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LED Panel

LED Panel- Pro Series

Rural Marketing

Lighting goes beyond just a functional tool to help us see things around us. Quality of the lighting solution has a
strong impact on ones quality of life. Presenting Eveready Pro Series LED Panels, meticulously designed to deliver not
just high energy efficiency but also a superior quality of light that lets you see objects exactly the way they truly are.
Elegant design enhances the aesthetics of the interior while the versatile mounting options allow flexibility of usage.
Features & Benefits
High Lumen Efficacy: Up to 100lm/W
High CRI: >80 CRI for True Color
Slim Bezel: For elegant finish
Backlit Panel:
Rural Marketing For uniform light
Surface Ring: Available as an optional fixture which allows
flexibility of usage for both recess and surface

Technical specifications
Parameters: Value
Colour Temperature: 6500K
Luminous Efficacy: Up to 100Lm/W
CRI: >80
THD: <20%
Surge Protection: 2.5 KV
Operating Voltage: 140-270 V Ac
Ta: -10°C to 50°C
Housing: PC
Diffuser: PC
Mounting Arrangement: Recess mounting with clamps. Surface
mounting with ring fitting (optional).
Product Dimension


Outer Cut Out

Product Dimension Dimension Height (mm)
(mm) (mm)
6W/9W Round Panel 120 105 37
6W/9W Square Panel 120x120 105x105 37
12W/15W Round Panel 170 155 37
12W/15W Square Panel 170x170 155x155 37
18W/22W Round Panel 220 205 37
Cut Out 18W/22W Square Panel 220x220 205x205 37
Outer Dimension Approximate values
Range Details
Input Luminous
Rural Marketing
Product Code Product Description
Case Lot MRP Nt.Wt. (Kg) Gr.Wt. (Kg)

6PP26I8RB06 LED Panel 6W 65K Rd Recess PC Backlit I 6W Round 540 20 575.00 2.2 4.6
6PP16I8RB06 LED Panel 6W 65K Sq Recess PC Backlit I 6W Square 540 20 575.00 2.4 4.9
6PP26I8RB09 LED Panel 9W 65K Rd Recess PC Backlit I 9W Round 810 20 625.00 2.2 4.6
6PP16I8RB09 LED Panel 9W 65K Sq Recess PC Backlit I 9W Square 810 20 625.00 2.4 4.9
6PP26I8RB12 LED Panel 12W 65K Rd Recess PC Backlit I 12W Round 1200 20 850.00 3.8 7.45
6PP16I8RB12 LED Panel 12W 65K Sq Recess PC Backlit I 12W Square 1200 20 850.00 4.2 7.75
6PP26I8RB15 LED Panel 15W 65K Rd Recess PC Backlit I 15W Round 1500 20 1,000.00 3.8 7.45
6PP16I8RB15 LED Panel 15W 65K Sq Recess PC Backlit I 15W Square 1500 20 1,000.00 4.2 7.75
6PP26I8RB18 LED Panel 18W 65K Rd Recess PC Backlit I 18W Round 1800 20 1,400.00 5.6 10.4
6PP16I8RB18 LED Panel 18W 65K Sq Recess PC Backlit I 18W Square 1800 20 1,400.00 6.8 11.8
6PP26I8RB22 LED Panel 22W 65K Rd Recess PC Backlit I 22W Round 2200 20 1,550.00 5.6 10.4
6PP16I8RB22 LED Panel 22W 65K Sq Recess PC Backlit I 22W Square 2200 20 1,550.00 6.8 11.8
Data of surface ring will be made available on request
Areas of Application
Rural Marketing
Rural Marketing

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