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A Detailed Lesson Plan in English Grade 8

I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:
1. unlock difficult words found in the story through context clues;
2. answer the guide questions critically and logically;
3. ECAS8LT-I-c-5: identify the theme literary work;
4. ECAS8VC-I-F-11: use visuals effectively;
5. MARY’S FIAT, SOLIDARITY & EXCELLENCE: show a positive attitude, commitment to
the group, trust, and communication leading to phenomenal results.
II. Subject Matter:
a. Topic: Say it with Flowers by Toshio Mori
b. References: Textbook: Lapid, M.G. & Serrano, J.B.(2015) English Communication Arts
and Skills 8, Phoenix Publishing House ,Inc., Quezon Ave., Quezon City , pp. 106-117.
c. Skills Focus: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening and Visual Representing
d. Strategies: Popcorn Reading, Group Dynamics, Oral Reasoning
e. Materials: PowerPoint presentation, projector, laptop, visual aids
III. Procedure:
Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity

A. Preliminary Activities
 Prayers
 Greetings
 Cleanliness and Orderliness
 Checking of Attendance
 Checking of uniform

B. Motivation

Pose Essential Question: Will you be willing to compromise your own moral
values to keep a much needed job?
Yes, get it. And for addition we can still give
flowers to others even in non-special
occasions to make them happy and special.


All of your answers have something to do

with our lesson for today.

C. Presentation of the lesson

In relation to the video, the story we are
about to read today is all about a business
story in which the main character is not
interested in profit , considerate of other
people and prefers to work for their benefit
rather than for the benefit of business. It is
entitled “Say It with Flowers” by Toshio

D. Lesson Proper

1. Pre-reading
a. Unlocking of Difficulties

Before we go to the reading part, let’s

familiarize first the unfamiliar words found
in the text for you to easily comprehend the
message of the summary of “Say it with
flowers “.

I have a flowers here, inside of it you will see

the unfamiliar words, which we need to
unlock, as I get it repeat after me. 1. Queer
2. Glutton
3. splutter
4. Lousy
5. Indignantly

(the teacher will flashed the sentences using PPT)

I have a sentences here, and use the context
clues as your guide to get the meaning of the
(Students will phase the correct letters and words
of their answers on the board)
That’s it! So all you have to do is match the
column A to column B, and phase the
meaning of your answer before the number.
Alright. Let’s check whether your answers
are correct.

1. Queer-
of a questionable nature or character;
suspicious; shady.

2. Glutton - a person with a remarkably
great desire or capacity for something
3. Splutter- a confused noise (as of
hasty speaking); a splashing or
sputtering sound
4. Lousy- miserably poor or inferior,
5. Indignantly-: feeling or showing
anger because of something unjust
or unworthy expressing strong
displeasure at something.

Congratulations, everyone! You have

unlocked all the words perfectly.
But before that, let’s have a bit of the
author’s background.

b. Author’s Biography
Toshio Mori (March 3, 1910 –
1980) was an American author,
best known for being one of the
earliest (and perhaps the first)
Japanese–American writers to
publish a book of fiction.
Mori was born in Oakland,
California and grew up in San
Leandro. Mori worked most of his
adult life in a small family nursery.

c. Guide Questions (the students will read the guide questions flashed
Here are your guide questions to through PPT presentation)
answer during the reading activity.
Guide Questions:

1. Why Teruo hired as a clerk?

2. Did you agree with the narrators

instructions that Teruo should
always tell to the customers that
flowers are always fresh?
3. Why was Teruo struggled in telling
people that flowers were always
4. Was Teruo able to learn as Tommy
and the narrator’s wanted him to

5. How did Teruo act the day after
6. Do you think Teruo was happy
after being fired and left the flower

Do you have any question before we read

the story? None, ma’am.

Good, I think you are now ready to read the Yes, ma’am.

2. Reading the selection

(Popcorn Reading)

(the teacher will present the summary

through PPT presentation)

I will call somebody to read every paragraph,

and we will answer one guide question. Is
that clear? Yes, ma’am.

Read the first paragraph, __________. (the student will read the 1st paragraph)

Let’s answer the 1st guide question.

Ma’am, it simply because busy season was coming

1. Why Teruo hired as a clerk?
around and they need extra hand.

Definitely, The Morning Glory Shop needs

people that’s why they hire Teruo. (student will read the 2nd paragraph)

Next paragraph,_____________.

2. Do you agree with the narrators

instructions that Teruo should always
tell to the customers that flowers are
No ma’am, because it’s better to say truth than to
always fresh? Why?
live with a lies.

Very well said, because truth will still
remain. I agree with ______ ma’am, because saying the
Who has another answer? truth at all times will keep our integrity and dignity.

Exactly! It will keep our honesty and dignity (student will read the 3rd paragraph)
as a people.

Read the next paragraph, _________.

Ma’am, based on the the story, Teruo was not

3. Why was Teruo struggled in telling
comfortable when he is telling a lie to their
people that flowers were always fresh?

Good, that is one of the reason. Ma’am, for me it is simply because he is a man of
truth and as he said its hard thing to say when you
Other idea?
know it is not true.

(student will read the 4th paragraph)

Nice one, _______.

4. Was Teruo able to learn as Tommy and Ma’am, in the first place he did it once, but he felt
the narrator’s wanted him to do? lousy, and at the end day he did what his
conscience wants him to do.

Exactly, he tried it what Tommy and narrator

said but his goodness linger in the story.
Continue reading the 5th paragraph. (student will read the 5th paragraph)

5. How did Teruo act the day after

scolded? Ma’am, he acted like no one happened and he is
happy and continue to sell fresh flowers.

Yes, he’s not affected after what Mr.

Sasaki did to him.

And for the last paragraph, read

it,_______. (student will read the 6th paragraph)

6. Do you think Teruo was happy after
being fired and left the flower shop? Based on what we read, I think it’s a big yes,
because as he left the shop he is whistling with
head high and feeling proud.

Indeed, I am very impressed with your

astounding comprehension of the story of
“Say It with Flowers”.

3. Post-Reading (Individual Activity)

For you to better understand, I have a short

activity for you.

All you have to do is identify the elements

of the story. I will only give you five minutes
to do that. 1. Characters
2. Setting
3. Conflict
4. Resolution of the problem
5. Themes of the story

Who are the characters in the story? The characters in the story are Teruo, Tommy, Mr.
Sasaki and the delivery boy.

Good, where did the story happen? Ma’am, the whole story happened in the flower

Very good, what is the conflict in the story? Ma’am, when Mr. Sasaki warns Teruo to stop
selling fresh flowers or Teruo will be fired.
Nice one,_______.

What is the resolution of the problem?

Ma’am, the resolution is when Teruo fired for
standing his beliefs, and he walks out of the flower
shop feeling happy.
Exactly, the resolution is when Teruo fired
and left the flower shop with head high and
feeling proud of himself.

What is theme of the story?

Ma’am, I think do what is right and leave what is
Yes, do what your conscience wants you to

Other answer?

Ma’am, for me don’t get a job that can destroy your
Precisely! Don’t get a work which can ruin
your decency and goodness.

E. Generalization
Now, What moral lesson did you learn from
the story of Say It with Flowers?

Ma’am, I learned that do what you think is right

because Teuro stand in his belief at the end of the
Very good, ______. Who has also another
Yes, _______.
Ma’am, Teuro is kindhearted and honest person
because he doesn’t want to sell the old flowers to
people and say they are fresh, because he feel
guilty, and he wants to sell the fresh flowers which
makes him happy.
Brilliant, He shows Honesty in selling
flowers. How are you going to incorporate
that in our daily life?
Honesty, we can apply in every single action,
thought and decision.
Yes, you are all excellent answering those
questions. Congratulations!

IV. Evaluation

Alright, We have grouped the class into five

last meeting. Am I right class?
Yes, ma’am.
Go together with your respective groups for
your group activity. Each group must choose
your leader and secretary.

a. Group Dynamics
(Differentiated Activities)
Group 1 and 2-Question number 1
Group 3 and 4- Question number 2
Group 5 and 6- Question number 3

(the teacher will distribute the assigned
activity to each group with the instructions
and will present the rubric )
Yes, ma’am.
Is that clear?
(the students will begin working with their given task)
You may now start.

b. Presentation by Group (group 1 will first to present their output, followed by

(after 5 minutes) group 2 and so on)
Group 1 will be first to present; group 2 will be
next and so on.

(after presentation of groups, the teacher will

give her feedback)

Over all, I am amazed by all of your

performances. Good job! (the students will cheer and clap)

Give yourself a good job clap!

Criteria Percentage
Content 40%
Completeness 20%
Organization 20%
Pronunciation and grammar 10%
Total 100%

V. Agreement/Assignment

Make a poster regarding “Honesty”, do this in

an oslo paper, be creative, it will be submitted
next meeting.

Do you have any question? None, ma’am.

(the teacher will present the rubric for poster

That’s all for today, Good bye class.

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Practice Teacher in English

Checked by:


English Teacher