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A Reviewer for Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers

1. Readers find pleasure in the form, technique and style of writing a well - constructed plot,
vivid characterization, unusual imagery, expressive language, etc. In other words, all elements
are combined to create an over-all order or coherence. What does this show about literature?

A. Literature is language C. Literature is aesthetic

B. Literature is expressive D. Literature is true

2. Which function is illustrated when aside from its natural gift of pleasure to the reader, it
provides illumination that enables us to see, interpret and transform our world?

A. Literature as a form of escape

B. Literature provides aesthetic satisfaction

C. Literature as a form of pleasure

D. Literature as a form of engagement

3. Why is literature said to be fictional?

I. Literature can be re-ordering of the real world in which people and experience, though drawn
upon from actual life, and re-shaped l, altered, given new psychological insights.

II. The lack of factuality is strengthened by writer's artistic control in the literary work.

III. The writer's artistic control has the effect of stylizing the materials of the work, setting it
apart from the context of the real: nevertheless, making the reader enjoy and contemplate on
it, reject it, even show aesthetic distance.

A. I only B. II only C. III only D. I, II, III

3. Why is literature said to be expressive?

I. Literature expresses the writer's personality, emotions, amd beliefs no matter how writers
may try to reduce their presence as much as possible.

II. Literature has the ability to create an emotional response in the reader.

III. Literature imposes order on language, characters, events and details.

A. I only B. II only C. III only D. I, II, III

4. Which theory enlightens the approach used by a literary critic who is mainly concerned with
the background of a literary work - the social conditions, political developments, religious ideas
and practices, and modes of thinking current at the time of its production or the period it

A. The Work in Relation the Word it Imitates (Mimetic Theory)

B. The Work in Relation to the Author (Expressive Theory)

C. The Work and its Readers (Pragmatic or Affective Theory)

D. The Work as an Entity in Itself

5. Which element of fiction refers to the universal aspects of life as the writer perceives them to
be so that it determines his choice and organization of action, characters, setting and point of

A. Plot B. Setting C. Character D. Theme

6. Which refer to the author's or narrator's predominant attitude towards the subject which
may be happy, tragic, loving, tender, cynical, angry, detached, satirical, apathetic, etc?

A. Setting/atmosphere C. Tone

B. Point of view D. Theme

7. Which form of expository prose presents the personal view of its writer on a topic? It is said
to provide light as well as delight for the author tries to charm his reader with his prose as he
discusses his ideas or experiences?

A. Paragraph B. Discourse C. Essay D. Composition

8. Construct Procedure is an interesting technique that teachers can use to help students have a
graphic overview of an essay. Which of the techniques below is used when information such as
title, subtitles, introductory paragraphs, first sentence, summaries, pictures, maps and

A. Survey-reading C. Scanning

B. Study-type reading D. Skimming

9. According to Aristotle, plays classified as tragedy produce an effect where our baser emotion
of lust, hatred, jealousy, feat, self-pity, greed, avarice, sloth, etc. are cleansed or purged because
of dread in the tragedy that befall the tragic character would happen to us. In the process, we
counter check ourselves and innobled. How is this cleansing process called?

A. Caveat B. Kinesis C. Catharsis D. Catharrses

10. These are true about the reasons for teaching literature to students EXCEPT one. Which is
the exception?
A. It contributes to the holistic development of an individual

B. It shows value to language experiences

C. It provides an escape from one's reality

D. It develops mostly the analytic the analytic skills of learners

11. Teaching literature is seeking the opportunity for students to relate and respond to the
themes and issues by making a connection to their personal lives. Which model is described?

A. Cultural model C. Personal growth model

B. Language model D. Philosophical model

12. Which model views literature as a source of facts or information and the teacher is
transmitter of knowledge and information to the students?

A. Personal growth model C. Philosophical model

B. Cultural model D. Language model

13. What is the most innovative way of teaching literature?

A. Students are asked to read a literary piece at home

B. Students memorize the stanzas of a poem

C. Students create a collage of their experiences in relation to the story read in class

D. Students explain difficult words orally

14. How do you make the story of Biag Ni Lam-ang relevant and interesting to the life of
learners today?

A. Let them make a multimedia presentation of the main characteristic of Lam-ang as it is

seen today

B. Allow the learners to translate key events in their own mother tongue

C. Let them discuss the conflicts in the story that they can relate to

D. Let them write their own ending of the story

15. Which is the best way prepare in teaching of literature?

A. Enjoy the literature

B. Choose a literary genre that appeal to the nature of your learners

C. Memorize the essentials of the piece to be read in class

D. Plan for an output that learners can create based on the literary piece

16. Which can be used to teach learners to organize information on the major and minor
characters in a text?

A. Chunking C. Storyboarding

B. Character charts D. Note taking

17. If you want to help students in processing dilemmas experienced by characters in a text, the
most appropriate strategy to use is ________.

A. readers theater C. word tree

B. chunking D. life road maps

18. Which strategy will help students better understand key life events of historical or literary

A. Chunking C. Word tree

B. Readers theater D. Life road maps

19. You want you students to keep tract of main ideas and supporting details in a narrative by
letting them illustrate important scenes in a story. What is the most appropriate strategy that
you will employ?

A. Chunking C. Storyboarding

B. Fishbone diagram D. Note taking

20. These are specific modeling techniques in literature-based instruction EXCEPT one. Which is
the exception?

A. Reading aloud C. Cooperative learning

B. Shared writing D. Providing scaffolds

21. Which of the following is not suitable in activating prior knowledge of students?

A. Read and sketch

B. Reading several selections

C. Thematic organization of related pieces of literature

D. Self-questioning

22. Which is not true about teaching literary appreciation in the classroom?

A. It develops a sense of self-understanding

B. It helps in reflecting of one's sociopolitical issues in one's culture

C. It facilitates language proficiency

D. It can only be facilitated through classic literature

23. In selecting instructional materials, the following factors need to be considered EXCEPT one.

A. Consider the varied interests, abilities, and maturity of the learners

B. Stimulate growth in factual knowledge, literary appreciation, and aesthetic values

C. Promote faith and confidence in other cultures

D. Represent the many religious and cultural group

24. Which does not belong to the group?

A. Textbooks C. Specimens of real objects

B. Collaborative activities D. Software

25. Which criterion in choosing instructional materials ensure the consistency and reliability of
the content?

A. Controversial issues represented both sides

B. Authors are competent and qualified in the field

C. It contributes to the promotion of cultural values

D. Topics on human growth and development are represented with dignity and appropriate to
the age of the learners

26. Why do teachers need to use instructional materials in teaching language?

I. They allow students to interact with words, images and ideas in ways that develop their
literacy skills.

II. Learning cannot be facilitated without these materials.

III. All types of students will benefit even from one visual material used by the teacher.

A. I only B. II only C. III only D. I, II, III

27. In evaluating the impact and effectiveness of an instructional material in the entire
instructional process. The following questions can be asked. Which is an off-tangent question?

A. Did the materials help in reaching the objectives?

B. Could the students use the materials properly?

C. How could the instructional materials be improved?

D. Were all the instructional materials be improved?

28. How can sight and sound be synchronized?

A. Careful scripting will help you avoid confusing your students or audience.

B. Attention naturally gravitates toward the brightest light in a given area

C. Surprising visuals can dramatic emphasis to your presentation

D. Standing in front of the room when it is lighted

29. A relaxed environment has been shown to increase suggestibility, a state conductive to rapid
and effective learning. Which statements contributes to the realization of the aforementioned

A. Filter strength is increased C. Attractive materials are used

B. Good humor is present D. Strong areas are utilized

30. Which statement is NOT true about online learning?

A. It provides up-to-date information

B. It provides a convenient communication through emails

C. It poses difficulty to students due to some age-inappropriate materials

D. It may pose problems to students due to age-inappropriate materials

31. If you were to prepare a visual materials, which color will you use for the letters if the
background color is light blue?

A. dark green B. light yellow C. black D. brown

32. It begins with the total situation, focusing attention on the system first and then on the
internal relationship.

A. Holistic approach C. Evaluative approach

B. Analytic approach D. Integrated approach

33. One's genuine interest in the L2 community and motivation to learning how to gain closer
contact with the speech community is a/an

A. Integrative motivation C. Innate motivation

B. Instrumental motivation D. Extrinsic motivation

34. In furthering one's goals by learning and using English as a useful tool is a/an

A. Integrative motivation C. Innate motivation

B. Instrumental motivation D. Extrinsic motivation

35. The battle is not for the strong alone, it is to the vigilant, the active - the brave.

A. Patrick Henry C. Philip Freneau

B. Robert Frost D. Robert Browning

36. When you walk and wind and wander. What metrical foot is used?

A. Iamb B. Trochee C. Anapest D. Dactylic

37. To Bocobo, this may contribute to uneducation.

A. Generalization B. Rationalization C. Realization D. Specialization

38. _______ is the process when media people control the public's access to news.

A. Gate keeping B. Correlating C. Channeling D. Agenda setting

39. The oldest existing newspaper

A. The Manila Times C. The Philippine Star

B. The Daily Inquirer D. The Business World

40. Which type of chart is most suitable use if you show the relationship or chain of command
in a group or department?

A. Classification chart C. Flow chart

B. Organizational chart D. Time lines

41. In which part of the lesson may the teacher let students watch the film version of a literary

A. Motivation B. Review C. Enrichment D. Evaluation

42. Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul as the swift seasons roll.

A. In life, one has to work hard and enjoy the fruits of his labors.

B. One should make the most out of life by gaining prestige and wealth for life is too short

C. One must do acts of kindness and love while he can for life is fleeting

D. All of the above

43. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, old Time is still a flying, And this same flower that smiles
today, tomorrow will be dying.

A. Enjoy life's pleasures above everything else or you will regret in the end.

B. Do everything, as much as you can in making yourself worthy and prepared in life for you
can never turn back time.

C. Life is full of challenges so you have to be prepared all the time.

D. All of the above

44. When in disgrace with fortune in men's eyes, I all alone between my outcast state.

A. The persona pities himself for being poor and friendless

B. The persona feels sad over being alone

C. The persona recalls his tragic experiences and laments over them

D. All of the above

45. The line "Rebuild in it the music and the dream" from the poem "The Man With The Hoe"

A. Let hopeless linger in oneself C. Restore one's ambition and happiness

B. Restore one's pride and dignity D. All of the above

46. The paths of glory lead but to the grave.

A. Worldly joys lead one to his destruction

B. All things, no matter how grand they are, have their end in one's death

C. There is always time for everything

D. All of the above

47. It seeks to give information on facts unknown to the reader. It restates the facts of news
stories or adds other facts with minimum explanation.

A. Informational C. Argumentation

B. Interpretation D. Entertainment

48. It explains the significance or meaning of a news event, current idea, condition, or situation,
theory or hypothesis.

A. Interpretation C. Informational
B. Argumentation D. Mood Editorial

49. It present a philosophy rather than an argument or an explanation.

A. Mood Editorial C. Argumentation

B. Editorial of Criticism D. Special occasion

50. It points the good or the bad features of a problem or situation mentioned in the news. Its
purpose is to influence the reader.

A. Editorial of criticism

B. Editorial of argumentation

C. Editorial of commendation, appreciation or tribute

D. Editorial of information

51. In the headline BANK PEG INTEREST RATES, "PEG" means:

A. Hold at present level C. Control the increase

B. Keep at a fixed amount D. Increase gradually

52. This type of research is typically carried out by classroom teachers for purposes of improving
classroom instruction.

A. Translation C. Ethnography

B. Case study D. Action research

53. Naturalistic setting pertains to:

A. a contrived environment C. normal environment

B. experimental environment D. none of the above

54. Which of the following is not given focus in a case study?

A. An individual C. A social norm

B. An organization D. A community

55. A researcher conducting a study on the written composition of second language learners
wants to make sure that the inter-reliability is observable in the study. What measure should be

A. Inter-rater coding C. Construction of table of specification

B. Application of two research methods D. Re-testing

56. Which of the following can be considered a primary source of data?

A. Journals C. Grades

B. Oral testimonies D. Laboratory information

57. Triangulation is an important research strategy to strengthen research findings.

Triangulation can be achieved by________.

A. using one research framework and applying two data gathering tools

B. applying three research gathering tools

C. employing one research method and two investigators

D. having one research investigator and two research frameworks

58. A good research topic for an action research can most likely be drawn from _______.

A. literary texts C. conversation with teachers

B. research journals D. classroom interaction

59. Descriptive research is also called a/an ________.

A. experimental research C. survey research

B. correlational research D. action research

60. A researcher is interested in determining the significance or non-significance of the mean

scopes of students in reading comprehension and the mean scores on their attitude towards
reading. Which statistical tool should be applied?

A. Chi-square C. T-test

B. Factorial analysis D. ANOVA

61. Which of the following is most likely a research component under methodology?

A. objective B. framework C. participants D. findings

62. Limitations of a study research design and method are discussed in the ________ section of
a thesis or dessertation.

A. Discussion section C. Implication section

B. Research methods section D. Introduction section

63. A systematic representation of the correlation between all variables measured in a study is
called a ______.
A. Scattergram C. Path analysis

B. Correlational ratio D. Correlational matrix

64. A pilot study is generally conducted

A. before the submission of a research proposal

B. after the development of the research instruments

C. after the main study has been conducted

D. none of the above

65. This data collection technique allows a learner to verbalize her thought processes as she
completes a task.

A. Completion task C. Think aloud

B. Stimulated recall D. Anagram

66. This is a first person account of the experiences in language learning or teaching.

A. Diary C. Stimulated recall

B. Observation D. Field notes

67. Which statement conveys an incorrect idea?

A. Writing is a natural communicative activity.

B. People have to be taught how to write.

C. Writing, like speech is displaced in time.

D. Writing is planned and takes time.

68. This theory also called self-discovery, gives primacy to discovery of writing ideas in the
writing process.

A. Romantic C. Cognitive

B. Social D. Socio-cognitive

69. When the teaching method emphasizes the writer’s purpose and audience, the reaching
approach employed is _______.

A. grammar syntax B. communicative C. controlled D. process

70. Brainstorming is an activity that can be done in the ________ stage of writing.
A. prewriting C. post writing

B. during writing D. after writing

71. What is listening?

A. Listening is a passive process C. Listening is an active process

B. Listening is a simple process. D. Listening is a one way process.

72. Examples of voiced consonants are ____________

A. /d/, /p/, /k/, /s/ C. /v/, /z/, /d/, /k/

B. /d/, /g/, /v/, /z/ D. /p/, /t/, /g/, /z/

73.One spends _______ of his/her waking hours on listening.

A. 60% B. 10% C. 30% D. 20%

74. The indirect object in the sentence: Vince sent her a beautiful card from Rome. Is ______.

A. her B. card C. Rome D. Vince

75. Promises from politicians usually are paradoxical.

A. unfulfilled B. granted C. disorganized D.answered

76.There was no magical panacea for the company’s troubles.

A. bonus B. monopoly C. cure-all D. deception

77. Which description does not correctly describe the linguistic theory of transformational
generative grammar?

A. Speakers are capable of forming and interpreting normal grammatical sentences even those
which they have not heard before.

B. Language learning seems to be an innate capacity

C. Focus of analysis proceeds from meaning to form

D. TGG can explain sentences ambiguities

78. Which of the following questions deals with the most basic concerns of humankind that a
mythology attempts to answer?

A. Who are we and how was the world made?

B. What is the relationship between inner life and outward appearance?

C. What happens to the individual at the moment of death and after?

D. All of the above

78. What is the most pressing problem of radio and television?

A. The lack of professionalism among news casters

B. The competition of big network over exclusiveness of reporting

C. The profanity, obscenity, and vulgarity of language used

D. The irritating voice-tone used by the reporters

80. For a powerpoint slide, the minimum lettering size is ________.

A. 25 points B. 36 points C. 24 points D. 34 points

81. This school of criticism concentrates on the peculiarities of diction and imagery employed

A. Rhetorical B. Stylistics C. Metaphorical D. Structuralist

82. The flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying. This Herrick line tells about:

A. The essence of a flower C. The passing of time

B. The rigidity of life D. None of these

83. Richard Lovelace was a _______.

A. Puritan B. Cavalier C. Musketeer D. Romantic

84. Queen Elizabeth I was a _______.

A. Grimaldi B. Mountbatten C. Spencer D. Tudor

85. Queen Elizabeth II was a _______.

A. Grimalde B. Mountbatten C. Spencer D. Tudor

86. Marlowe's mighty lines:

A. blank verse B. free verse C. both A&B D. None of A&B

87. When second language learners of English pronounce violet as VILOYET, ask as AKS, they
exhibit a speech behavior that exemplifies a morpophonemic change known as ______.

A. Assimilation B. Openthesis C. Dissimilation D. Metathesis

88. Psycholinguistics is the discipline that deals with

A. Language and society

B. Language and the mind

C. Application of linguistics to teaching

D. The study of socio-linguistics in socio-cultural settings

89. Which is not a non-linguistic factor, which influences success in learning a second language?

A. Motivation for learning C. Opportunities

B. One's linguistic ability D. Elements of the language

90. What constitute the GRAMMAR OF LANGUAGE?

A. phonemes, morphemes C. rules of use

B. phonology, syntax, semantics D. parts of speech

91. Which is the most appropriate description of a linguistician?

A. A linguist

B. Skilled, objective observers rather than participants - consumers of language rather than

C. It refers to someone who speaks a large number of languages

D. Need to be fluent in languages and they must have a wide experience of different types

Trust no future, how'ver pleasant

Let the dead past bury its dead

Act-act in the living present

Heart within and God overhead!

92. The four line stanza is known as:

A. quartet B. quarto C. quarantine D. quatrain

93. Pleasant and present are examples of ______ rhymes.

A. feminine B. masculine C. slant D. internal

94. What figure of speech pervades the entire stanza?

A. Paradox B. Personification C. Exaggeration D. Understatement

95. What does the second line mean?

A. Bury the dead C. Forget the pass

B. Let bygones be bygone D. Let the pass color your life

96. What is the message of this stanza?

A. Love God always C. Yesteryears do matter in our life

B. Prepare for the future D. Do what is supposed to be done now

98. All of the following stages are necessary in ESP course designing, except

A. Evaluation C. Determining Goals & Objectives

B. Needs Assessment D. Identifying philosophical underpinnings

99. All of the following class activities are recommended for a Business English course, except

A. Writing reaction papers C. Presenting a business plan

B. Writing business reports D. Conducting a feasibility study

100. Which category of ESP does English for Teachers belong?

A. English for Occupational Purposes (EOP)

B. English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

C. English for Vocational Purposes (EVP)

D. English for Business Purposes

101. In the English for Tourist Guides class, Mr. Ramirez distributed a hand-out containing a
"script" that students will use during their "practicum". What principle of ESP methodology
does Mr. Ramirez violate?

A. Discipline Specific C. Error Tolerance

B. Student-centered D. Authenticity

102. The approach to teaching writing which is closely associated with the development of
genre analysis as a key approach to text in ESP refers to _________.

A. Social constructivist approach C. Process approach

B. Product approach D. Controlled approach

103. You are planning to use a video clip from youtube to test the active listening skills of your
students. What do you need to primarily consider before using it in your class?

A. It should have a clear connection to your educational objectives

B. It should be audible and appealing to the students

C. It should be appropriate to the age of the learners

D. It should have subtitles for better comprehension

104. A teacher who utilizes computer-aided instruction is said to be an advocate of which


A. Pragmatism B. Idealism C. Behaviorism D. Realism

105. This is the most compelling reason for deciding to utilize CAI when teaching about the
history of children's literature.

A. Privacy helps the shy and slow learner

B. The teacher can devote more time to individual students

C. Large amount of information can be learned in a shorter time and through a multisensory

D. There is immediate response to the answer's elicited

106. While CAI has many advantages, teachers may not be able to utilize the technology for
which observable and practical reasons?

I. Lack of infrastructure

II. Lack of expertise in integrating CAI

III. Lack of motivation on the part of students

IV. Students are free to experiment on different options

A. I, II, II B. I & II C. II, III, IV D. III & IV

107. Blogs are online journals that are regularly updated by an author posting information that
allows other bloggers to interact with. If you were to integrate the use of this tool in your
literature classes, how will you ensure the maximum participation of learners?

A. Check their attendance through their blogs

B. Let them submit weekly reports

C. Assign a buddy to help motivate students to participate

D. Assess the first technology literacy level of students

108. What would be a relevant objective for the use for the use of blogs in your literature
A. Let students acquaint themselves with the use of online tools

B. Judge the opinions of others about an issue

C. Students post their opinions about an issue raised in the literary piece

D. Students link as much resources related to the literary piece for further reading

109. Which element should give you a hint in NOT adopting an internet resource for your
literary criticism activities?

A. Authors have contact details

B. More advertisements are posted

C. Links for further reading are linked

D. Contents relate to your set objectives

110. What is not true about the application of Dale's Cone of Experience?

A. It encourages educators to plan experiences that will help students apply their learning to
real-life situations

B. Contrived experiences are those that make the learners act out a role

C. Motion pictures limit the participation of students since it only involves seeing and hearing

D. The more senses used in interaction with a source, the better chances for students to learn

111. When teaching foreign language to students, a video is most useful because of this
technique that help students engage in communicative exercises on some difficult language
points. Which is the technique?

A. Repetition and role-play C. Freeze framing and prediction

B. Active viewing D. Silent viewing

112. Why do you need to use a variety of instructional materials in teaching?

A. There are a lot of materials available

B. Students have diverse needs and interests

C. Teachers need to showcase their versatility

D. It continually challenges the innovation of teachers

113. In selecting textbooks to be used in teaching language in a multicultural setting, which

should be given particular attention besides the other important elements?
A. Culture, native language and ethnicity portrayed in the textbook

B. Gender expression and identity

C. Sexual orientation and gender

D. Physical disability

114. Which should be the most probable reason if Myra got 59% on July 28, 2013 on a language
teacher-made test and 77% on July 30, 2013 on a test covering the same material?

A. The tests were not relevant C. The tests were not reliable

B. The tests were not valid D. The tests were not representative

115. Mr. Y wants to measure his students ability against the learning objectives of a specific
language course. Which of the following tests should he give?

A. Norm-referenced test C. Discrete-point test

B. Criterion-referenced test D. Assessment test

116. Which would be the possible reason if the correlations of a language test are generally
significant to the highest level (99%), except for the listening test?

A. The listening test does not differentiate between the most able and the least able takers

B. The listening test is not valid

C. The listening test is not reliable

D. The listening test is not consistent with the other parts of the test

117. Which kind of language test should Mr. X give if he wanted to measure the students ability
in language regardless of any training they may have had in that language?

A. Achievement test C. Diagnostic test

B. Placement test D. Proficiency test

118. Ms. M prepared a cloze test that is concerned primarily with meaning and the total
communicative effect of discourse. She made sure that the test involved functional language
but not the use of functional language. Which approach did Ms. M consider in constructing her

A. Communicative approach C. Structuralist approach

B. Integrative approach D. Essay-translation approach

119. Which domain of learning as identified in Bloom's Revised Cognitive Taxonomy is
addressed if a teacher prepares a language task that focuses on recognizing the connotative
meaning of words, correctly processing dictation, and making inferences.

A. Comprehension B. Knowledge C. Analysis D. Synthesis

120. The Grade 7 teachers in school A are evaluating the language tests prepared by the Grade 7
teachers in school B. Specifically, the teachers are evaluating the utility, equity and
appropriateness of the assessment techniques used. In which evaluation phase are the

A. Reflection B. Preparation C. Assessment D. Evaluation

121. Ms. Siagto asked her students to retrace the chronological order in which the enumerated
events took place by assigning numbers. Which task did Ms. Siagto ask her students to do?

A. Matching C. Multiple response

B. Single response D. Sequencing

122. These are the common, everyday words that most children enter school knowing already.
Since we don't need to teach these, this is a tier without tears.

A. Tier 1 B. Tier 2 C. Tier 3 D. Tier 4

123. This tier consists of words that are used across the content areas and are important for
students to know and understand. Included here are process words like analyze and evaluate
that students will run into on many standardized tests and that are also used at the university
level, in many careers, and in everyday life. We really want to get these words into students'
long-term memory.

A. Tier 1 B. Tier 2 C. Tier 3 D. Tier 4

124. This tier consists of content-specific vocabulary—the words that are often defined in
textbooks or glossaries. These words are important for imparting ideas during lessons and
helping to build students' background knowledge.

A. Tier 1 B. Tier 2 C. Tier 3 D. Tier 4

125. Learners discuss the sea. The teacher then explains the task, and reads a short text on the
sea to the class, who just listen. The teacher reads the text again, and the learners take notes. In
groups, the learners then reconstruct the text. What is implied in this situation?

A. Inferences B. Prosecutor C. Transition D. Dictogloss

126. This is often regarded as a multiple skills and systems activity. Learners practise listening,
writing and speaking (by working in groups) and use vocabulary, grammar and discourse
systems in order to complete the task.
A. Inferences B. Prosecutor C. Transition D. Dictogloss

127. It consists of the most basic words. These words rarely require direct instruction and
typically do not have multiple meanings. Sight words, nouns, verbs, adjectives and early reading
words occur at this level.

A. Tier 1 B. Tier 2 C. Tier 3 D. Tier 4

128. It consists of high frequency words that occur across the variety of domains. That is, these
words occur often in mature language situations such as adult conversations and literature, and
therefore strongly influence speaking and reading.

A. Tier 1 B. Tier 2 C. Tier 3 D. Tier 4

129. It consists of low frequency words that occur in specific domains. Domains include subjects
in school, hobbies, occupations, geographic regions, technology weather, etc. We usually learn
these words when a specific need arises, such as learning amino acid during chemistry lesson.

A. Tier 1 B. Tier 2 C. Tier 3 D. Tier 4

130. Of the following, which is under of transformationalists?

A. Language is system of systems C. Language is arbitrary

B. Language is a mental phenomenon D. Language is innate

131. It is a kind of listening for specific information.

A. Listening for details C. Listening selectively

B. Listening for gist D. Making predictions

132. How many inflectional morphemes are there in English language?

A. 5 B. 6 C. 7 D. 8

133. Which test task would the students do if they were asked to fill in the blanks with the
correct pronoun?

A. C-cloze B. Cloze C. Text numeric D. Hot spot

135. A group of teachers is designing an achievement test. Specifically, they are looking closely
at the test and are deciding which questions will be omitted and which items need further
clarification. Which stage are the teachers in?

A. Writing a draft C. Evaluating the draft version

B. Collecting testing material D. Rewriting the draft version

136. Ms. Wakat wants to measure the reorganization skills of her students. Which should she
ask her students to do?

A. Write a two-paragraph summary of the plot of the story

B. Predict what is in store for the protagonist

C. Cite incidents in the story that show the stained relationship between the protagonist and
her husband

D. Draw what is in store for the protagonist

137. Mark aims to make a language test that tends to have the highest reliability. Which type of
exam should he make?

A. Cloze test C. True or False

B. Multiple choice D. Matching type

138. John wants to assess Myra's conversational ability in English, so he gave her a list of words
to read. The assessment would yield to _____________.

A. An invalid result C. A reliable result

B. A valid result D. An unreliable result

139. Which proficiency assessment interpretation did Mathew use when he remarked that
Aldine got 80 out of 100 and that she is in the top 20%?

A. Criterion-referenced interpretation C. Selection test interpretation

B. Placement test interpretation D. Norm-referenced interpretation

140. Shane wants to assess the speaking ability of her students. She first specified the
components of speaking ability she wants to assess. Which of the following did Shane make?

A. Performance criteria C. Construct definition

B. Profile definition D. Ability criteria

141. Igor asked his students to choose the letter of appropriate preposition to complete the
sentence. Igor gave a ____________.

A. Criterion-reference test C. Norm-referenced test

B. Discrete point test D. Integrative test

142. Five English teachers assessed literary comprehension one section of students. The
assessment of five teachers yielded fairly close. The assessment is _______.
A. valid C. convergently valid

B. reliable D. equally difficult

143. In the test prepared by Mica, Mr. Kin commented that she overemphasized on knowledge
outcomes. What might have Mica forgotten to do?

A. Predictive validity testing C. Constructive validity testing

B. Table of Specifications D. Difficulty distribution

144. Teacher Caryll collected samples of classroom tests and writings of her students to monitor
her students' writing performance. Teacher Carylle used ___________ assessment.

A. non-formal B. summative C. achievement D. portfolio

145. Homer assigned number values to the various criteria he listed to assess his students'
reading performance. Which assessment tool did Homer prepare?

A. Checklist C. Rating scale

B. Rubric D. Observation sheet

146. Which cognitive level does the instruction "Write the meaning of the underlined words
according to how they are used in the sentence" addressed?

A. Application B. Analysis C. Evaluation D. Synthesis

147. Which among the following is not a criterion of a good test?

A. Reliability B. Authenticity C. Relativity D. Balance

148. Darwin had this test validated and the results indicate that there is high correlation
between the test scores and the test scores in a different test measuring the same construct,
irrespective of method. Which validity does the result satisfy?

A. Criterion-related validity C. Construct validity

B. Convergent validity D. Concurrent validity

149. Which qualitative analysis should Teacher Arkin use if he wants to examine the test tasks
and to determine the extent to which they are correspondent to the test goal?

A. Conversational Analysis C. Test Language Analysis

B. Discourse Analysis D. Task Characteristics

150. Margaux distributed his test among a group of representative end users in the same
settings amd circumstances and the live test. Which task did Margaux do?
A. Formatting B. Revising C. Piloting D. Assessing

151. In language tests, which of the following can merely serve as an indicator of reliability?

A. Descriptive statistics C. Correlation

B. Item reliability D. T-test

152. Which approach should Teacher Mina use if she aims to gain insight into the thinking
process and opinions of the test taker?

A. Verbal reports C. Reflection

B. Diary studies D. Survey questions

153. Mr. M aims to develop students' abilities to assume more responsibility to identify where
they believe they have been successful and where they believe they need assistance. Which of
the following did Mr. M ask his students to do?

A. Peer Assessment C. Self - assessment

B. Reflective Assessment D. Teacher Consultation Assessment

154. Glenda conducted an interview with five of her language students in order to substantiate
her assessment findings. She asked fixed series of questions without deviating from them.
Which type of interview did Glenda conduct?

A. One-on-one B. Group C. Structured D. Semi-structured

155. Which of the following should Lance do if he would like to gather information in order to
gauge and understand a learner's knowledge of the language and his ability to use that

A. Evaluation B. Assessment C. Testing D. Measurement

156. Both Gass and Vygotsky focused on research for second language acquisition. Which of the
statement is TRUE about their contributions?

A. Both are focused on the importance of cognitive ability in learning the language

B. Gass focused on the language learning context while Vygotsky focused on the role of social

C. Gass gave the idea of comprehensible input while Vygotsky gave the idea on the social

D. Both are behaviorist in their emphasis on language research

157. Which of the following statements is TRUE about research on second language acquisition?
A. Methods based on the behaviorist theory of language learning emphasize conversations

B. Methods based on interactionist theory give the learners the opportunity for conversation
that allows meaningful input from teachers and students

C. Methods based on teaching what the learner is ready to learn, are more closely associated to

D. Methods recognized a role for instruction and assume that everything has been taught

158. Feedback and interaction are very important elements in language learning and teaching.
What is the best activity to be employed by the teacher to have interaction enhancement?

A. Give many activities for drills and exercises in language

B. Let the students give their reaction to the situation given

C. Let the students identify the mismatch between interlanguage grammar and the target

D. Give feedback on the student's lapses in spoken language

159. You want to explore the effective methods used in improving the children's way of using
the language in the classroom. Who will be the best respondents for your study?

A. Parents B. Teachers C. Children D. Administrator

160. Output plays an important part in language research. It is while attempting to produce the
target language that learners may notice that they do not know how to say or write precisely
the meaning intended. Below are some output techniques that the teachers use. Which does
not belong to the group?

A. Negotiating task C. Consciousness-raising

B. Metatalking D. Communicative-language teaching

161. Research suggests that an increased focus on form is likely to lead to change in
grammatical knowledge in so far as it is manifested in learner behavior. What suggestion can be
drawn from this result?

A. Destabilizing fossilized form

B. Focus more on grammar

C. Form should not be a priority

D. Form and grammatical be give equal importance

162. One student conducted a research on the communication strategies used by the teachers
in educating students with visual impairment. In order to identify the communication strategies,
the researcher interviewed the teachers educating the students with visual impairment and also
did some actual observation of the classes. What research design was used in the study?

A. Experimental design C. Quantitative design

B. Descriptive design D. Qualitative design

163. For language research, several scholars have borrowed from the concepts of ethnography.
Which of the following researches does not use ethnographic method?

A. Cultural models of personhood: What does it mean to be a good Osage Indian?

B. Communication: How is communication accomplished?

C. Emotional expression: What are the "display rules" of when and how emotion should be

D. Methodology: What effective strategy is used to increase participation in classroom?

164. Except for specialized publications and programs that cater to the youth, what could be the
role of the mainstream media?

A. It cannot be expected to have that kind of slant that is inherently biased for the youth

B. It is expected that the mainstream media shall have that kind of slant

C. It is a must that the mainstream media shall proffer the youth with the kind of slant

D. The mainstream media has the option of whether they will have that kind of slant or not

165. Aside from being the official stand of paper on a relevant development or issue, which of
the following supports the definition of an editorial article?

A. It is written by the editor-in-chief

B. It is a concerned commentary written by any member of the staff

C. It is the opinion of the news paper publisher

D. It is opinion which the public clamor about

166. The editorial article is considered the soul of the newspaper. It is usually written in the
formal language, expressing the stand of the paper on controversial issues of the day. Which is
not a characteristic of an editorial?

A. It entertains and gives happiness to the readers

B. It stirs the conscience of the readers to action

C. It influences and molds public opinion

D. It has no byline

167. Which is the best "alliteration" headline?

A. Zombie seen on the screen C. Zombie was seen on the screen

B. Zombie is seen on the screen D. There was a Zombie on the screen

168. The Pulitzer Prize is awarded to _______________.

A. Book B. Story book C. Journalism D. Magazine

169. While a news writer will normally stick to facts and report them as a matter of fact without
embellishment or comments of any kind, the feature writer offers more than bare facts except

A. he can add flavor to his story

B. he hires a very good reporter to get the most interesting facts

C. he uses anecdotes, descriptions and humour

D. he uses more factual and imaginative language

170. Berger (1990) distinguishes between mini documentaries and standard documentaries.
How much time will a standard documentary take?

A. Not longer than 15 minutes C. Two hours or more

B. One hour or more D. Three hours or more

171. Which according to Okoye, is an in-depth and factual write up on a topical issue which
seeks to give comprehensive information in a more captivating and relaxed style?

A. Editorial article C. Feature story

B. News article D. Sports story

172. According to Jesus Valensuela in the History of Journalism in the Philippine Islands (1933)
and John Lent in the Philippine Mass Communication (1964), when did the history of campus
journalism in the Philippines start?

A. When the University of Santo Tomas published El Liliputiense in 1890

B. When the University of the Philippines published The Collegian in 1908

C. When the Araullo High School published The Coconut in 1911

D. When the first High School paper was published in the United States in 1851

173. Which is NOT a step in copyreading?

A. Get an overview of the story

B. Look out for editorializing, biases, and possible grounds for libel

C. Verify the accuracy of facts and determine whether the story contains all essential

D. Ensure that opinion, speculations, and statement which are without attribution and
sources are retained

174. Copyreading is correcting the error made by the reporter. It is another word for editing.
How does proofreading differ from copyreading or editing? Proofreading is ____________.

A. correcting error made by the desk man

B. correcting error made by the linotype man

C. correcting error made by the page editor

D. correcting error made by the typesetter or printer

175. In writing a lead, what is disadvantage of a wordy lead?

A. Reduces the effectiveness of an introduction

B. Cannot be understood by the reader

C. Is boring and shaky

D. Reduces the readability of the article

176. Why is that in writing a news story one is advised to make one's paragraph?

A. It is easier to read, the words stand out better and it gives it a dramatic shade

B. It is preferred by the reading public

C. Publishers have realized that it is a space saver

D. It is advised as per style sheet

177. This according to McDougall, is the first among the several "qualifications" a reporter
needs. This means the ability to recognize the new possibilities. Which involves tha ability to
recognize that the information can be made of interest to readers, the ability to recognize clues
which may be very casual but which may lead to the discovery of important news and the ability
to recognize the possibility of other stories. Which is referred to?

A. Big heart for the victims C. Nose for news

B. Eagle eye to see information D. Wide fluffy ears to hear facts

178. It is a feature story which is not presented to the reader in the normal half a page of
newspaper features or the usual magazine feature format of one to several pages. This type of
feature story is serialized because it very long. Sometimes, as long as a short novel. It has the
added advantage of suspense as it whets the appetite of the reader and leaves him guessing
and anxious for the remaining part of the story. Which is described?

A. Adventure and travel C. Big red

B. Developmental feature D. What and how to do feature

179. Which is the most difficult type of feature classified under the "invention feature story"
because it really involves the writer's motions which sometimes color the story, in most cases,
negatively? This type involves death and finally the resolution of the conflict either positively or

A. Character sketch C. News-feature

B. Medical story D. Full-blown feature story

180. In writing a lead the use of action words is rule of thumb. Why is active voice of action
verbs considered more effective and more exciting?

A. It gives life to your lead

B. The action is clearly understood

C. It makes the lead bright and colorful

D. It enhances the description of the information

181. In news writing active tense is preferred particularly in writing headlines. Which headline
gets immediate attention?

I. Oklahoma City Thunder Beat New York Knicks

II. New York Knicks Lost to Oklahoma City Thunder

III. 3 Million Students Entered Public Schools Today

A. I only B. II only C. I & II D. III only

182. Which among the following lead is more engaging?

I. "The Government has decided not to introduce the planned tax increase on petrol and diesel
this summer."

II. "The Government has abandoned plans to raise fuel taxes this summer."

III. The LET was postponed due to inclement weather.

A. I only B. II only C. I & II D. III only

183. Adjectives should not be allowed in newspapers unless they have something to say. An
adjective should not raise questions in the reader's mind, it should answer them. What test
should be applied to all adjectives used in journalistic writing?

A. Do they add relevantly to the information being provided?

B. Do they add color and style?

C. Do they describe the word appropriately?

D. Are they adding to the aesthetic appearance of the article?

184. What kind of grammatical beginning lead is being featured in the following statement?

"With rakes, brooms, and other cleaning equipment, the pupils from The Little Red School
cleaned and roads leading to the school preparation for the coming school year as part of the
annual Brigada Eskwela."

A. Clause lead C. Infinitive phrase lead

B. Participial phrase lead D. Prepositional phrase lead

185. Of the kinds of lead used in writing news feature, which kind is being shown by the
following statement:

"The new dean, although only in her mid thirties, is already seasoned. She is so humane and
believes in humility as a guiding principle. She ensures that justice and fairness os served at any
given instance."

A. Background lead C. Epigram lead

B. Picture lead D. Descriptive lead

186. In page make up, it is advised that tombstoning should be avoided. What is tombstoning?

A. Breaking stories to the top of columns

B. Keeping long columns of 6-points types

C. Placing two or more headlines on approximately the same level in adjacent columns

D. Making the top half of the page heavy with cuts and big headlines

187. The following are the things to remember in captioning, except one. Which is one?

A. It should be written in short and pithy sentences

B. It must answer the basic questions

C. A gay picture should have a gay caption

D. Some rules in news writing may apply

188. Which is a broken-column carried to the extreme?

A. Broken Column makeup C. Streamlined makeup

B. Circus makeup D. Occult makeup

189. The difference between "Don't oppose" and "Don't whimper" lies in their __________.

A. denotative meaning C. expressive meaning

B. propositional meaning D. selectional proposition

190. Which of the following sentences has a predicated theme?

A. It is your love that made me strong C. Your love made me strong

B. What made me strong is your love D. I was made strong by your love

191. Which thematic structure is used in the sentence, "Well scrutinized the exam was"?

A. Fronting of time or place adjunct C. Fronting of object or complement

B. Fronting of predicator D. Fronting of pronominal

192. Which translation problem is evident in the sentence, "Kumain sya ng mangga" (Eat s/he

A. Syntagmatic dislocation C. Nominalization

B. Linear dislocation D. Extraposition

193. Marky received his paper with the mark 5 before the sentence "We will reap victory! What
does the teacher want Marky to do?

A. Move 5 spaces to the left C. Use 5 single spaces

B. Insert 5 spaces D. Indent 5 spaces

194. Which of the following answers to the question "Does Carmi dance while she cooks? is an

A. Yes, she does. C. Yes, she does it to irritate us, perhaps.

B. No, but I do. D. No.

195. Which strategy is used in translating "I didn't expect Milo to cry crocodile tears to Hindi ko
inasahan na iiyak ng peke si Milo?
A. Translation by omission of play on idiom

B. Translation by paraphrase

C. Using an idiom of similar meaning but dissimilar form

D. Using an idiom of similar meaning and form

196. Which could be the reason why "po" and "opo" cannot be directly translated in the English

A. Because the words are considered foreign in the English language

B. Because the words are only true in the Philippines

C. Because the words are culture-specific

D. Because the words are exotic

197. Which one includes a student telling stories, original or taken from a book, in his/her own

A. Sight reading C. Story reading

B. Reader's theater D. Creative speech

198. There are four main types of speech delivery - manuscript, memorization, impromptu and
extemporaneous. Which of the following does not belong to memorization?

A. The speaker writes the manuscript as reference during the speech

B. The speaker writes the manuscript for official records

C. Manuscript delivery is reading the text word for word

D. The use of eye contact and facial expression helps bring personality tot this type of delivery

199. Which is a method of speech delivery termed as "making it up on the spot where the
students use natural more delivery and the audience is less critical?

A. impromptu B. manuscript C. memorization D. extemporaneous

200. The characteristics of effective speech based on Cicero's canons of rhetoric include
invention, disposition, elocution, pronunciation and __________.

A. arrangement B. grammar C. voice D. memory

201. Invention: discovering the best arguments; ___________ : delivery, language and speaking

A. Disposition B. Pronunciation C. Memory D. Elocution

202. Which of the following is not an example of a persuasive speech?

A. A politician asking people to vote for him/her

B. A student trying to get a patient to stop smoking

C. A tour guide explaining the floor plan at a larger art museum

D. An environmentalist trying to get people to start thinking about the environment

203. If informative speaking aims to inform, what is the aim of demonstrative speaking?

A. To shift the opinions or behaviors of the audience

B. To entertain the audience

C. To share some facts and opinions

D. To show audience how to perform a task

204. Which speech is delivered during wedding receptions, graduation ceremonies, religious
inductions and other kinds? It strongly suggests that speakers know the background of the
events and assess their audience to determine what information is most appropriate to share.

A. Persuasive speaking C. Ceremonial speaking

B. Informative speaking D. Demonstrative speaking

206. Which area is included in the speech discipline that includes the study of symbolic
behavior in dyadic relationships?

A. Group communication C. Rhetoric

B. Organizational communication D. Interpersonal communication

207. Which refers to the processes associated with the production and perception of sounds
used in spoken language?

A. Speech C. Speaking

B. Oral communication D. Discussing

208. Which characteristic of effective speech refers to the arrangement and organization of

A. Disposition B. Pronunciation C. Invention D. Elocution

209. Which is one of the first rules to remember in writing?

A. Writers read a lot C. Writers write

B. Writers are born D. Writers are made

210. Ideas are all around, but as a general rule where can you find ideas?

A. In a solemn place where one can think well

B. In a place where the scenery is great

C. Anywhere when a number of people gather

D. No particular place or venue

211. Creative writing is any ___________ that goes outside the bounds of normal professional,
journalistic, academic, or technical forms of literature. Which word/words can be in the blank to
make the sentence CORRECT?

I. professional

II. journalistic

III. academic

IV. technical

A. I, II, III & IV B. I & II C. II, III & IV D. III & IV

212. One successful Mills and Boon author states that, once she had made up her mind to
become a novelist, she turned one room of her house into a study room and _________.

A. allow everyone to get inside if they wish

B. forbade anyone to enter whilst she was working

C. locked herself until she was done with the manuscript

D. stayed in the room as she wish to avoid disturbance

213. Which is the most common excuse for NOT putting pen to paper?

A. Poor vocabulary C. Limited resources (financial)

B. Very few materials available D. Lack of time

214. Which is considered as a major stumbling block for would-be writers?

A. Lack of time C. Lack of resources

B. Lack of confidence D. Lack of training

215. Which is the first thing that writers do when they are about to continue writing?
A. Ponder and think well C. Re-read what you have written yesterday

B. Write his thoughts at once D. Recall what you have yesterday

216. Watching the world go by in order to get ideas to write means ________.

A. watching the globe turning around closely

B. traveling around the world

C. reading the latest news every day

D. observing how people behave in everyday situations

217. Writers are terrible eavesdroppers and will shamelessly listen in to the most private
conversation. Is this CORRECT?

A. True to all extent C. Somehow it is correct

B. That's not their natural characteristics D. That's not becoming of a professional


218. You have a large family, you're too tired, and you have a demanding full time job, etc., are
excuses which may be rolled into one simple explanation. Which is one?

A. You have no inspiration C. You are indolent

B. Nobody is behind you D. You don't think you are good enough

219. What makes long descriptive passages vibrant and lively?

A. Appropriate words and phrases C. Dialogue, action or interaction

B. Nicely chosen adjectives and descriptors D. Beautifully worded sentences

220. What is the meaning of "write about what you know" as an advice to would be writers?

A. Do not write what you have not read

B. Do not write anything that you have not experienced

C. Write only the things that you know well

D. Write what you know, if not find out

221. Expert knowledge is invaluable. Is this true?

A. Not certain C. It is not right

B. True D. That is contradicting

222. Aside from realism, what is considered a vital ingredient in any piece of writing, fact or

A. Originality C. Pleasant experiences

B. Good editing D. Popular subjects

223. Michael Green, a professional journalist offers an excellent advice, "observe everyday life
with _________.

A. enthusiasm C. writer's eye

B. patience and perseverance D. writer's imagination

224. Failure to writes ideas down can result to losing them altogether. How shall it help you
commit it to paper?

A. Helps commit them to memory and stimulate new ideas

B. Helps you to recall what has transpired

C. Motivates a writer to continue writing

D. Motivates the writer to gather some more information that he needs in writing

225. What is taboo in sending letters to the editor?

A. Sending it to several government agency

B. Sending without prior notice

C. Sending it with high expectation

D. Sending to several publications

226. Which is one important gesture to ensure that you will be noticed by a publication?

A. Addressing your letter to the publication's public relation officer

B. Lengthy but straight to the point

C. A brief word of praise for the publication

D. Clear and legible cursive handwriting

227. Reading with a writer's eye, means ________________.

A. focusing on the main idea of what you are reading

B. giving emphasis on the characters of the article you are reading

C. reading as fast as you could so that you will not forget the thought of the story

D. taking time to analyze how an author manages to grab your attention

228. Which is the framework that binds your blog posts together and choosing the right
platform to suit your needs is essential?

A. Blogging platform C. Website

B. URLs D. Blog posts

229. Participants may be willing to be interviewed but there should the right ____________
need to be ensured by telling them the nature of specific research.

A. non-coercion C. privacy

B. informed consent D. protection from harm

230. Participants not willing to be interviewed for a research should not be subject to
___________ such they become reluctant respondents.

A. coercion B. harm C. ignorance D. public disclosure

231. As a researcher, you employ the inductive approach, which do you do?

A. Generate new theory emerging from data and then test the validity of the theory

B. Test the validity of the theory

C. Generate new theory emerging from the data

D. The validity of the theory then come up with conclusion

232. What is expected of the researcher in the Methods/Procedure part of the research?

I. Describes what s/he did , how s/he did it

II. Give strategies, sample calculations

III. Describes tools and instruments

A. I, II & III B. I & III C. II & III D. I & II

233. What does a teacher do a literature interview?

I. To survey the current state of knowledge and the area of inquiry

II. To identify key authors, articles, theories and findings in the area of research

III. To identify gaps in knowledge in that research area

A. I & III B. II, & III C. I, II, & III D. I & II

234. You would like to research on academic problems met by Indigenous People children in
your school, which sampling will you use?

A. No sampling C. Purposive sampling

B. Stratified sampling D. Random sampling of all school children

235. Which statement/s on ethnography is/are true?

I. Ethnography is a holistic approach to the study of cultural systems.

II. Ethnography is the study of the socio-cultural contexts, processes, and meaning within social
cultural systems.

III. Ethnography is an open-ended emergent learning process and not a rigid investigator
controlled experiment.

A. I & III B. I, II, III C. I & II D. II & III

236. Which statement/s on ethnography is/are true?

I. Ethnography is a highly flexible and creative process.

II. Ethnography is an interpretive, reflexive, and constructivist process.

III. Ethnography requires the daily and continuous recording of field notes.

A. II & III B. I & III C. I & II D. I, II & III

237. What kind of data includes descriptive field notes, narration of informants, myths, stories,
songs, and sagas as gathered by anthropologists?

I. Qualitative data

II. Quantitative data

III. Inferential data

A. II only B. III only C. I only D. I, II, III

238. In my research, I use basic classical ethnographic field methods. Which ones do I use?

I. Observations

II. Asking questions

III. Interpretation

IV. Participant observation

A. I, II & III B. II, III & IV C. I, II, III, IV D. I, III, & IV

239. If a design for evaluating Community Support Program is being evaluated for its relevance,
what is the most significant question to consider?

A. Does the range of information to be provided include all the important aspect of the

B. Does the information to be provided adequately serve the evaluation needs of the
intended audiences?

C. Is the information to be provided timely enough to the use of audiences?

D. Does the intended evaluation strictly follow ethical principles?

240. How does one avoid bias when administering a teacher questionnaire to determine the
pulse on a new performance evaluation system?

A. Give priority to those who volunteer to fill out the questionnaire.

B. Make sure the sample of what you'll measure is most likely to represent varied opinions

C. Select sample from those getting high performance ratings.

D. Exclude as respondents teachers who are 60 or over.

241. To ensure reliability of an evaluation instrument, it is important to make sure that


I. it is designed to get the information needed

II. there is only one way to interpret each item

III. stems with dual elements are eliminated

A. II & III B. I & II C. I only D. I, II & III

242. If you conduct a phenomenological research, what key ingredients do you expect?

I. A research question driven by curiosity informs the design of a study.

II. Participants need to be interested in amd committed to exploring their lived experience to
generate good quality data.

III. An effective analytical framework which can increase the quality of the findings.

A. I & III B. II & III C. I & II D. I, II & III

243. An experimental research might compare accident rates in those who text and drive versus
those who do not text and drive. What would be the independent variable?
A. The outcome (accident or no accident)

B. The behavior of texting and driving

C. Gender of drivers who text and drive

D. Ages of drivers who text and drive

244. Research Z conducted on correlational research on texting while driving and rate of
accidents. Which is a possible finding?

A. Younger drivers have an increased rate of accidents while texting and driving

B. Older drivers have less cell phones

C. Younger drivers are more techno savvy

D. Accidents are caused by texting

245. Which term is used for researchers predisposed to arriving at the same conclusion for a
series of researches on the same topic?

A. Labeling B. Time dimension C. Reductionism D. Echoing

246. Which did researcher Ana conduct on kinds of worship among similar Christian Groups?

A. Trend B. Cross-sectional C. Cohort D. Longitudinal

247. Which type of study and researcher Pete conduct on the popular use among millenial
youths on Facebook accounts?

A. cohort B. trend C. cross-sectional D. longitudinal

248. Inquiry on public sentiment for gays-lesbians from the 1960's to 2000's is a ___________

A. trend B. cross-sectional C. longitudinal D. Cohort

249. Inquiry on legalization of Marijuana getting data from doctors, parents, teachers, churches,
etc. is ___________ study.

A. nomothetic B. ideographic C. non-spurious D. complete causation

250. What is the unit of studies about churches, colleges, agencies, army or navy?

A. Social interactions C. Social artifacts

B. Individuals D. Organizations

251. A researcher committed _________ fallacy by concluding that young voters due to their
age voted for young candidates.
A. ecological B. branding C. time dimension D. reductionist

252. Participants in a research should not be forced to reveal sensitive personal information,
e.g. sexual behavior because the have the right to ___________.

A. protection from harm C. privacy

B. informed consent D. coercion

253. For which of the following issues or concerns would a sociologist likely do an empirical

A. Crowd behavior during rallies

B. Medical effect of contraceptives on health

C. Advantages and disadvantages of democracy as an ideology

D. Church doctrine behind Pope Francis wanting priests to forgive abortion sinners

254. What is the appropriate research method in a field study on a cultural group, e.g way of life
of Badjaos who have settled inland in Zamboanga province?

A. Documentary research C. Standardized survey

B. Open-ended interviews D. Ethnographic observation

255. Research leader Edna insisted that student researches appreciate the value of _________
data or evidence for scientific study above mere speculation or opinion?

A. authority B. empirical C. tradition D. logical reasoning

256. Social theories can be arrived at based on ___________ pattern of behavior.

A. diffused B. separate C. disperate D. aggregate

257. What is as simple way of explaining the concept of a social theory?

A. Explaining social realities

B. Ways of looking at society

C. Guiding what societies do

D. Innovating society

258. What should the researcher do in case he/she is not yet familiar with the subject?

A. Set assumptions C. Chronicle activities

B. Explore the topic D. Draw up a hypothesis

259. What should the researcher do when he/she is clear about his subject and method and is
ready for the tasks of research?

A. Chronicle activities C. Set assumptions

B. Explore the topic D. Draw up a hypothesis

260. Deliberate deception by way of _________ fallacy is used by advertisers who make claim to
unfounded consumption by thousands or millions of a product.

A. bandwagon C. circular thinking

B. big lie D. begging the question

261. Generalizing extreme perception about people, places and ideas, e.g. white people are
biased about colored people is untruth or fallacy by _____________.

A. localizing B. stereotyping C. standardizing D. Summarizing

262. Freedom of thought is opposed to ____________.

A. violence B. slavery C. compulsion D. oppression

263. Asserting a more certain avenue to the same truth is __________.

A. simplification B. syndication C. revision D. replication

264. The basic human activity in research is ____________.

A. inquiring B. thinking C. calculating D. measuring

265. What research is done in laboratory?

A. Analysis B. Experiment C. Survey D. Assessment

266. Science requires __________ in order to differentiate it from philosophy.

A. authority C. empirical evidence

B. logical thinking D. tradition

267. The use of _________ is useful in reducing inaccuracies in scientific research.

A. measured devices C. logical reasoning

B. generalization D. machines

268. There are fundamental ideas that distinguish Social Science from other ways of explaining
social events but _____________ is NOT one of them.

A. data B. theory C. belief D. analysis

269. Which is arrived at by way of a thinking process that puts together several process to form
a complex whole?

A. meaning B. relationship C. synthesis D. deduction

270. There is need to adopt _________ sampling for research on academic problem
encountered by indigeneous children in a school.

A. stratified B. purposive C. random D. trend

271. The appropriate participant in a research on needed outreach activities which the school
can engage is the _______________.

A. teacher B. students C. community D. parents

272. Which data do anthropologists use in descriptive inquiry on the cultural life of an ethnic
community through data drawn from myths, stories, songs, and experiences gathered through
field study?

A. Unobstrusive B. Quantitative C. Documentary D. Qualitative

273. Applying the conflict theory, what element induced Hispanic authorities during the colonial
period not to teach native Filipinos the Spanish Language?

A. Need to secure the dominant status of Spaniards over natives

B. Lack of adequate funding to support Spanish instruction

C. Natives were already pacified even without teaching them the language

D. Friars want evangilical teaching, not language teaching

274. You will study within he population issue on corruption of public officials under the
different regimes. Which study will you engage in?

A. Cross-sectional study C. Cohort study

B. Trend study D. Longitudinal study

275. You want to examine specific sub-populations, which as those who played part in the EDSA
revolution with focus on how their attitudes have changed?

Which study will you do?

A. Longitudinal study C. Cohort study

B. Trend study D. Cross-sectional study

276. What is not related to ethical conduct of research?

A. Respect for confidentiality

B. Limitation in research scope

C. Voluntary participation by respondents

D. Security of participants

277. What is the systematic explanation of observations on social manifestation patterns of

social life?

A. Truth B. Belief C. Theory D. Opinion

278. What are the studies conducted on social change over a period of time?

A. Trend studies C. Panel studies

B. Cohort studies D. Case studies

279. Which is a tentative answer to a research problem?

A. Theoritical framework C. Conclusion

B. Recommendation D. Hypothesis

280. In which part of the research do you find the answers to a research problem?

A. Recommendation C. Hypothesis

B. Conclusion D. Theoritical framework

281. What is a comprehensive list of important or relevant actions to be completed in a

specified order so that no step is forgotten?

A. Report card B. Survey C. Checklist D. Questionnaire

282. What type of evaluation examines the effects or outcomes of some objects they
summarize it by describing what happens subsequent to delivery of program or technology;
assessing whether the object can be said to have caused the outcome; determining the overall
impact of the causal factor beyond on the immediate target outcomes; and, estimating the
relative costs associated with the object.

A. Summative evaluation C. Formative evaluation

B. Normative evaluation D. Complicated evaluation

283. Scientific inquiries conducted in social change over a period of time are ____________.

A. trend studies B. cohort studies C. panel studies D. case studies

284. The two essential dimensions in teaching Social Science are ___________ and __________.
A. observing and inferring C. searching and imparting

B. seeing and listening D. knowing and thinking

285. Concentration in thinking which leads to a constant, unbroken line of thought is


A. infusion B. focus C. intention D. direction

286. A comprehensive list of important or relevant actions to be completed in a specified order

is a ____________.

A. pattern B. matrix C. checklist D. report

287. The type of evaluation which examines outcome and comes up with synthesis that
determines the overall impact and relative costs of an activity or program is ____________.

A. normative evaluation C. formative evaluation

B. summative evaluation D. causative evaluation

288. What method of thinking-and-learning draws the general qualities of a person from
particular traits?

A. Problem solving B. Inductive C. Deductive D. Discovery

289. To which group do we belong if we don't accept the truth because we insist on belonging
to a group or resist the risk of being different?

A. Change agents B. Radicals C. Anarchists D. Conformists

290. To ensure the relevance of instructional materials to the curriculum, it is important to:

A. Include test evaluation

B. Consider the grade/year

C. Have a list of goals and objectives

D. Base them on the textbook used

291. If Divine Comedy is characterized by absolute faith in a single truth, what best characterizes
Boccaccio's Decameron?

A. Characteristics of the merchant class

B. An equally devout reference for this truth

C. A complete negation of Christian doctrine

D. A sexual libertinism that seeks to revive the great pleasures of Ancient Rome
292. This is the collection of stories told by the pilgrims while on their way to the chapel of

A. The Cantenbury Files C. The Cantenbury Collection

B. The Cantenbury Saga D. The Cantenbury Tales

293. The period is considered as the Golden Age of the Filipino Language.

A. American regime C. Marcos regime

B. Spanish regime D. Japanese regime

294. In the cuing system, this is about vocabulary and coming up with meanings in a context.

A. Syntax B. Phonology C. Semantics D. Morphology

295. It is the study of general principles of biblical interpretation the primary purpose of which
is to discover the truths and values of the Bible.

A. Hermeneutics B. Apocalyptic C. Transcendentalism D. Humanism

295. The teacher's concern toward with linguistic ability is to:

A. Involve him/her in journal writing and other forms of reflection

B. Offer role playing and acting opportunities

C. Lead him/her to visualization activities

D. Interest him/her in debates

296. What is the usual ending of a Comedia?

A. Victory of Muslim C. Victory of Christians

B. Death of the Queen D. Death of the Prince

297. The press is referred to as the Fourth Estate because it:

A. Is a powerful political force

B. Is an adversary of government

C. Checks all branches of government

D. Acts as the fourth branches of government

298. The primary purpose of the Modern Information Centre is to:

A. Put up a library C. Modernize MIC for users

B. House information D. Have books for the library

299. Which poem of Walter Scott has stirring narrative in verse, superb description of the wild
and historic places and complete medievalism?

A. Lochinvar C. Soldier, Rest

B. Boat Song D. Lay of the Last Minstrel

300. Which of the following is a feature of suggestopedia?

A. Only listening activities are provided

B. Reading and writing are emphasized

C. Learners share their feelings in small group

D. Learners are in a relaxed and reclining position

301. To punish himself of murdering his father and having sexual relations with his mother, what
did Oedipus do?

A. He killed himself C. He gouged his eyes

B. He castrated himself D. He ordered his son to murder him

302. When teachers subscribe to the humanistic approach, what language learning materials
are they most likely to use?

A. Completing entries in a grid

B. Vocabulary words for writing

C. Activities for sharing one's values and viewpoint with others

D. Providing background music while reading

303. What is a distinct characteristics of vowels?

A. Friction is present in the vocal tract

B. There is little obstruction in vocal tract

C. Air flows freely through the nasal cavity

D. Vocal chord vibrates

304. Which of the following theories states the mass media should be state-owned to be
served the government?

A. Liberianism C. Authoritarianism
B. Soviet D. Social responsibility

305. The three phases of curriculum development are planning, implementation, and
evaluation. Under which phase/s do setting goals and objectives fall?

A. Planning C. Planning and Implementation

B. Implementation D. Implementation and Evaluation

306. Which is an INTERDISCIPLINARY UNIT that integrates reading and writing with other
curricular areas like social studies, science, mathematics and values education?

A. Theme study C. Cluster

B. Learning log D. Collaborative report

307. What do you call one chair in the classroom which has been designated for student's use
during sharing period?

A. Reader's chair C. Author's chair

B. Hot seat D. Speaker's chair

308. What kind of homonyms are these words?


A. Homophones C. Homographs

B. Homophonic Homographs D. Homographic Homophones

309. Which assessment tool is used to measure student's reading comprehension?

A. Reading Logs C. Grand Conversation

B. Running Record D. Anecdotal Records

310. Which one is an advantage of television over printed media?

A. Motion C. Visual

B. Proximity and Immediacy D. Color

311. Which is defined as any form of paid non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas,
goods or services?

A. Advertising B. Promoting C. Marketing D. Publicity

311. Which can a teacher use to teach the idea that there is range of meaning between
opposite words?
A. Matching B. Context clues C. Pictures D. Cline

312. Which reading takes place when TWO STUDENTS READ A TEXT TOGETHER?

A. Buddy B. Independent C. Guided D. Shared

313. Successful implementation of new instructional materials depends on _____________.

A. Form of feedback reports

B. Conduct of teaching demonstration

C. Number of copies printed

D. Adequate in-service training of teachers

314. Which of the following will influence the pronunciation of ICE CREAM and I SCREAM?

A. Stress B. Pitch C. Juncture D. Intonation

315. When a news reporter is accused of invasion of privacy, what other defense can ge give
aside from newsworthiness?

A. Honest reporting C. Victims consent

B. Victims welfare D. Impartial reporting

316. Which instructional procedure makes use of CHILDREN'SS LANGUAGE and EXPERIENCES?

A. Directed Reading Thinking Activity

B. Language Experience Approach

C. Mastery Learning

D. Individualized Method

317. Which WH-question of a reporter is answered by the phrase:

"For another strain of flu that has downed more than 20 people"

A. Where B. Why C. What D. When

318. In the communication process, any observable response sent by the receiver of the
message to the sender is called __________.

A. signal B. reaction C. feedback D. gesture

319. Who among these writers is famous for using local color in his stories?

A. F. Sionel Jose C. Manuel Arguilla

B. Carlos Bulusan D. Juan C. Laya

320. Amanuensis originally meant _____________.

A. A female warrior

B. A slave with secretarial duties

C. Coarse herbs including pigweeds

D. Deterioration of sight

321. Which activity includes the cutting of a certain portion of pictures that are NOT needed?

A. Cropping B. Retouching C. Bleeding D. Line drawing

322. Which activity requires students to do a Quick Write or Quick Draw, then they crumple,
throw and read so that they can stay rooted in one place?

A. Carousel C. Snowball Toss

B. Quaker Reading D. Hot seat

323. To throw in towel means ________________.

A. Forget the whole thing C. Admit defeat

B. Keep the issue hanging D. Hold in abeyance

324. Who is the most important person of the NEWS TEAM because he/she is the link between
the station and the listener?

A. Script writer C. Reporter

B. Assignment editor D. Newsreader

325. Which is media's task of safeguarding public interest?

A. Abuse of the source-base stories C. Double-checking of facts

B. Shooting from the hip D. Misquotation

326. The development reporter's attitude toward today's journalism is one of _____________.

A. Incitement to actions C. Opinion-shaping

B. Commitment D. Clarification

327. The greatest advantage of the radio over the newspaper is __________.

A. Spoken words everyday speech C. Immediacy

B. Informal style D. Use of concrete images

328. Which of the following statements is true,that would most strengthen the media's
advocacy of ideas?

A. The newspaper make their stand on certain issues openly in the editorials

B. Newspapers are careful in giving their stands in issues

C. Issues can come out with out management's interference

D. It is difficult to suppress issues

329. Who among the following is known as the Indian Shakespeare?

A. Sadi B. Kalidasa C. Tagore D. Khagyam

330. The aspect of the reading program which provides for the development of interest in
literature , literary material appreciation and taste in the selection and enjoyment of reading
matter is:

A. Developmental reading C. Decretory reading

B. Functional reading D. Remedial reading

331. Don Quixote, hero of Cervantes Immortal novel, rode forth

A. to see his king and country

B. in quest of the holly grail

C. to see the world and seek a fortune

D. to defend the oppressed and right the wrong

332. Irregular ocular motor as shown by a defective way of turning pages may be caused by left-
handedness. The best remedy for this reading problem is by:

A. Visual difficulties C. Speech difficulties

B. Motor difficulties D. Auditory difficulties

333. What conventions of earlier literary and artistic cycle style do both realism amd naturalism

A. Neoclassicism B. Symbolism C. Romanticism D. Classicism

334. A simple narrative dealing with supernatural beings that is typically of folk origin and
written or told for the amusement of children is known as:

A. Legend B. Myth C. Fable D. Fairy tale

335. When the primary aim of a work of literature is to expound some moral, political or other
precepts, this is called:

A. Argumentative B. Value oriented C. Didactic D. Aphoristic

336. This method of learning capitalizes on relaxed states of mind or maximum retention of

A. Translation method C. Community language learning

B. Suggestopedia D. None of the above

337. The ability to perceive a particular, relevant item or factor in spite of distractions is called:

A. Learning strategy C. Field independence

B. Learning style D. Field dependence

338. When a teacher studies skills covered, sequencing and activities presented in a book,
he/she does ______________.

A. Physical evaluation C. Content evaluation

B. External evaluation D. Internal evaluation

339. What social function does a communication medium perform when it focuses the public
reproduction is called ______________.

A. Regulator B. Instructor C. Arena D. Sentinel

340. Which of the following terms describes the subject matter, style, tone and attitude of the
literature of ancient Greek and Rome?

A. Naturalism B. Classicism C. Realism D. Romanticism

341. Gothic architecture is known for its _____________.

A. Round domes C. Pointed arches

B. Height D. Decorated ceilings

342. A song or poem expressing sorrow or lamentation, especially for one who is dead is called:

A. An Ode B. A Ballad C. An Elegy D. A Parody

343. What process of language learning is characterized by repeated practice of sentence

patterns until they become automatic?

A. Overgeneralization C. Habit formation

B. Hypothesis testing D. Language performance

344. What type of evaluation provides the learner with greater responsibilities in the entire
learning process?

A. Group evaluation C. Pure evaluation

B. Self-evaluation D. Programmed evaluation

345. The usually short fictions story that illustrates a moral attitude, a doctrine, a standard of
conduct or a religious principle is called

A. myth B. legend C. anecdote D. parable

346. For Whom the Bell Tolls, a novel which tells of an American teacher who joined the anti-
fascist Loyalist Army and managed to destroy the bridge was written by:

A. O. Henry C. Percy Bysche Shelley

B. Ernest Hemingway D. Edgar Allan Poe

347. Which of the following theories of learning language and literacy emphasizes
comprehension as students read?

A. Sociolinguistic C. Reader Response

B. Constructivist D. Interactive

348. In English verse , a poetic foot having one stressed syllable followed by an unstressed
syllable is called:

A. Dactyllic B. Trochaic C. Anapestic D. Iambic

349. What justification can a TV network give when accused of revealing gory shots of a murder

A. It was done in good taste

B. It has maintained fair play in selecting the content

C. It has used impartial judgment in the public interest

D. It has provided a forum for pertinent comment

350. What is usually the topic of a lyric poetry?

A. Feelings or emotions B. Nature C. Religion D. Women

351. Mrs. G targeted this competency for literature "Distinguish between the language of the
Science and the language of literature". What evidence of learning may be suitable in this case?

A. Contrastive analyses of sample scientific and literary texts

B. Essay about the difference between science and literature

C. Journal on the importance of language in science and literature

D. Discussions about how science and literature differ in nature

352. Mrs. Lyka is choosing a material for her first year students. What will be her first

A. Text difficulty C. Material availability

B. Interesting quality D. Degree of acceptability

353. Which of the following materials is useful if the teacher does Content-Based Instruction

A. Authentic texts C. Colorful charts

B. Basal materials D. Graphic organizers

354. In conducting literature circles, students form groups to read and discuss a text. Daniel
(1994) recommends roles to be assigned to help readers focus on the text discussion. Which
role is NOT likely included in this strategy?

A. Collector of questions C. Facilitator of ideas shared

B. Scanner of key passages D. Assessor of participation

355. After letting the students read the poem, Ms. G told them to analyze the text for structure
and word choices. What is the specific focus of such analysis?

A. Figurative themes C. Stylistic features

B. Poem elements D. Rhetoric aspects

356. What step will complete these steps in grammar teaching (Celci-Murca, 1988),
Presentation, Focused Practice, Communication Practice, and _________________?

A. Enrichment Process C. Feedback and Correction

B. Independent Practice D. Reteaching and Review

357. Mrs. G teaches grammar deductively. She presents the rule and elaborates it using sample
structures. Later, she asks the students to give their own examples. What approach to grammar
teaching is used here?

A. Covert B. Descriptive C. Overt D. Traditional

358. Sir Roy always makes it sure that he pronounces words correctly. He believes that students
follow his example. What theory relates to the teacher's belief?
A. Behaviorism B. Cognitivism C. Interactionism D. Structuralism

359. The use of drills is regarded as effective by Mrs. H in teaching speech. The repetition will
help the students develop some degree of automaticity in language production. What method is
the teacher using?

A. Audiolingual C. Communicative

B. Content-Based D. Whole Language

360. Mr. T believes that language learning is better facilitated if the learners themselves
discover linguistic patterns rather the teacher directly teaching them. Which strategy is aligned
with this teacher's belief?

A. Community Language Learning

B. Silent Way

C. Suggestopedia

D. Total Physical Response

361. Madam G believes that effective language teaching integrates the macro-skills and the
relevant topics in the other areas. Teaching should be also literature-based. What approach is
the teacher using here?

A. Audiolingual approach

B. Community Language Learning

C. Language Experience Approach

D. Whole Language Approach

362. Since Samuel was having difficulty with spelling, you helped him remember better by
letting him say and copy the words repeatedly. You also explained to him what the words
meant. Which psycholinguistic representation did you EXCLUDE in this case?

A. Grammatical B. Phonological C. Semantic D. Orthographic

363. Effective readers think about what and how they are reading. They are able to fix
comprehension problems and change strategies when necessary. What reading strategy is being
applied here?

A. Activating B. Monitoring C. Organizing D. Summarize

364. This is a reading strategy where students read part of the text and predict what is going to
happen next. Readers are also made to explain or defend their predictions.

A. Basal Reader Approach (BRA)

B. Directed Reading Thinking Activity (DRTA)

C. Language Experience Approach (LEA)

D. Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review (SQ3R)

365. Ms. J conducts a pre-listening activity before she lets the students listen to a song. In this
case, the approach activity is ___________.

A. setting the listening purpose

B. reading the song lyrics along

C. asking comprehension questions

D. deciding on the listening type to use

366. To ease oral production in English, Mr, Y, a Korean national, uses conventional and
colloquial speech patterns when conversing with non-Korean friends. What technique did he

A. Discourse Markers C. Formulaic Expressions

B. Ellipsis D. Simplification

367. Asking the other person's opinion and indicating understanding by gestures or facial
expressions are examples of _________ as speech routines in conversation.

A. Interaction B. Feedback C. Negotiation D. Turn-taking

368. Modern approach to teaching writing emphasizes the steps one may take in order to
produce a good written output, which may involve drafting, discussing and reworking texts. The
approach here is:

A. Action-based C. Process-oriented

B. Product-oriented D. Reflection-based

269. Maria easily remembers the pronunciation of a foreign word because she associates it with
a more familiar word in the first language. Which principle in the interlanguage theory is
reflected in this case?

A. Transfer of training C. Language transfer

B. Strategies of L2 learning D. Overgeneralization

270. Which of the sentences has direct illocutionary function?

A. Hand in your project. C. What a great job!

B. This work is messy. D. It was already due.

371. One of the rules in lexical phonology is that a tense vowel becomes lax when a short word
is lengthened by adding a suffix, so that the words end up having at least three syllables. Which
of the following words shows this case?

A. Gaiety B. Nulity C. Poverty D. Sanity

372. Over the years, the emphasis in the Philippine language curriculum has shifted from the
focus of developing discrete language skills to their integration via authentic tasks. Which
curriculum component has primarily held sway throughout these developments?

A. Learning objectives C. Teaching activities

B. Target content D. Assessment schemes

373. The secondary language curriculum emphasizes the development of communicative

competence (CC) among the learners. Which CC component relates to the learner's ability to
convey messages despite communication barriers and inadequacies?

A. Discourse Competence C. Sociolinguistic Competence

B. Linguistic Competence D. Strategic Competence

374. After having known the needs of the entrepreneurs, you started to design an ESP program
for them. Which principle should you in the choice of the learning activities?

A. Importance B. Novelty C. Interest D. Relevance

375. In doing diagnostic teaching, Sir K adjusts his teaching activities during instruction and not
after he has gathered the data about students' learning deficiences. Did Sir K follow the right

A. No. Teaching activities must be planned before diagnosing.

B. No. All pertinent data should be collated first before teaching.

C. Yes. In doing diagnostic teaching, assessment is continuous.

D. Yes. Deficiences are better assessed when diagnosis is done

376. This is the literary theory that concentrates on the characteristics or qualities of literary
works themselves apart from any extra textual material.

A. Formalism B. Marxism C. Feminism D. Reader-response

377. Teacher Q provided a module specifically to her student who needed remediation with
reading. What was Teacher Q's purpose of providing a module?

A. to improve class instruction

B. to maximize effective media use

C. to individualize

D. to enable teachers to analyze the teaching process

378. Mr. Cruz decided to create a WebQuest in order to improve his inquiry-based approach in
teaching viewing skills. Which element of a WebQuest must he consider first?

A. Assessment schemes C. Process description

B. Goal of the lesson D. Student roles

379. After reading Matsuo Basho's haiku, Jake complained to Mrs. Y that the poem did not make
sense to him. For Jake to appreciate this type of poetry, what competency must he acquire first?

A. Point out how choice of imagery contribute to theme

B. Distinguish between the language of science and literature

C. Assess Asian identity as presented in Asian literature

D. Show understanding of the text by paraphrasing passages

380. The defining characteristic of ESP (English for Specific Purposes) is that teaching is based on
the results of a needs analysis. Which of the following questions is not a key concern in ESP?

A. What do students need to do with the English language?

B. Which skills do students need to master and how well?

C. What language structures should the students master?

D. What genres should they master for practical usage?

381. Which of the following competencies reflects the Filipino learner's development of
strategic competence?

A. Identify changes in meaning signaled by stress and intonation

B. Use appropriate turn-taking strategies in extended conversations

C. Communicate thoughts, feelings, and needs in letters, write-ups

D. Paraphrase or translate to repair communication breakdown

382. Ms. Y uses only English in teaching the subject matter. She also requires the students to
speak only English in class. This way, they will "think in English" too. What approach is similar to
this teacher's practices?

A. Audiolingual C. Language Experience

B. Direct D. Whole Language

383. Mr. D has specified the communicative learning outcomes to the unit plan she is preparing.
Sha also has set learning objectives sequentially, leading to the accomplishment of the target
product or performance. What approach does this teacher regard?

A. Language-Bases Instruction C. Task-Based Instruction

B. Language Experience Approach D. Whole Language Approach

384. To make the conversation sound spontaneous and fluent, the speaker must track new
sentences on to the previous ones using coordinating conjunctions. Which technique applies

A. Circumlocution B. Ellipsis C. Transliteration D. Simplification

385. What will complete this stages in teaching grammar - Elicitation, Explanation, Controlled,
Practice, ____________ Free stage?

A. Enrichment Process C. Reinforcement Stage

B. Independent Practice D. Skills Stage

386. Which of the following questions leads to development of a critical stance about a novel

A. Would you still like to read something else by this author?

B. From what point of view is this novel written?

C. What literary techniques are used to achieve impact?

D. Do you relater the plot with any life experiences you have had?

387. What formative assessment will best suit this competency, "Make a write up of an

A. Asking questions to the interviewee

B. Formulating questions to be asked

C. Setting appointment for interview

D. Writing a report of the interview

388. When a previously learned material or performance disrupts, the performance on a second
task there is:

A. Prior experience B. Interference C. Intervention D. None of the above

389. A new communication techniques where people talk and see each other in a computer is

A. Video conferencing C. Mini-conferencing

B. Teleconferencing D. None of the above

390. A mixing of language arising from two or more languages in contact and marked by
simplifying and reducing the forms of language, in contact or eliminating certain grammatical
forms is called:

A. Code Switching B. Acculturation C. Codification D. Piginization

391. Which of the following would spell the difference between English teacher, which means
one who teaches English and English teacher, a teacher from England?

A Intonation B. Juncture C. Stress D. Pitch

392. What diagram is used to determine the social interactions among individuals in a group?

A. Sociomatrix B. Sociogram C. Vehmgram D. Scatter diagram

393. The process whereby media people control the public's access to news is called

A. Gate keeping B. Channeling C. Agenda setting D. Correlating

394. In preparing the goals and objectives of the curriculum, it is necessary to make a list of
what learners' _____________.

A. Should do as citizens in a democratic country

B. Do in make believe situations

C. Are expected to do in school

D. Are required to do in real world

395. What is the function of the Filipino folk narratives?

A. To explain natural phenomena C. To ward off evil spirits

B. To teach proper behavior D. To honor the gods

396. Which learning theory views children as having the ability to relate new information to
prior knowledge?

A. Sociolinguistic B. Constructive C. Reader Response D. Interactive

397. The English essayist, poet and dramatic, who was leading contributor to the guiding spirit
of the periodicals "The Tatler" and the "Spectator" is:

A. Jonathan Swift C. Ralph Waldo Emerson

B. Joseph Addison D. John Dryden

398. Remedial instruction must be started with materials at a very easy level. Which of the
following statements is contrary to this principle?

A. Confidence is developed through a series of successes.

B. Introduction of many new words create confusion.

C. Acquisition of more advanced skills must be based on simpler ones.

D. Skills come from much reading of more difficult materials.

398. What intonation is used with WH-question?

A. Level B. Rising C. Falling D. Rising-Falling

399. What 19th century entertainment is made up of comedy skills and musical acts which was
influenced by modern TV shows?

A. Zarzuela B. Comedia C. Opera D. Vaudeville

400. Stuttering, lisping, stammering can be classified as,

A. auditory difficulties C. motor difficulties

B. visual difficulties D. speech difficulties

401. Among Filipinos, what characteristic makes English difficult to understand?

A. It is a complex language C. It is a second/third language

B. It is a strange language D. It is a universal language

402. ESP is centered on the language appropriate to various activities that relate well with
grammar lexis register, discourse and:

A. Genre B. Poetry C. Prose D. Composition

403. An English teacher may administer a performance-based assessment in ESP using a rubric
as a measuring instrument. In which of the following tests is a rubric best applicable?

A. Dictation test C. Sentence transformation

B. Oral interview D. Analyzing sentences

404. Use of grade in one approach applied in ESP to teach students with a low level of
knowledge of English. In general these materials refer to

A. Books read by the students from Grade I-VI

B. Multi-graded books received in the different grade levels

C. Different versions of book with simplified grammar and vocabulary

D. Books used by several grade levels

405. An act enhancing the Philippines Basic Education System by strengthening its curriculum
and increasing the number of years for Basic Education , approaching funds therefore and for
other purpose, is known as

A. Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013 C. National Education Act

B. Trifocalization Act D. Kindergarten Education Act of 2012

406. Examples, activities, song, poems, and illustrations, are based on local culture, history, and
reality. This strategy particularly refers to

A. Localization C. Cultural Adaptibility

B. Contextualization D. Authenticity

407. The Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) is very significant in the development of

A. Content and performance standards C. Critical content

B. Learning resources D. Learning competencies

408. Listening to classical music ______________ one of his preferred leisure activities.

A. Were B. Are C. Will D. Is

409. While there is no absolute way to prevent ankle _______________ exercises such as ankle
lifts can help strengthen the joint.

A. Sprain B. Sprain's C. Sprains D. Sprains'

410. Substituting different sounds for the first sound of familiar song just like the example below
can help in developing ______________.

Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily

Life is but a dream.

Bow, bow, bow your boat

Bently bown the beam

Berrily, berrily, berrily, berrily

Bife is but a dream

A. Phonological awareness C. Phonological stress

B. Word recognition D. Emergent word reading skills

411. After the show, the board members went to another area and ___________ out with other

A. Hung B. Hunged C. Hanged D. Hang

412. Lila bought coffee for Isabella and ___________.

A. Mine B. Me C. Both me and I are correct D. I

413. Neither you nor your children ______________ the problem.

A. understands C. is understanding

B. are understanding D. understand

414. Eminent educators have observed that qualified jobs are becoming _____________.

A. scarcest B. more scarce C. scaring D. scarcer

415. Which statement is correct in structure and form?

A. Of the areas that produce lanzones, the Camiguin Island is sweeter.

B. Of the areas that produce lanzones, the Camiguin Island is the sweetest.

C. Of the areas that produce lanzones, the Camiguin Island, is the sweetest.

D. Of the areas that produce lanzones, the Camiguin Island is the sweeter.

416. Among ASEAN countries, Singapore is known as a ___________ paradise.

A. shopper's B. shop's C. Shoppers' D. shops'

417. An example of a word formation process that changes "kindergarten" to "kinder" and "air
conditioning" to "aircon" is known as ______________.

A. Coining B. Compounding C. Blending D. Clipping

418. The speaker should change the language according to the needs of the listener or based on
the dictate of the situation like the examples below except for ______________.

A. speaking differently in a classroom than on a playground

B. talking differently to a baby than to an adult

C. giving background information to an unfamiliar listener

D. sophisticating the language by using high terminologies for basal learners

419. A semantic study of Philippine English shares how unique meanings are in contrast to its
standard counterpart. An example is the term room for someone who stays in a dormitory or
shared room of a boarding house without meals provided is known as __________.

A. bed pals B. bed spacer C. roommate D. transient

420. Someone who can operate his/her linguistic competence and his/her sociolinguistic
awareness of the relationship between language and the context refers to what kind of

A. Intercultural B. Adapt C. Technical D. Context-driven

421. The study of ways in which non-native speakers acquire, comprehend, and use linguistic
patterns or speech acts in a second language is known as ____________.

A. Contrastive Rhetoric C. Jargonized Expression

B. Intra-language Variety D. Inter-language Pragmatics

422. They are speech sounds made simply by shaping the oral cavity to give the sound a
particular color or "timbre".

A. Vowels B. Digraphs C. Consonants D. Dipthongs

423. Linguistic interference occurs when students ______________.

A. learn another language or dialect

B. learn their mother tongue

C. speak without readiness

D. learn to speak and hide their fear

424. A summary of main points of a text, lecture, or course of study is referred to as


A. Lesson Exemplar C. Course Outline

B. Subject Framework D. Unit Plan

425. Learning for empowerment and better self-image is an example of ______________.

A. genuine motivation C. extrinsic motivation

B. intrinsic motivation D. life-long motivation

426. All the bitterness melted out of him suddenly and the world renewed itself out of the
youth and happiness that was all around him, PROFLIGATE as the spring sunshine. The
capitalized word means ___________.

A. superfluous B. openly C. over-abundant D. brightly

427. Which is an example of a bound morpheme ending in -ion that changes a verb into a

A. Action B. Nation C. Scion D. Mention

428. In applying passive voice, which sound should you use on an official sign?

A. Beyond this point, do not permit pedestrian.

B. Do not permit pedestrian, beyond this point.

C. Beyond this point, pedestrian should permit to go.

D. Pedestrians are not permitted beyond this point.

429. EVERYONE met at the contest venue. The capitalized pronoun is an example of a/an

A. Indefinite pronoun C. Demonstrative pronoun

B. Relative pronoun D. Interrogative pronoun

430. Vince said, "I'm studying English a lot at that moment". The indirect speech is ________.

A. Vince said I was studying English a lot at the moment

B. Vince said he was studying English a lot at the moment

C. Vince said I was studying English a lot at that moment

D. Vince said I were studying English a lot at that moment

431. Roniel and Carl who ________________ a restaurant in Manila are now the youngest
partner entrepreneurs.

A. run B. has run C. runs D. have run

432. The adjective that expresses the supreme value of the noun like the capitalized phrase in
the sentence, "English is the MOST INTERESTING subject for Ryza", is called _____________.

A. Superlative adjective C. Demonstrative adjective

B. Predicate adjective D. Possessive adjective

433. Which is not a variable of functional grammar?

A. Term which represents the role of the interlocutors.

B. Tenor is concerned with the nature of the relationship among the people involved.

C. Field which represents the content or topic of the social activity.

D. Mode is the medium and role of language in the situation.

434. When decoding multisyllabic words, what do students need to know?

I. What a syllable is

II. That a syllable contains one vowel sound

III. How to divide the words in parts and read each part

IV. Read the word by combining the parts

A. I, II, III, IV B. II & III C. I & II D. I, III & IV

435. Which is one implication on listening and speaking for language teaching?

A. Link listening and speaking tasks to promote social interaction in specific situations.

B. Link listening and speaking tasks to develop viewing skills in real life situations.

C. Link listening and speaking tasks to improve students' self-confidence.

D. Link listening and speaking tasks to provide opportunities for students to notice how
language is used in different context.

436. To enhance the power of the mind, learners read literary text in the target language and
memorize vocabulary lists translated into the native language. Explicit grammar instruction of
rules and their exceptions is the main focus to master the target language. What is this

A. Grammar translation B. Audio-lingual C. Natural D. Direct

437. What is the ability of the listener to understand the speaker's intention?

A. Intelligibility B. Interpretability C. Acceptability D. Comprehensibility

438. The THIRD child is the most intelligent. The capitalized word is an example of ___________.

A. descriptive adjective C. ordinal adjective

B. cardinal adjective D. limiting adjective

439. Some people feel that his ____________ to the president was unnecessary.

A. delusion B. convulsion C. allusion D. illusion

440. Analogies are comparisons based on relationships between ideas. Finish the analogy

Dwindle: increase:: stiffen: ___________

A. relax B. cringe C. crawl D. freeze

441. When the word "consumables" refers to resources such as toner, ink and paper which get
used up, it is regarded as a/an __________.

A. technological jargon C. computer jargon

B. multimedia jargon D. ICT jargon

442. In Bloom's Taxonomy of Thinking Process, which helps you design activities for the creating

A. Justify, debate, invent C. Recommend, design, produce

B. Modify, apply, debate D. Compose, imagine, propose

443. Ted was either qualified to lead the team or he was serious. Which of the following best
restates the boldfaced phrases?

A. Ted was qualified but not serious to lead the team.

B. Either was Ted qualified or was he serious to lead the team.

C. Either qualified or serious was Ted to lead the team.

D. Ted was either qualified or serious to lead the team

444. ______________, but usually 65 percent and in some organisms maybe as high as 95
percent or more of the total substance.

A. The amount of water varies in living cells

B. The number of water varies in living cells

C. The amount of water in living cells varies

D. The amount of water in living cells vary

445. A poignant experience

A. didactic B. chaotic C. distressing D. memorable

446. An implacable child

A. hysterical B. unyielding C. exhausted D. depressed

447. An esoteric lecture

A. something outmoded C. something unnecessary

B. irrefutable proof D. understandable only by a selected group

448. Which of the following is used as the generic term for the set of words?

A. rhombus B. square C. quadrilateral D. rectangle

449. Which of the following propaganda devices is used in the statement? "Angela Jolie's
gorgeous complexion is due to Nivea Cream Soap".

A. Card stacking C. Bandwagon

B. Testimonial D. Glittering generality

450. The statement, "The theater is a lily that inexplicably arises from a jungle of weedy
falsities", uses what figurative language?

A. Simile B. Personification C. Hyperbole D. Metaphor

451. Which of the following uses an idiomatic expression?

A. Her face launched a thousand ships

B. The road was ribbon of moonlight

C. I like to listen to him: he has the gift of the gab

D. The branches of the camachile tree bore the brunt of the typhoon's wrath

452. Veteran : rookie :: journey man __________

A. mentor B. tenderfoot C. follower D. guru

453. Drain : liquid :: ______________ : ______________

A. quell :: secret C. dessicate :: dehydration

B. blanch :: color D. void :: emission

454. What technique of analysis is to be used if the researcher wants to determine the
pertinent features of certain materials, like the text-based media?

A. Qualitative B. Content C. Discourse D. Structural

455. Which of the following does not show that language is creative and recursive?

A. We can make verbs from nouns on rules

B. We can communicate with different kinds of animals

C. We can expand sentences by using objects and clauses

D. We can understand and produce sentences never heard before in our native tongue

456. Which of these skills is involved in critical-anytical listening?

A. gathering information from texts

B. appreciating the manner of delivery

C. understanding the mood expressed in the stories

D. identifying the main form the subordinating ideas

457. Judgmental critical listening means making decisions, EXCEPT on:

A. pronunciation points C. the way both facts have been presented

B. rightness and wrongness D. harmfulness and harmlessness of facts and ideas

458. What category of listening does distinguishing between facts and opinion/fantasy belong?

A. information C. critical-analytical

B. appreciative D. critical judgemental

459. Examples of presenting minimal pairs for better pronunciation and understanding are
shown in:

A. pen-pin, pan-pun C. am-are, an-ant

B. ant-bird, cat-cow D. book-ball, bad-dog

460. Which of the following statements below is not a characteristics of a covert grammar

A. Teachers openly present explanations

B. New grammar is introduced through an information gap activity

C. Teachers do not draw conscious attention to grammatical facts

D. New grammar is practices but attention is drawn on the text and activity, not on grammar.

460. Which combination is the most effective technique for teaching pronunciation?

A. modeling and imitation C. comparison and contrast

B. explanation and practice D. modeling, explanation, comparison and practice

461. Which type of plot device end abruptly so that the main characters are left in a difficult
situation without offering any resolution or conflict?

A. Foil B. Anti hero C. Cliffhanger D. Archetype

462. The intensification of the conflict in a story or play is called ______________.

A. exposition B. conflict C. rising action D. complication

463. Which type of paragraph would this topic sentence be considered? "The day I won the
oratorical title changed my self perception."

A. Expository B. Narrative C. Descriptive D. Persuasive

464. Sound words like bam, bang, booing are examples of _______________.

A. metaphor B. simile C. onomatopoeia D. idiom

465. A type of comedy based on a far-fetched humorous situation often with ridiculous or
stereotyped character is called ____________.

A. sequel B. simile C. farce D. fable

466. "Life is like a roller coaster" is an example of what figure of speech?

A. Simile B. Personification C. Metaphor D. Hyperbole

467. Which refers to the use of a word whose sound in some degree imitates or suggests its
meaning? Examples, "Keeping time, time, time; A sort of runic rhyme, To the titinnabulation
that so musically wells, from the bells, bells, bells."

A. Rhyme B. Alliteration C. Rhythm D. Onomatopoeia

468. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age
of foolishness..." In this opening line of the novel "The Tale of Two Cities", Charles Dickens uses

A. didacticism B. ConsonanceC. juxtaposition D. concession

469. "The time is out of joint, o cursed spite

That ever I was born to set it right."

The two lines above from Shakespeare's Hamlet use what literary device which is
characterized by having two successive rhyming lines in a verse and the same meter to form a
complete thought?

A. Couplet B. Assonance C. Free verse D. Meiosis

470. Which figure of speech uses exaggeration for special effect like: "...where the corn grows so
tall they have to go up on a ladder to pick the ears off."?

A. Onomatopoeia B. Alliteration C. Hyperbole D. Metaphor

471. In analyzing poetry, one must first understand context. Which among the following is NOT
included in a poem's context?

A. Does the poem belong to a particular period or literary movement? Does the poem relate to
imagism, confessional verse, beat movement, the Harlem Renaissance, the Civil Rights Era etc.?

B. How long is the poem? The longer the poem is, the more focus is demanded of the readers.

C. Who wrote the poem? Does the poet's life suggest any special point of view such as political
affiliation, religious sect, career interest, musical talent, family or personal problems, travel,

D. When was the poem written and in what country? Such information will help readers
understand what's in a poem and why?

472. Which among the following options best explains what imagery is?

A. Cartoon shows that makes everyone laugh

B. When an author compares two things

C. The author sends mental images in the reader's mind using words

D. Expressive picture hanging on the wall

473. "My two decades of experience in a journalism teacher, my tireless commitment to the
children in this community, and my willingness to share my pedagogical knowledge make me an
ideal candidate for principalship," is an example of an appeal to ____________.

A. pathos B. ethos C. bathos D. logos

474. In a novel or a short story, this is the point of view assumed by the narrator from which he
is able to tell everything that happens in the story. This is known as ________.

A. eyewitness C. first person

B. omniscient D. stream of consciousness

475. Which type of paragraph has the goal of convincing another person to change or think
about changing his/her opinion on something?

A. Descriptive B. Persuasive C. Expository D. Narrative

476. A plot device in literature which is usually employed where visions are realized due to the
action of the character who tries to prevent them. An example of this is"Oedipus Rex".

A. Oracle C. Self-fulfilling prophecy

B. Foresight D. Insight

476. The ten commandments of a modern story are: it must have compression, unit,
immediateness, momentum, characterization, verisimilitude, style, culmination, soul, and it
must be ____________.

A. Publishing C. read in one sitting

B. short D. complete in one reading

477. What is the method of storytelling in which the narrator known's the thoughts and feeling
in all the characters in the story?

A. Third person limited C. First person point-of-view

B. Second person point-of-view D. Third person omniscient

478. The stylistic device in which a word or phrase is separated at the end of successive clauses.

A. polypoton B. epiphora C. gradatio D. symploce

479. The most important sentence in any essay is ____________.

A. the first sentence in the body of the paragraph

B. the thesis sentence of the conclusion

C. the first sentence of the introduction

D. the final sentence of the introduction

480. A scene in a short story, a novel, a narrative poem, or a play that interrupts the story to
show an event that happened earlier or in the past is known as _____________.

A. foreshadowing B. review C. retreat D. flashback

481. The glass unicorn in the Glass Menagerie, the rocking horse in the "Rocking-horse Winner,
and the road in Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" are all examples of ___________.

A. fable B. imagery C. subject D. symbolism

482. The resolution of the conflict in a story is known as ____________.

A. denouement B. codaC. diasporas D. epilogue

483. In fiction, the transformation of a character from arrogance to humility is referred to as


A. catharsis B. turning point C. realism D. mellowing

484. Which of the following is a characteristic of a formalist's criticism?

A. It is dependent on the writer's background.

B. Criticism is focused on the work itself.

C. It is extrinsic in essence.

D. Criticism describes the objective of the author.

485. The person assigned to dictate the actor's line if he forgets is called a/an _______.

A. prompter B. understudy C. substitute D. assistant

486. A poem that tells a tragic story is called ____________.

A. parable B. epic C. sonnet D. ballad

487. What literary device refers to a situation of poetic justice where th good characters are
rewarded and the evil character are punished for their vices?

A. Ambiguity B. Apocalyptic C. Nemesis D. Objectivity

488. "It's no wonder everyone refers to Mary as another Mother Theresa in the making: She
loves to help and care after people everywhere from the streets to her own friends", is an
example of a/an ______________.

A. metaphor B. irony C. allusion D. historical paradox

489. The funeral home was built next to a children's nursery is an example of ________.

A. oxymoron B. metaphor C. juxtaposition D. paradox

490. "Debit card and Bad credit", "The earthquake and the queer shake", are examples of

A. anagram B. puns C. contracts D. oxymorons

491. Read the stanza and answer the item that follows:

In the fell clutch of circumstance

I have not winced nor cried aloud.

Under the bludgeonings of chance

My head is bloody, but unbowed.

" My head is bloody, but unbowed" is an example of which figure of speech?

A. Hyperbole B. Alliteration C. Simile D. Metaphor

492. The words spoken by an actor to the people watching a play that the characters in the play
do not hear is called a/an ___________.

A. lines B. monologue C. aside D. symbolic narrative

493. What figure of speech is: O wild, west wind!

A. Apostrophe B. Hyperbole C. Irony D. Metaphor

494. The Trojan War can be seen today as ______________.

A. women's empowerment

B. the war over lands and boundaries

C. men's exhibition of grief

D. the reign of political dynasty

495. The myths of the Greeks reflect ____________.

A. a view of the universe that acknowledges the mystery and beauty of humanity

B. that humans are the center of the universe

C. that humans and gods live alike

D. a less strange and frightening magic than the myths of other ancient civilizations

496. For what act is antigone sentenced to death?

A. She refused to marry the King's son.

B. She killed her own father.

C. She disobeyed her sisters command.

D. She performed the burial rituals for her brother.

497. Si Malakas at Maganda is a famous Filipino ____________.

A. legend B. folk tale C. creation myth D. story

498. What does the presence of these three divinities: Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos in Greek
myth symbolize?

A. Immortals play a great part in mortal's life

B. Destiny cannot be controlled by anyone

C. Power of immortals over mortals

D. Mortals fate depends on the gods

499. Maria Makiling is a famous ____________.

A. folk tale B. legend C. myth D. fairy tale

500. Who was the mythical strong man punished by the gods for stealing fire?

A. Prometheus B. Ulysses C. Medes D. Hercules

501. Which of these principles/practices is NOT true with the use of traditional grammar?

A. Parts of speech should be defined from memory.

B. Sentences are sliced and cut into pieces.

C. Sentence parts should be diagrammed on the board.

D. Learners move in a stress-free environment.

502. Of the two sisters, Tina is _________.

A. the more intelligent C. the most intelligent

B. the least intelligent D. the more better intelligent

503. The man, ___________ by his wife, became alcoholic.

A. forsakend C. forsaken

B. forsook D. forsake

504. Johnmax can't __________ teach well an obstinate child.

A. barely C. never

B. ever D. but

506. What happens during assonance?

A. repetition of words C. repetition of consonant sounds

B. repetition of phrases D. repetition of vowel sounds

507. What term is used to describe the vocabulary a poet uses?

A. terminology C. diction

B. language D. slang

508. In the movie "Cassablanca" you expect the loving couple to stay together, but then the girl
hops off on a plane! "Hey, that's not what I expected!" What type of irony is employed in this

A. Dramatic irony C. Verbal irony

C. Irony of the situation D. Ironic chronicling

509. This is the movement where prose works such as the political essays and Rizal's two
political novels helped usher in Philippine revolution resulting in the downfall of the regime, and
at the same time planted the seeds of national consciousness among Filipinos.

A. La Solidaridad C. Spanish Colonial Movement

B. EDSA Revolution Movement D. Propaganda Movement

510. Florante at Laura is written by:

A. Jacinto Kawili C. Fransico Balagtas

B. Isabelo de los Reyes D. Leona Florentino

511. In writing his autobiography, Benjamin Franklin stated that he was unable to arrive at
perfection. "Yet, it was by endeavor, a happier and better man I otherwise should have been if I
had not attempted it." Which of the following best describes Franklin's attempt to achieve

A. Ambition is its rewards. C. When nothing is ventured, nothing is gained.

B. Time is gold. D. Honesty is the best policy.

For numbers 33-35. Read the selection carefully. Then choose the best answers that complete
the statements that follow.

Teacher negotiation is very beneficial. It leads to an amplification of roles for teachers. This
amplification empowers teachers to actively participate in the decision-making process in terms
of working conditions and salary improvements.

Other benefits derived from teacher negotiation are not so tangible as the aforementioned
ones, but they are equally important. Research shows that when teachers have input into their
professional lives, their self-esteem, morale, and accountability are improved.
Both are tangible and intangible benefits derived from teacher negotiation indicate that teacher
negotiation is a worthwhile process.

512. All of the following are NOT true about the passage, EXCEPT:

A. There is no disparity between tangible and intangible benefits.

B. Only tangible benefits are significant.

C. Intangible benefits are equally as important of tangible benefits.

D. The intangible benefits are more significant.

513. Which of the following statements best exemplifies the main idea of the passage?

A. Through negotiation, teachers obtain more authority.

B. Through negotiation, salaries for teachers improve.

C. Through negotiation, teachers sense of worth improves.

D. Through negotiation, conditions for teachers improve.

512. Which of the following best illustrates the overall organization of the passage?

A. A major idea is chronologically summarized.

B. A controversial issue is presented and defended.

C. A problem is stated and the author provides solutions.

D. Several interrelated ideas are presented to support implied ideas.

513. According to Bloomfield and Barnhart (1961), the first task of reading is learning the code
or alphabetic principle by which written marks conventionally represent phonemes. What
model of reading is he implying?

A. Bottom-up C. Interactive

B. Top-down D. Integrative

514. The following are phrases that suggest the top-down reading model, except:

A. meaning-driven processes

B. assumptions about the meaning of a text

C. meaning is derived from print

D. comprehension is the basis for decoding skills

515. Mina studied the parts of her speech: introduction, getting into details and statistics, and
call to an action. She then used an outline to help her memorize the speech and be more
effective in its delivery.

A. socially responsible C. analytical

B. purposeful D. based on sound method

516. Never setting for mediocrity, Malcolm searched various sources for his anti-alcoholism
campaign speech.

A. purposeful C. reveals a higly-qualified speaker

B. claims listeners' attention D. based on the best materials

517. Although shy, Kenneth did not fail to use his voice effectively, with complete gestures,
during his privilege speech.

A. uses good diction, language and style C. deals with worthwhile subjects

B. makes use of voice and bodily action D. reveals a higly-qualified speaker

518. You are asked to host a very formal event of a refreshment company. What method of
speech delivery should you apply that will fit the formality of the event?

A. Manuscript C. Extemporaneous

B. Memorized D. Impromptu

519. What is the communication type in this situation: presenting the speaker for the seminar?

A. Personal C. Small group

B. Dual D. Public speaking

520. The Trojan war commenced because:

A. The Golden Apple of discord was stolen by King Menelaus.

B. Helen of Troy was abducted by Paris with Aphrodite's promising support.

C. King Agamemnon wished to conquer Athens.

D. Athena was not pleased with the Greek's arrogance.

521. Narcissus turned into a narcissus plant because:

A. He admired his reflection in the river until he died.

B. He asked Zeus to confine him in the forest because of malady.

C. He did not respect Demeter, the goddess of harvest, when he was in the forest.

D. He was killed in the battle near the forest of Athens.

522. Which of the following lines from the poem "Vulture" by Chinua Achebe, represents a
miserable or bleak scene?

"In the grayness

And drizzle of one despondent

Dawn unstirred by harbingers

Or sun break a vulture

Perching high on

Broken bones a drad tree..."

A. Dawn unstirred by harbingers C. In the grayness

B. Of sun break a vulture D. Broken bones and dead tree

523. Li Qingzhao, the greatest Chinese poetess is NOT known for __________.

A. Employment of figure-ground theory

B. Utilization of foregrounding such as repetition and metaphor

C. Use of imagery to enrich the content

D. Dominance of hyperbole

524. What is revealed in the following lines taken from the poem, "The Answer" by Bei Dao?

Debasement is the password of the base

Nobility the epitaph of the noble

See how the glided sky is covered

With the drifting, twisted shadows of the dead

A. Condemned voices of the suppressed

B. Slavery as a pressing concern in societies

C. Disparity between the rich and the poor

D. High disposition enjoyed by the aristocrats

525. What message is expressed in the first line of the poem by Rabindranath Tagore entitled
"Mind is without fear"?

"Where the mind is without fear

And the head is held high;

Where knowledge is free;"

A. Only a fearless mind can hold its head upright

B. There must be unity in diversity

C. Bravery is better than cowardice

D. Liberation is best achieved by force

526. Egyptian literature is identified as ____________ literature.

A. Mediterranean C. Asian

B. Middle Eastern D. African

527. The FENCE in the story written by Jose Garcia Villa refers to ____________.

A. free standing structure designed to restrict movement across a boundary

B. represents the distance between two families

C. walls representing hindrances that separate the families

D. protection from intrusion of other people

528. Read the excerpt below, then answer the question.

"Are you insulting my poor father? He gives me a piece of sodden land?

Impossible! Oh if he were to know what sort of son-in-law he was getting,

he would have made a wise decision. But I shall have a better son-in-law

who'll not depend on his wife's dowry." What is revealed in the character of the one who utters
the above lines?

A. She acted as an over-protective mother.

B. She loved her father very much.

C. She wanted a good son-in-law.

D. She regretted marrying her husband.

529. Who popularized Haiku poetry in Japan by creating visual auditory multimedia sensations
with few strokes of his writing brush as given in the lines below?

"Absolute stillness

Piercing into rocks

The voice of the locust."

A. Ikkyu B. Basho C. Boncho D. Gyal

530. "Awake for morning in the bowl of Night

Has flung the Stone that puts the Stars of Flight

And to the hunter of the East has caught

The Sultan's Turrent in Noose of light."

The above stanza is taken from the famous poem of

A. Edward Fitzgerald B. Lao-Tze C. Mao Tze-Tung D. Nelson Mandela

531. What traditional Japanese poem consists of three lines totalling only seventeen syllables
and treats the world in its natural setting?

Example: "A bead of water

Clinging to a willow branch

The first drop of rain."

A. Tanka B. Sintaishi C. Haikai D. Haiku

532. What is the oldest Indian documents of Sanskrit literature that consist of 1,028 hymns re-
voted in solemn rituals?

A. Mahabharata C. Ramayana

B. Upanishads D. Rig Veda

533. What does the phrase "mercilles Indian savages" used by Jefferson refer to

A. Asian-American C. Britons

B. Indian-American D. Native Americans

534. What could be the reason why Benjamin Franklin added humility in the list of 13 virtues?

A. Humility best reflects the strength of character

B. He believes that conceit spoils even the finest genius

C. He is reminded of his friend Quaker about how overbearing and insolent he is

D. Success without humility is worthless

535. How can the new criticism school in poetry be characterized?

A. Intellectual and metaphysical C. Impressionistic and symbolical

B. Sentimental and didactic D. Emphasis on craft over content

536. Dillard in her piece, Talent, said that "doing something does not discipline; it creates its
own discipline" which means

A. Working hard for the thing you value the most

B. Self-control as indication of good education

C. Governing the self to act accordingly

D. Regiment imposed on the self out of masochism

537. What does the forest in Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream symbolize? A place to

A. to face trials for the characters to pass C. lose one's memory

B. lose virginity and innocence D. reach adulthood

538. During the 1800's as reflected in American Literature, the Us government expanded its
territory by the use of the items listed below EXCEPT

A. Technology (railroad) C. Force (US Army)

B. Invasion (conquest) D. Diplomacy (treaties)

539. "On the Pulse of the Morning", by Maya Angelou, it is suggested that ____________.

A. each new day gives people new chances

B. each new day is a gift when spent best

C. each new day symbolizes the monotony of tasks

D. each new day signifies a challenge to overcome

540. In "I Hear America Singing" by Walt Whitman, the workers sing varied carols to express:

A. Take pride in one's abilities

B. Joys for bountiful blessings

C. Happiness in work and the uniqueness of contribution

D. Contrast in work attitude

541. Which of the following statements best reflects the writing of "The Declaration of

A. It is accusatory amd subjective

B. It is very structured and orderly

C. It is simple yet moving

D. It is rich with logic and reasons

542. According to Lincoln in "The Gettysburg Address", from what premise is the new war being

A. Depravity and the use of irresponsible power

B. Gender-fairness and sensitivity

C. Government of the people, by the people, for the people

D. Open-mindedness and receptivity to change

543. What is Shakespeare's technique of showing equivocation which is seen in his play

A. Prediction B. Mirroring C. Ambiguity D. Paradox and irony

544. Which is a colloquial expression that has been overused?

A. Cliche B. Emotive language C. Informal language D. Tautology

545. A FLUENT reader ___________________.

A. reads quickly and accurately without great effort in decoding

B. sounds out words when reading a text

C. can translate basic text from one language to another

D. pronounces authentic texts properly when reading aloud

546. In which sentence is the word WELL used correctly?

A. Julie and Ellen work well together.

B. The boys are a well team.

C. The flight was not well.

D. The time they had in Palawan was well.

547. What method is used when students learn how to use words properly; they learn read and
write; they use color charts and rods to help them with the pronunciation sounds; and teacher
talking time is minimal?

A. Silent way C. Color method

B. Suggestopedia D. Community Language Learning

548. Which of the following is the manifestation of covert grammar teaching?

A. Silent way

B. Audio - lingual method

C. Communicative language teaching

D. Task based language teaching

549. Which of the following K to 12 features of English language teaching in Secondary level is
not true?

A. Common errors included in standard and International English Proficiency tests

B. Focus in common areas of difficulty in grammar

C. Sequential teaching of language forms

D. Use of literary and information texts

550. This sentence structure contains a "ditransitive verb group".

A. Alex hates huge spiders

B. Alex has replied to my letter

C. Alex has turned a subtle shade of red

D. Alex is giving his boss a headache

551. Which of the following is an example of a "sentence fragment"?

A. Quit it C. A family just move in

B. They fought D. The boy and the girl's Uncle

552. Which of the following does not allow inter-textual reading of literature?

A. Marxist criticism C. Post - colonial criticism

B. New criticism D. Feminine criticism

553. Essay may be provisional in its appraisal of the subject but limited in point of view. Is this

A. True B. False C. Maybe D. None of the above

554. A stanza is a group of lines whose metrical pattern is repeated throughout the poem. A
stanza of six is called _______?

A. Octave C. Couplet

B. Sestet D. Quatrain

555. The reading and teaching of literature must yield not only enjoyment but also ______.

A. Knowledge C. Understanding

B. Pleasure D. Information

556. To illustrate the use of a comprehensible input in language teaching to grade 4 students,
the teacher may use the following except __________.

A. A video clip C. Recorded song

B. A journal article D. A written weather report

557. Literature is language in use as such language becomes the medium for the tool of
literature. Therefore, language is _________.

A. Beyond literature

B. Separable from literature

C. Inseparable from literature

D. The development of more than linguistic ability

558. In which kind of illocutionary act does the speaker express another illocutionary to other
that literally expressed in the utterance by relying on shared background knowledge, principles
of conversation, and convention?

A. Indirect illocution C. Command

B. Exclamation D. Complex illocutionary act

559. In a study comparing the effects of studying with music versus no music on reading
comprehension, an investigator administers a comprehension test after a reading study period.
She finds that scores were higher for the group who listened to classical pieces. What is the
independent variable in this study?

A. Reading while studying without music

B. Reading Comprehension Score with music

C. Study Period with no music

D. Presence or absence of music during studying

560. In which sentence does the adverb tell HOW the action is done?

A. Christy had ice cream after she was done.

B. Then Christy came home to wrap the present.

C. Christy went to the store to buy a present.

D. Christy wrapped the present carefully.

561. What is a story told in verse by unknown writers and usually meant to be sung?

A. Sonnet B. Epic C. Haiku D. Elegy

562. What is book-length fictional prose narrative which has many characters and often a
complex plot?

A. Novel B. Rhythm C. Rhyme D. Alliteration

563. What is book-lenght repetition of similar sounds usually consonants in a group of words
like: "Doubting dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before."?

A. Onomatopoeia B. Rhythm C. Rhyme D. Alliteration

564. Which refers to two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme?

Example: "Rose cheerless over hills of gray;

The sun that brief December day;

A. Sonnet B. Octave C. Couplet D. Sestet

565. Which approach in studying literature establishes the relationship of the writer's life with
his work?

A. Textual B. Mythic C. Psychological D. Biographical

566. A description on a gravestone or a short poem in memory of deceased person is called
a/an _____________.

A. Motto B. Maxim C. Epitaph D. Couplet

567. What major poetic device is also called an imperfect rhyme or slant rhyme?

A. Temporary rhyme C. Semi rhyme

B. Partial rhyme D. Half rhyme

568. What term represents the mixture of textual, audio, and visual modes of communication?

A. Multimedia C. Multi-Modality

B. Media Information Literacy D. Information and Communication Technology

569. What word refers to the utilization of various instructional techniques that provide
temporary support to help students reach higher levels of comprehension and skills acquisition
that they would not be able to achieve without assistance?

A. Interpretation B. Unpacking C. Scaffolding D. Immersion

570. Iconic learning involving instructional audio visual materials refers to

A. Visual images for the real thing C. Learning abstract ideas

B. Symbols for learning D. Learning icons or big people and things

571. Which assessment tool refers to the general group where students read the questionnaire
and respond in writing?

A. Diagram C. Paper and pencil

B. Problem solving D. Drawing analogies

572. What test technique requires the candidate to perform the skills that the test wishes

A. Direct B. Indirect C. Integrative D. Discrete

573. Which approach to language testing views language learning as chiefly concerned with
systematic acquisition of set of habits.

A. Structuralist B. Essay-translation C. Integrative D. Pragmatic

574. The function of language test which aims to motivate students pertains to

A. Research B. Learning C. Employment D. Teaching

575. What is the culminating activity of interpreting the information gathered for the purpose of
making decision or judgment about students learning needs?

A. Assessment B. Evaluation C. Measurement D. Testing

576. When a language research deals with motivation for learning the language, what allied
discipline is involved?

A. Educating B. Sociology C. Psychology D. Anthropology

577. When a research is conducted to assess the use of linguistic forms in language
performance, it is after which components?

A. Socio-linguistic B. Socio-cultural C. Linguistic D. Psycho-social

578. A study on the effectiveness of Communicative Language Teaching deals with what allied

A. Psychology B. Educating C. Sociology D. Anthropology

579. Which factor in language research identifies the environment method to the practice of
journalism is called __________________.

A. Language use B. Type of users C. Methodology D. Setting

580. The application of social and behavioral science research method to the practice of
journalism is called _______________.

A. Precision journalism C. Contemporary journalism

B. Modern journalism D. New journalism

581. In journalism, copy refers to

A. any piece of material that makes it to print

B. the writer's name as it appears in the story

C. the word for a headline

D. the belief that what someone say is true

582. The date line in a news story refers to the time when the ____________.

A. report was received C. event happened

B. deadline was set by the editorial D. story was filed

583. The organization of an editorial in the first Roman numeral?

I. _____________ IV. Argument

II. Argument V. Argument

III. Argument VI. Course of action

What should be contained in the first Roman numeral?

A. Lead sentence expressing the facts

B. Topic sentence that states the opinion

C. Position of the newspaper regarding the issue

D. Statement of the newspaper's editorial policy

584. What periodical publication contains accounts of current events, information, articles and
diverse features?

A. Brochure B. Newspaper C. Journal D. Magazine

585. A word can have associated mental images and feeling. Often these cannot be found by
consulting a dictionary. These are referred to as ___________.

A. Co-reference B. Collocation C. Denotation D. Connotation

586. Which refers to the capacity for some kind of language to be transferred from one
language to another without undergoing radical change?

A. Transformability C. Transferability

B. Translatability D. Transfigurability

587. One way to see if translation communicates what the source text communicates is by
translation checking. The subject of such activity are called ____________.

A. Expert in translation C. Consultant

B. Academic personnel D. Speakers with the receptor language

588. Which is the heart of the theater experience?

A. Actor-director relationship C. Audience-director relationship

B. Actor-actor relationship D. Actor-audience relationship

589. In stage acts, which do you use to show comparison?

A. Pitch B. Color C. Syllabication D. Sound

590. Which is the audience's ability to remove themselves from the play so that they ca
contemplate and evaluate the performance?
A. Reasonable distance C. Ideal distance

B. Aesthetic distance D. Manageable distance

591. The speaker's use of highly jargonized language falls under what kind of of interference?

A. Intrinsic B. Extrinsic C. Speaker-created D. Semantic

592. What technology during the Middle ages greatly advanced literature through a slow flood
of reading materials such as books and other manuscripts?

A. Poetry B. Movies C. Accounts D. Prose

593. Which refers to concepts that include choice of words, elegance, of construction,
punctuation, consideration, and length of entries?

A. Preferences B. Style C. Subjectivity D. Strategies

594. In creative non-fiction, what do you use to support fact-based narratives?

A. Commentaries and accounts C. Essay and memiors

B. Dramatic dialogs D. Inventive and dramatic techniques

595. What kind of linguistic studies how languages are constructed?

A. Descriptive B. Theoritical C. Historical D. Applied

596. The character who contrasts with another character is a/an ______________.

A. Support B. Villain C. Antagonist D. Foil

597. The function of language test which aims to motivate students pertains to ___________.

A. research B. learning C. employment D. teaching

598. Which of the following is Carlos Bulosan's celebrated autobiography?

A. Footnote to Youth C. The Laughter of my Father

B. America is in the Heart D. Falling leaves

599. Which is not included in external evaluation?

A. Introduction B. Blurbs C. Activities D. Table of contents

600. Which of the following is an example of sequencing materials?

A. Bottom to top C. By stages

B. Top to bottom D. Whole to parts

601. Which hypothesis of Krashen’s Monitor Model proposes that when learners are exposed to
grammatical features a little beyond their current (i.e., I + 1), those features are “acquired”. Acquisition
results from comprehensible input, which is made understandable with the help provided by the context.

A. acquisition/learning hypothesis
B. natural order hypothesis
C. input hypothesis
D. affective filter hypothesis

RATIO: Input hypothesis proposes that when learners are exposed to grammatical features a little beyond
their current (i.e., I + 1), those features are “acquired”.

602. All of the following are implications of Krashen’s Monitor Model EXCEPT _____.
A. Teachers should correct errors during the time they are committed as error correction is
B. Teachers should not insist on learners conversing before they feel comfortable in doing so.
C. Teachers should not expect learners to learn “late structures” such as third person singular early.
D. Teachers consider grammatical teaching is of limited value.

RATIO: On the spot error-correction may have negative effects in terms of anxiety and inhibitions.

603. They view the language as a system of related elements or “building blocks” for the encoding of
meaning, the elements being phonemes (sounds), morphemes (words), tagmemes

A. Structuralists
B. Transformationalists
C. Functionalists
D. Interactionalists

RATIO: Structuralists believe that language is primarily vocal; language is system of systems, and
language is arbitrary.

604. Which of the following is a view of a interactionalist?

A. Language is primarily vocal.
B. Language is creative.
C. Language emphasizes the meaning and functions rather than the structures
D. Language is a vehicle for establishing interpersonal relationship.

RATIO: Interactionalists believe that language is a vehicle for establishing interpersonal relations.

605. Which theory on language teaching has given birth to the methods that are learner-centered, allowing
learners to work in pairs or groups in information gap tasks and problem-solving activities where such
communication strategies as information sharing, negotiation of meaning, and interaction are used.

A. Structuralism
B. Behaviorism
C. Cognitivism
D. Functionalism

RATIO: The functional view of language has resulted in communication-based methods such as
Communicative Language Teaching/Communicative Approach, Notional/Functional Approach, Task-Based
Language Teaching.

606. It is a branch of linguistics that deals with how words combine to form phrases, phrases combine to
form clauses, and clauses conjoin to make sentences.

A. Morphology B. Syntax C. Semantics D. Pragmatics

RATIO: Syntax is a branch of linguistics that deals with how words combine to form phrases, phrases
combine to form clauses, and clauses conjoin to make sentences.

607. What is shown in the systematic variation of /t/ such as /t/ in top is aspirated, /t/ is stop is released,
and /t/ in pot is unreleased?

A. Phoneme B. Consonant C. Variation D. Allophone

RATIO: Allophones are variants or other ways of producing a phoneme.

608. Which of the following sounds are produced by bringing the articulators near each other such that the
flow of air is impeded but not completely blocked. The air flow through the narrow opening creates friction.

A. p,b,t,d,k,g B. f,v,Ɵ,ð,s,z,š, ẑ,h C. m,n,ŋ D. l,r

RATIO: These sounds are called fricatives which are produced by bringing the articulators near each other
such that the flow of air is impeded but not completely blocked.

609. What is illustrated in following example? In English, the statement “Marian is a linguist” ends with a fall
in pitch, while as a question, “Marian is a linguist?” the pitch goes up.
A. Stress B. Juncture C. Intonation D. Suprasegmentals

RATIO: Intonation is the rise and fall of pitch which may contrast meanings of sentences

610. Which of the following is an example derivational morpheme?

A. helpful B. stays C. eaten D. longest

RATIO: Ful in helpful is a derivational morpheme which usually changes the form class of the words to
which they are attached.

611. The words “gym, mike, and TV” are formed through _____.
A. clipping B. back formation C. root creation D. compounding

RATIO: Clipping or clipped form is a shortened form of a pre-existing forms ) e.g. gym < gymnasium; mike
< microphone, TV < television.
612. What morphophonemic process is involved in which units that occur in some contexts are “lost” in
others such as “l i b a r y” instead of “l i b r a r y”?

A. Assimilation B. Dissimilation C. Epenthesis D. Metathesis

RATIO: Dissimilation is a process that results in two sounds becoming less alike in articulatory or acoustic
terms; a process in which units which occur in some contexts are “lost” in others; e.g. “l i b a r y” instead of
“l i b r a r y”

613. Which syntactic structure is shown in the following examples? responsible officers, trusted friend.

A. Predication B. Complementation C. Modification D. Coordination

RATIO: Structure of modification has two components; a head word and a modifier.

614. What is made use in this example “I told Paul to close the door and he did so”?

A. Homonymy B. Anaphora C. Deixis D. Hyponymy

RATIO: Anaphora is a linguistic expression that refers to another linguistic expression (point backwards).
The pronoun refers back to its antecedent.

615. What category of illocutionary act is demonstrated in the following example? Recession will worsen in
Europe in
the next five years.

A. Representative B. Commissive C. Directive D. Expressive

RATIO: A representative is an utterance used to describe some state of affairs: acts of stating, asserting,
denying, confessing, admitting, notifying, concluding, predicting, and so on.

616. What conversation maxim seems to have been violated in the following example?

A: How was the LET?

B: Well, the proctor is my former college professor.

A. maxim of quantity C. maxim of relation

B. maxim of quality D. maxim of manner

RATIO: Maxim of relation – a participant’s contribution should be related to the subject of the conversation
– “Be relevant.”

617. This view emphasizes that native language comprises habits that a second language learner must
overcome. This is accomplished by forging new habits through repetition of pattern drills with
accompanying positive reinforcement.
A. Behaviorist learning theory C. Functional learning theory
B. Cognitive learning theory D. Holistic learning theory

RATIO: Behaviorism is a systematic approach to the understanding of human and animal behavior. It
assumes that the behavior of a human or animal is a consequence of that individual's history, including
especially reinforcement and punishment, and the individual's current motivational state and controlling

618. Overgeneralization errors such as “goed” and “keeped” are common in children’s speech. Such errors
suggest that children _____.

A. are repeating what was said to them, and should take note of them
B. do not know the past tense forms of those verbs, and experience difficulty
C. induce the rules for the past tense from the language to which they are exposed
D. repeat the teacher’s mistakes, and those errors are very hard to undo

RATIO: The term “overgeneralization” is most often used in connection with language acquisition by
children. For example, a young child may say "foots" instead of "feet," overgeneralizing the morphological
rule for making plural nouns.

619. This type of language is used to describe the kind of language a learner uses at a given time, that is,
his version of a given language, which deviates in certain ways from the language of a mature speaker.

A. Dialect C. Holophrastic speech

B. Native language D. Interlanguage

RATIO: Interlanguage is a type of language (or linguistic system) used by second- and foreign-language
learners who are in the process of learning a target language.

620. According to cognitivists, errors in second language learning is considered _____.

A. basis for testing
B. part of learning process
C. as proofs of unsystematic way of learning
D. not part of natural progression in acquisition of English

RATIO: Error and error correction can be valuable when it places the errors into the students’ focal

621. What aptly describes “universal grammar”?

A. language used for communication by people who speak different first languages
B. rules applicable to all human languages
C. language with the same vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation
D. rules of grammar that distinguish one language from the others

RATIO: The concept of universal grammar states that all languages are built upon a common grammar.
622. At the border of two countries there is a port where fishermen work. The fishermen do not speak the
same language, so they communicate using one that has been invented but only for the purpose of trade.
This scenario most accurately describes which of the following types of language?

A. a dialect B. a creole C. a pidgin D. a regionalism

RATIO: A pidgin is a simplified language that is developed as a means of communication between two or
more groups who do not have a language in common.

623. If the second language learner “assimilates”, then he ___________.

A. Maintains its own life style and values and rejects those of the target language group
B. Adapts to the life style and values of the target language group but maintains its own life style and values
for the intragroup use.
C. Gives up his own life style and values and adopts those of the target language group
D. Maximizes the use of his first language and the target language

RATIO: When a language learner assimilates, he considers the target language as his own language.

624. The following are the areas of knowledge and skills of communicative competence EXCEPT

A. grammatical competence C. discourse competence

B. sociolinguistic competence D. structural competence

RATIO: The following are the areas of communicative competence: grammatical, sociolinguistic, discourse,
and sociolinguistic.

625. Speaker A’s final remark functions as _____.

Speaker A: That’s the telephone.

Speaker B: I’m in the bath.
Speaker A: OK.

A. a request to answer the phone C. acceptance of an excuse

B. an excuse for not complying D. sarcasm

626. What is strategy is used by the second language learner in the following situation”

“The student forgot the English term “train station”. He used the phrase “the place for trains”

A. Inference B. Paraphrase C. Generalization D. Adaptation

RATIO: Paraphrasing is a restatement of a text or passage giving the meaning in another form.

627. What is the message of the short story, “The Centipede” by Rony V. Diaz?
A. Childhood memories are treasures.
B. Teasing or Taunting should only be done by adults.
C. Children should be responsible with what trick they do with their siblings.
D. Childhood relationships between siblings were sometimes painful.

628. What problem is pointed out by the author in the story “How My Brother Brought Home a Wife” by
Manuel Arguilla?

A. How Filipinos live in the province

B. How Filipinos solve family problems
C. How Filipinos are affected by new technology
D. How Filipinos accept or treat a new family member