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  Example Diet   RDA 

What is your patient currently  What should your patient be 
eating?  eating? 

Calories   1770  1800 - 2400 

Carbohydrate  164.6g  225 - 325g 

Fat  57g  44 - 77g 

Protein  33.6g  46g 

Sodium  1185.4mg  Less than 1500 

Calcium  869mg  1300mg 

  Patient Information  Recommended Averages 

Glucose  75 mg/dL  70-99 mg/dL 

Protein  5.2 g/dL  6-8.3 g/dL 

LDL  90  Less than 100 

HDL  75  Greater than 60 

Triglycerides  140  Less than 150  

Total Cholesterol   165  Less than 200 

Student 2: William Chen 
1. Our patient has a LDL of 90 and HDL of 75, differing in that LDL recommendations is below 100 
because it’s the bad fat and HDL recommendations is above 60 because it’s the good fat. Although both 
are at their recommended range, I would consider the HDL level to be higher because of the numbers 
surrounded both of them, with LDL being 10 away from being not healthy and HDL being 15 away 
from not healthy. Our patient has all the fatty acid groups at their healthy range, but if one or another 
isn’t at their range then cutting(LDL or triglyceride) or increasing(HDL) that fat would be a way to stay 
at a respectable range.  
2. A patient could improve their cholesterol by eating a healthy diet, getting exercise regularly, avoid 
smoking, and maintaining a healthy weight. All of the factors listed helps lowers bad cholesterol. With 
her current cholesterol count, our patient does not need to be too mindful of cholesterol because she is 
at a healthy range of being less than 200. 
3. A patient could increase their fiber intake by eating whole grains product and high fiber fruits such as 
banana, apples, and raspberries. These foods helps lower cholesterol and stabilizes blood glucose 
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