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OFFICE OF THE BROOKLYN BOROUGH PRESIDENT Tonya L. Cantlo Acting Counsei June 4, 2019 John Santore (VIA EMAIL) — Re: FOIL request dated May 20, 2019 Dear Mr. Santore: In your FOIL request dated May 20, 2019, you were seeking: ‘© Acopy of a letter sent to the Mayor’s Office by “Mr. Adams regarding the Made in NY Campus at the Bush Terminal Campus in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The letter was dated 2.15.17, and wes sent jointly by Mr. Adams, Councilman Carlos Menchaca, Rep. Nydia Velazquez, and Rep. jerry Nadler”; and © Any written response sent to Mr, Adams' office in response to this letter. Attached is a letter from the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) sent to the Borough President and other elected officials in response to the letter dated February 15, 2017 in connection with the Made in New York Campus at Bush Terminal. Please feel free to contact me at 718-802-3883 if you have any questions. peetfully, out P the Tonya L. Cantlo February 15, 2017 Honorable Bill de Blasio Mayor, City of New York Gity Hall New York, NY 10007 Dear Mayor de Blasio, In your State of the City address, you outlined the need for significant capital improvements in Sunset Park's manufacturing district industrial properties managed by the New York Economic Development Corporation ("EDC"). The following day, you announced the City's $136 milion commitment for a 'Made in New York’ Campus at Bush Terminal. We would like to thank you for expanding investment in Sunset Park's manufacturing and we look forward to working with you. Bush Terminal buildings are in need of improvements along with surrounding properties, parks and streets, and we believe that there must be discussion on how this initiative fits into the larger vision for ‘Sunset Park. This discussion must also include a robust community engagement process, We welcome impactful investment in City properties, but expect EDC to ensure Sunset Park's residents and existing businesses are fully integrated in the planning for future economic development. While this announcement is very encouraging, there are many critical questions that need to be addressed, and we are concerned about how this plan is being formulated, Sunset Park is experiencing extreme gentrification and displacement in residential and commercial properties. New investments must mitigate adverse effects on lease-holders at nearby properties not managed by the City. You outlined how integral Bush Terminal improvements would be to the garment industry. We must recognize the impact film/television production has on these kinds of industries and economic development in general. Successful investments must include strategic planning for the entire ‘manufacturing district and Industrial Business Zone, including the existing businesses on EDC property and those nearby. This initiative also raises questions about how the proposed campus will fit in with the broader planning for the Sunset Park waterfront, especially South Brooklyn Marine Terminal next door and future port expansion. Additionally, some of us also represent the garment center in Manhattan, and we wish to better understand how the City will support garment center jobs in both places. Thank you for continued investment in Sunset Park’s manufacturing future, and again, we look forward to working with you and discussing how this proposal for Bush Terminal fits into the larger vision for ‘Sunset Park. Sincerely, oN i Sra tA Goderste Def lilg Pont Pett Elo L Mow “fry Carlos Menchaca Nydia M, Velazquez Jerrold Nadler Eric L. Adams NYC Council Member Congresswoman Congressman Brooklyn Borough President ‘We recognize the manufacturing sector needs continued support as commercial and residential development grows in Brooklyn. The investments we are now making in City-owned industrial assets are in direct response to those concerns. Since the Mayor took office, the City has invested ‘over $115 million to bring more than 500,000 square feet on line at the Brooklyn Army ‘Terminal, released an RFP for 70 acres of maritime dependent uses at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal, and dedicated over $37.5 million to improving infrastructure in the area- all in addition to the recently announced Made in NY Campus. The City has also taken action to protect and grow Industrial Business Zones with the release of the 10 Point Industrial Action lan and deeper support to the City’s Industrial Business Zone providers. Its critical that we continue to partner to ensure NYCEDC-managed assets in the Sunset Park industrial area remain vibrant campuses and offer affordable leasing opportunities to manufacturers and industrial firms seeking space. We are proud of the work this administration has done and we strongly believe the way to ensure the Sunset Park waterfront remains an affordable, job-intensive industrial center is to invest in modem manufacturing spaces. We are also continuing our investment in community amenities in Sunset Park, which is why we are ‘working closely with the Parks Department to further improve Bush Terminal Piers Park. We are very exeited about opening @ new, second entrance on the southem end of the park this summer, 1 appreciate the partnership with your offices as we continue these improvements and pursue audditionel opportunities to support the park. |As we move forward with the Made in NY campus, I am personally committed to ensuring Sunset Park communities are part of the development of this plan. My team and I look forward to continuing this important dialogue with you and the Sunset Park community, Should you have aay questions, ideas, or referrals, please feel free to contact me or Kenyada McLean on NYCEDC’s Government & Community Relations team at kmelean@ede.nye, or 212-312-3819 Singpeelf, fnes Patchett