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Activity 1: Classify Me!

Activity 1. 1: Classify Me!

List and identify as many as you can the popular products, festivals and other
trademarks that belongs to the given places.

Processing Question:
a. What help you identify the popular products, festivals and other trademarks of the given
b. How did you know that the identified products, festivals and other trademarks belong to it?

Activity 2: Unlocking of Difficulties…..

Give the meaning of the following words through the use of the phrases in the box.
1. aboy-aboy
2. batya
3. hamtung
4. panghuna-huna
5. panglawasun
6. napaktan
7. tuman
8. matibsul
9. bayong

*a wide container or basin

* a water container made of a bamboo
*being ready as a matured person
*the act of thinking or pondering
*an improvised cradle made of
*the act of guessing
*a pot/jar that is use as container of
*the act of achieving something
*the act of guessing

Activity 3: Read Me!

Melchor F. Cichon
Aboy-aboy, batya and patadyong,
Listen to my heartbeats.
The chain I have with you
Is a cross to my calvary.

My parents told me
To just wipe away my biting tears
And put ice on my swollen lips,
A gift from my husband’s quick fists.
I have become his tail, my parents say,
After I have pressed my thumb
On our marriage contract.
Aboy-aboy, batya and patadyong,
It’s not a sin, isn’t it
To put off my chain from you
And march in the streets
With closed fists?

Ang Pagsulat Bayi

Ni Maria Milagros C. Geremia-Lachica

Ang pagsulat bayi nga hamtung

Sa panghuna-huna, sa panglawasun
Nagapili kang binhi nga timgas;
Ang pagsulat bayi nga naga busong
Indi mapaktan ang baratyagun
'galingin ang ulo, wara't gana magkaun;
Ang pagsulat bayi nga nagabata
Tuman ang kasakit, tuman ang kakulba
Tuman ang kalipay pagguwa ka lapsag;
Ang pagsulat matres kabayi
Nagaluha ka dugo
Kon wara it mahuman.


Ang Bayong kag Banga

By: Flavio Zaragoza Cano

Sugiran ta kamo,kag akon isaysay

Isa ka natabu sa isa ka lin ay,
Matahum sing guya ,sing lawas matibsul ,
Bukad sang kabugaw ,dw bukol sang doldol……

Kong magka-agahon,naga sipit sang banga ,

kay siang magasag-ub sing tubig sa suba……
Banga niya mabilog ,kay diutay sing baba,
Matapuk sing buli kag dali mabuka.

Sa amo nga ti-on,is aka binata,

Kay sia man masag-ub
Sa pang-pang sang suba,
Iya nga nakit-an sang iya paglantaw
Ma anyag nga lin-ay sang gugma gapukaw

Dayon pinatindog bayong nga kawayan

Agud si Inday iya mabuligan…….
Apang sa hinali ang bayong napukan,
Nabu-ong ang banga kay among natup an…….

Gani mga nene, inyo gid amligan

nga’ng inyo banga dili mapukanan
agud sa gihapon kamo may sulodlan
kag kamo may tubig nga sarang maim-nan.

Source: Philippine Literature 2009: Regions,Cultures and Histories

Edited by:Marie Melanie J. Misajon,Seguiban
Printing and Publishing ,Enterprise,Inc,Copyright 2009

Activity 4: Let’s Work Together!

Read the poem and answer the following questions.


1. How did you feel after reading the poem? Are you happy, sad, angry, emotional, contented, and
suffering? Why?
2. After reading the poem, what are the mental images that were formed in your minds?
3. Explain the following lines: What figurative language is used in these lines?
“And put ice on my swollen lips,
A gift from my husband’s quick fists”.
“I have become his tail, my parents say”
4. Who is the speaker in the poem?
5. Describe the speaker in the poem. Is she happy, sad, emotional, contented, and suffering? Cite
phrases from the poem to support your answer.


1. What did you feel after reading the poem?
2. Who/what did you remember as you read the poem?
3. What images can be seen in the poem?
4. How was writing compared to a woman? Cite lines which show comparison.
5. Cite words or phrases from the poem which are observable in the community.


1. What is the text all about?
2. Who is being referred to in the poem?
3. Do you like the poem? Which part of the poem do you like best? Why?
4.If you were the young woman in the poem, would you allow the young man to help you fetch the
water? Why?
5. If you were the young man, would you help the young woman to fetch the water?

Activity 5: Collaboration is Good!

Regrouped and answer collaboratively the given questions:

1. What are the diff literary pieces that you learned today?
2. Who are the authors?
3. Why do we need to read the diff literary pieces of the different regions here in the Philippines?
4. How are you going to show importance or value of the diff literary pieces?

Activity 6: Research

Find pair and do the research work.

Look for at least 3 recent literary pieces that belong to the different province and town of the region.

Activity 7: Paragraph Writing

In a one- half crosswise, answer the given question in essay form.

*As a student, why do you need to be aware of learning other literary pieces from other places?
Direction: You will be graded based on the rubric. Consequently, use the rubric as a guide when
writing your essay and check it again before you submit.

CRITERIA 4 3 2 1
Focus and There is one clear There is one There is one The topic and main
Details ,well-focused topic. clear,well-focused topic.Main ideas ideas are not clear.
Main ideas are clear topic. Main ideas are somewhat
and are well are clear but are clear.
supported by detailed not well supported
and accurate by detailed
information. information.
Organization The introduction is The introduction The introduction There is no clear
inviting. Information is states the main states the main introduction,
relevant and topic and provides topic. A conclusion structure or
presented in a logical an overview of the is included. conclusion.
order. The conclusion paper. A
is strong. conclusion is
Word Choice The author used vivid The author used The author uses The writer uses a
words and phrases. vivid words and words that limited vocabulary.
The choice and phrases. The communicate
placement of words choice and clearly but the
seems placement of writing lacks
accurate,natural,and words is variety.
not forced. innacurate at times
and/or seems
Sentence All snetences are well Most sentences ae Most sentences Sentences sound
structure, constructed and have well constructed are well awkward,are
Grammar, varied structure and and have varied constructed but distractingly
Mechanics and length.The author structure and they have a similar repetitive,or are
Spelling makes no errors in length. The author structure and/or difficult to
grammar,mechanics makes a few length. understand .
and/or spelling. errors in grammar, The author makes The author makes
mechanics and/or several errors in numerous errors in
spelling but they grammar, grammar,
do not interfere mechanics, mechanics,
with and/or spelling that and/or spelling that
understanding. interfere with interfere with
understanding. understanding.

Activity 8: Reflect On Me!

Ask five students to share his/ her learning and reflections regarding the lesson.


Teacher II- SRENHS