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1) What is module pool programming?

 it is a special type of programming which is used to create custom SAP screens as per the
Business requirements. These program will not executed without T-code , transaction
code is must for MPP.

2) What are the events in MPP?

 There are four events available in MPP

1. PBO—Process before output screen displayed
2. PAI--- it is triggered after screen is displayed
3. Pov---it is triggered when user clicks on search help button
4. Poh --- it is triggered when user clicks on help button

3) What are the Modularization technique in MPP?

 TOP-top include program ___all data decleration

 O01-PBO include program___All logic related to PBO
 I01-PAI include program ___all logic related to PAI
 F01- form include program__all logic related to Subroutine

4) What is screen & what are the objects of screen?

 It is an visible layout which is visible in the output. The components of the screen are
1 Attributes-properties of screen
2 Element list-contains list of elements on a screen
3 Flow logic-it contains modules
4 Layout- designing

5) What is single field validation ?

 it is used to validate a single field or particular field on MPP

EX. Field v_matnr module validate_matnr.

6) How do you achieve multiple field validation ?

 CHAIN……..ENDCHAIN is a keyword which is used validate multiple fields.

 It makes field input enabled.

7) What is the t-code to create the t-code for a MPP ?

 SE93 or right click on main program name click on create click on transaction.

8) What are the screen elements in MPP?

 Text field
 Input/output field
 Check box
 Radio button
 Push button
 Table control
 Custom control
 Tab strip
 Box
 Status icon

9) What are the diff types of messages?

 Success(S)
 Information(I)
 Warning(W)
 Error(E)
 Abend(A)
 Exit(X)

10) What is the use of At Exit-Command?

 It is used to give a priority to the back buttons. If the input field or mandatory field is given
wrong value then it will overcome from there and gives priority to back button.

11) What is transaction code for screen painter?

 SE51.

12) What is transaction code for Menu painter?

 SE41.

13) What is transaction code for message mentenance?

 SE91.

14) What is Table control?

 It is an element which is used to display the data in the form of TABLE FORMAT is called
table control.
Three important points to be followed when working with table control
1. Table loop decleration.
2. Loop at ITAB into WA---should be written under PBO event
3. Loop AT ITAB……ENDLOOP -----should be written under PAI event
15) What is TAB STRIPS?

 TAB STRIPS are used to divide the main screen into subscreen to display the mass amount of
 Each subscreen is called as TAB
 Each subscreen should be defined separately

16) What is call screen?

 it is a statement which is used to call the new screen by suspending the current screen.
Once the new screen processing is finish it comes back or resume back to the old screen and
continue its processing.

17) What is SET SCREEN ?

 it is a statement which will not call any new screen , but it will set a new screen as next
once the new screen processing is finish it will not come back or resume back automatically
to the previous screen.
If we want to come back to previous screen , use the statement


18) What are the diff types of screens ?

 There are basically 3 types of screens

1. Normal screen---Main screen
2. Sub screen---Apart of a screen within a main screen is called as subscreen
3. Model dialog box---a screen with only close buttons is called as model dialog screen
generally it is used to display POP-UPS

19) What table store the online messages?

 Table T100

20) What is the use of on request feild?

 Whenever user enters diff values on or there is change in on input field this event get
triggered and validate the Values.

21) What is the use of ON INPUT ?

 Whenever the field is having other than initial value it gets triggered.

22) What is the use of OKCODE in MPP?

 OKCODE is used to identify on which button user has clicked.

23) When PBO event will trigger?

 Before MPP screen displayed.

24) How many PBO and PAI modules are allowed for a screen?

 One PBO and One PAI is allowed for a screen.

25) What is GUI Status ? How to create / edit GUI status?

 GUI status is subset of interface elements used for certain screens

it contains the following elements,
1. Title bar
2. Menu bar
3. Application tool bar
4. Push buttons

TO create or edit GUI status and GUI title use menu painter (SE41)