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Quick Start Guide

AC Power


LFC Input

Waste Water Outlet

Firm level ground

Grade level drain

Site Requirements
• Supply Water: 35°C~50°C (95°F~120°F) • Outlet Pipe: 1½" to 3" depending on model
• Washout Water: 15°C~75°C (60°F~165°F) • AC power in accordance with service plate
• Use external mixing valve if water is too hot or cold • Internet: Ethernet wired or wireless (with
• Must have adequate pressure and flow rate external Wi-Fi client or GSM modem)

The LFC is designed to be installed by qualified personnel only. Installation by unqualified individuals
! may result in bodily injury, damage to the LFC and surrounding equipment, and void your warranty.

This Quick Start Guide is intended to be used by personnel who are experienced with the installation
of electrical and mechanical products. Consult the User's Manual if any step in this guide is unclear.

To prevent damage to the Powerzyme, unpack the LFC when you receive it or store it in a cool place. If
that is not possible, remove the Powerzyme from the LFC (see Step 1) and store it in a cool dark place.
Items You Will Need to Unpack the LFC

Fork lift Step ladder Power 8 mm bit Philips bit Appropriate

screwdriver safety gear

Items Inside the Crate

LFC Feet (4) Rubber blocks (4) Powerchips Powerzyme Documents

(1-10 bottles) and poster

Tools You Will Need to Install the LFC

or or
19 mm wrench Various tools Spirit level Pallet jack Car jack J-bar

Items You Will Need to Install the LFC

Water hoses ½" Hose Teflon tape Bucket Rice Sugar

adaptors (2)

PVC adapter Flexible connector Stop valve Mixing valve Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable
GSM modem
Step 1 — Unpack
• Remove the top of the crate first, then the horizontal
stay bar, then the front, back and sides of the crate
• Use a fork lift to remove the LFC from the crate: on
larger LFCs, the forks must be at least 1.2 m (48")
• Recycle the crate or save it for future use
• Roll LFC into place (use pallet jack if available)
• Remove plastic wrap then remove all
accessories from inside the LFC

Step 2 — Position
• Lift chassis with pallet jack, car jack, or J-bar
• Install all four feet into the load cells
• Screw the foot as far as possible into each
load cell so that no thread is showing
• Place a rubber block under each foot
• Provide 5 mm (¼") clearance from wheel to floor
• Adjust feet and use a spirit level so that LFC is level

Step 3 — Power
• Confirm that only Powerchips are inside the drum plate
• Verify AC power matches that on service plate
• Close the LFC door and plug the LFC power cord in
• Verify that the touch screen turns on with LFC logo
• Verify there is a beep from the display box
• Verify the LFC Stopped screen is displayed

Step 4 — Confirm Arm Rotation

• If LFC uses 3-phase power, you must verify rotation
• Stopped Screen › Start › Manual*
• Press forward
• Verify arms rotate in direction as shown on right
• If direction is incorrect, disconnect AC power, and
swap any two of the AC wires in the AC plug
• Connect AC power and test again
• Remove power before proceeding

* Instructions in bold refer to using the touch screen

Step 5 — Connect Water Outlet
• Use a female adapter or a flexible
connector for the waste water outlet
• Install a stop valve on the waste water outlet
• Plumb outlet to grade level drain
• Outlet pipe should have a slope of 2% to 2.5%
• Maximum length of pipe should be 3 m (10')

Step 6 — Connect Water

• Fit brass adapters to water inlets
• Connect hot water hose to top adapter
• Connect cold water hose to bottom adapter
• Turn on water
• Verify there are no leaks

Step 7 — Activate Powerzyme

• Add equal parts Powerzyme, sugar,
and rice into a bucket
• Add four parts of warm water into the bucket
• Stir mixture well several times + + +
• Leave for five to ten hours in a warm room
Powerzyme Rice Sugar Water

Step 8 — Soak the Powerchips

• Shut the waste water outlet valve
• Power on the LFC
• Stopped Screen › Start › Manual
• Press supply
• Open the LFC door
• Verify water temperature is about 42°C (108°F);
adjust external mixing valve if necessary
• Wait until the drum is ⅓ filled with warm water
Step 9 — Mix Powerchips
• Press forward to rotate arms
Keep your body a safe distance from the
! arms of the LFC while the motor is turning.

• Leave LFC arms rotating for ten minutes

• Exit Manual mode
• Leave Powerchips to soak for three to five hours
• Open water outlet valve to drain water

Step 10 — Adjust Load Cells

• Stopped Screen › Status › Diagnostics
• If the load cell readings are not equal,
use a 19 mm wrench to adjust feet Load cell 3 Load cell 2
• Adjust foot on the load cell with the lowest reading
• Repeat until readings are similar
• Tighten lock nuts on feet of load cells
Load cell 4
• Exit Diagnostics Load cell 1

Step 11 — Calibrate Weight

• Ensure no object is on the LFC
• Stopped Screen › Setup › Service
› Calibrate empty weight
• Do not lean on the LFC
• Wait until completed
• Exit Service
• Waste in LFC will be set to 0

Step 12 — Remote Connectivity

Although optional, we strongly recommend you
connect the LFC to the LFC Cloud.
• Configure Wi-Fi client or GSM modem
if using wireless connection
• Connect Ethernet cable to wall socket,
Wi-Fi client, or GSM modem
• Stopped Screen › Status › Machine
• Wait five minutes; do not touch LFC
• Confirm Ethernet link is connected
Step 13 — Check Diagnostics
• Stopped Screen › Status › Diagnostics
• Verify all parameters are OK
• Correct any errors that are reported
• Exit Diagnostics

Step 14 — Reset Settings

• Stopped Screen › Setup › Reset
• Reset Settings
• Reset History
• Do not reset Log
• Exit Reset Settings

Step 15 — Add Waste Food

• Add waste food (at least 20% of LFC capacity)
• Stopped Screen › Start › Manual
• Press forward
• Pour activated Powerzyme, rice, and sugar into drum
Keep your body and any container used to
! hold the Powerzyme a safe distance from the
arms of the LFC while the motor is turning.

Step 16 — Ready for Use

• Exit Manual Mode
• Stopped Screen › Start › Auto
• Complete the Service Record in the User's Manual

LFC is now ready for use by the customer!

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