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A Detailed Lesson Plan

in English 10

I. Objectives
A. Content Standard
The learner demonstrates understanding of how world literature and other text types
serve as instruments to resolve social conflicts, also how to use the language of research,
campaigns and advocacies.

B. Performance Standard
The learner competently presents a research report on a relevant socio-cultural issue.

C. Learning Competencies
1. EN10SS-IVc-1.8
Synthesize essential information about a chosen issue.
2. EN10LC-IVc-3.18
Get different viewpoints on various local or global issues.
3. EN10LC-IVc-16.1
Distinguish the important points from less important ones in any listening text.
4. EN10LT-IVc-2.2.3
Determine tone, mood, technique, and purpose of the author.

II. Content
Identifying Author’s Purpose for Writing

III. Learning Resources

Learner’s Material
DepEd English 10 Learner’s Module pp. 441-447
Essential English

IV. Procedure
Teacher’s Activity Students’ Activity
Preparatory Activities
-Checking of Attendance
A. Review of the past lesson/Presentation of new
Let us start our day with a simple game!
We are to divide the group first into two. Your
group will be determined by the rows you
belong with.
Now, please proceed to your groups quietly. : (Students proceed to their groups)
I am to show pictures of different characters
from different stories/movies. The first group to
identify who the character is and what story it
came from is given a point for today.
Is the instruction clear for everybody? : Yes Ma’am!
Then we are now ready to start the game!
(The teacher shows different characters from
different stories/movies)
Let us begin with this picture. : Ma’am he is Harry Potter from J.K
Rowling’s famous series, Harry Potter.
That is right!
What about this picture? :Ma’am he is Tom who is Jerry’s usual
contrasting character.
What about this picture? : Ma’am those are the three little pigs.
Are you familiar with the story of the Three
Little pigs? :(Students raise their hand if they know the
Will you give us then a short recall of what that
story is about?
Yes, Frances. : Ma’am the story revolves on the three little
pigs sent by its mother to set forth and be
independent already. The pigs so long with
their houses were challenged by a fox who
unfortunately had eaten two of the pigs but
was not able to conquer the last pig whose
house was made of bricks.
Good job Frances!
Since we are all familiar and somewhat
convinced by the pigs’ story, we will listen to
the version of the fox in the story. We will have
the story entitled “The True Story of the Three
Little Pigs.”
B. Establishing a Purpose
Task 1
Before we start the story, the character wants
you all be investigate and make a survey about
the challenges the world is facing. Be sure to
elicit responses from all the members of the
group and make a graph (line bar, pie chart, etc)
to present your output. This task will be the
basis for the characters to act out the story.
You are given 5 minutes to do the activity and
another 2 minutes for the presentation.
You may now start!
(The teacher gives each group 5 minutes to
finish the task.) : (Students work on the task given to them.)

Let us now start the presentation of your work.

We will start with group 1. : (Representative presents their work.)

Good job group 1! Shall we now have group 2

for the presentation. : (Representative presents their work.)
Very good everyone!
Being able to identify challenges that our world
is facing now is already our stepping stone
towards bigger steps for them to be resolved.
C. Discussion of Concept No.1
Now we are almost ready to meet our character.
For us not to struggle when we meet our
character, let us first some VOCAB BINGO
Task 2: Unlocking of difficulties
I am giving each group 3 cards and the first to : Below are the words to be defined and
form any straight line from the combinations identified by the students:
will be given a reward at the end of our class. 1. Snuffed
Clues are also given as we try to unlock the 2. Huffed
words. 3. Jazzed up
4. Terrible
5. loan
Okay let us have the first word.
(The teacher gives the definition and clues to the
students) (The students guess the items.)
(The teacher gives a short background about the
author of the story.)
Guide Questions:
Now before we have the story, please be guided
by these questions as we read the story.
1. What is the character celebrating in the
2. What is the condition of the character in the
3. What are the character’s reasons of doing his
action/s in the story? Is it valid or not?
4. What will be your own verdict to the
character’s version of the story? Is he guilty
or not?
(The teacher reads aloud the story to the class.)

Now let us answer the questions we have here.

What is the character celebrating in the story?
Yes, Micah? : Ma’am the character wants to celebrate his
grandmother’s birthday.
That is correct!
What is Fox’s condition in the story?
Yes, Mark? : Ma’am he has colds so he sneezed all the
time which made him lost the sugar he needs
to make his grandma a cake.
Very good!
According to the character, what are his reasons
of doing his actions or eating the pigs?
Yes, Marco. : He feels like wasting food and he thinks it
is bad to waste food.
Now if you are to judge the Fox, is he guilty or
Yes, Caithe? : Ma’am I think he is not guilty because his
reasons are valid and I guess he was really
set up for the sin he didn’t do.
Okay, that was a good point.
What about you Mae, is he guilty or not? : For me Ma’am he is guilty because when
he had the first pig I guess he should have
reported it to the police if he really did not
intend to eat the pig. He should have been
cleared if he did that.
That was also a good point.
You see now that each of us have different
viewpoints. However, that must not be the
reason of getting into fights but to respect each
D. Discussion of Concept No. 2
Now, what could be the author’s reason of
writing this story?
Yes, Nica? : Ma’am I think he wants to entertain the
That is correct!
One of the author’s purposes for the writing the
story is to entertain us. The author’s purpose for
writing can be determined through the tone,
mood and technique used in a certain story.
Authors may write based on the following
1. to persuade
2. to inform
3. to argue
4. to narrate
5. to entertain
E. Developing Mastery
Task 3.
Now aside from giving entertainment, what else Author’s Purpose
are the possible purpose of the author in writing To To To
the story? Give details to each of the purpose. _______ ________ _________
Use a table to show your answer. Details Details Details
Okay, let us have your answers, will you share
yours, Ben?
: Ma’am I answered, to persuade, since the
author used words for the character to
persuade us to believe in him that he really
didn’t do what he is accused of.
What else, Ziah?
: I have written here, to inform also Ma’am.
The author wants us to be informed of the
possible things that might have happened
behind the story told to us.
Very good!
F. Making Generalization/ Abstraction
Now class if we were to put this in real scenario,
is it necessary for us to have a purpose? Why do
say so?Yes, Garie?
: Ma’am I think we need to live with a
purpose. That in everything we do, we must
think God put us in a certain situation
because He has a reason.
What about you Jyle, is having a purpose
important in one’s life?
: Yes Ma’am it is because only when we
have a purpose then that is the only time we
can be of help to others and of course to
That was excellent!
Thank you everyone for sharing your ideas.
G. Finding Practical Application
Now with the same group that we have earlier,
we will be having another task. This time, each
group will be given a specific task to do.
Group 1- Identify the character’s emotion,
thoughts and actions through a comic strip.
Group 2- Choose and act out a scene from the
You are given 7 minutes to work and finish your : (Students work on the assigned task to
output. them.)
H. Evaluating Learning
With the output that you have, each group is
given 3 minutes to present their works to the
You will be given scores according to this
Content-10 points
Presentation (stage presence, creativity)-5 points

Now let us have group 1 to present their output. : (The first group presents their work.)

Let us give them a clap! Good job group 1.

It is present group 2. : (Group 2 presents their work.)
Very good everyone! Let us give everybody a
well-deserved applause!

I. Additional activity.
Secure a copy of the movie Les Miserables and
invite your parents to watch it. After watching it,
make a list of the purposes of the author of
writing it. Give details to the identified
Are there still questions about our topic today? : None Ma’am.
If there is none, let us call it a day!
Good bye everyone! : Good bye Ma’am.

J. Reflection: (To be filled out after class)

K. Remarks:(To be filled out after class)

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