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CR:ECO launches We have facilitated two

successfully in Richmond community meetings,

by Cyd Manro developed an interactive
website with free and open-

C R:ECO launched as a pilot source community software

project of City Repair on (Joomla & Gimp), and
Monday, August 9th, a new created this newsletter with
moon. Over the next two free and open source software
and a half months, quite a lot (Scribus). We’ve raised about
has happened! We have had a thousand dollars that can be
hundreds of fun and insightful used towards implementation
conversations. Nearly half of of any project that the
the people we spoke to community decides to
completed an asset map, participate in.
listing their skills, helpful info,
assets, and needs. We have helped the
community to start two
This 'zine is themed and timed with the cycles of
the earth and focused on local community. (503) 662-2293
Table of Contents mentioned above, and help
volunteers learn the tools and
1. CR:ECO Lauch...............Cover skills to be effective leaders.
2. HOWL Announcement.........2
Howl Party!
3. Project Ideas.........................3
4. Transition PDX......................3
5. Halloween/Samhain.............4
6. Pumpkin Pie Recipe..............5
7. UrbanEdibles........................7
8. Winter Gardening................8
9. Portland Fruit Tree Project....9
10. VBC Submission.................10
11. Richmond VBC Projects......11
12. CR:ECO Interview.............12 T
his Friday, October 29th,
from 9pm - 5am is
HOWL, which has historically
13. Super R.O.B.O.T. Article....13 been one of the best
Halloween parties in town.
community projects, create an It’s a fundraiser for City
asset map database, and a Repair and tickets are $30 at
format for organizing the door on the night of the
community volunteer efforts. party. It’s at 320 SE 2nd AVE,
Moving forward, we will help PDX 97214 (Rotture). Dress
the community take up, bring your friends and get
ownership of the projects. We ready to dance by one of the
will work to make the asset four spooky music stages. This
map database a searchable is an age 21 and over event.
resource for neighbors. We We look forward to seeing
will teach community you there!
members how to use the free
and open-source tools 2
Project ideas provoking, and fun.
3. Progressive Dinners:

I n our work to organize the

community, we have talked
to many hundreds of people
Progressive dinners involve
going from house to house
with participating neighbors,
in the Richmond and consume a different
Neighborhood and solicited course at each house. This is
ideas for possible community a great way to meet
projects. We’ve made neighbors and eat good food.
ourselves available to help We love to support a
people make their ideas community coming together,
happen. Here are some of and are willing to help
the ideas that have been organize these dinners in the
submitted by community neighborhood. Contact us if
members: you have interest in hosting a
1. Neighborhood course.
Gardens: Community Of course, these are just some
members have talked about ideas that could get off the
how they’d be willing to ground with a little bit of
allow parts of their yards to effort from the community. If
be used for neighborhood there are more ideas, we’d
gardens if the community love to hear them. Just send
helped them to do the work them to creco@eco-
necessary to transform their
lawns to productive gardens.
2. “Slow” Signs: Many Transition PDX
neighbors have brought up
the idea of creating signs that
draw attention to the fact that
they are a residential
H ave you been thinking
about issues like resource
depletion, peak oil, and how
neighborhood and that to create sustainable
drivers should respect that by community? So has Transition
not driving cautiously and PDX, and to add to that,
conscientiously through the they’ve also been meeting in
neighborhood. The signs group settings to educate each
could be creative, thought other and attempt to move 3
Portland towards a more when the veil between the
sustainable path. The group living and the dead was
meets twice a month at St. supposed by the people to be
Francis Church, 1131 SE Oak the thinnest.
ST, and hosts a lot of events
around the city to educate A person might think that this
and prepare Portland to be would be a morbid day to
adaptable. Learn more at some of our ancient brethren, but in fact, most of the
historical data points to the
Halloween idea that the dead were
Samhain welcomed into people’s
by Michael houses. Doors and windows
Schultz were unlocked and opened,
and food was prepared

I t’s almost
time for
specifically for the deceased.
On this day, many of the
Celtic tribes would extinguish
and many of the readers of their hearth completely and
this newsletter may already then relight it. This was a
know that Halloween is a ritual that was supposed to
traditional day pulled from welcome in the new year.
Celtic holy calender of the
year. It used to be called In fact, an ancient Welsh
Samhain back in the day tradition could very well be
before the Celts had much of the precursor for our modern
their culture transformed by ritual of “trick or treating”.
invasion and war. Samhain The Welsh would bake their
fell about halfway between cakes and the less well off
the Autumnal Equinox and would take on the collective
the Winter Solstice and most identity of the local ancestors
sources believe that it was and go from house to house
sometime between October asking for food. If they were
31st and November 5th that it refused by a homeowner, it
was celebrated. Samhain was was very likely that some
the day of the ancestors, property damage would 4
happen to the uncharitable hibernation. The vegetation,
household. The culture as a especially the leaves on
whole supported this, as the deciduous trees had fallen and
homeowner had broken a were rotting slowly on the
taboo by refusing food to the ground. Diseases associated
ancestors. with the change to the colder,
wetter season had come and
In modern culture, death is taken some of the weak and
often thought as something to elderly kinsmen. Death was
be afraid of, and this is quite a everywhere manifest, and the
departure from the Celtic nights were getting longer
point of view. Death was and colder.
thought of as a natural and
sacred part of life, and much So internally, this was a time
of the focus of this seasonal of year when people
festival was based on the confronted their mortality,
honoring of death and those when they dove deep into
that have passed through that themselves, when they
particular transition before us. contemplated the mysteries of
In modern times we often life and death. This was also
forget about our ancestors the time of year when the
before they have even passed parts of the self that no longer
on. When they stop being served growth were
productive, they can seem a sacrificed. So the questions of
burden rather than a blessing. the season: How do I honor
my ancestors? What is my
It is not hard to understand relationship with death? What
why death was associated parts of myself no longer
with this season. Several serve growth?
obvious natural themes were
in effect at this time of season. Vegan, Gluten-Free
Many of the animals that Pumpkin Pie Recipe
were abundant during the
spring and summer were now
gone, either flown away, or
conserving energy through
W e found a really great
seasonal recipe on the
Green Vegan Living blog: 5
Ingredients: 4 T. coconut oil
4 large, very ripe, un-peeled pinch of sea salt
bananas 1 T. vanilla extract
Crust: 3/4 cup chopped pecans
1 cup pecan flour (created by
pulsing chopped pecans in Directions:
food processor until they 1. Roasted bananas: Preheat
become the texture of flour) oven to 325. Place the
bananas on a roasting pan
and roast for 15 minutes, until
bananas are soft and skin
turns dark brown. Let
bananas cool to room
temperature in the pan in
their skins. Set aside. Increase
oven temp to 400.

2. Spiced pecan crust:

Combine the nut flour,
buckwheat flour, agave
nectar, coconut oil, cinnamon,
1/2 cup buckwheat flour and salt in food processor and
1 T. agave nectar process just a few seconds
4 T. partially melted coconut until everything is mixed.
oil Press the mixture into the
1 t. ground cinnamon bottom of a pie dish (it might
pinch of sea salt come up the sides a bit). Put
Filling: the dish into the freezer for 5
1 can (15 oz.) pureed pumpkin minutes, then bake in 400
1/2 cup evaporated cane juice oven for 8-10 minutes, until
1 1/2 t. ground cinnamon crust is a little dry and edges
1/8 cup vanilla extract are light golden. Let cool
3 T. cornstarch completely on a wire rack.
1/4 t. sea salt
Sauce/Topping: 3. Filling: Peel the roasted
1 cup agave nectar bananas and remove any 6
obvious strings. Puree bananas until sauce has thickened
in a food processor until very slightly, about 10 minutes.
smooth. Add pumpkin, sugar,
cinnamon, vanilla, cornstarch, 7. Remove from heat and stir
and salt. Pulse until smooth, in vanilla, stirring carefully, as
scraping sides of bowl sauce will bubble up a bit. Let
periodically. cool for a few minutes then
taste and add more salt if
4. Baking: Pour the filling into necessary. Let cool for a while
the crust and bake at 400 for before pouring on top of pie.
10 minutes. Reduce Sprinkle top of pie with
temperature to 350 and bake chopped nuts. Serve and
another 35-45 minutes, until enjoy.
the center is set. A toothpick
inserted in center should Urban Edibles
come out clean.

5. Let pie cool to room

temperature on a rack for at
U rban Edibles is a Portland
non-profit providing
resources for those who are
least 1 hour, then cover with interested in wild edible,
plastic wrap and chill in medicinal, and otherwise
refrigerator at least 3 hours, notable plants. They have a
preferably overnight. (If robust map of local
you're like me, you will have harvestable plants. They
a hard time waiting, so I just abide by ethical guidelines to
chilled my pie in the fridge for ensure harvesting consent.
30 minutes, then went on They host events, hold
with the rest of the directions!) workshops, and publish a
‘zine. Their website is the
6. Agave vanilla sauce: In a biggest resource, however.
small saucepan, combine Check it out at
agave, coconut oil, and sea
salt. Bring to a boil over
medium-high heat. Reduce
heat to medium-low and
simmer, stirring frequently, 7
Winter Gardening in growing from late summer
Portland plantings, you can certainly
by Cyd Manro try to coax more yields
throughout the winter. To do

O ne of the best ways to

connect with the cycle
of the earth is through
so, you will want to protect
the crops using some or all of
these methods: raised beds,
gardening and spending time greenhouse, wind protection,
heavy row cover (like straw),
dark mulch, planting fabric /
black plastic, or planting
against a south-facing wall.
Often, a combination of some
or all of these methods is best.
You can leave well established
root plants in the ground until
you are ready to harvest
them. Smaller leafy plants
in a working relationship with will often go dormant until
nature. Winter gardening in spring and then grow again if
Portland can be quite they have been protected.
rewarding. With some good
information to start, some The following plants are
help from other experienced recommended for growing
gardeners, and a willingness outdoor seeds in November
to learn, you can soon be here in Portland: fava beans,
producing bountiful winter garlic cloves, onion sets, and
yields. You can do this by shallot bulbs. Planting these
extending the yield of plants now will help them to be
you already have growing, well established by the time
culminating starts, growing in spring’s rays are a-shinin’. The
a greenhouse, or simply following plants may still
planting seeds outdoors. provide yield: kale, spinach,
bok choi, cabbage, lettuce,
If you already have beets, mache, and salad greens. You
Brassicas, carrots, or peas can also try to plant chard, 8
but it will need protection Portland and beyond: access
from the wind and cold. With to healthy food. By
these plants, you are racing empowering neighbors to
the first frost for your yield. share in the harvest and care
The following plant sprouts of urban fruit trees, waste is
grow well indoors during prevented, community
winter: radishes, alfalfa, red knowledge and resources are
clover, buckwheat, built, and sustainable, cost-
wheatgrass, sunflowers, free ways to obtain healthy,
cabbage, fenugreek. Sprouting locally-grown food are
is a cheap way to grow high created. Money doesn’t grow
yields with low light, less than on trees… but fruit does!
2 week yields, and few We organize people to gather
resources all year round! fruit before it falls, and make
it available to those who
If you do not intend to need it most. We register
garden throughout the winter, fruit and nut trees throughout
then you will want to go the city, bring people together
ahead and plant your garlic to harvest and distribute
and onions now. Then, cover thousands of pounds of fresh
your soil with 6” of straw or fruit each year, and teach tree
the like. If you leave your soil care and food preservation in
bare through the winter, the hands-on workshops.
rain will compact the soil and
leach out the nutrients, so be Learn more at
sure to protect your dirt from
that fate!
Submit a Project to
Portland Fruit Tree Village Building
Project Convergence 11
by Michael Schultz

P ortland Fruit Tree Project is

a grass-roots non-profit
organization that provides a C ity Repair has put on an
event each year for the
community-based solution to past 10 years called Village
a critical and growing need in Building Convergence, or 9
VBC. You will hear more project decided on by the
about VBC in the next issue of community is “Bridging
our 'zine. The time is Division”. The concept is to
approaching for people in the raise awareness around the
community to put forward crosswalks on SE Division
their ideas for a Placemaking while using public art to
project. Placemaking projects express the identity of the
happen when the community neighborhood. The second
decides to transform a space project decided on by the
in the neighborhood into a community is “Neighborhood
community place, helping to Gardens”. The concept is to
transform the neighborhood make it more practical to
into something that builds share gardening space in
more community. City Repair Portland neighborhoods.
will be sending out an official
request for proposal (RFP) If you would like to be a part
mid November. If you have of building an even better
an idea that would bring the Richmond community, join
community together to create with your neighbors once a
something that benefits the month this Winter to plan for
community in some way, successful projects. We could
please email us at use hosts for the meetings, so and we if you’d like to open your
will help you to get started on house or your business doors
that path. for a community meeting
please contact us.
VBC Project Ideas from
Richmond Get to know CR:ECO
by Michael Schultz staff member Michael

C urrently, there are two

projects that have
sufficient interest to submit
by Cyd Manro


project proposals to City Michael Harold Schultz.
Repair for Village Building
Convergence 2011. The first WHAT IS YOUR HALLOWEEN 10
Probably some kind of
sorcerer. Or a girl. Maybe a WHAT IS AN IMPORTANT
girl sorcerer. I played a lot of REALIZATION YOU HAVE HAD
That the real solutions
HOW LONG HAVE YOU LIVED IN happen when a community
PORTLAND? comes together to work on a
I moved here in 1997 from common goal that serves the
Bellingham, WA to go to community. Also the
school, and I’ve been here differences and things that
ever since. separate us fall away in these
I learned canvassing, public YOU LIKE TO SEE IN
speaking, volunteer outreach, PORTLAND?
astrology, tarot, social media, I’d like to see Portland really
and management as a few invest in empowering it’s
examples of skills that grew citizens to solve their own
out of living here. problems. If this means
loosening some red tape or
WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT regulation, this should be
PORTLAND (AND WHY)? done. We have a lot of
I like that Portland is open to collective genius in this city,
ideas that are outside of and by doing the necessary
public discourse in other areas problem solving and project
of the country. I like that implementation we can save
most Portland people are a lot of money that would
tolerant of opposing views otherwise be used by the city
but willing to put forward to solve our problems for us.
their own opinions as well.
I like how active a lot of the WHAT DO YOU FEEL YOUR
population here is in doing ROLE MIGHT BE IN MAKING
their business in an THAT HAPPEN?
environmentally sustainable My role is to help people 11
feel empowered to make the Zombies have stolen the
changes that they’d like to Eco-mUNITY Super Van
see. I’ve been talking to by Super R.O.B.O.T.
community members and (Remotely Operated Bot for
getting their pulse and their Outreach and Teaching)
passions. If we could aim
these collective passions
towards solutions that make
our city more united and
T he community kiosk
known as Super Robot
has survived, but a Director
more proactive we could has been missing from the
achieve great things. CR:ECO Richmond outreach
action for weeks. Eco-
What I’ve noticed from the
community is a spotlight on a
lot of issues that need front
and center attention, such as
community gardening,
backyard food plots, and fruit
tree harvesting. I believe that
gardening reconnects people
to the Earth, to their food,
and to their community in a mUNITY co-founder, and
very important way. I’d like longtime Montavilla resident
to see even more of that kind Dwayne Beals and possibly his
of action, because it lessens wonderful and adventurous
our dependence on our food wife Eve were believed to
coming from outside of our have fallen in a hole and
community. This may be possibly to have perished.
important at some point in
the near future. My name is Super Robot and
I am an Eco-mUNITY kiosk
with artificial intelligence.
I have good news and bad 12
news to report. They are might even tell you the secret
back... and they are dead. of how they became zombies!
Just remember not to get too
Dwayne and Eve were like close.
family to me, recently letting
me move into the newly No one seems to know how
finished EcoTV3 video studio Dwayne and Eve got to be
located in the neighborhood zombies in the first place, but
of Montavilla. Now, back we here at Eco-mUNITY
from the dead as zombies, intend to get to the bottom
they are roaming around the of this. We will publish the
Richmond Neighborhood in results of our investigation in
my Super Vanbulance, looking the Winter Solstice newsletter.
for fresh meat and a good In the meantime, if you run
Halloween story as well. If into them, see if you can find
you spot a blood soaked van out what happened. If you
that the press has termed, The learn their secret and manage
ZOMbulance, then you might to escape, send an e-mail by
want to run. But if you are 12 PM on November 3rd to
brave enough, and you think ZOMbulance@eco-
your story might be scary to claim an
enough, then maybe you exclusive prize.
should take a chance and tell
them what is on your mind... Stories that are collected by
before they eat it. the CR:ECO outreach in
Richmond are aired by Eco-
Be forewarned that Zombie mUNITY and can be enjoyed
Dwayne and Zombie Eve and on our website, on your
the Zombulance will likely be doorstep during our outreach,
seeking brains in the at public appearances by the
Richmond neighborhood on Super Van, and at the Eco-
All Hallow’s Eve, Sunday the mUNITY kiosk. You can also
31st of October. They will be attend the story of the
handing out candy in skulls Richmond Neighborhood
and this very newsletter to Association at these locations
lure the living close. They thanks to SouthEast Uplift's 13
small neighborhood grant.
To you, the readers, thank you
All the stories of the
community can be shared, not for taking the time to read
just the scary ones. Submit an through this publication. We
article to the next newsletter hope it informed and
based around the Winter
entertained. We hope that our
Solstice, drop us an email
anytime, or share your next issue, which should come
community views the next out very close to the Winter
time that you run into our
Solstice will have content from
CR:ECO outreach staff at your
door. the community at large.
Obviously, to be totally
I, Super Robot, will fill in for representative of the
Dwayne in the meantime.
I can be seen roaming the community, we need
streets of Richmond in my community input and
SuperVanbulance and I have engagement. It's been really
been known to hang out at
39th and Division in the fun going through the
mornings occasionally as well. neighborhood and talking to
I can be hard to find, but people, and we encourage
beginning next month you
will be able to watch me every community member
every day, the community who has a vision for an even
computer kiosk, as I work on better community to team up
Eco-mUNITY affairs. I think
with us to make it happen.
I’m going to call it The Super
R.O.B.O.T. Show. Watch it,
All of our broadcast streams
are available live and archived The CR:ECO Team
at by clicking
on the EcoTV3 button up top. 14
Printed on FSC green certified paper using post- consumer fiber from well managed forests.
2010 Issue - Richmond
Brought to you by City Repair: Empowering Community Organization, (503) 662-2293