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Tentative Suggestion of Boards to Display

Location Board Quantity

Mission& Vision 1
Staff Details 1
Dean Cabin Library Details 1
Placement Details 1
Batch wise Rank Holders (Board in Pharmacy Exist)

Tutorial Vision & Mission
Room Management Quotes 4
Switch off Lights 2
Vision & Mission 5
Management Quotes 14
Class Room Switch off Lights 8
Name of Class Teacher 7
Name of GS & LR 7
Vision & Mission 4
Lab Instructions 4
Computer Configurations 4
Lab Name and Contact of Lab Attendant 2
Network Diagram of Lab 4
Installed Software’s List 4
Each Desk & PC No
Vision & Mission
Objectives 1
Placement Team 2
Placement Placement Policy 1
Cell MOU Details 1
Placement Stick Board 1
Placement Process 1
Placement Notice Board MCA Placement Board
MBA Placement Board
MCA/MBA Placement Drive Notices
Placement MOU/Achievement’s Display
Major Recruiters
Placement Toppers Batch wise
MCA HOD Switch of Lights
Management Quotes 4
Corridor Floor Map 2
Emergency Exit Plan 2
Vision & Mission 2

Vision & Mission 1

Second Floor
Corridor Management Quotes 3
Floor Map 2
Emergency Exit Plan 2

Vision & Mission 1

Seminar Hall Management Quotes 2

Emergency Exit Plan 2
Instrument Instructions 2
Vision & Mission 1
Each Rack No Place
Emergency Exit Plan 2
Each Rack Summary of Books & Titles
Library News Stand with Paper Names New Arrival
Library Notice board Latest News
Articles to Read
Library Policy

Save Water
Physical Handicap Washroom 2
Curtains for Washroom Door/Door Stoppers 4
Flush After Use 8
Name of Floor 2
Staircase Directional Sign 3
Keep Left 3
Organisational Structure 1
List of Committees & Chairmen 1
Office Office Time
Emergency Exit Plan
Office Wooden Cupboard’s Numbering
Vision Mission 3
Staff Room Short Name plate of Each Staff
Switch off Lights 4
Some Sample Quotes
Sample Display Signs