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1. The maximum ramp weight for normal category aircraft is

a. 2107lbs
b. 2100lbs
c. 2457lbs
d. 2450lbs
2. With the alternator side of the master switch off max. compass deviation may occur up
a. 25 degree
b. 30 degree
c. 20 degree
d. 15 degree
3. Maximum slip or skid duration with one tank dry is:
a. 30 sec
b. 35 sec
c. 40 sec
d. 25 sec
4. Temperature decreases by…………………………….for each 1000 feet altitude.
a. 1.5 deg c
b. 2 deg c
c. 2.5deg
d. 3 deg
5. Maximum oil pressure is.
a. 118 psi
b. 115 psi
c. 124 psi
d. 125 psi
6. The max window open speed in KIAS is
a. 160
b. 108
c. 163
d. 173
7. The minimum turning radius (pivot pt. to outbound using tip)
a. 28ft.5.5 inches
b. 27ft 5.5 inches
c. 27ft 2.5 inches
d. 28ft2.5 inches
8. The unusable fuel quantity in each tank is
a. 3 gallon
b. 2 gallon
c. 1.5 gallon
d. 1 gallon

9. The correct statement in respect of cabin heating ventilation system to get maximum
a. Cabin air knob is pushed full in.
b. Cabin hit knob is pulled out.
c. As in (1)and “cabin heat” knob is pulled out.
d. As in (2) and “cabin air” knob is pulled out.
10. In voltmeter /OAT operation by pushing the upper control button will sequence the
window from
a. E-C-F-E
b. E-F-C-E
c. C-F-E-C
d. F-E-C-F
11. The propeller ground clearance is
a. 11.5 inches
b. 11 inches
c. 11.25 inches
d. None of the above
12. Ignition operation is controlled by a rotary switch which is labeled
a. R,L and both
b. R,L both and start
c. R,L and start
d. L, both and start
13. Which of the following provides best fuel economy
a. Operation at peak EGT
b. Operation at 50 deg F rich of peak EGT
c. Operation at 50 deg C rich of peak EGT
d. Operation at 25 deg F rich of peak EGT
14. The oil pressure gauge marking indicates
a. Red line for minimum permissible idling pressure
b. Green arc B/w 60-90 psi
c. Red line for max permissible pressure
d. All are correct
15. Examination of fuel in the system for contamination and grade should be done
a. Before the first flight of every day
b. After each refueling
c. Both (1)and (2) are correct
d. There is no need of full examination.
16. Weak intermittent firing followed by puffs of black smoke from the exhaust stock
a. Spark plug fouling
b. Magneto malfunction
c. Starter malfunction
d. Over priming
17. There was obvious power loss when ignition switch was momentarily turned from
“both” to “L” position. The cause is
a. Right magneto problem
b. Left magneto problem
c. Both magneto problem
d. Carburetor icing
18. To apply the parking brake:
a. Set the brake with rudder pedal
b. As in “1”and pull the handle aft
c. As in (2)and rotate the handle 90 deg down.
d. All are wrong
19. The vertical speed indicator depicts airplane
a. Rate of climb in ft per sec
b. Rate of descent in ft per sec
c. Both(1)and (2)correct
d. Rate of climb or descent in feet per minute
20. The engine driven vacuum system provides the
a. Pressure to operate attitude indicator and airspeed indicator
b. Pressure to operate airspeed indicator and altimeter
c. Suction necessary to operate directional indicator and attitude indicator
d. Suction necessary to operate directional indicator and airspeed indicator
21. The center area of instrument panel contains
a. Static pressure alternate source valve
b. Auxiliary fuel pump switch
c. Suction gauge
d. All the above
22. Mark the correct statement in respect of landing gear system
a. All L/g are air/oil shock strut
b. Both main L/g are of air/oil shock strut
c. Nose L/G is of tubular spring steel struts
d. Nose L/G is of air/oil shock strut
23. Colour of 100 LL grade aviation fuel is
a. Green
b. Blue
c. White
d. None of the above
24. The compound DIEGME mixed with fuel total fuel volume in concentration B/w
a. 0.10% to 0.15%
b. 0.15% to 0.20%
c. 0.05% to 0.010%
d. None
25. The ELT enunciator illuminates when rocker switch in cockpit is placed to
a. Forward position
b. Center position
c. Rear position
d. As in (1)and generally wire locked by thin copper wire
26. Mark the incorrect statement in respect of avionics equipment.
a. The aviation cooling fan operates when avionics power switch is put on
b. Volume and output of overhead speaker is controlled through the audio selector .
c. Avoid covering opening on back side of microphone for optimum noise
d. All are correct
27. On pressing left rudder pedal to left side, nose wheel can be turned to max
a. 10
b. 20
c. 25
d. 30
28. An open alternate air door will result in an approximate …………………….. power
loss at full throttle.
a. 5%
b. 8%
c. 10%
d. 12%
29. To permit heavier cabin loading filling of fuel usable in each tank must not be less than
a. 15.5 gallons
b. 16.5 gallons
c. 17.5 gallons
d. 18.5 gallons
30. The yellow arc on ASI responds to (in KIAS)
a. 44 to 129 knots
b. 33 to 85 knots
c. 129 to 163 knots
d. 163 knots
31. Mark the incorrect statement in respect of attitude indicator bank attitude has index
marks (either side of the center mark)
a. 20deg
b. 30 deg
c. 40 deg
d. 60 deg
32. Abrupt use of the controls is prohibited above
a. 95 knots
b. 99 knots
c. 105 knots
d. None
33. The digital clock/OAT is tested by
a. Holding select button for 4 sec
b. Holding control button for 3 sec
c. As in (2)and activation of all four enunciators
d. None of the above
34. The audible stall warning horn comes at
a. 5 to 10 knots above stall during landing and takeoff only
b. 5 to 10 knots below stall in all flight condition
c. 5 to 10 knots above stall in all flight condition
d. 5 to 10 knots below stall during landing and takeoff only
35. In pitot/static system ,if the static source becomes blocked
a. ASI will still function
b. AS in (1) and will give erroneous indications
c. AS in(2) but will indicate higher than actual
d. As in (1) but ASI will indicate lower than actual
36. _____ carburetor ice is detected by
a. _____ engine RPM in fixed pitch propeller aircraft
b. ______ engine RPM on constant speed propeller aircraft
c. As in (1) and rise in engine manifold pressure on constant speed propeller aircraft
d. As in (2) and drop in engine manifold pressure on constant speed propeller

37. In en-route climb, to improve engine cooling a short duration climb can be made at
a. The best angle of climb speed
b. The best rate of climb speed
c. Lower than the best rate of climb speed
d. Lower than the best angle of climb
38. Until engine has accumulated 50 hrs or engine
a. 70% power
b. 75% power
c. 80% power
d. 85%power
39. The recommended starter duty cycle is
a. 10 sec on,20 sec off ,max 3 time
b. 20 sec on ,10 sec off, max 2 time
c. As in (2)and repeat for max 2 time in the same cycle as (2) after a cooling 60 sec
d. As in (1) and repeat in the same cycle as (1) till engine starts
40. Max. weight of 2450 lbs ,the best rate of climb at sea level:
a. 71 KIAS
b. 79 KIAS
c. 65KIAS
d. 81KIAS
41. During engine starting , if engine floods
a. Turn on auxiliary fuel pump
b. Mixture in idle cut off
c. Close throttle full to ½ and crank engine
d. All are correct
42. Mark the correct statement in respect of compass
a. A knob on the lower left edge of the instrument is used to
b. Compass card must be readjusted on extended flights
c. As in (2)and a knob on the lower right edge of the instrument to correct the
d. All are correct
43. The transmitter of the bendix/kingXX 155 Anav/comm. System stops transmitting if the
microphone is keyed continuously for greater than
a. 30 sec
b. 33 sec
c. 36 sec
d. 39 sec
44. Flap switch lever mechanical stops and provided at
a. 10 degree Position
b. 20 degree Position
c. 30 degree position
d. all of the above
45. mark the incorrect statement
Innuctiator located above altimeter provides caution and warning messages for
a. fuel flow
b. oil pressure
c. low vacuum
d. low voltage situation
46. The red oil pressure illuminates when pressure is below.
a. 20 psi
b. 25 psi
c. 30 psi
d. None of the above
47. For extended flight, fill(dip stick indication)engine oil to
a. 5 quarts
b. 4 quarts
c. 6 quarts
d. None of the above
48. The alternator must be switched off manually if voltage indicates beyond
a. 30.5 v
b. 28.5 v
c. 31.5 v
d. 29.5 v
49. The max airspeed and altimeter variation over the normal operating range
window(s)closed is
a. 2 knots and 30 ft
b. 4 knots and 50 ft
c. 8 knots and 50 ft
d. 4 knots and 30 ft
50. In very cold weather condition after starting the engine, if oil pressure gauge does not
being to read pressure within ………..sec then stop the engine and investigate.
a. 30 sec
b. 45 sec
c. 60 sec
d. 75 sec

1 C 11 C 21 A 31 C 41 B
2 A 12 B 22 D 32 B 42
3 A 13 A 23 B 33 B 43 B
4 B 14 A 24 A 34 C 44 D
5 B 15 C 25 A 35 B 45 A
6 C 16 D 26 D 36 46 A
7 B 17 B 27 A 37 B 47 D
8 C 18 C 28 C 38 C 48 C
9 C 19 D 29 C 39 A 49 D
10 b 20 C 30 C 40 B 50 C