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Q&A WITH JENNIFER MCGRAIL Launch Pad in OKC helps startups get off the ground What is a business incubator? Business incubators, like Launch Pad FT at Francis Tuttle Technology Center, provide an array of resources and support servicesto startup businesses. We workto foster enterprise prowthby enhanc ing the skills of. and helping improve the via~ bility of new businesses. What types of services does Launch Pad FT provide to startups? It’s common for entrepre- neurs to start a company that performs a service or creates a product that they understand well. Managing that business is where many entrepreneurs struggle. In short, they know how to do their work but not how to be in business. Our staff offers management , technical assistance and customized coaching and training to help entrepreneurs learn and develop important business and management Jennifer McGrail = is director of Launch “S one-on-one counseling ses- sions to review company progress and financial met- rics, We host regular trainings on important topics. We also offer assistance in obtaining appropriate financing when necessary for company growth. What types of clients does Launch Pad FT support? Our incubator works with several types of clients. In addition to mentoring and training, a resident client occupies office and/or shop space in our Edmond facility. An affiliate client utilizes our mentorship and educational programs but does not physi- cally locate in our facility. A post-graduate associate client is a company that has com- pleted an incubator program but would still like access to Pad FT. coaching and mentoring. ‘What does the facility offer to resident clients? Launch Pad FT offers the infrastructure young compa- nies need but often struggle to afford. We have eight fur- nished offices and five shop areas that range from 400 to 1,400 square feet. The shop spaces can be used for light manufacturing, warehousing and laboratory endeavors. Resident clients also have access to shared conference rooms and business neces- sities like Wi-Fi, copiers and paid utilities. Does Launch Pad FT work with businesses who are not part of ‘the incubator? We offer several services outside of the incu- bator inchiding small business workshops and seminars on topics like bookkeeping, cash flow projection, business plan preparation and productivity. Paula Burkes, Business writer