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The kabbalah 

Etz haChayim  
 (‫)עץ החיים‬
‫ ללכת ביופי על הנתיבים‬.. ‫עץ החיים וכל הספירות‬

‫מי ייתן הקבלה תביא חוכמה והארה‬

Written By Bob Brink - Frater Veneficus Draconigena

The mystical approach to understanding the important teachings is different from the normal
way of intellectually searching for answers. rather, the mystical approach is to focus our
attention on developing a state of continuous Awareness in which the truth reveals itself.

The Tree of Life includes

Dualistic cosmology
Ma’aseh Bereshit
The 10+1 Emanations or Sephiroth
● Lishma and the Sephiroth
● Holy Shekinah
● Nukva of ZA
The Three Pillars
Adam Kadmon
The Two Faces
Aspects of the Akudim, Nekudim and Berudim
The Abyss and the Veil
Supernal Triad
The Feminine Association with the Soul
The Four Worlds
Aspects of the Seder Hishtalshelut
● Deeper Aspects of the Seder Hishtalshelut
● Ohr and Ma'ohr
The Three Veils
● Ray of Okidanokh
The Grades
The Human Body and Parts of the Soul
● The Sephiroth and Aspect of the Soul
● The Paths, Elements and Aspects
Bonus Attributes of the Soul
● Egyptian Attribution of Parts of the Soul and Sephiroth
● Hindu Attribution of Parts of the Soul and Sephiroth
The Triplicities
The Polarities
The Paths and Meaning
The Paths and How they Connect
The 32 Paths of Wisdom
The 32 Paths with older Aspects
Sphere-working and Path-working
The Sephiroth and Paths - Elements
The 22 Paths - Elements and Planets
The Paths and Planets with Aspects
The Four Quarters and their Archangels
Zodiac and the Angels
Angels of the Decans
● Magical Images of the Decans
The Element and the Senses
Magickal Weapons:
● The 10 Sephiroth and Weapons:
● Elements, Paths and Weapons
● Planets, Paths and Weapons
● Zodiac, Paths and Weapons
Magickal Formulae:
● The Sephiroth and Formulae
● The Paths and Formulae
Magical Powers:
● The 10 Sephiroth and Powers
● Elements, Paths and Powers
● Planets, Paths and Powers
● Zodiac, Paths and Powers
The Supreme Elemental Kings
The Sephiroth and Paths listed by Element
Aspects of the Human Body:
● The Elements, Paths and the Human Body
● The Planets, Paths and the Human Body
● The Zodiac, Paths and the Human Body
● The Elements, Paths and the Human Body
● The 10 Sephiroth and Typical Noted Diseases or Conditions
● The Elements, Paths and Conditions of the Human Body
● The Planets, Paths and Conditions of the Body
Living Aspects of the T.A.R.O.T.
● The Paths and the Meaning with T.A.R.O.T
● The Ten Sephiroth and T.A.R.O.T.
● The Path, Zodiac and Meaning
● The Paths, T.A.R.O.T. and Decans.
● Element, Paths and the T.A.R.O.T.
● Planet, Paths and the T.A.R.O.T.
● The Zodiac, Paths and the T.A.R.O.T.
● The Court Cards of the Tarot, with Sephirah
● The Twelve Hours, Paths and Zodiac of the Genii
Tree of Life and Colors
● The 10 Sephiroth and its Colors
● The 22 Paths and the Colors
● Geomantic Intelligences
Lineal Geomantic Figures of the Planets, Paths, Elements and Zodiac
● The 10 Sephiroth and the Geomantic Figures
● The Paths, Elements and Aspects
● The Paths, Planets and Aspects
● The Paths, Zodiac and Aspects
The Four Worlds and the Angles
The Heavens and Four Wolds
Aspects of the Sepher Yetzirah:
● The 10 Sephiroth and Aspects
● Elements, Paths and Aspects
● Planets, Paths and Aspects
● Zodiac, Paths and Aspects
Elements and Quarters (Sepher Yetzirah)
Legendary Orders of Being:
● Elements, Path and Being
● Planets, Path and Being
● Zodiac, Path and Being
Figures related to Pure Number:
● The Sephiroth and Shapes
● The Paths and Shapes
The Two Stars:
● Attribution of the Pentagram - Paths, Element and Location
● The Attribution of the Hexagram - Paths, Planet and Location
● The Heavenly Hexagram - Sephiroth and Planet
The Tree and Alchemy:
● The Alchemical Elements - Path, Elements and Element
● The Alchemical Metals - Sephiroth and Metals
● Tree of Life and the Alchemical - Sephiroth and Planets
Heavens of Assiah and Heliocentric Astrology:
● The Sephiroth and the Aether
● Paths and Planets of Heliocentric Astrology
● The Zodiac and Path With their planetary rulers and planets exalted
● Elements and Paths Continued
● Paths, Planets and their Numbers
● The Paths and Intelligences of the Planets
● The Paths and Spirits of the Planets
● The Paths and Olympic Planetary Spirits
● The Paths and Astrological Signs of the Angels Ruling Houses
The Tree of Life and the Perfumes
● The 10 Sephiroth and Perfumes
● Elements, Paths and Perfumes
● Planets, Paths and Perfumes
● Zodiac, Paths and Perfumes
● The Path Lineage of Zodiac and Perfumes
● Perfumes Types
Precious and Semi-Precious Stones
● The 10 Sephiroth and Stones
● Elements, Paths and Stones
● Planets, Paths and Stones
● Zodiac, Paths and Stones
The Tree of Life and Plants
● The 10 Sephiroth and Plants
● Elements, Paths and Plants
● Planets, Paths and Plants
● Zodiac, Paths and Plants
The Tree of Life and Animals
● The 10 Sephiroth and Animals
● Elements, Paths and Animals
● Planets, Paths and Animals
● Zodiac, Paths and Animals
The Perfected Man
● The Sephiroth, Gods and Aspects of Man
● Elements, Paths, Gods and Aspects of Man
● Planets, Paths, Gods and Aspects of Man
● Zodiac, Paths, Gods and Aspects of Man
Judica and the Tree
● The Twelve Tribes
● The 10 Plagues
● The Kings and Dukes of Edom
● The Four Rivers
● The Saints or Adepts of the Hebrews
● The Ten Divisions of the Body of God
● The Ten Earths in Seven Palaces
Transcendental Morality
● The Sephiroth and Morality
● Elements, Paths and Morality
● Planets, Paths and Morality
Plant Substances associated with the Tree
● The Sephiroth and Substance
● Elements, Paths and Substance
● Planets, Paths and Substance
● Zodiac, Paths and Substance
Mineral Substances Associated with the Tree
● The Sephiroth and Substance
● The Paths and Substance
The Grades of the Path
● Third Order - Sephiroth and Title
● Second Order - Sephiroth and Title
● First Order - Sephiroth and Title
Khokhmah and Sophia
● Sophia Perennial
● The Qabalistic Cross
● Middle Pillar Exercise
● Merkaba
● The Ma'aseh Merkabah
● Circulation of the Light
● The Fountain of Light
Tree of Life and Hermetics

Mystical Conduits Traditions

● Theurgy
● Thaumaturgy
● Neoplatonism
● Plotinus
● Iamblichus
● Pansophic Freemasonry
The Hermetic Kabbala
● Theoretical Background
● Creation
● The Secret Fire and the Sephiroth
● The Middle Pillar
● The Cosmic Triangle of Fire
● Mercurius Senex
● The Primordial Serpent
● The Secret Fire
● Freeing the Dragon
● Adam Kadom: The Secret Fire and YHVH
● Hasidic Philosophy
● A Short History of the Qabalah / Kabbalah
● Historical Hermetic Qabalah
● Microprosophus
● The Kybalion
● Kabbalah vs Qabalah
● Kybalion and The Seven Hermetic Principles
● Transcendental Astronomy
● Transcendental Premises
● The Hermetic Tradition
● Primary Hermetic Works
● Hermetic World View
● Hermetic Spiritual Practice
● Corpus Hermeticum
Pe-Judaic History
Post-Judaic History
The God Forms Associated with the Tree
● The Sephiroth, Outer Vail and Godform
● The Paths and Godforms
Tree of Death

Astral Realm also known as the Sub Lunar Realm

Are the Demons Astral Shells or Lunar Shells
Draconian Tradition..
The War Between Demons and Angels
Sephiroth and Qliphothic Orders
Tunnels, Zodiac and Qliphothic Orders
The Sephiroth and Ten Hells in Seven Palaces
Adverse Powers at the Feet of the Cherub
Infernal Habitations
The Sephiroth and Seven Hells of the Arabs and their Inhabitants
The Seven Divisions of Hell
The Infernal Houses of September
The Tunnels, Elements and Demon Kings
The Paths, Elements and Demon Queens
The Tunnels, Planets, Zodiac and the Goetic Demons of the Decans by Day
The Tunnels, Planets, Zodiac and the Goetic Demons of the Decans by Night
Qliphothic Orders
The Demonic Orders (Averse Sephiroth)
The Four Brides of Samael
Zodiac Guardians Of The Qliphoth
The Tunnels and Qlippothic Guardians
Four Great Dragons of Qlippoth Realm
Qliphoth Rivers
Keepers of the Matter over Spirit Pentagram
Ten Hells in 7 Palaces - The Gateway to the 7 Heads of the Dragon
The Sephiroth, 22 Dimensions, Tunnels of the Qlippoth World
The Five Accused Nations
The Five Accused Spirits of the Accused Nations
The Tunnels of Set, Zodiac and there Aspects
The Zodiac and the Guardians of the Qliphoth
The Demons and Guardians of the Qliphoth
The Demons and Aspects of the Tunnels of Set
The Tunnels of the Zodiac Demons of the Qliphoth
The 32 Tunnels of Set and the T.A.R.O.T.
The Sephiroth of the Qliphoth and there Aspects
The Twelve Princes of the Qliphoth and the Months of the Year
The Three Dark Forces Before Samael
The Seven Palaces
The Dark Chiefs of the Adverse Sephiroth

In my many years of esoteric studies, one of the best systems of knowledge I have encountered
is the Cabalistic Tree of Life. The Tree contains ten circles representing the Sephiroth (sing
Plural: Sephirah); that is, "spheres," "numbers," or "emanations". The Sephiroth are the
numbers 1 through 10 + 1 considered in their archetypal sense. Each Sephirah is an archetypal
idea. Also, the Sephiroth represent emanations from the Gods and describe the process of
Traditionally the Kabbalists did not Speak Much about the different Sephirah; usually giving
only their name and a short description. This was done intentionally as they wanted to
encourage students to experience the Tree of Life rather than just accepting intellectual ideas
from others. The Tree of Life and the Sephiroth can be looked at and experienced from many
different angles and different levels. Although created by Kabbalists the tree can be easily
applied to other religions and esoteric teachings; it is that basic and fundamental, at the
Foundation.But first and for all, it is a blueprint of the human being, and everything on the Tree
of Life is a reflection of what happens inside oneself. Therefore one should see, and experience,
the Tree of Life inside oneself. The Sephiroth have each their own respective place on the Tree,
and they relate to each other in particular ways, depending, for example, on the Paths that
connect them. What I will give you here is the basic information based on my own studies and
insight. The Kabbalah is a rigid system and there is not a lot of flexibility in its interpretation.
The Kabbalah also attaches great importance to each letter and its numerical value, but that is a
whole field (Gematria) which by itself we cannot go into here.
Corresponding to the last sephirah in Creation is the indwelling shekhinah (Feminine Divine
Presence). Downward flow of divine Light in Creation forms the supernal Four Worlds; Atziluth,
Beriah, Yetzirah and Assiah manifesting the dominance of successive sephirot towards action in
this world. The acts of man unite or divide the Heavenly masculine and feminine aspects of the
sephirot, their anthropomorphic harmony completing Creation. As the spiritual foundation of
Creation, the sephiroth corresponds to the names of God or Gods in Judaism and the particular
nature of any entity.

Dualistic cosmology
Although Kabbalah propounds the Unity of the names of God \ Gods, one of the most serious
and sustained criticisms is that it may lead away from monotheism, and instead promote
dualism, the belief that there is a supernatural counterpart to the names of God / Gods. The
dualistic system holds that there is a good power versus an evil power. There are two primary
Adonai Models of Gnostic-dualistic cosmology: the first, which goes back to Zoroastrianism,
believes creation is ontologically divided between good and evil forces; the second, found
largely in Greco-Roman metaphysics like Neo-Platonism, argues that the universe knew a
primordial harmony, but that a cosmic disruption yielded a second, evil, dimension to reality.
This second model influenced the cosmology of the Kabbalah.

According to Kabbalistic cosmology, the Ten Sephiroth correspond to ten levels of creation. At
this time these levels of creation must not be understood as ten different "gods" but as ten
different ways of revealing the God Names, one per level. It is said, that it is not the names of
God that changes but the ability to perceive the names of God that changes.

While Adonai / the Gods may seem to exhibit dual natures masculine - feminine, compassionate
- judgmental, creator - creation), Most adherents of Kabbalah have consistently stressed the
ultimate unity of God. For example, in all discussions of Male and Female, the hidden nature of
God exists above it all without limit, being called the Infinite or the "No End" (Ein Sof)—neither
one nor the other, transcending any definition. The ability of the Adonai / God’s to become
hidden from perception is called "Restriction" (Tzimtzum). Hiddenness makes creation possible
because of Adonai / the Gods can become "revealed" in a diversity of limited ways, which then
form the building blocks of creation.

Kabbalistic texts, including the Zohar, appear to affirm dualism, as they ascribe all evil to the
separation from holiness known as the Sitra Achra ("the other side") which is opposed to Sitra
D'Kedushah, or the Side of Holiness. The "left side" of divine emanation is a negative mirror
image of the "side of holiness" with which it was locked in combat. While this evil aspect exists
within the divine structure of the Sephiroth, the Zohar indicates that the Sitra Ahra has no power
over Ein Sof, and only exists as a necessary aspect of the creation. The God’s gave man free
will and choice, and that evil is the consequence of this choice. It is not a supernatural force
opposed to God, but a reflection of the inner moral combat within mankind between the dictates
of morality and the surrender to one's basic instincts.
Many Kabbalists hold that the concepts of a Heavenly Court “Sitra D'Kedushahor” The Sitra
Ahra are only given to humanity by God as a working model to understand His ways within our
own epistemological limits. They reject the notion that a satan or angels actually exist. Others
hold that non-divine spiritual entities were indeed created by Gods as a means for exacting
there will.

According to Kabbalists, humans do not yet understand the infinity of the Sitra D'Kedushah .
Rather, there is Light or Shadow as is revealed to humans (corresponding to Zeir Anpin), and
the rest of the infinity remaining hidden from human experience (corresponding to Arich Anpin).
One reading of this theology is monotheistic, similar to panentheism; another reading of the
same theology is that it is dualistic.

Word about the Sephiroth

As we mentioned before, the sephiroth are emanations from the divine. They are strongly
defined by number and place on the Tree of Life. But what are they? According to the Elder
Cabalistic it to be considered substantial principles of power-vessels, or categorical ideas in
which the consciousness of the universe expresses itself. They are like vessels or channels,
and through which the divine powers can manifest themselves in their creative evolution. They
are spheres of light, receptacles that hold particular energies as they stream down from the
divine source. They are like different potencies emanating from the divine. They are constantly
there, always active, never ceasing. They are a medium between the divine, the Absolute
(Ain-Soph) and the physical world as we know it. They are characterized by limitation, measure,
and concretization. They are gradations of powers, that is why they have different places on the
Tree of Life. They are the substance of reality. They emanated from the divine, but are
uncreated. The created universe that followed is just a reflection.
To some the question arises, how did they come into being? Therefore we have to have a look
at the Beginning…

First there is Ain. Ain is Neutral, Nothingness, The Negative Existence, the Great Emptiness,
The Absolute, The Absence of Things, The Prime Cause, The Originless Origin of all
manifestation. it generally is not knowable, it is indescribable, to the non-illuminated.

Then there is Ain Soph. Ain means 'not' and soph means "end". Ain Soph is the Infinite, The
Limitless, Infinite Space, Eternity. It is also called the Holy Old One, or the Old One of All Old
Ones. Sophia Perennial.. Ain Soph is the primal darkness of the absolute unity above anything
else. Ain Soph is the one in which everything has its origin, its existence,and to which
everything returns.

The Ein Sof - Limitless is the unknowable, undifferentiated, infinite Divine essence. The 10
emanations of the Sephirot enable the Creation to know the Gods, and become one with the
attributes that reveal Divinity. They are also the channels through which all of Creation is
continuously sustained from nothing.
The Ohr Ein Sof - The Infinite Light
Tzimtzum - Restrictions of Divine Light
Tzimtzumim - Infinite Light Without Divine Presences
Hishtalshelut - Is the chain-like descent of spiritual worlds (Olam/Olamot) between the Gods and
Creation. Each spiritual world denotes a complete realm of existence, resulting from its general
proximity or distance to Divine revelation. Each realm is also a form of conscious reflection of
the aspects of the soul.

Ohr Ein Sof - Preparatory stages in the Ohr Ein Sof ("The God's Infinite Light") before the
beginning of the creative process. The Ohr Ein Sof is a paradoxical form of divine
self-revelation. These are above any world/limitation. Kabbalah considered the functional
question whether the Ein Sof represents The God's divine essence or as First Cause. Habad
intellectual Hasidic thought explores Atzmut (divine essence) in the purpose of Creation:

Atzmut ("The Gods Absolute Essence")

Yachid ("The Single One")
Echad ("The One")
Sha'ashuim Atzmi'im ("The Delights of Self")
Aliyat Ha Ratzon ("Rose in His Will")
Ana Emloch ("I will reign")
Ein Sof ("No End" - classic term for the Unknowable God in Kabbalah)
Kadmon ("Primordial One")
Avir Kadmon ("Primordial Atmosphere")
Adam Kadma'ah Stima'ah ("Concealed Primordial Man") The God's will for Creation before the

Tzimtzum - Three stages of the Sod HaTzimtzum ("Secret of Contraction") taught in the newer
doctrines of Lurianic Kabbalah. These received differing interpretations after Luria, from the
literal (more mythological) to the metaphorical (more philosophical). In this dynamic myth, the
first act in Creation was Divine Self-Withdrawal, the opposite of Creative revelation. Tzimtzum is
a paradox as Creation depends on the Gods also being present in the vacuum and resulting

Tzimtzum ("Contraction") "Self-Withdrawal/removal" of the God's Infinite Light to create the

Khalal ("Vacuum")
Reshimu ("Impression") Impression that God withdrew from the vacuum
Kav ("Ray") New Divine light radiated into the primordial darkness/vacuum

Ain Soph Aur. Aur means light. The Ain Soph Aur is the Limitless or Infinite Light.
Now the Ain Soph Aur retracts itself within itself to a light point. Here we have substantiality out
of nothing. This brings forth Kether.. the first Sephira at the top of Tree of Life. Here is the primal
vibration of the universe to follow
This light point starts to emit light energy, light rays. This is the primal ocean of subtle ether
used for the building of the universe. This subtle ether is polarized into harmonious moving
opposites of positive and negative, attraction and repulsion, contraction and expansion. There is
harmonious equilibrium.

The Negative / Neutral energy creates the Severity (Judgment) pillar on the left side "Boaz" and
the positive / Neutral energy creates the Mercy pillar on the right side "Jachin” of the Tree of
Life. And thus the next two Sephiroth arise: Chokmah (Wisdom) on the right side, and Binah
(Understanding) on the left side. The left pillar is also called the Pillar of Form, the right pillar the
Pillar of Force, and the middle pillar, the Pillar of Consciousness. Of the middle pillar it is said
that it both shows how the Gods reveals themselves to us (downward movement) and how it is
our path for "conforming to their image" (upward movement).

The Pillars
Ok, now we have three Sephiroth, and they form a trinity, called the Supernal triad. Under this
trinity is the Abyss. Above the Abyss is the realm of ideas, or the Ideal. Under the Abyss, is the
world of the real, or Reality and Causality, in which the next seven Sephiroth are to come. The
next seven Sephiroth are the crystallization, the densification, of the subtle ether. Together they
produce the universe, the world we know.

The Qabalah
Qabalah / Kabbalah) is an aspect of Jewish mysticism. It consists of aspects of the nature of
divinity, the creation, the origin and journey of the soul, and the role of humans. It consists also
of meditative, devotional, mystical and magical practices which were taught only to a select few
and for this reason Kabbalah is regarded as an esoteric offshoot of Judaism. In general usage,
the spelling qabalah is used to distinguish the variation of kabbalah used by western or hermetic
magicians from Jewish mystical kabbalah.

Hermetic Qabalah
Hermes Trismegistus, the "father" of Hermetic Magick as we know it
With many teachings and writings have been done over a large amount of time.

Qabalah and Ceremonial Magick

Qabalah was a subject of study for most Ceremonialism between the time of John Dee and the
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. But Eliphas Levi, whose influence on the Order of the
Golden Dawn and on Thelema was great, rooted his Transcendental Magic (Dogme et Rituel de
la Haute Magie) in a Qabalistic tradition. His Elements of the Kabbalah remains a fundamental
text for the student of ceremonial magick.

It would not be an overstatement to say that the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was a
Qabalistic organization. Its initiatory structure was based on the Tree of Life. Indeed, its entire
magical system depended on the Qabalah.

Qabalah and Thelema

Put simply, Qabalah is a sine qua non in the practice of Thelemic magick. Aleister Crowley
summarized the importance of Qabalah in "The Temple of Solomon",

Fortunately, there is one science that can aid us, a science that, properly understood by the
initiated mind, is as absolute as mathematics, more self-supporting than philosophy, a science
of the spirit itself, whose teacher is God, whose method is simple as the divine Light, and subtle
as the divine Fire, whose results are limpid as the divine Water, all-embracing as the divine Air,
and solid as the divine Earth. Truth is the source, and Economy the course, of that marvellous
stream that pours its living waters into the Ocean of apodeictic certainty, the Truth that is infinite
in its infinity as the primal Truth which which it is identical is infinite in its Unity.
Need we say that we speak of the holy Qabalah? O science secret, subtle, and sublime, who
shall name thee without veneration, without prostration of soul, spirit, and body before thy divine
Author, without exaltation of soul, spirit, and body as by His favour they bathe in His lustral and
illimitable Light?

Principles of Qabalah
To summarize the principles of Qabalah within this space is similar to attempting to define "love"
in three words. There are, however, a few concepts that are fundamental to the Qabalah. The
student must do more research beyond this article. A beginning list of sources follows

Ma’aseh Bereshit

The Doctrine of the Universe, Creation of the Tertiary Domain of the Heavens and Manifestation
of Matter on the Physical Plane.

Is an esoteric method, discipline, and school of thought that originated in Judaism. A traditional
ָ ‫)​ ְ​מ‬.
Kabbalist in Judaism is called a Mekubbal (Hebrew: ‫קוּבּל‬

The Sephirah 10+1

1. Kether

Kether is the first manifested Sephirah, the first condensation of the light of Ain-Soph. Kether
means 'the Crown'. It sits like a crown on the top of the Tree of Life, but at the same time is the
Crown on top of our head. It is said that Kether encircles and covers the brain of the primordial
Man, Adam Kadmon. One might compare it with the Crown Chakra of the yoga system. It is
called the Crown because Kether belongs half to the human system (and the Tree of Life) and
half to the Divine (or Ain-Soph), like a crown sits on top of the head, but is not quite part of the
head itself. Kether connects the Divine and the human. Or, man lives in the universe but does
not belong to the universe, but to the divine. Kether is man's connection to the divine. That is
why Kether is partly hidden, because of its connection to the Nothingness, and partly manifest
because of its connection to the manifested universe.
Kether is the source of light rising up from the darkness. It is a monad of pure energy in
which all opposites are unified. In Kether is the blueprint of the entire universe. Made by EL and
Adonai designed by Metatron watched over by Ezekiel

Kether is also called Mashabah, which is consciousness, as Kether is pure consciousness.

In Kether resides the divine essence of a person, indestructible. Concept of the Tabernacles

Kether is also called the Crown because of its ability to receive and integrate the divine

2. Hochma - Chochmah

Hochma is the second Sephiroth. Hochma means 'wisdom'. It is the Word, the Logos. It is
the Son in relation to Kether as its Father. Remember Hochma is on top of the right, positive,
male pillar, and thus Hochma is considered to embody the primal male energies. It is the active,
male principle, the vital, energizing element of existence. In Hochma is the will to create.
Hochma is associated in the soul with the power of intuitive insight, flashing lightning-like
across consciousness.
In man Hochma corresponds to the right brain hemisphere. It rules imagination and conceptual
faculties. Hochma also relates to the sense of sight.
Hochma is the power of selflessness that allows us to 'taste' divinity.
For me, Chochmah is the driving for in this life, the energy that keeps me alive and allows me to
do the things I want to do. It is my will to live and to fulfill my purpose in life. It also represents
the primal male energies in me that were established in my early years by the contact with my
The word Beresheet has several meanings: Bere = Barah – created six properties without Ohr
Hochma, as the word Barah signifies concealment. Hence, the word Beresheet has two

1. Hochma, as the word Resheet means Hochma.

2. Barah Sheet, which shows how the Sefira Hochma was divided into six parts without a Rosh,
without Ohr Hochma. These six parts are the source of Light for ZON (the “world”), and these
six parts of ZA together with Malkuth are called the “seven days of creation.


Binah (=Understanding) is the third Sephirah and sits on top of the left, negative, female
pillar. It embodies the primal female energies. Binah and Hochma form a harmonious
relationship. She is the female that harbors the seed and brings forth the fruit. She is the
Mother, the Great Sea, the primal substance filling the entire universe and the fundament of the
Binah is stability, it organizes, regulates and gives form to the energies of Hochma. Binah
calms the stimulating energies of Hochma. While Hochma is the seed, Binah nurtures the seed.
Binah comprises the entire intellectual power of human consciousness. In the human
thoughts, the intuitive formations of Chochmah come to fruition in Binah and become
understandable and classifiable. Binah is associated in the soul with lots the power of
conceptual analysis and reasoning, both inductive and deductive. The "understanding" of Binah
also implies the ability to examine the degree of truth or falsehood inherent in a particular idea.
Binah is what shapes by giving form to the different processes that one may have to go
through: education, relationships, environment, everything that has shaped and is still shaping
my character. Binah also contains the primal female energies that were established in my early
years by the contact with my mother.
The Angelic Order (or lineage of Devic Spirit-Workers, who serve this Sephirah are called the
"ARALIM" which means 'Builder Of Thrones

4. Chesed

Chesed (=Mercy) is the first Sephirah created underneath the Abyss. Chesed is unlimited
benevolence. Chesed arises by the outpouring of of the energy of the supernal triad across the
Abyss in the world of causality. It contains a productive and vivifying energy.
Chesed is the first of the seven lower Sephiroth that give form to the universe, and in this
sense it is related to such concepts as laws, justice, generosity, protection, maintainer, aspects
we associate with a king-ruler. Chesed is unlimited benevolence. Chesed is associated in the
soul with the desire to embrace all of Creation and bestow upon it goodness.

Chesed contains the oral esoteric teachings, the secret teachings, the hidden knowledge.
For me, Chesed is my inner king-ruler, how I rule my life, how I manage my life. Am I helpful
to those who need help? Am I just in my actions? Do I bring prosperity in my life and my
environment? Do I give freely, or do I hold back too much?

5. Geburah

Geburah is the fifth Sephirah. It stands for power, strength and courage. As we saw in
Chesed an outpouring of energy, in Geburah this energy is being controlled, contracted, limited.
As a pair, their qualities provide an equilibrium between expansion and contraction. The
contracting quality of Geburah allows for usefulness, activity, progress. It also decomposes that
which is useless.
Geburah is the king-warrior, who is well aware of the boundaries of his territory and will
fiercely defend it. Discipline, severity, restriction are his nature. It is the restraining might of
Geburah, which allows one to overcome his enemies, be they from without or from within (his
evil inclination).

Geburah contains the written teachings.

For me, Geburah is the inner king-warrior. In life, I have to set up boundaries. I have to keep
out unwanted energies and people. But the gates are open for people I welcome. Boundaries
have also to with behavior. I do not want people to take advantage of me, and I have to be
aware what the boundaries of other people are. Sometimes I have to be more assertive, or even
aggressive, and go out and fight. Sometimes I have to defend my (psychological) territory.

6. Tiphereth

The sixth Sephirah, Tiphereth (=Beauty) is the center of the Tree of Life. It corresponds to
heart of the human body, where the sense of ego lies. Being in the center of the Tree of Life
nothing happens without its mediation. It coordinates and gives harmony and equilibrium to the
inflowing forces. It reconciles and gives compassion.
Tiphereth is also associated with sacrifice, since as we climb up the Tree of Life we have to
sacrifice the ego at this place, before we can go any higher.
Tiphereth is also about sincerity and the meaning of individuality.
For me, Tiphereth is my sense of ego. The ego that has been nurtured by society, by family
members, friends. They usually call it "character". The ego is built during the first twenty years of
one's life, when there is no resistance against outside influences. Once adult, I started to
analyze my ego and I got rid of some negative character traits,a difficult and long process that I
am still working on.

7. Netzach

The seventh Sephirah is , Victory or triumph, victory without regret. Netzach is the place of
the emotions, the feelings, the powers that stimulate creativity. Nezach contains what people
usually understand by love, satisfaction, and art in all its forms.
Netzach, As the divine energies flow down the Tree of Life, Netzach makes them practical for
man. It allows man to crystallize his intentions and sweep away parasitical energies.
For me, Netzach is my emotions, whether they are blocked, misdirected or free flowing; if my
emotions are spontaneous or if they are learned habits because as a child I was programmed to
react in a particular way. I try to cultivate higher emotions like enjoying music, and be aware of
and restrict lower emotions, such as anger, when they are not constructive.

8. Hod

The eighth Sephirah is Hod, Glory. Being the opposite of Netzach, Hod controls the
practical, emotional energies of Netzach by its mental powers. Hod is associated with the
intellect and thoughts. Intellect and emotions need to balance each other. Expressing emotions
without thinking is equivalent to uncontrolled rage. Thinking without emotions leads to becoming
Hod gives stability, fixation and practical knowledge to the free flowing energies of Netzach.
Hod by itself is very speculative and theoretical.
Hod is associated in the soul with the power to continually advance, with the determination
and perseverance born of deep inner commitment, toward the realization of one's life goals. The
acknowledgment of a supreme purpose in life, and the total submission of self which it inspires,
serves to endow the source of one's inspiration with an aura of splendor and majesty.
For me, Hod is my thinking process, and my thinking structure. I try to be aware of my
opinions; are they shaped by what I read or hear in the news, are they based on other people's
opinions? Does what I think really come from me, myself, or is it just a program put into my mind
by others?

9. Yesod

The ninth Sephirah is Yesod, the Foundation. It is the foundation of the created world on
which the other Sephiroth rest. Yesod is usually seen as the lower astral world, the ether of
electromagnetic substance well known in spiritualism and psychic phenomena. It is a subtle
energy that vivifies, coordinates, integrates and stimulates the physical bodies. It is related to
sexual energies and the sexual organs in the human body.
Yesod has the qualities of imagination, illusions, and dreams, all of which are necessary to
make things happen in the world when properly understood. It gives us the power to connect,
communicate and contact with outer reality (which is the next Sephirah, Malkuth).
All higher energies of the first eight Sephiroth have to pass through Yesod when expressing
themselves in the physical world (=the tenth Sephirah). Yesod guides, forms and structures
those higher energies and shapes them into their final patterns when expressed in the physical
world. In this sense Yesod is also the foundation of the physical world, as the physical world is
just the physical expression, or formation of what has already been structured and formed in
Yesod is linked to the stream of blessings, or energies, that are flowing from the upper world
to the physical world, for this Yesod is also called El Hai, the Living God, or El Shaddai, God the
For me, Yesod represents my dreams. The dreams I never realized because my
expectations were not based on reality, but also the dreams I did realize. Yesod is the fertile
ground of imagination that helps me to come up with new ideas and to try out new things.

10. Malkuth

The final and Tenth Sephiroth is Malkuth, the Kingdom. As last of the Sephiroth it is the
synthesis of all other Sephiroth. Creation by the Gods and the Great Architect. Malkuth is the
physical and total expression of the divine. It is the physical world as we daily experience it, the
physical body, but also all crystallized energies that make this physical life possible. Malkuth
gives us the power of self-expression.
Malkuth is also called The Queen, the Daughter, Bride, or Gate. As Gate it is the gate
through which one enters the Tree of Life. As Queen, Daughter or Bride she is the Shekinah,
the female aspect of the divinity, in relation to Kether, the first Sephirah, who is the King, Father
or Groom. It also shows that when ascending the Tree, one needs to join Bride and Groom, that
is joining our ordinary consciousness with the divine consciousness.
In Malkuth the Shekinah, or Divine presence, lies dormant. For Shekniah to rise up
successfully, all six Sephiroth of what is called Zeïr Anpin (the Small Face) have to be purified,
otherwise Shekinah will retreat back to Malkuth.
For me, Malkuth is the way I express myself on the physical plane. It is that what I actually
have realized, and what I am still working on. I can the result in the environment I have created.

11 Daath

Daath is the Pseudo-Sephira of creation and of Knowledge. It is here that the tidal forces of
positive and negative come together to be used for the benefit of the physical developmental
system. It is here where the polarized energy pours forth from the Abyss and becomes
manifested into forms, such as your physical universe. As such, it is a very powerful and
ominous place. The forces of positive and negative are kept in tight abeyance here, and this
tension can be felt at all times, upon visiting.

The Archangel here is called Ekenor. He will come to you in time, as a Guide.. but not before
you get a lay of the land and meet with some of the other angels. He can help you to be direct
and focus your energy’s but he will do this by setting up tasks for you to complete. These tasks
will accomplish this learning and in the process receive information. Some other Archangels, in
the other Sephirah, will just give you the information you seek. Not so with Ekenor. He expects
that if you want to know the answer to something than you want to use it. So, you are put to
work, shortly after meeting with him.

There is a Dweller in the Abyss.. It is Called Choronzon, in his view.. A great spiritual wilderness
which must be crossed by the adept to attain mastery. Choronzon is there as the final
obstruction. If he is met with the proper preparation, then he is there to destroy the ego, which
allows the adept to move beyond the Abyss. If unprepared, then the unfortunate traveller will be
utterly dispersed into annihilation.
Choronzon Arch-Demon.. Written to be the First Evil.. Older than Samael the Black.
Choronzon was the Serpent / Basilisk.. attempting to corrupt the Great / Sacred Surviving Tree..
During the great war between Samael and the Angels. Choronzon and Samael the Black where
Choronzon aspects are dispersion, impotence, malice, corruption, restriction, and death.


Lishma Is an Awakening from Above

Lishma is an illumination that comes from Above
Lishma is the fulfillment that comes from Above

Lisha is about Devotion, Ritual and Prayer to El and the Angels.. Sophia and Aloath Elohim.
Receiving Gifts of Enlightenment, Good Health and maintain the connection to the Great Work.

Lishma and the Sephiroth

Kether Ehyh = Aleph-Hey-Yod-Hey
Hochma Yah = Yod-Hey
Bina HaVaYaH with Nikud Elokim
Chesed EL= Aleph-Lamed
Geburah Elokim = Aleph-Lamed-Hey-Yod-Hey
Tiphereth HaVaYaH with Nikud of Shvah-Holam-Kamatz
Netzach and Hod Tzevaot
Yesod Shaddai = Shin-Dalet-Yod or EL=Aleph-Lamed CHAI=Chet-Yod
Malkuth Adni = Aleph-Dalet-Nun-Yod


The kabbalists see the Ehieh-Shekinah as the undifferentiated primal cosmic force, a unity of
opposites that is the cosmic consciousness of the divine, or Ain Soph.
Although a unity, we human beings see it as two opposites. Ehieh-Shekinah is both inside
ourselves and out there in the world.
Ehieh is cosmic consciousness, and we regard it as the positive, male principle, static and
Shekinah is cosmic energy, and we regard it as the negative, female principle, kinetic and
present in everyday life.
Shekinah can be in two states: active and passive. In her active state she is the creative
movement that brought forth the cosmos. She is the driving force of all the manifestations in the
universe. When coming down from the Ain Soph she created all the Sephiroth and rests in the
last Sephira, Malkuth. This is her passive state. This means that Shekinah is passive on the
physical level and lower levels of consciousness. Shekinah is also in rest in the physical body.
But Shekinah can be awakened and made active. Then she will guide us up the Tree of life, to
be united again with her partner or groom Ehieh.
All this is very similar to Kundalini in the yoga and Tantra system.

Holy Shekinah

In the the old books when we read about the “sun” and “moon,” much of the time.. it is for us to
understand that Yesod and Malkuth, and the mysteries of their relationship and interaction. In
Atziluth, the World of the Holy Sefiroth, at the outset, these two Holy Sefirot are joined in a
glorious union, a union that is to be realized through the action of creative evolution – they shine
with the same Holy Radiance in Atziluth, the Supernal Universe. However, in a mystery, in order
for the spiritual power of this union to be actualized and realized the matrix of creation must
come into being, and for this to happen, the Holy Light of Supernal Malkuth had to be
diminished, and a separation had to occur between these principles of the Masculine and
Feminine. Thus, diminishing her Holy Light and removing herself from her Divine Consort,
Yesod, in restricted emanations the Holy Light of Malkuth rays out generating the World of
Beriyah, Yetzirah and Assiah. When this transpires her Holy Light becomes bound up in the
great matrix of creation and, in effect, she becomes manifest as all of the realms, worlds and
universes of creation within spiritual, astral, material aetheric and dimensions, and becomes all
of the living spirits and souls, all of the sentient beings dwelling in them.

This “diminished” state of Malkuth, the Holy Shekinah, separated from her Divine Consort is
Nukva, the Daughter, but through this process the potential spiritual power of the union of
Yesod and Malkut becomes realized, and when she becomes realized, uplifted, restored to her
union with Yesod, in union she is Kallah, the Holy Bride.
Through the matrix of creation, as ordained by El Elyon, the Holy Shekinah labors to emanate
and bring forth a Holy Vessel to receive and embody, and transmit, her full Supernal Influx,
which is to say that she labors to bring about holy souls, realized souls, that can embody the full
Divine Presence and Power, male and female. The generation of a holy, realized soul that can
embody the Soul of a Messiah, Supernal or Messianic Consciousness, represents the Holy
Vessel able to receive her full Supernal Influx, and so with the advent of a Messiah and the
Light Transmission that flows from the Risen Messiah, Supernal Malkut reaches, becoming
actualized and realized in full. Thus, speaking of the appearance of a Messiah, Truly so, for the
kingdom of heaven, the influx of Supernal Malkuth, is embodied in a Messiah, the One Anointed
with the Supernal Light of the Gods.

Here we may say, when a Messiah appears in a world Nukva becomes Kallah, for her Divine
Consort emanates from her and she enters into union with him, the Shekinah of a Messiah
raying out in that world, and raying out into all realms and heavens of that world, and in this
action she “gives something new” as an offering of herself to the Holy One, and she is exalted,
uplifted, restored above, the fullness of her glory and power being made manifest.

Through this process not only does Nukva become Kallah, but she becomes Imma, Mother, for
she conceives and gives birth, Malkut becoming exalted and “enthroned upon Binah,” and so
Malkut is uplifted, becoming the four worlds that fulfilled the Six representing the Son, or Man.

When the Bridegroom and Bride unite, conceiving and birthing a Holy Child, the Bride becomes
Mother and the Son becomes Father, both being exalted, uplifted, completely reintegrated with
the Light Continuum, Yahweh. Father of the Tree.


Zeir Anpin and Nukva - root of the lower creations

Aspect 1: The root of all the creations in the world lies in Zeir Anpin and Nukva. As explained
earlier in connection with the World of Nekudim, the seven lower Sefiroth are the root of all the
individual creations, while everything above them is only a necessary preparation in order to
reach this level.
Aspect 2: Accordingly all their different aspects are known in greater detail. The Kabbalistic
writings enter into fewer details about the construction of Abba and Imma than in the case of
Zeir Anpin and Nukva, where there is extensive discussion of their stages of immaturity and
maturity, how many years these stages last and the details involved in the different states of the
Partzufim - face-to-face, back-to-back and so on. The reason for this is because the higher
Partzufim are only the indirect cause of our world while Zeir and Nukva are the immediate
cause. Accordingly they contain aspects parallel to all that exists in man below in all their
individual details. For if this were not the case, these aspects would not exist here below

Nukva refers to the two aspects of our physical body, the sun and moon.. symbolized on the
Tree of Life by Yesod and Malkuth. Is mainly influenced by the Moon.
Nukva of Malkuth - all the souls

Nukva of ZA

is just a point in relation to Zeir Anpin (it is behind Zeir Anpin’s chest)

There are two aspects of Nukva: her body(Partrzuf) which emerges from Bina; her Zivug called
the secret of unity with ZA.

There are two states of Nukva: small (Katnut); big (Gadlut)

Adam Kadmon

Adam Kadmon is Primal Man (Primordial Man), The Original Man. In the strictest sense he is
the emanation of the Divine in Atziluth (the World of Emanation, but he also radiates in the other
three Worlds. It is man as he originally was, and actually still is although he does not realize it
anymore, because his consciousness has split. Part of him is still close to the Divine, while the
other part is here on earth. That is why it is said that he has two faces.
Kadmon" signifies "primary of all primaries", the first pristine emanation, still united with the Ein
Sof. Adam Kadmon is the realm of Keter Elyon (Supernal Crown of Will), "the lucid and
luminous light" (Tzachtzachot), "the pure lucid sephiroth which are concealed and hidden" in
potential. Containing the future emergence of Creation, it is Divine light with no vessels, the
manifestation of the specific Divine plan for Existence, within Creation.

Therefore we must conclude that the four mochin of Zeir Anpin are called "the four cubits of
Eretz Yisrael". That is why it is said.. He who walks four cubits in Eretz Yisrael… Meaning he
who causes the entrance of the four mochin into the aspect of Zeir Anpin in the state of Galut -
"is guaranteed entrance to the World to Come", for he has the Neshama of chochma and bina of
Atziluth. Meaning that he has the capacity to draw forth the mochin into Zeir Anpin.

Adam Kadmon ("Primordial Man"), an anthropomorphic term, is the revelation of the specific
Divine Will for Creation after the Tzimtzum. Its paradoxical nature is expressed as both Adam
(creation) and Kadmon ("primary" divinity). As the level of Keter ("Crown") divine will, it is pure
light, with no vessels, bounded by its future potential to create vessels. It is sometimes counted
as the first of the Five Worlds, but its supreme transcendence is prior to the emergence of the
sephirot and Shevirat Hakeilim ("Shattering of their Vessels"):

Ratzon Kadum ("Original Desire")

Adam Kadmon ("Primordial Man")
Orot Ozen-Chotem-Peh (Five "lights from the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and forehead" of Adam

The Two Faces

Arick Anpin, the Long Face or Long Countenance. It is composed of the three Supernals:
Kether, Chochmah and Binah. It is the part of ourselves that experiences infinity, it is our
immortal being. It is also called the superconscious power of will in man. Zeïr Anpin is the Small
Face, or Small Countenance. It is composed of the Sephiroth Yesod, Hod, Netzach, Tiphereth,
Geburah and Chesed, and sometimes Daath, the hidden Sephiroth is included as well. Zeïr
Anpin is seen as the emotive faculties of the soul. They form the personality of a person, those
temporal qualities or psychological characteristics that make a unique person. They are
temporal because they are the faculties we got at birth, we will shed them at death. Zeïr Anpin is
finite as it belongs to the lesser worlds. It only has finite states of being. Zeïr Anpin is our mortal
Zeir Anpin of Atziluth is called.. Eretz Yisrael.

Akudim, Nekudim, Berudim

Three Worlds of "lights" and "vessels" resulting from the interacting lights that emanated from
Adam Kadmon, in the Lurianic Kabbalah. Each embodies different stages in the emergence of
the 10 Sephiroth. Their progression corresponds to the archetypal realms of Tohu and Tikun
("Chaos and Rectification") described in the new doctrines of Luria. Tohu causes Shevirat
HaKeilim ("Shattering of the sephirot Vessels"), the catastrophic exile in Creation:

Akudim ("Binding") 10 lights in one vessel - Stable Tohu ("Chaos")

Nekudim ("Points") 10 isolated lights in 10 vessels - Unstable Tohu ("Chaos")
Berudim ("Connection") 10 inter-relating lights in 10 vessels - beginning of Tikun ("Rectification")

The Abyss and the Veil

The Abyss and the Veil are two 'obstacles' to overcome when ascending the Tree of Life. There
is that much information available and their position on the Tree varies with the writer. I find their
position as shown here the most logical as both obstacles form a separation between the three
The Abyss
Kether, Chochmah and Binah form a trinity, the supernal triad, which resides above the
Abyss. This Abyss cannot be traversed by man as long as he is bound by his world of intellect
and everyday experiences. Only by riding the Merkabah (=the chariot - vehicle) of mystical
experience, with the resulting destruction of the sense of ego, will he be able to traverse the
Abyss and contact the supernal triad.
The Veil
Under the second triad, formed by Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth, is another barrier, called
the Veil. The Veil shields our ordinary consciousness (below the Veil where the next four
Sephirah are) from the deeper contents of our soul, above the Veil). The Veil is the same as the
veil in the temple, the curtain that shields the mysteries from the profane. Only the initiated can
pass the veil. It is also the veil or curtain behind the High Priestess in the Tarot.

There is a lot of dispute about the Sephirah Daath which would be the Sephirah following Binah
and situated on the middle pillar, and 'above' the Abyss. Some say it is not a Sephirah at all.
Daath means Knowledge, in the first place knowledge of the Divine and the divine expression in
the universe. Daath is also the total of knowledge gained by an individual throughout their life or
lifetimes, and especially the knowledge about what his / her life is all about.
Daath is also the key to the manifestation of all things. It is a Sephirah of becoming, as after
Daath.. Creation will take place. It is said that Daath is the child of Binah and Chokmah, the
Mother and the Father, not situated on the Tree of Life, but above. That is, Kether, Chokmah
and Binah form the (flat) basis of a triangular pyramid (actually a tetrahedron) and Daath is at
the top of this pyramid, above the flat plane of the Tree. Why the ancients saw it this way, we
don't know. Maybe they wanted to express a particular insight. I think one can easily fit Daath in
the regular Tree of Life as fourth Sephirah.
Ascending the Tree of Life on the middle pillar, passing Tiphereth, we leave the ego behind
and cross the Abyss. Daath is seen as entering the mysterious blackness. This void or
emptiness receives of and ultimately leads to the Brilliance of the White Light of Kether. The
void or emptiness should not be seen as a negative, awful place, but as the underlying nature of
all things and beings as explained by Only by passing through the Abyss.. 13 Path - 10th Aethyr
Zax with the Gatekeeper Chronozon. Decisions and Allegiances must be made. So that we can
realize the innermost spiritual nature.
In the human body Daath is situated between the two brain hemispheres, and thus
sometimes said to be between the eyes.

Daath is notably a location where you can gain access to the Spirit Plane. Place of Raven..
Raven is the key.. Wolf is the lock.. the 7 - 4+3 kerubic Beings.
The four Kerubic Beings of Ezekiel Winged Bull, Winged Lion, Eagle/Phoenix, Man / Angel

Snake / Typhon, Sphinx and Anubis Balance of the Grand Design.

Typhon Severity
Sphinx Equilibrium
Anubis Mercy
The three figures situated directly on the Great Wheel are also believed to represent the three
alchemical elements:

Salt - (Typhon) Boaz left Pillar - Severity

Sulfur (Sphinx) Middle Pillar—the center column - Beneficence

Mercury (Anubis) Jachin the right Pillar - Mercy

These elements mark the shape, phase and potential of energy. Salt, or tamas in the Eastern
philosophy means darkness, ignorance, and death. Sulfur, or rajas in the East, represents
energy, thrill, fire, glow and unrest. Mercury, or sattva in the Eastern teachings, means calm,
intelligence, know how, lucidity, and balance. It marks the essence of a being or an object.

Supernel Triads

Kether = Crown
Hochma = Wisdom
Binah = Intelligence / Understanding

Kether = The idea of the soul (Monad)

Hochma = The energy that souls are made up of.
Binah = The womb which all souls are born.

Kether = Self-Realization emanating from En-Sof

Hochma = Living Spirit creational force
Binah = Is the Supernal Soul Body spirit can interact with the lower planes

Kether = Being the Initial Spark

Hochma = Being the Flame that Extends Out
Binah = Being the Holder that Contains the Flame

The Feminine Association with the Soul

Supernal Mothers: Isis-Urania, Aima-Elohim, Venus-Aphrodite

Lady of Equilibration: Annah-Elohim

Great Primordial Goddess: Nuet
Great Container Goddess: Hathor
Great Pillars Goddess: Isis (White) Nephihs (Black)
Lady of the Gateway: Sandalphon
The Great Kerub of Malkuth: Metatron
Goddess of Nature: Shekinah
She How Vails the Supernals: Aima-Elohim
The Cosmogonic Tetragrammaton - Divine Feminine: Sophia

The Heavens - Above - The Head - Shin - Salt

Spirit - Between - The Chest - Aleph - Mercury
The Earth - Below - The Belly - Mem - Sulphur

Archangelic Level - Lidiel

Spiritual Intermediaries which all lead to Aloath Elohim (The Great Mother)
Chokmah Mother of Shekinah

The Four Worlds

Briah - Olam Ha'Beriah (The Creative World)

Atziluth - Olam Ha’Atziluth (The Archetypal World)
Yetzirah - Olam Ha'Yetzirah (The Formative World)
Assiah - Olam Ha'Assiah (The Material World
Assiah - Gashmit (Physical Action)

Atziluth​: The World of Archetypes, related to the 1st triangle. This is Pleroma (a term used in
Gnostic teachings).
Briah: The World of Creation, related to the 2nd triangle. Also called Gnosis or Daath (the
creative force of the Masters).
Yetzirah: The World of Splendors, related to the 3rd triangle. Also called Psyche.
Assiah: The physical world (or body), related to the mixture of forces from the Sephiroth. (The
bible refers to the 7 churches in Assiah, not Asia, as is commonly thought).

The Kabbalah knows four Worlds. Although they exist simultaneously, one flows forth from
the other. The Tree of Life exists in each of the four Worlds, and at the same time it has four
divisions structurally corresponding to each of the four Worlds. First, let us have a look at what
those four Worlds are.

The World of Emanation.
It is the first world that emanated from the Divine. Emanation means that it flowed forth from
the Divine. It is not the same as creation. Creation implies an act of creating, that will take place
in the next World.
Atziluth is the World of Primal Concepts, Emanations, Radiations. It contains the unlimited
divine energy in the form of primal archetypes. Here the Divine is present and is active. Here is
the divine essence of all things and beings, the primal will, and pure consciousness. It is the
eternal unchanging world. It is the world of unity.
In this world the will to create is born. Here are the seeds, the essence, of all the worlds to
In man Atziluth brings forth thoughts and concepts, and the will.
Atziluth corresponds to the element of Fire, the element that transforms everything into its
Ehieh and Shekinah, the two poles of our consciousness unite in Atziluth.

Rectification of Olam Ha'Atziluth (the "World of Emanation"), first of the Four Worlds, is
completed with ten stages of Partzufim (Divine Countenances) after Kether. Each of the 6
Primary and 12 Secondary Partzufim correspond to the 10 Sephiroth arranging around one of
their number. Interaction of the Partzufim rectifies Atziluth eternally, completing Upper
rectification. Redemption of the fallen sparks by Man rectifies the time-related three lower
Worlds Below. Atzilut is separated from the three independent lower Worlds by its exclusive
consciousness of Divine Unity, without self-awareness, the level of Chokmah. Creation from
Nothing is seen from the view of Ayin ("Nothing"):

The World of Creation. The ideas, the concepts that arise in Atziluth now are being clothed with
subtle substance. This is the act of creation. In Atziluth the Divine itself is present and 'acts'. In
Briah the Divine works through the archangels who condense the archetypes and prepare them
for further creation work by lower order beings. Leaving the divine world of Atziluth, in Briah
duality arises, space-time, male-female and so on. In man Briah corresponds to the Spirit. In
Atziluth we had non-being, in Briah we get the sense of being. The condensation of energy in
Briah makes this world correspond to the element of Air.

The World of Form. It is the world of procreation and movement, of development. Here the
Divine works through the Angels. The Angels give form to the energies of Briah. They each
specialize in one particular aspect of the creation work. In man Yetzirah corresponds to the
Heart. Further condensation of the energies makes Yetzirah correspond to the element of

The World of Action. It is the world of happenings, appearances, phenomena, the world of
becoming. It is our physical world, crystallized to a state of solidity, making Assiah correspond
the element of Earth. With the term 'physical world' we also understand the spiritual energies
pertaining to the laws of nature.
In Assiah one expresses oneself as an individual being with a self consciousness.
In the human body Assiah corresponds to the physical body.

The four Worlds also correspond to the four letter of the word YHWH (Yahweh): Yod for
Atziluth, Heh for Briah, Waw for Yetzirah and Heh for Assiah.
The Tree of Life and the Four Worlds

The Four Worlds relate to the Tree of Life in different ways. They are all equally valid and the
different system are just different ways to look at the same thing, like a diamond that shows
different colors under different angles of view.
One way to look at it is by saying that the Tree of Life exists in each World, that we have four
Trees, an Atziluth tree, a Briah tree, <<>> Thus we have, for example, a Tiphereth Sephirah in
each of the four worlds, each having different qualities according to the World it is in.

Another way is that the ends of the Tree of life overlap when crossing a World. Malkuth of
Atziluth becomes Kether of Briah; Malkuth of Briah becomes Kether of Yetzirah; and Malkuth of
Yetzirah becomes Kether of Assiah.

Then one can look at a single Tree of Life and see the four Worlds correspond to different
levels of the Tree.
The Tree of Life and the Four Worlds

When we accept Daath as part of the Tree of Life, then Daath is part of the World of Atziluth,
as Daath is situated above the Abyss, some say across the Abyss. Daath is not part of the
creation process that takes place on Briah.
Kether is a connection point to the divine, and is usually not counted as a Sephirah when
Daath is included. As the Crown, Kether sits both upon man's head and the Tree of Life but is
not actually part of either.
The triads are always regarded as important structures in the Tree of Life. On each level they
represent the polar opposites of energies on that level plus the resulting equilibrium. Leaving
Kether out as part of any triad we find Atzliuth, Briah and Yetzirah are complete, but then the
problem with the traditional tree is that in the potential triad of Assiah, Malkuth stands alone,
with the corresponding pair of opposites not shown.

It could be this way: the boundary lines between the four Worlds run through or are placed at
Daath, Tiphereth and Yesod, with these three Sephiroth functioning as transformation stations
between the Worlds. It is said that Daath is astride the Abyss. In Tiphereth the transformation
from the ego to selflessness happens. Tiphereth is also where the old king dies (Osiris, to be
reborn in Geburah (as Horus, Yesod is where the transformation happens of an animalistic
consciousness to a human consciousness.

The Tree of Life and the Four Worlds

The Four Worlds with their secret names & numbers

11 Aleph (Air): Yetzirah, Formative World (Mah-45)
23 Mem (Water): Briah, Creative World (Seg-63)
31 Shin (Fire): Atziluth, Archetypal World (Aub-72)
32-bis (Earth): Assiah, Material World (Ben-52)

Atziluth​ - The Archetypal World

The first and highest of the Four Worlds, corresponding to Fire of the elements, Chiah of the
soul, and Yod of the Tetragrammaton, is called Atzilut. The term Atzilut is usually translated as
"Emanation", but literally means "closeness". This is the "World", or primordial Substance which
is the first emanation out of the God's unique and pure Essence, and is therefore the "World"
closest to Divinity. This Substance corresponds to Philosophic Fire, which - as opposed to literal
fire - is best described as "living light". The Substance of "living light" is intangible and has no
definite, specific Form, but its dynamic qualities of vitality and illumination are distinguishable.
Life and light are the two qualities that must be postulated as being prevalent in any Divinely
creative act. Since these qualities can be discerned as having existence distinct from Essential
Divinity, the emanation of the primal "living light" (Substance) is the preliminary phase of Divine
Creation. This phase is what is called Atzilut. As this is the primal spiritual Substance from which
all other matter evolves, it corresponds to that which is called Chiah in the evolution of souls.

Briah​ - The Creative World

The next phase, corresponding to Water of the elements, Neshamah of the soul, and the first
Heh of the Tetragrammaton, is called the World of Briah, which translates as "Creation". Like
Neshamah, the function of Briah is to define specific Form and function in the amorphous
energy of Atzilut. This is the evolutionary stage where matter begins to condense, "solidify", and
to acquire specific, distinguishable qualities of it's own. This is because the Divine Unity is
indivisible. Specification, which is division from that Unity, cannot be classified as Divine
because the condensation of primal Substance into specific Form begins to occur at this stage.
Thus, Briah corresponds to Neshamah, the stage where the human soul acquires individual
personality and identity.

Yetzirah​ - The Formative World

It must be understood that Briah is a purely embryonic stage where specification and
differentiation are applied only in an abstract sense, identifying the potential function of specific
Forms and forces. The actual separation and division of these different qualities occurs in the
next phase of evolution, called Olam Yetzirah, which literally translates as "Formation". The
world of Yetzirah corresponds to Air of the elements, Ruach of the soul, and Vau of the
Tetragrammaton. As Air is generally associated with the intellect, this is the stage where
differentiation of qualities (analysis) is applied to matter, and where these qualities are
combined (synthesis) and Formed into archetypal conceptual compositions with a view towards
various specific applications. This is the function of the human intellect with which an individual
theoretically experiments with various courses of action with the intellect and comes to a
decision that the individual thinks will best serve the primal motivation or desire. Yetzirah
corresponds to Ruach in that this is the stage where a specific compound is identified and given
personal existence in the same way that an individual human personality is given identity and
necessitates a physical vessel .
Assiah​ - The Material World
Here we come naturally to the fourth and final stage of development, called Assiah, which
translates as "Action". The World of Assiah corresponds to Earth of the elements, Nefesh of the
soul, the human body, and the final Heh of the Tetragrammaton. Assiah is the actual physical
universe in which all things live and carry out their functions. This is the final proving ground
where all the preceding Worlds and Spheres are actualized. The results are judged according to
how well they perform their intended purpose, which is conceived in Briah and gestates and
takes Form in Yetzirah. In correspondence, the human body is the proving ground of the soul,
where the soul is evaluated according to how well it fulfills its intended purpose (Thelemically,
the Higher, or Pure, Will).

Aspects of the Seder Hishtalshelut

Atzmus Ohr Ein Sof before the Tzimtzum ("The Essence of the Infinite Light before the
The Tzimtzum ("The Contraction")
The Reshimu ("The Impression")
The Kav ("Line of Light")
Ratzon Kadum ("Original Desire")
Adam Kadmon ("Original Man")
Atzilut ("World of Emanation")
The Masach ("The Curtain")
Beriah ("World of Creation")
Yetzirah ("World of Formation")
Assiah ("World of Action")

Deeper Aspects of the Seder Hishtalshelut

One can understand these levels through the analogy of a man who wants a house. The
hishtalshelus is generally broken down into two general stages, called the "Upper Unity" and the
"Lower Unity". Below are the relevant analogies for all the basic stations of the hishtalshelus in
the analogy of a man who wants a house starting from the top (primordial desires) and going
down (until the desire is actualized).

Atzmaut Ohr Ein Sof Lifnei Hatzimtzum​ ("Essence of the Infinite Light before the
The analogy for this stage is the essence of the person's soul. At this stage we are dealing with
only the person himself, who at this point has no revealed desire for a house or any other
physical object. However, since he is human, we must say that at some point he will desire a
house because this is part of human nature. At this stage, however, this desire doesn't have any
independent existence at all, but is simply a part of his soul.
Tzimtzum and Reshimu​ ("Contraction and Impression"):
At this stage there is still no revealed desire for a house. However, the person realizes that his
ultimate desire will be to express his true self through things that are separate from himself,
such as through music, art, a house, etc. Those decisions have not yet been made, however.
There is only the realization that one will want to express his true self by making something that
appears separate from him, express him. This is similar to the way one might want the
challenge of playing an instrument, which is something separate from a person, and allow
himself to be expressed through it. Reshimu means impression, because at this stage the
person realizes that he will not be able to express himself directly, but his self will somehow
leave its own impression on the things he does so he can be seen through them.

Tzimtzum​ - Often the reshimu is referred to as the level of transcendent light (sovev kol almin)
after the initial tzimtzum. As an intermediate stage between the true transcendent light (before
the tzimtzum) and the immanent light (memalai kol almin, which appears after the tzimtzum, in
the form of the kav, to be explained), the reshimu is referred to as the “bearer of all worlds”
(sovel kol almin). It is the power inherent in Divine unity able to “bear” (“support”) the plurality of
finite existence.

Reshimu​ is the residual impression of the infinite Divine light that the Gods “withdrew” from
Creation through the process of tzimtzum. Unlike the reshimu of the infinite Divine light and the
Divine plan of creation which remained in the avir kadmon, Here the reshimu is sufficiently
“weak” and virtually “invisible” (“non-existent”) so as to allow for the existence of independent
reality and to serve as its Divine “background.”
The Reshimu is the ultimate origin of the “vessels,” the “matter,” of all worlds. It is the first,
absolutely abstract “body” of reality. Just as Adam was first created as a lifeless body, “dust
from the earth,” before the Gods blew into his nostrils the breath of life, so does the existence of
the reshimu precede the entrance of the kav, to be explained.

Partzuf, ​Divine - "Personae / Visages / Faces / Forms / Configurations", are particular

reconfigured arrangements of the 10 sephirot (Divine attributes/emanations of Kabbalah) into
harmonised interactions in Creation.
in relationship to the cosmic processes of Shevirah-"Shattering" and Tikun-"Rectification". Each
Partzuf is a Yosher-"Upright" scheme of all the sephirot around one of their number, analogous
to the interrelated sephirot configuration in Man.

Lurianic Partzufim​,
The described 10 sephiroth as Divine channels in a linear, emanated descending Creation.
Instead, described dynamic interactions in Divine influence, where each Persona interacts and
enclothes itself independently within the others, turning the unfolding of Creation into a dynamic
scheme of spiritual enclothement, like a soul becoming enclothed in a body.
​ av​ ("Measuring Line" \ “Ray” of infinite light)
This is the part of the person that connects the Tzimtzum and Reshimu to the Infinite Light
before the Tzimtzum. The analogy for The Kav is the person's judgement. In life, whatever
choices a person makes, will be free choices made by the person, without influence from those
around him. Even small and seemingly insignificant choices, such as what one decides to order
at a restaurant, still express his essence, because they are 'his' choices, and are his way of
expressing himself. If one looks carefully at a person's choices one can see how they bring
across his unique taste and personality. At this point there is still no revealed desire for a house,
but only the subconscious framework that will eventually be used when he begins to desire one.
Into the primordial darkness, the “night” of the vacuum created by the tzimtzum with the “point”
of the reshimu therein (filling the vacuum with “potential” being), The Gods radiated a ray of
Divine light, the ray of “morning.”

Kav Hamidah​ possesses two dimensions, an outer dimension and an inner one. The outer
dimension of the kav, referred to (“the line of measurement,” “the measuring rod” or “ruler”)
corresponds to its power of “measurement,” the power to define boundaries for each and every
created being, and thereby to differentiate between them.
The inner dimension of the kav, often referred to as the chut (“the thread,” which “sews” reality
together), corresponds to its power of “interinclusion,” the power to manifest the presence of the
“whole” (all of the “parts”) in each of its “parts”
The revelation of the inner dimension of the kav is known in Kabbalah as “the giving of the
Torah” to Israel (for it is the power serves to manifest true “interinclusion” and unity within the
apparent plurality of creation).

Sod Ha’Tzimtzum​ (“The Secret of ‘Contraction'”)

Three stages of the secret of “contraction”: the “removal” of the Gods Infinite Light; the
“impression” that the Gods “withdrew” from creation; the “ray” of Divine light radiated into the
primordial darkness.

Ratzon Kadum​ ("Original Desire"):

Now that person is most likely older, he begins to feel a desire for independence and belonging.
This is one particular expression of his original desire to express himself. But now it is specific to
wanting a sense of contentment and a feeling of being at "home". At this point, he still does not
desire a home, but wishes for the happiness gained when one gains a house. Technically he
could still express this desire in other ways than having a house, such as interacting friends or
participating in activities which he enjoys and achieve that same sense of belonging and
contentment. There are still no details yet of how the desire for belonging will be fulfilled.

Adam Kadmon​ (“Primordial Man"):

The person now looks at the outside world for the first time. Up until this point, he was only
thinking about himself, and his desires. Now, in order to bring out this desire to practicality, he
must decide what in the physical world will fit these desires. He creates a world image, i.e., a
picture of what is going on in the world. He then decides where in this mental picture he
belongs. He eventually realizes that the best way to integrate into society is to possess a house,
and will choose a house that fits his particular character in order to best express himself. The
kind of house he will want has been limited at this point due to his still ignorant outlook on the
world and the very basic ideas of his own personality. However, he still does not truly desire a
physical house. Rather, it is that he has realized his own desires and needs and now knows the
best type of "house" that would suit him.
Keter of Atzilut ("Crown of the World of Emanation"):
This stage is what results from the associations created in A"K, namely, a particular desire for a
particular house. This stage mainly comprises two concepts: Arich Anpin-Outer/Chitzoneyus of
Keter: Desire for this particular house; and Atik Yomin-Inner/Pnimiyus of Keter: The pleasure he
receives in knowing that this will express who he is.

Atziluth​ ("World of Emanation"):

A"K already included all the details of the levels below it. However, the actual details only come
out as needed. Now he knows the way he will express himself will be specifically through a
house. At this stage he may sit down with his wife, or real estate agent, and clarifies exactly how
he wants his house to be. This stage includes Chochma (Wisdom) of Aztilus which is when he
creates the general picture of what he wants in the abstract, "a warm home". Binah
(Understanding) of Atzilus involves figuring out what are the components of such a home;
everything he wants the house to be with all their details. In A"K he only knew what types of
homes are appropriate with what kind of person. Here he actually decides where he will fit into
the picture. Here he also decides what is practical based on how much money he has and what
is available etc. Based on all of these things he comes up with the Zeir Anpin (Z"A-"the Small
Face"-Emotions) of Atzilus: This stage is the picture of what things are good and what are bad.
Here he sets up what things will bring him closer to his goal (his dream house) and what things
will bring him further. He will have Chesed (a love) for things he will like. He will have Geburah
(a fear or hate) for things he will not like. He will have Tifereth (Beauty) for the compromises he
makes (or the beauty that results) and Netzach (feeling of victory in spite of challenges) to want
to go and get what he wants, and the Hod to not settle for something less than he wants. He will
have a Yesod, which forms the compromise of how he will actually interact with everyone
resulting from the interplay between his Netzach and Hod. This results in Malkuth ("Kingdom" or
actualization), which is the stage at which he will talk to himself about what he likes and doesn't
like. And he will talk about what he is actually going to do. Finally, all of the above will lead to his
creation of his Malchus of Atzilus i.e. he will actually tell the real estate agent what he wants,
what he will settle for and what he will not, what he likes hates etc. The desires are all set up
now, but still the real building process of the house has not occurred.

Briah​ ("World of Creation"):

At this stage the real-estate agent will take everything the man told him about what kind of
house he wants. He will take these words of the original guy and translate them into things that
can exist in a home. For instance, if the person said he wants a home where he can swim, the
real-estate agent might translate that into him having a pool, or having a beach-home. This
translations process is called the masach (screen) which carries across all the upper desires
and connects them to things in the real world. Real estate agent must pull out from those words
what this guy really wants and how to find a house that will accomplish his goal. To translate
what this guy wants to get out of a house and make it into a picture of an actual house. What he
creates is the world of Beriyah. He must figure out all the different scenarios that would have all
the elements with the best combination=Beriya. The real-estate broker need not do this, this
technically could also be done within the person's self.

Yetzirah​ ("World of Formation"):

Now someone must figure out exact dimensions for each of these things, its shape, what it will
be constructed out of. Will it be made of brick, limestone, wood or something else. Someone
must look at the person's style, needs and desires. For instance if they intend to have parties,
they should probably have a hardwood floor instead of carpet. Someone at this stage figures out
the exact shape, size of the house and its location and then creates a floor plan.

Assiah Ruchnit​ ("Spiritual World of Action"):

Now this plan must go to the builders. The builders must look at the blueprint and figure out how
to actually build a house like this. Sometimes a certain type of house can be drawn up in
Yetzirah but in real life wouldn't hold up or would be impracticable. These builder must figure out
how to pour the cement, how to make it strong, and figure out where they will we get the
furniture to actually make something like that. They must study the blueprint and figure out how
to make something that will work.

Assiah Gashmit​ ("Physical World of Action"):

The builders actually pour the cement or whatever and build the physical structure and
everything in the house. Now the man can go live in the house and enjoy and express himself in
fulfillment of his original desire which started this entire process in the Infinite Light before the

Ohr and Ma'ohr​ - Two levels of Nullification of the Light to the Luminary
The "Ohr" ("Light") stems from the "Ma'ohr" ("Luminary"), the source of the light. Traditionally,
the Mashal given to explain this relationship, is the relationship between the sun and the light
that it gives off. since it has already passed through a "Nartik" ("Sheath/Shield"), a level that
reduces the intensity of the revelation of the sun. In truth, the Ohr that exists in the parable of
the sun is the light of the sun that exists in the sun itself. The light that we see from the sun has
already been limited in its quality and therefore lacks the "Bittul" ("nullification") of the true Ohr to
its origin. Rather, this Ohr, being that it has been limited by the Nartik, is called Ohr HaNartik
(the light of the sheath), for although it does not actually come from the Nartik, since the Nartik
limited it in such a way that it no longer possesses a connection with its ultimate source, we
associate it with the Nartik.

The Three Veils

Kether, it is said, is in Malkuth, but after another manner. It may also be said that
Malkuth is an analogue of Kether. In a similar way, the three veils of negative existence
have their analogues in the body of the Tree. Highest on the Tree is the veil of the
Abyss. This, as it were, bisects the “invisible Sephira” Daath through the centre of the
Abyss. Daath being a function of Tiphareth consciousness, this veil cannot even be
approached until the latter is established in the aspirant to higher things. At this stage,
the veil of the Abyss serves to shield the full light of the Supernals. It is said to bisect
Daath because Daath is formed partly by the rising Tiphareth consciousness - below the
veil - and partly by the Knowledge called forth thereby from the Supernals - above the
veil. The veil of the Abyss is analogous to the highest of the three veils of negative
existence, Ain. Centrally on the Tree is the well-known and much referred to veil of
Paroketh, which veils the full light of Tiphareth or Self-consciousness until such time as
the Yesod-based personality is sufficiently prepared, when it may form a firm. The Veil of
Paroketh lies between the Man of Earth and the Lovers triad.

foundation (Yesod) for the power of Self without becoming disoriented, at which stage
the veil of Tiphareth, analogous to Ain Suph, is breached, and the aspirant begins
consciously to BE. Lowest on the Tree, analogous to Ain Suph Aur, is the rarely mentioned
veil of Yesod, which shields the higher worlds of Yetzirah, Briah and
Atziluth from the sleeping consciousness in Assiah. Below this veil, the “soul” is said to
be asleep and entirely personality / Path and connection based.
mechanistic.. governed by action/reaction. Individuals wondering about their place in the
scheme of things create impulses towards the upper part of Yesod, the dualistic “moon”
Sephira, which may in time result in the commencement of the Way, where the
individual becomes an aspirant to the knowledge of higher things, and this veil is
thereby breached.

Ray of Okidanokh

AIN: Nothingness
AIN SOPH: Limitless
AIN SOPH AUR: Limitless Light

The Grades

Order Grade / Name Element Planet Sephira

0 = 0 Neophyte --- --- ---
1 = 10 Zelator Earth --- Malkuth (Kingdom)
2 = 9 Theoricus Air Moon Yesod (Foundation)
3 = 8 Practicus Water Mercury Hod (Splendour)
4 = 7 Philosophus Fire Venus Netzach (Victory)
5 = 6 Adeptus Minor Spirit Sun Tiphareth (Beauty)
6 = 5 Adeptus Major --- Mars Gevurah (Might)
7 = 4 Adeptus Exemptus --- Jupiter Chesed (Mercy)
8 = 3 Magister Temple --- Saturn Binah (Understanding)
9 = 2 Magus --- --- Chokmah (Wisdom)
10 = 1 Ipsissimus --- --- Kether (Crown)

The Human Bodies and the Parts of the Soul:

Yechidah (The Self)
Chiah (The Life Force)
Neshama (The Intuition)
Ruach (The Intellect)
Nephesh (The Animal Soul)

The Sephiroth and Aspect of the Soul

1 Kether - Yechidah (The Self)
2 Chokmah - Chiah (The Life Force)
3 Binah - Neshamah (The Intuition)
4 Chesed, 5 Geburah, 6 Tiphareth, 7 Netzach, 8 Hod, 9 Yesod - Ruach (The Intellect)
10 Malkuth - Nephesh (The Animal Soul, which perceives and feels)

The Paths, Elements and Aspects

11 Aleph (Air) - Ruach (The Intellect)

23 Mem (Water) - Neshamah (The Intuition)
31 Shin (Fire) - (The Life Force)
32-bis (Earth) - Nephesh (The Animal Soul, which perceives and feels)
31-bis (Spirit) - Yechidah (The Self)

Bonus Attributes of the Soul

Egyptian Attribution of Parts of the Soul and Sephiroth

0 Negative Veils: Hammemit

1 Kether: Kha, or Yekh
2 Chokmah: Khai, or Ka
3 Binah: Ba, or Baie
4 Chesed: Aib
5 Geburah: Aib
6 Tiphareth: Aib
7 Netzach: Aib
8 Hod: Aib
9 Yesod: Hati
10 Malkuth: Kheibt, Khat, Tet, Sahu

Hindu Attribution of Parts of the Soul and Sephiroth

1 Kether: Atma
2 Chokmah: Buddhi
3 Binah: Higher Manas
4 Chesed: Lower Manas
5 Geburah: Lower Manas
6 Tiphareth: Lower Manas
7 Netzach: Kama
8 Hod: Prana
9 Yesod: Linga Sharira
10 Malkuth: Sthula Sharira


Gouph is the physical and densest body, created to be able to work and evolve on the
physical plane.


Nephesh is the "animal soul" that vivifies Gouph, the physical body. Nephesh can be seen as
what is known as the etheric body. Nephesh collects the energies of sun and moon, and
transforms them into different kinds of useable energies for the physical body. So, Nephesh is
actually a body composed out of energy flows. Nephesh is the carrier of all passions, instincts
and lusts. On this level man is only conscious of his own needs.


Ruah is called "the human soul", the spirit, the intellect. It is the breath of life which drives the
emotions. It corresponds with the astral body. Ruah provides for the warmth of life, the desire
for a sensual existence. It also wants to be a ego, but the ego is a construct.
People with low developed consciousness have a very dense ruah body and will have lower
astral or lower emotional tendencies. Man must stop to identify himself with his personality, or
ego, and liberate himself from the lower emotional, and also animal, passions. By purifying
himself, man will discover that ruah also has moral virtues, and knowledge to distinguish
between good and bad.


Neshamah is the seat of the higher thoughts, corresponding to to the mental body. The
mental body is usually divided into two: the lower mental body which is concrete thinking and
the higher mental body which is abstract thinking, sometimes also called causal body. (In the
causal body resides all the causes of what happens to all the lower bodies.)

Hayyah is the pure existence of the individuality. It is not really a body but a state of being. It
is the state of consciousness where one has a notion of being an essential being with a sense
of "I". Here one experiences or is aware of the Divine continuously creating the World.


Yechidah, "the Only One", is being One in the one. There is no sense of an "I". It comprises
the unlimited, transcendental idea of the Absolute

The Triplicities
Above the physical world of Malkuth, there are three sets of three

The Polarities

The masculine (or external) side revealed in the Tanach. This female (or internal) side or aspect
of El is sometimes called the Shekhinah ("dwelling"), which traditionally has referred to the
divine presence and is associated with light.

The Paths and Meaning

Aleph, "Ox"
Beth, "House"
Gimel, "Camel"
Daleth, "Door"
Hé, "Window"
Vau, "Nail"
Zain, "Sword"
Cheth, "Fence"
Teth, "Serpent"
Yod, "Hand"
Kaph, "Palm"
Lamed, "Ox Goad"
Mem, "Water"
Nun, "Fish"
Samekh, "Prop"
Ayin, "Eye"
Pé, "Mouth"
Tzaddi, "Fish-Hook"
Qoph, "Back of Head"
Resh, "Head"
Shin, "Tooth"
Tau, "Cross"

The Paths and How the Connect

Aleph Path 11 - Path joining Kether and Chokmah
Beth Path 12 - Path joining Kether and Binah
Gimel Path 13 - Path joining Kether and Tiphereth
Daleth Path 14 - Path joining Chokmah and Binah
Heh Path 15 - Path joining Chokmah and Tifereth
Vav Path 16 - Path joining Chokmah and Chesed
Zayin Path 17 - Path joining Binah and Tifereth
Cheth Path 18 - Path joining Binah and Geburah
Teth Path 19 - Path joining Chesed and Geburah
Yod Path 20 - Path joining Chesed and Tifereth
Kaph Path 21 - Path joining Chesed and Netzach
Lamed Path 22 - Path joining Geburah and Tiphereth
Mem Path 23 - Path joining Geburah and Hod
Nun Path 24 - Path joining Tiphareth and Netzach
Samekh Path 25 - Path joining Tiphereth and Yesod
Ayin Path 26 - Path joining Tifereth and Hod
Peh Path 27 - Path joining Netzach and Hod
Tzaddi Path 28 - Path joining Netzach and Yesod
Qoph Path 29 - Path joining Netsach and Malkuth
Resh Path 30 - Path joining Hod and Yesod
Shin Path 31 - Path joining Hod and Malkuth
Tav Path 32 - Path joining Yesod and Malkuth

The 32 Paths of Wisdom

1. It is called Inconceivable Intellect - Supernal Crown - and it is Light, Idea, the Ancient One,
and it is the First Glory, regarding which there is not any creature able to comprehend its

2. It is called Shining Intellect. It is the Crown of creation and the splendor of the harmonious
equivalence that “exalts itself as head over all,” and it is called by the masters of Kabbalah, the
Second Glory.

3. It is called Sacred Intellect. It is the Foundation of the ancient Wisdom that is called deep
Faith, and its roots are faithfulness, and it is the father of Faith because from its power Faith is

4. It is called Constant Intellect, and it is called so because from it all the spiritual powers are
being emanated, through a slender emanation, for they are being emanated, these from those,
by the power of the Emanator, the Ancient One - Supernal Crown - may He be blessed.

5. It is called Rooted Intellect. It is called so because it is the essence of the harmonious

equivalence, and it is the one that is unified in the essence of Understanding, emanating from
the enclosure of the ancient Wisdom.

6. It is called Set-Apart Influx Intellect. It is called so because in it the influx of emanation

increases itself, and it bestows that influx upon all the blessings uniting themselves by its

7. It is called Hidden Intellect. It is called so because it is the shining splendor of all the
intellectual powers that are seen with the eye of the intellect and with the thought of Faith.

8. It is called Complete Intellect. It is called so because it is the ancient design, which has no
root for one to settle in it, except through the Chambers of Greatness that are emanating from
the essence of its existence.

9. It is called Pure Intellect. It is called so because it purifies the Sefiroth; it tests and brightens
the decree of their form and the contents of their unity, so they unify without cutoff and

10. It is called Sparkling Intellect. It is called so because it elevates itself and sits upon the seat
of Understanding and illuminates with the splendor of all the luminaries, and it bestows an
increased influx to the Prince of the Face.

11. It is called Polished Intellect. It is called so because it is the essence of the Curtain that is
arranged in the order of the system, and it assigned the Paths to stand in the presence of the
Cause of Causes.

12. It is called Bright Intellect. It is called so because it is the essence of the Wheel of
Greatness, which is called Vision-Beholder - the explanation is, the place one reaches the vision
of those who behold with the mirror.

13. It is called Unity-Directing Intellect. It is called so because it is the essence of the Glory, and
it is the true completion of the united spiritual ones.

14. It is called Illuminating Intellect. It is called so because it is the essence of the Hashmal, and
the teacher of mysteries, the Foundations of the Holy and their design.

15. It is called Erecting Intellect. It is called so because it causes the essence of creation to
stand in the thick-darkness of purity, and the masters of study said that it is the thick-darkness,
and this is, “and thick-darkness is its swaddling band.”
16. It is called Everlasting Intellect. It is called so because it is the delight of the Glory, for there
is no glory below it, as it is, and it is the one that is called Garden of Eden, prepared for the

17. It is called Sense-Perception Intellect. It is prepared for saints of the Faith, to clothe them
with it, with the spirit of holiness, and it is the one that is called the Foundation of Beauty in the
rank of the Supernal Ones.

18. It is called House-of-Influx Intellect, and through the probings of it, those who dwell in its
shadow draw out a mystery and an enigma, also those who cleave by the probing of its
substance from the Cause of Causes.

19. It is called Secret-of-All-Spiritual-Activities Intellect. It is called so because the influx that

expands itself in it is from the Supernal Blessing, the Glory that is praised.

20. It is called Intellect of the Will. It is called so because it is the design of all things formed, and
in this is the intellect that perceives every actuality of the ancient Wisdom.

21. It is called Intellect of the Object-Sought. It is called so because it receives the influx of
divinity in order to bestow from its blessing to all things that exist.

22. It is called Faithful Intellect. It is called so because through it the spiritual powers increase
themselves in order for them to be near to all those who dwell in their shadow.

23. It is called Sustaining Intellect. It is called so because it is the power of subsistence for all
the Sefiroth.

24. It is called Apparitional Intellect. It is called so because it gives a likeness to all the
similitudes that were created, with their similitudes fitting their nature.

25. It is called Testing Intellect. It is called so because it is the ancient test with which the
Creator, may He be blessed, tests all the saints.

26. It is called Renewing Intellect. It is called so because through it the Holy One, blessed be
He, renews all things that are new, that are regenerating within the Creation.

27. It is called Sense-Perceptible Intellect. It is called so because from it was created the
intellect of all that is created beneath the Supernal Sphere, and the sense-perceptions of them.

28. It is called Innate Intellect. It is called so because through it was wholly completed the nature
of every thing that exists under the sphere of the sun.

29. It is called Materializing Intellect. It is called so because it delineates all matter that will
materialize under the design of all the spheres, in their development.

30. It is called General Intellect. It is called so because through it the astrologers comprise their
judgments of the stars and the constellations, their study a complement of their knowledge of
the revolving Wheels.

31. It is called Continuous Intellect. And why is it called so? Because it directs the course of the
sun and the moon by way of their design, each and every one by the sphere appropriate to it.

32. It is called Worshipped Intellect. It is called so because it is established for all those who
exploit in worship the seven planets, to their injury.

The​ ​32 Paths with older Aspects

Sekhel Mufla (Mystical Consciousness)
This is the Light that was originally conceived, and it is the First Glory. No creature can attain its
[kether · Sephirah 1]

Sekhel Maz’hir (Radiant Consciousness)

This is the Crown of creation and the radiance of the homogeneous unity that “exalts itself
above all as the Head.” The masters of Kabbalah call it the Second Glory.
[chokhmah · Sephirah 2]

Sekhel MeKudash (Sanctified Consciousness)

This is the foundation of the Original Wisdom, and it is called “Faithful Faith.” Its roots are
AMeN. It is the father of faith, and from its power faith emerges.
[binah · Sephirah 3]

Sekhel Kavua (Settled Consciousness)

It is called this because all the spiritual powers emanate from it as the [most] ethereal of
emanations. One emanates from the other through the power of the original Emanator, may He
be blessèd.
[chesed · Sephirah 4]

Sekhel Nishrash (Rooted Consciousness)

It is called this because it is the essence of the homogeneous Unity. It is unified in the essence
of Understanding, which emanates from the domain of the Original Wisdom.
[geburah · Sephirah 5]

Sekhel Shefa Nivdal (Transcendental Influx Consciousness)

It is called this because through it the influx of Emanation (Atzilut) increases itself. It bestows
this influx on all blessings, which unify themselves in its essence.
[tifareth · Sephirah 6]
Sekhel Nistar (Hidden Consciousness)
It is called this because it is the radiance that illuminates the transcendental powers that are
seen with the mind’s eye and with the reverie of Faith.
[netzach · Sephirah 7]

Sekhel Shalem (Perfect Consciousness)

It is called this because it is the Original Arrangement. There is no root through which it can be
pondered, except through the chambers of Greatness, which emanate from the essence of its
[hod · Sephirah 8]

Sekhel Tahor (Pure Consciousness)

It is called this because it purifies the Sefirot. It tests the decree of their structure and the inner
essence of their unity, making it glow. They are then unified without any cutoff or separation.
[yesod · Sephirah 9]

Sekhel MitNotzetz (Scintillating Consciousness)

It is called this because it elevates itself and sits on the throne of Understanding. It shines with
the radiance of all the luminaries and it bestows an influx of increase to the Prince of the Face.
[malkuth · Sephirah 10]

Sekhel Sod HaPaulot HaRuchniot Kulam (Consciousness of the Mystery of all Spiritual
It is called this because of the influx that permeates it from the highest blessing and the
supreme Glory.
Alef [Chesed to Gevurah]

Sekhel Nitzchi (Enduring Consciousness)

It is called this because it is the Delight (Eden) of the Glory. As it is, there is no Glory lower than
it. It is called the Garden of Eden, which is prepared for the [reward of the] saints.
Bet [Chokhmah to Chesed]

Sekhel Bet HaShefa (Consciousness of the House of Influx)

By probing with it, a secret mystery (raz) and an allusion are transmitted to those who “dwell in
its shadow” and bind themselves to probing its substance from the Cause of Causes.
Gimel [Binah to Gevurah]

Sekhel Manhig HaAchdut (Unity Directing Consciousness)

It is called this because it is the essence of the Glory. It represents the completion of the true
essence of the unified spiritual beings.
Daleth [Kether to Tifareth]
Sekhel MeTzuchtzach (Glaring Consciousness)
It is called this because it is the essence of the Veil which is ordered in the arrangement of the
system. It indicates the relationship of the Paths (netivot) whereby one can stand before the
Cause of Causes.
Heh [Kether to Chokhmah]

Sekhel Bahir (Glowing Consciousness)

It is called this because it is the essence of the Ophan-wheel of Greatness. It is called the
Visualizer (Chazchazit), the place which gives rise to the vision that the Seers perceive in an
Waw [Kether to Binah]

Sekhel Tamidi (Continuous Consciousness)

Why is it called this? Because it directs the path of the sun and moon according to their laws of
nature, each one it its proper orbit.
Zayin [Chokhmah to Gevurah]

Sekhel HaRatzon (Consciousness of Will)

It is called this because it is the structure of all that is formed. Through this state of
consciousness one can know the essence of the Original Wisdom.
Cheth [Chesed to Tifareth]

Sekhel Ma’amid (Stabilizing Consciousness)

It is called this because it stabilizes the essence of creation in the “Glooms of Purity.” The
masters of theory said that this is the Gloom [at Sinai]. This is the meaning of, “Gloom is its
cocoon” (Job 35:9).
Teth [Chokhmah to Tifareth]

Sekhel Dimyoni (Apparitive Consciousness)

It is called this because it provides an appearance for all created apparitions, in a form fitting
their stature.
Yod [Tifareth to Netzach]

Sekhel HaChafutz u’HaMevukash (Desired and Sought Consciousness)

It is called this because it receives the divine Influx so as to bestow its blessing to all things that
Kaf [Chesed to Netzach]

Sekhel Kelali (General Consciousness)

It is called this because it is the means through which the “generalisers of the heavens” collect
their rules regarding the stars and constellations, forming the theory that comprises their
knowledge of the Ofan-wheels of the spheres.
Lamed [Hod to Yesod]
Sekhel Murgash (Palpable Consciousness)
It is called this because the consciousness of all things created under the entire upper sphere,
as well as all their sensations, were created through it.
Mem [Netzach to Hod]

Sekhel Mutba (Natural Consciousness)

It is called this because the nature of all that exist under the sphere of the sun was completed
through it.
Nun [Netzach to Yesod]

Sekhel MeChudash (Renewing Consciousness)

It is called this because it is the means through which the Blessed Holy One brings about all
new things which are brought into being in His creation.
Samekh [Tiphareth to Hod]

Sekhel HaHergesh (Consciousness of the Senses)

This is prepared for the faithful saints so that they should be able to clothe themselves in the
spirit of holiness. In the arrangement of the supernal Entities, it is called the Foundation of
Beauty (Yesod HaTifareth).
Ayin [Binah to Tiphareth]

Sekhel Qayam (Sustaining Consciousness)

It is called this because it is the sustaining power for all the Sefirot.
Peh [Gevurah to Hod]

Sekhel Ne’eman (Faithful Consciousness)

It is called this because spiritual powers are increased through it, so that they can be close to all
who “dwell in their shadow.”
Tzaddi [Gevurah to Tiphareth]

Sekhel Mugsham (Physical Consciousness)

It is called this because it depicts the growth of everything that becomes physical under the
system of all the spheres.
Quf [Binah to Chesed]

Sekhel Nisyoni (Testing Consciousness)

It is called this because it is the original temptation through which God tests all of His saints.
Resh [Tiphareth to Yesod]

Sekhel Meir (Illuminating Consciousness)

It is called this because it is the essence of the Speaking Silence (Chashmal). It gives
instruction regarding the mysteries of the holy secrets and their structure.
Shin [Chokmah to Binah]

Sekhel Ne’evad (Worshipped Consciousness)

It is called this because it is prepared so as to destroy all who engage in the worship of the
seven planets.
Taw [Yesod to Malkuth]

Sphere-working and Path-working

Working upon the Tree, pathworking is reserved for integration of the newly attained level of
consciousness and not as a means of ascent proper. However, working the paths that depend
from a newly attained sphere is part of the process that enables the initiate to ascend to the next
higher level. And the integration of the new level into the old level(s), through pathworking, is
what transforms the initiate and empowers their next ascent.

Malkuth: Sephirah #10

#10: The Kingdom of spirit is embodied in my flesh.

Path #30 - "The thirtieth path is called the universal consciousness because through it, masters
of the heavens derive their judgments of the stars and constellations, and perfect their
knowledge of the celestial cycles."

Above all else, the "32 Paths" document describes the work to be done in relation to each Path.
Here we are told that the work of Malkuth is self-analysis which leads to self-knowledge.

The analogy used is that of an astrologer ("master of the heavens") who looks to the
movements and positions of the planets ("stars") within the zodiac ("constellations") in order to
comprehend the universal forces at play in any given moment. The work of self-analysis is much
the same in that one examines the manifest personality and from that, derives certain truths
about the universal forces that underlie the personality traits and the general structure of
personality itself. In symbolic terms, the planets represent the basic components of the
personality and the zodiacal signs represent the Elemental structure of personality. Thus this
self-analysis is performed in the context of the four Elements and each aspect of the personality
is assigned an Elemental correspondence.

This analysis of the inner self and of the external universe is the first step along the path of
initiation. In essence, it is a process of judging cause by examining its effect - of trying to
understand what is reflected by gazing at a mirror instead of looking directly at the source. The
rationale behind this tact is that each material manifestation is an expression of a Universal
force. By observing the material manifestation one can, by extension, learn something about the
Universal force that causes it. For example, an astrologer looks to the position of a planet within
the zodiac and from that derives an indication of what subtle influences are affecting human
affairs, but the astrologer is basing this judgment upon the characteristics of the manifestation or
end result, not upon the direct perception of the Universal force itself. With this knowledge in
hand however, the astrologer can predict behavior and can, to a certain extent, compensate for
the subtle influence.

And so it is with the work of Malkuth. By analyzing the inner and outer manifestation, the initiate
learns to recognize the subtle influences that affect them and comes to see that indeed, the
kingdom of spirit is embodied in their flesh.

Yesod: Sephirah #9
#9: In thought and word and deed, I rest my life from day to day upon the sure Foundation of
eternal being.

Path #26 - "The twenty-sixth path is called the renewing consciousness because through it God,
blessed be He, renews all things which are newly begun in the creation of the world."

Yesod is the Middle Pillar root of the astral personality. In human terms it is the (predominantly
subconscious) psyche. The work of Yesod is the application of the Malkuth self-knowing toward
self-transformation. This is the renewal of the "small self" or personality, where "every thought,
word and deed" is dedicated to transforming the personality so that it truly reflects the "eternal
being". In Yesod, the initiate stands as the source of reflection and consciously casts their
image upon the mirror of manifest personality, constantly reshaping their projection until the
reflection matches their inner light. This is expressed clearly in the corresponding Genesis

Genesis 1:26 - "And Elohim said: 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let
them have power over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and
over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.'"

"Man" in this case is the astral personal self, who exercises power over the Elements ("sea",
"air", and "earth") and all their manifestations within the realm of the personality and life
circumstance. The conscious exercising of this power-over the personality, causes a "renewal"
within the initiate's psyche.

Tav: 9>10
Path #32 - "The thirty-second path is called the serving consciousness because it directs the
motion of the seven planets, each in its own proper course."

Tav describes the task of Yesod - namely, the conscious impressing upon Malkuth (our material
life circumstance) of the renewed Yesodic personality. In the symbolism of the "32 Paths" this is
described as the conscious directing of the "seven planets" (i.e., the aspects of the personality)
in their "proper" course. Their "proper" course is represented in the Tarot imagery as occurring
within the context of the balanced four Elements (i.e., the cherubic signs of the zodiac).
Hod: Sephirah #8
#8: I look forward with confidence to the perfect realization of the Eternal Splendor of the
limitless light.

Path #23 - "The twenty-third path is called the stable consciousness because it is the power of
sustenance among all the Sephirot."

As the work of self-transformation of the personality progresses, the initiate comes to see that
the personality exists between two poles - rationality or logic, and emotion or instinct. In
kabbalah, these poles are symbolized by Hod (rational intellect) and Netzach (instinctual
emotion). Along the ascending path of initiation (as opposed to the descending path of creation),
the first of these poles that the initiate encounters is the rational intellect, represented by Hod.
The work of Hod therefore, is to pursue a rational understanding of the dynamics operative
within the inner and outer worlds. This leads to the vision of the "Eternal Splendor" and the
infinite complexity of the Universe, symbolized here by the "Library of Hermes" which contains
rational information about every aspect of existence.

The "32 Paths" text states that this is the "power of sustenance among all the Sephirot". To
understand how this is so, we must refer to the Genesis passage from which the 23rd Path is

Genesis 1:24 - "And Elohim said: 'Let the earth bring forth the living creature after its kind, cattle
and creeping things, and beast of the earth after its kind.' And it was so."

The specific phrasing of this passage holds the key. Here we see that Elohim is letting the earth
bring forth these things, out of its own substance, as opposed to Elohim creating these things
out of nothingness. This indicates a sequential process of self-sustaining self-propagation as
opposed to direct creation. It expresses the mechanism of infinite complexity as one thing
begets another, endlessly creating subtle shades of difference between the generations. This
mechanism fills and thus stabilizes the sequential infinity, and can be seen within the kabbalistic
doctrine of emanation at every level of the Tree.

Hod is the terminus of the Pillar of Severity or Form. In the language of the "32 Paths" the Pillar
of Severity is the receptacle of the "substance of the Unity", whereas the opposite side-pillar
(Mercy or Force) is the receptacle of the "splendor of the Unity" and the Middle Pillar, the
receptacle of the "holy powers". In Hod, as Paul Case stated, we "realize" the splendor of the
opposite pillar, but this is different from the actual experience of that splendor. Here in Hod, the
splendor is seen with the rational mind alone, as it appears reflected through infinite complexity.
Thus it is not experienced in its wholeness as a more-than-rational force. In other words, in Hod
we come to a rational understanding of the infinite complexity in much the same way as we
came to understand our personalities in Malkuth - by analyzing their manifestations.
Ayin: 8>9
Path #28 - "The twenty-eighth path is called the natural consciousness. Through it is completed
the nature of all that exists beneath the sphere of the sun."

In Hod, we learn the lesson that how and what we think, shapes our reality. With the path of
Ayin, we apply that understanding to the transformation of our personality. The Tarot imagery
depicts the natural mechanism that, when left as an unconscious process, binds the personality
to the whims of subconscious reaction. Initiation however, demands more of us. It demands that
we take this natural mechanism and use it consciously in the work of self-transformation of the

The "32 Paths" passage speaks directly to this, stating that the action of the rational mind is
what "completes" the astral matrix or personality. The term "beneath the sphere of the sun"
refers to the Sephirot Netzach, Hod, Yesod and Malkuth - the lower astral realm of the personal
self. Thus with Ayin, the initiate's task is that of consciously applying their rational understanding
of things to the realm of their personality, with the unrelenting aim of transforming it into a closer
semblance of their truest Self.

Qooph: 8>10
Path #31 - "The thirty-first path is called the perpetual consciousness. Why is it called this?
Because it directs the movements of the sun and moon according to their natural order, each in
its proper orbit."

With the path of Tav, connecting Yesod to Malkuth, the "32 Paths" text mentioned directing the
motion of "the seven planets, each in its own proper course", but here we have "the sun and
moon according to their natural order, each in its proper orbit." The sun is the primary planet of
the Individual Self (Tiphareth) and the moon, that of the personal self (Yesod). Thus we see
here a more refined sort of direction being imposed, relating to the Individual Self and the
personality as whole things which interact. Whereas with Tav, the directing concerned the
internal components of the personality alone (the seven planets).

"Qooph" translates into English roughly as "back of the head" and as a symbol, refers to the
subconscious mind. In the Western Tree, the path of Qooph is placed on the opposite side and
connects Netzach with Malkuth, expressing the concept that the subconscious mind is more
closely related to the chaotic instinctual emotions than it is to the ordered rational mind.
However, in the "32 Paths" and the Hebrew kabbalah in general, the subconscious mind is seen
as the interaction of both ration and instinct, but shaped most immediately by our thinking. In
other words, it's our thinking that gives form to the force of instinctual emotion. It is how we
complexify the simpler instinct and create our own little manifestation of the infinitely complex
Eternal Splendor (Hod).

The task of Qooph then, is to apply the rational understanding gained in Hod to the
transformation of one's life circumstances (Malkuth). In effect, the initiate takes conscious
control of their subconscious mind. The Tarot image depicts this process in reverse, indicating a
journey upwards from Malkuth along the winding path of the subconsciousness which leads to
the sun and moon in their "proper orbit". The task of Qooph however, is to descend along this
"natural order" and consciously "direct" the motion (i.e., manifestation) of the interaction
between Individual Self and personal self.

When this task is complete, the initiate will have integrated their rational Hod understanding into
both Yesod and Malkuth - the personality and life circumstance. This prepares the initiate for
their rise to the next level of the personal self - Netzach and the realm of emotional archetypes.

Netzach: Sephirah #7
#7: Living from that Will, supported by its unfailing Wisdom and Understanding, mine is the
Victorious Life.

Path #19 - "The nineteenth path is the consciousness of the secret of all spiritual activities. It is
so called because of the influence disseminated by it from the highest blessing and the supernal

Our rational mind reacts to, and interprets, instinct. For example, when we encounter
something, our first reaction is at a pre-rational, emotional gut level. It is immediate and
spontaneous and we have no conscious control over it. Our ration then takes over and modifies
the primary emotional response, crafting it into a more personal form. Generally, our ration
focuses not on the something we've encountered in and of itself, but upon the force of our own
primary response. Another way of putting it would be to say that the primary emotional response
is generally the force which ignites the ration to action - the action of ration being the giving of
form to emotion.

Within the structure of the personality or lower astral body, Netzach is the pre-rational,
instinctual gut reaction. The work of Netzach therefore, is to look within the rational reaction and
penetrate to the initial gut-level instinct. In other words, to experience the force that ignites
ration. This force is the "secret of all spiritual activities" because the direct perception of this
force is what enables the completion of the transformation of the personal self.

This force is referred to in the path description as an "influence disseminated by it from the
highest blessing and the supernal glory". In the symbol language of the "32 Paths", this is the
"splendor of the Unity" emanated from Kether (the supernal glory) unto Chokmah by the path
Heh. This splendor becomes Truth (Amen) within Chokmah and then descends unto
Chesed/Gedulah via the path of Gimel as pure thought (Transparent Consciousness) where it
becomes Loving Kindness. From there it descends into Netzach via the path of Kaph as
"Arcanum and veiled ideas". So what we encounter in Netzach are these veiled ideas whose
root is the splendor of the Unity.
Netzach is usually perceived as the realm of emotional archetypes and is symbolized by Venus,
the goddess of love (quite fitting for the terminus of the Pillar of Mercy or Loving Kindness). In
Netzach, one seeks out encounters with the astral images of these emotional archetypes and
attempts to penetrate beyond the normal rational reaction in order to reach the direct experience
of these forces themselves.

Mem: 7>8
Path #16 - "The sixteenth path is called the eternal consciousness because it is the pleasure of
that glory beyond which is no-glory like unto it. It is also called the garden of pleasure (Eden),
which is prepared for the compassionate (Khasidim)."

This is the first horizontal path encountered as one rises up the Tree and it represents a
significant experience for the budding initiate. Here, the initiate's task is to consciously combine
instinctual emotion with rational response. Instead of following the normal path of this being a
subconscious, habitual mechanism, one empowers it consciously and predicates their rational
response upon the direct perception of the force which naturally ignites it. In relation to the
normal function of human consciousness, this turns one's perspective topsy-turvy and up
becomes down, left becomes right, etc.

This has a deeply transformative effect upon the rational mind, described in the "32 Paths" text
as "the pleasure of that glory beyond which is no-glory like unto it".

Mem is the Mother Letter corresponding to the Element Water (the solidifying influence). In the
structure of the Tree, Mem represents the lower astral manifestation of the "Plan of the
Primordial", whose mental manifestation is seen in the path Aleph (Mother Letter of Air, the
mediating influence) and whose supernal manifestation is seen in the path Shin (Mother Letter
of Fire, the volatile influence). Each of these Mother Letters is attributed to a horizontal path that
connects the two side pillars. In other words, they are stabilizing factors, essential to the overall
equilibrium of the structure.

Each Mother Letter also defines a veil. Mem is the astral veil which hides the more essential
mental reality by dressing it in a clothing of symbol. Aleph is the mental veil which hides the
non-sequential supernal reality by dressing it in a clothing of sequentialized thought. And Shin is
the supernal veil which hides the essential Unity by dressing it in a clothing of non-sequential

Conversely, these veils also act as filters which distort or refract the descending creative
influence. Shin refracts the Unity into non-sequential duality; Aleph refracts the duality into
sequential thoughts; and Mem refracts sequential thought into dense astral symbol.

With the path of Mem, the initiate is faced with the task of walking this veil, exploring its natural
mechanisms and employing them consciously.
Samekh: 7>9
Path #27 - "The twenty-seventh path is called the exciting consciousness because, through it, is
created the life-breath of every created being under the supreme orb, as well as the motion of
them all."

The direct emotional forces that underlie the aspects of the personality serve as their
"life-breath". With the path of Samekh, the initiate's task is to consciously shape the aspects of
their personality through the direct application of this life-breath. This comes after the
transformative Mem work of integrating ration and instinct, and one thus employs a balanced
force (well illustrated by the Tarot image) in this aspect of self-transformation.

The path description refers to "every created being under the supreme orb, as well as the
motion of them all". In the specific symbol language of the "32 Paths", this indicates the planets
of the personality which, astrologically speaking, exist "under" the orbit of the sun (the supreme
orb, from the perspective of the personal self). Thus the work of Samekh has the effect of
enlivening these archetypal aspects of the personality and setting them in motion.

Tzaddi: 7>10
Path #29 - "The twenty-ninth path is called the corporeal consciousness because it marks out
the forms and reproduction of all bodies which are incorporated under every cycle of the

The work of Tzaddi marks the completion of the initial phase in the transformation of the
personal self. Here, the task is to integrate the perception of the instinctual emotional forces
directly into one's daily life circumstances (i.e., to corporealize them). As the Tarot image
implies, this brings the initiate into closer alignment with nature's own fluid mechanisms of

The Hebrew word "Tzaddi" translates into English as "fish hook". Symbolically, this is what
captures the "fish" of Qooph (Pisces), the subconscious mind. In Hebrew symbolism, the fish is
a sign of fertility, so what we have here with Tzaddi is the capturing or hooking of the fertility of
the subconscious mind. With it, the initiate feeds, sustains and nurtures the personality, and
anchors it in the material life circumstances.

This final step illumines the personality and allows it to more clearly expresses the solar light of
the Individual Self (Tiphareth). It is this illumination of the personal self that empowers the
ensuing rise to a direct cognizance of the Individual Self. Without this firm foundation from which
to rise, a direct cognizance of the Individual Self is, at best, temporary, incomplete and unstable.

Tiphareth: Sephirah #6
#6: In all things great and small, I see the Beauty of the divine expression.
Path #15 - "The fifteenth path is called the constituting consciousness because it constitutes the
essence of creation in pure darkness. According to masters of contemplation, this is that
darkness referred to in scripture: 'and thick darkness its swaddling band.'"

Having completed the work of transforming the personality into a conscious expression of one's
understanding of the true self, it is almost inevitable that the initiate will rise to Tiphareth and
experience the perspective of the Individual Self. This "Individual perspective" confers a sense
of detachment and objectivity in regard to one's own personality and material life circumstance.
From this perspective, the initiate looks "downward" at their mundane life and "outward" toward
all the other Individual Selves that inhabit this level of the astral realm. One sees and directly
experiences the Individual Self within every other thing that has material and astral existence.
The only word that comes close to describing the vision of another Individual is "beauty" (in
Hebrew, Tiphareth) because the realization of the fact that this other IS a divine expression, is
inescapable. Furthermore, the realization that one's own self is also an expression of the divine,
is equally inescapable and this particular realization is a most cathartic one indeed!

Tiphareth is the only Sephira below the abyss that receives the Kethric influx directly. This is
through the path of Beth (#4) which transmits the "holy powers" across the Abyss, into the realm
of Yetzirah. Within Yetzirah, these holy powers appear as light, hence the solar symbolism of
Tiphareth. Each Individualized quanta of this light shines with a star-like radiance, yet has, as its
backdrop, the black "darkness" of the Abyss. I think the corresponding Genesis text says it best:

Genesis 1:14-15 - "And Elohim said: 'Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide
the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years; and
let them be for lights in the firmament of heaven to give light upon the earth.' And it was so."

One thing that this passage points out is the temporal nature of the Individual Self ("let them be
for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years") and its relationship to incarnation ("to give
light upon the earth"). The Individual Self is the temporal mental body that incarnates over and
over. When its cycle of incarnation is complete, it dissolves into the Greater Self or eternal
mental body (spirit). Thus in Tiphareth, the initiate also gains access to all the Individual Self's
memories of "past" incarnations.

The work of Tiphareth is to explore the Individual Self in a manner similar to the earlier analysis
of the personal self. The rise above Tiphareth to Geburah and then Gedulah, mimics the ascent
from Yesod to Hod and Netzach, except at the Individual level instead of the personal. The
initiate must strive to completely identify with their Individual Self and then turn their Individual
attention downward and infuse their personal self directly. This once again transforms the
personal self, but this time, the transformation is accomplished from the Individual perspective,
instead of from the personal perspective which must, by necessity, look "up" to the descending
Individual influx and interpret its meaning. Here though, there is no doubting or guesswork.
Lamed: 6>7
Path #20 - "The twentieth path is called the consciousness of will because it is the pattern of all
that is formed. By this mode of consciousness one may know the actuality of the primordial

The Hebrew letter, Lamed, is said to depict a snake uncoiled, symbolizing the unleashed force
of Individual will. The task of this path is to direct this Individual, Tiphareth will to the Netzach
level of the personality's instinctual emotions. With the light of their Individual will, the initiate
illuminates the whole of their emotional nature, transforming and setting aright everything that
does not reflect this will with clarity.

The essence of Tiphareth (i.e., the holy powers descending from Kether) is equilibrium or
balance, so this willful act of self-transformation seeks to create balance within the realm of the
personal Netzach. This conscious act of creating balance mimics the creativity of the "primordial
wisdom" (Kether) and it is this to which the "32 Paths" text refers when it says: "By this mode of
consciousness one may know the actuality of the primordial wisdom."

Nun: 6>8
Path #22 - "The twenty-second path is called the faithful consciousness because, through it, the
spiritual powers are increased. All dwellers on earth 'abide in its shadow.'"

With the work of the path of Nun, the Individual perspective completely fills the rational intellect,
transforming and regenerating it. Every thought and every response to emotional instinct is
permeated through and through with the Individual perspective. This, combined with the
preceding permeation of the personal Netzach, vastly increases the initiate's spiritual (i.e.,
mental) powers. This transformation of the personal intellect is so radical that it resembles the
death of an old self and birth of the new. The initiate cannot but look at their world through new
eyes and from a new perspective.

It is an inescapable fact of the temporal universe that EVERY thing is temporary. From the
personal perspective, this often brings sadness and fear, but the Individual Self understands
that without this cycle of life and death, nothing would flourish. It KNOWS that the essence
never dies. It KNOWS that for the essence to perfect itself and eventually return to its origin, it
must pass through the cycle of life and death countless times. When this knowledge is
impressed upon the rational mind by the Individual will, it frees the initiate to fully pursue their
spiritual advancement without fear. In fact, it is this death of the fear-of-death that the Tarot
image depicts.

In Hebrew symbolism, the fish (Nun) stands for the concept of abundance and fertility. Indeed, it
is the rotting matter of dead bodies that feeds the birth of the new and assures continuity. This
idea of abundance is echoed in the Genesis text corresponding to the 22nd Path:

Genesis 1:22-23 - "And Elohim blessed them, saying: 'Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the waters
in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.' And there was evening and there was morning, a
fifth day."

Resh: 6>9
Path #25 - "The twenty-fifth path is called the consciousness of trial because it is the primary
test by which the creator proves the compassionate (Khasidim)."

This is the path of incarnation - the "primary test" by which we are continuously perfected. The
task of the path of Resh is to consciously incarnate the Individual Self within the personal self.

Resh is the first initiatory path that crosses another previously traveled path. The path it
intersects is that of Mem and the Garden of Eden or lower astral veil. This is the genuine "test"
for the initiate since, without the balance conferred by Tiphareth and the subsequent illumination
of both Netzach and Hod, descending through the lower astral can be very unbalancing indeed.

In the Tarot image, the Individual Self is represented by the sun and the 13 descending Yods.
The newly transformed Netzach and Hod are symbolized by the little girl and boy respectively.
They stand, hand in hand, united in purpose and acting in unison with the sun, at the exact point
where Resh intersects Mem. This specific point is one of great balance - philosophically
equidistant from Tiphareth, Yesod, Netzach and Hod, simultaneously. This is the heart of the
personal astral matrix itself. The immense fertility of this point is symbolized in the Tarot image
by the fact of the green grass and the blooming sunflowers (i.e., solar flowers).

Bringing the Individual Self consciously into Yesod, further transforms the personality and has
the effect of formalizing the Netzach and Hod transformations. Having transformed the lower or
personal self in this way, the initiate is then free to turn their attention upwards and begin the
process of transforming the Individual Self.

Geburah: Sephirah #5
#5: I recognize the manifestation of the undeviating Justice in all the circumstances of my life.

Path #13 - "The thirteenth path is named the uniting consciousness because it is the essence of
glory. It represents the completion of the true essence of the unified spiritual beings."

Geburah is where the initiate learns about and begins to wield the power of the Individual Self.
This is also where, for the first time, the initiate directly perceives the "legality" or rightness of all
things. The "undeviating Justice" of the universal legality is absolute and manifests in ALL the
circumstances of the initiate's life. The inevitability of this fact teaches the initiate to wield their
power with great care and respect, lest they burn their fingers and singe their hair.

The initiate's experiences during the process of learning about power and its use, afford a
degree of completion to the Individual Self. It's akin to adolescence when the youth first learns
that they actually do have their own power. At first that power is wielded selfishly and foolishly,
but with time and experience, the youth matures and learns that power with is far more
productive than mere power over.

The "32 Paths" text gives a wonderful clue to the work of Geburah when it's considered in the
light of Paul Case's statement for Zero: "All the power that ever was or will be, is here now."
This is the "true essence of the unified spiritual beings" - the power inherent in the unified or
eternal NOW. In other words, in Geburah, the initiate synchronizes with the NOW and therein
finds unlimited power. Projecting this power downward and manifesting it within the sequential
realm, gives it material form and affords it a certain degree of completion.

The arena in which the initiate learns about their Individual power is the further transformation of
Self at the personal and Individual levels.

Yod: 5>6
Path #17 - "The seventeenth path is called the consciousness of disposition. It provides faith to
the compassionate (Khasidim) and clothes them with the Holy Spirit (Ruach Elohim). Within the
supernals it is called the foundation of beauty (Tiphareth)."

With the path of Yod, the initiate projects the laser beam of their power upon the perfecting of
the Tiphareth Individual Self. This phase of Self-transformation has to do with the direct,
conscious integration of the higher influx descending from the Greater Self (Binah), into the
Tiphareth Individual. The process is as the Tarot image depicts - a casting of light upon
darkness. The words of the corresponding Genesis passage describe this perfectly:

Genesis 1:17-18 - "And Elohim set them [the two lights] in the firmament of the heaven to give
light upon the earth, and to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the

Here we see (for the only time) Elohim "set them". This is a very concrete act that serves as a
foundation for Tiphareth (in the words of the "32 Paths"). Elohim also gives a specific set of
purposes to these lights and this is reflective of the Geburian power and legality.

The influx from the Greater Self that descends into the Individual Self, is the "Holy Spirit"
mentioned in the "32 Paths" text. At the level of Tiphareth, this influx or "breath of Elohim" is
perceived as a "clothing" of light.

It's important to understand that in the "32 Paths", the term 'Khasidim' ("compassionate") is a
code word for the initiate - the upward traveler who seeks enlightenment. When the initiate
consciously projects the aspect of the Ruach Elohim that descends from Geburah unto
Tiphareth, a sense of faith in the rightness of EVERY thing, infuses the initiate's consciousness.
This has to do with the perception of legality and the recognition of the fact that the undeviating
justice does indeed manifest itself in ALL circumstances.

Peh: 5>8
Path #21 - "The twenty-first path is called the consciousness of the desired-which-fulfills
because it receives the divine influence which flows into it as a result of the blessing it confers
upon all that exists."

Peh is the path that connects Geburah - the terminus of the mental "plan of the primordial"
(Aleph) - with Hod - the terminus of the lower astral manifestation of this "plan" (Mem). In
essence, the Geburah aspect of the Individual Self is the immediate product of the mental "plan"
and when it consciously descends into Hod (the direct product of the lower astral "plan") a
cathartic transformation of one's cherished belief systems takes place. This is because the
perspective of the Geburah Individual includes the perception of legality and immense power,
and this combination shatters any remaining illusions or delusions arising from the astral and
physical experience.

In the Tarot image, the descending influx from Geburah is symbolized by the lightning flash that
strikes the crown of the tower. Everything inhabiting this mental tower of cherished delusions is
forced to either learn to fly or be dashed upon the rocks and destroyed. Yet in the "32 Paths"
text, this seemingly destructive event is counted as "the blessing it confers upon all that exists.

The title of this path ("the desired which fulfills") is interesting. On the one hand, it's a warning
similar to "be careful what you wish for". This has great relevance since at the Geburah level of
attainment, what one wishes for WILL come to pass and great care must be exercised.

On the other hand, it's also a deeply kabbalistic statement pertaining to the descent of the
"substance of the unity" along the left pillar; specifically its descent from the upper-Yetziratic,
mental "plan" (Aleph) to the level of the lower-Yetziratic astral "plan" (Mem). The corresponding
Genesis passage (1:21) describes this blessing with the words, "and Elohim saw that it was

An alternate translation of the title for this path is "the desired and the required" - two separate
needs. Again this speaks of the sustenance provided by the mental level unto the astral level,
but it's also a statement of what the initiate must accomplish with the path of Peh - namely, to
differentiate between that which is merely desired and that which is a requirement, between
what's essential and what's superfluous within the rational intellect. This is a willful act of paring
away the irrelevant and illuminating the relative darkness of the personal self.

When this Geburian transformation of the Individual Self is complete, a new relationship with the
NOW and with power emerges and the initiate rises to Gedulah, the realm of "Loving Kindness"
and "Mercy".
Gedulah: Sephirah #4
#4: From the exhaustless riches of the Limitless Substance, I draw all things needful, both
spiritual and material.

Path #10 - "The tenth path is called the resplendent consciousness because it is exalted above
every head and sits on the throne of Binah. It is illuminated with the splendor of all the lights and
it causes an influence to flow forth from the Prince of Countenances."

Gedulah is the highest Sephirah of the Individual Self and stands at the border of the Abyss
between our sequential, temporal realm and the non-sequential realm of eternity (i.e., the
"Supernal realm"). In effect, it's the initiate's jumping off point in their journey across the Abyss.
As such, the experience of Gedulah is all about the nature of sequence, for this knowledge is
what carries the initiate through the veil of Aleph and across the Abyss to the veil of Shin.

Gedulah and Geburah represent the two poles of sequence - similarity and difference,
respectively. As the Unity descends into Yetzirah, causing the realm of sequence, the first
degree of sequence to emerge is similarity or alikeness, where sequence is a matter of
attraction. This is Gedulah, "loving kindness", the force that draws all things together. Here,
sequence is expressed as degrees of similarity.

Born from similarity, the second and opposite pole of sequence to emerge is that of difference,
where sequence becomes a matter of attraction AND repulsion. This is Geburah, "might" or
"power" (also known as Pachad or "fear"). This is the force that pushes all things that are not
similar, apart. This sets the stage for a more complex sort of sequence - time-space.

In Geburah, the initiate encountered the vast power inherent to the temporal NOW, but in
Gedulah, the initiate experiences the temporal NOW directly and to its fullest. Thus the "power"
found in Gedulah (i.e., loving kindness) is infinitely greater than what the initiate experienced in
Geburah. However, the experience of this greater power is limited only to those who have
thoroughly learned the Geburah lesson about the superiority of power with versus the inferiority
of power over.

In Gedulah, the temporal NOW is defined as the infinitely finite point that divides past from
future. It is toward the realization and experience of this NOW point that the initiate strives in
Gedulah. Once attained, this experience reveals an entirely new, completely objective
perspective on the universe. It's also a perspective that is naturally and unavoidably imbued with
a loving kindness for EVERY thing.

The temporal NOW point is the sequential reflection of what Paul Case said about the Zero: "All
the power that ever was or will be is here NOW". It's the point at which the "splendor of the
Unity" enters into the sequential realm and provides "ALL things needful, both spiritual and
material." This "splendor" gives birth to the path of Aleph and the "plan of the primordial". This
"plan", emanated by Gedulah, is what the "32 Paths" text refers to with the words, "and it causes
an influence to flow forth from the Prince of Countenances."

Because of Gedulah's position at the crux of time (the NOW point) it is the seat of "prophesies
that seers behold in visions" (see Gimel, Path #12). In other words, from the Gedulah
perspective, time is an open book. Among the implications of this for the initiate is included the
attainment of a specific sort of inclusive temporal perspective upon the sequential universe. This
deepens still further the perception and understanding of the universal legality and transforms it
into a true faculty that the initiate must then employ in their transformation of the Individual Self.

Aleph: 4>5
Path #8 - "The eighth path is called the perfect consciousness because it is the plan of the
primordial. It has no root where it can abide except in the hidden chambers of majesty
(Gedulah) from which its own secret essence emanates."

In the Genesis sequence of creation, Aleph marks the first time that Elohim "makes", indicating
the World of Yetzirah for which Aleph provides the "plan".

Genesis 1:7 - "And Elohim made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the
firmament from the waters which were above the firmament, and it was so."

Aleph, the "plan of the primordial", is this "firmament". The Hebrew word translated (most often)
as "firmament" comes from the root verb 'resh-qooph-ayin' which means alternately, "to stamp,
tread down, beat into thin plates" or "to stretch out, expand and spread". The second definition,
indicating an expanse, defines the Abyss (i.e., the "hidden chambers of Gedulah") which, in the
symbolism of the Hebrew Tree, lies directly above the path of Aleph. The first definition
however, defines the true nature of Aleph itself - the Abyssal expanse, "beaten into a thin plate".
This "thin plate" is the veil which seems to separate the upward gazing initiate from the Supernal
realm. This veil and the Abyss it shrouds are what separate Yetzirah from Briah, "the waters
which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament".

The Tarot image depicts this "plan" as the descent of an innocent spirit of loving kindness, into
the realm of differentiating experience. This is the highest aspect of the Individual Self who,
willingly and with full awareness of the consequences, enters into the process that brings
involvement in the wheel of incarnation. This is not a blind foolishness; rather, it's a willingness
based in full awareness and focused completely upon manifesting the spirit of loving kindness,
come what may.

The task of the initiate is to infuse their Geburah awareness with their Gedulah awareness. This
integrates the spirit of loving kindness and its unlimited storehouse of NOW power into the
Geburah manifestation of power, exponentially increasing and purifying it.

Teth: 4>6
Path #11 - "The eleventh path is called the scintillating consciousness because it is the essence
of the veil which is placed before the ordered arrangement of the powers. Who walks this way
acquires a special dignity - he can stand face to face before the cause of causes."

This path completes the triangle of the integrated Individual Self. All of the Individual's powers
come together to act in unison and perfect equilibrium with this descent into Tiphareth. In the
words of the "32 Paths", this completion confers the ability to "stand face to face before the
cause of causes". In other words, the integrated Individual Self looks directly up to Kether, yet
there is still a space between - the Abyss which keeps us face-to-face instead at-one-with. This
face-to-face experience gives the integrated Individual a glimpse of the Kethric influx. The sense
of self-assurance this produces within the Individual and personal levels of Self is aptly depicted
by the Tarot image. Here we see the integrated Individual in perfect sync with the objective
reality and functioning in complete power with it. Such an Individual works with the universal
legality, giving to the effort the fullness of their conjoined Gedulah-Geburah power.

The Hebrew letter Teth is said to depict a coiled serpent. This, along with the association of
Teth with the sign of Leo (the lion), indicate the immense reserve of unleashed potential
available to the integrated Individual. This "scintillating consciousness" is the essence of Aleph
(the "veil which is placed before the ordered arrangement of the powers").

The task of Teth is for the initiate to consciously cast their "scintillating consciousness", along
with all its reserve of power, into the work of perfecting the Individual Self. The aim is to
transform the Individuality into a clear expression of the integrated Individual's perception of the
Kethric influx. This completes the transformation of the Individual Self, below the Abyss.

Kaph: 4>7
Path #18 - "The eighteenth path is called the consciousness of the house of influence. From its
inmost center flow the Arcanum and veiled ideas, which "abide in its shadow"; thus is there
union with the inmost substance of the cause of causes."

With the path of Kaph, the initiate now turns the same Gedulah force upon their personal self
and, by extension, upon their mundane life circumstance. This integrates the integrated
Individuality still further, into the denser levels of personal self.

The "32 Paths" text describes this as a descent of "the Arcanum and veiled ideas" from
Gedulah, into Netzach which "abides in the shadow" (i.e., exists below solar Tiphareth). At the
level of Netzach, the universal legality as it's perceived in Gedulah, takes on the astral form of
"Arcanum and veiled ideas". In other words, the Netzach perception of legality is normally veiled
with astral symbol, represented in the Tarot image as the common conception of fortune or

The initiate however, brings a different, more inclusive perspective to Netzach and the realm of
instinctual emotions as they perform the task of Kaph. Mind you, the initiate's Netzach has
already been transformed by prior work, so it's not like the average person's Netzach. When the
integrated Individual descends by the path of Kaph into Netzach, they infuse their instinctual
emotions with the Gedulah perspective and power. This transforms the entire emotional
composition of the initiate into a perfect reflection of the Individual influx of light. This
transformation immediately passes from Netzach to Hod and on to Yesod and Malkuth, bringing
the whole structure of the Individual and personal Self into a state of integrated equilibrium. This
so deepens the "union with the inmost substance of the cause of causes", that the initiate can
then begin their penetration of the veil and crossing of the Abyss.

Binah: Sephirah #3
#3: Filled with Understanding of its perfect law, I am guided, moment by moment, along the path
of liberation.

Path #7 - "The seventh path is the hidden consciousness because it is the radiance that
illuminates all the powers of the mind which are seen with the eye of the intellect and through
the contemplation of truth."

Genesis 1:6 -"And Elohim said: 'Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it
divide the waters from the waters.' "

With Aleph, Elohim "made" the "firmament" (the compressed, condensed veil), but with Binah,
Elohim says "let there be a firmament". In other words, this is a statement of potential and
intention, not of "making" or manifesting. Furthermore, it speaks of the potential for sequence
(let it divide the waters from the waters) within a unified, non-sequential realm (in the midst of
the waters).

The true Binah stands on the opposite side of the Abyss from Gedulah. It is the realm of
undifferentiated, unsequentialized potential. Of course, hand in hand with this potential is also
their inevitable realization or manifestation, but at the level of Binah proper, they exist only as
unlimited potential. Gedulah on the other hand, is the point (NOW) where those potentials
descend into the realm of sequence and begin their process of realization.

The Abyss is purely mental and is composed solely of our inability as sequentialized units of
consciousness, to comprehend non-sequentiality. The crossing of this Abyss is therefore a
matter of Understanding non-sequentiality. For the ascending initiate, Binah serves as the
immediate goal of the crossing. It is, so to speak, the gateway to eternity.

As the initiate gazes toward the Abyss, Binah appears dark. Its non-sequential light is
incomprehensible and therefore invisible to the Gedulah Individual. This is Binah as "Dark
Sterile Mother". Yet when the initiate crosses the Abyss and experiences Binah first hand, it
grows steadily brighter as Understanding increases and becomes the "Bright Fertile Mother".
This is the "hidden" "radiance" mentioned in the "32 Paths" text.

Binah is where the eternal mental body resides. This is the Greater Self which projects its
potential into Yetzirah and the realm of sequence, creating temporal mental bodies or Individual
Selves. It is the direct causal agent of the Individual Self. For the ascending initiate, reaching
Binah means merging with one's own Greater Self. In fact, it is one's own Greater Self that
provides the constant guidance mentioned in Paul Case's statement.

The emanation of the Greater Self into the sequentialized Individual is what, in the words of the
"32 Paths", "illuminates all the powers of the mind which are seen with the eye of the intellect
and through the contemplation of truth." Once the initiate reaches across the Abyss and arrives
at Binah, they must begin the work of consciously emanating the non-sequential light of the
Greater Self into the lower levels of Self.

Daleth: 3>5
Path #14 - "The fourteenth path is called the luminous consciousness because it is the essence
of the Chashmal ["speaking silence"] which is the instructor in the secret foundations of holiness
and their stages of preparation."

The key to understanding this "32 Paths" description is the Hebrew word Chashmal
(cheth-shin-mem-lamed). Most often it's translated as "brilliant flame", "electrum" or "amber", but
in the Talmudic tradition pertinent to kabbalah, it's said to be a special joining of two words:
"speaking" (mal) and "silence" (chash). As a kabbalistic term, it refers to Shin (connecting
Chokmah to Binah) which was created from the "Marvelous Light" (Chokmah) and in turn gave
birth to the "Arafel" (darkness) or Binah. Thus the Chashmal is a dynamic, fiery thing because of
the tension created by this opposition of "speaking" and "silence". It's this flow of duality
emanating from Chokmah that creates non-sequential potential (Binah) out of Unity.

With the path of Daleth, we see the dualistic essence of this dynamic Chashmal, emanated into
the sequential realm and given form as infinite variety. The Tarot image expresses this as the
workings of Nature herself, which is quite apt considering that Daleth is emanated by Binah, the
receptacle of the "substance of the unity".

The Chashmal is the root of the universal legality, expressed in the "32 Paths" test by the words,
"the instructor in the secret foundations of holiness and their stages of preparation." Universal
legality is what determines the form of EVERY thing, be it potential or actual. In Binah, we see
this legality in its barest, most rudimentary non-sequential form and with the emanation of
Daleth we see it become sequentialized.

Franz Bardon's truly magical kabbalistic speech, which relies upon the magical manipulation of
this stage of the descending legality, is therefore attributed to the path of Daleth. Kabbalistic
speech consciously employs the same "laws" that Nature follows.

The specific work of the path Daleth will vary for each initiate, but in every case it involves the
integration of the Greater Self's perspective into every action and every exercise of one's
Individual power. Thus every one of the initiate's actions comes to perfectly reflect and manifest
the Universal legality.

Cheth: 3>6
Path #9 - "The ninth path is called the pure consciousness because it purifies the essence of the
Sephirot. It provides and adapts the design of their patterns and establishes their unity. They
remain united, without diminution or division."

This is the primary avenue by which the Greater Self fills each of its Individualized emanations.

As the non-sequential Greater Self descends into the realm of sequence, its essence, which is
unified in Binah, splits into countless Individual manifestations, each of which expresses a part
of the Greater's unified wholeness. Yet simultaneously, each part remains forever connected to
the Greater's wholeness. The Greater's awareness of each of its sequential parts is never split
and it remains completely and fully aware of all of its parts simultaneously. Only the parts
themselves ever forget the Greater level of Self. This is what the "32 Paths" text is trying to say
with, "It provides and adapts the design of their patterns and establishes their unity. They
remain united, without diminution or division."

This then, is the initiate's work with the path Cheth - to manifest the non-sequential Greater level
of Self-awareness within their own familiar sequentialized Individual Self-awareness. The Tarot
image of the Chariot, when placed upon the Hebrew Tree, accurately depicts this process.

The Chariot image illustrates the relationship between consciousness and time (i.e., sequence).
Consciousness ALWAYS occupies a bubble of NOW-ness, shown here as the confining chariot.
The charioteer represents the Greater Self after it's been Individualized and adorned with
specific form, faculties, traits, etc. Behind this bubble of NOW-ness, lies the temporal past and
above the surface of the two-dimensional card, lies the temporal future, yet to take form. No
matter which direction the chariot moves, the charioteer ALWAYS exists within their bubble of

With the work of Cheth, the initiate consciously fills their Individual Self with their Greater
awareness and consciously picks up the reins of their chariot of NOW-ness and begins to
consciously drive it as their Greater Self.

This begins a long temporal process of integrating the Greater Self level of awareness into
EVERY aspect of one's life. Or, to use the "32 Paths" symbolism, the initiate "purifies the
essence of the Sephirot."

Chokmah: Sephirah #2
#2: Through me its unfailing Wisdom takes form in thought and word.

Path #3 - "The third path is called the sanctifying consciousness. It is the foundation of
primordial wisdom and is called "enduring faith [Amen]", and its roots are truth [Amen]. It is the
father of trust [Amen], from which the power of faith [Amen] emanates."

Chokmah exists beyond the ken of images and symbols, which explains the lack of a Temple
image. This is the realm where "speaking" (Paul Case's "word") and "silence" (Paul Case's
"thought") - the components of the Chashmal - are still united and exist in a purely potential

The author of the "32 Paths" plays with the various meanings of the word "Amen"
(aleph-mem-nun) here, perhaps in an attempt to convey some sense of the dynamic between
thought and word, between essence and manifestation, force and form, etc. This dynamic
permeates Chokmah, yet in a subdued unified state, hence the common attribution of a dove
gray color for Chokmah.

With the attainment of Binah, the initiate gained Understanding. Through the process of
applying this nascent Understanding to every circumstance of their life, the initiate's
Understanding matures into Wisdom. Understanding is situational - it requires an object to focus
upon. Wisdom however, is a continuous state that exists without the need for an object of focus
and automatically manifests itself through the thoughts and words of the initiate. Here, the
initiate not only Understands and manipulates the Universal legality, they become the legality

At the level of Binah, which serves as the receiving vessel of the dynamism of the unleashed
Chashmal, there exist a non-sequentially infinite number of Greater Selves, but in Chokmah,
which serves as the source of the Chashmal, there is only one Greater Self. Chokmah is the
Unity of infinite parts (8), distinct from Kether which is the Unity without parts (0).

The single Greater Self of Chokmah carries the seed that produces the many, just as the color
gray carries the seed of both black and white yet is neither exclusively. Once the initiate attains
Chokmah, they then act AS this single Greater Self.

When the initiate "stands" in Chokmah, they are faced with the choice of which of the countless
Binah Greater Selves is to receive this seed. Ultimately, ALL receive the Chokmah seed
simultaneously since this occurs at a non-sequential, eternal level; but for the already
Individualized consciousness of the initiate, this is experienced as a binary, 'either/or' choice.

From Chokmah, the initiate, acting AS this single Greater Self, casts the seed of their Wisdom
into first their own Binah Greater Self, and then into all the rest, one by one. Unfortunately,
these temporal words we must use to communicate cannot accurately describe a
non-sequential event - they always imply the passage of time and sequence. Nonetheless, it
must be understood that EVERY thing that transpires above the Abyss occurs without sequence
and outside of time.
The corresponding Genesis passage tries to convey this concept of non-sequential simultaneity.

Genesis 1:3 -"And Elohim said, 'Let there be light', and there be light."

In other words, in Chokmah, cause and effect occur in perfect unison, without sequence. Such
is the power that the initiate of Chokmah possesses and must wield upon Self.

Shin: 2>3
Path #24 - "The twenty-fourth path is called the imaginative consciousness because it provides
an image to all created things that have an appearance, in a form fitting to each."

Shin, the Mother Letter of Fire, IS the Chashmal. This is the supernal root or template of the
mental "plan of the primordial" (Aleph) and the astral "plan" (Mem). It is the seed which provides
the archetypal "image to all created things that have an appearance, in a form fitting to each."
With Shin, the initiate, acting AS the single Chokmah Greater Self, consciously implants this
seed within the Bright Fertile Mother (Binah). Initially, the initiate's own Binah Greater Self is
thus fertilized, but ultimately, ALL the Binah Greater Selves are fertilized.

As the Tarot image illustrates, this fertilization (pictured as a non-verbal sound vibration
emanating from the Archangel's trumpet) brings about the birth of a new life amid the old.

Gimel: 2>4
Path #12 - "The twelfth path is called the transparent consciousness because it is the substance
of that phase of majesty (Gedulah) which is called revelation (khazkhazit). It is the source of
prophesies that seers behold in visions."

The word "khazkhazit" was coined by the author of the "Book of Contemplation" and is
translated variously as "visualizer", "gazing-glass", etc. All of these translations equate to
revelation and divine vision. Yet here, quite subtly, is the veil of the Abyss, for revelation is a
channeled and guarded thing - it is received as though through a gazing-glass. This veil defines
the separation between Briah (the realm of pure thought or idea) and Yetzirah (the realm of
images that symbolize pure thought).

The emanation of Gimel from Chokmah to Gedulah is called "transparent" because it represents
the descent of pure thought into the realm of images. Franz Bardon's magical evocation is
attributed to this path because the basis of true evocation is the art of working with the pure
thought that underlies all images and forms.

The initiate who consciously casts the seed of the single Chokmah Greater Self into their own
Individual Gedulah, becomes a master of images and of the temporal NOW itself, perfectly
manifesting Loving Kindness through their every thought, word and deed.

Zayin: 2>6
Path #6 - "The sixth path is called the mediating consciousness because through it the
emanation of atziluthic influence is increased. It causes that influence to flow unto all those so
blessed as to be united to its essence."

The "atziluthic influence" mentioned in the "32 Paths" text refers to the path Beth which
descends from Kether directly into Tiphareth, carrying with it the "holy powers". The entry of
Chokmah into Tiphareth via the path of Zayin, multiplies this Kethric influx within Tiphareth. The
transformation which ensues because of this multiplication is what empowers the initiate's
ascent to Kether.

As the Tarot image implies, the work of this path is the conscious integration of the single
Chokmah Greater Self into the initiate's own Individual and personal Self. The radiant being that
results from this integration of the supernal into the mundane is indeed a blessing to the world.

Kether: Sephirah #1
#1: I am a center of expression for the Primal Will-to-Good which eternally creates and sustains
the universe.

Path #1 -"The first path is called the mystical consciousness, the highest crown (Kether). It is
the light of the primordial principle which has no beginning; and it is the primal glory. No created
being can attain to its essence."

As I said above, Kether is the Unity without parts. It is the completely integrated whole that, in
and of itself, experiences no separation into parts. For the Kethric consciousness, ALL is simply
Self. In Kether, there is no differentiation into beginning, middle and end; no binary choice even.
This is expressed in the corresponding Genesis passage:

Genesis 1:1 - "In the beginning, Elohim created the heaven and the earth."

In other words, from the outset, so to speak, EVERY thing has existed within Kether - the
heaven AND the earth, simultaneously.

The initiate who attains to full cognizance of Kether becomes at-one-with EVERY thing; every
who, what, where, when and why. For such a one, cause and effect occur simultaneously and
life becomes a matter of simply BEing instead of willing or desiring or making happen.

Paul Case's statement best describes the initiate's work: one becomes a conscious center of
expression for the Primal Will-to-Good, and actively participates in the eternal creating and
sustaining of the universe.

The "32 Paths" proviso that "no created being can attain to its essence" is a VERY deep
mystical statement. The "essence" of Kether is the Ayin, commonly translated as "nothingness".
The Ayin is so utterly foreign to creatures that "exist" or have BEing, that it is impossible for us
to even begin to comprehend this "realm". Our words cannot even begin to describe it. The only
consciousness capable of comprehending the Ayin is Kether: The One Self, the Unity of ALL
BEing. In other words, no created being can attain to the Ayin - only the creator of being can do
so. Which is another way of saying that unity with Kether brings the initiate their first perception
of this essence.

Heh: 1>2
Path #2 - "The second path is that of the illuminating consciousness. It is the crown (Kether) of
creation (Briah), the splendor of the unity, like unto that which "exalts itself as the head over all."
The masters of kabbalah call it the second glory."

Here we see the Kethric Light emanating down to Chokmah. This emanation of Light "crowns"
Briah. In other words, it stands above the Briatic World of Chokmah-Binah. This descending
illumination carries the "splendor" aspect of Kether, the Primal Glory. Therefore, Heh is called
the "second glory" and is depicted in the Tarot as an Emperor who "exalts [him]self as the head
over all." The Emperor may wear and personify the power that the Crown confers, but he is not
the Crown itself.

Heh represents the "first" non-sequential act of creation (Briah) which is/was/will-be a matter of
Elohim turning Its attention "downward":

Genesis 1:2 - "And the earth was unformed and void, and darkness was upon the face of the
deep; and the spirit of Elohim hovered over the face of the waters."

Here, Elohim "does" nothing more than take notice of the state of potential and "hover over"
attentively. Yet this divine attention is what ultimately sustains the universe since it provides the
mental pattern for all that follows.

With Heh, the initiate consciously integrates this mental pattern which sustains all created
things, into the single Chokmah Greater Self.

Vav: 1>3
Path #5 - "The fifth path is called the root consciousness because it is the substance of the
unity, joining itself to that understanding (Binah) which itself emanates from within the province
of primordial wisdom."

With Vav, Kether impregnates the infinite potential of Binah with the Light of its substance. The
corresponding Genesis passage gives insight into the nature of this "substance".

Genesis 1:4 - "And Elohim divided the light from the darkness."

Thus we see that this "substance" has to do with dividing, which in this case is the same as
multiplying since we have divided what was formerly one thing, into two things. In other words,
this is the beginning of the potential for an infinite variety of distinct expressions of the One
Thing. It's this influx of the "substance of the unity" that establishes the pillar of severity or form.

In the Tarot, this is symbolized by the Hierophant who philosophically divides the light from the
darkness and passes on his own Understanding to those of lesser understanding.

The initiate's task with the path of Vav is to consciously cast their seed of Kethric "substance"
upon the infinite potential within their own Greater Self and upon all the other Greater Selves
resident in Binah.

Beth: 1>6
Path #4 - "The fourth path is named the overflowing consciousness because from it, emanate all
the holy powers, all the most ethereal emanations with the most sublime essences: they
emanate one from the other through the power of the primordial emanator."

The Hebrew letter name 'Beth' means "house" in English. As the first letter in the Torah, it is
said to house all the letters that follow. In other words, it contains within itself all the "holy
powers" and conveys them directly to the Individual (Tiphareth).

Beth is the only path on the Tree that crosses two horizontal paths; the path Shin between
Chokmah and Binah, and the path Aleph between Gedulah and Geburah. It pierces both the
supernal veil of Shin and the Abyssal veil of Aleph, and comprehends both levels of the "plan". It
also establishes the middle pillar of equilibrium, upon which are found the Sephirot pertaining to
the levels of Self (Supernal Kether, Individual Tiphareth, personal Yesod and material Malkuth) -
the "holy powers of the unity".

The initiate's work of the path Beth is to consciously bring down the whole of Kether into the
Individual Self. Once brought directly into Tiphareth, the Ketheric Light permeates every other
level of Self and every other Sephirot of its own accord; or as the "32 Paths" states it, "they (the
"holy powers") emanate one from the other through the power of the primordial emanator
(Kether)." In other words, the Tiphareth thus illuminated becomes like a radiant sun which casts
its light in every direction, giving life and sustenance to all.

This fills the initiate with the constant Ketheric awareness of the Unity at the Individual and
personal levels of Self.

The Sephiroth and Paths - Elements

1 Kether: Root of Air
2 Chokmah: Root of Fire
3 Binah: Root of Water
4 Chesed: Water
5 Geburah: Fire
6 Tiphareth: Air
7 Netzach: Fire
8 Hod: Water
9 Yesod: Air
10 Malkuth: Earth

T​he 22 Paths - Elements and Planets

11 Aleph: Hot and Moist Air
12 Beth: —
13 Gimel: —
14 Daleth: —
15 Hé: Fire (Ruled by Sol and Jupiter)
16 Vau: Earth (Ruled by Venus and Luna)
17 Zain: Air (Ruled by Saturn and Mercury)
18 Cheth: Water (Ruled by Mars)
19 Teth: Fire (Ruled by Sol and Jupiter)
20 Yod: Earth (Ruled by Venus and Luna)
21 Kaph: —
22 Lamed: Air (Ruled by Saturn and Mercury)
23 Mem: Cold and Moist Water
24 Nun: Water (Ruled by Mars)
25 Samekh: Fire (Ruled by Sol and Jupiter)
26 Ayin: Earth (Ruled by Venus and Luna)
27 Pé: —
28 Tzaddi: Air (Ruled by Saturn and Mercury)
29 Qoph: Water (Ruled by Mars)
30 Resh: —
31 Shin: Hot and Dry Fire
31-bis: —
32 Tau: —
32-bis: Cold and Dry Earth

The Paths and Planets with Aspects

12 Beth (Mercury): A fair youth with winged helmet and heels, equipped as a Magician, displays
his art
13 Gimel (Luna): A crowned priestess sits before the veil of Isis between the Pillars of Seth
14 Daleth (Venus): Crowned with stars, a winged goddess stands upon the moon
21 Kaph (Jupiter): A wheel of six shafts, whereon revolve the Triad of Hermanubis, Sphinx, and
27 Pé (Mars): A tower struck by forked lightning
30 Resh (Sol): The Sun
32 Tau (Saturn): Should contain a demonstration of the Quadrature of the Circle
The Four Quarters and their Archangels
11 Aleph (Air): East - Mezrach - Raphael
23 Mem (Water): West - Maareb - Gabriel
31 Shin (Fire): South - Darom - Michael
32-bis (Earth): North - Tzaphon - Auriel
31-bis (Spirit): —

Zodiac and the Angels

15 Hé (Aries): Melchiadel
16 Vau (Taurus): Asmodel
17 Zain (Gemini): Ambriel
18 Cheth (Cancer): Muriel
19 Teth (Leo): Verachiel
20 Yod (Virgo): Hamaliel
22 Lamed (Libra): Zuriel
24 Nun (Scorpio): Barachiel
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Advachiel
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Hanael
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Cambriel
29 Qoph (Pisces): Amnitziel

Angels of the Decans

15 (Path of Hé) Aries - Zazer / Behahemi / Satonder
16 (Path of Vau) Taurus - Kadamidi / Minacharai / Yakasaganotz
17 (Path of Zain) Gemini - Sagarash / Shehadani / Bethon
18 (Path of Cheth) Cancer - Mathravash / Rahadetz / Alinkir
19 (Path of Teth) Leo - Losanahar / Zachi / Sahiber
20 (Path of Yod) Virgo - Ananaurah / Rayadyah /Mishpar
22 (Path of Lamed) Libra - Tarasni / Saharnatz / Shachdar
24 (Path of Nun) Scorpio - Kamotz / Nundohar / Uthrodiel
25 (Path of Samekh) Sagittarius - Mishrath / Vehrin / Aboha
26 (Path of Ayin) Capricorn - Misnim / Yasyasyah / Yasgedibarodiel
28 (Path of Tzaddi) Aquarius - Saspam / Abdaron / Gerodiel
29 (Path of Qoph) Pisces - Bihelami / Avron / Satrip

Magical Images of the Decans

15 (Path of Hé) Aries:
Ascendant - A tall, dark, restless man, with keen flame coloured eyes, bearing a sword
Succedent - A green-clad woman, with one left bare from the ankle to the knee
Cadent - A restless man in scarlet robes, with golden bracelets on his hands and arms
16 (Path of Vau) Taurus:
Ascendant - A woman with long and beautiful hair, clad in flame-coloured robes
Succedent - A man of like figure (to the ascendant), with cloven hoofs like an ox
Cadent - A swarthy man with white lashes, his body elephantine with long legs; with him, a
horse, a stag, and a calf
17 (Path of Zain) Gemini:
Ascendant - A beautiful woman with her two horses
Succedent - An eagle-headed man, with a bow and arrow. Wears crowned steel helmet
Cadent - A man in mail, armoured with bow, arrows, and quiver
18 (Path of Cheth) Cancer:
Ascendant - A man with distorted face and hands, a horse’s body, white feet, and a girdle of
Succedent - A beautiful woman wreathed with myrtle. She holds a lyre and sings of love and
Cadent - A swift-footed person, with a viper in his hand, leading dogs
19 (Path of Teth) Leo:
Ascendant - A man in sordid raiment, with him a nobleman on horseback, accompanied by
bears and dogs
Succedent - A man crowned with a white myrtle wreath, holding a bow
Cadent - A swarthy hairy man, with a drawn sword and shield
20 (Path of Yod) Virgo:
Ascendant - A virgin clad in linen, with an apple or pomegranate
Succedent - Tall, fair, large man, with him a woman holding a large black oil jar
Cadent - An old man leaning on a staff and wrapped in a mantle
22 (Path of Lamed) Libra:
Ascendant - A dark man, in his right hand a spear and laurel branch and in his left a book
Succedent - A man, dark, yet delicious of countenance
Cadent - A man riding on an ass, preceded by a wolf
24 (Path of Nun) Scorpio:
Ascendant - A man with a lance in his right hand, in his left a human head
Succedent - A man riding a camel, with a scorpion in his hand
Cadent - A horse and a wolf
25 (Path of Samekh) Sagittarius:
Ascendant - A man with 3 bodies—1 black, 1 red, 1 white
Succedent - A man leading cows, and before him an ape and bear
Cadent - A man leading another by his hair and slaying him
26 (Path of Ayin) Capricorn:
Ascendant - A man holding in his right hand a javelin and in his left a lapwing
Succedent - A man with an ape running before him
Cadent - A man holding a book which he opens and shuts
28 (Path of Tzaddi) Aquarius:
Ascendant - A man with bowed head and a bag in his hand
Succedent - A man arrayed like a king, looking with pride and conceit on all around him
Cadent - A small-headed man dressed like a woman, and with him an old man
29 (Path of Qoph) Pisces:
Ascendant - A man with two bodies, but joining their hand
Succedent - A grave man pointing to the sky
Cadent - A man of grave and thoughtful face, with a bird in his hand, before him a woman and
an ass

The Elements and Senses

11 Aleph: Air, Smell
23 Mem: Water, Taste
31 Shin: Fire, Sight
32-bis: Earth, Touch
31-bis: Spirit, Hearing

Magickal Weapons
The 10 Sephiroth and Weapons

1 Kether: Fylfat Cross, Crown

2 Chokmah: Lingam, the Inner Robe of Glory
3 Binah: Yoni, the Outer Robe of Concealment
4 Chesed: The Wand, Sceptre, or Crook
5 Geburah: The Sword, Spear, Scourge or Chain
6 Tiphareth: The Lamen or Rosy Cross
7 Netzach: The Lamp and Girdle
8 Hod: The Names and Versicles and Apron
9 Yesod: The Perfumes and Sandals
10 Malkuth: The Magical Circle and Triangle

The Elements, Paths and Weapons

11 Aleph (Air): The Dagger or Fan

23 Mem (Water): The Cup and Cross of Suffering, the Wine
31 Shin (Fire): The Wand or Lamp, Pyramid of Fire
32-bis (Earth): The Pentacle or Salt
31-bis (Spirit): —

The Planets, Paths and Weapon

12 Beth (Mercury): The Wand or Caduceus

13 Gimel (Luna): Bow and Arrow
14 Daleth (Venus): The Girdle
21 Kaph (Jupiter): The Sceptre
27 Pé (Mars): The Sword
30 Resh (Sol): The Lamen or Bow and Arrow
32 Tau (Saturn): A Sickle
The Zodiac, Path and Weapons

15 Hé (Aries): The Horns, Energy, the Burin

16 Vau (Taurus): The Labour of Preparation
17 Zain (Gemini): The Tripod
18 Cheth (Cancer): The Furnace
19 Teth (Leo): The Discipline (Preliminary)
20 Yod (Virgo): The Lamp and Wand (Virile Force reserved), the Bread
22 Lamed (Libra): The Cross of Equilibrium
24 Nun (Scorpio): The Pain of the Obligation
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): The Arrow (swift and straight application of Force)
26 Ayin (Capricorn): The Secret Force, Lamp
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): The Censer or Aspergillus
29 Qoph (Pisces): The Twilight of the Place and Magic Mirror

Magickal Formulae
The Sephiroth and Formulae

0 Negative Veils: Lastal, M....M

1 Kether: —
2 Chokmah: Viaov
3 Binah: Babalon, Vitriol
4 Chesed: IHVH
5 Geburah: Agla, Alhim
6 Tiphareth: Abrahadabra, IAO:INRI
7 Netzach: Ararita
8 Hod: —
9 Yesod: Alim
10 Malkuth: Vitrol

The Paths and Formulae

13 Gimel (Luna): ALIM

14 Daleth (Venus): AGAPE
18 Cheth (Cancer): ABRAHADABRA
19 Teth (Leo): TO MEGA THERION
24 Nun (Scorpio): AUMGN
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): ON
27 Pé (Mars): ON
30 Resh (Sol): IAO:INRI

Magical Powers
The 10 Sephiroth and Powers

0: The Supreme Attainment; Vision of No Difference

1 Kether: Union with God
2 Chokmah: The Vision of God face to face, Vision of Antinomies
3 Binah: The Vision of Sorrow / Vision of Wonder
4 Chesed: The Vision of Love
5 Geburah: The Vision of Power
6 Tiphareth: The Vision of the Harmony of Things (also the Mysteries of the Crucifixion); Beatific
7 Netzach: The Vision of Beauty Triumphant
8 Hod: The Vision of Splendour; Ezekiel
9 Yesod: The Vision of the Machinery of the Universe
10 Malkuth: The Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel or of Adonai

The Elements & Paths and Powers

11 Aleph (Air): Divination

23 Mem (Water): The Great Work, Talismans, Crystal-gazing, etc
31 Shin (Fire): Evocation, Pyromancy
32-bis (Earth): Alchemy, Geomancy, Making of Pentacles; Travels on the Astral Plane
31-bis (Spirit): Invisibility, Transformations, Vision of the Genius

The Planets, Paths and Powers

12 Beth (Mercury): Miracles of Healing, Gift of Tongues, Knowledge of Sciences

13 Gimel (Luna): The White Tincture, Clairvoyance, Divination by Dream
14 Daleth (Venus): Love-philtres
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Power of Acquiring Political and other Ascendency
27 Pé (Mars): Works of Wrath and Vengeance
30 Resh (Sol): The Red Tincture, Power of Acquiring Wealth
32 Tau (Saturn): Works of Malediction and Death

The Zodiac, Paths and Powers

15 Hé (Aries): Power of Consecrating Things

16 Vau (Taurus): The Secret of Physical Strength
17 Zain (Gemini): Power of being in two or more places at one time, and of Prophecy
18 Cheth (Cancer): Power of Casting Enchantments
19 Teth (Leo): Power of Training Wild Beasts
20 Yod (Virgo): Invisibility, Parthenogenesis, Initiation
22 Lamed (Libra): Works of Justice and Equilibrium
24 Nun (Scorpio): Necromancy
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Transmutations; Vision of Universal Peacock
26 Ayin (Capricorn): The Witches’ Sabbath so-called, the Evil Eye
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Astrology
29 Qoph (Pisces): Bewitchments, Casting Illusions

Sepher Yetzirah
Supreme Elemental Kings
11 Aleph: Tahoeloj
23 Mem: Thahebyobeaatan
31 Shin: Ohooohatan
32-bis: Thahaaothahe

The Rulers of the Elements

11 Aleph: Ariel
23 Mem: Tharsis
31 Shin: Seraph
32-bis: Kerub

Angels of the Elements

11 Aleph: Chassan
23 Mem: Taliahad
31 Shin: Aral
32-bis: Phorlakh

Kings of the Elemental Spirits

11 Aleph: Paralda
23 Mem: Niksa
31 Shin: Djin
32-bis: Ghob

The Sephiroth and paths listed by element

1 Kether
6 Tiphareth
9 Yesod
11 Aleph
17 Zain
22 Lamed
28 Tzaddi

10 Malkuth
16 Vau
20 Yod
26 Ayin

2 Chokmah
5 Geburah
7 Netzach
15 Hé
19 Teth
25 Samekh
31 Shin

3 Binah
4 Chesed
8 Hod
18 Cheth
23 Mem
24 Nun
29 Qoph

Aspects of the Human Body​:

The Elements, Paths and the Human Body

11 Aleph (Air): Respiratory Organs

23 Mem (Water): Organs of Nutrition
31 Shin (Fire): Organs of Circulation
32-bis (Earth): Excretory Organs, Skeleton
31-bis (Spirit): Organs of Intelligence

The Planets, Paths and the Human Body

12 Beth (Mercury): Cerebral and Nervous Systems

13 Gimel (Luna): Lymphatic Systems
14 Daleth (Venus): Genital System
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Digestive System
27 Pé (Mars): Muscular System
30 Resh (Sol): Circulatory System
32 Tau (Saturn): Excretory System

The Zodiac, Paths and the Human Body

15 Hé (Aries): Head and Face
16 Vau (Taurus): Shoulders and Arms
17 Zain (Gemini): Lungs
18 Cheth (Cancer): Stomach
19 Teth (Leo): Heart
20 Yod (Virgo): The Back
22 Lamed (Libra): Liver
24 Nun (Scorpio): Intestines
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Hips and Thighs
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Genital System
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Kidneys, Bladder, &c.
29 Qoph (Pisces): Legs and Feet

The Elements, Paths and the Human Body

11 Aleph (Air): Breath

23 Mem (Water): Chyle, Lymph
31 Shin (Fire): Blood
32-bis (Earth): Solid structures, tissues
31-bis (Spirit): Semen, Marrow

The Bodily Functions

11 Aleph (Air): Speaking, Thought
23 Mem (Water): Holding, Nutrition
31 Shin (Fire): Moving, Moving
32-bis (Earth): Excreting, Matter
31-bis (Spirit): Generating, Magick

The 10 Sephiroth and Typical Noted Diseases or Conditions

1 Kether: Death
2 Chokmah: Insanity
3 Binah: Dementia (Amnesia)
4 Chesed: Dropsy
5 Geburah: Fever
6 Tiphareth: Heart Lesions
7 Netzach: Skin Troubles
8 Hod: Nerve Troubles
9 Yesod: Impotence
10 Malkuth: Sterility

The Elements, Paths and Conditions of the Body

11 Aleph (Air): Fluxes
23 Mem (Water): Chill
31 Shin (Fire): Fever
32-bis (Earth): Sluggishness
31-bis (Spirit): Death (full Insanity)

The Planets, Paths and Conditions of the Body

12 Beth (Mercury): Ataxia

13 Gimel (Luna): Menstrual Disorders
14 Daleth (Venus): Syphilis, Gonorrhoea
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Gout
27 Pé (Mars): Inflammation
30 Resh (Sol): Repletion
32 Tau (Saturn): Arterio Sclerosis

The Zodiac, Paths and Conditions of the Body

15 Hé (Aries): Apoplex
16 Vau (Taurus): Indigestion
17 Zain (Gemini): Phthisis, Pneumonia
18 Cheth (Cancer): Rheumatism
19 Teth (Leo): Syncope, etc. Heart
20 Yod (Virgo): Spinal weakness, Paralysis
22 Lamed (Libra): Kidney disorders
24 Nun (Scorpio): Cancer
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Apoplexy, Thrombosis
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Arthritis
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Cystitis
29 Qoph (Pisces): Gout

Living Aspect of the T.A.R.O.T.​:

Paths and the Meaning with T.A.R.O.T

11th Aleph (ox)

0. Fool - Air
Presides over airy triad: Kether-Tiphareth-Yesod (Mother) - A fertile condition of divine
madness. Like a silent moment at dawn
12th Beth (house)

1. Magician - Mercury
Life-Death (Double) - The vibratory process of the Word, the will of God. Everything we see, we
13th Gimel (camel)

2. High Priestess - Moon Wisdom-Folly - The watery material of consciousness containing

the memory of cosmos.
14th Daleth (door)

3. Empress - Venus Peace-War - Love and fertility as such, the most exalted creative
imagination and inspiration
15th Heh (window)

4. Emperor - Aries Sight (Simple) - Discovery in-action of divine principles, peaceful creative
16th Vau (nail)

5. Hierophant - Taurus Hearing - The learning and teaching of cosmic law, a listening attention
towards the word
17th Zain (sword)

6. Lovers - Gemini Smell - We are twins, one and individual souls at the same time,
(sub)conscious unity
18th Cheth (fence)

7. Chariot - Cancer Speech - The reception of the will to fulfill our destiny, path of the heroic
19th Teth (serpent)

8. Lust/Strength - Leo Taste - Fuels the soul's journey into self-consciousness with a loving
determination, a lust for life
20th Yod (hand)

9. Hermit - Virgo Sexual Love - Regulates each incarnation of the soul, guiding light within,
integrity, truly helping
21st Kaph (palm of hand)

10. Wheel of Fortune - Jupiter Riches-Poverty - Life-cycles that move us forward, the choice
whether to feel lucky or lost
22nd Lamed (oxgoad)

11. Adjustment/Justice - Libra Work - Teaches balance and honesty, a price for deviations from
divine law
23rd Mem (water)
12. Hanged Man - Water Presides over watery triad: Binah-Chesed-Hod - Guidance by divine
will, not ideas, limitations of knowing are sacrificed
24th Nun (fish)

13. Death - Scorpio

Movement - Leaving the desire for life itself behind for the freedom to change and live
25th Samekh (support)

14. Art/Temperance - Sagittarius Anger - Testing of creativity, circulation of energy by

reconciliation of astral opposites
26th Ayin (eye)

15. Devil - Capricorn

Mirth - Accepting and therefore seeing all there is, bridging intuition and human mind-forms
27th Peh (mouth)

16. Tower - Mars

Grace-Indignation - Constitutes the personality through language, a vibration of mind and
28th Tzaddi (fish-hook)

17. Star - Aquarius

Imagination - The soul's effort to inspire the ego with higher collective forces, true stardom
29th Qoph (back of head)

18. Moon - Pisces

Sleep - Automatisms of the body are changeable, intelligent gateways to the divine
30th Resh (head)

19. Sun - Sun

Fertility-Barrenness - Enlightened creation of life through the shining of bright ideas on the
Astral Light 31st Shin (tooth)

20. Aeon/Judgment - Fire Presides over fiery triad: Chokmah-Geburah-Netzach - The truly
human ability to change and be changed by the past, present and future 32nd Tau (cross)

21. Universe - Saturn

Power-Servitude - perfectly balanced manifestation of all divine forces combined, do you
These are the central corres
22nd Lamed (oxgoad)
The Ten Sephiroth and T.A.R.O.T.

1 Kether—The 4 Aces
The Aces are representative of the four basic elements: Water (Cups), Air (Swords), Fire
(Wands), Earth (Disks). However, the elements are not yet manifested in material form...they
are in a state of raw potential.
Titles & Attributions:
Ace of Wands: The Root of the Powers of Fire
Ace of Cups: The Root of the Powers of Water
Ace of Swords: The Root of the Powers of Air
Ace of Discs: The Root of the Powers of Earth

2 Chokmah—The 4 Twos, also the Kings

The elements are now defined in their purest, most harmonious form.
Titles & Attributions:
Two of Wands: The Lord of Dominion (Mars in Aries)
Two of Cups: The Lord of Love (Virgo in Cancer)
Two of Swords: Peace (Luna in Libra)
Two of Discs: Change (Jupiter in Capricorn)

3 Binah—The 4 Threes, also Queens

Things are in motion, but not yet realized.
Titles & Attributions:
Three of Wands: Virtue (Sol in Aries)
Three of Cups: Abundance (Mercury in Cancer)
Three of Swords: Sorrow (Saturn in Libra)
Three of Discs: Works (Mars in Capricorn)

4 Chesed—The 4 Fours
Here we have the first manifestation, so the Fours are representative of materialization and
solidification. They are symbolized by the Rule of Law, so that there is stability, but in a
constrained manner.
Titles & Attributions:
Four of Wands: Completion (Venus in Aries)
Four of Cups: Luxury (Luna in Cancer)
Four of Swords: Truce (Jupiter in Libra)
Four of Discs: Power (Sol in Capricorn

5 Geburah—The 4 Fives
The locked system of the Fours has now become upset. The truce has been broken and there is
great motion and instability.
Titles & Attributions:
Five of Wands: Strife (Saturn in Leo)
Five of Cups: Disappointment (Mars in Scorpio)
Five of Swords: Defeat (Venus in Aquarius)
Five of Discs: Worry (Mercury in Taurus)

6 Tiphareth—The 4 Sixes, also Princes

The four Sixes are representative of their respective elements at their practical best. These
cards are symbolized by the ideas of balance and harmony.
Titles & Attributions:
Six of Wands: Victory (Jupiter in Leo)
Six of Cups: Pleasure (Sol in Scorpio)
Six of Swords: Science (Mercury in Aquarius)
Six of Discs: Success (Luna in Taurus)

7 Netzach—The 4 Sevens
The energy of the elements are now weak and unbalanced. The illusary world of Venus is in
play here. This is the realm of the base emotions.
Titles & Attributions:
Seven of Wands: Valour (Mars in Leo)
Seven of Cups: Debauch (Venus in Scorpio)
Seven of Swords: Futility (Luna in Aquarius)
Seven of Discs: Failure (Saturn in Taurus)

8 Hod—The 4 Eights
The Eights are ruled by Mercury, and so are airy and fleeting. Practical thoughtfulness is active,
but on a lower, "real-world" level.
Titles & Attributions:
Eight of Wands: Swiftness (Mercury in Sagittarius)
Eight of Cups: Indolence (Saturn in Pisces)
Eight of Swords: Interference (Jupiter in Gemini)
Eight of Discs: Prudence (Sol in Virgo)

9 Yesod—The 4 Nines
The general rule of the Nines is "change is stability." Although the Nines are cards of pleasure, it
is the pleasure of illusion, since they are ruled by the faint light of Luna.
Titles & Attributions:
Nine of Wands: Strength (Luna in Sagittarius)
Nine of Cups: Happiness (Jupiter in Pisces)
Nine of Swords: Cruelty (Mars in Gemini)
Nine of Discs: Gain (Venus in Virgo

10 Malkuth—The 4 Tens, also Princesses

Finally all things come to an end. The elements have exhausted their energy. However, being
the end, it is also the place preceding new beginnings.
Titles & Attributions:
Ten of Wands: Oppression (Saturn in Sagittarius)
Ten of Cups: Satiety (Mars in Pisces)
Ten of Swords: Ruin (Sol in Gemini)
Ten of Discs: Wealth (Mercury in Virgo)

The Path, Zodiac and Meaning

15 Hé (Aries): A flame-clad god bearing equivalent symbols

16 Vau (Taurus): Between the Pillars sits an Ancient
17 Zain (Gemini): A prophet, young, and in the Sign of Osiris Risen
18 Cheth (Cancer): A young and holy king under the starry canopy
19 Teth (Leo): A smiling woman holds the open jaws of a fierce and powerful lion
20 Yod (Virgo): Wrapped in a cloak and cowl, an Ancient walketh, bearing a lamp and staff
22 Lamed (Libra): A conventional figure of Justice with scales and balances
24 Nun (Scorpio): Lord of the Gate of Death. A skeleton with a scythe mowing men. The scythe
handle is a Tau.
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): The figure of Diana huntress
26 Ayin (Capricorn): The figure of Pan or Priapus
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): The figure of a water-nymph disporting herself
29 Qoph (Pisces): The waning moon

The Paths, T.A.R.O.T. and Decans.

11 Aleph—The Fool (Atu 0)

Title: The Spirit of Ayther
The Court Cards of the Tarot, with the Spheres:
Prince of Wands: The Prince of the Chariot of Fire. (Rules 20° Cancer to 20° Virgo, including
most of Leo Minor.)
Prince of Cups: The Prince of the Chariot of the Waters. (20° Libra to 20° Scorpio.)
Prince of Swords: The Prince of the Chariot of Air. (20° Capricorn to 20° Aquarius.)
Prince of Disks: The Prince of the Chariot of Earth. (20° Aries to 20° Taurus.)
12 Beth—The Magus (Atu I)
Title: The Magus of Power
13 Gimel—The Priestess (Atu II)
Title: The Priestess of the Silver Star
14 Daleth—The Empress (Atu III)
Title: The Daughter of the Mighty Ones
15 Hé—The Emperor (Atu IV)
Title: The Son of the Morning, chief among the Mighty
16 Vau—The Hierophant (Atu V)
Title: The Magus of the Eternal
17 Zain—The Lovers (Atu VI)
Title: The Children of the Voice: the Oracle of the Mighty Gods.
18 Cheth—The Chariot (Atu VII)
Title: The Child of the Powers of the Waters: the Lord of the Triumph of Light
19 Teth—Adjustment (Atu VIII)
Title: The Daughter of the Flaming Sword
20 Yod—The Hermit (Atu IX)
Title: The Prophet of the Eternal, the Magus of the Voice of Power
21 Kaph—Fortune (Atu X)
Title: The Lord of the Forces of Life
22 Lamed—Lust (Atu XI)
Title: The Daughter of the Lords of Truth. The Ruler of the Balance.
23 Mem—The Hanged Man (Atu XII)
Title: The Spirit of the Mighty Waters
The Court Cards of the Tarot, with the Spheres:
Queen of Wands: The Queen of the Thrones of Flame. (20° Pisces to 20° Aries, including part
of Andromeda.)
Queen of Cups: The Queen of the Thrones of the Waters. (20°Gemini to 20° Cancer.)
Queen of Swords: The Queen of the Thrones of Air. (20° Virgo to 20° Libra.)
Queen of Disks: The Queen of the Thrones of the Earth. (20° Sagittarius to 20° Capricorn.)
24 Nun—Death (Atu XIII)
Title: The Child of the Great Transformers. The Lord of the Gate of Death.
25 Samekh—Art (Atu XIV)
Title: The Daughter of the Reconcilers, the Bringer-Forth of Life
26 Ayin—The Devil (Atu XV)
Title: The Lord of the Gates of Matter. The Child of the Forces of Time.
27 Pé—The Tower (Atu XVI)
Title: The Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty
28 Tzaddi—The Star (Atu XVII)
Title: The Daughter of the Firmament. The Dweller between the Waters.
29 Qoph—The Moon (Atu XVIII)
Title: The Ruler of Flux and Reflux. The Child of the Sons of the Mighty.
30 Resh—The Sun (Atu XIX)
Title: The Lord of the Fire of the World
31 Shin—The Aeon (Atu XX)
Title: The Spirit of the Primal Fire
The Court Cards of the Tarot, with the Spheres:
King of Wands: The Lord of the Flame and the Lightning. The King of the Spirits of Fire. (Rules
20° Scorpio to 20° Sagittarius, including part of Hercules.)
King of Cups: The Lord of the Waves and the Waters. The King of the Hosts of the Sea. (20°
Aquarius to 20° Pisces, including most of Pegasus)
King of Swords: The Lord of the Winds and the Breezes. The King of the Spirits of Air. (20°
Taurus to 20° Gemini)
King of Disks: The Lord of the Wide and Fertile Land. The King of the Spirits of Earth. (20° Leo
to 20° Virgo.)
32 Tau—The Universe (Atu XXI)
Title: The Great One of the Night of Time
32-bis 32-bis—The Queens

The Elements, Paths and the T.A.R.O.T.

11 Aleph (Air): A bearded Ancient seen in profile

23 Mem (Water): The figure of an hanged or crucified man
31 Shin (Fire): Israfel blowing the Last Trumpet. The dead arising from their tombs
32-bis (Earth): —
31-bis (Spirit): —

The Planets, Paths and the T.A.R.O.T

12 Beth (Mercury): A fair youth with winged helmet and heels, equipped as a Magician, displays
his art
13 Gimel (Luna): A crowned priestess sits before the veil of Isis between the Pillars of Seth
14 Daleth (Venus): Crowned with stars, a winged goddess stands upon the moon
21 Kaph (Jupiter): A wheel of six shafts, whereon revolve the Triad of Hermanubis, Sphinx, and
27 Pé (Mars): A tower struck by forked lightning
30 Resh (Sol): The Sun
32 Tau (Saturn): Should contain a demonstration of the Quadrature of the Circle

The Zodiac, Paths and the T.A.R.O.T.

15 Hé (Aries): A flame-clad god bearing equivalent symbols

16 Vau (Taurus): Between the Pillars sits an Ancient
17 Zain (Gemini): A prophet, young, and in the Sign of Osiris Risen
18 Cheth (Cancer): A young and holy king under the starry canopy
19 Teth (Leo): A smiling woman holds the open jaws of a fierce and powerful lion
20 Yod (Virgo): Wrapped in a cloak and cowl, an Ancient walketh, bearing a lamp and staff
22 Lamed (Libra): A conventional figure of Justice with scales and balances
24 Nun (Scorpio): Lord of the Gate of Death. A skeleton with a scythe mowing men. The scythe
handle is a Tau.
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): The figure of Diana huntress
26 Ayin (Capricorn): The figure of Pan or Priapus
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): The figure of a water-nymph disporting herself
29 Qoph (Pisces): The waning moon

The Court Cards of the Tarot, with Sephirah

Princess of Wands: The Princess of the Shining Flame. The Rose of the Palace of Fire. (Rules
one Quadrant of Heavens round N. Pole.)
Princess of Cups: The Princess of the Waters. The Rose of the Palace of the Floods. (Rules
another Quadrant.)
Princess of Swords: The Princess of the Rushing Winds. The Lotus of the Palace of Air. (Rules
a 3rd Quadrant.)
Princess of Disks: The Princess of the Echoing Hills. The Lotus of the Palace of the Earth.
(Rules a 4th Quadrant of the Heavens about Kether.)
31-bis 31-bis—All 22 Atu
The Court Cards of the Tarot, with the Spheres:
Ace of Wands: The Root of the Powers of Fire
Ace of Cups: The Root of the Powers of Water
Ace of Swords: The Root of the Powers of Air
Ace of Disks: The Root of the Powers of Water

The Twelve Hours, Paths and Zodiac of the Genii

15 Hé (Aries): Papus, Sinbuck, Rasphuia, Zahun, Heiglot, Mizkun, Haven
16 Vau (Taurus): Sisera, Torvatus, Nitibus, Hizarbin, Sachluph, Baglis, Laberzerin
17 Zain (Gemini): Hahabi, Phlogabitus, Eirneus, Mascarun, Zarobi, Butatar, Cahor
18 Cheth (Cancer): Phalgus, Thagrinus, Eistibus, Pharzuph, Sislau, Schiekron, Aclahayr
19 Teth (Leo): Zeirna, Tablibik, Tacritau, Suphlatus, Sair, Barcus, Camaysar
20 Yod (Virgo): Tabris, Susabo, Eirnils, Nitika, Haatan, Hatiphas, Zaren
22 Lamed (Libra): Sialul, Sabrus, Librabis, Mizgitari, Causub, Salilus, Jazar
24 Nun (Scorpio): Nantur, Toglas, Zalburis, Alphun, Tukiphat, Zizuph, Cuniali
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Risnuch, Suclagus, Kirtabus, Schachlil, Colopatiron, Zeffar
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Sezarbil, Azeph, Armilus, Kataris, Razanil, Bucaphi, Mastho
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Aeglun, Zuphlas, Phaldor, Rosabis, Adjuchas, Zophas, Halacho
29 Qoph (Pisces): Tarab, Misran, Labus, Kalab, Hahab, Marnes, Sellen

Tree of Life and the Colors​:

The 10 Sephiroth and its Colors

1 Kether
King Scale: Brilliance
Queen Scale: White brilliance
Emperor Scale: White brilliance
Empress Scale: White flecked gold
Sephirotic Colour: Concealed Light

2 Chokmah
King Scale: Pure soft blue
Queen Scale: Grey
Emperor Scale: Blue pearl grey, like mother-of pearl
Empress Scale: White, flecked red, blue, and yellow
Sephirotic Colour: Sky Blue

3 Binah
King Scale: Crimson
Queen Scale: Black
Emperor Scale: Dark brown
Empress Scale: Grey flecked pink
Sephirotic Colour: Yellow

4 Chesed
King Scale: Deep violet
Queen Scale: Blue
Emperor Scale: Deep purple
Empress Scale: Deep azure flecked yellow
Sephirotic Colour: White

5 Geburah
King Scale: Orange
Queen Scale: Scarlet red
Emperor Scale: Bright scarlet
Empress Scale: Red flecked black
Sephirotic Colour: Red

6 Tiphareth
King Scale: Clear pink rose
Queen Scale: Yellow (gold)
Emperor Scale: Rich salmon
Empress Scale: Gold amber
Sephirotic Colour: White-red

7 Netzach
King Scale: Amber
Queen Scale: Emerald
Emperor Scale: Bright yellow green
Empress Scale: Olive flecked gold
Sephirotic Colour: Whitish-red

8 Hod
King Scale: Violet purple
Queen Scale: Orange
Emperor Scale: Red-russet
Empress Scale: Yellow-brown flecked white
Sephirotic Colour: Reddish-white

9 Yesod
King Scale: Indigo
Queen Scale: Violet
Emperor Scale: Very dark purple
Empress Scale: Citrine flecked azure
Sephirotic Colour: White-red-whitish-red-reddish-white

10 Malkuth
King Scale: Yellow
Queen Scale: Citrine, olive, russet, and black
Emperor Scale: Citrine, olive, russet, and black, flecked with gold
Empress Scale: Black rayed yellow
Sephirotic Colour: The Light reflecting all colours

The 22 Paths and the Colors

11 Aleph
King Scale: Bright pale yellow
Queen Scale: Sky blue
Emperor Scale: Blue emerald green
Empress Scale: Emerald flecked gold

12 Beth
King Scale: Yellow
Queen Scale: Purple
Emperor Scale: Grey
Empress Scale: Indigo rayed violet

13 Gimel
King Scale: Blue
Queen Scale: Silver
Emperor Scale: Cold pale blue
Empress Scale: Silver rayed sky-blue

14 Daleth
King Scale: Emerald green
Queen Scale: Sky blue
Emperor Scale: Early spring green
Empress Scale: Bright rose or cerise rayed pale yellow

15 Hé
King Scale: Scarlet
Queen Scale: Red
Emperor Scale: Brilliant flame
Empress Scale: Glowing red

16 Vau
King Scale: Red orange
Queen Scale: Deep indigo
Emperor Scale: Deep warm olive
Empress Scale: Rich brown

17 Zain
King Scale: Orange
Queen Scale: Pale Mauve
Emperor Scale: New yellow leather
Empress Scale: Reddish grey inclined to mauve

18 Cheth
King Scale: Amber
Queen Scale: Maroon
Emperor Scale: Rich bright russet
Empress Scale: Dark greenish brown

19 Teth
King Scale: Yellow, greenish
Queen Scale: Deep purple
Emperor Scale: Grey
Empress Scale: Reddish amber

20 Yod
King Scale: Green, yellowish
Queen Scale: Slate grey
Emperor Scale: Green grey
Empress Scale: Plum

21 Kaph
King Scale: Violet
Queen Scale: Blue
Emperor Scale: Rich purple
Empress Scale: Bright blue rayed yellow

22 Lamed
King Scale: Emerald Green
Queen Scale: Blue
Emperor Scale: Deep Blue-green
Empress Scale: Pale green

23 Mem
King Scale: Deep blue
Queen Scale: Sea-green
Emperor Scale: Deep olive-green
Empress Scale: White flecked purple

24 Nun
King Scale: Green blue
Queen Scale: Dull brown
Emperor Scale: Very dark brown
Empress Scale: Livid indigo brown (like a black beetle)

25 Samekh
King Scale: Blue
Queen Scale: Yellow
Emperor Scale: Green
Empress Scale: Dark vivid blue

26 Ayin
King Scale: Indigo
Queen Scale: Black
Emperor Scale: Blue black
Empress Scale: Cold dark grey, near black

27 Pé
King Scale: Scarlet
Queen Scale: Red
Emperor Scale: Venetian red
Empress Scale: Bright red rayed azure or emerald

28 Tzaddi
King Scale: Crimson (ultra violet)
Queen Scale: Sky blue
Emperor Scale: Blueish mauve
Empress Scale: White tinged purple

29 Qoph
King Scale: Violet
Queen Scale: Buff, flecked silver-white
Emperor Scale: Light translucent pinksh brown
Empress Scale: Stone color

30 Resh
King Scale: Orange
Queen Scale: Gold yellow
Emperor Scale: Rich amber
Empress Scale: Amber rayed red

31 Shin
King Scale: Glowing orange scarlet
Queen Scale: Vermilion
Emperor Scale: Scarlet, flecked gold
Empress Scale: Vermilion flecked crimson & emerald

32 Tau
King Scale: Indigo
Queen Scale: Black
Emperor Scale: Blue black
Empress Scale: Black rayed blue

King Scale: Citrine, russet, olive, and black (quartered)
Queen Scale: Amber
Emperor Scale: Dark brown
Empress Scale: Black and yellow

King Scale: White, merging Grey
Queen Scale: Deep purple (near black)
Emperor Scale: The 7 prismatic colours, the violet being outside
Empress Scale: White, red, yellow, blue, black (the latter outside)

In Hebrew, each letter possesses a numerical value. Gematria is the calculation of the
numerical equivalence of letters, words, or phrases, and, on that basis, gaining, insight into
interrelation of different concepts and exploring the interrelationship between words and ideas.
the one that dose this is known as a Gematrician
There are four ways to calculate equivalence of individual letters.

Absolute Value
Ordinal Value
Reduced Value
Integral Reduced value

Gematria is used in Assyrian, Babylonian, Sumerian, Ancient Greek isopsephy, Early Arabic
Abjad and Early Jewish system of alphanumeric code/cipher that assigns numerical value to a
word/name/phrase.. words or phrases with identical numerical values bear some relation to
each other or bear some relation to the number itself as it may apply to Nature, a person's age,
the calendar year, or the like.

Geomantic Intelligences

Within the western magical tradition, the Tree of Life is used as a kind of conceptual filing
cabinet within the larger system of the Qabalah, the use of which was central to the mystical
teachings the cabalist.. each sephira ("Emanation") and path is assigned various ideas, such as
astrological planets... and correspondences, gematria, tarot, The classical elements and all of
there aspects. Many of these correspondences were or Will be gathered together by many
cabalist with The same or similar views..

Lineal Geomantic Figures of the Planets, Paths, Elements and Zodiac:

The 10 Sephiroth and Geomantic Figures

0 Negative Veils: The Circle

1 Kether: The Point
2 Chokmah: The Line, also the Cross
3 Binah: The Plane, also the Diamond, Oval, Circle, and other Yoni Symbols
4 Chesed: The Solid Figure
5 Geburah: The Tesseract
6 Tiphareth, 7 Netzach, 8 Hod, 9 Yesod, 10 Malkuth: "Sephirothic Geomantic Figures follow the
Planets. Caput and Cauda Draconis are the Nodes of the Moon, nearly = Neptune and Herschel
respectively. They belong to Malkuth."

The Paths, Elements and Aspect

11 Aleph (Air): Those of [Airy] Triplicity

23 Mem (Water): Those of [Watery] Triplicity
31 Shin (Fire): Those of [Firery] Triplicity
32-bis (Earth): Those of [Earthy] Triplicity
31-bis (Spirit): —

The Paths, Planets and Aspects

12 Beth (Mercury): Octagram

13 Gimel (Luna): Enneagram
14 Daleth (Venus): Heptagram
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Square and Rhombus
27 Pé (Mars): Pentagram
30 Resh (Sol): Hexagram
32 Tau (Saturn): Triangle

The Paths, Zodiac and Aspects

15 Hé (Aries): Puer
16 Vau (Taurus): Amissio
17 Zain (Gemini): Albus
18 Cheth (Cancer): Populus and Via
19 Teth (Leo): Fortuna Major and Fortuna Minor
20 Yod (Virgo): Conjunctio
22 Lamed (Libra): Puella
24 Nun (Scorpio): Rubeus
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Acquisitio
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Carcer
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Tristitia
29 Qoph (Pisces): Laetitia

Four World and the Angles

Sephiroth of Assisah

God-Names in Assiai
1 Kether: AHIH (Ehieh)
2 Chokmah: YH (Yah)
3 Binah: YHVH ALHIMu (Tetragrammaton Elohim)
4 Chesed: AL (El)
5 Geburah: ALHIM GBVR (Elohim Gibor)
6 Tiphareth: YHVH ALVH VDAaTh (Tetragrammaton Eloah va-Da’ath)
7 Netzach: YHVH TzBAVTh (Tetragrammaton Tzabaoth)
8 Hod: ALHIM TzBAVTh (Elohim Tzabaoth)
9 Yesod: ShDI AL ChI (Shaddai El Chai)
10 Malkuth: ADNI MLK (Adonai Melek)

Paths and Elements of Assiah

11 Aleph (Air): YHVH (Tetragrammaton)

23 Mem (Water): (El)
31 Shin (Fire): ALHIM (Elohim)
32-bis (Earth): ADNI (HARTz) (Adonai ha-Aretz)
31-bis (Spirit): YHShVH (AHIH : AGLA) (Yeheshua [Ehieh:A.G.L.A.])

Paths and Planets of Assiah

12 Beth (Mercury):
13 Gimel (Luna):
14 Daleth (Venus):
27 Pé (Mars): Adonai
30 Resh (Sol):
32 Tau (Saturn):

Archangels of Assiah

1 Kether: Metatron
2 Chokmah: Ratziel
3 Binah: Tzaphkiel
4 Chesed: Tzadkiel
5 Geburah: Kamael
6 Tiphareth: Raphael
7 Netzach: Haniel
8 Hod: Mikael
9 Yesod: Gabriel
10 Malkuth: Sandalphon / Metatron)

Angels of Assiah

1 Kether: Chaioth ha-Qadosh (Holy living creatures)

2 Chokmah: Auphanim (Wheels)
3 Binah: Aralim (Active ones, thrones)
4 Chesed: Chashmalim (Brilliant ones)
5 Geburah: Seraphim (Fiery serpents)
6 Tiphareth: Malakim (Kings)
7 Netzach: Elohim (Gods)
8 Hod: Beni Elohim (Sons of Gods)
9 Yesod: Kerubim (Angels of elements)
10 Malkuth: Ashim (Flames)

The Heavens and Four Wolds


1 Kether, 2 Chokmah, 3 Binah: Araboth (Plain) / Blessings, all good things

4 Chesed: Makhon (Emplacement) / Snow, rain, spirit of life, blessings
5 Geburah: Maon (Residence) / Angels singing in Divine Presence
6 Tiphareth: Zebul (Dwelling) / Altar, Mikhael offering souls of just
7 Netzach: Shechaqim (Clouds) / Millstones where manna for just is ground for future
8 Hod: Raquia (Firmament) / Sol, Luna, planets, stars, and 10 spheres
9 Yesod, 10 Malkuth: Tebel Vilon Shamaim (Veil of the vault of heaven) / Has no use. Follow
390 heavens, 18,000 worlds, Earth, Eden and Hell


The Angelic Functions in the World of Yetzirah

1 Kether, 2 Chokmah, 3 Binah: Above it stood the seraphim: six wings
4 Chesed: Six wings
5 Geburah: One : with two
6 Tiphareth: he covered his faces: and with two he covered
7 Netzach: his feet and
8 Hod: with two he was flying.
9 Yesod, 10 Malkuth: And one cried to the other and said: Holy, holy, holy, Lords of Hosts, the
whole earth is full of his glory.


Angels of Briah
1 Kether: Yehuel
2 Chokmah: Raphael
3 Binah: Kerubiel
4 Chesed: Tzadqiel
5 Geburah: Tharshish
6 Tiphareth: Metatron
7 Netzach: Usiel
8 Hod: Hisniel
9 Yesod: Yehuel
10 Malkuth: Michael

Choirs of Angels in Briah

1 Kether: Seraphim
2 Chokmah: Auphanim
3 Binah: Kerubim
4 Chesed: Shinanim
5 Geburah: Tharshishim
6 Tiphareth: Chashmalim
7 Netzach: Malakim
8 Hod: Beni Elohim
9 Yesod: Ishim
10 Malkuth: Aralim
Palaces of Briah
1 Kether, 2 Chokmah, 3 Binah: Hekel Qadosh Qadeshim ("Palace of the Holy of Holies")
4 Chesed: Hekel Ahbah ("Palace of Love")
5 Geburah: Hekel Zakoth ("Palace of Merit")
6 Tiphareth: Hekel Ratzon ("Palace of Benevolence")
7 Netzach: Hekel Etzem Shamaim ("Palace of the Substance of Heaven")
8 Hod: Hekel Gonah ("Palace of Serenity")
9 Yesod, 10 Malkuth: Hekel Lebanath ha-Saphir ("Palace of Crystalline Whiteness")

Aspects of the Sepher Yetzirah:

The 10 Sephiroth and Aspects

1 Kether: Admirable or Hidden Intelligence

2 Chokmah: Illuminating Intelligence
3 Binah: Sanctifying Intelligence
4 Chesed: Measuring Cohesive or Receptacular Intelligence
5 Geburah: Radical Intelligence
6 Tiphareth: Intelligence of the Mediating Influence
7 Netzach: Occult or Hidden Intelligence
8 Hod: Absolute or Perfect Intelligence
9 Yesod: Pure or Clear Intelligence
10 Malkuth: Resplendent Intelligence

The Elements, Paths and Aspects

11 Aleph (Air): Scintillating Intelligence

23 Mem (Water): Stable Intelligence
31 Shin (Fire): Perpetual Intelligence
32-bis (Earth): —
31-bis (Spirit): —

The Planets, Paths and Aspects

12 Beth (Mercury): Intelligence of Transparency

13 Gimel (Luna): Uniting Intelligence
14 Daleth (Venus): Illuminating Intelligence
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Intelligence of Conciliation
27 Pé (Mars): Exciting Intelligence
30 Resh (Sol): Collecting Intelligence
32 Tau (Saturn): Administrative Intelligence

The Zodiac, Paths and Aspects

15 Hé (Aries): Constituting Intelligence
16 Vau (Taurus): Triumphal or Eternal One
17 Zain (Gemini): Disposing One
18 Cheth (Cancer): Intelligence of the House of Influence
19 Teth (Leo): Intelligence of all the Activities of the Spiritual Being
20 Yod (Virgo): Intelligence of Will
22 Lamed (Libra): Faithful Intelligence
24 Nun (Scorpio): Imaginative Intelligence
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Intelligence of Probation or Tentative One
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Renovating Intelligence
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Natural Intelligence
29 Qoph (Pisces): Corporeal Intelligence

Elements and Quarters (Sepher Yetzirah)

1 Kether: Dimension
2 Chokmah: Air
3 Binah: Water and Earth
4 Chesed: Fire
5 Geburah: Height
6 Tiphareth: Depth
7 Netzach: East
8 Hod: West
9 Yesod: South
10 Malkuth: North

Legendary Orders of Being​:

The Paths, Elements Beings

The Elements and

11 Aleph (Air): Sylphs
23 Mem (Water): Nymphs and Undines, Nereids, &c.
31 Shin (Fire): Salamanders
32-bis (Earth): The Dweller of the Threshold, Gnomes
31-bis (Spirit): Socratic Genius

The Elements, Planets and Beings

12 Beth (Mercury): “Voices,” Witches and Wizards

13 Gimel (Luna): Lemures, Ghosts
14 Daleth (Venus): Succubi
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Incubi, Nightmares
27 Pé (Mars): Furies, Chimæras, Boars (as in Calydon), &c.
30 Resh (Sol): Will o’ the Wisp
32 Tau (Saturn): Ghuls, Larvæ, Corpse Candle

The Zodiac, Paths and Beings

15 Hé (Aries): Mania, Erinyes, Euminides

16 Vau (Taurus): Gorgons, Minotaurs
17 Zain (Gemini): Ominous Appearances, Banshees
18 Cheth (Cancer): Vampires
19 Teth (Leo): Horror, Dragons
20 Yod (Virgo): Mermaids (and [Pisces], its Zodiacal Opposite), Banshees
22 Lamed (Libra): Fairies, Harpies
24 Nun (Scorpio): Lamiæ, Stryges, Witches
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Centaurs
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Satyrs and Fauns, Panic-demons
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Water Nymphs, Sirens, Lorelei, Mermaids
29 Qoph (Pisces): Phantoms, Werewolves

Figures Related to Pure Number​:

The Sephiroth and Shapes

1 Kether: —
2 Chokmah: The Cross
3 Binah: The Triangle
4 Chesed: Tetrahedron or Pyramid, Cross
5 Geburah: The Rose
6 Tiphareth: Calvary Cross, Truncated Pyramid, Cube
7 Netzach: A Rose (7 x 7), Candlestick
8 Hod: —
9 Yesod: —
10 Malkuth: Altar (Double Cube), Calvary Cross

The Paths and Shapes

12 Beth (Mercury): Calvary Cross

13 Gimel (Luna): Greek Cross (Plane), Table of Shewbread
17 Zain (Gemini): Flyflot Cross
22 Lamed (Libra): Greek Cross Solid, the Rose (3 + 7 + 12)
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): The Rose (5 x 5)
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Calvary Cross of 10, Solid

The Two Stars​:

Attribution of the Pentagram - Paths, Element and Location

11 Aleph (Air): Left Upper Point

23 Mem (Water): Right Upper Point
31 Shin (Fire): Right Lower Point
32-bis (Earth): Left Lower Point
31-bis (Spirit): Topmost Point

The Attribution of the Hexagram - Paths, Planet and Location

12 Beth (Mercury): Left Lower Point

13 Gimel (Luna): Bottom Point
14 Daleth (Venus): Right Lower Point
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Right Upper Point
27 Pé (Mars): Left Lower Point
30 Resh (Sol): Centre Point
32 Tau (Saturn): Top Point

The Heavenly Hexagram - Sephiroth and Planet

1 Kether: Jupiter
2 Chokmah: Mercury
3 Binah: Luna
4 Chesed: Mars
5 Geburah: Venus
6 Tiphareth: Sol
7 Netzach: —
8 Hod: —
9 Yesod: —
10 Malkuth: —
11 Daath: Saturn

The Tree and Alchemy​:

The Alchemical Elements - Path, Elements and Element

11 Aleph (Air): Mercury

23 Mem (Water): Salt
31 Shin (Fire): Sulphur
32-bis (Earth): Salt

The Alchemical Metals - Sephiroth and Metals

1 Kether: Metallic Radix (Root)

2 Chokmah: Tin
3 Binah: Iron
4 Chesed: Silver
5 Geburah: Gold
6 Tiphareth: Iron
7 Netzach: Copper
8 Hod: Mercury
9 Yesod: Silver
10 Malkuth: Medicina Metallorum \ Medicine

Tree of Life and the Alchemical - Sephiroth and Planet

1 Kether: Mercury / Quicksilver

2 Chokmah: Sulphur
3 Binah: Salt
4 Chesed: Luna
5 Geburah: Sol
6 Tiphareth: Mars
7 Netzach: Jupiter
8 Hod: Venus
9 Yesod: Mercury
10 Malkuth: Mercurius Philosophorum

Heavens of Assiah and Heliocentric Astrology​:

The Sephiroth are represented not so much by the planets themselves, but the spheres that
contain them. And the Earth was at the center of the Cosmos, and was made up of the four
fundamental elements.. air, earth, fire, and water. This is represented in Malkuth, the tenth and
lowest emanation on the Tree. The Earth was surrounded by concentric, spherical shells of
aether. Seven spheres were the home of the planets. The eighth sphere was home to the "fixed
stars" (which contains the Zodiac), and the outermost was the Primum Mobile or Prime Mover,
which gave motion to all the other spheres.

The Sephiroth and the Aether:

1 Kether - Rashith ha-Gilgalim - Sphere of the Primum Mobile (now represented by Pluto)
2 Chokmah Mazloth - Sphere of the Fixed Stars (Now represented by Neptune)
3 Binah - Shabbathai - Sphere of Saturn
4 Chesed - Tzedeq - Sphere of Jupiter
5 Geburah - Madim - Sphere of Mars
6 Tiphareth - Shemesh - Sphere of Sol
7 Netzach - Nogah - Sphere of Venus
8 Hod - Kokab - Sphere of Mercury
9 Yesod - Levanah - Sphere of Luna
10 Malkuth - Cholem Yesodoth - Sphere of the Elements (represented by Earth)

The Paths and Planets

12 Path of Beth - Mercury

13 Path of Gimel - Luna
14 Path of Daleth - Venus
21 Path of Kaph - Jupiter
27 Path of Pé - Mars
30 Path of Resh - Sol
32 Path of Tau - Saturn

The Zodiac and Path

With their planetary rulers and planets exalted

15 15 Path of Hé - Aries (ruled by Mars; planet exalted: Sol)

16 Path of Vau - Shar - Taurus (ruled by Venus; planet exalted: Luna)
17 Path of Zain - Teonim - Gemini (ruled by Mercury)
18 Path of Cheth - Sarton - Cancer (ruled by Luna; planet exalted: Jupiter)
19 Path of Teth - Ari - Leo (ruled by Sol; planet exalted: Uranus)
20 Path of Yod - Betulah - Virgo (ruled by Mercury; planet exalted: Mercury)
22 Path of Lamed - Moznaim - Libra (ruled by Venus; planet exalted: Saturn)
24 Path of Nun - Akrab - Scorpio (ruled by Mars; planet exalted: Pluto)
25 Path of Samekh - Qesheth -Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter)
26 Path of Ayin - Gedi - Capricorn (ruled by Saturn; planet exalted: Mars)
28 Path of Tzaddi - Deli - Aquarius (ruled by Saturn; planet exalted: Neptune)
29 Path of Qoph - Dagim - Pisces (ruled by Jupiter; planet exalted: Venus)

Elements and Paths Continued

11 Path of Aleph - Ruach - Air

23 Path of Mem - Maim - Water
31 Path of Shin - Ash - Fire
32-bis - Aretz - Earth
31-bis - Ath - Spirit

Paths, Planets and their Numbers

12 Path of Beth - Mercury - 8

13 Path of Gimel - Luna - 9
14 Path of Daleth - Venus - 7
21 Path of Kaph - Jupiter - 4
27 Path of Pé - Mars - 5
30 Path of Resh - Sol - 6
32 Path of Tau - Saturn - 3

The Paths and Intelligences of the Planets

12 Path of Beth - Mercury -Tiriel

13 Path of Gimel - Luna - Malkah Be Tarshishim va A’ad Be Ruah Shehaqim
14 Path of Daleth - Venus - Hagiel
21 Path of Kaph - Jupiter - Yophiel
27 Path of Pé - Graphiel
30 Path of Resh - Sol - Nakhiel
32 Path of Tau - Saturn - Agiel

The Paths and Spirits of the Planets

12 Path of Beth - Mercury - Taphthartharath

13 Path of Gimel - Luna - Chasmodai
14 Path of Daleth - Venus - Qedemel
21 Path of Kaph - Jupiter - Hismael
27 Path of Pé - Mars - Bartzabel
30 Path of Resh - Sol - Sorath
32 Path of Tau - Saturn - Zazel

The Paths and Olympic Planetary Spirits

12 Path of Beth - Mercury - Ophiel

13 Path of Gimel - Luna - Phul
14 Path of Daleth - Venus - Hagith
21 Path of Kaph - Jupiter - Bethor
27 Path of Pé - Mars - Phaleg
30 Path of Resh - Sol - Och
32 Path of Tau - Saturn - Arathron

The Paths and Astrological Signs of the Angels Ruling Houses

15 Hé (Aries) - Ayel
16 Vau (Taurus) - Toel
17 Zain (Gemini) - Giel
18 Cheth (Cancer) - Kael
19 Teth (Leo) - Oel
20 Yod (Virgo) - Veyel
22 Lamed (Libra) - Yahel
24 Nun (Scorpio) - Susul
25 Samekh (Sagittarius) - Suyasel
26 Ayin (Capricorn) - Kashenyaiah
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius) - Ansuel
29 Qoph (Pisces) - Pas

The Tree of Life and the Perfumes

The 10 Sephiroth and Perfumes

0 Negative Veil: No attribution possible

1 Kether: Ambergris
2 Chokmah: Musk
3 Binah: Myrrh, Civet
4 Chesed: Cedar
5 Geburah: Tobacco
6 Tiphareth: Olibanum
7 Netzach: Benzoin, Rose, Red Sandal
8 Hod: Storax
9 Yesod: Jasmine, Jinseng, all Odoriferous Roots
10 Malkuth: Dittany of Crete

The Paths, Elements and Perfumes

11 Aleph (Air): Galbanum

23 Mem (Water): Onycha, Myrrh
31 Shin (Fire): Olibanum, all Fiery Odours
32-bis (Earth): Storax, all Dull and Heavy Odours
31-bis (Spirit): No attribution possible

The Paths, Planets and Perfumes

12 Beth (Mercury): Mastic, White Sandal, Nutmeg, Mace, Storax, all Fugitive Odours
13 Gimel (Luna): Menstrual Blood, Camphor, Aloes, all Sweet Virginal Odours
14 Daleth (Venus): Sandalwood, Myrtle, all Soft Voluptuous Odours
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Saffron, all Generous Odours
27 Pé (Mars): Pepper, Dragon’s Blood, all Hot Pungent Odours
30 Resh (Sol): Olibanum, Cinnamon, all Glorious Odours
32 Tau (Saturn): Assafoetida, Scammony, Indigo, Sulphur (all Dark Odours)

The Paths, Zodiac and Perfumes

15 Hé (Aries): Dragon’s Blood

16 Vau (Taurus): Storax
17 Zain (Gemini): Wormwood
18 Cheth (Cancer): Onycha
19 Teth (Leo): Olibanum
20 Yod (Virgo): Narcissus
22 Lamed (Libra): Galbanum
24 Nun (Scorpio): Siamese Benzoin, Opoponax
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Lign-aloes
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Musk, Civet (also Saturnian Perfumes)
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Galbanum
29 Qoph (Pisces): Ambergris, Menstrual Fluids

The Path, Lineage of Zodiac and Perfumes

15 (Path of Hé) Aries - Myrtle / Stammonia / Black Pepper

16 (Path of Vau) Taurus— Costum / Codamorns / Cassia
17 (Path of Zain) Gemini— Mastick / Cinnamon / Cypress
18 (Path of Cheth) Cancer— Camphor / Succum / Anise
19 (Path of Teth) Leo— Olibanum / Lyn Balsami / Muces Muscator
20 (Path of Yod) Virgo— Santal Flav / Srorus / Mastick
22 (Path of Lamed) Libra— Galbanum / Bofor / Mortum
24 (Path of Nun) Scorpio— Opoponax / same / same
25 (Path of Samekh) Sagittarius— Lign-aloes / Foi Lori / Gaxisphilium
26 (Path of Ayin) Capricorn— Assafœtida / Colophonium/ Cubel Pepper
28 (Path of Tzaddi) Aquarius— Euphorbium / Stammonia / Rhubarb
29 (Path of Qoph) Pisces— Thyme / Coxium / Santal Alb

Perfumes Types: Ascendant / Succedent / Cadent

Precious / Semi-Precious Stones

The 10 Sephiroth and Stones

0 Negative Veils: Star Sapphire, Black Diamond

1 Kether: Diamond
2 Chokmah: Star Ruby, Turquoise
3 Binah: Star Sapphire, Pearl
4 Chesed: Amethyst, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli
5 Geburah: Ruby
6 Tiphareth: Topaz, Yellow Diamond
7 Netzach: Emerald
8 Hod: Opal, especially Fire Opal
9 Yesod: Quartz
10 Malkuth: Rock Crystal
The Paths, Elements and Stones

11 Aleph (Air): Topaz

23 Mem (Water): Beryl or Aquamarine
31 Shin (Fire): Fire Opal
32-bis (Earth): Salt
31-bis (Spirit): Black Diamond

The Paths, Planets and Stones

12 Beth (Mercury): Opal, Agate

13 Gimel (Luna): Moonstone, Pearl, Crystal
14 Daleth (Venus): Emerald, Turquoise
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli
27 Pé (Mars): Ruby, any red stone
30 Resh (Sol): Chrysolith
32 Tau (Saturn): Onyx

The Paths, Zodiac and Stones

15 Hé (Aries): Ruby
16 Vau (Taurus): Topaz
17 Zain (Gemini): Alexandrite, Tourmaline, Iceland Spar
18 Cheth (Cancer): Amber
19 Teth (Leo): Cat’s Eye
20 Yod (Virgo): Peridot
22 Lamed (Libra): Emerald
24 Nun (Scorpio): Snake Stone
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Jacinth
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Black Diamond
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Artificial Glass, Chalcedony
29 Qoph (Pisces): Pearl

The Tree of Life and Plants

The 10 Sephiroth and Plants

0 Negative Veils: Lotus, Rose

1 Kether: Almond in Flower, Banyan
2 Chokmah: Amaranth, Mistletoe, Bo or Pipal Tree
3 Binah: Cypress, Opium Poppy, Lotus, Lily, Ivy
4 Chesed: Olive, Shamrock, Opium Poppy
5 Geburah: Oak, Nux Vomica, Nettle, Hickory
6 Tiphareth: Acacia, Bay, Laurel, Vine, Oak, Gorse, Ash, Aswata
7 Netzach: Rose, Laurel
8 Hod: Moly, Anhalonium Lewinii
9 Yesod: Banyan, Mandrake, Damiana, Ginseng, Yohimbe
10 Malkuth: Willow, Lily, Ivy, Pomegranate, all cereals

The Paths, Elements and Plants

11 Aleph (Air): Aspen

23 Mem (Water): Lotus, all Water Plants
31 Shin (Fire): Red Poppy, Hibiscus, Nettle
32-bis (Earth): Oak, Ivy, Cereals
31-bis (Spirit): Almond in Flower

The Paths, Planets and Plants

12 Beth (Mercury): Vervain, Herb Mercury, Major-lane, Palm, Lime or Linden

13 Gimel (Luna): Almond, Mugwort, Hazel (as Luna), Moonwort, Ranunculus, Alder,
14 Daleth (Venus): Myrtle, Rose, Clover, Fig, Peach, Apple
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Hyssop, Oak, Poplar, Fig, Arnica, Cedar
27 Pé (Mars): Absinthe, Rue
30 Resh (Sol): Sunflower, Laurel, Heliotrope, Nut, Galangal
32 Tau (Saturn): Ash, Cypress, Hellebore, Yew, Nightshade, Elm

The Paths, Zodiac and Plants

15 Hé (Aries): Tiger Lily, Geranium, Olive

16 Vau (Taurus): Mallow, all giant trees
17 Zain (Gemini): Hybrids, Orchids
18 Cheth (Cancer): Lotus
19 Teth (Leo): Sunflower
20 Yod (Virgo): Snowdrop, Lily, Narcissus, Mistletoe
22 Lamed (Libra): Aloe
24 Nun (Scorpio): Cactus, Nettle, all poisonous plants
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Rush
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Indian Hemp, Orchis Root, Thistle, Yohimbe
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Olive, Cocoanut
29 Qoph (Pisces): Unicellular Organisms, Opium, Mangrove

The Tree of Life and Animals

The 10 Sephiroth and Animals
0 Negative Veils: Dragon
1 Kether: God, Swan, Hawk
2 Chokmah: Man
3 Binah: Woman, Bee
4 Chesed: Unicorn
5 Geburah: Basilisk
6 Tiphareth: Phoenix, Lion, Child, Spider, Pelican
7 Netzach: Lynx, Raven, all carrion birds
8 Hod: Hermaphrodite, Jackal, Twin serpents
9 Yesod: Elephant, Tortoise, Toad
10 Malkuth: Sphinx

The Paths, Elements and Animals

11 Aleph (Air): Eagle, Man (Cherub of Air), Ox

23 Mem (Water): Eagle-Snake-Scorpion (Cherub of Water)
31 Shin (Fire): Lion (Cherub of Fire)
32-bis (Earth): Bull (Cherub of Earth)
31-bis (Spirit): Sphinx (if sworded and crown)

The Paths, Planets and Animals

12 Beth (Mercury): Swallow, Ibis, Ape, Twin Serpents, fish, hybrids

13 Gimel (Luna): Dog, Stork, Camel
14 Daleth (Venus): Sparrow, Dove, Sow
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Eagle, Praying Mantis
27 Pé (Mars): Horse, Bear, Wolf, Boar
30 Resh (Sol): Lion, Sparrowhawk, Leopard
32 Tau (Saturn): Crocodile

The Paths, Zodiac and Animals

15 Hé (Aries): Ram, Owl

16 Vau (Taurus): Bull (Cherub of Earth)
17 Zain (Gemini): Magpie, hybrids, Parrot, Zebra, Penguin
18 Cheth (Cancer): Crab, Turtle, Sphinx, Whale, all beasts of Transport
19 Teth (Leo): Lion (Cherub of Fire), Cat, Tiger, Serpent
20 Yod (Virgo): Virgin, Anchorite, any solitary person or animal, Rhinoceros
22 Lamed (Libra): Elephant, Spider
24 Nun (Scorpio): Scorpion, Beetle, Crayfish or Lobster, Wolf, all Reptiles, Shark, Crablouse
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Centaur, Horse, Hippogriff, Dog
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Goat, Ass, Oyster
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Man or Eagle (Cherub of Air), Peacock
29 Qoph (Pisces): Fish, Dolphin, Beetle, Dog, Jackal

The Perfected Man

The Sephiroth, God and Aspect of Man

0 Negative Veils: Nu (the Hair)

1 Kether, 2 Chokmah, 3 Binah: Disk (of Ra) (the Face)
- Daath: Asi (the Neck)
4 Chesed, 5 Geburah: Neith (the Arms)
6 Tiphareth: The Mighty and Terrible One (the Breast)
7 Netzach, 8 Hod: The Lords of Kereba (the Reins); Nuit (the Hips and Legs)
9 Yesod: Asar and Asi (the Phallus and Vulva); Sati (the Spine)
10 Malkuth: The Eye of Hoor (the Buttocks and Anus)

The Paths, Elements, Gods and Aspects of Man

11 Aleph (Air): The Mighty and Terrible One (the Breast)

23 Mem (Water): Sekhet (the Belly and Back)
31 Shin (Fire): Serqet (the Teeth)
32-bis (Earth): Alim (the Bones); Ba-Neb-Tattu (The Shoulders)
31-bis (Spirit): —

The Paths, Planets, Gods and Aspects of Man

12 Beth (Mercury): Anpu (the Lips)

13 Gimel (Luna): Hathor (the Left Eye)
14 Daleth (Venus): Khenti-Khas (the Left Nostril)
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Apu-t (the Left Ear)
27 Pé (Mars): Khenti-Khas (the Right Nostril)
30 Resh (Sol): Hathor (the Right Eye)
32 Tau (Saturn): Apu-t (the Right Ear)

The Paths, Zodiac, Gods and Aspects of Man

15 Hé (Aries): ?
16 Vau (Taurus): Ba-Neb-Tattu (The Shoulders)
17 Zain (Gemini): —
18 Cheth (Cancer): —
19 Teth (Leo): The Mighty and Terrible One (the Breast)
20 Yod (Virgo): —
22 Lamed (Libra): —
24 Nun (Scorpio): Sekhet (the Belly and Back)
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): —
26 Ayin (Capricorn): As 10, for [Ayin] means Eye
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): The Lords of Kereba (the Reins)
29 Qoph (Pisces): —

Judaica and the Tree

The Paths, Zodiac and Twelve Tribes

15 Hé (Aries): Gad
16 Vau (Taurus): Ephraim
17 Zain (Gemini): Manesseh
18 Cheth (Cancer): Issachar
19 Teth (Leo): Judah
20 Yod (Virgo): Napthali
22 Lamed (Libra): Asshur
24 Nun (Scorpio): Dan
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Benjamin
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Zebulon
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Reuben
29 Qoph (Pisces): Simeon

The Sephiroth and the Ten Plagues of Egypt

1 Kether: Death of Firstborn

2 Chokmah: Locusts
3 Binah: Darkness
4 Chesed: Hail and Fire
5 Geburah: Boils
6 Tiphareth: Murrain
7 Netzach: Flies
8 Hod: Lice
9 Yesod: Frogs
10 Malkuth: Water turned to Blood

The Sephiroth, Kings and Dukes of Edom

1 Kether: —
2 Chokmah: —
3 Binah: —
4 Chesed: Jobab of Bozrah / Aholibamah
5 Geburah: Husham of Temani / Elah
6 Tiphareth: Hadad of Avith / Pinon
7 Netzach: Samlah of Masrekah / Kenaz
8 Hod: Saul of Reheboth / Teman
9 Yesod: Baal-Hannan / Mibzar and Magdiel
10 Malkuth: Hadar of Pau / Eram

The Paths, Elements and Four Rivers

11 Aleph (Air): Hiddekel

23 Mem (Water): Gihon
31 Shin (Fire): Pison
32-bis (Earth): Phrath

The Sephiroth, Saints or Adepts of the Hebrews

1 Kether: Messias filius David

2 Chokmah: Mosheh
3 Binah: Enoch
4 Chesed: Abraham
5 Geburah: Jacob
6 Tiphareth: Elijah
7 Netzach: Mosheh
8 Hod: Aaron
9 Yesod: Joseph (Justus)
10 Malkuth: David, Elisha

The Sephiroth and Divisions of the Body of the Gods

1 Kether: Skull
2 Chokmah: Right brain
3 Binah: Left brain
4 Chesed: Right Arm
5 Geburah: Left arm
6 Tiphareth: The whole body from the throat to the holy member
7 Netzach: Right leg
8 Hod: Left leg
9 Yesod: Sign of the holy covenant
10 Malkuth: Crown which is in Yesod

The Sephiroth, Ten Earths in Seven Palaces

1 Kether, 2 Chokmah, 3 Binah: Aretz (Dry Earth)

4 Chesed: Adamah (Red earth)
5 Geburah: Gia (Undulating ground)
6 Tiphareth: Neshiah (Pasture)
7 Netzach: Tziah (Sandy earth)
8 Hod: Arqa (Earth)
9 Yesod: Tebhe (Wet earth)
10 Malkuth: Cheled (Wet earth)

Transcendental Morality
The Sephiroth and Morality

1 Kether: Pyrrho-Zoroastrianism (Accomplishment of Great Work)

2 Chokmah: Devotion
3 Binah: Silence
4 Chesed: Obedience
5 Geburah: Energy
6 Tiphareth: Devotion to Great Work
7 Netzach: Unselfishness
8 Hod: Truthfulness
9 Yesod: Independence
10 Malkuth: Scepticism

The Path, Elements and Morality

11 Aleph (Air): Noscere ("To know")

23 Mem (Water): Audere ("To dare")
31 Shin (Fire): Velle ("To Will")
32-bis (Earth): Tacere ("To keep silent")

The Path, Planets and Morality

12 Beth (Mercury): Falsehood, Dishonesty, Envy

13 Gimel (Luna): Contentment, Idleness
14 Daleth (Venus): Unchastity, Lust
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Bigotry, Hypocrisy, Gluttony
27 Pé (Mars): Cruelty, Wrath
30 Resh (Sol): Pride
32 Tau (Saturn): Envy, Avarice

Plant Substances Associated with the Tree

The Sephiroth and Substance

1 Kether: Elixir Vitae

2 Chokmah: Hashish, Coca Leaves
3 Binah: Belladonna, Soma
4 Chesed: Opium
5 Geburah: Nux Vomica, Nettle, Cocaine, Atropine
6 Tiphareth: Stramonium, Alcohol, Digitalis, Coffee
7 Netzach: Damiana, Cannabis Indica, Anhalonium
8 Hod: Anhalonium Lewinii, Cannabis Indica
9 Yesod: Orchid Root
10 Malkuth: Corn

The Path, Elements and Substances

11 Aleph (Air): Peppermint

23 Mem (Water): Caseara, all purges
31 Shin (Fire): —
32-bis (Earth): —
31-bis (Spirit): Stramonium

The Paths, Planets and Substances

12 Beth (Mercury): All cerebral excitants

13 Gimel (Luna): Jupiter, Pennyroyal, & all Emmenagogues
14 Daleth (Venus): All aphrodisiacs
21 Kaph (Jupiter): Coca Leaves
27 Pé (Mars): —
30 Resh (Sol): Alcohol
32 Tau (Saturn): —

The Paths, Zodiac and Substances

15 Hé (Aries): All cerebral excitants

16 Vau (Taurus): Sugar
17 Zain (Gemini): Ergot and ecbolics
18 Cheth (Cancer): Watercress
19 Teth (Leo): All carminatives and tonics
20 Yod (Virgo): All anaphrodisiacs
22 Lamed (Libra): Tobacco
24 Nun (Scorpio): —
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): —
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Orchis, Satyrion
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): All diuretics
29 Qoph (Pisces): All narcotics

Mineral Substances Associated with the Tree

The Sephiroth and Substances
0 Negative Veils: Carbon
1 Kether: Gold / Praseodymium
2 Chokmah: Phosphorus
3 Binah: Silver
4 Chesed: —
5 Geburah: Iron
6 Tiphareth: —
7 Netzach: Arsenic
8 Hod: Mercury
9 Yesod: Lead
10 Malkuth: Magnesium / Sulphur

The Paths, Planets and Substances

12 Beth (Mercury): Mercury

23 Mem (Water): Sulphates
31 Shin (Fire): Nitrates
32 Tau (Saturn): Lead
32-bis (Earth): Bismuth
31-bis (Spirit): Carbon

The Grades of the Path and Sephiroth

Third Order - Sephiroth and Title

0 Negative Veils: 0°=0

1 Kether: 10°=1 - Ipsissimus / Silence
2 Chokmah: 9°=2 - Magus
3 Binah: 8°=3 - Magister Templi

Second Order - Sephiroth and Title

4 Chesed: 7°=4 - Adeptus Exemptus

5 Geburah: 6°=5 - Adeptus Major
6 Tiphareth: 5°=6 - Adeptus Minor

First Order - Sephiroth and Title

7 Netzach: 4°=7 -Philosophus

8 Hod: 3°=8 - Practicus
9 Yesod: 2°=9 - Theoricus
10 Malkuth: 1°=10 - Zelator
Khokhmah and Sophia
Thou art a Wisdom. Thou are a Knowing. Thou art Truth.
Because of Thee, there is life. Life is from Thee.
Because of Thee, there is mind.

Some art historians believe the petite blonde was Jehovah’s grandmother, the Goddess Sophia.
The tradition of Sophia is the beginning, the source of wisdom, and keeper of the knowledge of
all that is righteous and just. With her sound wisdom and guidance, rulers lead their kingdoms to
prosper. In the darkness and ignorance that thrive in her absence, the proverbial wasteland eats
away at the soul and nations perish.

Known as the Mother of All or simply as Wisdom, Sophia was born of Silence according to
Gnostic creation myths. She gave birth to both Male and Female who together created all the
elements of our material world*.

Khokhmah who personified the Female Divine. She is understood as an emanation of the Gods,
yet she resonates with the Hebrew Goddess Asherah, she of the sacred Tree.

Khokhmah that originates in the oldest core of Jewish culture: “She is a Tree of Life.. to all who
lay hold of her.”

Khokhmah sings, “The one who finds me, finds life.” Like the goddess Asherah, consort of
Yahweh by the ancient Hebrews, Khokhmah is linked to the pillar Equilibrium..

Wisdom to “a flame of stars through the night.”

Shekhinah the Divine Presence and Matronit (the Mother). Kabbalists redefined Khokhmah as a
masculine power, and assigned Binah

The Goddess is our primary life force on the planet. If we don’t utilize the love, nurturing,
understanding, and kindness of the divine feminine within all of us, we will not survive. We need
this essence to return balance to our world, our bodies, and our lives.

Have you ever wondered about that gorgeous woman in Michelangelo’s painting on the ceiling
of the Sistine chapel.. the one that El has his arm wrapped around while his other arm extends
to touch the hand of Adam?

Female then gave birth to Jehovah in all his emanations. But she also gave birth to Ialdabaoth
who was known as the Son of Darkness. When humans were created, Sophia loved them all

Unfortunately, her affection for humans sparked jealousy in both Ialdabaoth and Jehovah.
Hoping to keep humans weak and powerless, the brothers forbade humans to eat the fruit of the
tree of knowledge. Female then sent her spirit in the form of the serpent to teach the humans to
disobey the envious gods.

Sophia so desperately loved humans that she decided she would live among them. To her
dismay they mostly ignored her. She tried speaking to them. When they turned a deaf ear, she
screamed from the tops of the highest walls. Still she was not heard.

In her anguish at being so neglected, she left humans with one last thought: You have denied
and ignored me, so will I do when calamity strikes and you call for my help. Only those who
earnestly search for me and love me will merit my love and assistance.

There are those who believe that Sophia, so desperate in her desire to relate, later returned to
humans in another attempt to bond with them. Sophia is often symbolized by the Dove of
Aphrodite, which later became the dove representing the Holy Spirit.

It is written, that a dove appeared to the Virgin Mary in the form of the Virgin of Light, entered
her and conceived Jesus. In this sense, Sophia attempted again, into form of a man, to be
united with the mortals she so loved.

Sophia’s traits include: righteous, wise, loving, communicative, knowledgeable, creative,

protective, giving, and truthful.
A Sophia woman sees it and tells it as it is; she has no fear of the truth.

She brings meaning to human experience with her gift of understanding “the bigger picture”.
Only when you stand back, gaining some emotional distance, can you see that even the most
traumatic experiences can be the birthplace of your most treasured strengths. It is only in times
of great stress that heroic feats are truly appreciated.

Sophia was also the mother of Faith, Hope, and Charity. They are Sofia’s gifts to us, gifts that
can overcome the despair, confusion, and suffering that frame human life. Sophia reminds you
that clear vision and understanding line the path that leads to the discovery of the meaning of
your life.

Sophia Perennial

I am the wisdom and the truth

I am Shekinah
I am Hokhmah
I am the Serpent
I am the Tree
I am Sophia Perennial
The Qabalistic Cross - M
is the most basic and fundamental practice in Qabalah. It is used to draw down the power of the
spirit from above into the mind and body of the Qabalist, as an act of devotion, to centre oneself
and strengthen balance and composure, and to align one's Will with a higher purpose. If you are
new to practical Qabalah you should practice this exercise each day for at least a week
(preferably more) before moving on to the next stage.
It can be used on its own as a brief form of prayer / meditation, or to draw strength from the
divine and empower an action. it is used as a component of larger rituals. There are two slightly
different forms of the Qabalistic Cross, one of which is used at the beginning of the ritual to draw
down power and invoke the power of the spirit… and the other which is used at the end of the
ritual which includes an acknowledgement that the power raised and used during the ritual does
not in truth belong to the Qabalist but to the Divine itself.

Middle Pillar Exercise​ - M

This ritual builds up the middle pillar of the Tree of Life in your Aura (Bio-Electric Field) thereby
awakening all of the access points in the currents within you. Basking in golden Sunlight.. from
the lowest to the Highest Vibrationals. The exercise is well-known also from tantra and taoism
where it balances sexual, loving and spiritual energies that are regarded as separate by cultural
conventions. The Middle Pillar Exercise should be carried out slowly and with great care,
attention and devotion. Do not go on with the exercise until a powerful connection and
visualisation to carry and Maintain a significant energy levels.
Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
This ritual creates a safe and energized magick circle in which energy can be moved or any
operation of magic can be performed: The 'clean room' of the magician. Suitable for opening
and closing any piece of magical work.

Merkabah​ - Ritual Aleph - M

The divine light vehicle stayed to be used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those
in tune with the higher realms. "Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body.
According to the Writings of Ezekiel and its attendant commentaries, his vision consists of a
chariot made of many heavenly beings driven by the "Likeness of a Man." The base structure of
the chariot is composed of four beings. These beings are called the "living creatures" (hayyot)
or. The bodies of the creatures are "like that of a human being", but each of them has four
faces, corresponding to the four directions the chariot can go East, South, North and West. The
faces are that of a man, a lion, ox eagle. (The cherubic Animals) later changed to a cherub.
Since there are four angels and each has four faces, there are a total of sixteen faces. Each
"Hayyot" angel also has four wings. Two of these wings spread across the length of the chariot
and connect with the wings of the angel on the other side. This creates a sort of 'box' of wings
that forms the perimeter of the chariot. With the remaining two wings, each angel covers its own
body. Below, but not attached to, the feet of the "Hayyot" angels are other angels that are
shaped like wheels. These wheel angles, which are described as "a wheel inside of a wheel",
are called "Ophanim" These wheels are not directly under the chariot but are nearby and along
its perimeter. The angel with the face of the man is always on the east side and looks up at the
"Likeness of a Man" that drives the chariot. The "Likeness of a Man" sits on a throne made of
Third type of angel found in the Merkabah called "Seraphim" "the burning ones”) angels. These
angels appear like flashes of fire continuously ascending and descending. These "Seraphim"
angels power the movement of the chariot. In the hierarchy of these angels, "Seraphim" are the
highest, that is, closest to God, followed by the "Hayyot", which are followed by the "Ophanim."
The chariot is in a constant state of motion, and the energy behind this movement runs
according to this hierarchy. The movement of the "Ophanim" is controlled by the "Living
creatures", or Hayyot, while the movement of the "Hayyot" is controlled by the "Seraphim". The
movement of all the angels of the chariot is controlled by the "Likeness of a Man" on the Throne.
The MERKABA is extremely complex, involving the five platonic solids and other sacred
polyhedrons. It is believed to extend through all possible dimensional and parallel universes and
can change its nature from electro-magnetic / geo-magnetic. to whatever is appropriate. The
blueprint of the Merkaba is found everywhere and in everything. It can be found in nature such
as the complicated nautilus shell, the sunflower and red blood cells of humans. The Merkaba is
a counter rotating field of light generated from the spinning of specific geometric forms that
simultaneously affect one’s spirit and body. It is a vehicle that can aid the mind, body and spirit
to access and experience other planes of reality or potential in life. It is a tool that allows you to
discover more about yourself and connect with their Higher Self, Good and the absolute. It gives
the opportunity move to new levels of understanding and awareness, discovering other realms
and how to create different outcomes. The Merkaba is a tool and technique that facilitates
humans reach their full potential in any and all areas of their life. The most important thing about
the MERKABA is the connection to one unified universal mind called the omnipresence and the
awareness that we are creators of own word and can create anything.
The Merkaba enables us to experience expanded awareness. we are able to see patterns with
in our lives and change them and be totally aware of ancient truth – words and actions are
spoken in love or fear. The awareness is being.. totally aware.. with all of the experience of
creation. It allows us to connect with elevated potentials of consciousness and / or self
The Merkaba restores and renews the ‘memory’ of the infinite possibilities of our being /
knowing we can create / connect.. everything within us. It all comes to the Writing upon the body
and the Calling of the Watchers and Kerubic Angels.. can we Understand Ascension.
MER - refers to a specific kind of light that was understood by the early Egypts. following the
reorientation of religions toward the worship of the Gods of all creation. MER - was seen as two
counter rotating fields of light spinning in the same space. The rotating fields could spin in any
direction, at any speed.
KA - means spirit, in this case referring to the individual human spirit. The true meaning of spirit
meaning strength, courage, strength of mind and character. BA - refers to the physical body. It
transfers to the spirit's interpretation of its particular reality. In the human reality.
BA is usually defined as the body or physical reality. In other realities where
spirits don’t have physical bodies, BA refers to the concepts or interpretation of reality in the
realm in which they exist.
The Ma'aseh Merkabah​ - Work of the Chariot
The knowledge of secret names of the Gods and the Archangels used theurgically for
communication and ascension. It begins with the mysteries of the spirit plane and the merkaba
star. The old hymns have long lists of secret names of the Gods, Archangels and Angels that
are present throughout the great work. Many angelics and there rules of the 7 sacred directions
and palaces of the Tetrahedron. Yofiel, Ezekiel and the Seraphim are the Key Holders that the
hymns recited by the "descenders" (Mystics/Kabbalist) Using formulas, Symbols and Seals with
prayer and ritual. Protection is given to protect the practitioner.. Most Powerful.. from the
Clutches of the Qlippoth.

Circulation of the Light​ - M

after the establishment of the spheres, they should be vivid, clear, and deep in the body as well
as extended out from it. This can be done in phases, with the first phases working gently on the
outside, forming broad bands of light, and increasing in density and power as they begin to
reach deep below the surface of the tissue, to the bones themselves. This helps to anchor the
power in the body, while expanding and clearing the aura. At all times, the energy should be

The Fountain of Light​ - M

should move through the spinal column slowly at first, and with greater intensity and speed as
experience progresses. The burst should be lively and bright, with a clear fluid like flame
coursing around the edges of the expanded aura, at a radius of three to four feet on all sides.
Lose yourself in the flow of energy, as it passes through your body, out your head, into your
feet, up your legs, purifying and energizing as it goes.

The Serpent of Fire and the Spear - ​M

Of all the exercises in this work, the easiest to perform regardless of the level of experience of
the operator. Their basic concepts will already be familiar to many students, and are useful as
guides in a fundamental understanding of the Secret Fire that exists in the West. the Utilization
on the golden-red serpent and the duality of white and black and the deepest connection to the

The Tree of Life and Hermetics

Mystical Conduits​ ​Traditions

Describes the practice of rituals, sometimes seen as magical in nature, performed with the
intention of invoking the action or evoking the presence of one or more gods, especially with the
goal of uniting with the divine, achieving henosis, and perfecting oneself.
Theurgy is a “power higher than all human wisdom embracing the blessings of divination, the
purifying powers of initiation and in a word all the operations of divine possession"
is the "Spiritual magic or theurgy was based on the idea that one could reach God in an ascent
up the scale of creation made possible by a rigorous course of prayer, fasting and devotional
Is the religious magic practised by the later Neoplatonists, has been commonly regarded as the
point at which Neoplatonism degenerates into magic, superstition and irrationalism. A superficial
glance at the ancient lives of the Neoplatonists, and in particular at Eunapius' Lives of the
Sophists, reveals a group of people interested in animating statues, favoured with visions of
gods and demons, and skilled in rainmaking"
Is a type of magic. It consists of a set of magical practices performed to evoke beneficent spirits
in order to see them or know them or in order to influence them, for instance by forcing them to
animate a statue, to inhabit a human being (such as a medium), or to disclose mysteries."

A western pronunciation: from Greek θαῦμα thaûma, meaning "miracle" or "marvel" and ἔργον
érgon, meaning "work") is the capability of a magician or a saint to work magick or miracles.
"The use of magic for nonreligious purposes; the art and science of 'wonder working;' using
magick to actually change things in the physical world."

Theurgy means "divine-working". The first recorded use of the term is found in the
mid-second-century neo-Platonist work the Chaldean Oracles, The source of Western theurgy
can be found in the philosophy of late Neoplatonists, especially Iamblichus. In late
Neoplatonism, the spiritual Universe is regarded as a series of emanations from the One. From
the One emanated the Divine Mind (Nous) and in turn from the Divine Mind emanated the World
Soul (Psyche). Neoplatonists insisted that the One is absolutely transcendent and in the
emanations nothing of the higher was lost or transmitted to the lower, which remained
unchanged by the lower emanations.

Taught a more ritualized method of theurgy that involved invocation and religious, as well as
magical, ritual.

Believed that theurgy was an imitation of the gods, and in their major work, On the Egyptian
Mysteries, he described theurgic observance as "ritualized cosmogony" that endowed embodied
souls with the divine responsibility of creating and preserving the cosmos.

In older usage often pansophy, is a concept of omniscience, meaning "all-knowing". In some
monotheistic belief systems, a god is referred as the ultimate knowing spirit. Someone who is
pansophical is someone who claims to have obtained omniscience. Pansophy in this sense has
been defined as comprehension of the divine order of things.
Pansophic Freemasonry
The pansophic principle is one of the that everything must be taught to everyone, as a guiding
basis for education, something like universal education (Characteristica universalis).
Pansophism was a term used generally as pedagogical philosophy. It was followed by
Pansophia diatyposis. Pansophy in this sense has been defined as a full adult comprehension
of the divine order of things.

The Hermetic Kabbala

The idea of Secret Fire in initiatic psycho-alchemical texts such as The Most Holy Trinosophia
(Threefold Wisdom) Also understanding many points of hidden fire, associated with volcanic
power, and under the influence of Venus. Works such as an alchemical-kabbalistic texts, and
either use mystical symbolism of these esoteric schools, or such symbols are used to interpret
the text's meaning.

The twelve degrees of Cosmic Consciousness. The use of earthly fire in the form of volcanic
eruptions, lava, and seas of flame symbolize the presence of an underlying matrix of living
energy that pervades material and nonmaterial creation, uniting and constantly renewing it
through what can be seen as violent activity.

Theoretical Background
The majority of modern esoteric students are familiar with the Middle Pillar exercise, as such,
The fundamental basis for much of this article. In addition, the Sepher Yetzirah, and a limited
number of alchemical references will be made.

The kabbalah is that through increasing levels of density, humanity came into its present state
of physical incarnation and third eye evolution. Through rituals, exercises, and meditations, the
energy latent in creation generally, and the body of the practitioner in particular, can be
“awakened”, If purified, and directed. This energy can then be used for spiritual development,
Third eye expansion, or physical health and improvement.

Creation​ - In the Beginning …

Creation is seen to have taken place, in Western kabbalistic and alchemical terms, in the
following process.

The Divine minds of the Gods, the Absolute, or in Hebrew the Ain Soph Aur (Limitless Light),
through a series of expansions and contractions establishes the boundaries of creation. The first
world is the most subtle, and closest to the original state of non-existence, and is Atziluth. This
is called the world of Fire, because of the lively, undefined, and almost uncontrollable nature of
fire. Next is Briah, or the World of Archetypes and forms as our human mind can grasp them. It
is symbolized as the World of Air, and is the result of a barrier world that is formed by the
creation of the next World, Yetzirah, or Water. This is the highly third eye and emotionally
charged world immediately behind the veil of material existence, or Assiah. Also known as the
World of Earth, because of the solid, concrete nature of material life. The Physical Plane.
Lighting is the flashpoint of Creation.. The Serpent is to know the Way..

To show that creation occurs in increasingly dense levels of energy - matter, from the most
subtle, or Fire, to the most dense, or Earth. Within this context of increasing density, there also
arises a series of ten planes or levels of consciousness which combines with energy-matter,
known as Sephiroth, or spheres of being. They occur in a pattern of unity, reflection, polarity…
and finally materialization. This basic idea of unity, polarity and re-harmonizing, is the basis of
kabbalistic and alchemical practices, and is derived from the observation of Nature.

Each World is a reflection to a denser or more subtle degree than the one before or after it.
Each Sephiroth is a reflection, in part, of what precedes or follows it. However, since each
reflection is only partial, or slightly distorted, each Sphere takes on its own unique
characteristics. Only the “Middle Four Sphereoth” have the ability to harmonize or reflect in total
all of the energies of creation, on some level.

Creation is called the “Lightning Flash”. The return of energy from dense matter, back through
the various stages, Sephiroth, and Worlds of Creation is known as the “Path of the Serpent”
because of its reverse, or complementary nature back up this diagram called the Tree of Life.

For the alchemist, somewhere between the third and fourth level, or sphere of creation, energy
takes on the characteristic that will allow for the formation of matter at some future state, or level
ten. This energy is called Prima Materia of the Spiritus Mundi (Spirit of the Earth). Here, duality
is made complete, and genuine polarity exists, as opposed to simply the potential, or idea, of
polarity that had existed previously. Energy is divided into active and passive modes, with the
active energy constituting the energies of life, and the passive one the energy of matter. In “The
Golden Chain of Homer”, the active energy is called Celestial Niter and the passive energy is
called Salt.

The energy of Life manifests in two forms, Fire and Air. While both are predominantly active in
nature, fire is the more active of the two, with Air being slightly passive because of the partial
Water Element in its makeup. Potential Matter manifests its energy as Water and Earth. These
Elements have nothing to do with the material bodies of the same name, and as such are
capitalized and called “Elemental” to distinguish them from the earth we walk on, water we
drink, air we breath, and fire we cook with. They are in fact, energetic states, each with their
own unique characteristics, as well as each of the previously mentioned ten levels of
consciousness within them. The Elements also have preferred ways of interacting with each
other, to form the Three Principles of alchemy. There are in fact, forty different ways energy,
matter and consciousness can manifest in our world.

The Three Essentials are the alchemical principles of Sulphur, Mercury, and Salt. Like the
“Elements” these principle concepts are to be thought of a “Philosophical” and not literally as
chemical elements or compounds. The Alchemical Sulphur, or Soul, of a thing predominates in
the animating principles of energy (Fire) and intelligence (Air); Alchemical Salt, or the physical
body of a thing, predominates in unconscious forces, Third eye, and instinctual intelligence
(Water) and solid matter (Earth); Alchemical Mercury, or general life force, predominates in
intelligence (Air) and instinctual forces, and psychic energy (Water), as such it is the link, or
bridge, between the higher forces of Sulphur and the lower body of matter.

In the mineral realm the dominant energy is that of Earth, a little Water, and very little Air or Fire.
In the vegetable realm, the dominant energy is Water and Air, but little Fire and Earth. In the
animal realm, the dominant force element is Fire, then Air, but little Earth. These qualities need
to be understood as they have been defined for the following information to be of any use to the
practicing, or aspiring, Hermeticism. For example, using the above definitions, we can say that
the plant realm has an abundance of instinctual energy (Water) and intelligence, a specific
function (Air), but little direct energy (Fire), as this is received passively from the sun; and little
hard, physical, matter (Earth).

In the East as in the West, the idea of principle Elements and Philosophic Principles are
expressed in more or less the same manner. This original undifferentiated energy from creation
is often called Akasha, or Spirit. However, akasha, consists of two (2) aspects, one active as we
have noted, Celestial Niter, and the other passive, Salt. The energies of the Niter are also
referred to as the force of Kundalini, or spiritual forces. In alchemy, this is the Secret Fire. To the
Salt, belongs the force of Prana, or Vital Energy.

The function of the Vital energy is to maintain physical life forms and existence. It is completely
instinctual and unconscious and is heavily influenced by cosmic cycles, astrological pulses, and
other natural phenomena. The function of the Secret Fire is to increase in humanity, the only
place where it is present, its sense of self, or “I”. At the lowest level of functioning, this is the
ego, at its highest, it is Divinity incarnate, as both are two sides of the same coin. One is ‘self’ in
relation to the physical world and others; the other is ‘self’ in relationship to all of Creation and
as a co-creator.

In the vast majority of humanity, this Secret Fire, or liberating energy of self-consciousness, lies
dormant, asleep at the base of the spine, coiled like a serpent. Only a small amount manages to
escape, reaching a sephirothic level, or chakra, thus creating a loci of consciousness for each
person. If it reaches the top of the skull, and beyond, a spiritual awakening can occur, allowing
for a descent and reascent of the energy, during which the mystical centers can be awakened
allowing for the manifestation of mystical powers and related phenomena.

The Secret Fire ascends as a result of a temporary weakening of the Vital Energy in the
physical body. This is why so many spiritual awakenings take place under great physical stress,
times of illness, or near-death-experiences. When the Secret Fire will ascend through the
various psychic / physical currents causing it to be enveloped in a sphere of luminous light.

The experiencing of the Secret Fire, as a result of the suppression of the physical body’s Vital
Energy, can create a condition which manifests in various forms:

-Some perceive the bright light as an angel, their Higher Self, or “Holy Guardian Angel”, others
as a spiritual teacher.
-Astral projection may result, along with perception of the immediate surroundings.
-Uncontrolled physical movements may also result, Called the kundalini phenomena: shaking,
rapid breathing, swinging of the torso, uncontrolled giddiness, and sitting stright upright in the
Pharaonic position.

After a period of time, the energy will descend, and return to the base of the spine.
The effects of this awakening will take some time for the consciousness of the individual to
adjust to, and is not limited to the ‘non-physical’ realms. The physical body, although to a lesser
degree, is also changed and improved in functioning, constituting a genuine “re-birth’ on several
levels. However, it is up to the mind, or sense of “I”, of the individual, to cooperate with this
influx of power if more permanent changes in consciousness are to be made.

As we can see, the concept of kundalini, or the Secret Fire, is linked to two polar concepts: that
of the undifferentiated creative energy, and the second, as the seed of this energy locked on
each cell of material creation, and focused in humanity at the base of the spine.

When this energy rises as a result of mystical experiences, and not because of physical
weakness, it can cause the Vital Energy of the body to be concentrated on various areas of the
body, creating physical and mystical disturbances. If the energy becomes concentrated in the
head, it can create the illusion of a spiritual awakening, as well as the well known “hot and cold”
flashes, or currents, up and down the spine. The effects of the Secret Fire however, and not its
redistributive effects on the Vital Energy, can create the following phenomena:

-Intense pains suggestive of an illness

-Crawling sensations of ants or small bugs over the skin, as well as a ‘jumping’ sensation of the
-A feeling of crystal clear calmness and tranquillity, rise from center to center to the top of the
-Ascending in the famous Rising Serpent pattern
-The energy can skip a center or two
-The energy can reach the top of the head in a flash of light
-The character attributes of both positive and negative are exaggerated and sexual power is
-If the energy rises to the top of the head, then it becomes possible to work directly on the Vital
Energy within the body, and use it, as a means of enhancing the mystical experience and
spiritual awakening.

In short, the Mystical centers must first be awakened by the Secret Fire and purified, before the
energy of the physical body, can be concentrated upon them.
Thus, our mystical exercises, and esoteric meditations are designed to prepare our minds,
bodies, and consciousness for the liberation of the Secret Fire buried deep inside us. Through a
progressive cleansing of the blood, nervous system, and endocrine glands, the ‘chains’ of the
Vital Energy upon the Secret Fire are reduced and eliminated, allowing the ever present power
and energy, a veritable pressure waiting to be released, to spring into action. Thus, the Serpent
doesn’t really sleep, it is we who are asleep to its presence and potential blessing.

The Secret Fire and the Sephiroth

The use of the “Tree of Life” has been both a blessing and a curse for modern esotericism.
When understood, the Tree offers a complete and working model of Creation on both the
microcosmic and the macrocosmic. However, where many fail is on the personal level. The
ability to apply the often very general information of the Tree to personal experiences of the
initiate when they deal with physiological phenomena is profoundly lacking in modern esoteric
circles. The are many reasons for this: First, many modern esotericists simply repeat what they
have learned without experiencing whether or not it is true on a personal level; second, the
language of kabbalah is multi-leveled, with the same word having several meanings, thus many
who are using the words do not know what they actually mean, or on what level it may be
interpreted; thirdly, the diagram of the Tree is simply too neat and compartmentalized. Many
kabbalists are unable to adapt to the fact that interior reality is much more complex yet flexible.
More than the Tree allows when applied to the two dimensional page or illustration.

These problems are further complicated by the idea of “One Tree” but “Four Worlds” making
much meaningful, practical information nearly impossible to most Kabbalist.. Some never
realizing the depth and complexity and many connecting facets. Which leads to the regarding of
the crises of spiritual awakening and the Kundalini phenomena as it relates to kabbalistic
practices. When compared to the clear and explicit information available from Taoist and Tantric
sources, it is no wonder that so many Americans and Europeans prefer those systems to those
more culturally and historically related.

To help resolve these problems in the utilization of knowledge, All the information that has a
relationship to experience of the Practitioner.. Should be a guiding force. Traditional Kabbalah is
at the roots of hermeticism.. A foundation for the building of a solid structure for the Theurgy that
connects us to all things. There is a place for theory and experimentation on the Theurgical.
That being said.. Study and experience of the kabbalist / practitioner and that the meanings of
the kabbalistic / hermetic words are defined to keep the communication clear and direct is very
Some would say an extensive use of confusing and somewhat irrelevant god-forms.. or
references to mythology, and useage of cosmological models is the unconnecting part to the
personal experience and should bel be avoided.

Arousing the Sleeping Serpent - Flaming Serpent of the Desert

The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram is often the first ritual learned by aspiring magicians. Its
function is to teach the basic mechanics of solitary ritual, and to give a basic technique whereby
destructive energies may be repelled or dispersed from the sphere of influence of the operator.
The symbols, seals, sigils, words and Language are used in rituals and are fundamental. Some
of the rituals you may encounter are Rarely used or Very Old and of a more complex nature
requiring deeper knowledge and connections. Then perhaps your level of connection and
understanding is at the time. To have disregard a ritual or it’s trappings could result in a change
to your environment or persons that may require it to be dealt with outside you current level. No
matter how simple or complex you work is.. it is only as effective as the skill of its Practitioner.
Repeated use of the LRP is.. and can be more effective than a irregular use of more
sophisticated rites.

The Six fundamental rituals used in Western occultism reflecting an influence of The Hermetic
Order of the Golden Dawn:

1 The Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram

2 The Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram
3 The Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram
4 The Greater Ritual of the Hexagram
5 The Rose Cross Ritual
6 The Merkabah

The Flashing Sword and The Rising Serpent and secondary and often only seen by very few in
the Outer Order. In the Inner Order it is as common as the Middle Pillar.

The Middle Pillar is optional, to some.. it is however, the Middle Pillar Exercise which does the
most to purify the bodily energies, or Vital Energy, and make pathways for the release of the
Secret Fire.

The Middle Pillar

Several variations of the Middle Pillar Exercise exist, however their roots and fundamentals
remain the same. There are Kabbalist, Practitioners and organizations that aid in the upholding
of the traditions.
The Middle Pillar used in tandem with the elements is highly suggested in The Hermetic Order
of the Golden Dawn.
The Sephirothic, Elemental and planetary correspondences and methods used by the Arum
Solis (the Rising Pillar) will also be considered as a good alternative exercise.

The inner aspects of the Middle Pillar is that connection and cleansing that happens during..
breath, and concentration, the mystical energy of creation, here principally Yetzirah, can be
directed allowing for a purification of the Vital Energy that holds the Secret Fire in check. As our
chakra centers are cleansed of emotional, moral, and materialistic residue, they better reflect
the cosmic energy that works through them. Through its pre-described pattern of circulating the
energy, the Middle Pillar assists in smoothing out the edges of our aura, as well as increasing
the flow of energy in general directions, so that the Connection pathways, both large and small,
can be purified and strengthened through an increase of Vital Energy.

The pathways described for the Middle Pillar are circular in nature. They are for the most part
large, clear, and bright, with a reflective quality too them. the spheres should be imagined like
large, clear, brilliant diamonds if no other color is known. Although, in the end, the entire sphere,
or extended aura, of the practitioner should be imagined as a brilliant diamond radiating heat
and light.

The beauty of the Middle Pillar is that it, like many esoteric practices, is really a layered
exercise. Containing an almost infinite amount of flexibility and growth potential. As the
practitioner develops in skill and manipulation of the imagery, the amount of new possibilities

One of central movements of the Middle Pillar is the “Fountain of Light”. Here, the practitioner
experiences a brilliant force of energy forcing its way up through the soles of their feet and out
the top of their head, spraying along the edges of their aura, making it strong and clear of any
roughness, and gathering again at their feet. This cyclic imagery is repeated several times. This
key part of the exercise, is the central part that prepares the central pathways for the eventual
release of the Secret Fire.
It is also similar to Eastern practices as seen in Chinese Chi Kung, Indian Tantra, and Tibetan
Vajrayana yoga.

It is also clear that some differences exist between Eastern and Western methods of releasing
the Secret Fire. The methods of direct work on the Chakra centers, and an upward climbing of
the spinal column is more traumatic than the more general work of the Middle Pillar. It is for this
reason, that the techniques of yoga, save a few, that are aimed straight away at releasing the
Secret Fire, require supervision of a guru. Being that they so restrict the activities of the
practitioner, and require close supervision.

Western practices, in that it is aimed at perfection of the material world, and even the
spiritualizing of the body into a “Body of Light”. Which is similar to Indian yoga, in that it starts at
level of the etheric body (The nadis points) and proceeds from there. This from the bottom up,
and inside out approach is different from the Middle Pillars top down, outside in method.
Because the etheric body is directly affected early on, the effects are more dramatic, as well as
potentially traumatic for the unprepared. In the Middle Pillar, the etheric body is often the last
thing effected. This is because the symbolism used, as well as the need to develop skills in
concentration, visualization, and meditation affect primarily the mental outlook of the practitioner
for a long period of time.

Only after considerable practice, on a daily basis, do the effects of the Middle Pillar begin to sink
into the astral body, and eventually filter into the etheric and physical bodies of the practitioner.
It is stated in one source, that it takes a minimum of three years for even the most advanced
yoga practitioner to release the Kundalini through special exercises. A ‘release’ which we have
stated, is not a release, but the removal of obstacles to its natural expression. This is a critical
point, since it is often said that to experience kundalini it will often take many of practice of
esoteric exercises in some cases even using Hatha Yoga. It may be that for the alchemist, the
interior creation of the Philosopher’s Stone is nothing short of the kundalini experience, and the
exterior creation of the Stone is the ability to direct this Cosmic creative energy at will.

Tibetan systems run somewhere between the Chinese and Indian, in that they are concerned
with liberation, but also with the creation of an ethereal body made from their bodily essences.
This Diamond Body, or Rainbow Body, is pure light and can materialize at the will of the adept.
Like the Chinese and Indian systems, the Tibetan system uses rituals for the purification of the
mind and emotions of the practitioners, as well as the visual images in both anthropomorphic
deities and abstract geometric forms. The Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram fulfill this
function when performing the Middle Pillar.

Thus, we can see, the major differences in Eastern and Western practices can be summarized
in function and reference point of origin. The East seeks liberation through progressive untying
of the knots of ignorance that bind humanity to incarnation. The West seeks to perfect the
material world making material reality a reflection of spiritual reality. Once accomplished, the
adept can then proceed to dis-incarnate at will. The Western approach seeks to be more active
in the world and to transform it, while the Eastern approach is to see the world as an illusion that
is impermanent, and as such, is more passive. Such philosophies, like all beliefs and cultures,
reflect the physical environment of their earliest origin. In tropical and subtropical zones the
concern with time is far less important that in the Northern hemisphere where a winter the
possibility of being without food stores.. means not enough food to feed the community. The
cold, harsh realities of arctic zones produce a different theory and technique, and as such,
different ideal gods than agricultural areas. Whether a community of hunters that are nomadic or
an established agrarian society is reflective of the physical landscape they live in, and as such
effects values, needs, and spiritual philosophy and technique.

This is of critical concern whenever one is considering adopting the esoteric practices from
another land or culture. Why did it arise, and under what circumstances. Are those same
conditions applicable today, and in the life of the potential practitioner. In view of current
conditions, are the practices being considered of growth. Looking at the many facets of an
unknown culture could take a lifetime one one person.
A few things to consider: Follow the Light and the Truth, Listen to you heart, Answer to the will.

The Cosmic Triangle of Fire

The successful adept must be endowed with a knowledge of the material of the Great Work;
also with connection, silence, purity of heart, and unwavering devotion. After passing through
the gate surmounted with the hieroglyph of philosophic mercury he traverses the seven angles
of the citadel, representing the chief operations of the Great Work - calcination, dissolution,
purification, introduction into the sealed Vase of Hermes, transference of the Vase to the
Athanor (a furnace), coagulation, putrefaction, curation, multiplication and projection. And even
upon reaching the Petra (Philosophales), he finds it is held in custody by a formidable dragon.”

Mercurius senex
In Tiphareth, the geometric symbol is the interlaced triangles of water and fire, or the Hexagram.
When expanded to connect the planetary sephiroth of the Tree (with Saturn being attributed to
Daath), The Triangle of Water connects the spheres of Mars, Jupiter, and Luna. The Triangle of
Fire connects Saturn, Venus, and Mercury.

Just as Ouroboros is cosmic energy (the serpent) limiting itself (Saturn), Venus is the creative
cosmic force multiplying itself in life (its vegetative nature) as a prism splits the light of the sun.
Mercury, like Saturn in many respects, is androgynous, and controls the fire of creation,
directing it in the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone. Mercury holds the Caduceus, or winged
staff with two serpents intertwined around it. The Wings represent sublimation, the serpents the
basic forces of creation. There crossing over is the psychic centers, often given as seven in
number, here representing the colors in the spectrum, plus white (Venus). Central to the
diagram is Sol, which is the cosmic creative forces which unify, enliven, and harmonize creation,
and which we can hope to contact. It is central, and directs and controls all of the other planets,
psychic centers, or aspects of Cosmic energy.

By contacting the fire of the Sun, we can open the fire of the other psychic centers (via Venus),
and more easily direct the restrictive and enlightening energy of Saturn, through the powers of
the Mind, or Mercury.
To understand these multi-faceted aspects of the planets, particularly Venus and Mercury, it is
important to have done the Pathworkings up to Tiphareth. While this is not required to perform
the techniques later in this monograph, it is a help for an understanding of the theoretical part.
However, we can begin to understand the relationship of the Spheres to each other by
undertaking a series of meditations based on the following idea:

Venus is the regenerating, sensual, active life force in its vegetative and unconscious manner. It
responds to heat, light, and emotion. On the Path of the Decent, Venus splits the singular rays
of the Sun into the many facets of the color spectrum, and as such, can lead us to a better
understanding of the relationship between multiplicity and unity, the mystical centers and
planets, and their unique natures. On the Path of Ascent, Venus re-unites the divergent
energies, both planetary and personal (mystical centers) and harmonizes it into a singular force,
although still multicolored, until it returns to the Sun as pure light.

“This Stone rises in growing, greening things. Wherefore when the Green is reduced to its
former nature, whereby things sprout and come forth in due time, it must be decocted and
putrefied in the way of our secret art.” Splendor solis, Trismosin
The Stone is made through the greening of nature (Netzach) and it returning to its source
(Tiphareth) by putrefaction (Death card of the path connecting them).
Mercury gives form and meaning to the diverse energies made by the splitting actions of Venus,
and re-unites them as fundamental forces, symbolized by the Caduceus. Mercury over venus,
or Guide of the Soul, and directs the energies that Venus represents. Since both Venus and
Mercury sit at the base of the Pillars of kabbalah, they access the material, astral, and mental
realms, and can influence all three to some degree. On the Descent, Mercury creates form and
structure, for the body, the mind, or the soul, and on the ascent, Mercury helps free us from the
limitations of form, without forgetting its lessons.

The Primordial Serpent

The serpent is primordial force or energy, fire and water being the principle two of creation, with
air and earth following them. Because it shed it’s skin, it is seen as a symbol of regeneration
and renewal. It is also dangerous, deadly, can be found often in ‘guardian’ roles near springs or
water as well as deserts. When controlled or mastered, it is seen as mastering a powerful and
deadly, yet regenerating force, basic to creation, or possibly from which creation came.

The Secret Fire

Is directly linked to the sexual, (principal and most basic creative forces) in humanity. Here, the
relationship between ‘bliss’ ‘ecstasy’ and the erotic impulse can be clearly seen and
experienced. Venus over Mercury.. The development of a host of ‘sexual yogas’ and ‘sex
magick’ practices bear this out to some degree. However, it is the sexual desire in humanity that
acts as its basic drive and evolutionary force. It also suggests that the ability and need for
mystical experience is biologically rooted. Only by ignoring the most basic of pleasures, sex,
can we ignore the drive to ecstatic union on some level. The ‘little death’ or petite morte, is a
forerunner of the ‘big death’ as we let go and experience divine oblivion.

Sexual power, linked to our innate drive for mystical experiences, is also linked to human
evolution, and some kind of predetermined point or state to which we are being directed.
This is a significant point, in that almost all of modern Western societies psychological illnesses
are focused around sexual repression and obsession.

If the Secret Fire flows freely, or with greater strength than before, without the proper purification
of the Vital Energy of the physical body, it is possible that it will result in what appears to be
extreme physical, but more likely psychological, illness in the form of schizophrenia and
psychosis, instead of psychic gifts, genius, and either transpersonal states, or simply altered
states of consciousness.

Therapy states that the basis for all mental-emotional disturbances are anchored in the physical
body, and that these anchors can be released through breathing techniques, somewhat similar
to pranayamana. Since the body is the “Salt” of alchemy, and partially composed of accessible
unconscious elements through its “Watery Element” all of our emotional and physical
experiences become indelibly marked, associated, or stored in our physical body. If these
blocks, or energy concentrations of emotional and physical trauma (composed of Vital Energy)
are not removed before the Secret Fire begins to flow more intensely, The negative side effects
of the ‘Kundalini phenomena’ will appear.

Abuse of drugs, alcohol, and sexual extremes only worsen the condition in that they
inadvertently release the Secret Fire by weakening the physical body and its link to the astral,
thereby damaging the etheric substructure, and create energy blocks in the end rather than
diminish them, when the mind and body attempt to make repairs.

A nervous system damaged by substance abuse makes a tricky vehicle for the clear, clean, and
powerful expression of the Secret Fire. It is through our nervous system (under the domain of
Yesod-Luna) that we engage both the physical world, as well as our interior world. It links the
body (Malkuth) with the Mind-Intellect (Hod) as well as instinctual, creative, and sensual urges
(Netzach). If it is damaged, our ability to relate fully, creatively, and productively to these
psycho-physical-spiritual parts of our self becomes endangered. If it is damaged, then our most
direct and important link to our Holy Guardian Angel, and means of releasing the Secret Fire
safely (via Tiphareth) is threatened in this incarnation.

Listen, then while I make known the Grand Arcanum of this wonder-working Stone, which at the
same time is not a stone, which exists in every man, and may be found in its own place at all
times…. It is called a stone, not because it is like a stone, but only because by virtue of its fixed
nature, it resists the action of fire as successfully as any stone….If we say that its nature is
spiritual, it would be no more than the truth; if we describe it as corporeal, the expression would
be equally correct; for it is subtle, penetrative, glorified, spiritual gold. It is the noblest of all
created things…it is a spirit or quintessence.”

Freeing the Dragon

How long it takes to unblock our Mystical anatomy for a more complete and harmonious
functioning of the Secret Fire is unclear. It is stated that even the most advanced yogis require a
minimum of three years of special practice for this to occur. Since that kind of training takes
place under specialized and supervised conditions, it can be assumed that modern Western life
requires more time, as well as self-reflection and referral, since the average Western occultist,
be they kabbalist, alchemist, or both, will spend the majority of their time working alone or at
best in occasional small groups.

Certain schools of yoga as well as kabbalah and Sufi practices view the heart as the center of
the individual universe, and the most important of all mystical centers. By opening the heart, we
gain access to our Interior Master, or Holy Guardian Angel (messenger),characterized by a
strong manifestation of intuition. This is the final resting place for the Serpent's Tongue after its
ascent over the skull, and as Boehme and Hermetic imagery have shown, the “Heart girt with a
serpent” is the ideal to which mystics aspire.

Adam Kadmon: The Secret Fire and YHVH

While alchemy, kabbalah, and astrology have been homogenized in modern esoteric practices
to create an almost seamless synthesis, this is not true of earlier periods. Traditionally, alchemy
and astrology played almost no role in Jewish kabbalah), and while it has been put forward that
may Jews were alchemists, and some great alchemists possibly Jews), no manuscripts of
Jewish alchemical practices seem to exist in any great numbers. is a compilation of material,
focusing mainly on gematria, and not a ‘chemical’ work in itself.

Early kabbalists imagined creation taking place in several stages, from which was generated the
anthropomorphic image of the ‘primordial man’, or Adam Kadmon. This ‘first man’ was imagined
as being created out of the four-letters of the Divine Name stacked one on top of the other. Yod
was the head, Heh, the arms and shoulders, Vau, the spine and sexual organs, and the final
Heh, the hips and legs. A host of attributes and qualities came to be associated with each letter,
and as a whole, it formed its own school of kabbalistic meditation. By adding other letters,
altering combinations, and substituting letters based on numerological equivalents, additional
Divine Names, names of archangels, angels, and other spiritual beings were generated.

The oral tradition of Adam Kadmon is similar to that of the Egyptian god Osiris, in that Osiris
was dismembered and reconstructed, while Adam “Fell” to pieces, and it is the work of the
kabbalist to reconstruct the Original Adam. Each of us is said to be a piece of this original soul,
and it is our purpose to find our place in Creation, via kabbalistic methods.

Hasidic Philosophy
The intellect consists of three interconnected processes: Chochmah (wisdom), Binah
(understanding), and Da'ath (knowledge).

The Tanya is an early work of Hasidic philosophy, by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder
of Chabad Hasidism, Its formal title is Likkutei Amarim - collection of statements, but is more
commonly known by its opening word, Tanya, which means “it was taught in a beraita“. It is
composed of five sections that define Hasidic mystical psychology and theology as a handbook
for daily spiritual life in Jewish observance.
According to the Chabad analogy: Chochmah is the birth of an idea in the mind, Binah is the
contemplation, and Da'ath is the beginning of the actualisation of an idea. Chabad philosophy
also incorporated the teachings of Kabbalah as a means to deal with one's daily life and psyche.
The Tanya deals with Jewish spirituality, psychology and theology from the point of view of
Hasidic philosophy and its inner explanations of Kabbalah. It offers advice for each individual on
how to serve the Gods in their daily life.

Among the much later Qabbalists there is also a division of the Sephirothic Tree into five parts,
in which the distribution of the globes is according to the following order:

(1) Macroprosophus, or the Great Face, is the term applied to Kether as the first and most
exalted of the Sephiroth and includes the nine potencies or Sephiroth issuing from Kether.

(2) Abba, the Great Father, is the term generally applied to Chochmah--Universal Wisdom--the
first emanation of Kether, but, according to Ibn Gebirol, Chochmah represents the Son, the
Logos or the Word born from the union of Kether and Binah.

(3) Aima, the Great Mother, is the name by which Binah, or the third Sephira, is generally
known. This is the Holy Ghost, from whose body the generations issue forth. Being the third
person of the Creative Triad, it corresponds to Jehovah, the Demiurgus.

(4) Microprosophus, or the Lesser Face, is composed of the six Sephiroth--Chesed, Geburah,
Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod. The Microprosophus is commonly called the Lesser
Adam, or Zauir Anpin, whereas the Macroprosophus, or Superior Adam, is Arikh Anpin. The
Lesser Face is properly symbolized by the six-pointed star or interlaced triangles of Zion and
also by the six faces of the cube. It represents the directions north, east, south, west, up, and
down, and also the first six days of Creation. In his list of the parts of the Microprosophus,
MacGregor-Mathers includes Binah as the first and superior part of the Lesser Adam, thus
making his constitution septenary. If Microprosophus be considered as sexpartite, then his
globes (Sephiroth) are analogous to the six days of Creation, and the tenth globe, Malkuth, to
the Sabbath of rest.

(5) The Bride of Microprosophus is Malkuth--the epitome of the Sephiroth, its quaternary
constitution being composed of blendings of the four elements. This is the divine Eve that is
taken out

A Short History of Qabalah/Kabbalah

The Kabbalah in Jewish Mystical Tradition
The word "Kabbalah" is derived from the Hebrew root "to receive, to accept", and in many cases
is used synonymously with "tradition". According to one Jewish tradition, the Torah (Torah -
"Law" - the first five books of the Old Testament) was created prior to the world and (Chokmah /
Sophia) advised El on such weighty matters as the creation of humankind. When Moses
received the written law from El, tradition has it that he also received the oral law, which was not
written down, but passed from generation to generation. At times the oral law has been referred
to as "Kabbalah" - the oral tradition.
On the basis of a detailed examination of texts, and a study of the development of a specialist
vocabulary and a distinct body of ideas, It has concluded that the origins of Kabbalah can be
traced back long before BC but, Most of what we know from most outer circles comes from the
12th. century Provence. The origin of the word "Kabbalah" as a label for a tradition which is
definitely recognisable as Kabbalah is attributed to Isaac the Blind (c. 1160-1236 C.E.), who is
also credited with being the originator of the idea of sephirothic emanation in later times.

Historical Hermetic Qabalah

About the 16th century, Western European scholars began taking interest in the Jewish
Kabbalah. In this century we first see documents referring to Hermes Trismegistus, the "father"
of Hermetic Magic.
At the time it was believed that the Corpus really was the religion of the ancient Egyptians, and
that Hermes was a kind of Egyptian Moses. The fact that they were written much later, and
heavily influenced by Neoplatonism, had the effect of convincing readers at that time that Greek
philosophy was founded on much older, Egyptian religious philosophy - this had a huge
influence on liberal religious and philosophical thinking at the time and it was seized upon as
another lost tradition, the inner, initiated the keys to the Bible. The oldest traditions forgotten in
the outer orders.. Held dear to the inner orders.. Knowledge and tradition passed down from the
Magi, Hight Priest and Priest that controlled the tabernacles.

Two things stand out in the. “The Kabbalistic Works”, First the oldest Hermetic traditions..
Utilizing and cataloging philosophical and mystical knowledge from around the known world
then the Kabbalah among the rabi, intellectuals, philosophers and practitioners, finding a way to
build seamless and cohesive way to build a powerful system. It became known as the “Great

What combines the potencies of the entire Qabbalistic Tree

According to the mysteries of the Sephiroth, the order of the Creation, or the Divine Lightning
Flash which zigzags through the four worlds according to the order of the divine emanations, is
thus described: From AIN SOPH, the Nothing and All, the Eternal and Unconditioned Potency,
issues Macroprosophus, the Long Face, of whom it is written, "Within the skull exist daily
thirteen thousand myriads of worlds which draw their existence from the gods and are upheld."
(The Greater Holy Assembly.) Macroprosophus, the directionalized will of AIN SOPH,
corresponding to Kether, the Crown of the Sephiroth, gives birth of the gods to the nine lesser
spheres of which He is the sum and the overbrooding cause. The 22 letters of the Hebrew
alphabet, by the various combinations of which the laws of the universe are established,
constitute the scepter of Macroprosophus which He wields from there flaming throne in the
Atziluthic World.

From this eternal and ancient androgyne--Kether--come forth Chochmah, the great Father, and
Binah, the great Mother. These two are usually referred to as Abba and Aima respectively--the
first male and the first female, the prototypes of sex. These correspond to the first two letters of
the sacred name, Jehovah, ‫יהוה‬, IHVH. The Father is the ‫י‬, or I, and the Mother is the ‫ה‬, or H.
Abba and Aima symbolize the creative activities of the universe, and are established in the
creative world of Briah. In the Sepher ha Zohar it is written, "And therefore are all things
established in the equality of male and female; for were it not so, how could they subsist? This
beginning is the Father of all things; the Father of all Fathers; and both are mutually bound
together, and the one path shineth into the other--Chochmah, Wisdom, as the Mother of
Mothers to others Binah, Understanding, as the Mother."

Beyond the aspects of the Supernal Triad.. In later traditions there is a difference of opinion
concerning certain of the relationships of the parts of the first triad. Some Qabbalists, including
Ibn Gebirol, consider Kether as the Father, Binah as the Mother, and Chochmah as the Son. In
this later arrangement, Wisdom, which is the attribute of the Son, becomes the creator of the
lower spheres. The symbol of Binah is the dove, a proper emblem for the brooding maternal
instinct of the Universal Mother.

Because of the close similarity of their creative triad to the Christian Trinity, the later Qabbalists
rearranged the first three Sephiroth and added a mysterious point called Daath--a hypothetical
eleventh Sephira. This is located where the horizontal line connecting Chochmah and Binah
crosses the vertical line joining Kether and Tiphereth. While Daath is not mentioned by the first
Qabbalists, But an unnamed view of it was always there.. it is a highly important element and its
addition to the Sephirothic Tree was not made without full realization of the significance of such
action. If Chochmah be considered the active, intelligent energy of Kether, and Binah the
receptive capacity of Kether, then Daath becomes the thought which, created by Chochmah,
flows into Binah. The postulation of Daath clarifies the problem of the Creative Trinity, for here it
is diagrammatically represented as consisting of Chochmah (the Father), Binah (the Mother),
and Daath, the Word by which the worlds were established. Isaac Myer discounts the
importance of Daath, declaring it a subterfuge to conceal the fact that Kether, and not
Chochmah; is the true Father of the Creative Triad. He makes no attempt to give a satisfactory
explanation for the symbolism of this hypothetical Sephira.

According to the original conception, from the union of the Divine Father and the Divine Mother
is produced Microprosophus--the Short Face or the Lesser Countenance, which is established
in the Yetziratic World of formation and corresponds to the letter ‫ו‬, or V, in the Great Name. The
six powers of Microprosophus flow from and are contained in their own source, which is Binah,
the Mother of the Lesser Adam. These constitute the spheres of the sacred planets; their name
is Elohim, and they move upon the face of the deep. The tenth Sephira--Malkuth, the
Kingdom--is described as the Bride of the Lesser Adam, created back to back, and to it is
assigned the final, ‫ה‬, or H, the last letter of the Sacred Name. The dwelling place of Malkuth is
in the fourth world--Assiah--and it is composed of all the superior powers reflected into the
elements of the terrestrial sphere. Thus it will be seen that the Qabbalistic Tree extends through
four worlds, with its branches in matter and its roots in the Ancient of

Three vertical columns support the universal system as typified by the Sephirothic Tree. The
central pillar has its foundation in Kether, the Eternal One. It passes downward through the
hypothetical Sephira, Daath, and then through Tiphereth and Yesod, with its lower end resting
upon the firm foundation of Malkuth, the last of the globes. The true import of the central pillar is
equilibrium. It demonstrates how the Deity always manifests by emanating poles of expression
from the midst of Itself but remaining free from the illusion of polarity. If the numbers of the four
Sephiroth connected by this column be added together (1 +6 +9 + 10), the sum is 26, the
number of Jehovah. (Pythagorean Mathematics.)

The column on the right, which is called Jachin, has its foundation on Chochmah, the outpouring
Wisdom of the Gods; the three globes suspended from it are all masculine potencies. The
column at the left is called Boaz. The three globes upon it are feminine and receptive potencies,
for it is founded in Understanding, a receptive and maternal potency. Wisdom, it will be noted, is
considered as radiant or outpouring, and Understanding as receptive, or something which is
filled by the flowing of Wisdom. The three pillars are ultimately united in Malkuth, in which all the
powers of the superior worlds are manifested.

The four globes upon the central column reveal the function of the creative power in the various
worlds. In the first world the creative power is Will--the one Divine Cause; in the second world,
Daath--the Word coming forth from the Divine Thought; in the third world, Tiphereth--the Sun, or
focal point between the Gods and Nature; in the fourth world it is twofold, being the positive and
negative poles of the reproductive system, of which Jesod is the male and Malkuth the female.

In Kircher's Sephirothic Tree it should be especially noted that the ornaments of the Tabernacle
appear in the various parts of the diagram. These indicate a direct relationship between the
sacred House of the Gods and the universe--a relationship which must always be considered as
existing between the Deity’s through whose activity the world is produced and the world itself,
which must be the house or vehicle of those Deity’s. Could the modern scientific world but
sense the true profundity of these philosophical deductions of the ancients, it would realize that
those who fabricated the structure of the Qabalah possessed a knowledge of the celestial plan
comparable in every respect with that of the modern savant.

The Tetragrammaton, or the four-lettered Name of God, written thus ‫יהוה‬, is pronounce
Jehovah. The first letter is ‫י‬, Yod, the Germ, the Life, the Flame, the Cause, the One, and the
most fundamental of the Jewish phallic emblems. Its numerical value is 10, and it is to be
considered as the 1 containing the 10. In the Qabalah it is declared that the a Yod is in reality
three Yods, of which the first is the beginning, the second is the center, and the third is the end.
Its throne is the Sephira Chochmah (according to Ibn Gebirol, Kether), from which it goes forth
to impregnate Binah, which is the first ‫ה‬, He. The result of this union is Tiphereth, which is the ‫ו‬
Vau, whose power is 6 and which symbolizes the six members of the Lesser Adam. The final ‫ה‬,
He, is Malkuth, the Inferior Mother, partaking in part of the potencies of the Divine Mother, the
first He. By placing the four letters of the Tetragrammaton in a vertical column, a figure closely
resembling the human body is produced, with Yod for the head, the first He for the arms and
shoulders, Vau for the trunk of the body, and the final He for the hips and legs. If the Hebrew
letters be exchanged for their English equivalents, the form is not materially changed or the
analogy altered. It is also extremely significant that by inserting the letter ‫ש‬, Shin, in the middle
of the name Jehovah, the word Jehoshua, or Jesus, is formed

The Kybalion
In ancient Egypt dwelt the great Adepts and Masters who have never been surpassed, and who
seldom have been equaled, during the centuries that have taken their processional flight since
the days of the Great Hermes. In Egypt was located the Great Lodge of Lodges of the Mystics.
At the doors of her Temples entered the Neophytes who afterward, as Hierophants, Adepts, and
Masters, traveled to the four corners of the earth, carrying with them the precious knowledge
which they were ready, anxious, and willing to pass on to those who were ready to receive the
same. All students of the Occult recognize the debt that they owe to these venerable Masters of
that ancient land.

Where fall the footsteps of the Master, the ears of those

ready for his Teaching open wide. - The Kybalion.

But among these great Masters of Ancient Egypt there once dwelt one of whom Masters hailed
as "The Master of Masters." This man, if "man" indeed he was, dwelt in Egypt in the earliest
days. He was known as Hermes Trismegistus. He was the father of the Occult Wisdom; the
founder of Astrology; the discoverer of Alchemy. The details of his life story are lost to history,
owing to the lapse of the years, though several of the ancient countries disputed with each other
in their claims to the honor of having furnished his birthplace--and this thousands of years ago.
The date of his sojourn in Egypt, in that his last incarnation on this planet, is not now known, but
it has been fixed at the early days of the oldest dynasties of Egypt--long before the days of
Moses. The best authorities regard him as a contemporary of Abraham, and some of the Jewish
traditions go so far as to claim that Abraham acquired a portion of his mystic knowledge from
Hermes himself.

When the ears of the student are ready to hear, then cometh
the lips to fill them with Wisdom. - The Kybalion.

In the early days, there was a compilation of certain Basic Hermetic Doctrines, passed on from
teacher to student, which was known as "The Kybalion," the exact significance and meaning of
the term having been lost for several centuries. This teaching, however, is known to many to
whom it has descended, from mouth to ear, on and on throughout the centuries. Its precepts
have never been written down, or printed, so far as we know. It was merely a collection of
maxims, axioms, and precepts, which were non-understandable to outsiders, but which were
readily understood by students, after the axioms, maxims, and precepts had been explained
and exemplified by the Hermetic Initiates to their Neophytes. These teachings really constituted
the basic principles of "The Art of Hermetic Alchemy," which, contrary to the general belief, dealt
in the mastery of Mental Forces, rather than Material Elements.. The Transmutation of one kind
of Mental Vibrations into others, instead of the changing of one kind of metal into another. The
legends of the "Philosopher's Stone" which would turn base metal into Gold, was an allegory
relating to Hermetic Philosophy, readily understood by all students of true Hermeticism.

The lips of wisdom are closed, except to the ears

of Understanding - The Kybalion.

Kabbalah vs Qabalah
The Qabalah is the Long running tradition of ancient teachings that formed a way of life for so
many the teaching of Understanding and Illumination
The Kabbalah is a hermetic teachings of equally old tradition together they form a powerful
system of knowledge, philosophy and theurgy. A seasoned practitioner will receive Illumination
ao the ancients.

Kybalion and The Seven Hermetic Principles

In the pursuit of understanding and creating a solid and comprehensive understanding of the
ancients view of the universe and self, it is helpful to address an ancient set of seven extremely
important and timeless 'laws' or 'functions' of the universe. Of which have been elegantly
outlined in the Kybalion, a famous hermetic text.
The following laws are universally present within our universe.

The Lips of Wisdom are sealed except to the ears of understanding.

The Seven Hermetic Principles

The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magick
Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Temple fly open. - The Kybalion.

The Seven Hermetic Principles, upon which the entire Hermetic Philosophy is based, are as

1. The Principle of Mentalism.

2. The Principle of Correspondence.
3. The Principle of Vibration.
4. The Principle of Polarity.
5. The Principle of Rhythm.
6. The Principle of Cause and Effect.
7. The Principle of Gender.

These Seven Principles will be discussed and explained as we proceed with these lessons. A
short explanation of each, however, may as well be given at this point.

1. The Principle of Mentalism

The All is Mind; The Universe is Mental. - The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the truth that "All is Mind." It explains that THE ALL (which is the
Substantial Reality underlying all the outward manifestations and appearances which we know
under the terms of "The Material Universe"; the "Phenomena of Life"; "Matter"; "Energy"; and, in
short, all that is apparent to our material senses) is Spirit which in itself is Unknowable and
Undefinable, but which may be considered and thought of as an Universal, Infinite, Living Mind.
It also explains that all the phenomenal world or universe is simply a Mental Creation of the all,
subject to the Laws of Created Things, and that the universe, as a whole, and in its parts or
units, has its existence in the Mind of the all, in which Mind we "live and move and have our
being." This Principle, by establishing the Mental Nature of the Universe, easily explains all of
the varied mental and psychic phenomena that occupy such a large portion of the public
attention, and which, without such explanation, are non-understandable and defy scientific
treatment. An understanding of this great Hermetic Principle of Mentalism enables the individual
to readily grasp the laws of the Mental Universe, and to apply the same to his well-being and
advancement. The Hermetic Student is enabled to apply intelligently the great Mental Laws,
instead of using them in a haphazard manner. With the Master-Key in his possession, the
student may unlock the many doors of the mental and psychic temple of knowledge, and enter
the same freely and intelligently. This Principle explains the true nature of "Energy," "Power,"
and "Matter," and why and how all these are subordinate to the Mastery of Mind. One of the old
Hermetic Masters wrote, long ages ago: "He who grasps the truth of the Mental Nature of the
Universe is well advanced on The Path to Mastery." And these words are as true today as at the
time they were first written. Without this Master-Key, Mastery is impossible, and the student
knocks in vain at the many doors of The Temple.

2. The Principle of Correspondence

As above, so below; as below, so above. - The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the truth that there is always a Correspondence between the laws and
phenomena of the various planes of Being and Life. The old Hermetic axiom ran in these words:
"As above, so below; as below, so above." And the grasping of this Principle gives one the
means of solving many a dark paradox, and hidden secret of Nature. There are planes beyond
our knowing, but when we apply the Principle of Correspondence to them we are able to
understand much that would otherwise be unknowable to us. This Principle is of universal
application and manifestation, on the various planes of the material, mental, and spiritual
universe--it is an Universal Law. The ancient Hermetists considered this Principle as one of the
most important mental instruments by which man was able to pry aside the obstacles which hid
from view the Unknown. Its use even tore aside the Veil of Isis to the extent that a glimpse of
the face of the goddess might be caught. Just as a knowledge of the Principles of Geometry
enables man to measure distant suns and their movements, while seated in his observatory, so
a knowledge of the Principle of Correspondence enables Man to reason intelligently from the
Known to the Unknown. Studying the monad, he understands the archangel.

3. The Principle of Vibration

Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates. - The


This Principle embodies the truth that "everything is in motion"; "everything vibrates"; "nothing is
at rest"; facts which Modern Science endorses, and which each new scientific discovery tends
to verify. And yet this Hermetic Principle was enunciated thousands of years ago, by the
Masters of Ancient Egypt. This Principle explains that the differences between different
manifestations of Matter, Energy, Mind, and even Spirit, result largely from varying rates of
Vibration. From the all, which is Pure Spirit, down to the grossest form of Matter, all is in
vibration--the higher the vibration, the higher the position in the scale. The vibration of Spirit is at
such an infinite rate of intensity and rapidity that it is practically at rest--just as a rapidly moving
wheel seems to be motionless. And at the other end of the scale, there are gross forms of
matter whose vibrations are so low as to seem at rest. Between these poles, there are millions
upon millions of varying degrees of vibration. From corpuscle and electron, atom and molecule,
to worlds and universes, everything is in vibratory motion. This is also true on the planes of
energy and force (which are but varying degrees of vibration); and also on the mental planes
(whose states depend upon vibrations); and even on to the spiritual planes. An understanding of
this Principle, with the appropriate formulas, enables Hermetic students to control their own
mental vibrations as well as those of others. The Masters also apply this Principle to the
conquering of Natural phenomena, in various ways. "He who understands the Principle of
Vibration, has grasped the scepter of power," says one of the old writers.

4. The Principle of Polarity

Everything is Dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are
the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are
but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.
- The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the truth that "everything is dual"; "everything has two poles";
"everything has its pair of opposites," all of which were old Hermetic axioms. It explains the old
paradoxes, that have perplexed so many, which have been stated as follows: "Thesis and
antithesis are identical in nature, but different in degree"; "opposites are the same, differing only
in degree"; "the pairs of opposites may be reconciled"; "extremes meet"; "everything is and isn't,
at the same time"; "all truths are but half-truths"; "every truth is half-false"; "there are two sides
to everything," etc., etc., etc. It explains that in everything there are two poles, or opposite
aspects, and that "opposites" are really only the two extremes of the same thing, with many
varying degrees between them. To illustrate: Heat and Cold, although "opposites," are really the
same thing, the differences consisting merely of degrees of the same thing. Look at your
thermometer and see if you can discover where "heat" terminates and "cold" begins! There is no
such thing as "absolute heat" or "absolute cold"--the two terms "heat" and "cold" simply indicate
varying degrees of the same thing, and that "same thing" which manifests as "heat" and "cold" is
merely a form, variety, and rate of Vibration. So "heat" and "cold" are simply the "two poles" of
that which we call "Heat"--and the phenomena attendant thereupon are manifestations of the
Principle of Polarity. The same Principle manifests in the case of "Light and Darkness," which
are the same thing, the difference consisting of varying degrees between the two poles of the
phenomena. Where does "darkness" leave off, and "light" begin? What is the difference
between "Large and Small"? Between "Hard and Soft"? Between "Black and White"? Between
"Sharp and Dull"? Between "Noise and Quiet"? Between "High and Low"? Between "Positive
and Negative"? The Principle of Polarity explains these paradoxes, and no other Principle can
supersede it. The same Principle operates on the Mental Plane. Let us take a radical and
extreme example--that of "Love and Hate," two mental states apparently totally different. And
yet there are degrees of Hate and degrees of Love, and a middle point in which we use the
terms "Like or Dislike," which shade into each other so gradually that sometimes we are at a
loss to know whether we "like" or "dislike" or "neither." And all are simply degrees of the same
thing, as you will see if you will but think a moment. And, more than this (and considered of
more importance by the Hermetists), it is possible to change the vibrations of Hate to the
vibrations of Love, in one's own mind, and in the minds of others. Many of you, who read these
lines, have had personal experiences of the involuntary rapid transition from Love to Hate, and
the reverse, in your own case and that of others. And you will therefore realize the possibility of
this being accomplished by the use of the Will, by means of the Hermetic formulas. "Good and
Evil" are but the poles of the same thing, and the Hermetist understands the art of transmuting
Evil into Good, by means of an application of the Principle of Polarity. In short, the "Art of
Polarization" becomes a phase of "Mental Alchemy" known and practiced by the ancient and
modern Hermetic Masters. An understanding of the Principle will enable one to change his own
Polarity, as well as that of others, if he will devote the time and study necessary to master the

5. The Principle of Rhythm

Everything flows, out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum-swing
manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the
left; rhythm compensates.
- The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the truth that in everything there is manifested a measured motion, to
and fro; a flow and inflow; a swing backward and forward; a pendulum-like movement; a tide-like
ebb and flow; a high-tide and low-tide; between the two poles which exist in accordance with the
Principle of Polarity described a moment ago. There is always an action and a reaction; an
advance and a retreat; a rising and a sinking. This is in the affairs of the Universe, suns, worlds,
men, animals, mind, energy, and matter. This law is manifest in the creation and destruction of
worlds; in the rise and fall of nations; in the life of all things; and finally in the mental states of
Man (and it is with this latter that the Hermetists find the understanding of the Principle most
important). The Hermetists have grasped this Principle, finding its universal application, and
have also discovered certain means to overcome its effects in themselves by the use of the
appropriate formulas and methods. They apply the Mental Law of Neutralization. They cannot
annul the Principle, or cause it to cease its operation, but they have learned how to escape its
effects upon themselves to a certain degree depending upon the Mastery of the Principle. They
have learned how to use it, instead of being used by it. In this and similar methods, consist the
Art of the Hermetists. The Master of Hermetics polarized himself at the point at which he desires
to rest, and then neutralizes the Rhythmic swing of the pendulum which would tend to carry him
to the other pole. All individuals who have attained any degree of Self-Mastery do this to a
certain degree, more or less unconsciously, but the Master does this consciously, and by the
use of his Will, and attains a degree of Poise and Mental Firmness almost impossible of belief
on the part of the masses who are swung backward and forward like a pendulum. This Principle
and that of Polarity have been closely studied by the Hermetists, and the methods of
counteracting, neutralizing, and using them form an important part of the Hermetic Mental

6. The Principle of Cause and Effect

Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law;
Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing
escapes the Law. - The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the fact that there is a Cause for every Effect; an Effect from every
Cause. It explains that: "Everything Happens according to Law"; that nothing ever "merely
happens"; that there is no such thing as Chance; that while there are various planes of Cause
and Effect, the higher dominating the lower planes, still nothing ever entirely escapes the Law.
The Hermetists understand the art and methods of rising above the ordinary plane of Cause and
Effect, to a certain degree, and by mentally rising to a higher plane they become Causers
instead of Effects. The masses of people are carried along, obedient to environment; the wills
and desires of others stronger than themselves; heredity; suggestion; and other outward causes
moving them about like pawns on the Chessboard of Life. But the Masters, rising to the plane
above, dominate their moods, characters, qualities, and powers, as well as the environment
surrounding them, and become Movers instead of pawns. They help to play the game of life,
instead of being played and moved about by other wills and environment. They use the Principle
instead of being its tools. The Masters obey the Causation of the higher planes, but they help to
rule on their own plane. In this statement there is condensed a wealth of Hermetic
knowledge--let him read who can.

7. The Principle of Gender

Gender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender
manifests on all planes. - The Kybalion.

This Principle embodies the truth that there is gender manifested in everything--the Masculine
and Feminine Principles ever at work. This is true not only of the Physical Plane, but of the
Mental and even the Spiritual Planes. On the Physical Plane, the Principle manifests as sex, on
the higher planes it takes higher forms, but the Principle is ever the same. No creation, physical,
mental or spiritual, is possible without this Principle. An understanding of its laws will throw light
on many a subject that has perplexed the minds of men. The Principle of Gender works ever in
the direction of generation, regeneration, and creation. Everything, and every person, contains
the two Elements or Principles, or this great Principle, within it, him or her. Every Male thing has
the Female Element also; every Female contains also the Male Principle. If you would
understand the philosophy of Mental and Spiritual Creation, Generation, and Re-generation, you
must understand and study this Hermetic Principle. It contains the solution of many mysteries of
Life. We caution you that this Principle has no reference to the many base, pernicious and
degrading lustful theories, teachings and practices, which are taught under fanciful titles, and
which are a prostitution of the great natural principle of Gender. Such base revivals of the
ancient infamous forms of Phallicism tend to ruin mind, body and soul, and the Hermetic
Philosophy has ever sounded the warning note against these degraded teachings which tend
toward lust, licentiousness, and perversion of Nature's principles. If you seek such teachings,
you must go elsewhere for them, Hermeticism contains nothing for you along these lines. To the
pure, all things are pure; to the base, all things are base.

Transcendental Astrology
Is based on philosophies which the soul is a cosmic multi-dimensional entity, who incarnates in
order to learn and evolve. The soul itself does not feel pain and does not have emotions.
Entering the Earth plane, which is a three dimensional reality, the soul wants to gain
experiences. The physical body, which is equipped with nerve endings, is the best tool for that
because it is capable of transferring both pain and pleasure. The soul plans the details of the
next incarnation in the in-between-life stage after evaluating the previous one. Unpleasant,
difficult, even painful lessons become part of the human experience because they provide the
necessary steps for evolution. Transcendental astrology can show the cosmic blueprint of the
incarnating soul: its chosen life task, it is brought-in skills, and its options unfolding in time. The
natal chart (born from karmic astrology) is the reflection of the incarnating soul, and represents
both what was learned in past lives and what has been planned in the in-between life stage. It
contains relevant information on previous incarnations, personal traits and capabilities, fears
and phobias, and future potentials.

Transcendental Premises
Traditional astrology is a seamless, elegant, streamlined structure of 12 signs and 7 visible

The soul is a multidimensional entity; it may incarnate into the third dimension (the Earth plane),
or it can choose to go to higher dimensions. Strong fixed star conjunctions to personal planets
or the angles indicate such incarnations.

Relation to Time is cyclical

The incarnating soul is eternal; it comes for indefinite number of incarnations. The natal chart
indicates the issues of the main cycle; it also shows the lessons of previous lifetimes and the
tasks for this life.

The 13th Sign

Something else is unfolding in the sky before our very eyes. The Sun’s path is opening up in the
new millennium, and a 13th constellation, the Serpent Holder, is manifesting between Scorpio
and Sagittarius as a Zodiacal sign. If we intend to stick to the origins of astrology, which allotted
the astrological constellations according to the Sun’s path, sooner or later we have to
acknowledge the task of taking this sign into consideration as well. The Old Tale goes like this,
The 12 golden plates (referring to the Sun disk, which changes twelve times according to solar
months). But there are 13 wise old women (who represent the ancient lunar months), so some
men leave out the 13th and invites only 12 of them. What happens in the tale; there are dire
consequences of angering the Crone. Is she perhaps coming back to us in the sign of the
Serpent Holder. Will we be presented with a fourth sign denoting personal karmic issues (the
Serpent Holder falls between Scorpio and Sagittarius) A return of an ancient way seen all over
the world (The Serpent Holder) Is found and used by many cultures over a vast amount of time.
From a time of the Goddess before a shift into the patriarchal do the post christianization ara.
this declares an age of the return of the Esoteric and of the Goddess.

The Hermetic tradition

Is a set of philosophical and religious beliefs based primarily upon the writings attributed to
Hermes Trismegistus, who is put forth as a wise sage and Egyptian High priest (Third order of
magi), and the Egyptian god Thoth. The Hermetic tradition commonly attributes forty two books
to his credit. However, most of these books are reported to have been destroyed when the
Great Library of Alexandria.

The Hermetic tradition arose out of the confluence of Egyptian and Greek cultures in Alexandria
in Ptolemaic Egypt. The earliest roots of the Hermetic tradition are found in the astronomical,
spiritual traditions of Sumeria, then in Chaldea and Egypt before reaching Europe with the
Greek and Roman empires. In Greece, this early wisdom found its way into the Pythagorean
tradition and filtered into the Orphic, Delphic, and Eleusinian mysteries. In Rome, it arrived from
Egypt with the Hermetic and Gnostic traditions, then spread through the Mithraic and the Isiac
mysteries, later giving rise to Neo-Platonism.

The Hermetic tradition, being opposed by the Church, became a part of the occult underworld,
intermingling with other occult movements and practices. The infusion of Hermeticism into
occultism has given it great influence in Western magical traditions. Hermeticism and spiritual
practices were found very useful in magical work, especially in Theurgic (divine) practices as
opposed to Goëtic (profane) practices, due to the religious context from which Hermeticism
sprang forth. Using the teachings and imagery of the Jewish Qabalah / Kabbalah. Hermetic
Theurgy was used effectively and in a context more easily understood by Europeans in the
Middle Ages and Renaissance. Hermetic magic underwent a flowering in Western Europe,
when the templars split into several factions to preserve (The word) history and knowledge of
old. One of the factions is the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, born of masonic influences.

Primary Hermetic Works

There are three major works which are widely known texts for Hermetic beliefs:
The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus is a short work which coins the well known term in
occult circles "As above, so below." As the story is told, this tablet was found by Alexander the
Great at Hebron in the tomb of Hermes. The actual text of that maxim is "That which is Below
corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is
Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing." The tablet also references the three parts
of the wisdom of the whole universe, to which Hermes claims his knowledge of these three parts
is why he received the name Trismegistus (thrice great) meaning "greatest".

The Corpus Hermeticum is the body of work most widely known Hermetic text. It is composed of
sixteen books that are set up as dialogues between Hermes and a series of others. The first
book involves a discussion between Poimandres (also known as Nous and God) and Hermes,
supposedly resulting from a meditative state, and is the first time that Hermes is in contact with
God. Poimandres teaches the secrets of the Universe to Hermes, and later books are generally
of Hermes teaching others such as Asclepius and his son Tat. The four classical elements of
earth, water, air, and fire are used often in alchemy, and are alluded to several times in the
Corpus Hermeticum.

The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy, is a book published in 1912 CE anonymously by three

people calling themselves the "Three Initiates". Many of the Hermetic principles are explained in
the book.

Hermetic World View

In the Hermetic belief system, all is in the mind of The All. Hermeticism acknowledges that there
exist many gods, but that these deities, along with all other beings, exist within, and are created
by, The ALL. As expressed in the Kybalion: "We have given you the Hermetic Teaching in
regarding the Mental Nature of the Universe - the truth that 'the Universe is Mental - held in the
Mind of The All.' Everybody and Everything in the universe is part of this entity. As everything is
mental, it is also a vibration. All vibrations vibrate from the densest of physical particles, through
mental states, to the highest spiritual vibrations. In Hermeticism, the only difference between
different states of physical matter, mentality, and spirituality is the frequency of their vibration.
The higher the vibration, the further it is from base matter. The goal of Hermetic practice is to
transmute the base matter of the physical body into ever more refined and pure forms of energy
and consciousness.

Hermetic Spiritual Practice

One account of how Hermes Trismegistus received the name "Trismegistus," meaning "Thrice
Great," is because, in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, he knows the three parts of
the wisdom of the whole universe. These are the Hermetic triad (Trivium Hermeticum) of
spiritual practices: alchemy, astrology, and theurgy, by means of which spiritual attainment is
accomplished in the Hermetic Tradition.

Alchemy - The Operation of the Sun - For Hermeticism, Alchemy is not simply the changing of
physical lead into physical gold. Hermetic initiates derided those ‘alchemists’ trying to
manufacture gold as mere ‘puffers,’ unable to understand the subtle allegories of Hermetic
alchemical texts. Behind allegorical stages of chemical distillation and fermentation in order to
quicken Nature's processes and to bring a natural body to perfection., lies the alchemical art of
transmutation (Ars Transmutoria). In this “Great Work” (Opus Magnum) of Hermetic alchemy,
the first matter (Prima Materia), which is the physical body (symbolized by lead = Saturn,
Cronus, ruled by time) is transmuted into higher ever more rarified forms of energy, creating a
‘body of light’ (symbolized by gold = Sun, a solar body), with the ultimate goal of achieving
conscious immortality (Divine Consciousness) in a single incarnation. This is accomplished by
means of a powerful elixir of life called the Philosopher's Stone, which, when ingested,
transmutes the physical body and purifies its vibration. The composition of the Philosopher’s
Stone remains one of the most carefully guarded secrets of the Hermetic tradition. Alchemical
texts clearly state, however, that the Philosophers Stone is created by purifying Mercury into
Philosophical Mercury. This Mercury, whose true nature remains concealed from non-initiates
by allegory, is transmuted and purified by “cooking” it with the subtle fires of the physical body,
including love and sexuality. The actual techniques of the royal art (Ars Royal) of alchemy
remain the most powerful and secret part of the Hermetic tradition and are carefully guarded in
the highest grades of Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Alchemy is seen as the "key" to
theurgy, the ultimate goal of which is to become united with higher counterparts, leading to
Divine Consciousness.

Theurgy (Magic) - The Operation of Moon - Theurgy translates to "The Science or art of Divine
Works." There are two different types of magic, according to Giovanni Pico della Mirandola's
Apology, completely opposite of one another. The first is Goëtia, black magic reliant upon an
alliance with evil spirits (i.e. demons). The second is Theurgy, divine magic reliant upon an
alliance with divine spirits (i.e. angels, archangels, gods). In the practice of Hermetic theurgy,
these are invoked in order to awaken elemental, planetary, and zodiacal forces in the physical
and energetic bodies. Theurgy is the practical aspect of the astrology. Ritual magic and all
modern magical traditions ultimately derive from Hermetic theurgy.

Astrology - The Operation of the Stars – the three disciplines of the Trivium Hermeticum;
alchemy, theurgy, and astrology are completely interdependent on one another. Hermetic
astrology is not a mere passive tool for fortune telling as astrology is understood in modern
times, but rather actively employs stellar influences for spiritual development using alchemy and
theurgy. Hermetic alchemy and theurgy are likewise dependent on astrological cycles. Thus
Hermetic theurgy can be understood as a sort of astrological magick.

Corpus Hermeticum
The fifteen tractates of the Corpus Hermeticum, along with the Asclepius (Perfect Sermon), are
the foundation documents of the Hermetic tradition. Written by Gnostic/Masonic authors in
Egypt sometime before the end of the third century C.E., they were part of a once substantial
literature attributed to Hermes Trismegistus, (Egyptian god Thoth.) in Hellenistic times a fusion
of the Greek god Hermes was added.
This literature came out of the same religious and philosophical ferment that produced
Neoplatonism, Christianity, and the diverse collection of teachings Gnosticism is born: a ferment
which had its roots in the impact of Platonic thought on the older traditions of the Hellenized
East. There are obvious connections and common themes linking each of these traditions,
although each had its own answer to the major questions of the time.

The treatises we now call the Corpus Hermeticum were collected into a single volume in
Byzantine times, and a copy of this volume survived to come into the hands of Lorenzo de
Medici's in the fifteenth century. Marsilio Ficino, the head of the Florentine Academy, was pulled
off the task of translating the dialogues of Plato in order to put the Corpus Hermeticum into Latin
first. His translation saw print in 1463, and was reprinted at least twenty-two times over the next
century and a half.

The treatises divide up into several groups. The first the Poemandres, is the account of a
revelation given to Hermes Trismegistus by the being Poemandres or Man-Shepherd, an
expression of the universal Mind. The next eight the General Sermons, are short dialogues or
lectures discussing various basic points of Hermetic philosophy. There follows the Key a
summary of the General Sermons, and after this a set of four tractates - Mind unto Hermes,
About the Common Mind, The Secret Sermon on the Mountain, and the Letter of Hermes to
Asclepius - touching on the more mystical aspects of Hermeticism. The collection is rounded off
by the Definitions of Asclepius unto King Ammon which may be composed of three fragments of
longer works.

The Perfect Sermon or Asclepius, which is also included here, reached the Renaissance by a
different route. It was translated into Latin in ancient times, reputedly by the same Lucius
Apuleius of Madaura whose comic-serious masterpiece The Golden Ass provides some of the
best surviving evidence on the worship of Isis in the Roman world. Augustine of Hippo quotes
from the old Latin translation at length in his City of God, and copies remained in circulation in
medieval Europe all the way up to the Renaissance. The original Greek version was lost,
although quotations survive in several ancient sources.

The Perfect Sermon is substantially longer than any other surviving work of ancient Hermetic
philosophy. It covers topics which also occur in the Corpus Hermeticum, but touches on several
other issues as well - among them theurgical processes for the speaking with the gods and a
long and gloomy prophecy of the decline of Hermetic wisdom and the end of the world.

The Significance of the Hermetic Writings

The Corpus Hermeticum landed like a well-aimed bomb amid the philosophical systems of late
medieval Europe. Quotations from the Hermetic literature in the Church Fathers (who were
never shy of leaning on pagan sources to prove a point) accepted a traditional chronology which
dated "Hermes Trismegistus," as a historical figure, to the time of Moses. As a result, the
Hermetic tractates' borrowings from Jewish scripture and Platonic philosophy were seen, in the
Renaissance, as evidence that the Corpus Hermeticum had anticipated and influenced both.
The Hermetic philosophy was seen as a primordial wisdom tradition, identified with the "Wisdom
of the Egyptians" mentioned in Exodus and lauded in Platonic dialogues such as the Timaeus.
It also provided one of the most important weapons to another major rebellion of the age - the
attempt to re-establish Theurgy as a socially acceptable spiritual path in the gnosis of the West.
Another body of literature attributed to Hermes Trismegistus was made up of astrological,
alchemical and magical texts. If, as the scholars of the Renaissance believed, Hermes was a
historical person who had written all these things, and if Church Fathers had quoted his
philosophical works with approval, and if those same works could be shown to be wholly in
keeping with some definitions of Christianity, then the whole structure of magical Hermeticism
could be given a second-hand legitimacy in a Christian context.

This didn't work, of course; the radical redefinition of Western Gnosis that took place in the
Reformation and Counter-Reformation hardened doctrinal barriers to the point that people were
being burned in the sixteenth century for practices that were considered evidences of
devoutness in the fourteenth. The attempt, though, made the language and concepts of the
Hermetic tractates central to much of post-medieval theurgy in the West.

Pe-Judaic History

In the Mesopotamian religion, the Tree of Life was depicted in growth and knowledge of both
gods and man and in some literature was noted as The Tree of the Code of Life. It was
sometimes associated with the goddesses of fertility and guarded by a serpent. In other
traditions it is sometimes associated with the "World Tree" that forms a bridge between the
spiritual and physical worlds.

Implied in virtually all traditions regarding the Tree of Life is the idea that human beings desire to
reconnect to the nature of divinity and attain eternal life by consuming the life-giving fruit of the
Tree, or embodying the symbolic qualities of the Tree itself.

Post-Judaic History
The Renaissance saw the birth of Christian Cabbala. Interest grew among some Christian
scholars in what they saw to be the mystical aspects of Judaic Kabbalah, which were
compatible with Christian theology. Although somewhat obscure, the tradition of Christian /
Catholic Cabbala/Cabala still persists today.
The Neoplatonic movement was influenced by the desire to interpret aspects of Christianity far
more mystically than current Christian Mystics.
Greek Neoplatonism had been prevalent all over Christian Europe.

Messianic Cabbala - the Christian Cabala "reinterpreted Kabbalistic doctrine to a distinctly

Christian perspective, linking Jesus Christ, His atonement, and His resurrection to the Ten
Sephiroth, linking the upper three Sephiroth associated with of the Trinity and the last seven to
the lower or earthly world. Kether being of the place of the Creator or the Spirit, Hokhmah the
Father, and Binah the supernal mother Mary", which "places Mary on a divine level with God,
something the orthodox churches have always refused to do this.
Sha'are Orah - human history divides into three periods: a natural period in which God revealed
Himself as Shaddai the period of the Torah in which God revealed Himself to Moses through the
four-lettered name of the Tetragrammaton, and the period of redemption. The five-letter name
associated with this period is the tetragrammaton with the additional letter shin This name,
Yeshua - YHShVH for Jesus, this is also known as the pentagrammaton.

God Forms that could be Associated with the Tree

The Sephiroth, Outer Vail and Godform

0 The Negative Veil

Egyptian (Selection) - Harpocrates, Amoun, Nuith Nuit and Hadit
Egyptian (Practical) - Heru-pa-Kraath
Hindu - AUM

1 Kether
Egyptian (Selection) - Ptah, Asar un Nefer, Hadith Heru-Ra-Ha
Egyptian (Practical) - Ptah
Hindu - Parabrahm (or any other whom one wishes to please) Shiva, Brahma
Scandinavian - Wotan
Greek - Zeus, Iacchus
Roman - Jupiter
Christian - God the 3 in 1

2 Chokmah
Egyptian (Selection) - Amoun, Thoth, Nuith
Egyptian (Practical) - Isis (as Wisdom)
Hindu - Shiva, Vishnu (as Buddha avatars), Akasa (as matter), Lingam
Scandinavian - Odin
Greek - Athena, Uranus, Hermes
Roman - Janus, Mercury
Christian - God the Father, God who guides Parliament

3 Binah
Egyptian (Selection) - Maut, Isis, Nephthys
Egyptian (Practical) - Nephthys
Hindu - Bhavani (all forms of Sakti), Prana (as Force), Yoni
Scandinavian - Frigga
Greek - Cybele, Demeter, Rhea, Heré, Psyche, Kronos
Roman - Juno, Cybele, Hecate
Christian - The Virgin Mary

4 Chesed
Egyptian (Selection) - Amoun, Isis, Hathoor
Egyptian (Practical) - Amoun
Hindu - Indra, Brahma
Scandinavian - Wotan
Greek - Poseidon, Zeus
Roman - Jupiter, Libitina
Christian - God the Rain-maker, God the Farmer’s Friend

5 Geburah
Egyptian (Selection) - Horus, Nephthys
Egyptian (Practical) - Horus
Hindu - Vishnu, Varruna-Avatar
Scandinavian - Thor
Greek - Ares, Hades
Roman - Mars
Christian - Christ coming to Judge the World

6 Tiphareth
Egyptian (Selection) - Asar, Ra, On, Hrumachis
Egyptian (Practical) - Ra
Hindu - Vishu-Hari-Krishna-Rama
Scandinavian - Balder
Greek - Iacchus, Apollo, Adonis, Dionysus, Bacchus
Roman - Apollo, Bacchus, Aurora
Christian - God the Son, Maker of fine Weather

7 Netzach
Egyptian (Selection) - Hathoor
Egyptian (Practical) - Hathoor
Hindu - Bhavani
Scandinavian - Freya
Greek - Aphrodite, Nike
Roman - Venus
Christian - Messiah, Lord of Hosts

8 Hod
Egyptian (Selection) - Anubis
Egyptian (Practical) - Thoth
Hindu - Hanuman
Scandinavian - Odin, Loki
Greek - Hermes
Roman - Mercury
Christian - God the Holy Ghost (as Comforter and Inspirer of Scripture), God the Healer of

9 Yesod
Egyptian (Selection) - Shu, Hermanubis, all exclusively phallic gods
Egyptian (Practical) - Shu
Hindu - Ganesha, Vishnu, Kurma Avatar
Greek - Zeus (as Air), Diana of Ephesus (as phallic stone & Luna), Ero
Roman - Diana (as Luna), Terminus, Jupiter
Christian - God the Holy Ghost (as Incubus)

10 Malkuth
Egyptian (Selection) - Seb, Lower (i.e. unwedded) Isis and Nephthys, Sphinx as synthesis of
Egyptian (Practical) - Osiris
Hindu - Lakshmi, Kundalini
Greek - Persephone, Adonis, Psyche
Roman - Ceres
Christian - Ecclesia Xsti, the Virgin Mary

The Paths and Godforms

11 Aleph
Egyptian (selection): - Nu, Hoor-pa-kraat as Atu 0, “The Fool”
Egyptian (practical): - Mout
Hindu: - The Maruts, Vayu
Scandinavian: - Valkyries
Greek: - Zeus
Roman: - Jupiter, Juno, [Aeolus]
Christian: - God the Holy Ghost (as Comforter and Inspirer of Scripture), God the Healer of

12 Beth
Egyptian (Selection) - Thoth, Cynocephalus
Egyptian (Practical) - Thoth
Hindu - Hanuman, Vishnu (as Parasa-Rama)
Greek - Hermes
Roman - Mercury, Juno, Æolus
Christian - Sardis

13 Gimel
Egyptian (Selection) - Chomse
Egyptian (Practical) - Chomse
Hindu - Chandra (as Luna)
Greek - Artemis, Hekate
Roman - Diana
Christian - Laodicea

14 Daleth
Egyptian (Selection) - Hathor
Egyptian (Practical) - Hathor
Hindu - Lalita (sexual aspect of Sakti)
Scandinavian - Freya
Greek - Aphrodite
Roman - Venus
Christian - Thyatira

15 Hé
Egyptian (Selection) - Mentu
Egyptian (Practical) - Isis
Hindu - Shiva
Greek - Athena
Roman - Mars, Minerva

16 Vau
Egyptian (Selection) - Asar, Ameshet, Apis
Egyptian (Practical) - Osiris
Hindu - Shiva (Sacred Bull)
Greek - Hera
Roman - Venus, Hymen

17 Zain
Egyptian (Selection) - Various twin Deities, Rekht, Merti, etc., Heru-Ra-Ha
Egyptian (Practical) - The twin Merti
Hindu - Various twin and hybrid Deities
Greek - Apollo the Diviner, Eros
Roman - Castor and Pollux, Janus

18 Cheth
Egyptian (Selection) - Khephra
Egyptian (Practical) - Har Makhu
Hindu - Krishna
Greek - Apollo the Charioteer
Roman - Mercury, Lares and Penates

19 Teth
Egyptian (Selection) - Ra-Hoor-Khuit, Pasht, Sekhet, Mau
Egyptian (Practical) - Horus
Hindu - Vishnu, Nara-Singh Avatar
Greek - Demeter [borne by lions]
Roman - Venus (repressing the Fire of Vulcan)

20 Yod
Egyptian (Selection) - Isis as Virgin
Egyptian (Practical) - Heru-pa-Kraath
Hindu - The Gopi Girls, the Lord of Yoga
Greek - Attis
Roman - Ceres, Adonis, Vesta, Flora

21 Kaph
Egyptian (Selection) - Amoun-Ra
Egyptian (Practical) - Amoun-Ra
Hindu - Brahma, Indra
Greek - Zeus
Roman - Jupiter, Pluto
Christian - Philadelphia

22 Lamed
Egyptian (Selection) - Ma
Egyptian (Practical) - Maat
Hindu - Yama
Greek - Themis, Minos, Aeacus and Rhadamanthus
Roman - Vulcan, Venus, [Nemesis]

23 Mem
Egyptian (Selection) - Tum, Ptah, Auramoth (as Water), Asar (as Hanged Man), Hekar, Isis,
Egyptian (Practical)—
Hindu - Soma, Apas
Greek - Poseidon
Roman - Neptune, Rhea
Christian - John, Jesus as Hanged Man

24 Nun
Egyptian (Selection) - Merti goddesses, Typhon, Apep, Khephra
Egyptian (Practical) - Hammemit
Hindu - Kundalini, Yama
Greek - Ares, Apollo the Pythian, Thanatos
Roman - Mars, Mors

25 Samekh
Egyptian (Selection) - Nephthys
Egyptian (Practical)—
Hindu - Vishnu (Horse-Avatar)
Greek - Apollo, Artemis (hunters)
Roman - Diana (as Archer), Iris

26 Ayin
Egyptian (Selection) - Khem, Set
Egyptian (Practical) - Set
Hindu - Lingam, Yoni
Greek - Pan, Priapus, Erect Hermes
Roman - Vesta, Bacchus
27 Pé
Egyptian (Selection) - Horus
Egyptian (Practical) - Mentu
Hindu - Krishna
Scandinavian - Tuisco
Greek - Ares, Athena
Roman - Mars
Christian - Pergamos

28 Tzaddi
Egyptian (Selection) - Ahepi, Aroueris
Egyptian (Practical) - Nuit
Hindu - The Maruts
Greek - Athena, Ganymede
Roman - Juno, Æolus

29 Qoph
Egyptian (Selection) - Khephra (as Scarab in Tarot Trump)
Egyptian (Practical) - Anubi
Hindu - Vishnu (Matsya Avatar)
Greek - Poseidon, Hermes (as Psychopomp)

30 Resh
Egyptian (Selection) - Ra (and many others)
Egyptian (Practical) - Ra
Hindu - Agni, Tejas, Yama (as God of Last Judgement)
Scandinavian - Freyr
Greek - Helios
Roman - Apollo, Ops
Christian - Smyrna

31 Shin
Egyptian (Selection) - Thoum-Aesh-Neith, Mau, Kabeshunt, Horus, Tarpesheth
Egyptian (Practical) - Mau
Hindu - Surya (as Sol)
Greek - Hades
Roman - Vulcan, Pluto
Christian - Mark

32 Tau
Egyptian (Selection) - Sebek, Mako
Egyptian (Practical)—
Hindu - Brahma
Greek - Athena
Roman - Saturn, Terminus, Astræa
Christian - Ephesus

Egyptian (Selection) - Satem, Ahapshi, Nephthys, Ameshet
Egyptian (Practical)—
Hindu - Prithivi
Greek - Demeter, Gaia
Roman - Ceres
Christian - Luke

Egyptian (Selection) - Asar
Egyptian (Practical)—
Hindu - Akasa
Greek - Iacchus
Roman - Liber, Bacchus
Christian - The Holy Ghost

Tree of Death
(‫)עץ המוות‬

Sitra Achra
‫סטרא אחרא‬

‫ זה הוא​ ​לשמש​ ​שייעשה‬.. ‫השתמש אקסטרים זהירות וטיפול עם המידע האפל הזה‬
.. ‫מלומד בדרכי הקבלה רק‬
‫ ספירות וארמונות‬.. ‫ מנהרות‬.. ‫מידע על הקליפות‬

The Qliphoth the Primeval “Husks” of Impurity

The Qliphotic Tree of Death (Transformation in Shadow)

Orders of Qliphoth, Tunnels and their Kings, Queens and Princes and other Demonic Majesty's

Astral Realm also known as the Sub Lunar Realm

Are the Demons Astral Shells or Lunar Shells
Draconian Tradition..
The War Between Demons and Angels
Sephiroth and Qliphothic Orders
Tunnels, Zodiac and Qliphothic Orders
The Sephiroth and Ten Hells in Seven Palaces
Adverse Powers at the Feet of the Cherub
Infernal Habitations
The Sephiroth and Seven Hells of the Arabs and their Inhabitants
The Seven Divisions of Hell
The Infernal Houses of September
The Tunnels, Elements and Demon Kings
The Paths, Elements and Demon Queens
The Tunnels, Planets, Zodiac and the Goetic Demons of the Decans by Day
The Tunnels, Planets, Zodiac and the Goetic Demons of the Decans by Night
Qliphothic Orders
The Demonic Orders (Averse Sephiroth)
The Four Brides of Samael
Zodiac Guardians Of The Qliphoth
The Tunnels and Qlippothic Guardians
Four Great Dragons of Qlippoth Realm
Qliphoth Rivers
Keepers of the Matter over Spirit Pentagram
Ten Hells in 7 Palaces - The Gateway to the 7 Heads of the Dragon
The Sephiroth, 22 Dimensions, Tunnels of the Qlippoth World
The Five Accused Nations
The Five Accused Spirits of the Accused Nations
The Tunnels of Set, Zodiac and there Aspects
The Zodiac and the Guardians of the Qliphoth
The Demons and Guardians of the Qliphoth
The Demons and Aspects of the Tunnels of Set
The Tunnels of the Zodiac Demons of the Qliphoth
The 32 Tunnels of Set and the T.A.R.O.T.
The Sephiroth of the Qliphoth and there Aspects
The Twelve Princes of the Qliphoth and the Months of the Year
The Three Dark Forces Before Samael
The Seven Palaces
The Dark Chiefs of the Adverse Sephiroth

Astral Realm also known as the Sub Lunar Realm

Known as Astral Shells in some circles. The word Astral means Star, it suggests that the
Qliphoth are dead stars perhaps? But the Earth is under the Moon; we live in the Sub Lunar
Realm. It is said that, at one time, the Earth and the Moon were joined. The Moon split off and
we descended into denser material forms.

Therefore, are the demons Astral Shells or Lunar Shells​?

why someone would want to engage in the theurgical with the adverse tree? It requires a major
understanding of the theurgy.. of the Kabbala. The attraction of some people do like to work with
demons, chaos magick, qliphoth and tunnels of set... Just remember it also is a part of the
grand design.

Interestingly, the term Qliphoth, is derived from the Hebrew term qelippot, meaning “peels” or
“shells” The qliphoth in Kabbalah are thought of as the opposites to the sephiroth (singular
sephirah). The ten plus one sephiroth of the Tree of Life are thought to be ten divine
“enumerations” or “emanations” of the Gods into the universe. It is thought that the qliphoth are
the ten manifestations of darkness, into which divine light of the Heavens cannot reach. The
qliphoth are the personifications of Entities that are against the Light which is of purity,
cleansing, life and love.
A Hasidic view states that in the process of creation, ten sephiroth were created, each
encapsulated by a qliphoth. The ten sephiroth are thought to be ten divine “enumerations” or
“emanations” of Heavens into the universe. The first set of ten qliphoth proved too weak to hold
the emanating force, and the lower seven of them broke. They were replaced, but the broken
former set, animated by a residue of the creative power of God, remained and conflicts with
those aspects of the world corresponding to the lower seven sephiroth. Hasidic Judaism (from
the Hebrew: Chasidut - meaning piety, from the Hebrew root word chesed - meaning loving
kindness) is a Haredi Jewish religious movement. … The tree of life. … Throughout my research
on the Qliphoth, I began to discover that it is always said to pre-date the Judaic-Christian
Kabbalistic system.

The Qliphoth is the principles of the shadow and the antitheses that are hidden behind
everything. The side of light in the Qabalah represents mathematical/ geometrical principles
through which the Gods created the world / Physical Plane. The Qliphoth corresponds to
fractals and principles of chaos. The Qliphoth are the dividing and destructive forces. The
Qliphothic Qabalah uses the forces of destruction to free the adept from the limitations of
creation. Through these forces we can learn to create. In the Qabalah, Lucifer and the fallen
angels are those who first used the Qliphothic forces to free themselves from the Gods. The
principles of light are keeping the angels and the rest of creation in their firm, predetermined
circles. The dark forces break these circles and make a free will and an individual existence
outside what is good and light possible. The most common occultism usually warns against
these forces. Under the surface of the bright occultism the dark tradition has sometimes
appeared, often as a warning or as unspoken insinuations. There are three main levels of
knowledge, in which the first one is our mundane knowledge and the information that the
mundane science presents. Under this level we can find the light esoteric knowledge that has
been transmitted through the classical occult societies. Under this level we can find the dark
esoteric knowledge.

The darkness is a mirror of the depths of the soul. All that is hidden inside us, our desires and
our fears, is projected on the darkness.

The Three Main Levels of Knowledge..

1. Esoteric knowledge: Mundane science.
2. Light esoteric knowledge: The bright tradition
3. Dark esoteric knowledge: The dark tradition.

The Olam Ha-Tohu - The World of Tohu-Chaos") and Olam HaTikun - The World of
Tikun-Rectification. Are two general stages Kabbalah, in the order of descending spiritual
Worlds (Olamot). In subsequent creation they also represent two archetypal spiritual states of
being and consciousness.

The implications of Tohu-Tikun underlie the origin of free will and the realm of Kelipah (evil),
caused by Shevirat HaKelim/Shevirah - Shattering of the Vessels of Tohu, the processes of
spiritual and physical exile and redemption, the meaning of the 613 mitzvot (Lurianic
Observances), and the messianic rectification of existence. Through this Tikun/Tikkun (‫)תיקון‬
also has an active meaning, the esoteric Birur/Beirur/Birurim (Hebrew: ‫​​בירור‬
"Sifting/Clarification") of concealed Nitzotz/Nitzutzei Kodesh/Nitzutzot (Hebrew: ‫" ​​ניצוצות‬Sparks"
of Holiness) exiled in physical creation. This new paradigm in Kabbalah replaced the previous
linear description of descent with a dynamic process of spiritual enclothement, where higher
"souls" invest inwardly in lower "vessels". Related to the primordial cosmic realms of Tohu-Tikun
are two associated spiritual states for interpreting existence, psychological temperaments, or
stages in the spiritual development of the individual.

The cosmic drama of Tikun in Lurianic Kabbalah inspired the 16th-18th century popular Jewish
imagination, explaining contemporary oppression and supporting messiah claimants but the
most important Tikun is to have peace and order in Creation. The revivalist Hasidic movement,
from the 18th century onwards, internalised esoteric Lurianism through its own concern with
experiencing Divine Omnipresence amidst daily material life. The terminology of the modern
Jewish ideal of Tikkun Olam ("Fixing the World"), popularised by Reform Judaism, is taken from
the Lurianic concept, but applied more widely to ethical activism in contemporary society.
Draconian Tradition​..
The true dark initiation is extremely rare, since it leads out into chaos and few people are able to
wander and utilize this path of Qliphothic Tunnels. The light Esoterism leads to a melting
together with the divine, while the dark Esoterism leads beyond the divine. The word
“draconian” can also be translated as”harsh” and this is too a very fitting description of the
Draconian Path. It is a harsh path but it also leads into worlds of singular beauty and power. The
bright Esoterism leads to a unity with Jahve or Marduk and the ideas that they created the world
from. The dark Esoterism leads out to Tehom or Tiamat who existed long before the light gods
and who exists in infinity outside the light of divinity. For the initiated adept on the Draconian
Path this darkness is a light, so much stronger than the light of the gods of light, that their light is
experienced merely like darkness.”

The War Between Demons and Angels

When Metatron heard of the ways that Samael had taken, it seemed plain to him that he
purposed to escape to his old dominion through the gate in the north of the world of men; and
Michael and Uriel went with all speed northward, seeking to overtake him if they might, but they
found no trace of him beyond the shores of their own kind, in the unpeopled wastes that drew
near to the ice. Thereafter the watch was redoubled along the northern fences of Heaven; but to
no purpose, for ever the pursuit set out for Samael, the Shaytan, had turned back, and in
secrecy passed away far to the south. Near the Pyramids of Basalt, For he was yet as one of
the Archangels, and could change his form, or walk unclad, as could his brethren; though that
power he was soon to lose for ever.

Thus unseen he came at last to the dark region of Hinnom. That narrow land lay to the south of
the city Jerusalem, beneath the eastern feet of the Megiddo mountains, and its long and
mournful shores stretched away into the south, lightless and unexplored. There, beneath the
sheer walls of the mountain and the cold dark sea, the shadows were deepest and thickest in
the world; and there in Hinnom, secret and unknown, Ungoliant had made her abode. The
peoples of David knew not whence she came; but some have said that in ages long before this
she descended from the darkness that lies about the Earth, when samael first looked down in
envy upon the Kingdom of Man, and that in the beginning she was one of those that he
corrupted into his service. But she had disowned her Master, desiring to be mistress of her own
lust, taking all things to herself to feed her emptiness; and she fled off to the south, escaping the
assaults of the Angels, and the knights of Michael, for their vigilance had ever been to the north,
and the south was long unheeded. Thence she had crept towards the light of the Promised
Land; for she hungered for light and hated it.

In a ravine she lived, and took shape as a spider of monstrous form, weaving her black webs in
a cleft of the mountains. There she sucked up all light that she could find, and spun it forth again
in darknets of strangling gloom, until no light more could come to her abode; and she was
Now Samael came to Hinnom and sought her out; and he put on again the form that he had
worn as the tyrant of Abaddon: a dark Lord, tall and terrible. In that form he remained ever after.
There in the black shadows, beyond the sight even of Metatron in his highest halls, Samael with
Ungoliant plotted his revenge. But when Ungoliant understood the purpose of samael, she was
torn between lust and great fear; for she was loath to dare the perils of heaven and the power of
the dreadful Lords, and she would not stir from her hiding. Therefore Samael said to her: "Do as
I bid; and if thou hunger still when all is done, then I will give thee whatsoever thy lust may
demand. Yea, with both hands." Lightly he made this promise, as he ever did; and he laughed in
his heart. Thus did the great thief set his lure for the lesser.

A cloak of darkness she wove about them when Samael and Ungoliant set forth; an unlight, in
which things seemed to be no more, and which eyes could not pierce, for it was Void. Then
slowly she wrought her webs: rope by rope from cleft to cleft, from jutting rock to pinnacle of
stone, ever climbing upwards, crawling and clinging, until at last she reached the very summit of
Gabal Katrîne, the highest mountain in that region of the world, far south of great Mount Zion.
There the Angels were not so vigilant; for east of the Megiddo was an empty land in twilight and
westwards the mountains looked out, save for forgotten Hinnom, only upon the dim waters of
the pathless sea. But now upon the mountain-top dark Ungoliant lay; and she made a ladder of
woven ropes and cast it down, and samael climbed upon it and came to that high place, and
stood beside her, looking down upon the Guarded Land. He looked north, and saw afar the
shining plain, and the shining domes of Elysium gleaming in the light of sun and moon both.
Then samael laughed aloud, and leapt swiftly down the long western slopes; and ungoliant was
at his side, and her darkness covered them.

Now it was a time of festival, as samael knew well. Though all tides and seasons were at the will
of the Angels, and in Heaven there was no winter of death, nonetheless they dwelt then in the
Kingdom of Man, and that was but a small realm in the halls of the Firmament, whose life is
Time, which flows ever from the first word to the last utterance of the Gods. And even as it was
then the delight of the Angels to clothe themselves as in a vesture in the Forms of Men, so also
did they eat and drink, and gather the fruits of the Earth, which under the Gods they had made.

Therefore Raphael set times for the flowering and ripening of all things that grew in heaven; and
at each first gathering of fruits Metatron made a high feast for the praising of God, when all the
peoples of heaven poured forth their joy in music and song upon Zion. This now was the hour,
and Metatron decreed a feast more glorious than any that had been held since the first human
entered into heaven. For though the escape of Samael portended toils and sorrow to come, and
indeed none could tell what further hurt would be done to Creation ere he could be subdued
again, at this time Metatron designed to heal the evil that had arisen among the Chosen People;
and all were bidden to come to his halls upon Zion, there to put aside the griefs that lay between
them, and forget utterly the lies of the Adversary. There came the Hebrew people and the
Kohen ha-gadol. Then they
came the followers of the Melchizedek, and the Angels were gathered together by the host, and
the Archangels were arrayed in their beauty and majesty; and they sang before Metatron and
Gabriel in the Temple halls, or danced upon the green slopes of the heavenly mount Zion that
looked west towards the Garden and the Trees. In those days the streets of the Celestial City,
and the Tabernacles of El Yaweh, were empty, and the stairs of Jerusalem were silent; and all
the lands were sleeping in peace.

And in that very hour Samael and Ungoliant came hastening over the fields of Heaven, as the
shadow of a black cloud upon the wind fleets over the sunlit earth; and they came before the
green mound of Eden. Then the Unlight of Ungoliant rose up even to the roots of the Trees, and
Samael sprang upon the mound; and with his black spear he smote each Tree to its core,
wounded them deep, and their sap poured forth as it were their blood, and was spilled upon the
ground. But Ungoliant gathered it all, and Devoured it.., and going then from Tree of Knowledge
to Tree of Life she set her black beak to their wounds, till they were drained; and the poison of
Death that was in her went into their tissues and withered them, root, branch and leaf; and they
died. And still she thirsted, and going to the Fountain of Youth she drank it dry; but Ungoliant
belched forth black vapors as she drank, and swelled to a shape so vast and hideous that
Samael was afraid.

So the great darkness fell upon heaven.

Of the deeds of that day much is told in the Book of Holies. Yet no song or tale could contain all
the grief and terror that then befell. The light failed; but the Darkness that followed was more
than loss of light. In that hour was made a Darkness that seemed not lack but a thing with being
of its own: For it was indeed made by malice out of Light, and it had power to pierce the eye,
and to enter heart and mind, and strangle the very will.

Gabriel looked down from mount Zion, and beheld the Shadow soaring up in sudden towers of
gloom; the Celestial City of Jerusalem Above had foundered in a deep sea of night. Soon the
Holy Mount stood alone, a last island in a world that was drowned. All song ceased. There was
silence in heaven, and no sound could be heard save the cold cry of the gulls. For it blew chill in
that hour, and the vast shadows of the sea beneath were rolled against the walls of the shore.

But Metatron from on high looked out, and his eyes alone pierced through the night, until they
saw a Darkness beyond dark which they could not penetrate, huge but far away, moving now
northward with great speed; and he knew that Samael had come and gone.

Then the pursuit was begun; and the earth and heavens shook under the horses of the host of
Michael, and the sparks that were stricken by the unsheathing of his sword was the first light
that returned to heaven. But so soon as any came up with the Cloud of Ungoliant the knights of
the Host were blinded and dismayed, and they were scattered, and went they knew not whither;
and the sound of the Trump of Doom faltered and failed. And Uriel was as one caught in a black
net at night, and he stood powerless and beat the air in vain. But when the Darkness had
passed, it was too late: Samael had gone whither he would, and his vengeance was achieved.
After a time a great concord gathered about the heavenly Temple, and the angels sat in
shadow, for it was night. But the stars now glimmered overhead, and the air was clear; for the
winds of the Gods had driven away the vapours of death and back the shadows into the sea.
Then Raphael arose and went unto Eden, the first Green Place, but it was bare now and black;
and she laid her hands upon the Trees of Life and Knowledge, but they were dead and dark,
and each branch that she touched broke off and fell lifeless at her feet. Then many voices were
lifted in lamentation; and it seemed to those that mourned that they had drained to the dregs the
cup of woe that Samael had filled for them. But it was not so.

Even as they mourned there came messages from Corbenik, and they were of the line of David,
bearing with them new tidings of evil. For they told of how a blind Darkness came northward,
and in the midst walked some power for which there was no name, and the Darkness issued
from it. But samael was there, and he had broken the stronghold and taken the Relics that were
stored in that place, Then Abraham rose, and lifting up his hand unto El and Adonai he cursed
Samael, naming him Samael the Black, the Enemy of the Righteous; and by that name only was
he known to the Faithful ever after.

Meanwhile Samael the Black escaping from the pursuits of the heavenly host came to the land
of Tyropoeon. This land lay to the north of the Kingdom of the Gods just as to the south, but
wider. Through this land Samael the Black and Ungoliant passed in haste, and so came through
the mists to the region of Hyperboria, where the strait between the heavens and the Earthly
realms was bridged by a waste of grinding ice; and he crossed over, and came back at last to
the north of the Earthly realms. Together they went on, for Samael the Black could not elude
Ungoliant, and her cloud was still about him, and all her eyes were upon him; and they came to
the lands that lay north of Ultima Thule. Now Samael the Black was drawing near to the ruins of
Gehenna, where his great western stronghold had been; and Ungoliant perceived his hope, and
knew that here he would seek to escape from her, and she stayed him, demanding that he fulfill
his promise.

"Blackheart!" she said "I have done thy bidding. But I hunger still." "What wouldst thou have
more?" said Samael the Black. "Dost thou desire all the world for thy belly? I did not vow to give
thee that. I am still its Lord."

"Not so much" said Ungoliant. "But thou hast a great treasure from heaven; I will have all that.
Yea, with both hands thou shalt give it." Then perforce Samael the Black surrendered to her the
relics of the Angels that he bore with him, one by one and grudgingly; and She devoured them,
and their sanctity and protection passed from the world. Huger and darker still grew Ungoliant,
but her lust was unsated. "With one hand thou givest," She said; "with the left only. Open thy
right hand."

In his right hand Samael the Black held a Grail, and though it were locked in a crystal casket it
had begun to burn him, and his hand was clenched in pain; but he would not open it. "Nay!" he
said. "Thou hast had thy due. For with my power that I put into thee thy work was accomplished.
I need thee no more. This thing thou shalt not have, nor see. I name it unto myself forever.

But Ungoliant had grown great, and he less by the power that had gone out of him; and She
rose against him, and her cloud closed about him, and She enmeshed him in a web of clinging
ropes to strangle him. Then Samael the Black sent forth a terrible cry, that echoed in the
mountains. Therefore that region was called Sheol; for the echoes of his voice dwelt there ever
after, so that any who cried aloud in that land awoke them, and all the waste between the hills
and the sea was filled with a clamour as of voices in anguish. The cry of Samael the Black in
that hour was the greatest and most dreadful that was ever heard in the mortal world; the
mountains shook, and the earth trembled, and rocks were riven asunder. Deep in forgotten
places that cry was heard. Far beneath the ruined halls of Gehenna, in vaults which the Angelic
hosts in the haste of their first attack had not descended, Demons lurked still, awaiting ever the
return of their Lord; and now swiftly they arose, and passing over the land they came to Sheol
as a tempest of fire. With their forked tongues and whips of flame they smote asunder the webs
of Ungoliant, and she quailed, and turned to flight, belching black vapours to cover her; and
fleeing from the north she went down into Africa, and dwelt beneath the shadow of mount
Kilimanjaro, in that valley that was later called Kholomondumo, 'the valley of dreadful death',
because of the horror that she bred there. For other foul creatures amenable to her nature had
dwelt there since before the delving of Gehenna, and she mated with them, and devoured them;
and even after Ungoliant herself departed, and went whither she would into the forgotten south
of the world, her offspring abode there and wove their hideous webs. Of the fate of Ungoliant no
tale tells for certain. Yet some have said that She departed this world long ago, when in her
uttermost Famine she devoured herself, casting off her earthly form of flesh, returning to the
realms from whence she came.

And thus the fear that the Grail would be swallowed up and fall into nothingness did not come to
pass; but it remained in the power of Samael the Black. And he being freed gathered again all
his servants that he could find, and came to the ruins of Gehenna. There he delved anew his
vast vaults and dungeons, and beneath the earth he fashioned countless domains of Sheol, and
a great reek of smoke most dark ever issued forth from them. There countless became the
hosts of his beasts and his demons as they grew and multiplied in the bowels of the earth. Dark
now fell the shadow over the world of Man as is told in our histories, but in his new Infernus
Samael the Black forged for himself a crown of Iron, and he called himself King of the World. As
is written, One Tree of Life survived and Samael the Black was seen climbing down the roots.
He got what he most wanted the creation of The Tree of Death, With the Angelic Realm warding
and sealing the way out, A new piece of the Grand Design was born.

Lammasta - Lamashtu - Ungoliant = Lilith

An Outline of the Qliphotic Initiatory Path

1. Lilith 1.0°. The gate to the unknown. (Lammashta/Ninhursag/Lilith)

2. Gamaliel 2.0°. (NANNA GATE)The dark dreams. Astral magic. Witchcraft. The mysteries of
the dark moon. The dark Goddess.

3. Samael 3.0°. (NEBO GATE)The philosophy of the left hand path. The wisdom of insanity.
Yezidi magic. The dark side of the Chakras.

4. A’arab Zaraq 4.0°.(ISHTAR GATE) Luciferian magic. The dark side of Venus.
Eroto-mysticism and the path of the warrior.

5. Thagirion. 5.0°. (SHAMMASH GATE) The illumination of the nightside. The black sun. The
union of the god and the beast.

6. Golachab 6.0°. (NERGAL GATE) Ragnarök. The activation of Surt/Sorath. The magnetism of
lust and suffering.

7. Gha’agsheblah 7.0°. (MARDUK GATE) The higher levels of eroto mysticism. Preparations for
the abyss.

8. Satariel 8.0°. (ADAR GATE) The opening of the eye of Lucifer/Shiva/Odin. The Drakon

9. Ghagiel 9.0°. (SPHERE OF ENKI/ZODIAC/IGIGI)The lightening of the Luciferian star.

10. Thaumiel 10.0°. (SPHERE OF ENLIL/ Sphere of the Primum Mobile

The Accomplishment of the Promise Given by the Serpent.. Divinity.

11 Thaumiel 11.0°.(SPHERE OF ANU/TIAMAT) The black hole. The step into the new creation.
Universe B.

Dragon Rouge
The Draconian system is based on 1+9+1 levels that together constitutes 11 steps that
corresponds to the Qliphoth and the 11 demon rulers who act as the nightside and antitheses of
creation. An opening of the gate to the dark Magicks. The following 9 steps represents the 9
levels of the night side or the underworld that brings the adept to the heart of darkness and
transforms man into a god.. when man begins the initiation by eating of the fruits of knowledge).
The last step is beyond the limits of creation.

Sephiroth and Qliphothic Orders

000 - Ain - Qemetiel - (The Crowd of Gods)
00 - Ain Soph - Belial - (Without Gods)
0 - Ain Soph Aur - Athiel - (Uncertainy)
1 Kether: Thaumiel ("Dual contending Forces") / Adar Moloch
2 Chokmah: Ghagiel ("Hinderers")
3 Binah: Satariel ("Concealers")
4 Chesed: Gha’agsheklah ("Breakers in Pieces") / Lucifuge
5 Geburah: Golachab ("Burners")
6 Tiphareth: Thagiriron ("Disputers") / Belphegor
7 Netzach: A’arab Zaraq ("Dispersing Ravens")
8 Hod: Samael ("Deceivers") / Adramelek
9 Yesod: Gamaliel ("Obscene Ones")
10 Malkuth: Lilith (Ungoliant) Lustful Demoness")

Tunnels, Zodiac and Qliphothic Orders

15 Hé (Aries): Ba’airiron
16 Vau (Taurus): Adimiron
17 Zain (Gemini): Tzalalimiron
18 Cheth (Cancer): Shichiriron
19 Teth (Leo): Shalehbiron
20 Yod (Virgo): Tzaphiriron
22 Lamed (Libra): A’abiriron
24 Nun (Scorpio): Necheshthiron
25 Samekh (Sagittarius): Necheshiron
26 Ayin (Capricorn): Dagdagiron
28 Tzaddi (Aquarius): Bahimiron
29 Qoph (Pisces): Nashimiron

The Sephiroth and Ten Hells in Seven Palaces

1 Kether, 2 Chokmah, 3 Binah: Sheol (Grave)
4 Chesed: Abaddon (Perdition)
5 Geburah: Bar Shachath (Clay of Death)
6 Tiphareth: Titahion (Pit of Destruction)
7 Netzach: Shaarimoth (Gates of Death)
8 Hod: Tzelmoth (Shadow of Death)
9 Yesod, 10 Malkuth: Gehinnom (Hell)

Adverse Powers at the Feet of the Cherub

Sheol - Depths of the earth
Abaddon - Perdition
Titahion - Clay of Death
Bar Shasketh - Pit of Destruction
Tzelmoth - Shadow of Death
Shaari Moth - Gates of death
Gehinnon - Hell
Infernal Habitations
The Water of Tears
The Water of Creation
The Water of Ocean
The False Sea

Aretz - Dry crumbling Earth

Adamah - Reddish mould
Gia - Undulating ground, like the side of a valley
Neschiah - Pasture or meadow land
Tziah - Sandy or desert land
Areqa - Earth
Thebel or Chaled - Mitred earth and water

The Sephiroth and Seven Hells of the Arabs and their Inhabitants
1 Kether, 2 Chokmah, 3 Binah: Háwiyah / Hypocrites
4 Chesed: Jahim / Pagans or Idolaters
5 Geburah: Sakar / Guebres
6 Tiphareth: Sa’ir / Sabians
7 Netzach: Hutamah / Jews
8 Hod: Laza / Christians
9 Yesod, 10 Malkuth: Jehannum / Moslems

The Seven Divisions of Hell

Sheol or Tehom - Abaddon or Tzoah Rotachat; Be'er Shachath
Pit of Corruption or Mashchit; Bor Shaon
Cistern of Sound or Tit ha-Yaven
Clinging Mud - Dumah or Sha'arei Maveth
Gates of Death - Neshiyyah
Oblivion - Limbo or Tzalmavet; Erets Tachtith
Lowest earth or Gehenna - The Twelve Qliphotic Orders of Demons, three powers before Adar
Moloch and Twenty-Two Demons which correspond to the 22 Path letters.

The Infernal Houses of September

1. Sheol - the Depths of the Earth.
2. Abaddon - Perdition.
3. Titahion - Clay of the Dead.
4. Ber Shacheth - the Place of Destruction.
5. Tzelmoth - Shadows of Death.
6. Shaari Moth - The Gates of Death.
7. Gehinnom - Hell.

The Tunnels, Elements and Demon Kings

11 Aleph (Air): Oriens
23 Mem (Water): Ariton
31 Shin (Fire): Paimon
32-bis (Earth): Amaimon

The Paths, Elements and Demon Queens

11 Aleph (Air): Naamah
23 Mem (Water): Eisheth Zenunim
31 Shin (Fire): Agrat Bat Mahlat
32-bis (Earth): Lilith

The Tunnels, Planets, Zodiac and the​ ​Goetic Demons of the Decans by Day
15 (Path of Hé) Aries:
Ascendant - 1/Sol/ Bael (Cat, toad, man, or all at once)
Succedent - 2/Venus/ Agares (Old man, riding a crocodile and carrying a goshawk)
Cadent - 3/Jupiter/ Vassago (Like Agares)

16 (Path of Vau) Taurus:

Ascendant - 4/luna/ Gamigina (Little horse or ass)
Succedent - 5/Mercury/ Marbas (Great Lion)
Cadent - 6/Venus/ Valefor (Lion with ass’s head, bellowing)

17 (Path of Zain) Gemini:

Ascendant - 7/luna/ Amon (1. Wolf with serpent’s tail 2. Man with dog’s teeth and raven’s head)
Succedent - 8/Venus/ Barbatos (Accompanied by 4 noble kings and great troops)
Cadent - 9/Sol/ Paimon (Crowned king on dromedary, accompanied by many musicians

18 (Path of Cheth) Cancer:

Ascendant - 10/Mercury/ Buer (Probably a centaur or archer)
Succedent - 11/Venus/ Gusion (“Like a Xenopilus”)
Cadent - 12/Jupiter/ Sitri (Leopard's head and gryphon’s wings)

19 (Path of Teth) Leo:

Ascendant - 13/Sol/ Beleth (Rider on pale horse, with many musicians. [Flaming and poisonous
Succedent - 14/Luna/ Leraikha (An archer in green)
Cadent - 15/Mercury/ Eligos (A knight with a lance and banner, with a serpent)

20 (Path of Yod) Virgo:

Ascendant - 16/Mercury/ Zepar (A soldier in red apparel and armour)
Succedent - 17/Mars & Mercury/ Botis (Viper (or) Human, with teeth and 2 horns, and with a
Cadent - 18/Venus/ Bathin (A strong man with a serpent’s tail, on a pale horse)
22 (Path of Lamed) Libra:
Ascendant - 19/Venus/ Sallos (Soldier with ducal crown riding a crocodile)
Succedent - 20/Sol/ Purson (Lion-faced man riding a bear, carrying a viper. Trumpeter with him)
Cadent - 21/Mars & Mercury/ Marax (Human-faced bull)

24 (Path of Nun) Scorpio:

Ascendant - 22/Mars/ Ipos (Angel with lion’s head, goose’s feet, horse’s tail)
Succedent - 23/Venus/ Aim (Man with 3 heads—a serpent’s, a man’s (having two stars on his
brow), and a calf’s. Rides on viper and bears firebrand)
Cadent - 24/Luna/ Naberius (A black crane with a sore throat—he flutters)

25 (Path of Samekh) Sagittarius:

Ascendant - 25/Mars & Mercury/ Glasya-Labolas (A dog with a gryphon’s wings)
Succedent - 26/Venus/ Bime (Dragon with 3 heads—a dog’s, man’s, and gryphon’s)
Cadent - 27/Mars & Luna/ Ronove (A monster [probably a dolphin])

26 (Path of Ayin) Capricorn:

Ascendant - 28/Venus/ Berith (Gold-crowned soldier in red on a red horse. Bad breath)
Succedent - 29/Venus/ Astaroth (Hurtful angel or infernal dragon, like Berot, with a viper [breath
Cadent - 30/Luna/ Forneus (Sea monster)

28 (Path of Tzaddi) Aquarius:

Ascendant - 31/Mercury/ Foras (A strong man in human shape)
Succedent - 32/Sol/ Asmoday (3 heads (bull, man, ram), snake’s tail, goose’s feet. Rides, with
lance and banner, on a dragon)
Cadent - 33/Mercury/ Gaap (Like a guide. To be kings)

29 (Path of Qoph) Pisces:

Ascendant - 34/Mars/ Furfur (1. Hart (Dear) with fiery tail 2. Angel)
Succedent - 35/Luna/ Marchosias (Wolf with a gryphon’s wings and serpent’s tail. Breathes
Cadent - 36/Jupiter/ Stolas (Raven)

The Paths, Planets, Zodiac and the​ ​Goetic Demons of the Decans by Night
15 (Path of Hé) Aries:
Ascendant - 37/Luna/ Phenex (Child-voices phoenix)
Succedent - 38/Mars/ Halphas (Stock-dove with sore throat)
Cadent - 39/Mercury/ Malphas (Crow with sore throat)

16 (Path of Vau) Taurus:

Ascendant - 40/Mars/ Raum (Crow)
Succedent - 41/Venus/ Focalor (Man with gryphon’s wings)
Cadent - 42/Venus/ Vepar (Mermaid)

17 (Path of Zain) Gemini:

Ascendant - 43/Luna/ Sabnock (Soldier with lion’s head rides pale horse)
Succedent - 44/Luna/ Shax (Stock-dove with sore throat)
Cadent - 45/Venus & Sol/ Vine (Lion on black horse carrying viper)

18 (Path of Cheth) Cancer:

Ascendant - 46/Mars/ Bifrons (Monster)
Succedent - 47/Venus/ Uvall (Dromedary)
Cadent - 48/Mercury/ Haagenti (Bull with gryphon’s wings)

19 (Path of Teth) Leo:

Ascendant - 49/venus/ Crocell (Angel)
Succedent - 50/Venus/ Furcas (Cruel ancient, with long white hair and beard, rides a pale
horse, with sharp weapons)
Cadent - 51/Sol/ Balam (3 heads (bull, man, ram), snake’s tail, flaming eyes. Rides bear, carries

20 (Path of Yod) Virgo:

Ascendant - 52/Venus/ Alloces (Soldier with red leonine face and flaming eyes; rides great
Succedent - 53/Mercury/ Camio ((1) Thrush. (2) Man with sharp sword seemeth to answer in
burning ashes or coals of fire)
Cadent - 54/Venus & Mars/ Murmur (Warrior with ducal crown rides gryphon.


22 (Path of Lamed) Libra:

Ascendant - 55/Jupiter/ Orobas (Horse)
Succedent - 56/Venus/ Gamori (Beautiful woman, with duchess’ crown tied to her waist, riding
great camel)
Cadent - 57/Mercury/ Oso (Leopard)

24 (Path of Nun) Scorpio:

Ascendant - 58/Mercury/ Amy (Flaming fire)
Succedent - 59/Luna/ Oriax (Lion on horse, with serpent’s tail, carries in right hand two hissing
Cadent - 60/Venus/ Napula (Lion with gryphon’s wings)

25 (Path of Samekh) Sagittarius:

Ascendant - 61/Sol & Mercury/ Zagan (Bull with gryphon’s wings)
Succedent - 62/Mercury/ Volac (Child with angel’s wings rides a two-headed dragon)
Cadent - 63/Luna/ Andras (Angel with raven’s head. Rides black wolf, carries sharp sword)

26 (Path of Ayin) Capricorn:

Ascendant - 64/Venus/ Haures (Leopard)
Succedent - 65/Luna/ Andrealphus (Noisy peacock)
Cadent - 66/Luna/ Kimaris (Warrior on black horse)

28 (Path of Tzaddi) Aquarius:

Ascendant - 67/Venus/ Amdusias (1) Unicorn. (2) Dilatory bandmaster)
Succedent - 68/Sol/ Belial (Two beautiful angels sitting in chariot of fire)
Cadent - 69/Luna/ Decarabia (A star in a pentacle)

29 (Path of Qoph) Pisces:

Ascendant - 70/Jupiter/ Seere (Beautiful man on winged horse)
Succedent - 71/Venus/ Dantalion (Man with many countenances, all men’s and women’s,
carries a book in right hand)
Cadent - 72/Mars/ Andromalius (Man holding great serpent)

Qliphothic Orders
Thaumiel: demonic powers seeking to destroy the unity of the Gods of Light
Augiel: spreading confusion and mistrust of the power of the Gods of Light
Sathariel: work to conceal the perfection and Beauty of the Gods of Light
Ga'ashekelah: seek to destroy or devour the substance and thought of creation
Golohab: attempt to destroy, or burn, these powers as well as what is ruled
Tagirion: demonic powers causing ugliness and groaning
A'arab Tzereq: the raw, emotional energy with which to overcome obstacles
Samael: represents the complete desolation of a fallen or failed creation
Gamaliel: the realm of polluted images that produce vile results
Lilith: representing all of the worldly pleasures, Dissolving Love to Lust

The Demonic Orders (Averse Sephiroth)

Thamiel: Duality of the Gods of Light

“Thamiel represents duality whereas Kether represents unity. Thus Thamiel is the division of
that which is perfect only in unity. As a demonic order name, the Thamiel were before their
'revolt'. This signifies 'Perfection of the Gods'. These angels sought to become more powerful by
adding an Aleph to their name. They then became the 'Duality of the Gods,' an order of the
lesser demons. In the lowest state of their 'fall', they become 'the Polluted of the Gods.' The
cortex or outer form of the Thamiel is called Cathariel, 'the Broken' or 'Fearful Light of the

Adar Moloch: Adversary

To Thamiel, “there are two demons that are attributed to stress the view that the demonic
opposite of Kether is duality instead of unity and are Satan and Moloch or Malech”.

Chaigidel: Confusion of the Power of the Gods of Light

“These are the confusion of that great power which, as Chokmah, goes forth at the beginning to
give the vital energy of creation to the processes of Binah. The cortex of the Chaigidel is called
Ghogiel, 'Those Who Go Forth into the Place Empty of the Gods'.”

Beelzebub: Lord of the Flies and Adam Belial: Wicker Man

To Chaigidel, “both Moloch and Beelzebub are attributed as well as Adam Belial. The name
Belial is often used separately as a demonic name.”

Sathariel: Concealment of the Gods of Light

“Even as Binah is the great revealing one who bestows the structure of the Absolute onto the
created, its opposite, the Sathariel, conceal the nature of The Perfect. The cortex or outer form
of the Sathariel is called the order of Sheireil, 'The Hairy Ones of God'.”

Lucifuge: One Who Flees Light

To Sathariel, Lucifuge “is attributed and is probably a name made up to replace the name
Lucifer, 'Light Bearer'”.

Gamchicoth: Devourers

“Chesed is the source of bounty both in idea and in substance to the lower forms. Gamchicoth is
the order of 'Devourers' who seek to waste the substance and thought of creation. The outer
form is the order of Azariel, 'The Binding Ones of the Gods'.”

Astaroth: from the Flood

To Gamchicoth, “Astaroth is attributed. This is the name of the goddess Astarte, the Ishtar of the
Babylonians and perhaps also the Isis of the Egyptians”.

Golachab: Burning Bodies

“Geburah is a going forth in power to rule in righteousness, in an upright manner. The order of
Golab is composed of those who burn to do destruction, enforce their will upon others through
strength and not righteousness, in a non-upright manner --- even on themselves. The outer form
is Usiel, 'The Ruins of the Gods'.” original Greek Septuagint states: "Love Righteousness, yee
that be judges of the earth", which is correct, the vulgate states: "Love Justice, you that are the
judges of the earth", which is incorrect).

Asmodeus: The Destroying God or Samael the Black.

To Golachab, Asmodeus is attributed. “This name is half Hebrew and half Latin. Asmodeus is
often mentioned in the literature of demonology. The name can also be translated as 'The one
adorned with fire'.” Whom they call also Samael the Black.

Thagirion(n): Those Who Bellow Grief and Tears

“Tiphereth is the place of great beauty and rejoicing. The Thagirion build ugliness and groan
about it. The cortex of the Thagirion is called Zomiel, 'The Revolt of God'.”

Belphegor: Lord of the Dead

To Thagirion, “the replacement of Tiphereth, the sphere of the vitalizing Sun, with a place
holding Belphegor, the lord of dead, is most striking”.

Harab Serapel: Ravens of the Burning of the Gods of Light

“Netzach is the openness of natural love. The Harab Serapel are the Ravens of Death who
reject even their own. The outer form is Theumiel, 'The Fouled Substance of the Gods'”.

Baal: Lord and Tubal Cain: Maker of Sharp Weapons

To Harab Serapel, “Baal is attributed, and is "a word which means Lord, much as Adonai means
Lord. The word Baal or 'Bel' has become restricted in its usage to signify a 'Lord of Darkness'.”
Also attributed is Tubal Cain

Samael: The Desolation of the Gods, or The Left Hand

“Hod is the complex working of the will of the Absolute. Samael represents the barren
desolation of a fallen and failed creation. The outer form is Theuniel, 'The filthy Wailing Ones of

Adramelech: Powerful King

To Samael, Adramelech is attributed. “This name is found in Fourth Kings: And the men of
Babylon made Succoth-benoth, and the men of Cuth made Nergal, and the men of Hamath
made Ashima, and the Avites made Nibhaz and Tartak, and the Sepharvites burnt their children
in the fire to Adramelech and Anamelech, the gods of Sepharvaim.”
Gamaliel: Polluted of the Gods of Light

“Yesod is the place of the final forms that become matter in Malkuth. The Gamaliel are the
Misshapen and polluted images that produce vile results. The outer form is the order of Ogiel,
'those Who Flee from God'.”

Lilith: Night Specter

To Gamaliel, Lilith is attributed and “is the grand lady of all demons. The demons are sometimes
considered to be the children of Lilith and is said to be the woman who comes to men in their

Nehemoth: Whisperers (or Night Specter)

“These are responsible for frightening sounds in strange places. They excite the mind and
cause strange desires.” This corresponds with Malkuth as well.

Naamah: Pleasant

She is a Matron goddess of the creatures within the natural world, bringing healing and renewed
life to all plants and animals in peril. She resides within a lush and fertile nocturnal garden filled
with strange yet beautiful flora. The Connection with the Element of Fire, indicating Her
association with sexuality and passion

The Four Brides of Samael

Eisheth Zenunim
Agerath bat Machaloth
Demoness, Lilit​h

Zodiac Guardians Of The Qliphoth

Aries - Beiriron - (The Herd)
Taurus - Adimiron - (The Bloody Ones)
Gemini - Tzelilimiron - (The Clangers)
Cancer - Shichiriron - (The Black Ones)
Leo - Shalhebiron - (The Flaming Ones)
Virgo - Tzaphiriron - (The Scratchers)
Libra - Abiriron - (The Clayish Ones)
Scorpio - Necheshthiron - (The Brazen Ones)
Sagittarius - Nachashiron - (The Snaky Ones)
Capricorn - Dagdagiron - (The Fishy Ones)
Aquarius - Bahimiron - (The Bestial Ones)
Pisces - Nashimiron - (Malignant Women)

The Tunnels and Qlippothic Guardians

11. Aleph - Amprodias - (Vampiric Sylphs)
12. Beth - Baratchial - (Poison of God)
13. Gimel - Gargophias - (Lemurs)
14. Daleth - Dagdagiel - (Babalon)
15. Heh - Hemethterith - (The Herd)
16. Vau - Uriens - (The Bloody Ones)
17. Zain - Zamradiel - (The Clangers)
18. Cheth - Characith - (The Black Ones)
19. Teth - Temphioth - (The Flaming Ones)
20. Yod - Yamatu - (The Scratchers)
21. Kaph - Kurgasiax - (The Smiters)
22. Lamed - Lafcursiax - (The Clayish Ones)
23. Mem - Malkunofat - (The Deep Ones)
24. Nun - Niantiel - (The Brazen Ones)
25. Samekh - Saksaksalim - (The Snaky Ones)
26. A'ain - A'ano'nin - (The Fishy Ones)
27. Pe' - Parfaxitas - (The Arsonists)
28. Tzaddi - Tzuflifu - (The Bestial Ones)
29. Qoph - Qulielfi - (Malignant Women)
30. Resh - Raflifu - (The Hagglers)
31. Shin - Shalicu - (Tannim)
32. Tau - Thantifaxath - (Ghouls)

Four Great Dragons of Qlippoth Realm

North - Typhon
East - Samael
South - Lucifer
West - Leviathan

Qliphoth Rivers
North - Earth - Acheron
East - Air - Cocytus
South - Fire - Phlegethon
West - Water - Styx

Keepers of the Matter over Spirit Pentagram

South West Angle - Lilith
South East Angle - Cain
North East Angle - Aggereth
North West Angle - Abbadon
Center - Samael

Ten Hells in 7 Palaces - The Gateway to the 7 Heads of the Dragon

1-3 (Shahul) - Triple Hell
1st - Samael/Lilith/Cain
2nd - Beelzebub
3rd - Lucifuge Rofocale
4th - Abaddon - The earth's Demonic underworld
5th - Asmodeus - The underworld of passage, of the Humans when they die
6th - Belphagor - Where the human end up in the end
7th - Bael - The temporary underworld of the dragons when they die
8th - Adramalech - The temporary underworld of passage when dragons die
9th - Lilith - The qlippoth realm where dragons end up

The Sephiroth​, ​22 Dimensions, Tunnels of the Qlippoth World

Ain - Qemetiel
Ain Soph - Belial
Ain Soph Aur - Athiel

1 - Kether - Thaumiel - The Fool - The Black Sun, Lord of the Qlippoth World:
Spirits of: Lufugiel, Mahaziel, Abraxsiel, Azazael,Thadekiel

2 - Chockma - Ogiel - Magician - The Averse Planets-

Spirits of: Dubriel, Lufexiel, Alhaziel, Chedeziel, Itqueziel, Golebriel

11 - Daath - Typhon - Gateway to Qlippoth

3 - Binah - Sateriel - The Universe - (Lucifer) - Hidden Knowledge, Concealment, hides in

shadows, invisibility, darkness, Guards the Qlippoth realm from the profane,

Spirits of: Saturniel, Asteriel, Reqraziel, Tagariel, Abholziel,

Lareziel, Abnexiel

4 - Chesed - Gasheklah - The Wheel of Fortune - Brings wisdom to the path unseen, brings
change and continual motion, beginning of initiation, Illumination of the black flame towards path
of becoming gods
Spirit of: Malexiel, Gabedriel, Chedebriel, Amdebriel, A'othiel, Theriel

5 - Geburah - Golachab - Tower - Destruction, war, confrontations, powers and strength,

abilities gain, maker of the tools of magic and the power behind it
Spirits of: Gameliel, Barashiel, Ebaikiel, Lebrexiel

6 - Tiphereth - Tageriron - The Sun - The hidden of powers of the qlippoth, seeking darkness
and power, Dragons of Tagariron are shades of energies of darkness, creation and power,
creating servitors, bring things to form
Spirits of: Mephisophiel, Gobraziel, Rebrequel, Taumeshriel,Raqueziel

7 - Netzach - Oreb Zaraq - Aeon - Control and command astral forms and shadows, night or
ravens to a specific goal, includes dreams, projection and the astral, masters magick powers,
dragon powers,
Spirits of: Helebriel, Satoriel, Baruchiel, Reteriel, Refreziel, Labreziel, Astoriel, Reptoriel,

8 - Hod - Samael - Hanged Man - The will of Lucifer embodied within, to become a god, to know
darkness and light, a dimension that protects dragons from the light of earth, absorb knowledge
and wisdom, the truths of Qlippoth, to sacrifice what's not needed, the pathway of the Black
Sun, initiation of dragon kind
Spirits of: Sheoliel, Molebriel, Libridiel, Afluxriel

9 - Yesode - Gamaliel - High Priestess - Shadows and dark beings live here, where magic is
being formed, sex and lust, the moon of Lilith, the place where there are tests, place to draw
power and energy, night magic, dreams and seduction
Spirits: Idexriel, Materiel, Lapreziel, Gedebriel, Alephriel, Labraeziel

10 - Malkuth - Lilith the younger - Empress - Five accursed Nations-Earth, humans, animals and
fairies, the physical world of chaos, where Algol does his will, magick manifests here

The Five accursed Nations

1 - Amalekites - Aggressors
2 - Geburim - Violent ones
3 - Raphaim - Cowards
4 - Nephilim - Sons of the Fallen Angels
5 - Anakim - Children of chaos, Anarchists

The Five Accursed Spirits of the Accursed Nations


The Tunnels of Set, Zodiac and there Aspects

11 - Dagdagiron - Capricorn/Devil - Sexual forces and death, night, manifestation, creative
power, initiator, power to create or destroy

12 - Behemiron - Aquarius/Star - Forms of force and harsh manifestations, change, essence of

the black flame, and the eye of set of awareness manifestation of the Luciferian current
13 - Neshimiron - Pisces/Moon - manifestation of the female current, breeds other dragons,
bestowing power of female dragons who seeks their power, sex magick, awakens the Luciferian

14 - Bairiron - Aries/Emperor - Power and authority with balance, communication and wisdom,
the antichrists will made manifest on the earth, mastery of earth and Qlippoth realms, helps
write spells and gain spell ideas, empowers with energy, to make manifest

15 - Adimiron - Taurus/Hierophant - Wisdom and information from the Qlippoth realm, secrets of
the Qlippoth realm, finding hidden knowledge, astral travel, dream work, brings magic storms,
using dragon powers to create and destroy

16 - Tzelladimion - Gemini/Lovers - Awaken the spirit of Luciferian magick to become gods, to

be initiated, sacrifice the old for the new, Hidden knowledge of the gate to the Qlippoth, to direct
ones magic, awaken magic, learns the art of Qlippoth magic, bringing its knowledge within, this
path is opened by the words: Zazas Zazas Nasatanada

17 - Schechiriron - Cancer/Chariot - To be fully awakened, to acquire and attain the art of

Qlippoth magic, sending out magic forces and will, guidance on the path of the Qlippoth, journey
to attainment, guide the magick, expand visualization, manipulating energies

18 - Shelhabiron - Leo/Strength - the union of forces or powers, lust and desires, the essence of
Luciferian magic, to bring completion to something, to induce and sustain realization, instinct
and strength, the will of the magician, to bind energies to a goal, motivating the self, the process
of a goal, to attain what one desires

19 - Tzephariron - Virgo/Hermit -The pathway to the Qlippoth realm, to achieve a goal, to seek
illumination, the connections between things in magic, finding associations to things, to awaken
inner power, awakening to the Qlippoth realm, finding knowledge within that realm, find others
strengths and weaknesses, to seek dark powers and consume the light

20 - Obiriron - Libra/Justice - Destructive energy, to form new beginnings, or makes spells end,
to draw in energies to form and send, refine and manipulate powers, to prevent things from
moving to quickly, destroy energies that try to harm

21 - Necheshethiron - Scorpio/Death - Shedding the unwanted, gain powers, become more

powerful, getting rid of issues and the past, restoration magic, overcome something, inciting
chaos, bring things to an end or it's death, to find important information, gaining draconic
knowledge, guides you on the path of power, guidance of the Qlippoth realm

22 - Nachashiron - Sagittarius/Temperance - Transmutation and shapeshifting, transformation

from one thing to another, development, to make things manifest, counterattacking, bring the
best or worst out of something, incite passion, gain strength, to aid in focusing, to bring balance,
lord of war and storms, understanding the Qlippoth, and working with dragons, rules over the
dead, magick to become godlike

The​ ​Zodiac and Guardians of the Qliphoth

Aries - Beiriron - (The Herd)

A demon that mirrors anything you want it to, it can be terrifying Sending things, sparking
anything, glamour magic, perception and reality, shape-shifting, alterations, beginnings,
initializing, war, attacking, conflict, aggressive magic

Taurus - Adimiron - (The Bloody Ones)

A demon that has the power to reveal what it destroys or hides it from you Storage of energy,
multiplying anything, find lost things, to bring damage to something, new abilities, to gain
anything you desire, make things disappear or reappear, to acquire something, returning

Gemini - Tzelilimiron - (The Clangers)

Demon that stops something from happening. Telepathy, mind control, influence thoughts,
travel, communication, sending messages, immediate environment, find information, getting
magic books, spell crafting, gossip finder, learning magic, change something, alter thoughts,
alteration magicks, quicken something, make things move

Cancer - Shichiriron - (The Black Ones)

A demon of the unexpected. Protection, hidden issues, bring an end to something, graves and
the undead, ancient magic, finding what was lost, servitor creations, spirits and shadows,
demons, weather magic, storm raising, altering the past, the past and history, to preserve
something, emotional issues, nature magic

Leo - Shalhebiron - (The Flaming Ones)

A demon that helps you understand something. Lust and sex, creating anything, messengers,
ego magic, law of chance, illuminates issues, awakens energies, stimulation of something,
gaining power, wish magic, primal energies, revealing anything, burns problems away

Virgo - Tzaphiriron - (The Scratchers)

Demon that sends disinformation to those who dont need to know the truth. Healing, to purify,
cause sickness and ill energy, make others do what you want, repair energy, animal magic, to
alter something, chakra magic, to contain something evil for protection, to bring change to
something, to hide something, summon energies

Libra - Abiriron - (The Clayish Ones)

A demon to make something backfire on someone else, to screw someone over. To create
links, to combine a force, to create strife, make arguments, attack something, catch a thief,
attract something, domino effect, sending forces elsewhere, creating the opposite of something,
balancing anything

Scorpio - Necheshthiron - (The Brazen Ones)

Demon that manifests your working and shows you what changes were made. Transformation,
the dead, creating fear, recreate something, banishing, reflect something, bring to an end, make
someone obsessed, occult powers, invisibility, hiding anything, altering something, research,
secrets and hidden information, destructive, shadow magic, wraiths, shades of the dead,
necromancy, raising the dead, darkness, night magic, death magic, astral magic,

Sagittarius - Nachashiron - (The Snaky Ones)

Demon of justice and order. Make something grow, expansion of an issue, astral travel, dream
magic, prophetic, to learn new magic, energy manipulation help, movement of something,
freedom, connecting with aliens, learning tarot and astrology, manipulating something, cosmic
magic, gaining knowledge, remote viewing, revealing the truth of an issue

Capricorn - Dagdagiron - (The Fishy Ones)

Demon of the weird, strange and odd, annomilies. Manifestations, influencing someone, gain
power over someone, gaining authority, success in something, overcome obstacles, creating
façades, the past, restricting someone, curses, bind someone, banishing, protection, confusion

Aquarius - Bahimiron - (The Bestial Ones)

A demon to hide magick workings, and animate the dead. Banish gossip, wishes come true, to
bring confidence, getting what you desire, know others plans, desires of someone, brings
chaos, changes, the unexpected, revealing something unknown, destructive, breaks barriers
and blocks, strange energies, occult knowledge, awakening energies

Pisces - Nashimiron - (Malignant Women)

Creates beings, their DNA and their existence, makes servitors. Revealing secrets, revealing
the hidden, to undo someone, psychic powers, finding spies, undermine some-ones spell, to
capture someone, to hide something, bindings, escape from an issue, confine evil, free an
issue, karmic release, invisibility, finding someone, revealing deception, finding the truth

The Demons and Aspects of the Tunnels of Set

(000) - Qemetiel - A Demon that gives inspiration and illumination dealing with arcane
(00) - Belial - A shapeshifting Demon that shows alternatives to a goal or issue
(0) - Athiel - Reveals the nature of different Demons and their purposes

1 - Thaumiel - Demon of death and all it entails, the afterlife and such
2 - Ogiel - Demon that destroys blocks that restrict the inflow of true knowledge
3 - Sateriel - The head demonic messenger that sends and sorts information to others
4 - Gasheklah - Demoness' messenger that judges the strength of persons karma
5 - Golachab - Demonic assassin or punisher of those being judged
6 - Tageriron - Demon that covers things up, and things that others dont want known
7 - Oreb Zaraq - Warfare and espionage demon
8 - Samael - Demon of death
9 - Gamaliel - Demon that aids in bringing death to the world
10 - Lilith-Demon who stops things from happening, and moving forward
11 - Amprodias - Demon that brings death to an issue or an ending of any sort
12 - Baratchial - Demon that reveals the magick being cast, and why and who did it
13 - Gargophias - Demon of chaos, brings fertility to a goal
14 - Dagdagiel - Powerful demon that changes and expands your ability in the astral
15 - Hemethterith - Demon that brings justice and destruction
16 - Uriens - Demon thats relationship is to reveal evil or good in the world
17 - Zamradiel - Demon that stills something to see whats happening in the astral
18 - Characith - Demon that helps make a decision on what path to go
19 - Temphioth - Punisher like demon, brings them enslaved and in jail like places
20 - Yamatu - Demon that alters something that could incriminate him
21 - Kurgasiax - Demon that awakens magick to work in any working
22 - Lafcursiax - Demon that helps with astral magick, and what makes you have a hard time,
and negative stuff that may go on
23 - Malkunofat - Demon that renews the magick will and confidence of it
24 - Niantiel - Demon that restores what was changed in magick back to its beginning
25 - Saksaksalim - Demon that helps to direct magical force to focus and to bring magick into
26 - A'ano'nin - Demon that either destroys or creates something
27 - Parfaxitas - Demon of undermining someone, or revealing your magick being undermined
28 - Tzuflifu - Demon that opens portals, and moves anywhere through time and space, he is
like a guide
29 - Qulielfi - Demon that helps with meditation
30 - Raflifu - Demon of the movement and flow of knowledge that the he keeps, protector of
31 - Shalicu - Demon that tells people what they want to hear, misdirection
32 - Thantifaxath - Demon that keeps magick and whatever you want invisible from outside

The​ ​Tunnels of the​ ​Zodiac Demons of the Qliphoth

15 Aries-Beiriron-A demon that mirrors anything you want it to, it can be terrifying
16 Taurus-Adimiron-A demon that has the power to reveal what it destroys or hides it from you
17 Gemini-Tzelilimiron-Demon that stops something from happening
18 Cancer-Shichiriron-A demon of the unexpected
19 Leo-Shalhebiron-A demon that helps you understand something
20 Virgo-Tzaphiriron-Demon that sends disinformation to those who dont need to know the
22 Libra-Abiriron-A demon to make something backfire on someone else, to screw someone
24 Scorpio-Necheshthiron-Demon that manifests your working and shows you what changes
were made
25 Sagittarius-Nachashiron-Demon of justice and order
26 Capricorn-Dagdagiron-Demon of the weird, strange and odd, annomilies
28 Aquarius-Bahimiron- A demon to hide magick workings, and animate the dead
29 Pisces-Nashimiron-Creates beings, their DNA and their existence, makes servitors

The​ ​32 Tunnels of Set and the T.A.R.O.T​.

11 Fool - Amprodias - To make things unaware, astral travel, Qlippoth guides, a gift of dark
power, dangerous issues, to see mistakes, to know ahead of time, guidance, freedom,
12 Magician - Baratchial - energy work, elementals, gaining powers, directing forces, magick of
all kinds
13 High Priestess - Gargophias - inner alchemy, hidden knowledge, dark energies, opening the
unseen, awakening, initiation, psychic powers, portals and gateways
14 Empress - Dagdagdiel - the darker aspects of nature, dark Fay magick, creation of servitors,
manifesting into existence, ancient power
15. Emperor - Hermetherith - controlling others through magick, powerful energies, to influence
someone, make things go your way
16 Hierophant - Uriens- reveals things, connector of other forces, helps with magic ritual, guide
to the underworld
17 Lovers - Zamradiel - to illuminate what direction to go, the truth of something, division of
anything, weapon to protect
18 Chariot - Characith - astral travel, protection and defense, to make invisible, spoken spell
craft, memory manipulation, altering the past, great powers
19 Strength - Temphioth - Telepathy, helps to control powers, power to destroy, protection, to
gain more power, to gain awareness, to see past a façade, see others motives
20 Hermit - Yamatu - dark powers gain, wisdom of the black flame, to gain knowledge, learn
from, secret workings, shadow magick, time magick, illumination, revealing anything
21 Wheel of Fortune - Kurgasiax - the fate of an issue, its destiny, to bring change to something,
to evolve, spiraling downward, bad luck, synchronicity,
22 Justice - Lafcurisax - justice and defense, to bring judgment, curses, teaches dark magick
karma of something, repelling magick, deflection, to unbalance something
23 Hanged man - Malkunofat - Inner alchemy, astral magick, chakra work, getting psychic
powers, reveal deception, hide things, sacrifices, brings death
24 Death - Niantiel - Necromancy, learning the art of evocation, death magick, shadow powers,
guide in the underworld, bringing changes into something, sex magick
25 Temperance - Saksaksalim - Reality morphing, altering anything, keeping magick working,
switching energies, switching souls, drawing and swapping powers,
26 Devil - A'ano'nin - Binding spells, banishing energies, sex magick, restricting others,
bondage, glamour magick, dark energies and magick, blocks, releasing them
27 The Tower - Parfaxitas - To destroy something, bring an end to, brings chaos, secrets
revealed, to know the truth, to bring surprise, weirdness, the odd, revenge,
28 The Star - Tzuflifu - access to the universal mind, other dimensions, occult knowledge, the
black flame awakened, illumination, darker Fay magick
29 The Moon - Qulielfi - Dream walking, astral magick, dark workings, to discover the hidden,
psychic abilities, expose deception, awaken third eye,
30 The Sun - Raflifu - can make things dry up, or make things grow, to radiate a certain energy,
glamour magick, to unfold new powers
31 Judgment - Shalicu - Breaks barriers, and limitations, to expand something, awakening into
dark power, to bring termination, to stop a spell from working, to resurrect something
32 World - Thantifaxath - To consume someone's magick, to annihilate something, to create a
servitor, or to destroy one, ending something, or beginning something

The Sephiroth of The Qliphoth and there Aspects

1 - Kether - Thaumiel - (Twins of God)
never ending always producing, the unchangeable, cosmic creation and destruction,
androgynous nature, two force in one force, force of chaos, to multiply the forces of other
Qlippoth, sends off the work to the rest of the Qlippoth, gives energy to the Qlippoth, the source
of power and its force, generator like activity

2 - Chochma - Ogiel - (The Hinderers)

Splitting the creation from Kether to two separate forms, marriage of energies, to conceive what
Kether desired, differentiates where the power is sent, the sorter of demons and where they are
processed in the hierarchy to work on, mirroring what Kether wants done, to work to bring
something to existence, a force working together, preparing for issues to germinate

3 - Binah - Sateriel - (The Concealers)

Gives birth to the conceived energy or thing, the Qlippoth of timing the Qlippoth's actions being
defined, their plans being executed, the purpose of what the Qlippoth are doing, destiny and the
law of its actions,

4 - Chesed - Gasheklah - (The Smiters)

Fully manifested, solid foundation of the energy, where its played out, limitations, restrictions,
the place where the Qlippoth work, the astral realm, as if poured onto the earth to work, the
Qlippoth of Chesed bring changes and alters things, reveals truth, and opens anything

5 - Geburah - Golachab - (The Arsonists)

Qlippoth that sends energies, workings and messages for good or ill, to bring conflict and injury,
gives the judgment of the manifested working, gives force to something, brings war to the issue,
force of magick, the spark of action, the desire to act, The Qlippoth of lust, power complex

6 - Tifereth - Tageriron - (The Hagglers)

Qlippoth that brings unrest, animates the first 5 sephiroth's power, brings energies to an end or
brings energies to existence, illuminates and fructifies the latent power stored and flowed
through 1-5 Qlippoth, can bring death, the evolution of the Qlippoth through the tree

7 - Netzach - Oreb Zaraq - (The Raven of Dispersion)

The force that connects Qlippoth or anything together, that lets creation be as it is, the blood
that sustains, to keep things functioning, forces of nature, organization of forces, brings
disorder, Qlippoth that creates and manifests as does Binah, (a lesser form of Binah)

8 - Hod - Samael - (Poison of the Gods)

Qlippoth of time and cycles of activity of the Qlippoth, brings movement to magick sent, divides
and sorts where the action goes, (lesser form of Chockma) to bring enfoldment of the actions
released, death but evolution to a new form, decay and corruption, the cause and effect of
actions from other Qlippothic, balanced and imbalanced energies, the ceaseless movement of
actions, the flow of good or evil, transmission of forces, the contained force that moves, a tester,
the grim reaper like, slayer of forces

9 - Yesode - Gamaliel - (The Obscene Ones)

Qlippoth that initiates and ends cycles of magick, finalizing things that was created by the
beginning of the initial work, blooming and getting ready to complete, reflects the Qlippothic
work, expresses it, Qlippoth of silence, stillness and foreboding, moving towards a result, astral
magic and travel, invisibility and walking unnoticed, protection of working, prepares for
manifestation, to bury the old, to bury the dead, temptation

10 - Malkuth - Lilith - (The Queen of The Night)

Completion of all of the Qlippothic work, completion of forces in action, endings, and full
manifestation of desires, endings, to return to Kether, fulfilling the cycle of powers, new things
dawning, total evolution, redemption, flaws in the design, perfection, outpouring of light or
darkness, unfolding into matter, destroying life, hellish consequences, destructive vs.
constructive, the hand of the Qlippoth or force, rebellion, and revolution, fountain of death and

11 - Aleph - Amprodias(Kether/Chokmah)
Creator of life or destroyer, dweller in the mountains, breath of life or breath of death, awakening
forces, rod of power for good or ill, struggle between evil or good, dark spirituality, keeper of
time, alpha and omega, the godhead and creator of all, bringer of chaos or bringer of peace

12 - Beth - Baratchial(Kether/Binah)
Source of the Qlippoth sanctuary, where they come from, their beginnings, coming into
existence, birthplace, the home of many Qlippoth, secret retreats and secret places, the hidden
home, the home of the other world

13 - Gimel - Gargophias(Kether/Tiphereth)
The portal and passageway to Beth, the Qlippoth world, those that don't deserve Beth, will be
brought disease, bloodshed, and ill health, but can also give energy and strength, the life force
of a working, sacrifice and redemption

14 - Daleth - Dagdagiel(Chokmah/Binah)
Qlippoth destroys activities on the physical plane, brings death, and putrefaction, decay and
loss, the ending of an age, womb of death, the leftover of another time, but on the other hand it
represents the other world of fertility of life and new life, rebirth, represents 2 fold truth: Old and

15 - He - Hemethterith(Chokmah/Tifereth)
Qlippoth function to bring the renewal of life, rebirth, the breath of life, releases the old world of
flesh and limitations of matter to behold the wonder of the new world, sacrifice the past, to see
the possibilities, to look into the new world, to see with new eyes, to bring change and
regeneration, sacrifice

16 - Vau - Uriens(Chokmah/Chesed)
Manifestation of a new cycle, switching polarities, as above so below, completion of a cycle of
darkness, renewal, union of two forces, sudden creation, the eye of Qlippoth, seeing through the
soul of something, revealing, unveiling

17 - Zain - Zamradiel(Binah/Tiphareth)
Qlippoth of war and the creation of war, and strife, to act in conquest, ruling Qlippoth, directing
where to strike, dominion and control, to conquer the old, victorious in anything, mastery of
creation, gaining control with the He' Qlippoth, trickery through speech

18 - Cheth - Characith(Binah/Geburah)
The process of bringing upon war, the cultivating of war, its ongoing growth, to gain control of
the forces preventing evolution, to become supreme and mighty, to bless Qlippothic, the steps
of evolution is death of the old, cultivation is the key, to attain justice, and attain harvest

19 - Theth - Temphioth(Chesed/Geburah)
Initiation to a new way, shedding the old, Qlippoth of immortality, new characteristics and traits,
new personality, gaining new powers, casting away death, disease and decay, to overcome
death, to be protected, and concealed, awakening the 3rd eye, magic strengths, and controlling
powers, sustaining energy, the astral force, and astral energies, Qlippoth of great wisdom

20 - Yod - Yamatu(Chesed/Tiphareth)
Qlippoth of completion, and source of the rest of the Qlippoth, reincarnated ego, to multiply in
force, infinite rebirth and incarnations, unfolds new manifestations, Qlippoth of evolution, the
start of a new existence, a new cycle

21 - Kaph - Kurgasiax(Chesed/Netzach)
Qlippoth of the past, the hand of fate, the karmic Qlippoth, records of the past, learning lessons
from the past, what you did and are capable of, your potential or your weaknesses, balance the
actions from the past in the present to grow, to bring rejection

22 - Lamed - Lafcursiax(Geburah/Tifereth)
The power of your karma, deciding what you become, the use of evil or good powers,
judgments, sexuality and its use, to become balanced, power to manifest, and aids the
accomplishment of something, Qlippoth of guidance and help

23 - Mem - Malkunofat(Geburah/Hod)
Qlippoth who rule over energies in the astral, meditation, magical workings, creation of anything,
forms things in the astral to manifest in the physical, other dimensions, portals, parallel
universes, spirits and other entities, faeries, aliens, where you are before you are born,

24 - Nun - Niantiel(Tiphereth/Netzach)
Qlippoth of creating, and generation, the stirring of new life, Qlippoth's purpose to formulate new
energies, tends to the new growth, helping and supporting, feeding what's needed, energizing,

25 - Samech - Saksaksalim(Tifereth/Yesode)
Completion of cycle of rebirth, to emerge anew, be born, link between two things, getting rid of
the old for karma to be reaped, to face the music, Qlippoth deflecting things and returning to
sender their forces, releasing painful issues, returning to the source, fatality, and destiny,
Qlippoth astral passageways are seen here, reflecting things

26 - Ayin - A'ano'nin(Tifereth/Hod)
To see behind facades, to see the truth of reality, to see what the Qlippoths see, to be
illuminated by the truth, enlightenment, the psychic senses, to scry for answers, the real reality

27 - Pe' - Parfaxitas(Netzach/Hod)
Qlippoth messengers, to make things move quickly, swift actions, to cloak thoughts in darkness,
the decisions of the Qlippoth, master plans of the creator, the power of the mind, dark matter,
astral sight and perception, seeing the invisible, repository of memory and thoughts, to perceive
the truth

28 - Tzaddi - Tzuflifu(Netzach/Yesode)
To the path evolve to become godlike, to be protected by Qlippoth, the wisdom of the initiated,
near completion, an aim to succeed in something, a means for an end, movement to desired
end, to accomplish successfully

29 - Qoph - Qulielfi(Netzach/Malkuth)
Qlippoth that discerns good and evil and balances them, mysteries of life, Qlippoth that defends
you, effort to a goal, awakening thought, fulfillment of renewing the earth, to build to a new form,
to control your destiny, gives joy and harmony as a reward

30 - Resh - Raflifu(Hod/Yesod)
Strength of silence and no movement, dissolution of death, and peace or war, to rule a new
world, government issues, the sense of space and time, past and future disappear and become
present, forgetting the past, preserving memory, power of memory

31 - Shin - Shalicu(Hod/Malkuth)
The final sparks of creation, the change of reality, the force to become a new form, the union of
two powers to create anew, alteration and change, sealing the final touches, the fires of lust and

32 - Tau - Thantifaxath(Yesod/Malkuth)
The power to rule, leading, godlike power, the great work, the new world, a new way of life,
Qlippoth home of another time and place, completing something

The Twelve Princes of the Qliphoth and the Months of the Year
1. BAIRIRON - so called because they are derived from the Fourth Evil Force; viz, Samael the
Black. Their colors are dull and black; and their form is that of a Dragon-Lion.
2. ADIMIRON - whose colors are like dam1 blood, mixed with water and dull yellow and gray.
Their form is that of lion lizards.
3. TzELLADIMIRON - whose colours are like limped blood, tzelil,2 bronze and crimson. They
are like savage triangular-headed dogs.
4. SCHECHIRIRON - whose colors are black, and their form blended of reptile, insect and
shell-fish, such as the crab and the lobster, yet Demon-faced withal.
5. SHELHABIRON - whose colors are fiery and yellow and their form like merciless wolves
and jackals.
6. TZEPHARIRON - whose colors are like those of earth, and their form is partially living yet
decaying corpses.
7. OBIRIRON - whose colors are like clouds and their form like gray bloated Goblins.
8. NECHESHETHIRON - whose color is like copper, and their forms like that of a most
devilish and human headed insects.
9. NACHASHIRON - whose colors are like serpents, and their form like dog-headed serpents.
10. DAGDAGIRON - whose colors are reddish and gleaming, and their form like vast and
devouring flat-shaped fishes.
11. BEHEMIRON - whose arms are derived from Behemoth, and their colors are black and
brown, and their forms like those of awful beasts, like hippopotamus and an elephant, but
crushed flat, or as if their skin was spread out flat over the body of a gigantic beetle or

12. NESHIMIRON - whose colors are of a stagnant gleaming watery blue, and their forms like
hideous women, almost skele​tons, united to the bodies of Serpents and Fishes.
The Three Dark Forces Before Samael
1. This is Qematiel, whose form is that of a vast black-headed Dragon-serpent and he united
under him the force of Kether of the Internal and Averse Sephiroth.
2. This is Belial, a black, bloated Man-dragon. He who denied God; and he that united the
force of the adverse Chokmah.
3. This is Othiel or Gothiel, a black bloated man-insect horrible of aspect; his breadth greater
than his length; and he united the force of the adverse Binah.
4. This is Samael the Black. All of these are of gigantic stature and terrible aspect.

The Seven Palaces

The First Palace
Chokmah is referred to the Dukes of Edom; and the Zogiel (from Og of Bashan) or as it is
sometimes written Ghogiel or Oghiel, and they attach themselves unto lying and material
appearances, and their form is like that of Black-Evil Giants with loathsome serpents twined
round them. Unto Binah are referred the Satorial or Harasiel, the Con​cealers and Destroyers
whose forms and appearances are as gigantic black veiled Heads with Horns, and hideous eyes
seen through the veil, and they are followed by evil centaurs. These are also called Seriel, from
Esau, because of their hairiness.

The Second Palace

contains Chesed, unto which are attrib​uted the Gagh Shekelah, the Disturbing Ones, and their
sym​bolic forms are those of black cat-headed giants. They are also called Aziel, Charariel and

The Third Palace

contairieth Geburah, whereunto are attributed Golahab, or Burners with Fire, otherwise called
Zaphiel, and their forms are those of enormous black heads like a volcano in eruption.

The Fourth Palace

contairieth Tiphareth whereunto are attributed Zamiel, and they are great black giants, ever
work​ing against each other.

The Fifth Palace

contained Netzach. whereunto are attrib​uted the Ghoreb Zereq, or Displeasing ravens. Their
form is that of hideous demon-headed Ravens issuing from a volcano, also called Getzphiel.

The Sixth Palace

contained Hod, whereunto are referred to the Samael or Deceivers (Jugglers), whose form is
that of dull, demon headed dog like monsters.

The Seventh palace

contained Yesod and Malkuth. Unto Yesod are referred the Gamaliel, or Obscene bull-men,
linked together. Thereunto are also referred Nachashiel, evil serpents, and Obriel. Thereunto
belongeth the Blind Dragon-force.
Unto Malkuth is attributed Lilith, the Evil Woman and the appearance is that of a woman at first
beautiful, but afterwards changing to a black monkey-like demon. The name of the ser​pent,
Nachash, hath the same number as that of Messiah, who will root out the Qlippoth from the

The Dark Chiefs of the Adverse Sephiroth

Kether - Adar Moloch
Binah - Beelzebub
Chokmah - Lucifuge
Chesed - Ashtaroth
Geburah - Asmodeus
Tiphereth - Belphegor
Netzach - Baal
Hod - Adramalech
Yesod - Lilith
Malkuth - Nahemah