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ANNOUNCEMENTS Dear friends, do you think you’ll get

anywhere in this if you learn all the right

Welcome to worship! What makes words but never do anything? Does merely
Christianity so special? How are Christians talking about faith indicate that a person
any different than other people? What is at
really has it? … Isn’t it obvious that God-
the heart of Christ's followers' beliefs and
lifestyle. Join us in worship this Sabbath, in talk without God-acts is outrageous
order to find the Scriptural answers. nonsense?
Please Take Note: UPDATED VBS James 2:14-17 MSG
DATES: Now, July 8-13. “ROAR! Life is
wild! God is good!” We need volunteers.
Please fill out the insert and drop it in the
offering plate today.
Membership Transfer, First Reading:
to serve you
MARK ETCHELL - Senior Pastor
James Ivor y to Loma Linda University 509-301-1924 |
PrimeTimers’ potluck tomorrow at CRISTIAN IORDAN - Worship & Media
noon, Hammond-Jewell. Special video 909.796-0222 ext. 225 |
presentation by Marie & Karl McCalla. SHIPHRAH FEPULEA’I - Young Adults & Women
Campus Hill Church Health Ministry 760.224.4404 |
presents Community Health Fair Event on
June 30, 2019 (11.00 AM - 4:00 PM) at 16th SUSI ETCHELL - Children/Youth/Family Ministry
509-301-3811 |

Street SDA Church Premises, 11601 W. 16th
St., San Bernardino, CA 92411. Volunteers and GABRIEL KATRIB - VisitaQon
Donations are needed. For more information, 909.478.9707
contact Seth Wiafe at 909-855-1217 or email HOPE McKENZIE - Head Elder
Papua New Guinea Mission Trip, July 17
Contact Pa s t o r Shiphrah JUDI WRIGHT - AdministraQve Assistant 11057 Hill Dr. Loma Linda, CA 92354
at or 909.796.0222 |
760-224-4404 to find out how you can join
our international missions outreach! RITA BENDER - Office Assistant
909.796.0222 |
L o m a L i n d a Ac a d e m y ’s g r a d u a t i o n June 8, 2019
weekend events: Consecration at the Loma
Linda University Church Friday, May 31 at OFFICE
7:30 pm. Baccalaureate at the Loma Linda
University Church on Saturday, June 1 at
11:00 AM
10:30 am. Commencement Sunday evening,
June 2 at 6:00 pm on Loma Linda Academy’s Monday - Thursday
9:00AM to 5:00PM
Oak Grove Field.
PRELUDE Prayer, by J. Seeger

Study Time Angelica Prodan


9:30 aM FOCUS ON MISSION Cristian Iordan

Theme: Family Seasons
PRAISE & WORSHIP Sanctuary Choir & Congregation
Leader: Marie McCalla

Teachers: Karl McCalla, Don Johnson, INTERCESSORY PRAYER Martha Ruggles

Bashar Fargo, Tom Gibson, Dorothy
Donesky CHILDREN’S SONG God Has a Plan
Samuel & Olivia
Highlight: “Altriria Mensagen”
CHILDREN’S STORY Shiphrah Fepulea’i
Lesson: LiNle Times of Trouble

Memory Text: “Be angry, and do not sin’: OFFERING APPEAL Cristian Iordan
do not let the sun go down on your wrath.”
(Ephesians 4:26, NKJV).
OFFERTORY Worthy Is the Lamb by J.S. Bach/T. Fettke
Today’s Pianist: Sanctuary Choir

Don Benedicto Sabbath School and SCRIPTURE READING  James 2:14-17

11 o’clock Service Cecilia Saucedo

SPECIAL MUSIC Agnus Dei by M. Smith/J. Raney

Sunset: 7:59z Sanctuary Choir
Next Week: 8:02
Mark Etchell

CLOSING SONG So Send I You #578

Sanctuary Choir & Congregation


POSTLUDE Jubilee, by F. Binckes

Angelica Prodan