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Mapeh 8

1. A membranous percussive instrument

2. A non-membranous instrument
3. Refers to the beat in Indian music
4. Characterized by the use of air to excite the various resonators
5. Most common instrument for keeping rhythm in Hindustani music
6. Traditional expressions of love,separation and loneliness
7. A special call to prayer and repentance
8. Played during life passage
9. Literally means “measure”
10. Indian term referring to music hindu scripture

Write ghan, avannadh, sushir, tat, vitat

1. Esraj
2. Bansuri
3. Tabla
4. Gopichand
5. Chikara
6. Ektar
7. Nout
8. Banam
9. Shehnai
10. Manjira

1. Avannadh
2. Ghan
3. Matra
4. Sushir
5. Tabla
6. Ghazal
7. shofar
8. secular
9. wazn
10. sangeet

1. vitat
2. sushir
3. avanaddh
4. tat
5. vitat
6. tat
7. ghan
8. vitat
9. sushir
10. ghan
1. the art of making designs of patterns on the walls or floors of
2. hindu goddess of wealth
3. a four arm dancing hindu goddess
4. india’s festival of lights
5. a clay lamp believed to light the way of the goddess
6. a group of people that moves from one place to another
7. a hand operated or power driven apparatus for weaving fabrics
8. the term use for both a golden yellow or light yellow or brown
9. a technique of mural painting executed upon laid time
10. pictogram and lorogram images created by removing part of
a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, and abrading
11. a country known for making printed table cloth,curtains, bed
spreads and shawls
12. a country in central asia known for untensil making, musical
instruments, furniture and jewelry
13. a homespun silk used for beautiful dresses worn by Turkmen
14. it is a large elaborately embroidered wall hanging made in
15. images created by removing part of the rock surface
16. this wa the period of evolution from vedism into into
Hindusm or Brahmanism in which two great epics of india
17. the most explendid architechture built in 1632by shah jahan
in memory of his wife
18. a portable, lent wood-frame dwelling structure traditionally
used by nomads in the steppes of central asia

1. rangoli
2. lakshmi
3. shiva
4. diwali
5. diyas
6. nomads
7. loom
8. ochre
9. frescos
10. petroglyph

1. Uzbekistan
2. Tajikistan
3. Keteni
4. Tush kyiz
5. Petroglyphs
6. Transitional period
7. Taj mahal
8. yurt