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39th annual




June 1, 2019 • shabbat b’hukkotai• 27 iyar 5779

Floor Gabbai Judie Blumeno
P’sukei D’zimrah Ilana Ben-Ze’ev
Shacharit Elizabeth Tam
Torah Service Marjorie Saulson
Peticha Beverly Frank, Jean Tabor
Prayer Before Ark Julie Nelson-Klein
Hotzaa Andrea Laker
Torah Commentary Betsy Kellman
Gabayot Rebecca Starr, Karen Siegel Propis
Torah Readers Karen Couf-Cohen, Sally Krugel,
Rebecca Starr, Sue Oleinick,
Judie Blumeno, Meredith Dahlen,
Elizabeth Elkus
Maftir Reading Janice Stoneman
Aliyot Volunteers , Kugel Mavens and
Sisterhood Members
Represented by Karol Chinitz, Reva Klar,
Maryanne Murawski and Adrian Pierce
Officers and Board Members
Sisterhood Co-Presidents
Sisterhood Past Presidents
Maftir Blessing Robin Lash
Magbiah and Golelet Nancy Finkel, Brenda Pensler
Haftarah Commentary Emma Zerkel
Haftarah Robin Lash
Haftarah Blessings Eileen Glogower
Prayer for Our Country Dieta Besemer, Joan Brode
Prayer for Israel Pam David, Carol Resnick
Prayer for Sisterhood Candy Cuttner, Barbara Heller
Prayer for Open Doors Rabbi Yonatan Dahlen
Blessing for New Month Ilana Ben-Ze’ev, Jennifer Teper
Ashrei Raya Goldenberg
Peticha Leypsa Groner, Randee Lipman
Returning Torah Scroll Johnie Galens
Sisterhood Address Barbara Zack
Musaf Miriam Goldberg
Oseh Shalom Sisterhood Members are invited to join in
Celebrating Sisterhood Rabbi Aaron Starr
Ein Keloheinu Sisterhood Singers
Aleinu Sisterhood Singers
Adon Olam Sisterhood Singers
Kiddush and HaMotzi Suzi Terebelo

Hebrew Reading and Chanting Consultants
Assistant Cantor Leonard Gutman
and Hazzan David Propis
Sisterhood Shabbat Lunch Chairs
Beverly Frank and Jeanie Tabor
Archivist and Historian
Ruthe Goldstein and Marjorie Saulson
Graphic Design and Layout
Ruthy Nadler
Accompanist for Sisterhood Singers
Abraham Ben-Ze’ev
Sisterhood Office Manager
Janice Traison


Ilana Ben-Ze’ev, Chair
Eileen Glogower, Miriam Goldberg, Elizabeth Tam
Sisterhood is a unique blend of camaraderie and
contribution. We enjoy ourselves, but our mission
is also to raise funds to enhance and support our
congregation. We do this in visible and invisible
ways. Synagogue dues go only so far, but the
tireless efforts of Sisterhood, and annual events
such as Lois Linden Nelson Woman’s World, have
consistently underwritten improvements to our
physical spaces, met the needs of our children and
youth, and helped support our community and
synagogue life. In addition, Sisterhood supports
the CSZ sustainability efforts, and through the
Torah Fund Campaign, the enhancement of the
Jewish Theological Seminary facilities and its
rabbinical students.
The following accomplishments reflect only
a portion of our activities and demonstrate
our unwavering commitment to the future of
Congregation Shaarey Zedek:

Major and minor improvements to the sound
system, our sanctuaries, kitchens, libraries,
offices, restrooms and social halls have all been
made possible by Sisterhood.

Children of all ages have benefitted from Sisterhood
supported programs including construction of
many of the Beth Hayeled classrooms and spaces,
providing scholarships for camps and Israel
programs, renovation of our Brides’ Room, creation
of our beautiful chuppah, and the gift of Sisterhood
membership for new brides.
Sisterhood donations are given to many community organizations
in need such as JARC, Heart 2 Hart, Israel Magen David Adom,
Holocaust Memorial Center, Jewish Senior Life, Jewish Vocational
Service, Allyn Hospital, Yad Ezra and others.


Sisterhood has supported adult b’nai mitzvah classes as well
as leadership development programs, and many educational
opportunities. The beautiful Torah covers, the floral and other
decorations that enhance the sanctuary throughout the year, and
underwriting of many events enjoyed by our congregation are the
result of Sisterhood donations and fundraising.
A woman on the Bimah? Before 1951, it was
unthinkable at CSZ! But Sisterhood women can
move mountains and the push was on. In 1951 a
woman was allowed to read the Prayer for the
Country in the Main Sanctuary. With changing times
and the perseverance of our Sisterhood members,
women slowly wove their way into the fabric of
synagogue rituals, such as sitting on the Bimah and
being given High Holiday honors. But it wasn’t until
Purim 1995 that women were first counted and given
aliyot in the Daily Minyan.
The role of women in services at CSZ is still evolving.
It was only four years ago that a woman first chanted
Musaf at a regular Shabbat Service, and just last year
that a Sisterhood Past President joined the ranks of
the weekly (previously all male) Gaba’im.
In the midst of this progress, the first Sisterhood
Shabbat took place in 1981. Women were afforded
a limited role (no Torah or Haftorah reading by
women) in that service. In subsequent years, with the
efforts of very committed Sisterhood members and
following changes in the Conservative movement,
the doors to full participation in the service gradually
opened. Today, we celebrate this achievement with
a service fully led by members of the Sisterhood of
Congregation Shaarey Zedek.
Our slogan, Nourishing Body and Soul, means developing life-
long, cross-generational friendships as we collaborate, strategize,
laugh, share wisdom, learn, help each other in times of need, and
celebrate life’s joys.


Our programs have included:
♦ Annabel Cooks Appetizers and Desserts ♦ Are We Feeding Our
Kids All Wrong? ♦ BDS Separating Fact from Fiction ♦ Body and Soul
by Rebecca ♦ Champagne and Chocolate ♦ Challah making with
our Religious School ♦ Detroit Public Library Rare Book Room Tour
♦ Downtown Synagogue Tour ♦ Eastern Market with a Jewish Twist
♦ ERACE Walk/Run Teams ♦ Friends with Fiber (Knitting and Crochet
Time) ♦ Game Day ♦ Human Trafficking Speaker with NCJW ♦ I Support
the Girls Bra Collection ♦ Inside Author Karen Tintori’s Brain ♦ Jewish
Food Festival Eastern Market ♦ Jaqueline Drake Gallery Collaborative
Art Project ♦ Knitted Knockers (bra inserts for mastectomy patients)
♦ Kugel Making for Shabbat Lunches ♦ Lois Linden Nelson Woman’s
World ♦ Mahj Madness ♦ Martinis and Midrash ♦ Mikva Tour
♦ National Treasure – Tour of CSZ Art and Artifacts ♦ Officer
Installation Events ♦ Paint A Mitzvah- Ceramics and Fused Glass Night
♦ Queen Vashti’s Banquet ♦ Recognizing Valued Volunteers ♦ Spin to
Support the Girls ♦ Sunday Stroll in Birmingham ♦ Sisterhood Shabbat
♦ Something in the Way Chi Moves ♦ That’s Too Good to Passover
♦ The Greening of Shabbat ♦ Torah Fund Lunches, Programs and
Speakers ♦ Understanding Elder Abuse Issues ♦ Veteran’s Shabbat
♦ Wine Discoveries ♦ Yad Ezra Baskets and Food Delivery
Well, we haven’t reached Z yet, but we are planning more
events, and we would love to have you join us!

For more information, please contact the Sisterhood Office/

Karen Couf-Cohen and Suzi Terebelo, Membership Chairs

Many synagogues offer a lovely kiddush, but thanks
to a 2008 Sisterhood initiative, we are all able to
look forward to more than a delicious lunch. We
enjoy gathering after services, and spending time
enjoying a wonderful meal. Our members have
been known to continue to schmooze, catch up
with friends, make new connections, and relax for
an hour or more following services. The sweetness
and ruach are a special addition to Shabbat at CSZ.
Our young families along with children and grand-
children of the congregation, feel at home- whether
enjoying kid-friendly pasta, having the freedom to
run around, or helping to lead Birkat Hamazon.
Our Shabbat Lunch Committee and Co-Chairs
are constantly working to bring us tasty lunches
beautifully presented. We couldn’t do this
without them!


Delicious kugels are made from scratch in our
kitchen by the Sisterhood Kugel Mavens. This
dedicated group of volunteers take care of the
shopping for ingredients and organizing monthly
kugel making sessions throughout the year, making
well over one hundred perfect kugels!
We are always looking for volunteers to join the Kugel
Mavens. This wonderful group gathers once a month.
No special skills are needed—just a few hours and an
interest in having fun with a wonderful group.

For more information or to volunteer

to be a Kugel Maven, please contact
Carol Resnick at,
or Adrian Pierce at, after Shabbat.
Our lunch is served by a group of over 100 volunteers. Because our
lunches have become a very popular place to mark special lifecycle
events, we sometimes need to serve as many as 500 people for lunch.
Serving is a great way to make new friends, to greet your ‘people’ as
they come through the line, and to spread the sweetness of Shabbat.
We are equal opportunity servers. You don’t have to be a Sisterhood
member (or even a woman) to help out. There is no specific time
commitment. We accommodate snow bird and travel schedules.
We welcome whatever level of help you are able to offer.

For more information, or to volunteer as a Shabbat Lunch Server

please contact Maryanne Murawski at, after Shabbat.


Funding Shabbat Lunch takes a village, or at least a very committed
congregation. Whether constructing the Beit HaMikdash in Jerusalem,
or building a new synagogue in Southfield, great endeavors rely on
the generosity of many people. We couldn’t do this without you!
While the Sisterhood initiated the lunch program, provided seed money
and continues to facilitate the logistics, we rely heavily on your
generosity and ongoing donations. We recognize and appreciate
our members who have committed to varying levels of ongoing
sponsorship listed on our Wall of Donors in the Orley Social Hall.
It is your donations in any amount, that help keep our lunch
tradition thriving. Whether you want to celebrate a Simcha,
honor the memory of someone special, or just appreciate
this special addition to your Shabbat experience, we
welcome your support.
We look forward to sharing Shabbat Lunch with you
today. We thank you for all you do make it possible.
Todah Rabah!

If you would like to make a donation, establish a sponsorship,

or would like more information about Shabbat Lunch,
please contact Janice Stoneman at 248.770.3454, after Shabbat.
Laura Simons z”l 1968-70, Sharon Fleischman
Gussie Herstein z”l 1970-73, Diane Shekter
Fanny Dembowsky z”l 1973-75, Rhea Brody
Millie Kaufman z”l 1975-77, Betsy B. Peterman
1913-20, Sarah Kaplan z”l 1977-79, Cynthia Steinberg
1920-23, Mary Zemon z”l 1979-81, Marjorie Saulson
1923-25, Julia Zechman z”l 1981-83, Joyce Blum
1925-27, Rebecca Zackheim z”l 1983-85, Diane Scholnick
1928-31, Lillian Smith z”l 1985-87, Helene Cherrin
1931-33, Gertrude Warner z”l 1987-89, Sandra Schwartz
1933-34, Belle Lichtig z”l 1989-91, Anita Naftaly
1934-38, Rebecca Zackheim z”l 1991-93, Faye U. Kanter
1938-40, Ethel Robinson z”l 1993-95, Rusty Rosman
1940-41, Lena Silberbaltt z”l 1995-97, Judie Blumeno
1941-44, Lillian Smith z”l 1997-99, Ruthe Goldstein
1944-46, Sadie Spevakow z”l 1999-01, Debbie Balkin
1946-49, Bea Katzman z”l 2001-03, Karen Katz
1949-52, Vivian Berry z”l 2003-05, Joanne Robinson z”l
1952-55, Belle Shugerman z”l 2005-07, Ronna Ross
1955-58, Fayga Keidan z”l 2007-09, Janice Stoneman
1958-60, Elsie Deutch z”l 2009-11, Jeri Fishman
1960-63, Esther Benson z”l 2011-13, Linda Cohen
1963-65, Rose Meskin z”l 2013-15, Robin Lash
1965-68, Tillie Martin z”l 2015-17, Eileen Glogower

Leypsa Groner Rebecca Starr Meredith Cohen Dahlen
Karen Siegel Propis Sandra Gutman
Mary Knoll Sherry Najman Dottie Wagner
Karen Couf-Cohen Co-President
Jennifer Levin Teper Co-President
Barbara Newman Zack Co-President
Jennifer Levin Teper Treasurer
Julie Nelson-Klein Corresponding Secretary
Shelly Gold Rubenfire Corresponding Secretary
Tali Arbel-Newman Education Chair
Ilana Stein Ben-Ze’ev Education Chair
Raya Goldenberg Education Chair
Ruthe Katzman Goldstein Lois Linden Nelson Woman’s World Chair
Julie Nelson-Klein Lois Linden Nelson Woman’s World Chair
Elizabeth Simon Tam Lois Linden Nelson Woman’s World Chair
Kimberly Minkin Broner Programming Chair
Kimberly Frankel Levin Programming Chair
Lori Katz Silverstein Programming Chair
Betsy Stromer Kellman Public Relations Chair
Beverly Makowsky Frank Shabbat Lunch Chair
Jeanie Floch Tabor Shabbat Lunch Chair
Joan Schneider Brode Torah Fund Chair
Miriam Baruch Goldberg Torah Fund Chair
Suzi Butrimovitz Terebelo Affiliate Liaison
Cookie Marks Lachover B’nai Mitzvah Gift Chair
Eileen Abramovitz Glogower Immediate Past Sisterhood President

DIRECTORS 2017-2019
Elizabeth Schiff Barash Barbara Heller Brenda Pensler
Helene Brody Roberta Ingber Adrian Pierce
Karol Chintz Susan Kozik Klein Mireille Plotke
Annabel Cohen Judy Koss Carol Resnick
Candy Cuttner Sally Krugel Alice Silbergleit
Pam David Andrea Laker June Stillman
Yvette Diamond Marlene Margolis Enid Wapner
Karen Katz Diem Maryanne Murawski Emma Zerkel
Johnie Galens Roz Nemer
Sandra Gutman Sue Oleinick

Adonai, we ask You to sanctify and

bless this group of women as we
come together as a Sisterhood.
Grant us the capacity to love and
to learn and to be open to new ideas.
Enable us to share with others both in heart and mind.
May You help us to use all of our abilities
as we continue to do mitzvot.
Give us the strength and courage to accomplish
the hopes, dreams and goals of our organization.
Thank you, God, for helping us to become the
women we are, and the women we will become.
Give us the strength and guidance to make a
difference in this congregation and in our community,
and to enjoy each day in good health and happiness.
Shechina grant us:
The wisdom to lead
The patience to listen
The compassion to feel
The tolerance to understand and
The courage to change
As we go forward on this journey together.