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NAME: Grigorescu Lucian

SCHOOL: High School “Mihai Eminescu”, Iasi

DATE: the 17th of May, 2018
CLASS: 5th D
TIMING: 50 minutes
LESSON: Revision - expressing ability/obligation
TYPE OF LESSON: Revision/consolidation
SKILLS: reading, speaking, listening, and writing
AIDS: blackboard, chalk, worksheets, notebooks
Teaching techniques: dialogue, explanation, individual work, pair work, team work, exercises.
 To raise SS’ attention upon the both topics (ability/obligation)
 To practice ability and obligation expressions (can, can’t/must, mustn’t)
 To practice vocabulary related to the topic
 to practice by expressing ability and obligation
 to practice their speaking/writing/listening & writing skills
 to practice vocabulary related to the topic

By the end of the lesson, the Ss will be able to:

 to use correctly can, can’t/must, mustn’t

 to employ in sentences, the related expressions
 to use correctly the language referring to ability and obligation

- continue - through analyzing Ss’ answers;
- final – through worksheets;
- Some students may have problems in expressing themselves;

Stages of the Teacher’s Student’s Interaction Skill Time Purpose
lesson activity activity
The teacher asks The Ss T-Ss Speaking 2’ To see if anybody
1.WARM-UP Ss who the answer. is absent.
absents are.

The teacher asks To create a free

Ss how they feel The Ss T-Ss Speaking 2’ and relaxed
today. answer atmosphere for the
English class.

2.FEED BACK The teacher The Ss T-Ss Listening 2’

offers feedback. listen

The teacher asks To check their

3.CHECKING Ss to present knowledge about
PREVIOUS themselves and The Ss T-Ss Listening the learnt topic
MATERIAL to speak about listen (ability/obligation).
their abilities.
The teacher uses 8’
a small ball to The Ss To let Ss know
select Ss to answer T-S Speaking how well they
speak. with: performed.
My name
is …. I To check the
can …. speaking skills and
but I the verb “can”
can’t… expressing ability.

4.FEED BACK The teacher To let Ss know

offers feedback. The Ss Listening 2’ how well they
listen. performed.

a) The teacher
5.INTRODUCING initiates a
NEW MATERIAL conversation on The Ss Listening 5’ To introduce them
the topic: listen and Speaking to the new topic.
ability/obligatio answers: T-Ss
n and asks Ss to Yes, I can.
say if they can No, I
do different can’t. I.W
thinks. E.g. Can
you dance? Can
you play
football? Can
you fly?

b) The teacher I.W Writing 5’

writes on the To activate their
blackboard a The Ss thinking.
short scheme write
about how to
express abilities
and obligations.

c)The teacher
asks Ss to write
the scheme.

The teacher asks To allow Ss to

Ss to do discover how to
worksheet no. 1, use ability
in pairs. expression.
Ex. 1. Make
sentences which
are true for you. To check the
Write 2 extra T-S Speaking pronunciation.
sentences with The Ss 7’
your own ideas. write the
Ex. 2. Find the
activities and
write them in the
correct boxes.

The teacher
checks the P.W Writing 4’
answers and asks To check the
Ss to write on understanding of
the blackboard. the worksheet.

The teacher
offers feedback. The Ss 2’ To see if the
read answers are correct

The teacher asks
Ss to solve I-W Reading
Worksheet no.2. The Ss Writing To allow Ss to
The teacher listen discover how to
divides the class use ability
in groups of 4, 5 expression.
The Ss must The Ss
work in groups. write To check the
They must draw down the Lockstep Listening 10’ pronunciation.
a superhero, to task
mention his
name, 3 abilities
and what he/she
must do, then Ss T-Ss Writing
must present it to
the class.

The teacher asks I-W Reading

Ss to do Writing
worksheet no. 3.
Ex. 1. This are
the rules from
my school. Read
them, complete 7’ To allow Ss to
with discover how to
must/mustn’t and Lockstep Listening use obligation
match them with expression.
the images.
Ex. 2. What are
some rules for To check the
the park? Write T-Ss Writing pronunciation.
them in the
correct group.
Ex. 3. True or

To let the Ss know

6.FEED BACK 2’ how well they

To evaluate the
understanding of
the material taught.

The Ss must
7.HOMEWORK write 5 sentences
with what they 2'
can/can’t do, and
to create some
rules for their
classroom, what
must/mustn’t do.

Worksheet no. 1

Worksheet no. 2
1. Draw your favorite superhero or just invent one with superpowers!
Group work

1. Complete de following free spaces about your


His name is …………………….

Write 3 abilities:
E.g. He can fly.
What he/she must do?
E.g. He must save de world!
Present your superhero to the class.
Worksheet no.3


Worksheet 1
Ex. 1
Possible answers:
c. I can/can’t swim.
d. I can/can’t play tennis.
e. I can/can’t make a cake.
f. I can/can’t play chess.
g. I can/can’t make a cake.

Ex. 2
Things I can do: swim, play football, play basketball, speak English.
Things I can’t do: play baseball, speak German or French

Worksheet no. 2
Draw the superhero.
His name is….
Write 3 abilities, like:
He can fly.
He can run fast.
He can see through the walls.
What he must do?
Possible answer: He must save de world.

Worksheet no. 3
Ex. 1
a. You must be on time – picture with the clock
b. You mustn’t use your phone in class – picture with the phone
c. You mustn’t run in the corridors – picture with the boy
d. You must do your homework – picture with the notebook
Ex. 2
Where does it go?
You must: put your rubbish in the bin, keep dogs under control
You mustn’t: ride your bike on the path, pick flowers, go fishing in the
Ex. 3
True or false

a.T, b. T, c. F, d. F, e. T, f. T, g. T