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I, _________________ (name of donor), S/o _________________ (father’s name), R/o

_____________________ (address), do hereby on dated __________ make a gift-deed
for a gift made on dated of ___________, Rs. ______/- (Rupees in word) out of love and
affection to my ____________ (mention the relationship & name of receiver), S/o or
W/o _______________, R/o _________________________.
I confirm that I am a resident Indian. I, further confirm that this gift is being made out of
my own funds standing to the credit of my A/c No.- __________ in
____________(mention the Bank name & address).
I, further confirm that the consideration for this gift is the love and affection for my
____________________ (mention the relationship & name of receiver) and no other
I am an Income Tax assessee having PAN/GIR # A-984 / N and assessed with Income
Tax ward 1, Noida and this gift is made out of my past savings from profession in India.

Strictly Confidential 1 P A R Y & Co.

I further confirm that the gift has been made by Cheque No ___________ dated _______
drawn on ___________________________ (mention the Bank name & address). This
gift is irrevocable and I have no claim left whatsoever on the said gifted amount and
he/she is free to utilise it in any manner.

DATED: _______________________
(Donor name)

The gift as stated above is accepted
(Name of receiver)

Strictly Confidential 2 P A R Y & Co.