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Empowerment Technologies - Pre test

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Direction: The statements are the basic etiquette on cyberspace on the book Netiquette by Virginia Shea. Right TRUE if
the statement is correct and FALSE if the statement is incorrect.
______1. Always consider the human being rather than robots.
______2. Adhere to the same standards of behavior online that you follow in real-life.
______3. Know where you are in cyberspace.
______4. It is alright to know the password of my brother’s/sister’s account.
______5. Expressing my thoughts online regardless if it hurts others is alright because it is my right on freedom of
______6. As much as possible, share expert knowledge.
______7. It is alright to engage on online conflicts to enhance my critical thinking skills.
______8. Plagiarism is good if the author cannot locate to ask for permission.
______9. Be considerate and learn to forgive if someone commits mistakes online.
______10. Identity theft or hacking is alright as long as I can make money on it.

Direction: Choose the letter of the correct answer for each question.
1. It refers to the placement of elements of equal weight on the page.
A. Balance B. Contrast C. Movement D. Repetition
2. Which of the following images displays movement and pattern?

A. B. C. D.
3. What image online format is capable of displaying simple animation?
A. .bmp B. .gif C. .jpg D. .png
4. Among online file formats for images, which one allows you to display images in full colors with NO transparency?
A. .bmp B. .gif C. .jpg D. .png
5. Which of the following image manipulation techniques is used to add content or element such as pictures and video files in
a web page?
A. Designing B. Sharing C. Text combining D. Uploading
6. Which of these online platforms is applicable for presentation and visualization?
A. Dropbox B. Prezi C. Weebly D. Zamzar
7. Which of the following statements is NOT true about Wordpress?
A. It is an online platform used to communicate a message for a specific purpose.
B. It has NO data analysis and statistical views/records of the viewers and online visitors.
C. Images, video files and visual elements can be uploaded in this platform.
D. None of these
8. Wix is an online tool for _________________.
A. Cloud computing B. Presentation/Visualization C. Social Media D. Web Site Creation
9. Which of the following groups of online platforms are intended for file conversion and management?
A. Google drive, Evernote, Dropbox
B. Prezi, Slideshare, Soho
C. Wix, Weebly, Jimdo
D. Zamzar, Mp3skull, word2pdf
10. It is described as a state of being connected to the cyberspace through a medium of internet or computer network.
A. Offline B. Online C. Website D. Webpage
11. Jaybe created a website for social change. He uploaded different photos and videos to the content. However, his ICT
instructor told him to change the font color of his website title. What would be the appropriate technique he must apply in
order to finish his work?
A. Designing B. Sharing C. Text Editing D. Uploading
12. Which of the following website creation tools is very essential in publishing contents to a network or internet browsers?
A. Domain Name B. Save Option C. Upgrade Content D. None of these
13. Which of the following is an example of a Domain Name?
A. C.
B. http://www.wordpress D. All of these
14. is an example of ___________.
A. Contact number B. E-mail Address C. Links D. Password

15. Edmodo is an example of __________________.

A. Audiocasting B. Online School C. Vodcasting D. Webcasting
16. Why do some online users encounter unauthorized use of website?
A. Series of incorrect password attempts
B. The username is incorrect
C. The website is hacked by other users
D. All of these
17. ICT is a medium for advocacy and developmental communication.
A. True B. False C. Maybe D. A and B
18. How do ICT tools and online platforms have changed the way people communicate?
A. Via Internet and text brigades, disaster relief operations and mobilization is now easy.
B. Via facebook, million people march against pork barrel in an online manner.
C. Via Radio broadcast, EDSA and Cardinal Sin’s call to action immediately.
D. All of these
19. Which of the following statements illustrates digital citizenship?
A. The use of text messaging to help mobilize people from disaster.
B. The use of Internet to view pornographic scenes.
C. The use of facebook to voice out bad emotions.
D. All of these
20. In an ICT concept paper, the necessary information about the ICT project such as the site, the purpose and how they work
in unison can be found in the ______________.
A. Introduction B. Description C. Support D. None of these
21. How do website owners monitor target users and audiences?
A. Traffic monitoring via statistics C. No. of views and comments
B. No. of reach and post engagements D. All of these
22. The essential point of the concept paper is to ___________.
a. Explain the importance of a particular ICT research project.
b. Capture the interest of the funding agency and demonstrate that the idea they are proposing is worthy of further
c. A and B D. None of these
23. What is the correct arrangement of the elements of concept paper based on its typical concept?
A. Introduction, Purpose, Description, Support, Contact Information
B. Purpose, Description, Support, Contact Information, Introduction
C. Introduction, Support, Description, Purpose, Contact Information
D. Contact Information, Description, Purpose, Support, Introduction
24. The statement inside the box refers to what element of a concept paper?
Do you have any questions about my project? Feel free to contact me at

A. Introduction B. Description C. Support D. Contact Information

25. This online multimedia content was created in order to equip parents and other caregivers with tools they need to raise
drug-free kids.
A. Animal Welfare and Rights C. Environmental Issues and Concerns
B. Anti-Drug Campaign D. ICT issues and concerns
26. The following statements are some of the current problems being faced in the ICT except one;
A. Communication happens globally & in real time
B. It has decreased personal privacy
C. The Internet can be an addiction
D. Internet dependence can lessen productivity
27. Online ICT projects for social change are managed by the following websites EXCEPT:
A. Wix B. Weebly C. Wordpress D. Zamzar
28. Which of the following is NOT included in the publishing of ICT projects?
A. Uploading and website management C. Evaluation through user feedback
B. Promotion, traction and traffic monitoring D. None of these
29. What is meant by UPLOADING?
A. The process of getting files from the Internet. C. the process of acquiring digital files
B. The process of putting digital files into the computer or internet D. Both A and C
30. How do website builders maintain and sustain the operation of an ICT project for social change?
A. By updating content and maintaining traffic. C. A and B
B. By monitoring social impacts and advocacies D. None of these