills
List(MLTSSL), VETASSESS will continue with the assessment for suitability against my selected occupation
I will inform VETASSESS of any changes to my circumstances (e.g.address) in writing while my application is being
(if applicable) I authorise my appointed agent or representative to act in all matters concerned with my application
I authorise VETASSESS to make any enquiries necessary to assist in the assessment of my application (including
contacting the educational institutions and employers) and to use any information supplied for that purpose
I understand that VETASSESS may provide or submit my application or information or documentation it contains to the
Department of Home Affairs (Australia) for integrity checking or other purposes
I understand that the Department of Home Affairs (Australia) may, where relevant, take into account any information
referred to it by VETASSESS in the assessment of my application for migration purposes
I acknowledge that application fees are not refundable, except as covered by VETASSESS refund policy.

Applicant's Signature ________________________ Date(dd/mm/yyyy) _____/_____/_____

Applicant Name:Venkatesh Shanmughavel