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Jones 1

Logan Jones

Mrs. Kathleen Trace

English 111

26 October 2018

Career Research Essay

Horticulture is the science and cultivation of plants for food, aesthetics, and medicinal

needs and the environmental management that comes with it. This, in most cases, is associated

with the usage of hydroponic labs to not only efficiently cultivate resources quicker, but also

increase understanding of the biological and chemical properties of plants. This is interesting to

me with the coming legalization of cannabis and an ever growing population to feed, horticulture

majors are needed to fulfill the opportunities available. I think a career in horticulture would be

suitable for me, because of the job opportunities, the financial and job stability, and the school

and work associated with horticulture.

The field of Horticulture has many different job opportunities available now and in the

coming future. The issue with most popular majors is that the job market is congested and

specific jobs are the center of attention, but with horticulture, “The career field is quite broad and

the world’s need for plant-based products is rising dramatically” (McDonald). One of my desires

in the field is to be a master grower for cannabis. Legalization slowly occurring within America

and with the national legalization in Canada, the supply of marijuana needs to be increased for a

large demand. This also opens up studies in hydroponic facilities, therefore I would not be

restricted to placing bets on growing strictly cannabis. It is no secret the world’s population is

too large and continues to grow, so hydroponics allows cultivation of food-based plants for the

7.6 billion people on the planet. This aligns with my interests in cooking and it builds another
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source of passion and interest associated with a career in horticulture. Environmental and

agricultural sciences are generally compensated well, so the numerous job opportunities create a

lucrative sense of stability with a career in horticulture for me.

Horticulture careers are also compensated quite well and would provide financial stability

for me. As aforementioned, master growers are needed and make quite a bit of money,

“...assistant growers often make marijuana grower salaries in the middle to high five figures,

grow masters can make as much as $120,000 or more depending on bonuses and state in the

grow operation” (“Marijuana Grower Salaries: How Much Money Do Cannabis Growers

Make?”). Master growing would be my top career choice in horticulture, because I do enjoy the

idea of having some money. The positions for master growing differentiate between recreational

and medicinal, so multiple positions are possible and as previously mentioned master growing is

a needed job. Also, horticulture isn’t exactly the most popular major for how necessary it is in

production of food and substances for the general population. Adam McDonald, horticulture at

Virginia Tech, confirms first hand that, “Horticulture related jobs are in need of employees, so it

is way less congested as a job market” (McDonald). The major is a secure choice and one that I

believe that would suit me considering the interaction and school with it.

The interaction and internships associated with horticulture majors is relatively appealing

to me. I plan to go to Virginia Tech’s Horticulture institution, so fortunately it provides the

opportunities to get the experience hours in most jobs like to see. Mr. McDonald is currently

holding an internship position at the institutes hydroponics facility, so I plan to follow the same

route (McDonald). In general, biology and hands on activities are things I believe I perform well

in. My poor performances and experience in chemistry labs and other possible majors confirm

that my interest in horticulture is justified. Schooling necessary for horticulture is also shorter
Jones 3

and simpler compared to other careers. Classes are very specific and knowledge is focused on,

“...a solid understanding of horticulture. An undergraduate or master's degree in an area such as

botany or agriculture will provide the basic knowledge and skills necessary for those who want

to become a master cannabis grower” (Misulanos). Less school and being able to enter the

workforce quicker is reassuring for me and job stability is reaffirmed even more with how

horticulture is not a popular major. Another requirement is a license for people that are looking

to master grow, “Get certified as a “master grower” through one of the many online and in-

person courses that have become available” (Misulanos). A major in something beneficial as

cannabis in the medical realm or producing food more efficiently with a good compensation is

all I need to peak my interest with horticulture. Horticulture is a career path that is interesting to

me and can set me towards my future with a low amount of school compared to other financially

comparable careers.

After researching, horticulture seems to be a career path that would fit me quite well,

because master growing is a job in the field to strive for due to the the salary, but other options

that can pan out well financially are available. The amount of time in school and the studies

within it are also physically feasible by me, so confidence in the major helps settle me on the

path of horticulture. Horticulture is needed and a suitable for career for me, becauses the need for

plant cultivation is rising dramatically, the major is broad and offers different career paths, and

the need for horticulturists creates financial and job stability.

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Jones 4

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