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D.S Gunasingha
Faculty of Technology

Deputy registrar
Student welfare Department
University of Sri Jayawardhanapura

Dear Ma’m,
Regarding to unable to sign for Mahapola Scholarship.

I was unable to come to the faculty and sign for the Mahapola scholarship for March because I and few of
my friends were doing an innovation for the INNOVATE Sri Lanka 2019 exhibition sins 28th to 2 of April
staying at a work station. So I am kindly requesting that paying your valuable time and attention please
be kind enough to let me to sign for the Mahapola scholarship,

If I am not given the Mahapola it will be a huge economic problem for me to pay my boarding fees, and
continue my academic works properly. So please considering my kind request and do me a favor.

Yours Sincerely

D.S Gunasingha