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🎬 CAP Field Trip and Masterclass Schedule, 2018-2019 🎬🎬

**This schedule is subject to change. Check back frequently for updates**

Trimester 1 Checklist

Day Trip Sept. 6, Ryuichi Sakamoto: CODA at Music, Film Done

9:20 am Real Art Ways

Day Trip Sept. 20 US, Dress Rehearsal of Judy Dance, Done

B block* Dworin Co. at Hartford Public Theater,
Seminar Library Writing

Mastercla Sept. 27, Masterclass: Sea Tea Improv Theater Done

ss B block

Night Trip Oct. 4, The Drowsy Chaperone, Theater, Done

6:00 pm Goodspeed Opera House Music,
departure Dance
for 7:30
return 10:30

Mastercla Oct. 11 Masterclass: Cie Peterson on Theater Done

ss Auditions

Afternoon Oct. 12 CAP Coffee House ALL Done

Night Oct. 23 WET: A DACAmented Journey, Theater, Done

Event Heartbeat Ensemble Writing

Mastercla Nov. 1 Masterclass, Cambodia Living Theater, Done

ss B block Music,

Night Nov. 1 Cambodia Living Arts Theater, Done

Event 7:00 pm Performance Music,
Watkinson Theater Dance

Night Nov. 9,10 The Tempest, Watkinson Theater Theater Done


Night Trip Nov. 14 Richard Plepler, HBO CEO, Film Done

7:00 pm B block conversation at St. Joseph’s Carol
Autorino Theater

B block, Nov. 15 Monsters and Myths, Wadsworth Visual Art Done

Day Trip Atheneum

Trimester 2

B block, Dec. 12 Masterclass: Jenni French, Dance Done

dance former dancer with Hartford Ballet

Day/Night Dec. 14, New York Field Trip Visual Art, Done
Trip Full Day International Center for Dance,
Trip, Photography Theater,
depart at Thayne Jasperson MC Music,
5:30 am, The Band’s Visit
return at
12:00 am

B block Jan. 8 CAP Senior Show Session Done

B block, Jan. 24 Trip: Harriet Beecher Stowe Done

Day Trip House

Night Jan. 25, Watkinson Music Concert Music Done

Event 7:00 pm

B block Jan. 28 Masterclass: Tim Stella, Done

conductor for Phantom of the

Night Jan. 30, Freshly Squeezed: Elvis Music

Event 7:00 pm Presley, Watkinson Theater

Afternoon Feb. 1 Coffeehouse Done

Night Feb. 22 & Hello, Dolly! Watkinson Theater Theater, Done

Event 23, Music,
7:30 pm Dance

B Block March 4, James Lecesne Workshop Theater, Done

6&7 Writing,
Music, Film

Trimester 3

B block April 17 Amy Genser Studio Visual Art Done

Night April 18 Comedy Night Writing, Done
Event theater

Day trip May 2 New Britain Museum of Visual Art

American Art, Georgia O’Keefe

B block May 7 Masterclass: Jake Halpern, Writing Done

Author and Journalist:

Night May 17 & FREE SHORTS, Watkinson Theater Done

Event 18 Theater

Night May 21 Flamingo Kid, Hartford Stage Theater, Done

Event Music,

B block May 23 Masterclass: Naomi Washer, Writing Done


Night May 23, Music Concert, Watkinson Music Done

Event 7:00 pm, Theater

Afternoon May 29, CAP Senior Show All Done

4:00 pm

Evening May 31 Tiffany Wang Senior Recital Music