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Social Justice Project

English Language Arts 9

Name: ______________ Format:_______________ Issue:___________________

Assignment Description:
For the past couple of weeks, you have been exposed to a variety of social justice
issues. For this project, you will choose one issue from the list below and demonstrate
your knowledge and understanding on that issue. Your project will be exhibited in a
gallery walk format on April 15th and 16th.

 Your project must focus on ONE social justice issue that is clear to your audience
 A presentation format which demonstrates your learning on the issue chosen
 A 300-400 word write-up about why you chose your issue, why it’s important, and
why your project displays this
 An oral presentation of your social justice project to the class
 You must develop a project that you can work on in class - you will have class
time from April 8-12th to work on it

Your project SHOULD include:

A creative and insightful demonstration of your learning using one of the formats below
A write-up explaining the issue chosen and why it’s important
A refined, well thought out presentation that is suited for the gallery walk

Take a look at the following formats in which you will choose one to demonstrate your
chosen social justice issue. If you would like to do something differently, you MUST
check in with your teacher before going through with something else.

 SLAM Poetry  Visual Art

 Podcast  Film
 Music Video  Comic Strip (at least eight panels)
 Song Writing  Story

You may NOT do a poster, powerpoint, or prezi. These are not creative or insightful
ways to demonstrate your knowledge for the issue that you choose
Issues/Topics to choose from:

 Racism  Interracial Marriage

 Sexism  Women’s Rights
 Poverty  LGBTQ+
 Life on Reserves  Homelessness
 Bullying  Police Brutality
 Universal Rights  Animal Abuse
 Gender Stereotypes  Environmentalism

English Language Arts 9: Social Justice Project Rubric

Creative Connections Representation Presentation

Excellent The format chosen has Student Voice is loud, clear, and
been judiciously demonstrates their audience is captivated
selected and precisely project in an by their modulation in
integrated with their insightful and voice
issue cohesive way

Proficient The format chosen has Student Voice is almost always

been purposefully demonstrates their loud and clear and
selected and project in a audience is somewhat
effectively integrated thoughtful and engaged by their
with their issue organized way modulation in voice

Satisfactory The format chosen has Student Voice is understandable

been predictably demonstrates their and straightforward to
selected and generally project in a clear and their audience
integrated with their simple way

Limited The format chosen has Students Voice is not always

been somewhat demonstrates their clear or easy to
ineffectively selected project in a understand
and is vaguely disorganized and
integrated with their confusing way

Poor The format chosen has Student Voice is insufficient and

been inappropriately demonstrates their very unclear
selected and is project in a very
irrelevant to their issue unclear and/or
incomplete way