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Produced by the Biomedical Division of Linari Engineering S.r.l..

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Linari Engineering proposes a complete kit to create a Safe, easy installation

professional Electrospinning system from the
laboratory, starting from liquid solutions according to
the classic scheme shown in the figure.

All the electrical equipment is powered by mains

voltage 230 or 110 V.
RT Collector originates pre-set up for connection to
the HV generators supplied by Linari Engineering in
our Starter kit, or to existing devices. The system has
been designed to provide maximum protection
against the high voltages that may be used in the work
area of the RT Collector with the use of insulating
materials and specific construction techniques.
To guarantee that access to the equipment takes
Parameters that mainly affect the electrical drawing of place in absolute safety, a safety switch must be
polymers in liquid solution: attached to the access door/window to the work area,
which also intervenes on the high voltage generator,
 Molecular weight and structure of the polymer turning it off.
(linear, ramified...); A red light will notify the operator of the function
 Physical properties of the solution (viscosity, condition of the experiment.
electrical conductibility and surface tension);
 Environmental parameters (pressure, humidity,
temperature); Customisation and service
 Applied potential difference; All our kits are packaged and tested to comply with
 Distance between the end of the syringe needle and the specific customer requirements.
the collector; The following are available on request:
 Configuration of the electrical field lines around the o Increased stroke (up to 1 m);
syringe; o Rotation speed up to 50000 rpm;
 Syringe solution capacity;
o Collectors in geometries and materials on
 Collector speed (translation and/or rotation).
Appliance components o Remote control of the high voltage generators
towards existing analogue or digital type
 Control unit based on OMRON industrial systems;
electronics (PLC & Motor drivers); o Systems controlling room air temperature and
 Software with graphic interface and deposition solution;
programming based on industrial SCADA; o Inverter systems to partition hood suction;
 Linear sliding guide with stroke equal to 250 o Development of mechanical and electrical
mm and maximum speed of 1 m/s and interfaces for experiments or existing plants.
resolution of 0.1 mm;
 Rotating axis in two directions up to 4500 rpm. Technical assistance and installation service are
 Rotating diameters between 1 and 70 mm. managed directly by Linari Engineering staff, with no
agents or intermediaries worldwide.

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The system, including the HV generators, is entirely

Applications controlled by the specific software that provides a
monitoring of operative conditions and the
Given the facility and flexibility of use and integration of programming of complex deposition cycles, which can
the machine within the articulated experiments, the RT last several hours, through intuitive wizards designed
Collector can be used in all applications today involving for the production of tubular and flat structures.
the use of electrospinning.

Fabric engineering and regenerative medicine;

Study of nano spun fiber polymer materials;
Scaffold production;
Spun fiber production;
Production of filters and membranes;
Production of innovative nano materials;
Fuel cell;
Coaxial electrospinning.

To implement the deposition parameters, all system

variables can also be 'manually' managed by simple
commands that are safe, thereby guaranteeing a
successful outcome of tests and the safety of people
and machinery.

PVA fibers aligned at 3000 rpm on mandrel Ø4 mm

Method of use
The system can be used both as a simple sliding system
by removing the end arch, illustrated below in the
figure, and fixing a plate in its place by means of the
specific calipers (This is the only available solution for Thanks to a wide customization of each feature the
BASE configuration). RT Collector is the ideal solution for every R&D activity
where scientists want to control every boundary
condition without geometrical limit like pump
orientation, volume accessibility and special shape of
electric field with auxiliary metallic electrodes.

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Use with two HV generators generator. This configuration reduces the self-shield
effect of the target and maintains a more uniform
RT Collector is able to manage until two different HV
diameter during long electrospinning session and it
generators from its hardware and software interface.
reduces dependencies from environmental conditions
While the first one is applied to the needle, the second
like temperature
one (usually with opposite
and humidity.
polarity) can be connected
directly to rotary/translating Dielectric collector
collector. This configuration is is suitable for
available thanks to high special
dielectric strength of materials electrostatic
used to support the collector configurations
itself to cut leakage current to where ground (or
motors and control system. With reverse polarity) is
the second generator the user applied to blades,
can obtain two different results: plates or tip placed
rear the collector
Increase electric field
itself to obtain
around tip without risk of ground discharge
special orientation of electric field lines. Dielectric
with a reduction of primary voltage level,
material produce only a small deviation of electric field
thanks to the sum of secondary filed.
generated form needle and plaques to maintain the
Active drain of charges from nanofiber designed configuration.
collected thanks to voltage level lowers than
0V of the ground. It increases diameter stability
of nanofibers during long deposition session.

Collectors: rod, drum, disks and other shapes

On RT Collectors grips it’s possible to mount different
Electric field throw dielectric and between conductors
collectors made in several materials, both conductive
and dielectric.

Our in stock We are

collectors are
made in Teflon, available
fiber glass, to develop and
stainless steel, manufacture custom design for
aluminum and chrome plated brass. Every piece is your collectors with special materials and geometries
made with special ends to allow the mounting over the like polygonal to place scaffold or samples to be
standard grips. covered with nanofibers deposition for electronic
sensors and biosensors.
Thanks to good quality machining and low inertia these
collectors can run at high speed without excessive noise
and vibrations.

With metallic collector it’s possible to drain the electric

charge of nanofibers to ground or to reverse polarity HV

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Technical data
Sliding movement – BASE Version Unit Value Notes
Motor Type Brushless AC
Power supply Volts 110/230 V AC
Feed speed mm/s 0 .. 1000
Transmission type … Toothed belt Direct socket on engine
Sliding guide … Steel wheels Tempered steel guides
Mechanical run mm 0 .. 250
Useful run mm 0 .. 200 constant speed
Position accuracy mm +/- 0.1
Total mobile mass Kg 2.0 at maximum speed
Rotation movement - Optional
Power supply Volts 110/230 V AC
Enabling Type Brushless AC
Rotation speed Rpm -4500 .. +4500 Optional up to 50000 rpm
Speed accuracy Rpm +/- 1
Rotating axis support … Ball bearings Life lubricated


Net sample length mm 50 – 100 – 150 – 200 150 standard
Rotating mandrel collection system … Self-centring or Customised on request
Dremel® callipers
Diameter that can be clutched mm 0.2 .. 3 Customised on request
Rotating diameter in the arch mm 0 .. 70 Customised on request
Electrical connection on mobile arch … YES M3 x 6
Dismountable arch … YES
Interchangeable grip mandrels … YES Dremel®


Controller … Industrial PLC Omron®
Power supply Volts 110/230 V AC IEC connector
Maximum power consumption W 700 Without HV generators
Communication interface RS485 RS232, USB or Ethernet as
0..10V output for HV generators control No. 2 Opto-isolated as option
0..10V inputs for monitoring No. 4 Generators feedback for V
and I, as option
PC-controlled digital inputs No. 2..16 Option
PC-controlled digital outputs No. 2..16 Option
Light warning system … YES
Software for PC with Windows 7/Vista/XP … YES 1 license included
Languages available for software No. 3 Italian, English, Spanish
PC - controller connection cable m 5 Serial or USB or Ethernet
Width cm 50
Depth cm 25
Height cm 70
Weight Kg 15 Full optional

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Unit Value Notes
Movement management strategies No. 3
Voltage management strategies No. 3 Optional
Combination of movement & voltage … Any 9 combinations

Dimensions of RT Collector with rotating mandrel and 150 mm arc

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Linari Biomedical Division

 Electrospinning equipment
o High Voltage generators
o Rotary-sliding mandrel system
o Shaped collectors and screens for directing electrical field
o Coaxial and multiple needles
o Fitting out of complete systems and hoods for experiments on request
 Bioreactors for cell culture
o Perfusion with innovative flexible flow system
o Rotating walls with single and dual culture chamber
o Digital peristaltic pumps adjustable up to 1/100,000 of maximum capacity
 Data acquisition system and sensors
o Low cost data acquisition systems on PC
o Miniature sensors

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Manufacturing site: via Umberto Forti 24/14 56121 Pisa - Italy
VAT no.: IT01307760536

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