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Professional System bizhub C450 advanced

When reliability matters

bizhub C450 advanced, Professional System

Professional performance
Extraordinary colour and graphic capabilities as
well as reliable high-quality performance and
cost effectiveness in small digital print runs: The
bizhub C450 advanced is Konica Minolta’s new
multifunctional colour communications centre
for demanding professional environments like
advertising agencies, marketing departments,
central reprographic departments (CRD), graphic
arts studios, as well as print-for-pay.

The bizhub C450 advanced is an ideal solution

for the production of high-quality publications
for all purposes and occasions. Its wide range
of finishing capabilities, from simple stapling
to complete booklets, makes the reliable and
flexible production of catalogues, proposals,
marketing brochures and advertising and sales
material quick and easy.
Innovations for improved
communications and print quality
The bizhub C450 advanced features many new The unique PC-like Central Imaging Platform of
and improved tools that increase performance, the bizhub C450 advanced encompasses many
quality and reliability. crucial functions and makes fast, stable processing
of your information possible on one central base.
The powerful Fiery IC-402 controller, advanced This upgradeable platform ensures up-to-date
LED technology, the optional Spot-On colour functionality and additional product options.
tuning system and the intuitive ColorWise
software are especially vital in professional
environments requiring high-quality colour and
graphics capabilities.


Scanning Printing

Scan-to-eMail Scan-to-FTP

Scan-to-box/ Scan-to-PC
personal box

Twain local/

Fax iFax
bizhub C450 advanced, Professional System

Quality, reliability and performance in an

innovative multifun
Quality Performance
The Fiery IC-402 controller powers the bizhub C450 Quick output: 35 ppm full colour and high quality
advanced: An ideal combination providing maximum automatic duplex processing up to 256 g /m2.
performance and resources, especially suitable for
high-resolution graphic images. Monthly average volume of 40,000 sheets (maxi-
mum up to 60,000) is an advantage for professional
The finer particles of Konica Minolta’s high-quality, and in-house printing facilities alike.
low-consumption polymerised toner SimitriTM,
provides improved colours as well as consistent The Fiery IC-402 controller simplifies and improves
and cost-effective results. the creating, printing, scanning and managing of
high-quality images. It includes variable data print-
Automatic image control and stabilisation prevent ing capabilities, applications for colour manage-
colour registry problems and assure stable colour ment, networking and remote job management.
density no matter how large or small the print run is.
Colour utilities
Reliability The Fiery IC-402 Image Controller offers a complete
The 4-colour tandem engine creates images in professional utilities package for a wide range of
a single pass, reliably assuring consistent colour for data printing and network scanning. It increases
all printing and copying requirements. colour management capabilities and provides pro-
fessional colour production tools. It is especially
The advanced Konica Minolta LED Print System suitable for graphics environments requiring high-
maintains colour stability over long print runs resolution quality output even in short-run colour
and aligns colour images more accurately. It is a documents.
guarantee for the efficiency and durability of
the bizhub C450 advanced. Spot-On is an innovative feature for professional
colour processing. Special tunings can be set and
Konica Minolta’s expertise in colour multifunctional saved for a huge amount of single spot colours
devices recently received the BERTL Reader’s Gold (e.g. PANTONE), ensuring correct company logo
Reliability Award. colours for example. User-defined colours can also
be stored and tuned for true reproduction in every
print run.

Spot-On output profile and Spot-On search

SimitriTM-polymerised toner Conventional toner

ctional tool

ColorWise Pro Tools Color setup

Colour precision, power and control are provided Finishing

by the remarkable Color Profiler, which can be The bizhub C450 advanced ensures high-quality
added to the bizhub C450 advanced. It creates production of all standard printed matter as well as
high-quality and accurate printer and monitor ICC a wide range of specialised publications, on paper
profiles as well as spot colour libraries, and can up to 256 g /m2, and from A6 to A3 full bleed or
calibrate your output device. It can also be used customer-defined paper formats.
together with Spot-On to measure and tune the
spot colours of customer output. One-shot online finishing ranges from single staple
up to a booklet with cover.
ColorWise is a powerful in-RIP colour management
system offering a wide range of powerful automatic Direct support of labels and OHPs. With mixmedia,
processing tools. Its colour transformation support the user can define the print job per page and
provides the tools to create accurate simulations determine which paper tray and media type should
and utilises ICC profiles for the best colour printing be used.
results. ICC sources, simulations and output profiles
can be downloaded with the Profile Manager for With Proof Print and Proof Copy, results can be
complete control over source colour spaces, press checked before the start of a large print run,
simulations and copier output. Simulations and ensuring that users get the quality they expect and
output profiles can be processed with the Color demand.
Editor. Edited profiles can be uploaded to PCs or
Macs, or downloaded to other devices to provide
the closest possible match between devices.

combined four-hole booklet maker duplex printing stapling top left offset sorting criss-cross sorting
mixmedia/mixplex punching (folding and stapling) (standard) corner stapling
bizhub C450 advanced, Professional System

at a glance
The multifunctional bizhub C450 advanced provides
the ideal combination of quality, consistency, reli-
ability and performance needed in today’s business
world. Innovative technologies like the Fiery IC-402
Image Controller, Spot-On tuning and Color Profiler
mean that consistent state-of-the-art colour pro-
cessing is assured in every print run.

The wide range of functions, features and finishing

capabilities provided by the bizhub C450 advanced
guarantees the flexibility and service required in all
professional environments.

At Konica Minolta, quality and reliability go hand in

hand and the new bizhub C450 advanced delivers
top results quickly and efficiently.

You can rely on it.

The bizhub C450 advanced
Optional features
fax board

fax connection

separator tray MK-703
option connection board

FS-507 VK-501 MC-501

staple finisher copy vendor kit mechanical counter

punch kit

booklet finisher

PC-402 PC-202 DK-501 PC-102

2500 cabinet 2 x 500 cabinet desk 1 x 500 cabinet
Technical specifications
Copier specification Page description language Fax specification (optional)
PCL 6c (PCL 5c + XL 2.1)
Copying system Fax standard
Adobe PostScript 3
Tandem type G3
Indirect electrophotographic Operating systems
Fax resolution
Windows 98/ME/NT4.0/2000/XP
Toner system Max. 600 x 600 dpi (ultrafine)
Macintosh 9.x/10.x
Simitri™-polymerised toner Fax compression
Server NT4.0/2000/2003
Copy/print speed A4 Linux/Unix MH, MR, MMH, JBIG
Colour up to 35 cpm Fax baud rate
Mono up to 45 cpm Up to 33.6 Kbps
10/100-Base-T Ethernet
Copy/print speed A3 Fax destinations
Print memory
Colour up to 19 cpm 1,000 (single + group)
Std. 256 MB, max. 512 MB
Mono up to 24 cpm
Print hard disk Fax functions
1st copy/print time Polling, time shift, eMail reroute
40 GB
Colour 8.5 sec. (A4) receipt to confidential box, PC fax
Mono 5.5 sec. (A4)
Warm-up time Scan specification
Less than 99 sec. System specification
Scan speed
(Timer function) Up to 38 scans/min (A4) Automatic document feeder
Copy resolution Up to 100 originals
Scan resolution
600 x 600 dpi Max. 600 x 600 dpi Printable size
Gradation A6–A3 full bleed
Scan modes
256 gradations Customised paper sizes
TWAIN scan, Scan-to-email
Multicopy Scan-to-FTP, Scan-to-SMB Paper weight
1–999, countdown, Scan-to-Box, Scan-to-Holdqueue 64–256 g/m2
interruption mode Scan-to-iFax (from all paper trays)

Copy original format File formats Paper input capacity

A5–A3 JPEG, TIFF, PDF Standard 900 sheets
Max. 3,400 sheets
Magnification Scan destinations
25–400%, in 0.1% steps 2,100 (single + group) Output capacity
LDAP support Up to 3,250 sheets
Copier memory
1,024 MB Automatic duplexing
A5–A3 full bleed
Copier hard disk Print functionality 64–256 g/m2
40 GB Colour functions
Power consumption
Copy features ColorWise colour management
220-240 V / 50 Hz
Chapter and cover mode, proof copy, ICC profile support, offset simulations,
1.5 KW or less
adjustment test print, glossy mode, Spot colour-matching and independent
colour adjustment, digital art, job recall, calibration via Spot-on, System dimension (WxDxH,mm)
job setting memory Combine separations, 706 x 765 x 908
black overprint and trapping System weight
Print features Approx. 125 kg
Printer specification
FreeForm2-variable data printing
Print resolution DocBuilder document editing
Max. 600 x 1,800 dpi Command WorkStation-administration
Controller CPU HotFolder (optional)
Intel Celeron @ 2GHz Impose impositioning (optional)

All specifications relating to paper capacity refer to A4-size paper of 80 g/m2 quality.
All specifications relating to scanning, copying or printing speeds refer to A4-size paper that is scanned,
copied or printed crosswise in multipage, simplex mode.
The memory capacities listed refer to A4-size paper with the toner coverage detailed in the respective footnote.
Some of the product illustrations contain optional accessories.
Konica Minolta does not warrant that any prices or specifications mentioned will be error-free.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Microsoft, Windows and the Windows logo are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation
in the United States and/or other countries.
All other brand and product names may be registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders and
are hereby acknowledged.
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