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Morally acceptable lie

In this argumentative essay, I want to prove that in our world exist a morally acceptable lie that
is harmless, meaningless, considered right according to the code of behavior of particular society
and used by everyone.

The most important thing is that we all know there is one type of lie, but it is not true, there are
2 types of lie, a simple lie is “a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive, an intentional
untruth” but a white lie is “a lie told to prevent an argument or bad feelings over something
generally meaningless”.

What is morally in nowadays and that is the definition of it? Google says that morally is „in a
way that is considered right according to the code of behavior of a particular society” which means
that white lie is morally acceptable. However, statistics shows that people a lying every single day,
especially women, to them or to another one, about different important and less important things.

In my opinion the only thing that differentiate one lie from another is the reason, the reason
why someone thought that this lie was necessary. In today society people are divided in two groups
A and B. People from group A are the ones who lie in order to have a better job, a different social
position, to manipulate someone decisions or to become someone else in the eyes of another person.
People from group B are the loyal ones, that are lying only if this lie is going to help someone feel
better or to save someone’s feeling. People from group B usually use a beautiful and harmless lie, a
white lie. Usually kids are the ones who get white lies. A well-known white lie is when our parents
told us that Santa Claus exists and all the gifts we got were from him, a sweet little childhood lie.

I think to lie to someone in order to save his feelings is totally normal, especially when you
know that the truth will not make any differences. White lie is considerate to be harmless and
sometimes meaningless for everyone but not for person who are you lying, because in that moment
this person may need that lie a lot. In the other words, white lie is something that everyone wants to
hear, a friend of yours will be happy to hear from you that his new haircut is good, even if it is not so
good or for someone who made a mistake and became depressed is important to have somebody by
his side, somebody who would kindly offer a couple of white lies. Occasionally white lie saves lives,
when you think that everything is going to be finished, in that moment, someone can appear and
comfort you with a white lie, it doesn’t even have any consequences.

Lie is something that is accepted in our society, we are aware that with our every step someone
is trying to lie to us, from friends and family to well-known companies, moreover, we are doing the
same thing. Little white lies here and there is human nature, we all are doing this, that why saying
that it is not morally means to contradict ourselves, especially when it is harmless, meaningless and
considered normal in today’s society.