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In compliance of order dated: 06.04.2018 of the learned Registrar, appearing on

office note, whereby undersigned has been directed to submit information with regard to

working / function of each branch, I have the honor to submit that this Hon’ble Court is

also the Court of first instance for quicker resolution of commercial, Civil as well as

Banking disputes of assigned pecuniary jurisdiction under law, which were allowed to

bypass the District Courts (only to the extent of Karachi District), in other words, a case

which arose with the original side in view of its pecuniary jurisdiction. The Original Side

of this Court functions at Karachi District only. The work of Original Side has been

parted into two different branches, which include the following branches:-

1. D-I (Original Side-I)

2. D-II (Original Side-II)
3. Execution

This Jurisdiction is administered by the learned Additional Registrar, OS under the

kind authority of learned Registrar. Prior to parting with the functions of above

mentioned Branches, it is respectfully submitted that the Suit, Civil Reference, Banking

Suit (Suit-B), JM (Judicial Miscellaneous Application) as well Succession Misc.

Application are being presented before learned Additional Registrar, OS as well as

Deputy Registrar, OS, who after perusing the matters and raising objections, if any, as

well as obtaining reply on objections from learned counsel therein, forward the cases to

their relevant branches. In addition to this learned Additional Registrar, OS also hold

board on regular basis except Monday, wherein the matter pending for Services upon

Defendants and filling of Written Statements as well other powers vested upon him under

Sindh Chief Court Rules (OS) are exercised. The cases at the initial stage are look after

by the D-II Branch (Original Side-II), whereas after settlement of issues, the cases

mentioned above attain maturity and are ripe to D-I Branch (Original Side-I).

Both the branches of Original Jurisdiction, fix the cases in cause list by sending the

cases to Cause Roster-II Branch in the modes mentioned below:-

Prepared by Aneel Mehmood

In the cases of non-compliance of any orders passed by this Court and / or office

objection, the matter is set down “For Orders as to non-prosecution”.

In the cases, where services upon Defendant has been held good but no Written

Statement has been filed on their behalf are ordered to be placed in Court “For Ex-parte


In the cases, where any fresh Civil Miscellaneous application (that is to be fixed

before Court for the first time) is filed, those matters are set down “For Orders”.

Where the initial process of Services as well as filing of Written Statement is set

down, thereafter those matters are placed in Court under the caption of “For

Examination of Parties / Settlement of Issues”.

The matters, where any Civil Miscellaneous application (for which notices have

already been issued) is pending, those matters are listed in Cause list under the heading

“For Hearing of Application”.

The Judicial Miscellaneous Applications are placed in Court under the caption of

“For Hearing of Main Application”.

The cases which are ordered for proceeded as Ex-parte, are placed before Court under

the caption of “For Final Disposal”.

In addition to above mentioned caption, the matters are also placed in Court under the

heading of “For Evidence” as well as “Argument”.

Both the branches mentioned above deals with all categories i.e. Suit, Suit-B, Civil

Reference and J.M. having any nature.

In addition to the above mentioned works, all branches also submit monthly as well

as fortnightly reports of pendency, disposal and restorations of above mentioned cases to

the learned MIT-II for onwards transmission to the Hon’ble Supreme Court, as well as

Prepared by Aneel Mehmood

make proper compliance of Orders passed by Hon’ble Supreme Court Order’s in the

matters arising out from above mentioned categories to the Courts below, in their

respective categories.

Submitted in compliance of the directions issued by the learned Registrar.

Additional Registrar, OS


Prepared by Aneel Mehmood