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FY 2018
Region : 2
Province : NUEVA VIZCAYA Total Budget of LGU : ₱ 150,000,000.00
Municipality : DUPAX DEL SUR Total GAD Budget : 8,524,901 or 5.68%


GENDER ISSUE OR GAD Cause of the Performance (8) Lead or
GAD OBJECTIVE PROGRAM OR GAD Activity mance Responsible
MANDATE Gender Issue Indicator
PROJECT Target Office
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (a) (b) (c) (9)
(Gender Issue or GAD mandate)
Lack of access of marginalized and Some marginalized & To increase access of Provision of Aid to Individual in # of client's ( female
disadvantaged individuals, families ( Male disadvantaged marginalized and Financial /medical Crisis Situation & male ) 100 200,000 122,533 MSWDO
& Female HH heads) to social protection individuals, families disadvantaged individuals/ assistance ( AICS ) asissted/served
programs and services. ( female & male families ( Male & Female
headed HHs ) have HH heads ) to social Provision of food/cash Food/ Cash for Work Target beneficiaries
limited access to protection programs and assistance participated in
social protection services. community projects
programs and & received
services. Food/Cash for work
assistance 964 200,000 MSWDO

LGU Sponsorship for Enrolment of poor # of Indigent families

Indigent Families to families to Philhealth enrolled ( Female or
Philhealth Program Indigent program Male HH heads ) 460 1,017,600 MSWDO

Limited access of poor families ( husband Some poor and Non- To improve living Provision of Livelihood Sustainable
& wife to livelihood programs to increase pantawid conditions of poor families assistance. Livelihood Program
family income . beneficiaries did not and other female-headed (SLP) Pantawid
avail any livelihood families. beneficiaries, other MSWDO/SLP
program. non-pantawid 250 1,000,000 Focal Person
families & female-
headed families.
Gender stereotyping. Women are not paid To strengthen equal Provision of Capital Search for Idol Kong
while performing partnership between wife assistance for Idol kong Pamilya
household chores. and husband in engaging Pamilya beneficiaries. Pantawid
livelihood. beneficiaries, other
non-pantawid 20 50,000 MSWD
families & female-
headed families.


Limited access of women to social 12 barangays do not To develop KAS of women Strengthening Attendance to # of Officers of LCW
protection programs and services. have organized to become effective Capabilities of Local Trainings, Women & other women's
women's association. partners in development. Council for Women & forum, conferences, group,
other wome's group ), seminars and disadvantaged
organization of workshops using the women attended
women's group in Modular package for seminars. MSWDO/MPO/
every barangay. women. 20 100,000 138,999.00 GADFPS

Lack of advocacy & To increase level of Conduct of Annual Women's Month # of Women
Information, awareness on women's events for women Celebration, Women attendees.
education campaign Rights, privileges and Forum/ Symposium MSWDO/ MPO/
on GAD to the responsibilities. 150 50,000 GAD FPS

Lack of awareness of To implement policies & Strengthening of Capacitation of Brgy. # of brgys. with
women on their laws to minimize violence Violence against VAWC Desk organized VAWC
rights & privileges. against women and Women/Children ,Distribution of Desk chaired by a
children. VAWC Desk in every IECmaterials,Fora , woman MSWDO/MPO/
barangay. Orientation 19 10,000 GAD

Lack of coping To assist VAWC clients Psycho-social services, Psychosocial # of women

capacity of inorder to restore their Referral system, RA Counseling, Referral assisted/referred.
women/child normal functioning. 9262 for Medical & Legal MSWDO/MPO/
surivivors. assistance 3 10,000 GADFPS

To asssist Women in Assistance toWomen in Preparation of Social # of women needing

Especially Difficult Especially Difficult Case Study report , referral / medical
Circumstances(WEDC) Circumstances (WEDC.) Referral letter to assistance .
clients who are undergoing PSCO & other funding
dialysis, chemoteraphy and agenies. MSWDO/MPO/
other major 5 10,000 GADFPS
To provide assistance to Implementation of RA Production and # of solo parents
Solo Parents especially 8972 "Solo Parents Act Issuance of ID and issued ID or
women. of 2000" Certification as Certification.
provided by RA 8972
" Solo Parent Welfare 15 10,000 GADFPS

Women subordination. Traditionally, women To capacitate women to Trainings cum Skills Training, # of women
are not allowed to engage in income Livelihood Sustainable assisted/referred
engage in productive generating projects to Livelihood Program
activities. augment family income. 50 500,000 MSWDO


Limited access of children to social Poor implementation To provide early childhood Day Care Service Maintenance of a # of 3-4.11 years old
protection programs and services. of Early Childhood care, and development child friendly children ( girls &
care & development among 3-4.11 years old Development Centers boys ) attending Day
program. PSC, substitute mothering. in every Barangay Care Service. 510 850,000 156,727 MSWDO

To provide conducive and Improvement of Child Construction, repair # of CDCs improved

gender-responsive facilities Development Centers. & upgrading of CDCs
for children. 12 150,000 50,000 MSWDO

To improve nutritional Provision of Hot lunch. Supplemental # of children ( girls &

status of children enrolled Feeding boys ) provided
under the child Supplemental
Development Centers & Feeding & have 510 20,000 25,000 MSWDO/MNC
Supervised Neighborhood improved Nutrtional
Play. status.

Limited Knowledge, attitudes and skills Lack of trainings of To enhance skills of Child Trainings, Seminar Skills Enhancement & # of Trained Child
(KAS) of ECCD service providers/Child ECCD service Development Workers Workshops, Capability Building, friendly workers/
development workers. providers. Benchmarking to LGUs Trainings, seminars ECCD service
with best practices on providers.
Early Childhood Care & MSWDO/GADF
Development/Day Care 25 50,000 PS

To give opportunity for Universal Children's Universal Children's All children enrolled
children to show their Celebration, Moving- Celebration, Moving- in the DCC
talents and skills. Up Program Up Program,
Nutrition Month MSWDO/GADF
510 25,000 PS
Increasing incidence of Children in Lack of advocacy & To assist Children in Programs for CICL, CAR, Seminars, Forum, # of reported/
conflict with the law (CICL), Child Abuses Information, conflict with the law (CICL), child Abuse survivors Psycho-social referred cases.
and Children at Risk (CAR). education campaign Children at risk, Child counseling, referral to
on the laws abuse survivors regain other agencies
governing children & normal functioning. MSWDO/GADF
(Actual) 10,000 PS
youth welfare.

Strengthening support Effective parenting, Parents of CICL,

system among families, Responsible Children at risk, &
barangays & the LGU. parenthood, Parent- other victims of MSWDO/GADF
Child Seminar Child Abuses ( actual ) 20,000 PS

Poor participation of youth sector in To integrate the youth in Referral system Referral for # of qualified youth.
community activities community activities / Educational/
become productive Scholarship Program/ MSWDO/GADF
members of the society. Pre-employment 10 20,000

Strengthening Youth Organization/ # youth groups re-

Groups. Strengthening of strengthened MSWDO/GADF
Youth Groups 6 12,000 PS

Capacitation of Youth Trainings, Leadership # youth leaders &

Leaders and volunteers Seminars, Youth volunteers
Encampments MSWDO/GADF
10 30,000 PS


Lack of access of elderly persons on the Not all elderly have To advocate benefits and Maintenance & Attendance to Functional OSCA
benefits & privileges of RA 9994 availed of the privileges on RA 9994 to Operation of the Office Meetings, Seminars,
benefits as stipulated the elderly sector. of the Senior Citizens Conferences 4 meetings, 1 MSWDO/ OSCA
in RA 9994. Affairs (OSCA) seminar
20,000 82,480.03
Information IEC during pay-out,
Dessimination on RA anniversary, elderly 1087 MSWDO/ OSCA
9994 week
Conduct of Annual Elderly Week Annual events
events & other social Celebration, Healthy conducted.
activities for Elderly Lifestyle activities,
Socialization, etc. 3 20,000.00 MSWD/ OSCA

Production & Issuance of OSCA ID IDs issued to Older

distribution of OSCA ID, cards, Purchase persons.
& Purchase Booklets. Booklets ( Medicines
& Commodities ) (Actual) 10,000 MSWD/ OSCA
To ensure implementation Mobilization in the Social Pension Both Female & Male
of Social pension program. conduct of Social Program Elderly availed of the
Pension pay out. Socpen. 1087 50,000 MSWDO/ OSCA


Lack of knowledge on the duties and Laxity in the To promote family Intensive Advocacy and Pre-marriage Would-be couples,
responsibilities of husbands and wives / implementation of planning, responsible Information, Education counseling, couples of
parents some programs, parenthood, equal Campaign to Responsible reproductive ages.
complaisance on the relations and shared strengthen Marriage Parenthood, Family
part of the couples responsibility between and Family relations. Planning, Home
on their duties and spouses in parenting and Management, Parent MPO/ PMC
responsibilities. household management Effectiveness Service, 80 20,000 100,000 Team
thru gender-sensitive pre- Family Development
marriage counseling. Sessions

Insufficient skills and techniques on the Lack of trainings for To enhance skills and Capacitation of Training of Trainors / Capacitated trainors,
conduct of Pre-Marriage Counseling and Pre-Marriage strengthen commitment of Counselors/ Barangay Counselors, Barangay BPO/BPWs.
Population data banking. counselors, & other Pre-Marriage Counselors & Population Population
population workers. other population workers. Officers/Workers. Officers/Brgy.
Population Workers MSWDO/MPO/
20 50,000 GADFPS

Incidence of Teen-age Pregnancy and To prevent/reduce Intensive Advocacy and Implementation of High School Students
Early Marriages, Children in Conflict with incidence of Teen-age Information, Education Learning Package for ( Grade VII-
the Law(CICL), Children at risk (CAR) in Pregnancy, Early Campaign on Parenting Adolescent X ), OSY, PYA officers
the municipality. marriages, children in support to Adolescents Education( LPED) and members, SSG
conflict with the Law(CICL), and Peer Support Modules, Youth Officers attended
Youth Offenders (YO) in the System. Development
municipality. Sessions(YDS), 4 high 20,000
Training on Peer schools GADFPS
Counselors, Peer
Counseling sessions,
U4U Population

Establishment of Masterlisting of all With barangay

Boarding house owners boarding houses, masterlist of
and Managers owners & boarders in Boarding houses, MSWDO/MPO/
Association(BHOMA) every barangay near Owners and 6 barangays 10,000 GADFPS
the schools. boarders.

Orientation, BHOMA Organized &

Organization of Orientation, Policies
Boarding House formulated
Owners & Managers 1 Municipal MSWDO/MPO/
Association (BHOMA), 20,000
Formulation of
Increasing incidence of unwanted Not all teen-age To register all teen-age Safe motherhood/ Strengthen Registration of all
pregnancies to young adolescents. pregnancies were pregnancies in the locality Maternal & Child Adolsecent teen age pregnancies
registered in the at the Rural Health Unit. Health Care Program Reproductive Health at the Rural Health
locality. program, Adolescent Unit. Actual 8,000 MHO
Summit, IEC on High
School students
Conduct of buntis No. of Buntis Party
Summit/meetings Summit conducted 2 buntis summit
conducted MHO

Non-prioritization of pregnant women Pregnant women To prioritize pregnant Maternal & Child Conduct pre-natal Pre-natal & postnatal
during consultations & medical missions. were not given women during health Care check-up regularly. visit/Giving of free
priority. consultations pre-natal & postnatal
services. Actual 10,000 MHO

Increasing cases of Reproductive Tract To promote early diagnosis Reproductive Tract CA Cervical/Breast Conduct of Cervical
Cancers among women. of RT cancer among Cancer awareness CA & Breast Cancer
women. Program. Awareness with
Visual Inspection of Actual 20,000 MHO
Acetic ( VIA )

Lack of access to Immunization of To promote Universal Pneumo & Flu Immunization of Conduct of
Pneumonia & flu vaccines to women health care to al senior immunization to all vaccines against immunization for
senior citizens. citizens. Senior Citizens pneumo & flu. free. Actual 50,000 MHO

Promotion of Breast Feeding to LGU To establish functional area Safe motherhood/ Creation/establishme Establishment/
mothers. for lactating or nursing Maternal & Child nt of functional creation of BF corner
employee in the LGU. Health Care Program breastfeeding in the LGU.
area/corner in the 1 5,000 MHO

Increasing prevalence of Healthy To establish an NCD clubs Care for the Elderly Awareness program SC provided with
Lifestyle/ NCD disease among Senior to caters needs of the SC. thru NCDs & HL NCD lectures with BP
Citizens. lecturs& forum cum & FBS
FBS.BP monitoring to Actual 20,000 MHO

Medical Outreach Provision of SC provided with

medical/dental free medical/dental
consultations to SC services & medicines 19 brgys. 50,000 MHO
for free.


Unregistered birth of newly born children Children shall be registered Enhancement of Training of BCRS 1 Training conducted
( illegitimate or illegitimate ) immediately after birth Barangay Civil personnel( Barangay ON Birth
and shall have the right to Registration System to Secretaries & Registration, 1
a name and to acquire a all 19 barangays. Barangay Civil Year-end assessment
nationality. Registration Agents) conducted 1 40,000 LCRO

Establishment of Increased incentives

Barangay Civil of BCRS personnel
Registration Front
Desk in every 19 45,000 LCRO

Purchase of desktop 1 desktop computer

computer and printer and printer
for BCRS purchased 1 50,000 LCRO

Incorrect registration of some vital events To register vital events Implement Civil Registration and Attendance to
and registration of simulated birth such as birth, death and registration laws, rules recording of training on Civil
certificates. marriage correctly and and regulations. certificate of love registration.
honestly. birth, Training
regarding civil Actual 20,000 LCRO

Undocumented union of live-in parents To promote the welfare oif Conduct free civil mass Encourage live-in 1 free civil mass
( unmarried ) the family and children. wedding. parents to join the wedding conducted
Tolegalize the union of live- mass wedding . To
in parents. Legitimize conduct pre-marriage
children born out of counseling. To
wedlock of parents. dispense any free and
charges. Registration
and recording of
Marriage certificates.
Process the change of
status of their
illegitimate children. 1 100,000 LCRO


Poor participation and involvement of Lack of gender To ensure involvement of Conduct of Governing
women in environmental protection and analysis to document women organization in Board Meetings.
management. participation of policy-making bodies and Conduct of
women increase their awareness meetings to
on how to protect the ensure
environment. involvement of No. of agreements
women made
organizations in 4 20,000 13,708 MENRO
municipal policy-
making bodies
and mechanisms

Low access of women to micro Lack of access and To promote women’s Provision on TA and Conduct of env’t training/ seminar/
entrepreneurships technical assistance to economic empowerment HRD Services orientations/ TA conducted
women micro seminars/ env’l TAs to
entrepreneurs women micro 2 20,000 MENRO

Purchase of sewing 2 unit sewing 2 60,000 MENRO

machine machine purchased

Poor waste disposal / management Lack of awareness To increase level of Conduct IEC on RA Zero Waste Month & Zero Waste Month &
among households. households on RA awareness on RA 9003 or 9003 and Clean up Earth Day Celebration Earth Day
9003. the Ecological Waste drive Celebration
Management Act of 2000.
3500 20,000 6,854 MENRO


Non-utilization/ adoption of appropriate Insufficient To improve adoption of MANA Rice Program Distribution of Hybrid No. of farmer 400,000 MAGRO
production packages & technologies knowledge of women appropriate rice packages sustainability, and Certififed seeds beneficiaires ( male
among farmers. & men farmers on of technology. Community Seed Bank & female ) utilizing
the adoption of establishment, Model or adopting
appropriate Rice Farm Clustering. appropriate farming 292 Female,
production packages technologies. 1000 Male
& technologies for
rice, vegetables,
To improve production of High value crop Procurement and No. of farm families 250 Males 100 100,000 MAgrO
high quality marketable development program, distribution of free given vegetable sees Female, 500
vegetables. establishment of quality planting ( male & female ), Males, 150
barangay nursery materials, No. of established females, 10 brgys.
establishment, establishment of backyard gardens,
promotion of the barangay nurseries, No. of barangay
production of organic Establishment of nurseries
vegetables. organic vegetable established, No. of
gardens. organic vegetable
growers ( Male &
Female )

Lack of access of To improve access to Aquaculture Program: Sourcing out & No. of female & male 42 Males, & 23 140,000 MAgrO
fishpond owners for quality tilapia & other fish sourcing out & distribution of quality fishpond owners females
fingerlings or quality specie- fingerlings. distribution of quality tilapia & other fish availed of quality fishpond
tilapia & other fish tilapia & other fish specie fingerlings. fingerlings owners
species for fishpond specie fingerlings.

Establishment of No. of female farmer 2 Techno-demo

Techno-demo for beneficiaries with ( 1 male & 1
tilapia culture established Techno female owner )
( lowland & upland ) Demo for Tilapia

Low production of To increase production of Organic Act of 2010: Distribution of native No. of beneficiaries 19 female and
organically-grown organically-grown swine & Production of swine & chicken for who availed 15 male
swine & poultry. poultry. organically-grown organic production, dispersal animals beneficiaries
swine & poultry. Information ( Male - female ), No.
dissemination on of male & female
organic swine & participants for the
poultry production. IEC conducted. 145,000.00 MAgrO


Lack of access of victims to a gender- To provide gender- Establishment of Establish separate Gender responsive MDRRMO
responsive services and evacuation responsive services and gender-responsive rooms for women and Municipal and
facilities. evacuation facilities to evacuation facilities. men giving priority to Barangay Evacuation
victims of disasters. PWDs, Elderly, Center
Pregnant/lactating 1 Mun. EC, 19
mothers and children. 50,000
Brgy. EC
Nutrition in Provision of nutrition MDRRMO
emergencies in emergency services
for children, elderly &
pregnant & lactating All evacuation 19 evacuation
women during 50,000
centers centers


Poor implementation of Special Leave Lack of documents to To avail of Special Leave Grant of Special Leave Information Women employees HRMO
Benefits of Women Employees. support availment of privileges to women Privileges to women Dessimination on the covered under this
special benefits for employees with who are covered under grant of Special Leave laws.
women. gynecological disorders. this special laws. benefits to women Actual 5,000
( CSC MC 25, 2010 ) employees

To avail of special leave Grant of Special Leave Information Women employees HRMO
provileges of women and Privileges to women Dessimination on the covered under this
their children who are who are covered under grant of Special Leave laws.
victims of violence ( 10 this special laws. benefits to women Actual
days ) RA 9262. employees

To avail of Special leave Grant of Special Leave Information Women employees HRMO
privilege for women who Privileges to women Dessimination on the covered under this
are solo parents. ( 7 days ) who are covered under grant of Special Leave laws.
this special laws. benefits to women Actual

Unequal opportunities of Female & Male Some female & male To strengthen Female & Attendance to GST, Attended GAD related All permanent HRMO
employees in Capacity Development employees are not male employees" Gender Analysis, GAD Trainings, seminars, employees of the
programs aware on GAD & participation in GAD Planning & Budgeting, For a, etc. LGU
other related laws. -related seminars and Gender mainstreaming
Trainings. & GAD Capability 67 female,
Building, RA 9262, 162,000
93 male
Women Forum, etc.

To develop a healthy and Conduct of healthy Zumba, sports All female & male HRMO
physically fit body among lifestyle activities, activities for female emlpoyees.
female employees inorder physical fitness and and male employees.
to perform one's duties sports activites. 67 female,
and functions productively. 144,000
93 male

To ensure Healthy Human Provision of health Annual Medical 1 Annual medical HRMO
resources. benefits to female and examination to examination
male employees. female & male conducted to all 67 female, 180,000
employees. employees. 93 male


Non-prioritization of Women on their To increase access or DOLE program TUPAD Program, SPES 200 Beneficiaries for PESO
right for employment opportunities of women implementation TUPAD, 50
for employment. beneficiaries for 150 female, 100 600,000
SPES male

Lack of employment opportuities for To augment income to Provision of livelihood, DOLE Program Livelihood program 100,000
Returning Migrant Women Workers support their families. trainings & scholarship
grants to women
migrant worker. Actual

Lack of access to Gender -responsive To ensure safety and health Construction of Establishment of Separate CR for 300,000 PESO/HRMO
facilities and support system for women, of women, male & PWD separate Comfort separate Comfort Male, Female &
men and Persons with Disabilities. employees in government rooms for female & rooms for male and PWDs
offices. male, Breastfeeding female employees.
room/corner in the Provision of breast 3 units CR,
workplace. feeding room in the 1 BF room

Subtotal A 110,000
TOTAL A ( MOOE + PS + CO ) 7,323,600 741,301 110,000 8,174,901
Poor implementation of GAD related Lack of support To establish and strengthen Establishment of Quarterly meetings, Minutes of Meetings
programs, projects and services. mechanisms to LGU and Barangay GFPS. Functional Municipal planning, monitoring conducted, GAD plan
ensure GAD Focal Point of MGADFPS & Budget, Annual
implementation of System. GAD 4 meetings, 1
GAD Plan & 50,000 MGADFPS
GAD programs, Accomplishment Budget, 1
projects & services. reports GAD
To create awareness & Capacitation of GAD Workshop on the GAD Planning &
enhance knowledge of FPS Formulation of GAD Budgetting workshop
GAD Focal Point on GAD Plan and Budget. conducted.
Planning, Budgeting,
Gender Mainstreaming, 1 10,000 MGADFPS

ADVOCACY, IEC Organization/ 19 barangay with

Strengthening of organized &
Barangay GAD FPS. functional GAD FPS. 19 10,000 MGADFPS

To ensure implementation ADVOCACY efforts in Formulation of draft Draft GAD Code

of GAD programs, projects aid of legislation GAD Code Formulated
and activities
1 10,000
SB on Women,
Family & Social
Attendance/Conduct of Attendance of GAD Well-equipped
Gender Sensitivity Focal Point & LGU Municipal GAD FPS
Trainings, GAD related Employees to:
seminars, conferences GST/Seminars/
Trainings/Conference 15 members 150,000 MGADFPS

Capacitation of VAWC Trainings in

Desk in the LGU & handling /managing Operational and Municipal/
Barangay. VAWC cases. functional VAW/C
19 VAWC Desk 30,000 Barangay
desk in the LGU & GADFPS
every barangay
Assessment of Assessment using the Gender Responsive
BLGU/MLGU on the GeRL Ka Ba Tool LGU
level of Gender
responsiveness 10,000 MGADFPS

Less involvement from male sectors in To strengthen support Organize MOVE ( Men Organization of MOVE Five (5) Pilot
responding to gender concerns especially network in the LGU to Opposses Violence at the Municipal & barangays
gender-based violence (VAWC & prevent/lower incidence Everywhere) at the Barangay Level
trafficking) of VAWC/trafficking in the municipal level and at 5 20,000 30,000 MGADFPS
area the brgy. level

NO LGU GAD DATABASE. Poor documentation To develop / set-up LGU Setting-up of LGU GAD Training of BPO s 19 BPOs /other
of GAD related data GAD data base for Data base with sex- /other volunteers, volunteers Trained &
or information. planning, programming dissagregated data. Conduct Survey on deployed, conduct
and policy formulation. population with age- survey to all
sex dissagregation barangays
and other gender 19 50,000 MGADFPS

Procurement of * Data bank on

Computer set with population, VAWC,
printer ( 4 in 1 ) women workers,
Health concerns,
employment, Teen- 1 50,000 MGADFPS
age pregnancy etc.
To ensure effective Strengthen the Compliance to the Annual GAD Plan &
implementation of monitoring and Full Disclosure Policy, Budget, GAD
programs, projects & other evaluation mechanisms submission of Annual Accomplishment
services for a better, just to assess the GAD Plan & Budget, Report, and other
and GAD responsive effectiveness and GAD Accomplishment documents
DUPAX DEL SUR. efficiency of the gender Report, and other
mainstreaming efforts. documents to
concern agencies. 1 10,000 MGADFPS
Year end Program
Review, M &E.

Subtotal B 300,000 50,000

TOTAL B ( MOOE + PS + CO ) 350,000.00


HGDG Design/Funding Total Annual GAD Lead or

Title of Programs or Project Facility/Generic Program/Project Responsible
Checklist Score Budget Person
ject Budget

Subtotal C
Grand total ( A+B+C) 150,000,000 7,623,600 741,301 160,000
( Estimate LGU
budget 2018) 8,524,901 5.68%
Prepared by: Approved by: Date :


Alternate Chair-GFPS-TWG Municipal Mayor, Chair-GFPS DD/MM/YEAR
GADFPS secretariat
Poor road condition
To provide better Construction,Rehabilitation/I
access to production mprovement of Various
areas, market and Roads/FTMR
Social services for the
following number of Concreting and
beneficiaries. drainage Structures.

Centro-Dalayap - Mabigao @
990 HH Carolotan 5km Improved

Ogie-Bito @ Ganao and

2140HH Sanguit 5km Road improved
Impvt. of Dumpsite Road
2125HH 4km Road improved
Impvt. of Dalihan-Canabay
1024HH 10km Road improved
Impvt. of DWFR Road @
1746HH 2km Road improved
Impvt. of MNC Nursery Road
@ Domang
1536HH 2km Road improved
Impvt. of various Provincial
Roads :
1. Section Palabutan-Banila
10km Prov'l Rd
1767HH Improved
2.Section Palabutan-
Carolotan 10km Prov'l Rd
2014HH Improved
3. Section Kinabuan-Ganao-
Biruk 10km Prov'l Rd
3539HH Improved
of Bridges/Hanging Bridges
& Concrete Box Culverts

Const. of RCDG Bridge @

2584HH Construction of Bridges60 lm Bridge Const'd.
Const. of RCDG Bridge @
2119HH Construction of Bridges61 lm Bridge Const'd.
Const. of RCDG Bridge @
976HH Construction of Bridges62 lm Bridge Const'd.
Construction of Hanging
Bridge @ Dalayap, Carolotan
80lm Hanging bridge
990HH Construction of Bridgesconstructed
Flood Control and Drainage

Communal Irrigation System


Const. of flood control

structures @ Dalihan,
Construction of Flood 500lm flood control
1024HH Control structures. constructed
Const. of flood control
structures along Marian
River @ Bagumbayan-
Palabutan section Construction of Flood 1km flood control
1947HH Control structures. const'd
Const. of flood control
structures along Sta. Fe River
@ Mangayang section
Construction of Flood 500lm flood control
2125HH Control structures. constructed
Dredging of Marian River
section Mangayang-
Dredging of River 2kms Marian River
4072HH Channel dredged

Rehab./Impvt. Of Duppes
CIS Rehab./Impv't of CIS 1 unit CIS Improved

Rehab./Impvt. Of Allawan
CIS Rehab./Impv't of CIS 1 unit CIS Improved

Rehab./Impvt. Of I-iyo
CIS Rehab./Impv't of CIS 1 unit CIS Improved

Rehab./Impvt. Of Arwat
CIS Rehab./Impv't of CIS 1 unit CIS Improved

Rehab./Impvt. Of various
CIS Rehab./Impv't of CIS 20 CIS improved

Const. of Sprinkler 5 units Springkler CIS

CIS@KINGBIKS Const. of Sprinkler CIS constructed
Improvement/Rehab. of
Dalayap CIS
Rehab./Impv't of CIS 1 unit CIS Improved
Lack of potable water Impv't/Rehab. of various
system Potable Water System

Abundant safe potable

water system for the
following beneficiaries:

Spring Development Project

@ Dalayap, Carolotan Impv't./Rehab. of 1 unit spring Dev't
14HH Spring Dev't. const'd.
Construction of Deepwell
@Palabutan Resettlement
Project 1 unit Deepwell
300HH Const. of Deepwell const'd.

Spring Development Project

@ Sitio Mabiga-o, Carolotan Impv't./Rehab. of 1 unit spring Dev't
50HH Spring Dev't. const'd.

t. of Water
Purification/Treatment plant
facilities within KINGBIKS
Installation of Water 5 units Water
5935HH Purification Purification Installed
Spring Development Project
@ Talbec & Abaca 1 unit spring Dev't
1059HH Const. of Spring Dev't Pconst'd.
Expansion of Mangayang Expanded PWS to
200HH PWS Expansion of PWS serve 200HH.
t. of Water
Purification/Treatment plant
facilities (Igiban Center)
Lukidnon Installed 1 unit IGIBAN
453HH Installation of Igiban C Center
Subtotal A
































FY 2018
Region : 2
Province : NUEVA VIZCAYA Total Budget of LGU ₱ 150,000,000.00
Municipality : DUPAX DEL SUR Total GAD Budget : - or 5.68%

GAD Budget
RELEVANT LGU Perfor- Lead or
GENDER ISSUE OR GAD Cause of the Performance (8)
GAD OBJECTIVE PROGRAM OR GAD Activity mance Responsible
MANDATE Gender Issue Indicator
PROJECT Target Office
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (a) (b) (c) (9)
Non-prioritization of Women on their To increase access or DOLE program TUPAD Program, SPES 200 Beneficiaries for PESO
right for employment opportunities of women implementation TUPAD, 50 150
for employment. beneficiaries for female, 600,000
SPES 100 male

Lack of employment opportuities for To augment income to Provision of livelihood, DOLE Program Livelihood program 100,000
Returning Migrant Women Workers support their families. trainings & scholarship
grants to women
migrant worker. Actual

Lack of access to Gender -responsive To ensure safety and health Construction of Establishment of Separate CR for 300,000 PESO/HRMO
facilities and support system for women, of women, male & PWD separate Comfort separate Comfort Male, Female &
men and Persons with Disabilities. employees in government rooms for female & rooms for male and PWDs
offices. male, Breastfeeding female employees.
room/corner in the Provision of breast 3 units CR,
workplace. feeding room in the 1 BF
workplace. room
FY 2019

Region : 2
Province : NUEVA VIZCAYA Total Budget of LGU : ₱ 150,000,000.00
Municipality : DUPAX DEL SUR Total GAD Budget : - or 5.68%

GAD Budget
Cause of the Performance (8)
Issue Indicator
PROJECT Target Responsi
ble Office
( a PS CO
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) ) (b) (c) (9)