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Kaitlyn A. Ellsworth kaitlynellsworth1@gmail.


To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Kaitlyn Ellsworth, and I am interested in applying for positions of being an early childhood/ special education
teacher for the 2019-2020 school year. I graduated from Seton Hill University in May of 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts in
Elementary/ Special Education. I will be certified to teach Early Childhood (PreK- Grade 4) and Special Education (PreK-
Grade 8). During my undergraduate career, I completed field work in a wide variety of school districts in the Greater
Pittsburgh area. I found it important to see different schools and teaching styles in order to learn who I am as an educator.
As a teacher, it is my priority to make sure each student sees the value that they bring to the classroom and learning. I
prioritize the well-being of students and creating a welcoming classroom environment where students can learn
academically, but also socially and emotionally. An emphasis is placed on the development of the whole child. My
approach to teaching and education is getting students involved in the learning process by participating in hands-on
experiences where they can answer higher-level thinking questions, reflect on their educational experiences, and
collaborate with one another. In the classroom, I love to incorporate children’s literature into lessons and create a 21st
century classroom climate.

During my final semester, I completed my student teaching experiences at W.R. Paynter Elementary School in the
Baldwin-Whitehall School District. I completed the first half of student teaching in a 1st grade classroom. Here, I was able
to use Personalized Learning, Project Based Learning, and technology to help students become 21st Century Learners.
This was done through flexible seating options, collaborating with classmates, and the use of technology. The 2nd half of
my student teaching experience continued right down the hall in a Learning Support classroom. Here, I worked with
students in 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade on math instruction. I differentiated learning in order to meet the wide variety of
learners in this classroom and made sure that my lessons matched the curriculum and students’ IEP goals. While teaching,
I incorporated many different Google Resources, including Google Forms, Slides, and Docs. These are created by me and
also by the students I teach. I also used Google Classroom to share resources with students. I also have experience using
Google Expeditions with the View-Master VR glasses to teach cross-curricular lessons. In addition to using G-Suite with
Google Chromebooks, other technology resources I have incorporated into student learning include: Weebly, Book
Creator, iMovie, and coding with BeeBot, Dash, and Dot. These resources were used in both the classroom and during out
of school events.

My work experience makes me a strong candidate for teaching positions and has shaped who I am as a teacher. In the
summer months, I work the STEAM summer camps at the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here, I
have worked a variety of camps with campers that ranged from 6-12 years old. I was able to engage students in the camps
through the use of technology. The camps incorporated a plethora of activities that require students to work in small
groups, collaborate with others, and use the Engineering Design Process. This experience was extremely beneficial, as I
was able to work with students from a variety of school districts in the Pittsburgh area. The skills used here are ideas that I
consistently try to incorporate and practice throughout the school year and summer months.

I strive to create a classroom climate where students feel like they can learn, ask questions, and grow. I am truly
passionate about providing high-quality learning experiences to all students. My experience working in a variety of
settings, experience with technology and the 21st century classroom, and dedication to the teaching profession and the
success of all students make me a strong candidate for a teaching position. I strive to model for students how to be
members of society by being dedicated, professional, and kind. I would be happy to discuss what I can bring to your
educational program in addition to learning more about your school. Thank you!

Best regards,

Kaitlyn Ellsworth