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Religions Should Not Interfere With Politics

by Maythas Maet

Religion, according to Religion was used as the pretext to Because of strong faith in
Mahoney, K. D. (n.d.), is derived from give the authoritarians full power to religion, it was used as tools to control
the Latin word “Religion” which administer orders and controls the people, giving the religious leaders full
means respect or awe. Religion is a citizens. In my opinion, because authority and wage wars on religious
system of worship is something which religion can be a pretext for multiple aims. The concept of Divine kingship
can be God, a person or anything. subjects, religion should not interfere was an ancient concept where the king
Religion and faith are always with politics. has divine rights which is the ability to
connected with politics since ancient do anything the king wishes. If
times. About four thousand years ago, anyone objects the King, they will be
Theocracy was used as the first punished harshly. (Continued on
governing system in Mesopotamia page2)
where religion is the center
Should Thai game
Folk song club hosted center prohibit
valentine’s day event student uniform?
By Supakorn Porsche by Supakorn Porsche

The "game" is now accepted

Lifted Online
The Folk Song Club members by more adults. Till the games get
and Mr. Big organized and show their promoted the "E-Sport competition.”
music performance that they prepared MUIDS held spirit week 4 The gamer has a well managing with
on February 14 at the canteen in times this year the game and also the time, that made
them become a great player. But many
Mahidol University International by Norapath Bunch
Demonstration School. The purpose of kids that want to be the gamer, they go
having a Folk song club is to show and to a place called “game center” that
entertain people with music on days have video game and playing till they
MUIDS held spirit week 4 times become game addiction instead of the
with special events. Before Valentine a year between 25 and 29 in April
day, the Folk song club has been gamer. (Continued on page2)
2019. This event aim for a student to
practicing their band when they had show the partial lifestyle of the student
free time to be prepared and ready for and lets student have good memories
their performance. During lunchtime, together. Spirit week was the only
the Folk song club will perform a show week that the school allowed us to
to entertain the students and the staffs wear casual clothes. MUIDS student
in the cafeteria. Hence, MUIDS who wanted to participate in this event
students look forward to seeing more needed to wear a shirt that matches the
of their performances in the next theme that the school had given and the
events. student needed to pay 20 to wear
special clothes

“I think that spirit week made

for teachers to know how students look
like outside the school and for the
students have fun with a friend and
create a good memory in this school
year. I think that spirit week forced
some students to compete about a
fashion and I think this was so bad,”
said by Kasin, student of MUIDS, in an
article by Jonathan F. (n.d.), the author Finally, it will lead to the brain that
Religions should not says that bias against minority religion addicted to games.
is the main cause of rebellion.
interfere with politics Therefore, the student that
(Continued) I strongly agree that religion always skipped the classes for the
should not interfere with politics, not games, when they have an exam, they
In the western world, religious only it causes wars but also destroy our couldn’t do it and then they fail the
military orders are very popular among pure faiths. Because every religion exam because they lack knowledge
believer with a monastic lifestyle teaches humans to be good, why do we (Noojidsai, 2011 July 03). The student
(Cartwright, M., 2018 December 09). is don’t care with their study because
The chivalry orders were created to they put their all effort into the games.
achieve their religious purpose. About This problem is also affecting their
nine hundred years ago, the first daily life because they think of the
crusade war was started to capture the game is important to their life. When
holy city of Jerusalem, a land where these students addicted to the game,
both three Abrahamic religions they also become lazy to do the work
considered as a holy city. The or any activities such as homework,
Christians crusade which consists of house cleaning, even bathing.
many religious orders and nations join Moreover, they could get expelled
the conquest against the Muslims from school (Amy M., 2017 July 24).
forces occupying the state. With piety, Because of the game that has violence
the Crusaders have the will to wage Lifted Online
content and they assimilate it. After
war while being controlled by their allow such dirty usage of that their behavior will change based
religious leaders because of their faith religions by some politicians to benefit on the game played, and they could
thinking that God is with them. In the themselves on the suffering of the commit an offense. For example,
present some terrorist group such as others. What do you think, should stealing, abuse, assault, or even
ISIS still use religion as a pretext to religion interfere with politics? murder. The
invade lands, plunder resources, student, who has become an
killing Christians and Shia Muslim for When you walk on the street in aggressive person could get fired from
the benefit of their leaders. Thailand. You can usually see these the school and they will don’t have any
kids or teenagers that wear the future for their adult age.
uniform, they are sitting on the chair
and stare at the computer If Thailand still leaves this
concentratedly. They have skipped the problem behind and doesn’t solve it,
school to play the game or in other the next generation of the student will
word is addicted to games (Chomnapas be always looped like this forever.
Lifted Online W., 2018 May 23). The game is
Moreover, when religions affected to the front brain of children
interfere with politics, the conflict and adolescents, which are the part that
between majority and minority responsible for thinking, analyzing,
religions may occur. The minority meditating, and making decisions.
believers may be made aberrant from Affects control of the mind. Emotions
the majority religion believer by some and behavior This brain will work
policies of the government or the down. While the brain that wants to be
politicians may back up some groups
providing them weapons. Imagine if Should Thai game
one day, you were living happily in
your own house and the next day you center prohibit
need to migrate to another country student uniform?
because of some beliefs. In India, the (Continued)
majority of Muslims oppress and
forces Hindu believer to migrate out of called the “limbic system” will work
their home country which causes India more when stimulated with craving,
to split out and creates Pakistan. In an fun, excitement, and challenge from
playing games continuously. Lifted Online 2
Student Government hosts Valentine’s day event
by Meat “Maythas”
As for the roses and stickers, I am pleased
The MUIDS Valentine’s Day event was During afterschool periods, the movies to announce that we have a large sum of
organized by the student government, were shown in the theatre. Roses and money which will be donated back to our
teachers, student government advisors, and stickers were also sold before and during the beloved school. The movie shown in
student council. This activity was held on event. Valentine Theatre was fun, the Valentine
February 13, 2019 at MUIDS main “I would like to thank you all for your Matchmaking was exciting, and the love
building. The purpose of this event is for cooperation on Valentine's day event. The cards created much excitement and joy
students to have fun and encourage the feedback was excellent and I feel that beyond my expectation. Every activity was
student’s understanding and acceptance of everyone really enjoyed the event, we have great. More importantly, I think the events
Valentine’s day tradition. During the event, so many participants dressed up according had created a great impression and unity in
multiple activities were held which were to our theme. our school.” said Mr.Benjamin
free dress day where students are allowed to Wangcharoenwong, our student government
dress according to the theme, love cards president during an interview.
where students send handwritten cards
anonymously to the receivers through box
provided by the student’s government which
were distributed during the Valentine’s day
event. Valentine Matchmaking event was
also held during the event.

MUIDS held spirit week 4 times a year

Folk song club hosted between 25 and 29 in April 2019. This
events aim for a student to show the partial
valentine’s day event lifestyle of the student and lets student have
good memories together.Spirit week was the
The Folk song club members and Mr.Big only week that the school allowed us to
have organized and shown their music
performance that they have prepared on 14 MUIDS held spirit week 4
February, valentine day at the canteen in
Mahidol University International times this year
Demonstration School. The purpose of
wear casual clothes. MUIDS student who
having a Folk song club is to show and
wanted to participate in this event needed to
entertain people with music whenever
wear a shirt that matches the theme that the
having events day. Before Valentine day,
school had given and the student needed to
Folk song club has been practicing their
pay 20 to wear special clothes.
band when having free times to be prepared
for their performance. When lunchtime, the
“I think that spirit week made for
Folk song club using this chance to perform
teachers to know how students look like
a show. Hence, MUIDS students look
outside the school and for the students have
forward to seeing more of their
fun with a friend and create a good memory
performances in the next events.
in this school year. I think twenty baht that
“It was quite a opportunity to perform
school collected students for the spirit week
on the valentine day, me as the guitarist, I
was used for buying a reward on the school
got a chance to play bass guitar, which is
activity day. I think that spirit week forced
really cool because it's like a new
some students to compete about a fashion
experience for me even though I have a hard
and I think this was so bad,” said by Kasin
time practicing the bass. I was happy with
,student of MUIDS, in an interview.
the result because we, as a band can make
people happy with our performance.” said
by Phutchara Tanagone
Songvatanakamchon, the Folk song
member, in an interview.

My group name is Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil is the tree of life.
the branches stretch out over all
of the nine worlds in Norse mythology.
The logo is the symbol of Yggdrasil.