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Organizing Committee: EDUCATION



Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh


Prof. (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla

Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Uttar

Prof. (Dr.) Alka Muddgal
HOI, Amity Institute of Education, AUUP

Conveners: ORGANISES

Dr. Gyanendra N Tiwari

Associate Professor, AIE
Associate Professor, AIE
All correspondence should be directed to: On
Dr. G. N. Tiwari 9871070488
“Innovations in Teaching Learning Process and
Dr. Mahima Gupta 9999010736 May 24-May 31, 2019
FACULTY DEVELOPMENT questions related to achieving the vision and goals.
Also before using any innovation the efficiency of the
 Discern the recent paradigm shifts in the
teaching learning practices as well as in
PROGRAMME faculty should be kept in mind. Not only in India but all research at different levels.
over the world innovative practices are been used 
on broadly to improve access to and the quality of
Comprehend and deliberate upon the current
debates regarding use of innovative strategies
“Innovations in Teaching teacher’s training and Research. in different domains of education.
 Acquaint themselves with ways to grow and
Learning Process and The seven days faculty development programme excel in the teaching profession with the help
Research” focusses upon the above laid down dimensions of the of innovative pedagogical practices.
teaching learning and research and many others as  Comprehend the different ways and means of
well. The following are the sub-themes that would be innovations in teaching learning process.
Vision Statement
kept in focus in the present FDP:
 Deliberate and explore innovative ways of
“Learning and Innovation go hand in hand. The teaching learning and conducting research
 Innovative Approaches to Management of
arrogance of success is to think that what you did with the help of advanced technology.
Education 4.0
yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.”  Innovative Teaching for World Class
Learning Registration Details:
William Pollard  Using Movies and Social Media to enhance
Teaching Learning Process The participants will be required to pay a
As teachers we all know that learning about  Activity and Project Based Learning for registration amount of Rs. 1200/ for
educational practice in general and teaching in specific quality teaching learning process attending all the plenary sessions along with
is an ongoing activity. The field of educational practice  E-learning Platform and Virtual Learning High Tea, Working Lunch and Valedictory
is ever emerging and hence there is always something  App Development for Smart Teaching
session. Accommodation will be facilitated to
new to learn. Most of us start learning about our Learning
 Global Trends and Innovations in outstation participants on payment basis with
profession through a formal teacher preparation prior information.
Educational Research
program. Since, any such preparation is incomplete
without practicing the profession, the learning
Target Group- The target group for the FDP is
continues even after starting the practice of teaching. The FDP shall also create opportunities for direct
teachers, educators and researchers working in the
Additionally, it is not practical to expect to learn interaction with the experts and resource persons area of Education and other domain.
everything through formal learning in an ever through focused group discussions and further probe
emerging field like teaching. Starting from the initial into innovative practices at school education and Please note that there will be No TA/DA
teacher preparation program to ongoing teacher higher education levels, foster debates and provided to the participants.
learning activities, teacher professional development brainstorming on the subject related pedagogical
can be seen as a continuum. Therefore, we are issues, concerns and commonly held students’
interested in the role of innovations in teaching misconceptions along Research. There would also be
learning process. Innovations are becoming sessions on self-analysis and reflection over one’s own
increasingly prominent in the process of teacher self as a teacher or teacher educator and identifying
professional development. Blending technology and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
other alternative pedagogies in teacher education
indicates and refers to different learning models that Objectives of the FDP:
combine traditional classroom practice with innovative
learning solutions. With this, both traditional and Through the seven-day FDP programme the
innovative strategy may be very helpful in classroom participants will be able to:
to clarify any subject matter within limited
infrastructures. A well – written alternative plan will
answer clearly to who, what, when, where and how –