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Tableau Assignment - II

You are the sales head for a large retail chain. You need to look at overall sales and
profitability to see if you can find out what's driving these numbers. You want to identify
areas for improvement and initiate action to improve sales and profitability for the
company's product lines.
Use Tableau to carry out the following steps on a The Sample - Superstore data set to build
a simple view of your product data and map product sales and profitability by region.
1. Connect to Orders data sheet of the Sample Superstore dataset.
2. Drill into the overall sales data between 2014 and 2017. Create a line chart to see
total aggregated Sales for each year by Order Date. Does the sales increase or
decrease over time?
3. To gain more insight into which products drive overall sales, update the view to a bar
chart that shows you overall sales by year for each product Category - furniture,
office supplies, and technology. Which category sales is growing faster than other
categories? Which category do you recommend that your company should focus
their sales efforts on?
4. Your company sells a lot of different products in each category. So you decide to look
at products by Sub-Category to see which items are the big sellers. Create a view of
product sales broken down by Category and Sub-Category.
5. Add two simple filters to your worksheet to make it easier to look at product sales by
Sub-Category for a specific Year.
6. You are looking at sales totals for your various products. You can definitely see that
some products have consistently low sales, and might be good candidates for
reducing sales efforts for those product lines, but what does overall profitability look
like for your different products? Use a color gradient to show which products are
unprofitable or have negative Profit? Have these products been unprofitable year
over year?
7. Creates a view with multiple axes broken down by region, to see sales and
profitability by product for each region. Which region is reporting a higher negative
profit overall than other regions?
8. Explore your data geographically by creating a view with a filled map for the
Southern region, where each State is colored based on its total Sales. Have any of
the states in the South been unprofitable? Convert the map to a bar chart and drill-
down to the City level of detail. From your view, display only the five poorest
performing cities by sum of profit.

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