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Series 7100 : Tanker Unloading System

For Unloading Tanker loads of Diesel / Petrol / Kerosene / Solvents

Unloading Flowrate : 1200 LPH Max for gravity unloading
to Underground Tank.
24000 LPH Max for unloading to Above
Ground Tank thru pump.
Accuracy : Better than 0.5% of reading
Flow Meter Type : Positive Displacement Rotary Piston
Air Separator : Float actuated mechanism ½”air release port.
Display : 8x2 Dot matrix LCD backlit display.
Current total 999999.9 liters (Resettable)
Cumulative total 999999.9 liters (Non Resettable)
Flow rate 999.9 LPM
Area Clarification : Suitable for Gr IIA & Gr IIB hazardous area
certified by CMRI Dhanbad.
Power Supply : AC 230V 50 Hz mains supply
Mounting : Fabricated Mounting Frame with grouting facility.
Options : RS 485 MODBUS Serial Output for BMS
Integrated Unloading Pump
The Series 7100 System is specially designed for Installation Layout for Unloading to Above Ground
accurate measurement of liquid fuels and solvents
during unloading from tankers to underground as Storage Tank with Pump
well as above ground tanks. Accurate measurement
of Liquids is the only solution for cross checking the
dip-rod measurement standard on tankers. the system Above Ground
Storage Tank
offers excellent protection against pilferage and short
supply normally encountered in this application. Air Separator Ltrs

· High accuracy positive displacement flowmeter. Tanker Pump

· High capacity air separator. Back Pressure

3" Flowmeter

· High capacity float actuated air release mechanism. Ground Level

200 mm Ground Clearance
for Removing of Filter Element

· Vacuum Breaker Valve for 100% Air elimination for 1045.0

Underground Tanks.
Back Pressure Valve for 100% Air elimination for Installation Layout for Unloading to Under Ground
above ground Tanks.
Construction ensures system is full of liquid at all times. Storage Tank by gravity without Pump
LCD Dot matrix backlit display for easy readability.
Weather-proof and flame proof electrical fittings. Tanker
RS485 Serial – Output for BMS connectivity. Air Separator

Resettable and Cumulative display totalisers.

10 years memory retention during power failures.

1 mtr.


Dispaly 3" Flowmeter

Module 200 mm Ground Clearance
Ground Level for Removing of Filter Element

AC 230V RS 485 Serial

50Hz Supply Output
Air Separator Ltrs

Under Ground
Storage Tank

Inlet Outlet

Back Pressure Flowmeter



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