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A student may write the experiment as per the following order under

the guidance of the teacher.

On the left hand side page (Blank Page)


 The relevant diagram of the apparatus used to conduct the experiment, should be drawn
neatly with the help of a sharp pencil, ruler, compass etc. The diagram must be properly
 Example:


 First, least count of the measuring instrument must be derived and written in detail. Single
observation is recorded in one or two lines.
 Example:

1. Length of the resistance wire l

2. Range of the given ammeter=.......A.
3. Range of the given voltmeter = .......V.
4. Least count of ammeter= .......A.
5. Least count of voltmeter = .......V.

Observation table:

 Draw the observation table from the manual to note down the readings which are taken
while performing the experiment.
 Observation table should match with the table which is given in the manual.
 To write titles and readings, use pen only and to draw borders, use pencil only.


 From Tabular Values: Formula used is written and observed values are substituted.
Simplification is performed. Use log tables for multiplications and divisions and show steps
of these calculations neatly in the notebook. Log calculation should also be shown neatly
and shouldn’t be treated as rough work. (Use Pen)
 Graph work should be done on Graph Paper only using tabular values and perform
calculation on it. (Use Pencil)
 Calculation using graph values using given formula should be done on blank page. (Use Pen)
On the right hand side page (Ruled Page)

 The object/aim of the experiment to be performed should be stated clearly

and precisely.


 Instruments and items required for performing the experiment should be

listed here.


 Any relevant law, theory and formula should be stated along with the
meanings of symbols used.


 Write down the steps for performing the experiment as instructed in the
manual or by the teacher in correct order.


 Express the result with proper unit, sign and if relevant, percentage error
should also be mentioned.


 Mention all the precautions, which were actually taken from instructions
mentioned in the manual or guided by the teacher. Keep in mind the
reasons for taking them.

Sources of error:

 Mention the important sources, or reasons that can cause error in the

(Use pen for all the above headings)