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Toldot – Generations.

Gen. 25: 19 – 28: 9.

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I. This Torah portion will not yield its’ treasures with common surface
mining that the KJV or any other translation affords. To extract the
revelation hidden away from the casual student one must delve into the
Hebrew language. Let me give you scripture to support my premise, that Sod
level revelation is not available to the casual student: By the way, Sod in
Hebrew, #5475, means counsel, confidentiality that comes only by intimacy!

Gen. 3: 23 Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the Garden of
Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.

ֶ ‫עֹבד‬
ֲ ‫עֶדן ַֽל‬
ִ ‫הים‬ ִ ‫אֹל‬
ֱ ‫חהּו ְיהָוה‬
ֵ ‫ַֽוְישְַּׁל‬
‫שם׃‬ ָּֽׁ ‫מ‬
ִ ‫שר ֻלַּקח‬
ֶׁ ‫א‬
ֲ ‫מה‬ ָ ‫אָד‬ֲ‫ה‬ ָ
Vayeshalchehu YHVH Elohim miGan-Eden la'avod et-ha'adamah asher
lukach misham.

Let’s look at the Hebrew language.

• Forth, #7971, ‫ שלח‬shalach, to send away, dismiss, cast out – divorce.

The numerical value of Shalach, 338 (Shin – 300, Lamed – 30 – Chet – 8) is the
same as the word, ‘Lebush’, which can mean garment, wife, spouse. So, who is
being sent away? The Spouse/Wife of YHVH.

The root of Shalach is Shin – Lamed, Sal, #7944, sin, error, the idea of this
word is that of GREAT ERROR and is seen only once in 2 Sam. 6:7 where
Uzzah touches the Ark in an inappropriate manner. This explains the
expulsion of the Bride who dealt with the Ark/Yahshua in the Holy of Holies –
the Garden of Eden – in an inappropriate manner! (2Cor. 4:2).
• Till, #5647, ‫` עבד‬abad, to serve, work, as a slave (#5650, ebed). The
length of one’s slavery was 6 years [a day is as a 1000 years, 2Pet. 3:8, Ps.
90:4] thus, hinting at the 6,000 years of Man’s bondage because of this Sin!
The root word, Ayin – Bet can also mean clay. This “word play” sounding like
AV or Father, hints at one who was our father molded from Clay! The
gematria of Av, Ayin – Bet is 72, the same as the word Chesed, mercy,

• Ground, #127, ‫' אדמה‬adamah, ground from #119, Adam, to be red,

literally, Ad, #108, the living water/mist that watered the ground & dam,
blood. It was the living water/Blood of Messiah that flowed into the Adam
making him alive. The ‘AH’ suffix implies to be fruitful, reproduce. The
gematria of Adamah = 50, jubilee, restoration!

• Taken, #3947,‫ לקח‬laqach, to take, seize, to take as in marriage. The

gematria of this word, 138 (Lamed – 30, Qoph – 100, Chet – 8) is equal to the
word, Chanep, #2611, meaning profane, filthy. One whose moral uncleanness
separates him from YHVH.

The Bride has been divorced from The Contents of the Ark of the Covenant
(The Torah, Word, Wedding Contract) and for 6000 years will be slaves to the
Flesh of Clay, until the One who grants mercy, sprinkles the Living Water
mingled with Blood, thus restoring those whose uncleanness separated them
from their Husband in Marriage!

Those Contents were written in HEBREW!!

Back to Toldot!!

II. Since we’ve established the need to search the Hebrew meaning of
these words, (it alone will yield the deep, hidden mysteries) we’ll
begin with Toldot. It is translated ‘generations’.

• Generations, #8435, ‫תולדות‬, from #3205, yalad, meaning to bear, bring forth
fruit, to beget. The Tav affixed to the front indicates a 3rd person future
tense; you will, she will, (He –Messiah, will) bring forth fruit in the Future.
He became the Firstborn among many brethren!
*Note, in the center of the word is the Root Stem, Lamed – Dalet, the lamed
representing the Shepherds’ staff and the dalet that of a door. Thus, you see
the Shepherd at the Door. There is a Vav, the connector, or humbled man, on
either side as well as, a Tav on either side. If you will, “The Covenant Man,
the Shepherd at the Door became our (re) Connector to the Covenant!

Although we’re looking at Isaac here, we know he is a shadow picture of

Messiah. Interestingly, while this Parsha mentions Isaac’s generations, it
begins with Abraham. So, let’s examine this for a short time.

Abraham the Hebrew.

A. He is first called ‘Hebrew’ in Gen. 14: 13. Hebrew is from

#5627, Eber, to cross over, to stand against, to stand in
opposition. Eber is mentioned in Gen. 10: 25 as having two
sons, Peleg, #6389, ‫ פלג‬Peleg, division. It is cognate with
#6382, Pele’, a masc. noun meaning a wonder, miracle, a
marvel and is always seen within the context of connected
to the Word of YHVH. The second son, Joktan, #3355,
‫ יקטן‬Yoqtan, meaning small, diminished (a remnant?)
Now, in keeping with the way we started this teaching, the ARK and its
contents - the Hebrew Language - becomes the point of separation!
Because Eber stood in opposition, the Earth became divided over the
Marvelous Language of YHVH and only a Remnant remained connected
to it (HEBREW)! These were the ones who would work the ground
(Adamah) from whence they were taken!!! Remember Man is called Adam
because he was taken from here. Literally interpreted the Aleph attached
means, “I Will”. The root stem, Dam, means blood. The Hey appended on
the end infers both the ability to produce fruit (womb) and also gives
direction. This word then can mean, “I Will (shed) THE BLOOD that the
Womb may live”. Blood is congealed light/word; Light that was spiritual is
now made flesh! Therefore, we’re to “till” – abad – SERVE, OBEY
(obedience) this LIGHT SOURCE the Torah!

Are you a Hebrew?

Remember these stood in opposition (eber) to Nimrod, #5248, meaning ‘the
rebellious one’. How did they do that? Yahshua gave the example: Matt. 4:
4, It is written, man doesn’t live by bread alone, but by every word that
proceeds out of the Mouth of YHVH the language the Hebrews speak!

He (Nimrod) is also associated with both Babylon and Assyria!

Incidentally, Nimrod is cognate with #5246, Namer, a masc. noun meaning
Leopard, one of the Beasts seen in both Daniel and Revelation. This
Leopard is connected to the Ancient Kingdom of Alexander the Great and
Greece, but, in fact encompassed Greece, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and
North Africa!!! Could it be the descendant of Abraham THE OPPOSER,
Isaac, will produce fruit in the future – our day, who will also stand against
THE REBELLIOUS ONE? Is it possible that the Restoration of the
Hebrew Language, the tongue of Eden, will again cause a worldwide
division? Zeph. 3:8,9.

It is no coincidence that a derivative of Peleg can also indicate an abundant

flow of OIL – Oil is the blood of the earth, that will sever between the
Nations, while the Blood of the ADAMAH judges them! It is the Hebrew
language that will help to tell the difference between Messiah and Anti-
Messiah. For instance, the Gematria of Nimrod = 294, (Nun – 50, Mem –
40, Resh – 200, Dalet – 4). The same as Melchizedek the King of

Why refer to Abraham?

A. There is an intriguing puzzle being revealed here! Abraham and Sarah

are shadow pictures of both Adam & Eve and also YHVH and His Bride.
While Isaac & Rebekah represent the 2nd Adam & Eve known as Messiah and
His Bride! Back in our previous Torah portion Chayeh Sarah, went noted that
Sarah dies at the time of Isaac’s being offered as a sacrifice. I personally
believe she died immediately before – fulfilling Gen. 3 where Eve ‘dies’ upon
eating from the Tree of Carnal knowledge – opening the door for YHVH to
slaughter THE LAMB!

Gen. 22: 8 Abraham tells Isaac, YHVH will provide Himself a lamb thereby
redeeming the Bride by His death, burial, resurrection. Isaac becomes the 2nd
ADAM, replacing Abraham – where then, is the 2nd Eve replacing Sarah?
It is front of our faces! The previous Torah portion is divided in half the first
part deals with Sarah’s death while the latter part deals with Rebekah. Let’s
examine the Hebrew language.

Gen. 23: 6. …none of us shall withhold from thee his sepulcher…

‫את־ִקְבֹרו ֹֽלאִי־ְכֶלה‬
ֶ Et kebero lo-yikalah.
You see the Aleph-Tav the Covenant One, connected (hyphen) to the word
kebero, the vav suffix means ‘his’. The word keber is #6913, meaning to bury. It
is related to its cousins #6895, qabah, to curse & #6896, qebah, the belly! To
curse the belly (the adulterous bride – Eve/Sarah). The word ‘lo’ means NOT,
while yikalah is the phrase translated as not withhold. However, #3607,
‫ כלא‬kala', could be translated as ‘my bride’! Thus, you could read this phrase as:
“It is the Aleph-Tav, his burial – not my Bride”. He – Messiah pays her death
penalty! This immediately paves the way for the Resurrection of Sarah who has
physically died! Do we see her again? YESSSSS!

This chapter is divided between Sarah/Rebekah forming a mirror. Example: if

you’ve seen Yahshua - Isaac you’ve seen YHVH and Adam. Thus, if you’ve seen
the Bride - Rebekah you’ve seen Eve! HOW SO?

Gen. 23: 4 look at the phrase, ‘that I may bury my dead’ ‫תי‬
ֵ ‫אְקְּבָרה‬
ֶ ‫ְו‬
word ‘keber’ is seen dozens of times …if you move the Resh - the Head, the First
or Chief One, (in this instance, Sarah) you have ‫ רבקה‬Ribqah #7259, Rebekah!

Gen. 24:67. Isaac takes Rebekah into Sarah’s Tent. Messiah takes His Bride into
the TENT OF EVE – Back to Eden. The Sages declare that both Abraham
(YHVH) and Isaac (Yahshua) lost nothing in the exchange. Rebekah became
both the “Mother of all Living” to continue the Birthright and Wife”!! What you
see is a picture of the Resurection - Rebekah receiving a new Body – she’s taken
into the TENT – Tabernacle of SARAH/EVE and returned to Eden. 2Cor. 5:1.

Controversial Statement Warning!

The Shadow picture gets more intriguing! Since Abraham is a type of YHVH,
who takes two wives, Sarah & Hagar, it also pictures the Covenant wife and the
wife of the Flesh! Hagar, # 1904 is not defined in the Strong’s. One has to do
some digging. It is a cousin to #1898, hagah, meaning to remove, to take away, to
separate, as in removing droos or impurities from silver. It refers to YHVH
driving away the rebellious. Abarim Publications says: To take flight, a
sojourner, the dragged away one. She was from Egypt – typifying sin! Thus, she
pictures a future Israel – 10 northern tribes who are separated from the Bridal
Company – While Judah remains in Covenant! It is this separated Bride – the
Lost Sheep – ewe, #7354, ‫ רחל‬Rachel, Gen. 29: 6, Rachel comes with the Sheep,
(this word is different!!!) #6629, ‫ צאן‬tso'n, sheep, a migration, shepherd. It is a
cousin to #6726, ‫ ציון‬Tsiyown, the City of David. The place of grafting – the
pierced place! David continues this picture. Bathsheba, the House of the
Covenant – while Absalom (the false peace) steals his other wife. Solomon,
Shlomo – Shalom – Peace, continues when he has 700 wives and 300 concubines.
700 + 300 = 1000, Aleph – Pele, #6382, the marvelous, wonderful, (language) that
brings light & division. Aleph also equals ONE! Thus, Yahshua completes the
unification of the House – Bride into the Head or Adam, placing her back into
her rightful place in Eden!


III. What do we really know about this Isaac? If he is a forerunner of

Messiah, then it behooves us to learn him.

• Isaac, #3327, ‫ יצחק‬Yitschaq, translated as ‘he laughs’, the

root is from #6711, tsachaq, to laugh. However, the root
stem is the key, #6703, tsaq, Tzade – Chet. It refers to
making something clear, obvious, distinct, as a bright light
shining upon something. It carries with it the weight of its
cognates, barren, exposed, parched. Indicating that though
a barren place, bereft of fruit, the womb of Sarah and Eve –
YHVH can spark laughter, Joy, that will water the Seed!
*NOTE Is. 52:9.

Break forth into joy, sing together, ye waste places of Jerusalem:

for the LORD hath comforted his people, he hath redeemed

• Break Forth, #6476, ‫ פצח‬patsach, to break out, break in

pieces. How? The Pey = Mouth, breath, released word. It is
related to #6453, ‫ פסח‬pecach, Passover! Their numerical
value helps to understand the minute difference in spelling.
It is Isaac who is born and offered on Pesach!

Patsach, Pey-80, Tzade-90, Chet-8 = 178 Pecach, Pey-80, Samech-60, Chet –8

= 148. 178 is the gematria of the Hebrew spelling of the root of Jacob, with the
vav vowel point. `Aqov, Ayin, Qoph, Vav, Bet.

148 is the gematria of the word mozaniym, meaning scales. Thus, it pictures
the House of Jacob being weighed in the balance. Ironically, if you subtract
148 from 178 it equals 30, the gematria of Yehudah (Judah). It is spelled, Yod,
Hey, Vav, Dalet, Hey: Only one letter different than YHVH, the Dalet or door
in the center. Ironically, Yahshua is betrayed by Judah & Judas (Judah) for
30 pieces of silver, #3701, kesef. Which can also mean to desire, to long for.

The Shadow picture being painted is that of Isaac becoming a doorway for
future generations or Seed. The enemy is cunning and immediately offers a
counterfeit or Serpent Seed fulfilling Gen. 3: 15.

Jacob & Esau.

IV. Gen. 25: 21 - 22, 23 remind us of the struggle of Rebekah during her
pregnancy. The word BARREN is key here:

• Barren, #6135, ‫` עקר‬aqar, sterile, no seed. This word carries the weight
of its cousins, #6131, 32, 33, which infer to ‘pluck up by the root; tear up, to
root out. Rebekah, Sarah, Rachael, Hannah and others suffered from this
malady. Yet, each had a specific word spoken to them before conception.
Could the enemy have been responsible for “taking away the seed sown in their
hearts?” Mk. 4: 15. In this case with Rebekah, the seed of the serpent – Esau is
also sown! The majority of today’s Church’s are barren and infertile! YHVH
is restoring the Womb. *Note Zeph. 3: 9. For then will I turn to the people
a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to
serve him with one consent.

The word serve, #5647, Abad, also means to obey. The word one, #259, Echad,
has a gematria of 13 the number of the Bride. Echad can also mean #258, to
go one way or the other, like the Sword of YHVH – the Word. This is the
language of Eden. The Sword stood at the Gates to prevent those who were
carnal from entering. It is this Word that severs between us and the ONE
whom we are to OBEY!

She Conceives, #2029, ‫ הרה‬harah, to conceive, become pregnant. *Note the
root stem, Hey-Resh, #2022, har, mountain. The ‘Hey’ suffix is directional
pointing to the mountain. It was at the Mt. Sinai that Israel received the Seed
of Torah. The Fruit from the Tree of Life, the DNA of YHVH! It is this
picture of Rebekah and Isaac and two distinct seed, that remind us of Adam
& Eve in the Gan (garden) Eden. James 1:21 receive with meekness the
engrafted, GK. #1721, emphutos, from a root meaning, to ‘puff or blow’ to
swell as in the released breath – a resuscitation!

There are other subtle connections here between Rebekah and Eve. For
instance, the word “mother – em”, #517, ‫' אם‬em, Gen. 3:20, 28:5, this is
the only two places in Genesis where this precise word is used! Eve is
declared the mother of all living, yet the serpents’ seed is in the womb.

Again, a connection to the Word/Seed/Language of the Creator, the

Fruit from the Tree of Life – the Torah of the Ark, the Hebrew
Language is seen linking the two. Let’s look further:


As in the garden, Adam/Isaac is in Rebellion having made the Fruit of the

Tree of the Knowledge of good and evil – THE SERPENT – his pleasure.
According to Rashi, Esau’s skill as a hunter was to kill and deceive his father
with his mouth/words Jn. 10: 10. Esau, the man of the field, was like the
Serpent who was more deceptive than all the beasts of the field. The field was
the habitat for both the cunning of the Snake and Esau. Isaac had become
addicted to the venomous game of Esau: Isaac would eat from Esau’s food
and his spiritual vision would be diminished. He knew the Promise went to
Jacob not Esau. In this last day, many will eat the Food of the Serpent and be
deceived regarding their Birthright!

Gen. 25: 27, Esau is a man of the field, as was the Serpent, Gen. 3:1.
Jacob is called a ‘plain’ man dwelling in a tent.
There are a few words calling our attention.

• Cunning, #3045, ‫ ידע‬yada`, to know, to learn, to discern. The

primary use means know relationally and experientially. It carries
the connotation of knowing someone sexually! Not coincidentally,
Esau takes two wives from the Hittites, one of the 7 Nations of
Nephillim in Canaan that are slated for destruction by YHVH.

This word, Hittite, derives from #2845, Chet, meaning terror and

• Field, #7704, ‫ שדה‬sadeh, field, domain. Its root stem is #7701,

Sod, meaning violence, destruction, desolation, spoil, wasting. It is
related to #7702, sadad, a verb indicating to harrow, to break up
the ground. Covering Seed, or destroying Seed. It is also the same
3 consonants as the Name Shaddai, #7706. Thus, it is YHVH who
either destroys or breaks up fallow ground, destroying the
Serpent’s Seed!

• Plain, #8535, ‫ תם‬tam, perfect, complete, sound, wholesome,

lacking nothing in physical beauty, strength and one morally

• Tents, #168, ‫' אהל‬ohel, tent, tabernacle, specifically, the

Tabernacle of YHVH. Jacob spent time in the Tents of YHVH
being taught by SHEM, the Torah – language, Word, Hebrew
that had been written, coded in the DNA of the Tree of Life!

Thus, as we close, the only way to access the Birthright is to dwell in the
Tent/Tabernacle of Shem/The Name and be taught the Torah, Language,
Word of YHVH!